Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 26, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1895
Page 2
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m^' I ^JU'o- **£>•-As; **' m ; is no soap in the -world that stands so high in the opinion of thoughtful women as SANTA CLAUS SOAP For washing clothes or doing housework, it can't be equalled. Try it. Sold everywhere. Made only by The N. K. Fairbank Company, - Chicago. •>•••?••••*•••••«•••**••• SHORT SPECIALS. Belief was friven to 137,000 destitute persons in London during the week {nfit past. Lord Koscbery's illness may cause Mr. Gladstone to assume the leadership i" <rf the liberal party. Severe earthquake shocks were felt tn Italy nuar the Adriatic coast. Sev* •ra! persons were killed. A land company in Kern cour.ty, Cal., has resorted to arms to drive out squatters, and bloodshed is feared. Sfem'jcrs of the country's national S ard will receive the Spring-field les now used by the vejrulurs. Unknown assasios enticed Albert Vight, a .Kentucky farmer, from his korne at night and shot him fatally. The Adams Express company has ar- Mngud to extend its service over tho Indiana, Illinois & Iowa railroad April %, 1805. Benevolent women of New York aro •Coving 1 in the irmttur of bettering 1 tho ectndiUoii of young 1 girls employed in •tores. One thousand rolling- mill employe. 1 * •LJJ* Youiig-stown, O., have jrone on a •flflke because three puddlcrs were dis- •Aorg-eU. John Ddvson arid llasil Gracie were Instantly killed by falling-down a shaft A the Dominion Coal company's miiio /Halifax. i The assignee in the estate of B. S. i!entlig- «Xs Co., of Lancaster, 1'a., leaf tobacco dealers, who failed in litOl!, S3ed his report showing- the liabilities iftbo S1SS, I'.H.COand the assets S-,73IJ. 19. j Ricks Inm dccidcc] that a fo.r- eig-n-oorn "woman wno comes to tue United States and marries a citizen of tills country becomes a citizen of tho United States. l!«rr Bros., of Kockford, one of tho larg-cst 'wholesale grocery houses in Illinois outside of Peoria, have arranged to move their business to Free- porj; from Kockford. Capt. Clove Simraes, formerly a professor at the West Point military academy, and who has since been residing in Germany, died at Berlin of softening- of the brain. While returning- from an entertainment Mrs. Rillo T. Crawford, wife of Col. B. F. Crawford, of Mansfield, 0., was seized with a fainting spell and in falling struck her head on a curbstone, dying- almost instantly. Henry Hlxon, a saloonkeeper of Cairo, 111., was waylaid while returning 1 home from his place of business, knocked in tho head with a slung-shot and robbed of over £300. Hixoh will die from injuries received. PASSED AWAY. Death of 11 on. LycurjiuH Dnltou, Fuxtmaii- tnr of the IIou«e. WASHIN'OTOX, March 25.—Lycurgus Dal ton, postmaster of the House of rep rescntativcs, died Sunday night at his residence in this city of bronch- al trouble at 0:45 o'clock. Mr. 3alton was n native of J'ed- iord, Ind., and a prominent demo- rat in polities, and hac 1 held the office f postmaster of the house through everal administrations. He had been n bad health for some time. Mr. Dal;on leaves a family, , MANY CHANGES. A Conservative Cabinet in Power Means reorganization in Spain, New Ministry May Reverse the £ tudc of the Country ;'!.'~ard- inrr Aliianca A..".-.'r. Ui- N, March »3.—The org-an- ixation of the new Spnnisli ministry formed late Saturday is being 1 watched with interest by officials and diplomats here,, owing 1 to the direct and speedy effects it will have on affairs between the United States and Spain. Cabinet J* Conservative. Official advices received h-.-r-j state that every member of th-^ cabinet is conservative. . This is directly contrary to cable reports saying 1 that five of the new ministers were liberals. The effect of this will be far mc«'c sweeping 1 in the change of officers, including 1 foreign ministers, and the adoption of a new policy in foreign and domestic affairs. Diploni:itti to Kevlgn. It is known that the entire diplomatic service ol Spain, with three exceptions, will be changed. The exceptions will be the embassies at Berlin, St. Petersburg 1 and the vatioan. These three ambassadors have occupied the anomalous positions of being 1 conservatives in office during 1 a' liberal administration, just as a few of President Harrison's diplomatic appointees have held over during 1 the present administration. The Spanish diplomats serving in Great Britain, Austria, France, Italy and other leading places, including, of course, the United States, are liberals and are certain to tender their resignations. It is believed that in a majority of cases they have already done so, New Cuptaln Gcticr»l for Cuba. Another change sure to follow will be the captain generalship of Cuba. He is always chosen from Spain and not from Cuba, and belongs to the party of the ministry. The present captain general is a liberal, so that his resignation is regarded as a certainty, and it is thought quite probable Scrofula From Childhood "My mother has been afflicted with •crof ui» hi her head since ner childhood. She is now in her 51st year. She has ajso suffered from weakness in ner back for which »i.c never expected any relief. (She hns faithfully _.-^ tried Hood's 55g! and it has .freed her system from scrofula, cured burning pains In her feet and limbi and also a pain In her left breast which prevented her from lying on that side for fourteen yean It has made her feel many years younger, Hood's 8 £> Cures She has taken four bottles of themedicine. We cannot recommend Hood's Sarnapa- rilla too highly." Iiu. R. VASOILDEK, Etna Green, Indiana. Hf»ftH'« 11UUU !» thcafteMlnnerpMland cauarucf We- Suffer untold miseries from a sense of delicacy they cannot overcome. BRADFIELD'S By Arousln * to Female Regulator, ACT? AS A SPECIFIC It causes health to bloom, and joy to reign throughout the frame. . . IT NEVER FAILS TO CURE. "My *lf« him iioen under treatment or loading phy. Brians tlireo years, without bundle. After lining thriiuhoultsoF IliuDriKLD's FKXALX RKODLATOB ah. can do horowp cooking, milking and waslilnK." N. S. Bur AN, Hcnduraon, Al«. BBADFIXLV REGULATOR CO., Atlanta, Qt. Sold by dmjgirti at $1,00 cer bottl*. oy uiueuu.s nere mat ne n<is ai- ready tendered it. His retirement at this critical time in the affairs of the island, it is believed, will have an important effect ou Cuban affairs. It is expected here that the new captain jreneral will share the radical sentiment of the new ministry, which is said to be in favor of crushing- the revolution in short order. His presence in Cuba is likely to be accoinpnnied by- heavy reinforcements of Spanish troops aud materials of war. Will Lleliiy AlllancH Affair. This bqing 1 the first day of the new ministry, a reply to the Dnited States on the Allianca affair is not expected, nor had it come up to a late hour. It is thought, however, to be one of the first subjects which will engage the ministry. Before reaching the merits of the case, the ministry will first have to decide whether to confirm or reject the preliminary assurance given by the last ministry to Secretary Gresham that a proper explanation would be made when the facts of the Allianca case were ascertained. The new ministry is rather inclined to be belligerent in its tendencies— that is, so far as can be judged by the record of its prior members. cut to Jflcc<?s oy 11 Train, YOUNGSTOWX, 0., March 25 —The horribly mutilated remains of Jakup Tybor, of this city, were found Monday morning on the Pittsburgh & Western railroad tracks near the East Federal street crossing. The body was entirely stripped of clothing. It is supposed that Tybor, in attempting to alight from the east-bound limited, caught bis foot in the step and was' to death. SAY FAIR r~ i ^^ 111 li sTHj^ if' '* V^T^ f OlEO N BY/POISON. 8«nutlonil Story of Pbnbe Con»ln»' Betrothal SAN FRANCISCO, March 23.— The p»b- •lication of the alleged fact that the late millionaire, .lames G. Fair, was betrothed to Miss' Phoebe Couzint caused widespread comment in this city and no limited degree of surprise' but a story printed in n. morning paper has eitVctually eclipsed the betrothaJ affair for sensational ism and startlin< features. This story is in eil'i-ct that insinu.i tious have been made by rosponsibk parties that, the late Mr. fair did not sull'er a natural death, but that the end of his life was brought about by the agency of certain parties who were desirous that his death should take place at a- certain time. The newspaper in question brings Miss Couzins into strong relief, and says: "Miss Phcebe. who cl:i"ims to have been ifttf afflanceil info of Senator Fair, broadly hints at her suspicions Uiut Senator Tiiir liaii 'ootju given poison on more occasions than one. "The suspicions entertained by Miss Cousins aro backed up by a San Francisco man wno is in a position to know a preat deal that occurred to Senator Fair before tue latter's death. This man !•» keeping in the background for certain reasons, but -when ho tells his story the public will bo able to lorin opinions as to whether Miss Couzins' suspicion* are correct." OGDEN GAS ILLEGAL. Mott Iiuportant Doclitlou Keitdcrei) by Judge Faj r n« xt Chicago. CHICAGO, March 25.—Judg-e Payne Monday morning announced his decision in the injunction suits brought by the Civic Federation and other organizations to prevent the Ogd Cias and Cosmopolitan Electric companies from exercising- any rights . or privileges conferred on them by the ordinances recently passed by the city council on the ground that the ordinances were passed by bribery and corruption. While dismissing the injunction proceedings, because of the insufficient standing- of the signers of the bill, Judge Payne gave a death thrust to the boodle gas and electric ordinances. He decided that they are null and void and thatall that is required to destroy them at any time is the action of the attorney general. VEND Speaks to Logansport People. JIundrod' oT iVoplr ia Lojjar.sport Harp Cur d by VonoN M<*i icings, lit Will lit* turn to*; ."Join-y to Anjoiie nut Cured, Trjs Fairesi Offer Ever Made by a Doctor: UKA'J THE FOI.L1XH FACTS. Since Y->:JO left Lrp.tnsfioit Imndreds have ' Uubt Ills Mi-diC.nes nt Uif diuc viores, and Ictit-rs «re being jwt'ivfti da ly Tioni ixKiple wio have Dtfn raic-i. lie piiitrnnKw VF.\»i'» IL'KA- TiVK J*^"!!^!' (oOc t. loiik'Mo c •mi>irt*ly core nTviiusnes.-, djr>i>i'D>'j<, poor :ii>p«i.ie ami sleep- isness. H\vr kUinev. biotxi i-nrf stommli dts- r ,-rs. ana wben nn-d wIU> VKS"'S KI.KCTKIC I'LCtu (o»o a boitlo). »11I piwltlvt>l.r curt* UiW wvrst mid most dfsuooite Terms of rlie'iiiiatisin. p:iralysis fclaikiu neuralgia. 'Jack chf, »e*k muscles.- still joints. «11 *cbes and jwlns. S1K HOKKIl.Ii McKK.X/iK'S 01 ItiltH AXll HEAD ACHE Cl RE (luc r. battle) Is an InsiHnninoiiQS relief, and will cnre'ctttarrh, cold In the head, head- r, si-re throal ann broneh'Us. SoM by John* n Kwsllng find Ben Fkher. druiK sis, witna Kuarame* to cure or rdund inn mot.ey. hy a O.vcJono. 01 approbation to thp'-plnnasle of popularity Hostettei'n Stomach Bltlers has acqulrrd a cora- iDHiidlng position, which bin occasionally made tt a Malt and shining mark for koaTes, who seek to to it upon tb« community itpurlous compounds In the eulne akin to tint »t Ihe arllilc. These are mostly local bitters or rentes of great Imparity, and, of course, devoid ol, medical efflacy. Beware of them and get the genuine Blttere.a real remedy for malaria, 1 rheumatism, malaria, rheumatism, kidney trouble, dyspepsia, nervousness constipation and blllousn PS. Physicians of eminence everywhere commend the ere.it Invlc- onmt, both for Its rsine lal prop-rtles and its pqrlty. A wineglass Ihrlcs a day will soon bring vigor nnd regularity to a disordered and onto-bled system. .ffovox on the Klch. XEIV. YORK, March 25.—The Salvation Army beg-an its attack on the fashionable world Sunday. It has been working 1 iii the lower quarters of the city for many years, but after a careful survey of the Held Commander l>;Ulin<rton IJooth reached the conclusion that those living above Fourteenth street were as much in need of salvation as those living- below it. May llnvo a Llcouxe. . 111., March 25.—The petition for mandamus of C. 11. Payson vs. the auditor of state, wherein an attempt was made to pi-event that official from issuing- license to the Uome Life Insurance company, of New York, to do business in Illinois, was decided adversely for the petitioner by Judge Croig-hton in the circuit court hero Mondav. liestrucUoii of a Town Thrc«t*ii«U. FoitT WAY.VB, Ind., March 25.—A telephone message at 1:15 p. m. reports that the town of Edg-erton, 0., is burning. The fire department of this city lias been called on to respond and is a waiting 1 the orders from the mayor. Edjjerton is about SO miles east ou the Niukel Plate railway, .Scxi Counterfeit Hve-Dollur lllll. WASHINGTON, March 25.—The secret service has discovered a new counterfeit five-dollar silver certificate of the series of 1891, Grant head, W. S. Rosecrans, register, E. H. decker, treasurer. The note is printed from a wood cut and the workmanship is very crude. Several words are spelled wrong 1 . Report of *lnklnir of \V*.i>lil]> Cnfounded. MA.DKID, March 25,—The government is officially informed that all reports that the warship Reina Regente has been submerg-ed in the straits are wholly without foundation, and also that neither wreckage nor bodies from the ship have been washed ashore. Wonderful! Amazing! Behold! PI Captured the old Town by Storm Fourth street ablaze and rot ring with excitement! The whole aity electrified and competition paralyzed! The great sale will be continued to the Intense pleasure of the people and the utter discomfort and [dismay of the would-be competitors. Just think! Our promises are mighty, our prices marvelous. GOM& f\ND SE»E>. Remember! This groat opportunity will not last for«ver, so take advantage of snuH' and purchase what you need •while the stock la>t, ns thf se prices are lower than your Merchant can can buy them from Eastern Manufactures. Remember NOTHING HELD. NOTHIN9 RESERVED. POR Cash Only. It must be very trying for our DEAR competitors to "love their neighbor as themselves," for we have cut out such a lively pace for them, that, copy our methods as much as lies in their power, they cannot touch our qualities and low prices. Boastful? Maybe; but the proofs are at your command if you will come to The New York Bankrupt Go's. Store, Everything which we advertise we have in ample plentitude, for we believe that "Truth Is Mightier Than Fiction." Don't Be Misled by Merchants advertising the b*st suit in the house for $0.50. The New York Baukrupt Company sells the same suit for |5. W», utivertisp nothing fictitious and :mve no tbird floor to move the bet- er grades too. We keep all our's together so come and pellet your choice at the :ellin?r prices we quote. Our •W'>uld- competitors quake and pqueal. e shoe pinched and we will r.oa- ,inue to sell our clothing at these baling Low Prices to their utter iiscouifort. Behold these prices only good for Ten Days. MEN'S SUITS Worth |20 at., $7.OS Worth .Sat 5.24 W .rth 15 »t S.9S Wonh 10 at 2.79 Worth s at • 1-OS OVERCOATS Worth $20 at $7 2S Worth 15 at 5.24 Worth 33 at 3 98 Worth 10 at 2.79 Worth S at..... l.OS BEHOLD THESE TELLING PRICES: BOYS' SUITS Worth $15 at §6.98 Worth 13 at fi.24 10 at , 4 !IS Sat 3-. 3.79 5 at 2.48 4 at 1-48 Sat 71 Worth Worth Worth Worth Worth OVERCOATS Worth $15 at $6.03 Worth 33 at. 524 Worth 10 at 4.98 Worth 5 at '.. , 248 Worth 4 at v8 MEN'S PANTS 100 doz Teans pants, worth 11.25^ pair at $ .59 100 pair pants, worth $5 a puir at 2.24 8-50 pnir pauts, worth *3, '3.50 and §4 a pdirat.... 1,37 SOU pair pants, worth $5, §G, $7 aud $9 a pair at... 3,73 FURNISHINGS 300 shirts and drawers, worth 75c and $1 at 29s 150 doz working shir's, worth ."Ocat ]9c 100 doz stiff hats worth $1 50, §2 and $2.50 at 48c 150 soft hats, worth $1.50. $2 and $3.50 at 73c SEE---Two Great stocks in one room. The New York Sheriff Sale and Jos. G. Crase Boston Fire Sale. ERALD the Glad Tidings Among Your Neighbors and Investigate These Low Prices. The New York BankruDt Company, 324 Fourth St., Logansport, Ind., Room Formerly Occupied by H. Wiler & Co.

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