The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1947
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 1947 BLYTHgVILUB (AMC.y COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dill; r»'.« pei Unt (oi constcutin lalextloua: MJuiltuuia OtiArxt ________ __ £04 1 tllM B«r U£S '"" ific a tlnci per line p«r day ""."." 1" S times per Una .yet "<Uy Be 0 times uer lljj« per day 7c la times ta line jwr Jii ".. Oc Mouth iier lluo 80c Count five average words line. Ad ordeieil Tor three or six times and - omiej Ijerore cxvlratlon will be chirg- l lor the numljer of limes the ad ap- (-••"Cil and adjustment of bill made, ,'flAll Classified Advertising coyy tub- •.ffiltej l>y persons lesljlux outside of Uie city must le accompanied by cash. Bates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising order for Irrenlu Insertions takes the QUO time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more trail otio incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. . ' Baby Chicks—Custom batching:. High grade Pullurum Controlled Chicks that are hatched her.e Started Custom hatching ?3.5(J per hundred eggs set. Blaylock Hatchery, Nortli 01, phone 3172. 3-4-ck-U For Sale ll&ve buyer for your home. H. 0. (-«iii[il>cll. I'hone 440 — 2030. Office 120 Koulh Second. 1012-cV-lf ?. linuscs — pall 2008. For Fine Portraits It's O'STEEN'S STUDIO HATJY CHICKS Quxlruiilo A $1X75 pei kundrrd, Jim llnjwn Kloro. 315-ck-tf U'P anil snndvvtfh shop. collllt facilities for mnVlu>; lunl Etor, rrt'niu. I.nrj^e (junta of iiiiHr. lle.ison- 8l>l*\ Karl Carter. Manilu, Ark. 31ig-lik-4|lQ Iluve Kojnrtliini; yr>n iloti't nfpil! Trade or sell it 111 Sw.1]> Shon. -IfJl K. Wain. |ih«in<! 859. 0!20-ck-Jl20 Blr-i-1 oil barrel rncKn. nijllieville Machine Sho:>. Call 2828. 11118-ck-lf For Salt good used washing roBclitue »nd Iro tier mythi'vilto fcUchln* Sliop. t5|22-ck-tr aceojHluc or Jars for 620 Kmliks. iiftrfciitL'Pil lU-t]«y delivery, O'STEEN'S STUDIO I'OJITA H1CA YAM SWKKT 1'OTATO SI.KI). Our aonil 7KitHtoc» are fre»> of common dlsc.iKo &i:d are Eooil yioljers. Vtt luihcl »3.00. Write for iiricoa on larwo orilers. I'nul Ityrutn. Jilytlieville, Ark. U-ck-lf SPECIAL SALE i QUALITY BABY CHICKS »J Ouihiukr Quality cMclt* art brwi ^ for Uvabilltr and fail giowlh. ' ^ PLACE YOUR ORDER CAKLY1 •L. K. ASHORAFT CO 1-2 Eloci South of Depot itir> -10-paIlou oloclrtc water lnvttor: mip :tl)-n:ill<iii oil \v:ili'r heater: $72.M) each. l)no 2-wjieiO trailer. Sec Wr<l- anil Thur«clay nt :ion X. Koonct 1 . • iiMiloy anil Division. Koy Kc 3 Br»» reiiowej in TIIC S . us. Foam. Deals I'niiil tilrnwherry F.lants Mnrle Harnlsh 1719 Ohlcknbawlm. Phono 37-10. :j|5-pk-4|5 MKIiCIIANTS 3-011 iinmfill.iU' ilellverr on . ilnty eases in any nuljifi. Al.^rt liave hnvprairp eoolprs. . £ walk-in rotrifrpvatora. and ileey) freeze V-J Ihitcher sllul>liPS. Alxo Mills N cc,ni).rps«nra. I'htino Del! Kcott. 25fiO. 3|25-ck-4|25 1—3 ,11.™ Wnkcr for P F.irniall 20 i Irartor. \V.>rts with pg\vor lift. W.,11. Itirlinr.lsnn. Rt. I!. 28-l>k-l Tlir.-c- new hnnne«. Lotli fixturpa lust lu^lalle.l. Tvro arc on lli^hivny 18. one on Carolyn Street. If yen ^Yallt to prp a ilall linusc. insitpct this haupe on Cnrr>lvn. Tliprp'p nothiiiE like il in Inwii. Tprai5 arranueil. Solil by ownnr. (I K Itolllson. nil. MOO. FRYERS SI. Raised in brotid er. Abraham's Poultry House, rear Abraham's Cafe, next to American Legion Field on S. Hwy. G: 3-28-ck-t Small iniriRlit i.inno. Ph. 0.70. 2f,-v\i-'- 5 Roorl AC Combines; .Tohn Dccrc 12 A with motor. Al in good shape. Also hav brand new 1 »Man John •K-20 llonil-Ooar. Pool ]lrake». Ni'w llnliljfr inn) iimlor. 1'uwc-r Lift Ciihi- vuliirs mill lliisters. '1 .lolux Ihcro 'lutllvalon. 1 .1 I) Xo. !> inowrr. 1 .1 liMlnMcr. J. \V. Widni-r. rorlnfvilli'. Mo. I'honn ^DIL. :l|3 1-iit- l]:t Old Town Square Stern Canoe. Evinrudc Sports- j man Outboard Motor. Hoth in excellent condition. Hugh W. Allen, Osceola, Ark. 4-l-pk-4-4 {ome Bush & Bog disc harrow. G. A. Hale, Burdettc, Ark. Ph. 702. 1-ck-S' Goat Milk—pure, fresh. & nourishing. Highly recommended for ulcerated stomach, T. B. & under-nourished babies. Phone 38S7. 3-31-pk-4-3 1:001] iryolonc alfalfa scptl *3I.CO per him- Jrfd. Ij, K. AjshcraH Co. Thonc jyn. 27-ct-lMI leniLnijtnn typowritpr. KsccHent cotuli- lion. Mrs. llnclah Warren. .S. 21«1. Across from lionnoy'B (ir[». 2G-[.k-^ Outboaril molor. 8 V4 Kci\ Holly. I'll. 2G39. Wonted to Rmnt Pprmnnenl familr wanla fj or fi room house. Three children. Call S77 3|22-pl;-4|5 Wanted to Buy Deere hay baler to tradefor w '^i?™' : new .lohn Deere Model A tractor. Coleman Crews, Osceola, Ht. 3, phone 47F11 Reiser Exchange, 3-26-pk-4-2 (!rnrory More- for sriSc 1 . Will invoiro Flock ninl ri-rit or scill Ijiiililirii- nml lol. Ovvnor Iravini: fur ht-ntili Must st'll nt tuict- 2200 Uliick. SL rh, ^!)10. Siiniiinns Oil lianjre. Cooks as s when neir. I'hime 2flO. .lU-ck-lH P--20 Tractor willi jinwrr lift: 1 r.-Iiii'- row dfsc Uri'nkini; plow; L 2-rftw 1'lnMlor. corn nnd rnttnn: 1 7-foot disc: 1 cnllivnlor: 1 pE^nn: upoU furnilifre: (yin-svri.or in A-l comti- lion. Chni.ln Lnni-aitcr, 1ir>x K, ^Ta- Cypress luntlipr. For . rite J. O. I-'rit.=rli]e 7700 Cmuilrj- Chill Court. Ct.iytnn fi Mil. 3|2().t.k -l|r. Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiway 01. Phone 3785. 3-27-pk'-4-27 Help Wanted WANTKD TO EMPLOY. Jlan 30 to -iO yenrs of aye to operate filling stat ! oiL fit niifhf, $-10.00 per ivect to stnrL Slust bo Foljcir and osiipriGnrml O;IP- rnlor. PHILLIPS MOTOR OUMl'A NV. See liny Cole, Service HtaCnn ' , Mgr. 27-ck-iJll 12 font plvwoo.I ninnlinnt Anil r, h.p, SP ICiiic oullioanl motor. Ilotli I>PPH IISIM nlmnt one year. A-l cnnUilioci 50 ' nd rnilnir ilirt. Also fertilizer. PcIivcrcJ. $1.50 prr loail. 7flL 3I-pk-l!7 Two milk L-o.iK fresh, callon caeTi. Phono 3. r .71». 20S N. 7th. Lcavlnc tr>\vn. 2 \\~.t\ Allis Cti Aimer Iriclora i "itt liulil." 2 C. Al'lis' riMlJiW. iviih ;rM \vitli slnrt- >frcr A,' L Alii* 1 C M- . , cr^ p'.ixvrr Hft lifilitq, 1 .To'i n-itli niliivnlor nnil lm<«Cr>r Ch:«ln;or 10 l.ollom hro^^r. lis (,'linlnipr pl-inlcr. All nf Iho.fe trr>c- 1ors arc in ponil shapp. Kcfliiy In 20. Ad it IK getting Inle they ran \tb tit i£ lit vrrj- rhcrtp. Cnn \t<? seen 2 i,»flpi; south nf town on SontL 01 liii-lway nt Dogwood Hidpc or call 737. 3|2G-pk-4!2 pn ir mii ic > "•" i• i ."• rrn cqni in con.l cnndttion, K. li. C: I, Mnniia Ark. cnt. All py. -Kouto t'ollnn F"cil T>t'F< II one yrar from lircrd- T. ?0 per hundred. Blythcrillc O?n Co. 3126'Ck-tf o)d kodaks Anil dtmenn O'Steen's Studio. far parU. 3|ll--;k Jill Help Wanted Wanted: Young man with medianical background lo work in parts department. Must have high school education or belter. Tell all in first letter, Box 960 S Blytheville, Ark. Wonted 3 njen 13 to 25. single, nnrl nmlit- lious to nssift sales i linn in Mirvc v out of city, musl be liiuli scTtnnl ^rndimle. Sen Ij. W. Jolmson Iloom 4JO. Hotel .NoMc, at 5 o'clock, no L jilione calls. v . 3i29-pk-l|2 MnTcllc nj-orl woman for lions cl T.ikn care oT children. Xr> work or cooking. Phono 3427. . 4|l-ek-tf hoys. 13-21. Free In tr.ivcl pnllro US. A. nr»l Alaska. Avcrapft rnrninps $150.00 |>CT month, Iinincilintf 1 cx- |iensr3 ntlvancpd. Sro M r. Salmon, 6 to 8 p.m.. Glencoc Hotel. Xo jjlionn " »^ ' Look at those tracks! It doesn't take an Indian to there's "bear in them thar'hills". Similarly, there's no guesswork ^Involved !when you purchase a prod- 'uct in our store. The brand name is the unmistakable imprint of a responsible manufacturer who pledges \o give you a uniform product. PLANTERS | HARDWARE CO., Ino ' 126 W. Main Phone 515 Male Help Wanted WHY NOT have a really ? » ^ good-rooking ( v// body? w , . \% comp/efc, inexpensive body and fender repair! Treat your car to a' beauty treatment—let us take out that dent where the truck backed into you; lix that door so it'll dose, quiet those rattles now! PHIL LIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 Services W. repair all |IJ>M wwUu ••!>'- IT n oi k(m< of MiJUloa. AU* leKardlci. bu/ and l«k«p ui mp. ulaatp M A Jsl yovir property with us. Wo ktLow how to acll and llunncu hoiiii'i. Wo invllo you lo ule. wllhont nljllxnlloii, our ii>rviro in farnm. mtvB flinL !CIHUN, ).ow inlfrrcHl IOIIK lemis and uniiMially liberal iirt'iiAyuicnl L"!vll- MITHKII nu*v. HKAI.TV I'hDiiu M:< HKUT IIOSM. KAIiKStUN Olflto wllli W. M. Wllllami laa. Aiiry. 1'l.^no 27il MONEY TO LOAN Do you ne«d m hwn to repair or remodelT No down pay m?nt, no mortfraxe, no red tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for detatb. Mai Logan, Realtor, phone 2034. Lynch Uldg., BlytheTllI& 9-23-ck-tf \Vo rrjiftli ftny rntllo ri-jiarillnil of . or iuh'K-1. i-l^rtrlo rnillo phoiiOKri\]th», itiilii nulU'M i>ur EpoclHlty. OtLo nild hyik ilay sirvlrp. Km! Cnllilinn lUilln " vk-o. ltd South l-'lrvl. L'lionct Read Courier News Want Ads. L«eU * Lw( DtaUnr* Oomft*m\ R»lp Ml n>l;B«>V &!•• tuuly I9IUM Ooalncl HauUui and Mix. MtrlcM, tarrtct k Mo ran •«, 1'kou. 2101 Sec us for an estimate before you have your tractor overhauled. We specialize in steam cleaning and painting. Electric and ncet- ylcnc welding.' • Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Hiway 61 South. Phone 2171. We Sell Comfort to Sore Feet • New Soles • New Heels for old shoes HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP ^21 W. Main St. For Rent llc.lnium close In. I'll. :I,V13. :i'2a.|,k-111 l-'rout hcilrooin. |>r!vnlo outrnuco, o] llnlrnniii. close in. "111. kilr.hcn i>rl' lli'dM. 1'lnino 2010. :i|2l)-|ik.ll IlcJroom 3M N Dili SI. rh. llctlrooing. Hlythovllln Hotel. 10H Main. L'houc 9'i2. Mrs, Cummins. PW 3 rooni housp -I inllra rafl o{ tow .it SniLlh'H Store, i'hono 001. Situation Wanted Wonlil like lo inannBO Dry clennnn rlnnt. In or out of Jllylliovlllf. I'luini :isr.O nflvr 0 p.m. !-!>!(•: CAMERAS FOR RENT Free 5\7 Enlargement with each Roll of film developed. Home of Bonnee Buttered Steak Sandwich 25c 25c BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone 3«47 j .„_.____ J 'Hinting and paper 'hanging. Work prunrnutced. Bill Ilnvis, i>hone 409, 37-pk-4-7 Vanl yunr nlano (mini! Cllll 2I1DI. Ilipvlllc. iir wrIU W. 11. Huherli. !>«ri><il,;- Art,, B'-nernl ilclivpry. unlll .\iiri I 10. aiai.uii-i':i ^mvrni* nil kind). Slip rovi>rn ntno. inili* W. ol Ooinclt. >k"- Cllm Joni'Ti. Uli1l>uk- Rend Courier N&'vs Want Ads. CITY CAB 924 Day or Night Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any SIM T. L MABRY 3 MISSOURI BT. PH. SOil Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phnnc 204:i 1044 Chlcknsawlm niibnfol FARM LOANS /LMrbrtWM* /L-.T— /FafarAppralMl /l*Mit>H8wU» RAY WORTHINGTON Tone In Pradcnlial Pro tram Sunday »t 4 p.m. over WKKO Berrlnf TbU Bcotion for Zt Yean 115 80. 3rd Bljthcvillc, Ark, J*hat's Wftat I Call Service-^ He's Even. WipingMy glasses j Motorists Have Ic.untd lo exptet'tliVfinMt ^ Hervice—warm, iKirsonal attention from . IIH lh«t niakea for belter driving,' ufet ,, motoring. .There's '• difference in tlm '.L service we giva you—in the higher quality i« s nroducta, lower price*, extra attention. ' .Drive in today! Get SuperJSerrlce.jC«tj ,^ Smooth Motoring \f * ' ; .. _ „ ____^i , LOY EICH t CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Products Phone 578 21 Hf. Serrln HTM Job Wanted Vork n^ cn-ihlpr or Ralriuvnttinn. ilt'iiciiil: I'lifuH' 'JST.'i. UI1I1- Read Courier Nows \Vnnt Ads. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed ,Bcsl Prices Kirby Drug Stores I DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man* v ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA «nd REMINGTON FORTABLR 110 N, SECOND ST. , PHONE 3383 (Every Transaction MUST BE BATISFAOTORY) I RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Type* Except Cancer) DRS. MIES & NIES Clinic 514 Main, Islytrinville, Ark., Phone Ztll SKM« COTTOX TAGS. To rnllon pins, ir\*archn«KCJ> Rml cnmprpFBCR, Kelson nr>«- on. Old CKlnlOi&Iinl rnmpnny. coinmissTntiA l>aul nmnlrily- Wrilp iiromp^lv, KIVITIK -ipo. line? nf»w cnrripil., torrilnrr rnvornl anil full information nUovit yoiirsc'f lo The Don- HPT Tap Companr, West Clicslrr. Children's clothing to an estimated value of $13,000,000 Is returned to stores annually because of wrong sizes. R«ad Courier News Want Adi. FELIX A. CARNEY • Dominion Automatic Electric Irons 1 Yr. Guarantee • Complete Lins of Electrical and Battery Radios • Expert Radio Repairs • We Pick Up and Deliver JZ4 R Main Phone ZM7 Night 3518 EASY PAY PLAN, On Auto Repairs and Accessories '" —NO DOWN PAYMENT— Up to 12 Months to Pay «'' 1. Motor Overhauling 2. New Motors. 3. Paint Jobs and Body Repair. 4. Front End Work, Aligning, Repair 5 Wreck Rebuilding. 6. Tires, Batteries, Seat Covers. FOR EXAMPLE Amount Monthly Payments $25.00-$50.00 $5.27-$5.28 $50.004100.00 $5.8849.50 $100.004150.00 $9.50414.05 Any Make or Model Car Repaired on This Plan See Us For Free Estimate of Your Needs LANGSTON-WROTEN Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone 401 nnd your order will bo on It's way in record time. Our Floral Arrangements tell a complete story. FLOWER SHOP F.T.D. Service ' We Deliver Anywhere Ph. 491 Mrs. J. M. (Mac) Williams, owner Ulencoe flWc. FOR SALE STATE CERTIFIED GRADE "A" D. & P. L. NO. 14 COTTON SEED \ Also Ogden and Royal Soy-Beans EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, Arkanio%. w v, TODAY - - IMPORTANT! -1 Save -your present car Expert Mechanical Service Alemlte Oil and Lubricant* Yes, we wash and grease cart tool Motors? We have new moton. Overhaul or rebuild' Ihem Tires and Tubes Oh, Yes, We pulnt Cam Tool Kcpalr anil Ileflnlsh all bodies Charge Batterie* T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 BUICK NEW PHONE U. S. ROYAL NEW PHONE FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ree Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG^BLYTHEVILLE ARK. GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 r Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arcli M «. 7 Crown .. . 1.35 Kinsey . . 1.35 Schenley 1.35 Philadelphia . 1.35 Three Feathers ........ 1.35 Hill & Hill 1.40 Old Taylor Four Roses 2.65 2.65 2.65 2-65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 «k 4.15 4.15. 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 per case $3.35 GAS, reg 17.9; Ethyl 19.9 Cigarettes per carton $1.55 FRECKLES ANl) HIS FRTT5ND8 STAUDSriLL.MOU JUNlOe. BEMEDIdr ARNOLD/ Oh, They Won't! BY MERRHl. BLO6SE? YOU SETTER LEAVE ME ALONE .' POPS DAB8ER. SHOP.' ME MISUNDERSTOOD us, MR.-GRUBBLE/ ; VEAH. T\TH WE JUST WAMTBD TO BUY HIM A , I1ILKSHAKE / WE'RE 1HEC1OR. LOVES CRAir ABOor /MIUCSHAKf S. SOQHT Ltr FOP.FAPA- YOU KtJOW DARM WELL HE'S W POLICE/ ft)P//

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