The Oneonta Star from Oneonta, New York on December 10, 1954 · Page 1
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The Oneonta Star from Oneonta, New York · Page 1

Oneonta, New York
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Friday, December 10, 1954
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Telephone Union, Company A gr ee On New Snow flurries and a few snow squalls today, highest temperature 28 to 34. Special Council Session Special executive .session nf the Common Council lias been called to study pay raises and equalization. (Story on Page 5.) VOL. L X I V . NO. 289 Ulsego and Delaware's Great Newspaper Oucunln, N. Y., Friday, December 10, I9ii4 Member of (he Associated Press Phone ·Jb'OO 1'ricc Five Cents Adenauer Hold On West Germany Shaken Thousands Trapped In Irish Floods Europe Hit By Freezing Winds, Rains DUBLIN, Ireland, Dec. 9 UT-Flood waters surged through almost all the low-lying northern area .of Dublin today, trapping thousands 'of Irishmen in their homes. It was the worst flood in the memory of this Irish capital of. more than i half-million population. ·SHIPPING H A R D HIT Freezing winds and torrential rains whipped much of Europe. Ice, sleet and snow added to the misery. Shipping was hard lilt with 1 French fishermen feared lost, in seven trawlers which vanished clone the French coast during iicrcc gales. About 300 seamen 'were known dead or presumed lost in two weeks ol almost continuous 'heavy weather. In Dublin the Irish army joined with police and fire services in the rescue of thousands of persons marooned in flooded homes. Waters poured out by raging rivers hit tlic northern part of the city bordering Dublin Bay--an in- · let of the Irish Sea. . Flood victims by the hundreds leceivcd quick hospital treatment for shock, exposure and exhaustioi after 32 hours and more of battling jhe surging waters. ' At least 30 were injured. Some had fractures dealt out by floating furniture.! ItVQlisf EVEK! . Lord Mayor 'Alfred Byrne called the floods "the worst 1 have evei known." He declared a scries emergency zones in the flood areas and ordered every aid for slricken families. Anxiety grew for hundreds ma rooned in small farmsteads along side upper reaches of the. Sbannoi Hiver in central Ireland. ' Already the. Shannon had spillei over more than 30 square mile and was rising hourly. But las night's gales so disrupted tclcphon communications across the countr no clear picture ol the Shanno: floods could be formed here. The swollen Tolda River, NOL mally a silvery stream, smashe a railroad bridge within a. fe - Kindred yards ol Dublin's Afnicn St. terminus and cut all rail com miinication with Belfast and Hi north. Oneonta Nativity Scene Symbol Of Cl Phone Union, Company OK New Contract A L B A N Y (Special) -- The New York Telephone Co. und the Empire Slate Telephone Workers' Organization ESTWO), an Independent union, yesterday announced a oinl agreement for a new vage contracl adding $1,100,000 lo Ihc paychecks ot omc 5,000 planl department Yorkers upstate. About CO plant employes in he Oneonta area will benefit, Edward Brefka, Blnghamton, 3STWO president, lold Th: Star! Included arc linemen, dcsk- ;nen, inside men, switchmen, repealermen, installer-repairmen, section linemen, combination men and cable splicers, bo said. WEEKLY PAY HIKES Substantial improvements In the new contract call for weekly wage increases of ed camera fan (left) photographs Onconta's new Nativity Scene, completed yeslor: postoffice lawn. Drawn and built'by Oneonta High School students, the creche ponsored by the Merchants Division'of the Chamber of Commerce, lo "put the An interesfec day on the has been sponsored by -- --. -spirit of Christ back in Christmas." Nightly musical programs arc planned at the creche. (Star Staff Photo). Reds May Ignore tWY On Fliers UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. Dec. 0 (.«--Russia's Jacob A. Malik today denounced as "shameful and jerry-built" an American demand for the release of U American aviators held in .Red China as spies and indicated the Communists wolild ignore any U.N. action. Anthony Nulling. British minister of slate, and Henri Ilbppcnot, rrance, partners with the United Stales in the Western Big Three, assailed Malik for his opposition to a resolution put. before the U.N. of His Plenty O! Time To Read The Mail BAYONNE, Trance, Dec. n (n')--A court .sentenced Paul Fayct, 52, a postman, lo eight months In prison today a f t e r finding; (hat: For 10 years lir had t a k e n f i v e letters a day from tils buir nf mall. He picked (hem al random. The ones he (mind Inlcrcnlln? he kepi. The others he tore un In l i t t l e pieces. Motive? Not blackmail, not money, said the Judcc. .fust plain curiosity. Bavarian Bloc Threatens Upset Of Paris Pact M U N I C H , Germany, Dec. 9 '(.1'J--Chancellor Konrad Adenauer's firm hold cm the Bonn Parliament's upper house was shaken today in one of the biggest domestic snlbacks he lins suffered this year. So- Two Indicted or Murder In Phenix City Balcli Lists Pledges Of Democrats FRANKFORT, Dec. !) Hv-Richurd II. Bnlch, Democratic stale chairman, said tonight parly Sheppard On AVitiiess Stand; Mentions Illicit Love Affair By A r t h u r KvcreU CLEVELAND, Dec. !1 IP--Dr. Siimucl Sheppard look Ihe witness slautl today in delensc of his life. JIo swore in a solemnly boyish voicu tliat he and his slain wife had no serious disagreement, did not discuss divorce. The 30-year-old osteopath is a c - ' : cused of murdering pregnant, Si-; T» T year-old Marilyn Sheppard,. his / \ OVC mfc, in her lied last July 4 a f t e r ! an illicit love affair with prctly / l / f - f / L ' ' Susan Hayes. NOT PKKSSE1I Milk Price ! h c , U n, y Set Ai $4.63 ' Great waves pushing over a sea wall swept away part ot the line linking Dublin and Rosslarc. Just before noon the state radio broadcast a government appeal to boat clubs to help in rescue work. Rowboats worked through flooded streets, ferrying victims to ambulance points. ROADS (;IX)SEI) 111 England, lashing rain brought floods to areas still counting damage from yesterday's vicious gales. Landslides closed more than 20 main highways. I Assembly by the United States and Korean War allies for the release of the prisoners. Tlic Assembly 'adjourned an extraordinary night session at 11:06 p.m. EST until 10:30 a.m. EST tomorrow with' 10 more speakers to be beard. The U.N. officials ibid they hoped for a final vote by early tomorrow afternoon. WANTS 4]UICK ACI'IOX Dr. Sheppard t o u c h e d only lightly on the affair with tlic 21- year-old Miss Hayes. He was nol pressed for details. But he did suyJN c w York area announced today Marilyn had no more (ban an! t | m t ,| a j|-y farmers who made dc- rcademic interest in gifts he gave I liveries to approved plants in No- [vcmber would be paid a uniform price of 51C3 per hundredweight from 52 to $4, with additional increases of ?2 to $3.50 weekly for employes In nine locations (not including Oneonta), plus other increases in lop rales for certain jobs. The agreement, effective December 6, runs through June !0, 1050, Mr. Brefka said, subject ' lo ratification ot union members by January .1. Onconla employes, he said, would benefit under the Class C classification, calling for wage increases of $2 to $3 a week, plus another $1 a week for top- rated men and an additional $1 lur linemen. Oneonta clerical help, lie said would work T,'z hours, a day under llic new agreement instead of the present eight. The progressive scale for top rale, he added, was reduced from fili years to six. DIAL WOIIK UI'CinAUKI) Also, employes on community dial office work will be "up| traded" and extra $2 weekly in ' a d d i t i o n to the above wage scale, he said. Oneonta is n branch of Ihc Binghamton local. The ESTWO was more milled limn it had lcen for many years and pledged the now state administration wuuh: "carryout all our promises." Baleh, in a speech prepared foi delivery at a "victory dinner" s.ponsorcd by llic Hcrkimcr- County Democratic Committee, outlined Thu aiilii-ciirmiimcnt and three Right parties iinnoimccd a iledsiou to form the un- prcccdenLcd stnle conlilion whcih would end Adenauer's eight-year control of the Bavarian aUiLc government. SlIKI'KISr; MOVK The surprise move seemed virtually certain lo deprive Adenauer o' his Iwo-lhlrds majorlly In Ibc Bonn Bunrtosrat (upper house), since the now stale government ill appoint its six representatives n the federal body. It Adenauer loses his Iwo-thirds iiHJorily In Hie Bundesrat it would xise a serious Ihrcal lo Implc- nontallon ot the Paris treaties on Gcrmnn rearmament.' Leaders ot the Christian- Socln Union, which is Ihc Bavarian ully ot Adcnmicr's Christian Demo ciiitic parly, snld Ihere slill wa: ·A possibility, however, dial tlv new coalilion would fall uparl li trying lo agree on iippdrlionmcn llic promises lie llic |mrly would carry uul "for the benefit of farm and city dweller alike." SKKK COOPERATION He said Democrats would "seek Susan. In a level voice, intently and gravely, Dr. Sheppard denied he ever abused his 7-year-old son. hip, in a fit of anger--an allcga-; f o r October and 51.91 for Novem- tion Hie .slate raised in trying loll,,,,. ]!),-,:;. show he had a temper that could j rj',-. j rj. jj| a nlord, llirr iidmims- ilarc inlo murderous rage, itrnlor, set Ihe buUe;-fal differon- Ar.d he Ifslilied he did nol I lial for November al 5/1 cents for NLW YORK, Dec. SI M - Thc, ] . { , ccbivc(| N L n B ' certification milk market administrator for Ihc af(ci . a September r u n - o f f election beat a rival union (Comm u n i c a t i o n Workers of America, CIO). The previous employe contracl wilh still another u n i o n expired last May 22. ESWO was formed nflcr the old union voted to join the CWA-CIO. quarts) The price romriarcs $4.47 the cooperation of the Republican-controlled Legislature" and expressed ' confidence Republican leaders would "adopt Ihc' same cnlltihlcned course." . I5y lopics, Balcli recalled these promises: Milli -- "A MI-OHK fight against excessive profits lor milk processors and distributors. . .Steps lc cut the milk price spread." Migrant workers -- "A code o minimum standards (to cover). . their health and welfare." Education--"Face- Ihe challenge ol making the State University a living, genuine university and not jusl a paper framework," Stale aid -- "An immediate review of our syslem ot slate aid. . . An end to the use of stale aid as a political weapon for discrimination between one community and another." SAI'I-: H H J H W A V S .. Highways -- "Roads safe for Motorists and readily accessible lo iill parts of tlic state. . .Honest, economic o|craltun of (the thruway). . .Complete it as rapidly as ixissihlc." liingo -- "Constitutional referendum. . .(on bingo) when played for cliaritable purposes. . .Lifting of Ihc criminal penalties now in effect pending the referendum." Hiccups End, of scats in the stale Cabinet, thu opening Ihe way lo now ncgotia lions with tlm Adenauer party. Observers pointed oul, loo, tha unlike those from llic oilier Gel man slates Bavaria's senalors In the Duudcsrat are not toinul by inslntctlons so that some of them might still vote for rearmament. CATHOLIC BAVAKIA ,-, .:' Tills upset in strongly Catholic Bavaria, which 1ms been a heavy supporter of llic predominately Catholic Clirisliun Democrats, occurred as the noun government i;iid Allied diplomats were'becom- ing alarmed by a mounting hostility to rearmament In West Germany. Hatoyama Wins Office In Japan TOKYO, Friday, Occ, 10 an-Ichiro Hatoyama, a pro-U. S. con .srrvativp. yesterday was uamec Surplus Slorage PIIEM1X CITY, Ala., Dec. 0 Wl-Vo of liie reputed bosses oE 'henix Cily's fallen vice empire ,-erc indicted for murder loday in he killing of A. L. Patterson, Ihe man who had sworn lo drive the racketeers oul of Phcnlx Cily. Suspended Circuit Solicitor Arch Ferrcll and former Chief Deputy Sherilf Albert Fuller were arrested on first degree indictments returned by Ihc grand-Jury which undertook an unprecedented vic» cleanup licvc four months ago. THIItn JNHICTMKNT . A third indictment-was returned but llic inline of the defendant ai well ns (lie charge against him was withheld until he is lakcn inlo custody'. Fcrrell, 37-year-old former stale commander ot Ihc American Le- Blon; was arrcsled «t- his -home and booked at the Russell' Coimly all without Ixnid. He had been at he courthouse unlil a few minutes icfo'rc the gi'and jury made ils eport. Fuller, £1, also was at home vhen Sheriff Lamar Murphy and wo stale investigators notified lim of his arrest. Because of a severe back injury which has kept :im bedridden since .luly 4, the once-swaggering law enforcement veteran was put under house ar- and a guard assiEiicd to walcb. him. KIM.KH l.V AM.KV Patterson, a crippled, OD-ycar-o,.. former state senator, was shol lo prime minister hul his Socialis !:up;x)rlers forced from him R pledge of new elections which they o:pccl to win. Tim Socialists, who oppose U. S. bases in Japan, rearmament, and Japan's. pro-West foreign policy, obtained as a price ol their support n promise that he would dissolve Ihc Diet and call new elections by March m Socialists Ihcn joined Ifalo- yama's Democrats in Ihc lower house and gave him a 237 lo 391 victory over Takclora Ogala, president nl former Prime Minister .Vhigern Yoshida's Liberal (con- dc-alh in an alley outside his Phcnix City law office Ihe nighl ot June IS. SINGAPORE, Dec. D Icen inches of rain in 21 hours caused serious floods in south Ma- iaya and Singapore today. They swept movie slar Ava Gardner unespcelculy inlo a British base in rorthwcsl Malaya. Ava and 2G others were traveling lc Singapore in a Cathay Pacific Airline Skymaster as the rainstorm broke. It was forced lo land a I Butterwortb. Nutting said Ihat the sooner the 20 Survive Crash IIATBOIIO, Pa., Dec. 9 (IP)-A Navy Super Constellation, landing loday at the Johnsville Naval Air Station .after a radar test flight, struck a rough spot on a runway, overturned and caught fire. All 20 of the occupants scrambled to safety. Hoppcnol said the case is Ihc most flagrant cases of vio- ation of international law that ever occurred hut he said Ihc delc- ;ates should observe the example of President Eisenhower and exercise palicnce. Malik spoke for one hour and J5 minutes in giving Ihc Communist answer lo altacks on the Pei- ping regime by the United States and some ot its allies. Delegates ot Poland and Ihe Soviet Ukraine seconded Russia. Their reaction showed clearly that Pel ping will pay scant heed to. any U.N. action. Higher Benefits To Be Sought ALBANY, Dec. 9 (/T--Tho executive committee ot the of Labor to- to press the for compensation, disability and unemployment insurance benefits. In a lie-point program j t h c electric chair, claims a bushy- one ]iail . c( | su-anger bludgeoned Mari- State Federation day made plans 1955 Legislature in workmen's meeting here, proposed that for unemploy- adopted al a the committee the m a x i m u m ment and disability payments be raised to $40 a week and that the top limit for workmen's compensation be act at 545. ' lyn lo death, then Iwice knockci: him unconscious when he sought j to aid her. Two witnesses earlier in tin: day -- chance passersby during Ihe hturs of the murder--testified they saw a bushy-haired stranger Ilial morning near Ihc Sheppard home. SHARED BKUKOOSI : Miss Hayes testified a irvmoiilh · affair with Dr. Sheppard w a s ' climaxed in Los Angeles lasj March when they shared the same bedroom for a week. Marilyn was staying with friends at a ranch near Monterey, Cal., -TOO miles to the north. ! Dr. Sheppard testified he w e n t ! 1» California for graduate hospi-j lal work. "And it was on that (rip at that t lime that you met Miss Susan Hayes, as she testified?" Corrigan | asked. | "Yes, sir," Dr. Sheppard re-; plied. ! Miss Hayes testified he called; her for a date and that (hey were I intimate that same nighl. nrcccptibly. The 78-year-old iw;itiff under- UNTIL Slate GOP Conn-el NEW YOHK, Dec. ft (rtV- Louis J. Lclkowili today was named .counsel to the Republican State Committee. S-D day Safe Driving Day December 15 BE A SPORTSMANLIKE DRIVER Streets and highv/ays musl be ihored by everyone, ond everyone must obey Ihe rulei. But there it o great difference between the driver who obeys Ihe rules and nothing .more and Ihe driver who il a good sportsman. Be courteous and have regard for other road useri. Moke S-D Da/ Ihe safest day of th« year. |went » two-hour examinalion--his [second in a week of grave illness Dial brought fears lor his life--by three specialist and his personal physician, Dr. liiccardo Galcazzi- Lisi. "As foreseen, the stale ol health of the Holy Father has improved perceptibly and progressively in UK; lasl few days," Ihc doctors' bulletin said. "Disturbances liave disappeared, among them the hiccups, and il vas possible gradually lo resume direct feeding, which has permitted a satisfactory recovery of trcngth. "Restful sleep, in part, has returned. The conditions of the cardial-tircuiaiory and respiratory systems remain good, as well as the blood condition. The Agriculture Department rc- l»rlcd today lhal Ihc invcslnient totaled J6,6M,107.000 on Oct. SI. Additional commilmcnls since that day, officials said, have pushed the amounl close lo Ihe seven billion dollar level. - A year ago, the amount was J1,- 5M.897.000. 'flic department also reported hat it lost $189.921,142 in carrying cut price support programs uir- ng Ihe July-October period ol this Grennan Found Nol Guilly BALLSTON SPA, Dec. 0 i.n -Patrick Grennan, 62, ol Schcncc- dencc motion. The switch in prime ministers promised litllc immediate change in Japanese foreign policy. Fire DiiniiigCK Hold ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Dec. 0 (/P;--The York Hotel, a 60-room, wooden - frame blructure jn downtown Atlantic City, was heavily damaged in a general alarm fire early today. The four-story hotel was closed for the winter. r.s Tagg:il A IIraw Hall Expects Ike To Gain In Attack WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 WV-Chaii^ man Leonard W. Hall of Ihe Republican National Committee said confidently today that President Eisenhower will benefit from the nllack made on him by Sen. McCarthy (R-\Vis). liall was replying to : question ·hich lind been asked Eisenhower at his Wednesday news conference. 'Sonic Republican members of Congress had already publicly Elated their views. It is noteworthy Ihat they ,'ilmosl uniformly anil unhesitatingly went to the support o: President Eisenhower, even though they took differing positions, on Ihe McCarthy issue in (he recent Senate proceedings. ·I am . '. . certain that the overwhelming majority of Ihe American people, both Republicans and Democrats alike, will continue to give the President and the Republican program their support, and in even greater measure than before." Sinatra., Press Agent Trade Blows, Few Of Wldch Connect tod^y oTexlor -suited ' HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 9 W-- Krank Sinatra and publicity man Jim Byron swapped wild punches early today in the latest Sunset Strip nighl club light. Observers called il a draw. The argument stemmed from a simple question, Byron said, and "" fair punches and lion charges in conneclion wilh the slate's investigation of gambling in Saratoga County. He Ihcn pleaded guilty to misdemeanor gambling charges and was fined 52,000. several roundhouse misses, as Judy Garland ard several others looked on. Sinatra landed once on Byron's cheek and the press agent countered wilh a right lo Sinalra's Thorn was no bloodshed and Ihe only injury, il appeared, was to pride. Sinatra could not be reached for comment. Sinatra, Miss Garland, Bob Neal and Cindy Hayes were together, Byron said, when he asked Neal Ihe name of his dale. The press agent Ihcn said Sinatra insulted him, Ihe argument moved oulside the club and onto the sidewalk, where Ihe shortlived fracas was broken up by discerning fighl fanciers. S lores Oppose Phone Increase ALBANY, Dec. 9 «l -- Nine New York City departmenl stores have asked that they be allowed to intervene on the side of the Stale Public Service Commission in its impending court battle with the New York Telephone Co. over a proposed J68,S50,000-a-year rate increase. The stores said that they paid telephone bills totaling aboul a million dollars a year and that the proposed rates would result in a "substantial" increase for them. Today's Chuckle irlrls aia attracted In the simpler things ol life: Meiv

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