The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1947
Page 7
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, APRIL 1..-I947- Of Siiliferfuge UMW Uses Holiday Idea to Do What Courts Prohibited •PITTSBURGH. 'April I. <Up)_ .riic secretary of the Southern Coal I reducers Association accused John Forrest City's Parking Meter Ban is Upheld LITTLE ROCK. Ark., April 1. (UP)—The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled lodny Dint parking meters may not' bo Installed In cities of the first or second class except by «,, , ,, *-*~^.^. lle col "' t u l )llt?ld a St. Francis ' . . neaderick. He charged' that a city Thurmond referred to 'the strike .o?\vis originally scheduled for April •'. Jut, which he was forced to cun- ,'el by federal' courts. Only maintenance-"workers the .-majority' of .soft coal .fills today 'Members of .Lo\ ami --j -••"-.. ..v iiinn, « "WUI Kills ' ill HI ,;iump operators rrported for work .in 11^ .„„*„,.,.:.•-_*.- t hc - n!lUf j n ... United Mine *m inaugurated -the .six-day memorial, holiday with .parades and railles commemorating John Mitchell day, a traditional .mine holiday. Union officinls said that' the memorial sei-vi:er, for the Coiflr'alta .miners, would be left up to U-MW '"""'" Yj - llcfferlv, chairman of ,^. .„.., , A1 _ i,inm,Lvi i>ini tt uiiy ordinance passej inst April authorizing the installation was a viola- lion of Act 309 of 1939 which prohibits cities of the first and second clnss and Incorporated towns "from installing meters: .His complaint said /Winer that the meU'iv were an encroachment upon public properly ami were a public miisniice. The chunccry court granted Parker a temporary Injunction last July and later mnde it permanent, ordering ihe firm to remove' the meters within r20 days. The opinion pointed out that the question or the meters was not I. BLYTHEVILLJB Hew "Air Letter" WASHINGTON. April 1. KIP) —The "aii- letter", which res -moles wartime V-ninll. will make j (H debut April 29. "j The Postofflce Department said the 12-by- 8l.<,-lnch letter, which may be sent anywhere outvie the U. S. for 10 cents. . NEWS Middlecoff Wins, Playoff and Ties Record for Course so" U'ly. Mo., Is. visiting her moih- fr. Mrs. imu, 15. Swunsey, and IKT sisU'i, Mrs. ciuvulo Lloyd, nt l)ib home o( Mrs. Uoyd. Cliimlc lAigun intended a luueli. eon (or nl) employ^'if the Mtiu- AUGUSTA, On., Industries fosi/e Tax Equality MEMPHIS, Tenn., Aiirll \. ,\)p. —The Southern stntes l!Klu.-,i.riu| Council today denounced business croups "which utill/e business cooperatives to hide compelIIivo O p- i cratlons" ami frcui'e unfiilr tax ' advantages. The council's board of directors Ihe newly shirred Cory Middlecoff. who von Iho Clinrlotlo open yesterday In n plnyolf will, ueorge Schuux, were arrlvlnu loduy for Ihe Masters' (om-nameiit, climax of the whiter swing. Jimmy Demure!., lien 1 logon. Sum Snnad and other top moncy-wln- nliiB proicKxlonals were exported to compete in the lour-cliiy meet, which starts Thursday. Middlecoff, former Army dentist from Memphis, turned pro n year nsjo nfler a successful tour of the winter circuit us an amnlciir, and won his spurs yesterday as lie lied a course record while ben Unit fc'c-bbuv by nfnc strokes, Middlecoff took a G-l for the 16 holes alid Schoux, a pro nl San Francisco, PAGE phis Branch of Kroger Stores Bun- I d»y at trre Town Club In Memphis. He Is muiiiiger uf >l<e Kroner atore In Osce'oln. .\ .-"'•':*' Head Courier News Adi, Come To: ^-'i U-DO-IT LAUNDRY With ThoM DirtyCloth*. •*: 0|R>n,7 a. m. Clos« (j;36 p. m. j- Tuesdnv and Thursday Night* Open Till 9 o'clock 323 North 2nd St. submitted t o the people or Purres! eico-wud that -the prayer and , y . fo , r a ™ tc ' andjUiat the 1939 iious ceremonies m.ue.sled -bv " C s ' a vnl|( l exerc 'sp .of legislative •is.iwould be loft un to indl- " owe:F -" It also pointed out that the Th'oHctRj'" starte'd^ whether the naUpn's •.-7a.Cqq: ; 'arithr'at-it-u; nj'incra How Sluggish Folks j» _ .- .**** __ r> leiief WHEN CONSTIPftTJON mnkes you feel punk as llio ilickcns, brines on stomach upset, sour taste, sassy discomfort, take Dr. CaMwcll's famous medicine .= quickly pull Ihc trigger on lazy "in- rmrus", and helji'ybu'feel bright and DR. CALbWELfS is Ihewonderfiilseh- nalAx.aUye. cpntained in E ooJ olJ.Sy/up ^ ensm-tocnssKe it so easy to ts&s'f --.--' MANY'bdciOh'S"use" pepsiii:iircpSri- l[on^'lB:pfescfiptions toma^ft,tlfe «Mdi- cme.raore and o E 'n!eable to take. So be sure your laxative is cnn- tai^frd in Syrup Pepsin. • ON DR. CflLDWELL'S—Ihe Ta- ^Mf^iiun: us« only as directory - M.CEDWEit'S SEpAIAXATIVE f—•" SYRUP PEPSIK SCHOOLS farm cooperatives opcrniej on 'a nonprofit basis. t Ransom E. Aldrlch lire si-lent nf . Hie Mississippi pnv m iiinea.i lo'd delcealcs to a council mo-Minn here Hint Ihc.slnlo nnd fwJe/.il Boi'cin-! ments must bear Hie nii'ii'.cinl' ]""*!'. of "Pessary aBi-icultural' Present ^-eijihl rates "fit ( ! lc ' needs of commerce," RoixH-l s Henry, i-epreseiiting the Asiccia-l lion of American rtallronds (old llie;iueelln ff . He. denied tlmi rales' drain the South of raw : matei inls tojie proecsscct ', elsewhci-c aiid' said C'oHllnueil from f:igc t. to da(e in the school proyram, MV. Reid -iiiti'odticed Mr.'Nicholson who restated his talk on inadequacies of the present* Vcliool system wiilcl) he delivered at the first mass meeting Feb. 24. Mr. Nicholson pointed out sp-ciTic examples of how the Dlythoville school system has outgrown iU present physical facilities to show thnt expansion is necessary to Ihc proper function of the schools here. He stressed the lack of space, bath classroom and study hall ami recreational. He emphasized that the acquisition of a new school site was b'lt one aspect of the contemplated long-range modernization program Opinions registered nt the meeting inst night indicated optimistic; attitudes-toward-the success ol this (irofrniii. although it was rcca*- •j nized-'hv some instance's that th- j minority ;i»ay possibly bear the bur- ,,,domof:flnnui:lng..«ie project-*hile I the majority will benefit from it "''i','l" f 'il 'I""" 1 *"- 1 «'«ll»ir- SI.. L'niW ^.ilk-ill •Itilrlifji .wjlli' 1,,,;i m jf,i| '|'"i'°l|i ". ..U,nulls, llrcc-zewny ,-.,iini..'il,,,- /..,. ™B.- 10 ),<Mih6. ./JVrins ,,,„ !,„ ; ,n- a r,;.- iv l.-.-il. I'rL.-. fir.uci Ti'rms A|.r.; tinviit Iimisi 1 I,-is '...'I. .. ... .. . -"t'-i. i M i..| rtr. 1 .' to.,iu "'"!• l''"!""li;u,f, s ,^i,,,,. w ,JlV would remain out of the mines"for the remainder of the week •«-£! 1 ?l' 15 H ! . t :W. by stat <?i. included:, t- Weal,- Virginia—loa.OOb^'idle^ ' V PC nnfylvahli—105,00 0 _- out. ' •: :: '••• Illinois— ti.Soo idle v Ohio .18.&MX1. Kentircky—50,000. . Arkansas—'1.5CO. , Colorado and New Mexico—I 000 . Iowa—2.COO. .1500. Motorette THE SMART LITTLE CAR THAT EVERYBODY/*,. BM.. ^rssr^^i^-o^ * If you are stopped by n bustling street crowd hovcr- Z'!"'rc!^ V so , mcllunff you arc not flllitc s " re »i»«t- dont icacli for your autograph book— chances arc its not a personal appoaranco of a movie " It.s more important. AJbTOKETTE has arrived .in. town. - \Vlion you i;ct your first'. eve-full- nf you'll know that it bolo^' in your lifeV' It'.s new intimate featherweight transportation— for quick jaunts lo anywhere and back f Sec the MOJORETTf on display :V '" our showroom '""' SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 121 W. Ash St. Phone 438 """'"il ''"*' ll ' L ' ll ' ) ' '"'Pf"" 1 '' liliuli W.-I1 NII.DJ ,.f r..n.,.nv<>uii 'i>,',i'i,'t. i(,',77",'- i".ni.,.». Hii.l ihrri- l,uitiiii-ss I M,IL-S. M"r"' r i > i»-M t| 'r l 'Vi.. 1l i" r 'lS' <P "'"' • '""'•''""" K. 1!. Dnvirt. I'lunu- J.mij ur'uiilU ' I. It. .]oy m ,r, .s.-iJi^mwii - -' i' : I'IIUIK" :i;or> «r':iii:i:i C'u-hin.-iii - XronliT. AUm Kmljliii:. . SIL' '• ' -^. -IUH; .Street. -.- t . ; ; ^, \ ; .: . : -lli- t |l;^j Help Wanted ?f)ii|.!^ In liv.' in niv Iminp I <-iri> f ' ' ' ,l,r I, Razorbacks in Review Of 1947 Grid Prospects FAYCTTEVILLE, April I — Sparked by n 'M touchdown trot, by Aubrey rowler, diminutive tailback of the: Arkaiisus linMrbaeks. (he Whites defeated Ihe Ueds 11 lo 1 In (lie annual Hed-Whltc Inlrn- squad Kiime of the University of Aikiinsns football teum Snlnrdivy."' Fowler leaped ln!o the nlr to intercept a Rc<l pass alter the Crimson, team, had paF.ydjits,'way .to the,- his way ; ' through^several wovild-he tneklcrs for, a;tcnichdown..-- : ' : The sooo fans : that witnessed the game..were surprised lo sec Coach John Bnrnhin's usually defenslvo- iiiiiiilcd charges .use th fl forward passes a principal weapon. However, the Hogs silll have their, rock-' ribbed defense llial.. v/on- 'Ihe.nv'a partnership In the. Southwest ^Conference title Inst'.'fiiirbut linvc!odd-, e<l a much better" 1 offense llinii they showed last year. Osceola News Mrs. Arnold A. Weiss of JcfTer- that uniform nnflornv'Tiii rn!ps, mile for mile, would IK r, dis- nstrous blow to the Soutli's coin- meree. ATTENTION VETERANS! If yofa served overseas.'you should join'(lie' V.K!W..nnli'! ; . - - ' Mcetlni-ii-every \Vediiesilay nijrlit 7:30 at the Wetenkamp Cotlon O[C"' < '-;;^ r .' n 8 a veteran willi you.. "VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS >-vyy>: > > :x>:>:xi . >>;; , ::s ^ >>;K> . K>;>;K ^ ; ,. y ,^, t . !% ,^ yx> , SIMPSON'S STATE LINE CAFE Under Mnna|[em«nl of Stanley Keller Curb Service — Open 24 Hours Fresh Seafood Steaks — Chicken — Chops — Bar-b-que Hot Biscuits ^ ^ i* Truck Drivers Welcome 1; HOT SHOWERS LOUNGING \ LF.T US FILL YOUR CAR W/TH \ QUALITY+GAS — WHILf YOU fATI \ ' - ' ',• ' 1 Soy Beans Cleaned Have installed bean cleaner thai re- moves all split and foreign mptter. Visit me before having your beans cleaned and see Hie difference. Langley's Mill On Bertig Gin Lot — Across Street from Armory AFTER 8 A.M. \' BEFORE 5 P.M, BETTER CLEANING with the HUDSON FINISH In 8 Hours for the Asking! Better Tailoring Better Dye Work Better Hat Cleaning Alterations HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. BlythevilU, Ark. Phon« 2612 GROCERIES DELIVERED Once More! I CALL 501 C. L. NABERS Gro. and Mkt. Melvin Halsell, Owner Frankie's Bakery, Goods ' .. Extra Cliarf/e for Deliver}/! , J Musical r: Instruments Suppltai - Repairs Radios, Office Suppitts SPECIE ORDERS SOLICITED ! Schools, Churches, Bands. Ochestras & Clubs Given SPECIAL PRICES On Musical, Instruments J.MellBrooksJr 107 E. Main Tel. 811 i tea , >M REFRIGERATION— 24 Hour— REFRIGERATION • Sales Service " Repairs AJR CONDITIONING H-K Altlv AlH.K TO OI'TlCI! You QUAI.IFiKI) ..ENtilMKKIHNti IN SAI.V:», iti-.i'AiKS ANI» M'ulk-ln hoxes, Itevrmne. foolers, Display Cases, Air Con- dlthmliiK Uitlts and nsrd Itcrrljtnmtlon Ki^ilpment of-^ll- klndi. 715 W. Ash— A. H. Johnson— Phone 2188 Wotor Co., Sreele, Mo., Phone 49 Blyfhevilie Soybean Corp. " W. Mnm i ' ,' •W"»J JOHNS LIQUOR ^0Rl| All Your Favorite Brand*' , . » YEM,0»VSTONK ANCIKN'I'' AGF • OLD TAYLOR ? • lIDrXTFR '' . rAIIi/JONES'* •f--r -i ^ J i. tv. ii'\uri:it Your I'lilroniiRc Apprirlitfd ', v* ( ACKOSS KIIOAI niTZ THEATER J. LOUIS CHERRY New York Life Insurance' Co.j! life, Ark. Hardware Mutual and Hardware Indemnity Insurance Companies of Minnesota Katcil A phis excellent }iy leailfnff Insnrance, authorities. Soaml proleptlon because of, large financial reserves arid adeijnat* surplus funds. • . i -^ v rreinlum savings—morn (linn 38 million dollars have been r*- (urned-in cltviilcntl savlii^s to pollcyholdcTS. .{_ Lower cosl—liccansn of :i careful selection of risks and economical o[>erali[>n. Large rtivWcnd savitiBs on automobile and fir* Insurance low net cost. . --'.-- - - Box 431 FOR INSURANCE SERVICE W. L. TAMKE Phone 2487 CAN WATER AID IN Kidney-Bladder Disorders? YKS—if It's Mountain Valley Mineral Water, the famous inlnrral water from HOT SPRINGS, ARK. MOUNTAIN VALLEY'HELPS Stimulate Kitlncy Aetlon — Soothe Rladilcr Irritation—Combat l)rJc Acidity CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Dirhton BlytheTilte, Ark. • Dr. Milton E. Webb Optometrist Announces the Opening of His Offices 138 East Main Street- Telephone 2297 Blytheyille

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