The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APKir, 1, 19-17 . Wotcfc on 'Slickers' ft CH^TEA BETTER THAN PILLS FOR CONSiHPATION. - _, ,.}£it FBI Director J Fd- gar Hoover Intends/to Increase his I Miami stuff In th« belief thai u 'greater number of criminals will be coming to that area. Smothers said that Ihe end of .Ihe war and (he return to normal conditions mean that many more tourists will take advantage of Mi- anil's vucationlaiid attractions. Most of these tourists will be legitimate, he said, but some will bo "undesirable./' He urged'"the subcommittee to repeal a federal: statute which for- Ulris.-the...appointment of a federal MWge to'fill, the iwxt district court vacancy • In - the state. At ptcsem there are five u: S/ District Court judges. ' Federal District Court Judge A V. Long fias expressed a desire to retire, Smothers: said. At the request ol Louis W. Strum, senior u. S. District Court judge for the area, he has consented to rcmair in office until It Is possible lo K cY legislative permission to /ill (he vacancy, he added. To reduce the number of district court judges to four would create an "intolerable situation ' In the judicial 'case load, Smathern .GameftiV Eye-full "3" M liLYTIIEVILm (AUK.) COURIER NK\VS - •* Famous Breakfast Cereal Most Helpful o f All . Have you gi v<!n up j, 01 , c O j bo _ »",' rcKiilar" again? Then read this .sincere, unsolicited letter- thi m,,?, fS ' !»"(> in "rso imil I know 1 »\ . , 3 ro ,, R , t .' <""'"« KELLOKO'S All ' inn I can mrnlinii „„ ' ''""„.' 1ST ," KJ ' e; ' 1 •»"" l» our mo.i- u 11 v Kilhcrinc E. Walsh, Toivn "nil. No\vinstcn. Conn. Vcs, eatinp ALL-URAN re K u- frmn ° ft< -'!?- bl ' i -" )ib lastill « rc! ' cf liom constipation due to belt of b» km the diet. For best result", cat jt f,,,- breakfast evcrv dav— • i"riT«'^ Plc " ty cf waicl> - TO' IvM'UK «'S ALL-ltKAN for 10 <l.«}s! If by thai time- you are not enm,,hM H satisfic,,), scn( ) },„ empty carton to the Ruling Com- 1'any Baltic Creek, Michigan, and Set double your moucy buck! \J l . JtL '^ R , AX is not a native but a wholesome food made from l ^ V v l , (> ; lte . r i!1 V°« of -whole Mlicat Kut daily «( liei- ur a cerenl Let Us Helji You— STO!' DRINKING There Is no medical remedy lor drink . . . but we ean help you resist Its influence! No cost to you —only'' co-operadton.' '' ' • JUST CONTACT 'Alcoholics Anonymous Box 873-Blythevillf, Ark.! OGDEN SOYBEANS Recleaned and Sacked A. L. WHISTLE Hoseland, Ark. i An eye-full, of . «?anll[;-i femininity Is Miss Biironri lilnlne, is. Dallas, Tcx:u>, who ; elected from a grou)) of la Texas beauties from Fort Worth and Dallas to represent the pallas-Furl AVoiih Press Photographors Association in June at Atlantic CiCy when she will compete wilU other Press Photoerapliers' candidates for the title of Miss Prtas .jPlwtograplier-^- 1947 In a contest sponEorcd' by ilio National Press PluiloRraphcr's Association. -Miss >. .Blaln.;, a iccont' graduate of a modeliii'j rchool, Is a brunette, brown-eyed, is 5-fec 7-inchcs tall, weiijhs 122 pou.._. nnd is a perfect 35. (NEA Photo. said. He cited the'prospects of an In creased number of criminals coin Ing to Miami as evidence of th need for more judges. The FBI Mi ami stuff was reduced during tli wur, he said, but Hoover told hln recently that it will hav 2 t. o near future. •'i ii:. IS Details of Reductions ^ Dcliula cf the recently announced International .';;| Harvester policy of making price reductions . J lo save users of our products approximately ;i 520,000,900 a year have now been worked out. We hnvo reduced prices on 163 models. TrH&ef cover 12 basic models of farm tractors, 123 basjc models of farm machines, 16 basic models of industrial tractors and engines, and 12 models of motor trucks, as well as certain motor truck attachments. The new lower prices are effective as of March 10, 1947. Those reductions were made not because of any decline in demand, but because we believa nothing is more important to this country than to lower the prices of the goods people' buy. While prices have not l>een changed on all - products; v.-c lulve made reductions wherever possible,.in the nmomils possible. Prices of many of our most popular products have been substantially lowered. ' ." •••• - ' '• ' . • Altogether, more than half of the company'*"'' customers will ha benefited by the reduction^, f , w.mch'xanga from 1 % to 23.8 % and from $2.50 ' jUlo $300 per item, based on list prices, F.CVB. ^Chicago. ' " . .Since the people have demanded that trie •government withdraw from price control in ; peacetime, the responsibility .to keep .prices in cheek 13 baric whcrp it should be_in the hands ._ of busirscss'and industry. The business outlook •" mnKcn it possible for us to move toward the j;o:i! of lower prices, and we have felt a duty to net as promptly as possible. . Our iibilityy,to maintain these lower prices v/il: depend on (he supply and price of materials we buy from others and on uninterrupted production at reasonable wage levels. The. prices listed here carry out our an- r.aancccl policy that "Any price is too high if il cm: l<c reduced." 25i-More Types of Products fr^to^ioT' 0 -') 013 rc ' iucc<1 from ?9-00 to $20.00, Cu.tvatOTS—10 basic raotlpls reduced $5.1 FARM TRACTORS 12 Models 'Reduced $10 to $134 (up to 10.6%) MOTOR TRUCKS 12 Models Reduced $50 to $300 (1.9?^ to 3.6?<5) FARM MACHINES 123 Models Reduced $2.50 to $122.50 (1.9% to 23.8%) INDUSTRIAL TRACTORS (Crawler)-'I Models . Reduced $35 to $50 (1.0% to l.G?o) . 3 i™) odcls reduced 522 - 75 in cnch Enslljf* Hinftttsr— 1 model reduced $33.75 (3.9%). Hammer Wllt_2 models reduced $5.00 in coch'caso \ A - y % and o%). Unw Spr««il«— 1 basic model reduced .$2.50 (-1.9%). Pawtrloidw — 1 model reduced $25.50 (8.9%). Miimt Spnwfcr — i model reduced $10.00 (3.5%). «•»« '\Mn-2 models reduced $12.00 and $17 00 tn.4% and 18.4%). Mhw Vwniffl Pumpj-2 models reduced ?17.00 in each case (U.5% ami 19.6%). rcduccd Tfjctor Tr*1«r_l basic model rctiticed .$12.75 (5.5%). to'Ys'-n*" 5 m ° dD ' S rcducod 58-00 to $18.00 (1.0% CCK " F 'f, ! "--, ! i >;1 . s ' u ™<»1«1« reduced $5.00 in each I ciPC V 1 -* /'i lt> 'J.o', ,, ). ^D'-^-n models reduced $H.25 to $20.00 -- 5'1-OQ and $11.50 •v- nnd 5*M mu ' lc1s rc k-ecp Rcke-1 model reduce,! $5.00 (5 5%) rckup May Baler-1 mortel rod.iccd $75 00 H IV ) -i basic model reduced $122.50 t; n7%)! s rcduceci " 7 itcma rcd "« d a change » S l^=i Xny price*ugh\Ut can reduced >*>* HARVESTER M/ssour/on flops Truman, UMW Boss Governor^igns '''ftM?- 1 ^ Measure Aiding Missco Officers MEM'PHIS. Teiin., lAprli ]. <ui') —Former nrp. Kctjer c. Sliuwh- tcr of Missouri inniiititincd lod;i)( Hint a woik stoppage In llis ;-o;il fields by any other mime « still u strike. \ eiauBhter accused United Mine Workers Leader John L. Lewis of using a -week's mourning holiday for the Ccntnilia, m., miners »s nn ex'diisc "to carry out ix strike muler nnoihcr name." . . ' . SI SUB liter, -who was •purccd iii 1915 'by president Truman, s:\id it Is up to the I'l'i'sldent'iinii. Altof- ney ;Geiieinl 'i-om Clark to enforce n recenl Supremo Cunrt dreislou uatrliig a mine strike lliat was to have .started today? "We'll find out' il (he arlmlnls- trallon really means business minimi L?wls." ShniKhler said in' remurks atldod lo n prepared rpecch tor the Hlli ainiii:il Sontli- crn States Industrial Council mcetiiiR yesterday. Flonllng Islands of f-rusi lire a common Mghi, In Iho Amazon itl'v- ' UTn,K HOCK, April 1. (Ul'l- nie seerelnry of sliile's ofllc'- yes» tenlny received u bill slnniM by C'UV. lien Uinuy Increnslni; s;i)n- Coujily '1'lie . • Cli-i-iilt i . 'lc $.|.aot; two . c-Duy clreull clerks $'1,000; two rc«).-di,u' deputies SH.OUQ; county ,,,,(1 prulwu' '.'' $3>(|00: <lclnils ' r '"" nt y » ! ><''k tmlliiK depulius ? IjJ Courier News Winil Acb. Davis Brothers Service Station & Garage HiANKl.lX l(()l!ltl\S, Ml'<llnnlc on Products .;, : i'lHiH)ilii, Arksinsiis Aufn l'arl.s'& Lawnmowers ... - . j i ' . ; Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L. Wicker Machine Shop _PAGIB;,.F^ ttjfie tourii • • *>i*^t?'- ® e *f iWb/diOV',?l* I^it^fJl^f*•'$Ws*nitt(fie tourS .•'v'O:'-'!';jj;., ' ; .;,V..' •)<;•: ' J'l »W1P ul >lwM»^ PlesldentUt' asplron! IX3NDON,"*Ai:i'li jl. (Ul')—Oji'nl'j "*£'filsijt,-(he Moscow' r«llo sat Foreign Minister vy. fo. Molotov i|t' *?*%.'W ' , - ' ' " — , ' f -^-^—~-^ "' HARD-TO-GET. MERCHANDISE:/,* > JUST RECEIVED Wl Si/os for All Ours and Trucks PRICED TO^SfeLL l Get n New Battery .How, Free Insinuation —"My "or Night L6Y EIC H CHEVROLET CO. ' • ii *, Your car requires- 1 seasonal condition it for temperature extremes, Magnolia SUMMER-PROOF SERVICE is just what your car needs . . ; no more ... no less ... to put it in lip-top shape for good going through the simmer of summer. NEW MOBILOSL FOR NEW MOTOR POWER Mobiloil, with its constant cleansing action helps keep sludge and grime from cakiiu; in your motor. Now's 'the' time lo clian/je to fresh, summer r weight Mpbiloi! for added surge and power from your Mobilgns. MOBILUBRICATfiON SMOOTHES THE WAY Make it easy on yourself and your car put Jhc glide back in your ride .. . with Mobilu- bncation. Your car will show.its appreciation. MOBIl GEAR-OIL SERVSCE DON'T BOIL OVER! MOBIL RADIATOR SERVICE 11 isn't enough to just drain out anti-frcczc. Your radiator should be flushed with Mobil Radiator Flush and rust-proofed with Mobil Hydrotonc. Then, just to: be safe against overheating anc i bearing burn-outs, we'll carefully check the.'fan belt, hose connections, and the condition of the thermostat. : ' Hot weather, high speeds, extreme pressures are tough on gears. Mobil Gear Oils provide the safe, sure protection they need for good going. MOBIL T|RE SERVICE A complete Ifre check-up. Keed new ones? Gel Mobi! lircs. We ' do our besl lo moke the owners glad Ihey have Ihem. Nalurally, we give Mobil Tires cxlfa care so Ihe/ AIR-CLEANER SERVICE Carburetor air cleaners need servicing at least every 1,0 0 0 miles for greater gas economy and a safer motor. REME,1f\f OIL FILTER It helps Mobiloil keep the cugine clean ... maybe a new ele.ment is needed. We'll chock it. I OTHER SERVICES IF YOU NEED THEM! Mobil Hydraulic Brake Service ... Mobil Shock Absorber Service ... Mobil Wheel Pack Service ... A MpbiLU^rlubeJonic Treat- ment... Spark Plugs cleaned and "spaced or, renewed ... Mobil Battery Check ... and for car appearance, a bright and shiny Mobil Polish and Wax job. Mobiigas AT THE SIGN OF THE FLYING RED H E i'

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