The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1947
Page 12
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y* » TWELVE ncreases Oners' License Doubled to ; Funds to Hir* More Officers ROCK, Apr. 1 (UP>— Secretary of State's Office re- A 38 signed bills from Gov. Ben La ne y jestciday including one increasing the dilsers license foe tram 50 cents to $1 a jear. The jSJctr* revenue would be used to ein- Jjloy additional state patrolmen and provide 24-h3ur patrols on the main highways of the state. ( 4""jOther bins signed uould' § Appropriate $2,«o.OOO annually tot the State Hospital for Nervous T Diseases V- Appropriate $53,400 annually to 1? audit county school funds I is Require parly countj central com- Mmittees to place the names of can- v did&tes for,county committeemcii or f delegates to county conventions on ,$he primary ballot These nomina- tlons ha\e been made in the past by » petition of 10 Qualified \oters. ' Allow county boards of educn- * tlon to purchase property for school districts in the counlj -•Appropriate- $140,000 annually for county: libraries. |>j Apprporiate $10,250,000 innuctlly ,|;.from state and federal fluids ior '' the State Welfare Department. .Appripriate $50,000 annually to subsidize war veterans seeking educations not a\ailab!e In Arkansas. j 'Appripriate $2,585,230 annually to ^Operate the University of Arknnsr,s, 1*200,000 for the University Hospi- BLYTHEV1LLE (ABK.X-COURIER NEWS TUIOSDAY, AI.MUL f, I'M? Upper Missouri River Floods m*m» Residents or lilsimvck tmd Mniulnn, N. D., are preparing for wlml may develop Into I lie worst, flood in history bclwccn Hie two elites whlcli are situated across the Missouri River from one another ns water piled up behind a huge wall of Ice "bout, 15 miles north of Dlsmnrrk. This nodal vi cw shows serious flooding of sections on the south side of Maudlin, N. D. (NBA Tclephoto.) ANNvimv COPa. TH7 BY HE* SERVICE, IKC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. 'I-I tal; and $1,000,000 for constitution and new equipment nt the University. Appriprinlc $21,302,500 aniuifilly for operation of the Education Department, teachers salaries and oth- er school expenses; nnd $'3,000,000 from the revolving loan fund for debt service. I. "I'd like tc transfer out of the accident division, sir—I've given the sales talk so .often I'm afraid to cross the street 1 ." Steel Plant PITTSBURGH Expanding (UP)—Plans for installation of n ne w battery of coke ovens at the Johnstown, Pa., plant of Bethlehem Steel nt a cost of 55.000,000 have been approved by the Civilian Production Admin-* istrallon. -. lakethe by Karen DeWolf Copyright by\ .torcn DcWoir Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. IT 0 ,"V Skcrrr *«• >>«» | and from where she lay she could ce herself in mirrors set in the 'osy tile. A wooden bowl held ;ikcs of soap in the shapes and :olors of different fruits. Sherry :hose a peach. She dried herself with a huge, oft to\vel nnd powdered with an enormous puff, ;ind after she svas Iressed she touched her lips with an imported lipstick. * * * WHEN she was pulling (he delph blue hnt to the proper angle Tony and Kris came in..They both vore riding clothes and looked ro- nantic. Tony said, "It smells nice icrc," and kissed her. Then lie )icked up a magazine and sat down on fhe chaise ionguc. Kris lifted up a curl and kissed the hack of Sherry's neck. He said, "My lovely one," and that was all. "Are you going riding?" Sherry ivanted to know, and Tony said no, as though there was not any reason to explain why they wore boots. Sherry supposed it was because they were thinking about linbits and things, and said no morn about it. She put some perfume behind her ears and replaced the long stopper in the bottler- Kris tool' the botlle out to Tonyv "This is the kind I meant," he sal,-!, and they smcllcd the perfume and talked about it while Sherry got her gloves and put a fr«sl hnndkcrchieC and the lipstick ir her handbag. Kris said, "JLel's take your car, 1 and Sherry told him to 'phono fo it. Pcler had got himself a For< and had turned in his Packard for a new one for Sherry, and til boys liked to sit behind the whce of it and feel important. They spent n long time at Lam bcrt's where Kris and Tony mad sure that Sherry was outfitted jus right. Then they all hud black tc and crumpets and jam at Uie ol Engt'sh tea room next door. Married to 1'cter fur lour t ilhi •>fr»eil fce pruiiuHcil, Mhe itild hint •k« w»tm't In lov« wllll Mm ljut P«t«r didn't »crm. to mlnj. H« ttllkcd -It OV4.T Mllh the !»,*)-* nnj I>oi»<r4 oat the advnnlnnoa ho •••Id dve fcer. V, nccmeil n Mtiist- fete ptMn all around, Sliei-ry m>vv live* In nn ntmoMplicrc *f luxury. fetfT in a\\ay un locution, She •till »r<-» Ike boys. ' * * • XXIII 2HERRY took out'a sweater to ^ match the s^irt and stroked the ingora gently with lier cheek. Then she went into the'bathroom. She tuined off tlie tap and sprinkled bath salts in the water. She .wished Marcia was home; EtMQr would go oxit and do some- Sling But Marcia would not bt back until tomorrow. Still it was just possible* Sherry put down the bath salts and hurried into the bedroom. She knelt on the chaise longue and dialed the number, then she Ijfrjback against pillows and wnit- St~,There was no answer. She Sung up disappointedly, and the telephone rang in her hands. It tats Tony. "" 4 I saw Dr Drexell yesterday," he told her, "and lie says you can learn to ride now. What are you >mg this afternoon? Sherry said, "But I haven't any babit!" Tony said, "That's what I mean. We're going to take you out to ^Lambert's. Can you go this allcr- noon?" '{SHerry said she could and alter die hung up she smiled. She sup- ppsed the other UalE of the "we'' was Kris To the two o£ them no part of education was so importaiil as riding, and they had talked of teaching Sherry for a long while. She was a little exhilarated. She did not hurry with her ball: though. The luxuriousncss o£ il was still too new. She liked to lie Iti the scented water that was •aliened by a mechanical system They got to tal«cmg about how herry should have something to o, and Tony made quite'a long radical speech on what she :iould do about her writing. "Even though you don't have to vork now," he said, "you ought keep it up," and he went on t« ell her how she should set apart few hours a day for it. Kris said, "You know Orville VIcrrinian didn't pick any duds, Sherry. You can write if you want 'o." "Oh, I will," Sherry said, "but just don't seem to get to it." They went on talking about it ind little by little Sherry began o feel ambitious. : She thought, I'll get a typewriter —a pretty one—and really work or two or three hours every day. She sakl, "I have » couple of dens, but they're not suitable for >iclures." "Then write magpzine stories!" 'ony lo!cl liBi 1 . "Anything so long as yon keep at it!" Tony suggested that they shop 'or a good riding stable after tea, and they spent the rest of the ittcrnoon visiting stables, getting prices and looking at horses. * » # HEN Sherry got home the living room was dark. She lighted :he lamps and stood looking at the room. It was beautiful, dully colored and rich. * Long velvet drapes hung in artistically correct folds to tho floor. Sherry crossed to them and pulled the heavy cord. The velvet swung dramatically back and she could see the lighted windows and the hills and the cool night sky. Sherry stared at the night and wished she knew what she wanted. But il was funny when you thought about it, she had never had a thing she really wanted! She had asked , for nothing more life than to live in Hidden House with Mona. Mona had gone away. Then she had really been going to write. Orville Mcrriman had died. Then at last she had known. It had been Tony, to marry and love forever. Tony had not loved her. She told herself that everything she v.'anlcd was taken away. Maybe il was better not to want anything at oil. (To Be Continued)' *?£& afe Money Today, Any Day STOP AND SWAP ELBERT HUFFMAN'S SWAP SHOP 401 K. Main You Mtut Be Phone »S» Happy or No Deal FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 61 at State Line Phone Blytheville 714 Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. B1TTNER ( QUETZAL. I RLUMES ) WERE ADOPTED ) AS THE EA\BLEA\ ( FOR ALL RULERS, ( WHETHER GODS, ( KIN6S, OS. HI6H ) PRIESfS... t-'i AMD, AS A RESULT; ' TAIL FEATHERS' OF THE BIRD BECAA\E MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD. A BIRD Of CENTRAL. AMERICA, 5EC4ME A SYMBOL OF THE A\AYA TRAVELS' ABOUT FORTY AMLE5 AN HOUR " ' A KNOCKOUT FUVJCH. A 1-Stop Service LOANS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE We Will Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE Glencoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Levels and Lines Surveying DHAO, LINK FARM DITCHES Wm. R. Overfon — County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years Write Box 84, Roscluml, Ark, Yes, V/e Have New Cars Arriving Every Week— • Pontiacs • Fords 0 Chevroiets • Plymouths and others Place youi- ordbr Now for Inimodiiilc Delivery We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Late Model Cars BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Phone 20:!7 Cor. Franklin and Main SI WHAT IS A JACK . Boor.' 'by cavalrymen. '"^ ^ reach!ng above the knee . formerly worn NEXT: Just how bis is the Amazon? BE THRIFTY! SME MONEY! Bring your cor to HOTS BODY SHOP for all body and fender repairs, painting, and glass installed. HE AD-UN INGS for all cars made like tho factory makes 'them, same material and workmanship. Guaranteed to fit and look like original upholstery. 412 E. Main Sh Phone 3456 WASH TUBBS & How Pleasant f JUST HOW I WILL THE FORECLOSURE SB POSTPONED ? BY LESLIE TURNEB LEM'S 1W THE HOSPITAL,DALE... UNIVBIE TO &PPEAR. IN COURT! VOL) HAP HWA t>O\VN WRONG Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams yJU\L6 Vbu'Re TUNING UP OVERTURE,LET MB _ £65 V4rtOT HAPPENED LEADER BM-KEP ATCOM1NJ HOME/ SO YOU UET-T STEW'IW HIS 3u«:e-riU- v\e FIGURES GOT MUCH HE'S SHORT -rue LITTLE FROM. THE se.TOFMOMO- SRftM^EO COAL BucKEts —Voo'Re CORRECT AS A FROVOM OM A TOTEM POLE.' YOU see THE GIFT X BROUGHT / LT AND •PEPPER / QUICK, <3ET OUT AW V'-lnit' .„ , GfcT 'THAT FOOL DOG IM-' M \\.i \ft TH' WAV HE SLEEPS. HE'S \p-\- JJ.JV. GOT TWO NEIGHBOR I ', - \VOMEM CRVISJ' ALREADY /»*- 1MIMKIM 1 HE'S BLJMFEP OFF.' FEVER FLINT " ' Not So Fast, Varro't THAT MAN OVER THERE; IIBBY.' HE EES BEEKER fftRROT,7HE MAN I VEEK FlINT WENT TO SEE; ONE OF THE WORST DISASTERS IN THE CITY'S HISTORY, FUtlT.'WHAT EVER THAT EXPLOSIVE WAS, ITS THE NEXT THING TO AN ATOM BOMBJ 'YOU'RE NOT KIDDING, GROWL AND WHAT A HANDS OF A CRIMINAU 15Y MICHAEL O'MAI.LEY and KALPH LANK WELL, HERE'S WHERE J SAY GOOOBY TO THIS BURS AND PULL MY FREIGHT HE ^W^ BE A BIT ECCENTRIC, BUT HE PEVELOPED A. PLI>>STIC THftT WILL SOOH MMSE HIM WBM.T.HV '. FACING FOEECtOSURE, ftND WITH ONW A FEW DETAILS TO FINISH, K COLLAPSED FROM EXHMJSTION AWO WORRY; mT~rt.\ SO GOOD MIGHT, DAVr... 3UST HOLLEB IF FAMILY GHOSTS BLUWDER1MS . . AROUND! RED RYDBK Quiet, 1'lcasc! BY V. T. HAMLIN - ALLEY OOP How's Thai? LAID UP FOR. A WEEK? MV STARS. WHfcT'LL BECOME OF ALLEY AND OSCAR? SO UNTIL VJ MAKKi WITH THE TIME-MACHINE. WE'VE NOTHING TO WORRV ABOUT! V. T. HAMIJN VM SORRV. MV DEAR,BUT BOOM' A LUNATIC AND COL. OOP IS EQUALLY A.S DANGEROUS! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ' 11 Starts BY EDGAR MART»

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