The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1947
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 1947 ' Chinese Troops Slay Formosans Ruthless Tactics Used in Quelling Riots In Island Area SHANGHAI, April 1. (UP) -Chi- Dese government, trooiu killed 5,003 residents at Formosa In a shooting DMd bayoneting rampage while putting down nn uprising against sw- ernment economic policies, John W tfowell, publisher of the' Ciiliui Weekly Review, reported today. Powell wrote upon Ills retiiiri from the Island that the Forinos- ans had been subjected to a "blood bath probably tmequaled In China in the history of the Kuomintring." His report quoted descriptions by 10 foreigners who were In Tnlpeh and .other Forraosaji cities • during the . worst phases' of the upi-i'sii'i;.' They told of soldiers bayoneting looting and machine gunning crowds wholesale from moving army trucks. Powell, visited Formosa after; the rebellion had passed .its peak He accused Gov. Chen Yi of "coupling trickery with a -reign of terror." "While, it. is .impossible to ascertain just how many Taiwanese (Por- inosans* were killed by tlie Chen \[ administrations,' conservative estimates place the figure at 5,000 with thousands more imprisoned, many of whom, reportedly are being executed from time to time " Vo-vcll wrote. Chiang "Slops' In" A dispatch frojn : Nanking said a special commissioner appointed by Generalissimo Chaiang Kai-shek had ordered relaxation of harsh measures tnken by the Chinese administration of Formosa. One new' order stated, that no more arrests are to be made except in accordance with law. Formosa, long occupied by Japan was returned to China after the war. . . . Powell said the worst-atrocities Occurred March 8 through March 13, after the Formosan disturbances were under control. He de- scnbecMhe atrocities as "uninmag- Hc said (hat, according to rolin- bte observers. Chen Yi had stalled off the Formosans with promise's while he called for government troops. Tim governor was said to have promised punishment for Chinese police who killed two Formos- ans m a drive to enforce govern-' ment tobacco and.other monopoly regulations. Powe.ll reported that government' reinforcements began arriving March 8. By that- time, he said the rebellion had become political in nature. He said Chinese -govern, ment. troops landed 23 miles froni Taipeh and soon had the eitv under control. At 10:30 p.m., he reported, the Chinese troops began shootin* up the city. • ' ' " He saici truckloads of soldier^ armed with automatic rifles sped through the, streets, firing at'Pe- destrians and shops along the way, UMW^Proposes Surfs Against Government WASHINGTON, lAorll 1 (UP)— The United Mine Workers -(AFL) soon may 'file claims against the government for the 11! deaths in the Centralja.. II);, m i ne disaster and other soft coal mine fatalities since federal seizure, it was disclosed today. 'A TJMW official sairi the union's legal staff is "carefully looking into the facts and laws involved" be•fore deciding whether it "has a case." •In any event, he said, the UMW will not act until Secretary of Interior J. ^A. Krug makes his official report to a Senate subcom- .mittee now investigating the Cen- .tr.iJia. disaster. The TJMW's 'case would be based jmainly on the recent Supreme .Court decision •which, the official said, "held that soft coal miners are government employes." , That was Uje decision in which .the court upheld the contempt con- iViction of the'. .UMW for striking £fjte last year.i.-ih defiance of a lOiirt order. The -court majority )ielcl that the iNorfis-LaGuardia anti-injunction act : did not'-apply ,to the government when it had employer status. Convict Composer CCC Urges Farmers to Sell '46 Cotton (he _BL\THEV1LLE."(ARK.) COURIER 'NKWS ^* McLaughlih Asks Court to Dismiss All Indictments PAGBf LITTLE HOCK. Ark., Apji» 1. (UP)—Aj'kansns cotton producers were tuionned this week that [>11 1940 crop loan cotton still under loan on Aug. i, itm, w lll be pooled for producers accounts by the Commodity credit The information was received by J. L. Wright, state director of the Piodiiotlon nncl Marketing AVinitn- isUfilion. Wright, urged cotlon producers having cotton In the loan to give serloiis ronslilercitton to marketing their share before It Is placed In (he pools. Producers, may either redeem their cotton aim sell it in the open Frank Gran.staff \a iiie couvict- cojniwscr of the ccv.itata "lite Spring" which was given its pie- rillo'rc at BiB Spring Texas, by -u chorus of 34 railroad men. Cu::- viclctl of larcny in Memphis in 1840, Granstaff was ui.ablc lo at- tenc, the presentation 'of his musical composllbn, <vl>icli he coniix)se'd by tapping the notes oi.l. with a pencil Kguliv.c the walls of his .cell. NBA Tel'.'phtito.). ises described i.-s NVj of lot 11, Block "IV' Pride Addition to the City of HlylluH'ille, Arkansas. Application Is for permit tp be Issued for operation' beginning on the iht clay of July, 1947, and 'to expire on the 30 day of June, 1048. Walter C, Stevens. , HOT SPRINGS; Ark., April 1. •(UP)— Hut Springs Mayor; lao Me- Laughliii and several others' Indicted by n special Garland Coujily grand Jiiry iisked Moudiiy that the indictments be set icicle. They charged In 10-pnge briefs that the grand jury hud been summoned Illegally and. lhat Us membership had been selected arbitrarily from Mclaughlin's enemies. Attorneys Henry oonhniu of Little Rock add C. Flc^y Huff Jr., of Hot Springs presented the motion for McLauBhUn, City Attorney Jay Rowland. Mrs. Hnzi'l Marsh, secretary t oth e mayor; Qeorge Me- larket or s*H their "equities." At present prices, Wright said, Sinn' NOi;iCE OF KIJLING. Of Al.'1'l.I- CATION FOR UQUdlfPI'iKMIT' Notice is hereby yiven '.hat thi- unflersigncd has filed with the.Com- missioner of Revenues of the Stiitc of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the prom- ATHLETES FOOT GERM HOW TO KILL IT. IN ONE HOUR, IP NOT PLEASED, 'your Me 'bjick. Ask any druggist for- this STRONG fungicide, TE-OL. Made with 93 iicr-ccht alcohol, it PBNE- TiRATES. Reaches and kills MORE germs faster. Today at, Kirby Bros. Driig Co. IF STOMACH BALKS DOE TO GAS AND BLOAT Help Get Food Digested to Relieve Yourself of This Nervous Distress -; Do you feel all pufTcd-up and mlaerftbla after every meal, taste sour, bitter food? If so, here Is how you may (tot blessed relief In helping your stomach do the Job—It should be doing—la the dtgea-. tlon of Its food. Everytlme food enters the stomach o vital gastric Juice must flow normally to breaX-up certain food particles; else the food may ferment. 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Get a bott \toi SSS Tonic from your drug store todnv ESS TODlc h«lpj Bull* Stuidy H ' Bunny, \ . - • • qou're a honey- .'..when you bring a Hallmark Eoifer Card I Nat only became of Its charming frailer menage, ifc gay original d*iign...but becaui* th» word Hallmark on hS» btxk of your card lolk "that special someone" «ou cared «nougb- fo chooia the very best. $«e our complete selection of fin«, dittinctivo Hallmark Eaitsr Card*, DREIFUS Jl WEST MAIX l i . srous m M.v Available at DREIFUS For the Discriminating Bride , ers. should be , dispose of . their, loan cotton, at prices (hat, will net them substantial profits above the loan and charges. imiyov's brother; i Wallers. B ciiy I'nipioyu; and id S|ienr. siuittiu;. motions wcfco srescnlcd for •ajnuie! Klrsoh nikl. Mack Wilson by Hot Sml'.iK.s »!•• 'ornoys jnini's R. (Jinn|)bcl| niul | 3urlis Uldgwny. j Circuit Judge cb'do H. Brown ae- •cptfd the mc»lon niul o;dcre<| II •Inced on the cnlpnclnr.' lliown !>rovlously hud dlsiiunllfldd hlmscif tinct listed thtU unotlier JuOge bn mimed by-.llic bur asso«lnlloii to hear the cases, !••• . , McLuiiRhlmvijiol'lpn lis k c a that n lu-iirlim jiA sot'U soinu lutur'o time ami Irratihe-be.i'glvcu' oplxn'luntly to prove his clwrgittilluil lie was ileprlvoilior Uuo process at liiw ami thnl his rlKhls under ih« Arkirr,- sas constitution hud k-jcn violated. i Sulpliur-boUom whales aitaln a weljtlil ol nuiiily 30U.OOO ponmls. ^ IS 10 win ins inaa-, iiic Kngusn A total solar ecyai«, ruff tlevelops 11 »]>ccl»l suit'or Iff- *»y ope place on nfth c thcr8,';whlcji> moult shortly ult*r- ,«n«%,ol t^*V<W c « ID e\ wnrd,;', 'i i ', -T I'^nd'ijiiH-iftlr'cte^ia^i': WOMIN 38-52 YEARS OLD-DO Y0l» SUFFER THESE FUNNYIEEUN8S? • ^ ' ' t- f. 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