The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 21, 1952
Page 5
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IT, JAKtrAKY II, (Continued from Pajj« l) hay« a compact forc« which woul as oflter i«rong remtance in the even * an attack . . . within a le y«ar« It will be possible to attair • level of Western European de feme* which would make Invaslo there 10 costly, and so unlikely o iuccew, that the danger of Its be In* attempted would- become re mote. . . CONTROLS: . Controls over prices, wages an •rents, as well as selective credl controls, are necessary for econoni le stabilization. 'Unfortunately th ant ta not strong enough to insu ~ f ,;,.. fm. ~ that we can hold the line on price.' I therefore urge that the act b Improved as,well as extended be yond (he present expiration dat of June 30, 1952. . RENTS: The Office of Rent Stabilizatioi 1» now administering rent control In these and other areas covering about 6,800,000 rental units u 1 estimated that by the end of Ihe fiscal year 1S53, tenants in 10 mil lion rental units will be protected - by federal rent control : MERCHANT FLEET: .''. Ont . . . emergency program i the construction of. modem cargo ships, capable of operating at higl speeds for greater safety from nos- ilble submarine attack. The Maritime Administration In the Depart- •ment of Commerce is now.building -35 such -vessels and may have to undertake additional construction ;ln future years. - SUBSIDIES: - I »g«ln recommend to the Congre«. th« Immediate reduction of .present unwarranted tax benefits ••for the shipping Industry airline industry as a whole has now reached a state of develop- .ment where It needs less government support than In former years and this subsidy ihoitld be curtailed. i* POSTAL 'DEFICIT: >•*. The only effective means of reducing the deficit estimated at «70 roilJon dollar* to a reasonable level Is through a lubstantlal Increase to P ° S Jf 1 L'****-• ' ' r rec °mmend Im•mediate rate increases adequate to yield 300 million dollars cm an annual basis. ATOMIC: ' .The major progr.m Initiated in October 1050 for expanding the productive capacity of ouf'»tomic en- ergjr plants la well under way and major production facilities now under construction will begin to contribute In output in the fiscal year Militant IT)Is budget provides for an increase In total . active armed strength from 3,600.000 men at the end of the current fiscal year to 3,100,00$. men. ,,.,.., .',.., <*, Tne *« i new goal«' contemplate' in «fr Force Of 143 wings, an 'Army •^f 21 divisions, a Navy with -408 major combatant vessels in 1 the M tlv* fleet aim 19 large carrie group*, a Marine Corps of three rtl visions and .ssentlal x .upporting element, for all the« MANPOWER: This budget provider for an !n- ar.a.a In total active armed strength from 3.600,000 men at the end of the current fiscal y.-r to 3 100,000 men at the end of the current fiscal year to 3,700,000 men PAY AND PENSIONS: , Three problems with respect to the welfare of military personnel will -require legislative action- namely .. . . Increase in mil pay ... adequate benefits for families of servicemen who die a contributory system in which career military personnel and the .eminent share in th. establishment fund * nancs °' • «Mrem«it . . OUNS AND BUTTER: We will try to avoid production ks and troughs which would un- fcessarily disrupt the economy. . 5» will also strive for the type of balance between military »nd civil- Ian production which will permit us to maintain both a strong economy and a strong military posture UMT: It Is contemplated that. If the statutory basis is provided the uni- versa! military training program Ei-peiidltures for military eco- lomic. and technical assistance in $10500000,000, as wmpared"wlth , -_, ,_,_ |V . VUl f, a vvuiiJtircci wltn 56,900,000,000 in the prelent /teal year. The bulk of the assistance will go directly toward helping to build ndequate military defenses ARMS FOR EISENHOWER- I .have directed that a policy of allocating military equipment be established which will assure that United Slates forces in Europe and NATO forces, as well as oilier forces of certain foreign countries which in the case ot war are mast likely to be first attacked, are adequately equipped. v ( \T-T?7?rr; i 19S2, with present productio goals, farmers will be aiming at new record, 6 per cent above 19 and 50 per cent above the 1935-: average. 'Hie level of pv j ce suppo should help to give the farmers th economic incentive necctsarv maintain high production FEPC: The execntive branch has actc within the limits of its present pow ers, to see that discrimination bi ause of race, sex or color does no prevent workers from getting jol which use their highest skills. Fur her toward this object^ »'ill require action by Congres.5. herefore renew my recommenda Ion for legislation to establisii Pair Employnvnt Practice Con mission. HOUSING CREDIT: It will be. necessary to reduce th evel of housing construction fur lier. . . I urge the Congress to re tore the previous authority ove own payment and other cred ernis. CIVIL DEFENSE: A strong civil defense- program n indispensable part of our se urity effort ... I a m therefor ecommending a substantially In reased appropriation 339 mtlljo ollars. compared' with 41 millio his year. FLOOD INSURANCE: I reepat my recommendation - ast summer for . .a federal floo nsurance system. An' appropriatio 50 million dollars ls recommend Bene/lls should be Increased without delay. Because of the ris Ing .wag. level, the revenue* of old- age and survivors' Insurance system ar« higher than will be needed to pay the present scale ol bene fits to people who will retire. Un der these circumstances 'it is pos slbte to increase average primary benefit* rates by about ,5 a month to $47 a month without In any wa- increasing the contribution rates' Vtttioia In view of the large Increase Ir -he stw of our srmed forces sine. M'Arthur's Pilot Quits NEW YORK <AP)~U. Col. Anhony story, for nearly seven years »f«cArthur's pilot, has from the O, S. Air Forc position with a distlllins • • Negroes Soy Bomb HasRepIacedRope Of Lynching Mobs JACKSONVILLE. Pla. (if, _ ' A slightly nervous crowd of about "— _ Iranian Premier ToGety.S.Aid MotMtfogh Scores Twin-Victory Over W«it in Two Mov«« TEHRAN. Ir«n'f/rS-Premier Mo . bammed Mossadegh won > double victory Irom the west today _ jj "..'i' 0 ", ', do! , 1 , 1 " ln ^"Ican aid with virtually no strings attached pud the closure of Britain's nine consulates and vice-consulates fn Ihe country. th^>° S i1' i ' g \, t "" ounrea wsfci-dav that his cabinet had anproved a working agreement giving Iran the M million dollars in Point Pour aid for technical assistance and development. Because the u.' s wants to retain a foothold In this strategic Middle Eas (. domain on Russia's southern border, the Americans waived a requirement of the Mutual Security Act. that aid beneficialles must contribute actively (o Western defense. The British consulates close heir doors In Obedience to »n Iran- lan order which chftrgcd British officials bad beeri Interfering with Iranian p.ffalrs. The British denied the charge. 1.200 honored bomb-slaying victim Harry T. Moore here Sunday and beard Negro leaders reaffirm their fight for full equality Roy Willdns. New York,'administrator for the National Association for the Advancement at Colored People, said Moore died because he fought "the doctrine of white supremacy". A message from NAAOP Executive Secrelary Wai ter While, who missed the meeting because of illness, charged "the bomb has replaced the lyneher's ope". Moore and .his wife were fatally Injured Christmas night In the bombing of their Mims. Fla., home. More Rain Due .to Fall On Soggy California LOS A N G E I, E S (AP> - With evacuated families returning to their home* after the worst flood In 14 years, more rain was due to fall on Southern California today -The weather man gave assurance however, that it would be light and intermittent. 2 Boys Die of Gunshot Wounds Over Weekend in Arkansas Korea, further declines in veterans' outlays are unlikely. Our veteran population Us Increasing rapidly Ntamt "rf 'M r " f ° r lnterest °" th e debt . . . are estimated ai »6.150,000,000. They will ,cS,un!T for over 7 per cent of total budget ex pendltures. • • «» CONCLUSION: In the current world crisis the price of peac. )s preparedness. In terms of Ihe aacrlflcej which this nvolves. it i, . heavy price, bi when freedom t, at slake It U a >rlce which all of us will g|»d B.v The Assuclalcd Two hoys were killed in accidental shootings over Ihe weekend 1- Arkansfls. Their dcalhs brought to 15 the state's total of fatalities lor the week mrted Sunday midnight. Six persons died violently over the weekend. Lynn Earl Hulsey. lO-yeai-old son of Mr. and Mrs, Earl Hulsey of West Point, was'shot to death while hunting near hts- home. White County Coroner Elvis Daniel sa ki the boy was shot when a 20-gauite shotgun carried by his brother Albert, 15, fired accidentally Bo.v ,Slj,,i to , '" West Memphis, 13-ycar-oid C L Milliard was shot to death when a 12-gauge shotgun handled by another youth discharged. Police Of- K r », nti " J «r°i"e said the snooting WM an accident. w^? 'V ear "° W farm worker. Hailan Cain, was killed ,„ the M ton Community of Woodruff Coun- a train collided at . crossing'. H. C. Griffin, 42, wa , inj(lred tally seven miles southwest of Hot Springs when the left rear tire on his automobile blew out and the car overturned. Man lilt By C.r Forty-two-year-old Don a Singe ton wa» killed when he was struck by a car on Highway 31 a m "- north of star City v o »setba)] yer, Edward Masner, 18 died In a Batesvllle. hospUal Saturday from injuries suffered Wednesday when he was struck by a falling tree. 'No Carl for Margaret' LONDON (AP)-Loudon newspapers decided over the week-end that Princess Margaret isn't going to marry the Earl of Dalkeith after ~ Hollywood Continued from Pa«e 4 l»i«h< will I pUy to It." • * * Th, fan magazines , re J ump i nB on the Mario Lania-Kathryn oray- son feud from both sides of the fence . . . Dean Martin and Jerrj Lewis have filed applications to Play In the British Amateur Golf tournament In June . In CiLse you h.ven't heard, "The Greatest Show on Earth" is c. B DeMitte's greatest movie, a dazzling fb ur - rlng circus thriller . i,< 2 Tn ,,i- r and Michael Wilding, 'at Charley Faireu's P »i m Springs Racquet Club, a«ain denied plans for a Mexican marriage. They'll wait they jay, until both of 'their divorces are final. NO WONDER SHE CAN CR1 Gigi PeiTMii, me slurp (en . year-old Juvenile star, was » sk ed how she turns on the tears for movie scenes. "By thinking " s he ,?.? £ di ," i '!? at '" four more ya" HI .be at the awkward age." ...: ~ '-•- «v VJA about a film tilled. "Francis Meets Bonjo" in which the mule turns into »' ve n- rloouist and makM the ,, l« k This will be Hollywood's neatest trick of 1952-Bonzo was biirn- lo dealh In a tin a year ngo. In International movie popular poll Is being conducted by the Foreign Press Assocl.tton of Holywood. First results: Cuba- Greer Oarson. South Africa- 'wickev Mouse . . Fin D'Orsay and f)| ci(v : ied cou """ *"• 0h ~ s °- ha M>>' ">ar- out ofTlfe 'ov^m'Ta^enTuS • • The Ann Bancroft who's to'the/to"" 1 by „ Fox '<" "Won't :overed her. " " s <>nlio dis- whos* PAGB Erery American'! h hil c»»lle. .nd H deserve. th« p,.. terHon of complete Jn«,r»r,«. 1*1 « eipl.ln how the Extended --_te Policy protects you from tin a. .,11 M , ther h •rd.. rhone 4I«* Now! Porcupines Do No» Shoot Out Their Quills At Enemies Oulll. »« .Kd entlrtly , or d «. fen«l». p«rp«ie.. Th. notion of •hootln, ,,111. ^y hlye rf ' from the (ad | h ,t )<M « one. , ^, '»" »"t "hen the anl- il brliUe. then. 1. ••cti.m- ^", Enc 3' eI<> peJI»". i. "Century -inmry". J. "PopaUr Fallm- A.8.F. Ackermann. with "Quo Vadls," | S the likely star /or Warners' "The Miracle of Our Lady of Falliua." Not In the Script: viveca Mnd- fors, on stage-acting: "If I find myself nervous 1 con- ZX'^K^ %• pie." e ^°' Blonde Torero Wins Isf Fighr ly in her ears. Patricia's skill and courage i,i killing « fasf-cliarghij! black and white bull brought Ihe "ol e ," r ". sounding out of Jarez' Plaza dc Toros yesterday. Working on ' ralii-drenchcd s"lln- p * r ?.' sand - the blonde torera pa.i- ed Ihe charging bull so closely her trousers u-cre smeared with the animal's blood When George Washington _^ «Uor hR °'e r '' %«* -PS ericksburg, V a., he K » swim In the stream. Free Book on Arthritis And Rheumatism HOW TO AVOID "Kt'ORMITIES All amazing newly enlarged 44- l»go book entitled "Rheum«tl«* si!« lt .*?ir f r' to " iyon "-. U reveals why drugs and medicines give only temporary relief h , *" J° M™** 'he cause. o» the trouble; explains a speciallnd non-surgical, non-medical treatment may be the means of saving 'you years of untold misery. Write today to The Ball Clinic, Dept 42ot Excelsior Springs, Missouri. ' You Can't Beat a Product That's GOOD! HADACDL ACTUAUY RELIEVES A BiAL CAUSE of NAGGING ACHES and PAINS-Deficiencies of Vitamins B,, B,, Niacin and Iron The AHSOMJTE TRUTH that no one can deny! If you suffer from mean, nagging aches and pains <i« e to deficiencies ot Vitamins B, B, Niacin and Iron in your svs- »hlT d011 ' 1 rely °" « Induct which merely relieves your H*rSf?.!Si- Bcca " s e Umnks to HADACOL, you can acLuaily relieve the real and un cforly g CAUSE of such trouble due to these deficiencies " ArDtA C°L brings about a remarkable Improvement in your condition. AND so IMPOII- WAn a r^i, co , nt , inlleti use o! HADACOL helps keep those mean deficiency-cause'd aches and pains from coming buck Y™'- own good common sense Wh y HADACOt, Gives Such Wonderful Results. HADACOL supplies deficient systems with extra quantities of Vitamins B,, B,, Niacin and Iron. The formula is based on the flndlngi of skilled scientists and nutritional authorities in the study of vitamins and minerals fao if you liave been suffer- mg from mean, nagging ache« and pains due to such-deficiencies, you owe It to yourself to give HADACOL a chance to Jiclp you. You can't beat a procuct that's GOOD! Buy » bottle of HADACOL today-take It faithfully. ASTHMA! HELP FROM ARIZONA rr»» Ariiona eomtt a n««ac. of kop. uj proaiJ tor asthma suffcrsrs No matter how hi.p«]«i.' yo ,, think your CM* may W—a, matter now diacoarand von nay bt with r*mtdi*i yon pVrTj'i* d r.~ KNOW THE FACTS! Compl.t. FREE ^Information it yonn for the " kl "*- No ri.k! No obli y «Uon I Writ* today 1 * u USUM uMunoEi, at, ~ «.*-»• ITT ». M AT* woonx JUDZOKX FOR SALE! Calcium Ammonium N i t r ;vt o 20i PER CENT • ^ I I I CI I t? NITROGEN ) For Information and Pric« Call WEST MEMPHIS COTTON OIL MILL %A«P'tf>^ 1 j V i j _ . . West Memphis, 84 WEST MEMPHIS, ARK. I'liont Memphis, 5-4040 For Outperforming all other American Cars... In the Grinding Tests that Won VT^fe it the Motor Trend Magazine Award, Chrysler proved itself the Best Engineered Car in America CHRYSLER SURPASSED ALL OTHEBS WHEN MOTOR TREND TESTED POH, •*• Avorog* Broking DWonco In Feoi * Too Mito p.r Galten ^ Averoge Acceleration in Secondi * Acceleration Over Standing % Mil. in Second. * Av.rag. Top Spe.d in M.P.H. * Moxirmm RcxicI Hon«pow«r * Pounds p«r Rood HofMpowor ^ Maximum Twqua in Lbi.-Ft. * Maximum Bralte Mean eff«h'vt rVeww. ~k First in Totol Pointj 15 dirTerent American stock automobiles— •quipped aa you buy them—were driven by Motor Trend Magazine as hard as steel and rubber can be driven. In those actual road tOTU of efficiency and performance, ""ensured by the moat accurate instruments obtainable, Chrysler proved itaelf superior to all other*. In 13 t«rt* Chrysler was first in 7 —tied in 2, makings total of 9 out of 13 . . . and first in total point*! Only by taking an engine to the limit of its potential, only by turning the corners »t high apeerfg, applying brakes for emer- gency stops, torturing body, springs and shock absorbers, can you learn just what performance yovi can expect from the mak'o ofcar you drive. Results of the Motor Trend tests were conclusive... as Chrysler, again, proved it.solf Uie one best car in America. The Motor Trend Award, like the numerous othef honors today's Chrysler has won, is boll) a proof of and a tribute to Chrysler'» magnificent FirePowcr engine and master engineering. Each (lemonstrateswlvy.among men and women who know automobile* . . , Chrysler is ahmys the first choice. CHRYSLER finest engineered cars in ihe world T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. • 121 E. Main Street

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