The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 21, 1952
Page 9
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MONDAY, JANTTART «, MM OUK BOARDING HOUSE — witfi Major Hoopl. BLYTHEVILL1! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE MINI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. WilH.m, ,HOOPte,tfJ ALL THE ^sll^'S^ ^^^srass i««««^ffi« ' %'Moi! 1 ^ ^fc««««s»fc ~:—7 L*kS WITH AM EACH. ARM.' e set/ten is cw FOK LAKO'S «Lw«KlBrnjLTe& i HiMToeesiKi —— .. HE MIGHT POUNOl .SAVVY THE MOSI Ipl^SS l^~ ; ' — __ , LETS GtT OUT QF HERE, FRECK/ Be.. FORE SOMEBODY GIVES A MOOSF CALL/ Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads FOR RENT Typewriters & Adding Machines New & Lafe Model Machines—Low Ratei We buy used office machines A furniture. Johnson Office Equipment Co. SALES—SERVICE 112 S. Broadway—Phone 4420 "Mom keep* sending me tubes of salve and stuff—she's always had the silly notion that I might get hurt!" I^JUST RENT A CAMERA from our CAMERR SHOP Take the Pictures Yourself..; With a box, flash, or Movie Camera. 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WEBB Automatic Flood Gales Concrete * Melal Septic Tank. Sewer Tile Bert Prices We Deliver Hllhwajr 61 at gtato Line Phone 714 By Nina Wtkox Putnam 51 kr NEA Sww«, IM. xxm AFTER * moment AJma called .•** to Tommy again, under Her fcreath. "I shouldn't ask you to cone back!" she said. "You had to fol C* darling I Of course you bad to go!" •There were tears hi h«r eyes as •h« turned away and walked slowly toward (he living room Jot did not even try to ignore the fact ;that she was crying. He natted her shoulder understanding^. Joe knows, she thought, h*»s «*en what's happened tD Tommy: Joe knows that a jnan has to b« reborn alone, without help. After • long moment of silence Joe cleared his throat and spoke •ruffly. "Thcre'i i gun In the glove compartment of my car,"* ft« said "Hope Tommy finds tt. Safe bet that the others are »rmed." The early editions of the evening papers carried the story of the Mammoth Gold-buying Company murder. Joe went out and bought >*PFS, of them all. and he and AlKA poured over them. Her heart seemed to stop beat- tag at the sxari of each brief para- fnph. Suppose she had left some tnc« behind her in that office? H«d >iie touched anything? She •trained to remember ... the doorknob of the private ofliccl But •*>« had been wearing gloves .Thank heaven, she had not removed them! The police h«d little to say at this stage of the Investigation, beyond one significant lUtement. Apollo Brown wac being sought for questioning. •••Looks like they believe It's 3 one-man )ob," Joe commented. So far there was nothing to hint that The House would be involved The hours crept by Intermm- «bly »nd they dared not leave the •partment. As the tension of wait- tag grew they had less and less t» say to each other but Alma knew tb* tuspe&M would be to- tolerable without the quiet warmth of Jo« Demon's presence, tic radiates goodness and strength the way « clear firt sends out beat she thought ' Jo« had. mlently. yet unmistakably reverted to thek old. «Brlj relationship. Whether Tommy iuc- ceeded or failed in hit mission even tf Tommy never came back which was conceivable. Jo* was letting her see that he knew Tommy had won: that the gallant gesture, the high-held head, the sudden courage of her h;isband had sealed her to him again, thl» t!m« irrevocably. Whatever Jo* might continue v> (eel toward her in his secret heart outwardly he would be nothing more than the devoted friend Ol them both! That was the glorious part of it—Tommy had won back Joe'i respect « well as her own. • • • 'JiHE silence which feH between * them were not uncomfortable but they seemed endless. Once (he telephone rang and they both sprang toward it. But it was only Old Victor Blanchard. worried because Alma had not come back to The House after th* luncheon hour. She reassured him, saying she had gone home because o< a slight headache, and then Papa Victor rambled happily on (or s*v- eral minutes about his work on his successful design for the gold star pin. "Only fancy, cherie," he told her excitedly, "I heard today that Mr. Muncie Is going to name the pin after me! It is the first time The House has permitted any persona: name to be connected with * product. What rejoicing ! have! ft is to be called 'The Victor'l" "I em so proud and happy, dear Papa Victor!" The old man's voice seemed to belong to another planet as she hunc up. To* whol* tight littl* 'orld that was Trumbull's war at that moment curiously remote a well-ordered walled city (n whose smug domain she had lived safely and securely ages ago. ; At the motneni it seamed a» though the had never belonged to it, for her spirit was out there in the winter night, racing through unknown dark spaces with Tommy, anxiety blowing about her like a cold wind. «t length Joe roused himself -id got to his feet "It'« late." >•« »aid. "Perhap* 1 ought to jo." "No." she said. "Don't go, please: J couldn't sleep anyway. Pleas* ftayl" "Lie down on the sofa then. You must get some rest." She protested, but at length she obeyed him. Her eyes closed Irresistibly though she fought sleep off, and then after a period of deep oblivion, she heard the shrilling of the telephone. • • • HZ sound of tt reached dow» into her innermost being, dragging her back to cotuciousnesj with a pull like that of thin, silver finger i- This time it was Tommy, speaking on long distance. "I'm speaking from the police station m Longtown, Pa.," he said "Don't get upset, Jewels. I'm all right, but there's been » bad mew down here." 'Oh, Tommy! Are you really all right? What happened — did you catch them?" There was a slight pause at the other end as though Tommy was choosing his words carefully before answering. "Ye«, Bright and I caught them," he told her. "But- there was a bad accident. Bright's car was wrecked with Mri. Demon and Apollo Brown in it. She was killed instantly, and Brown died a few minutes later." "And tne Jewels?" She was breathless with excitement and relief. "Did you get them?" "Vet. In Mrs. Demon's suitcase. Including the Albert-Victoria Pin. The polfce here have them now." "And Bright—is he with you?" Again the curious hesitation at Tommy's end. "Yes. he's here," he said in a queer tone. (T* V c D aZ AWP DK.8UDD ROUND UP THE T(VO NECS LEFT BEIIINR IN THE.R CflBIH PC THE FLVmS TEMN W WOULD I, •JA1/U.L KOCKET WOULD BE -S/Atf^ee TOLMO, WHICH WE'LL HAVE . BOLE CON 6>W6 TJII-9 DIAL ALL FOWLBP UP! fflff.mjJSS^g?!" ^§8'SB«$ ST [(REAM KASTLE Drive-In BULLS AWAY OS I'LL STAIZT SHOOTINI©/ By STEAKS ON THE HOOP. I'VE Starters & Generators Repaired & Exphanged J. Raymond Smith 200 E. Kentucky Ave. Phone 26G.T FOR SALE SIX.TV MILES TO THE SONDRP, 6EA,T,..Gorrpi GET ,,..i THERE. ALONE, WHILE TH6V THIS IS AW OUTRAGE ' Concrete culverts, 12 inch to 48 inch, plain or reenfnrced. Also Concrete BuilrUnc Blocks cheaper lhan lumher for barns, chichen houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver Call us for free estimate. , &TILL MOID THAT CONUfRTISlE! EUSHES TO K15CAR1M THE NEXT BUJCK OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO «J Come to the. RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day irw eAri_k_>oHjM / YtH,UUC. WELL.OKAY.. YOU'RE CHECK1MG WE CAN /GLAD THAT'S n\j WAC?[JCMcrr> V e.i-1— i-r- ./ .>. -—. ._ n l_ V LOOK,SON,THERE ARE SOME TH1 KISS TAXPAYERS WON'T , ALL THERE DIDN-rJ WA3TOIT.. THW3 /I'M NOT -^;'^^,^; T", / STAND FOR...ANJD CHASING TH'COLONE^S/ATHING THAT SWALLOWS HORSE! _X HORSESVSONEOF'EMV OF MY PROJECTS THAT DIDN'T DO ...IT'$ TIA\E F-FOdV -ft •vous ROAP v,_.XFUDDS / ^/ WOfSK.' J^ ,(-?rSvy^?Si :/ i CAN .VAKS ., -you ^ GOOP \e-0ua$ PWICE ON TH»,T OU WOPS -_ THAT W ^/ /wxgiri-^ J/l'/ ©SxEKaa//^ is part of our extra WVXo SO VfcftH Ert SP«Y •- ^"-a^^r ---^ ^-i^:.-^S-- ,.; Speedometer REPAIR One Day Service—All Cars & Trucks T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 1S1 E. Main Phone Z12Z

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