The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1931
Page 8
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'Home-Made Rucers Vic-j With Suecial Machines' in Speed Classic. ! INDIANAPOLIS. — Participants' ill the 500-mllc sueert classic lo- ! morrow will take their las.t wisim-j Ing »;) l"l» tlil £ afi'.'iiiotm Ju^l be-* (ore sundown. The Kiuehinx nee. has 40 starlets, who huvc qualified.' Tlirllls aplenty are forecast when, the bit' race bei'lns. A driver ami )ils ii^c-hanlr were killed Ouviiw the jir.ii'licL' rnuncls c:irlii-r In the week. Leo Lintzonich jr. Joins Ranks of Par Golfers I.i'n l,iiH7P:iich jr.. Mjii of C. \j. l.lntwnld), la ihc ni.-wi'M mid yoiuwsl lllylhcviile. country i'lub iiolli'i 1 lo join tin- rank.-, til ii:ir shooters. Vi-,!i-:ih,y JUUIIM Llni/eiiicli. '.vim pb.yid li:s xult lint >MI. went nine |iolrs with Hyson Morse jr. lind tinned 111. Ijinli.-s i:n two liolos, |i:ir un five. mid am 1 orei par 0:1 u\o. I'm .1 tulfil of 37. "i: >i:-i pin iluil In ll«> |]H|«'i- <:n'i !uM.!!t the "jr." un (lie • •nd." said U'». \\iio doesn't auybaly tn think Ib'iv is Duller In the Mnr/cn- unils*. r.i/d was: :H5 -m 5M-. ' •'• f 'X 1 c'OtJKIRK' NtOWS THEY STAND Siilithi-ru l By SKA Srrvirc INDIANAPOLIS. 111(1.— Backyard j and crorsroails aiilamolivc (i^i- I necrs hav? swelled the miry hs'. I for the 500-mile Memorial Dav r:>"- j at the Indianapolis Motor Sp.'(•:!way lo Ihc bluest (o'.al In th- history of this classic. New spedllcnti'jns. imncnrutc 1 '! last vcar and made even more ''las- tic this year, have proved an Incentive lor ob-.cure motor bull:li'i« with hearts lull of Ideas but with weak bauk balances. i Now U Is possible for embryo race I stars to lake any slock car anrl far ] ] 1JI1(I(1] . S 'I here •; Brand! and Grove Star Roles. fJiini'. ii-'U' Gi-eiipnNl 1 ; of ihr ii^iinii ii) the National clr- vi.iirtii-.iy but M> :l:ri the u.'is. Ihi- Cards, and ii::; Icialll.s li'iniilllcd 111 Irani. Il) III:' I Anu-t ir;i!i ti;o'i the Athletics were Mill llylii 1 ,' hlali Thursday wllh u iltiiiiinili on j- Ihe Yanks. I Kd lirniKli. i.'.iir ixirtsldcr nf the ;»i;',(cm Iliavis i-herkvd In wllh Ills u'i^Iilh s:i:in:lii victory Thursday HI l New Vmk a-: I hi- llrave.s beat (In. i :i:mis. 'J t-i 'i. l-'ii/'.-hintiiHis wa^ •lhi' Ii.sin.; Lurli-i. Allen, Critz and • I.:iid'tio:i> nt ih'- CHanls hit hom- Orli'ans Mi'mplils Mltle nock .. Allsiila Nashville ... W. I,. <iO M 21 20 21 2! 20 20 Muliilc Ann-rlf:iii i- s. APT VV'Iiy .slinnlil crnm-blm; li f l in tin- iniltliic MUIU-C'.' I' I rates ni Jiintli to si'ore four amid- j i nn.s mid di-fi-:n the SI. Louis Car- |clui:ils at Si. l.mils. The score was A by a few himdrwl dollins make il contcnrter fnr money and lionotsj In the greatest r.ulo race in Auirr- | lea. j .Take Russell Snowberscr tor Instance. The Philadelphia cliaulffiir | who piloted niiesenbcrus mill M"' lers lor mnny a jvav. derldnl to bull-.l his own car last year. He cliose n well-known brand ol stock car. He built the chassis nii3 bnily. boniihl tires. \mA all his r\pens:s and reported at lilt 1 slnrting line the inarnln<! of the race, after diml- Ifying at the air.a/ini: s()eed of lofi miles 211 hour, v.-lih n total COM aecnun'. of 5MS5.00. Makes' CInod SboutllK . "Mcst of Ilic inuncv 1 s|>eiil was on the l)D.1v inul e^ns^ls." Snow- bcrger explains. "I have licrn work- liiB c-n fine raciut; motors lor mnnv years. So that the only cx])?nse oi the motor, after the original eosl. wns the knoKleiii^ and exijerlenc? 1 pill In It. Sine? I already Imd thnt knowledge and experience it really didu't cost .much." Enowbcnrer place:! his hamc- made ear in r-lcht'i place In Ilii' big race anil won S1COO in prize monny. Then )i« CDmi>etprl In eighi other races. second It i:: fuiuUiiieiitally tinpnrtaiii li.lwlih the b:,v.s cramiued and i lulls vc biiliimo In the putting .-core lii-d was the' iiiarBln Paul s'.am-e. ;::. well us Inr thu other Wimcr and fii-lbn-l also hit h-mi- ?.wmi;.s !H HNS Kan.e of Ko ]f. M- Osbcni wns the whinhii; and i.'jlmirv without tension is impos- U'.r-m tin- Icsin-. hurler sibli> lo oliiain tn :i crouched no;,l- The ciiiraun Cubs Vmilrt reach timi. ami tension, we all know. ,j, ; i m . s rm. HH i wirier, for only live Mll| i:,'. hit.-, and Ihe Cliir-lnnatl club won i 1 nn liarllfiilnrly a n, i .iMslon ov,-r the Bruins and •SherUI ISlab?. An error by Ilorusby let In ihe uimiliu; run. i Vur six liinhi|!s the Athletics Hinlled Ihc Yankees^ then'tied Inr |»:i:orc in !hc M>vpnili and won In the i-nin'.li a! I'hihvJplplilii. I,»fi.y Grove, who lellevi'd Walbeig and was credited with the victory, doubled tfi start the ninth and was pushed acivo;s wllh the winning run. linhe liuih and Jimmy I-'oxx crashed (heir cltihlh liiimers. The victory was numljer seven for ClrovL 1 . The (,'hli'agn White Box Llefented the Dili-nil Tiucrs in n Imrllii!; duel lit Chicago. Tc-l Lyons was t^e vic- lor over Surrell, 3 lo 2. The Hox bunrlie:! their inns in ihc third in- D&uy Pulls" IW A Rfl-ftV£D AfjO /VFARL l/'PRIfcMT ftSITICU, GIU1W6 HIM A FHtE, 6W!r\!O | The. Cleveland Indians marked up their fourth .straight win at the ex- psiifc of tl:c> St. Louis Browns. The scoie was 5 to 4 with Thomas. In- dlnn reeriiil. receiving c:udli fur ccmlorlable abaul a ciouchinu v>- • tt]f xvi " althoui;h ri-iuoved for n tlllon over the ball, rnuhermure.: l' lnc1 ' hitter In Hie sixth. Averlll of n crouch put.s your grip far down:'he Indlaus hoinercil. Wii.slilnjjton Mew York Cleveland . ChJcapo ... Detroit, .St. Louis . Hiulnn Nc-sv York . St. Louis .. HDstun Chicago .... Plltsburuh .. I'hllndolphla Hiooklyn ... Clniliinatl .. 20 10 10 iu W. 20 23 20 18 17 18 12 12 I'fl ,082 .812 .50.1 .BOO .48B .475 .4M .372 L. Pel. .07! .429 .353 .313 W. I,, ivt. 10 10 15 18 18 •20 2U PELS PUSSm Pelicans Move Into Second Place in Dixie Pebs Win. Loop; .855 .5 IS .531 GAMES TODAY • SmiOifrn League New Orleans at Memphis; Chattanooga lit Allnntn Nnsiivillc at Birmingham Mobile fit LIUlc Rock. The Illrmini-'iiajii Barons were blanked by trie Atlanta Crackers at < Atlanta l;isl night. 'Hie New Or-' loans Pelicans were back In .second place after trimming tbc Chicks. | Tlic Unions sot 10 I ills off Climax Dlelhen lint the Alalnin right' liamier kepi them well scattered! lor a 2 to 0 (rlinnph. The Crackers bunched ilic-lr blnglcs oil Walkup. The Pelicans defeated the Clilcks 5 to 2 at Memphis. The Birds bunched their lills off ILirmon anj Wcl/er while the Memphlans could not. ijct to Item at (lie right Umc. '1'lie Little Hock Travelers bent the Mobile Marines at Mitlo Hoi-k. The score was •! to 2. Slianer crash- I :i homer In the second inning for Utle liock. The Marines counted lelr two runs In the first Inning Hd Nugent pitched shutout, ball le' of the way. Tanscher held the Nashville Vols i six hits and the Chattanooga •ookmits won at Chattanooga. 4 to . -Dashiel hit, hard for Chatla- oo«a. Two of Nashville's runs were iiciimed. on the linndlo ut UK- club whore It Is ImuosslbU- lo SWII-.B It low and close lo the ground in u smooth, pciuiuhuu sciiig. The crunch with '• The WnshinglDii Senators Irounc- i:U the BiKinii lied Sox asuin ycs- lerday. T be'scorc mis -1 to 3 wilh Crowdcr Ihe wiiinini; pitcher, al rmlshiui! In sev?n of them I luw sriy 1.1. the club Is uui lo make ! though relieve:! by Ih:;lley. Jo; Ku- n-.-c ilinis. In all he wen an- a i|iiLr!:' llIllnR stroke wllh »| ''el hit a lioinc-r uu:l triple u ni;l alnll. CinrtAA 111 1.1-lTT llinlllM- I nl.J'..ll\f rl. ,u II It'll rll hlAU- VP^nlUnl? ' tllL' NatS KlU'l U'Phh hll -1 llnl^..,. proxlmalrlv 510.000 In iwlu money. "The only expense there was ou my motor Ihe entire raclnn senro'i | after I left Indianapolis was SI.-JTi | ixiiitiun advl.sL-d by for a cvlinrter head iliiskct." says i Snowbergcr. "It really ivn* n sue- | 'n».«iillKl>»V: llow cl'.ii;)i)y, (Uiwn^'iinl blow A eiin near 11:: end nl the Khait unci ir pn'sltlcn neiirly erect h; tin 1 by mo.-,'. I'sin-rls. nuts cessful racing season for me. "Now I have tny car nt Indiannp- olis ready for the race tomorrow. It's all ready to run an;! it Is about six miles nn hour faster tlinn it was last y;ar due prlncipilly to the fact that 1 car* use n carburetor for every two cylinders instead of one carburetor for each four cylinders as iu hst yenr'? suecinntions. Winner Cost S25.WO "You have to "Ive (hesq mo'or r , gasoline to drink if ynu want thom to ilrlva the cars faster." he declared. Billy Arnold's victory car last year cost approximately S2S.OCO as it-flew away from Its pole ijosition at the start of the race. It was an eight-cylinder, front wheel drive Miller-Hart/ f>;>eclal. Harry Mii!?r oii^lnally bu'll the car. br.t mnny innovations were put in working order by Hnrlz, himself a former racing star ami rated as on? of th? finest mechanics in racing. "It was money In the bank fcr us to have thai much money tied up in that car. though." laughs Arnold. "We won nearly $50.000 with il t'-e first race and approximately a like sum in following evenls during (he season. Yes, sir, that baby paid dividends. "Then we have it again (his year. And I don't think there will b: many boys throwing rubber in nn face as 1 flash arcur.d the (r.ick in it this year. Maybe they «ill. Bu! I'll certainly be surprised If !^ey do." But Snowbfrger had mure fur and amusement with'hSs can homr- marte moneymaker than ah anybody in (he race, last year. runliDl ilislam-e »" llu: liultlug and other rQUlpsner.t. Attached li 1 Bolt (here Ls the llnanctal setback fcr joining Ihe elnb. Iransporution. laundry, tips and other .tuci'Jcntal costs thut enter the picture. l>nc- Huck vs. rive. The baseball Inn diys up his one buck, and Ihc cost is over with. A man who hiis been oul ol work .since perhaps last O.'toln'r. will think it over carefully belore shooting a five-spot for coif, whereas he can usually ills up a buck under Ihe trying circnmstancrs. even in the extremity of bein^ fcrcHl I borrow from his mother-in-law. Golf is easily, an odd c.immci'- laiy on n same t!;nt, cr.i:ll-J In ScDtlaml, but a fad thnt cannot be denied. And. of fours?, therf is n vjry KOC:! reason. The c\p.*n«i of aiaintaininy a club iu a ir.elrc- environment Is around $100,- Remwei American l.eueuo SI. Louis at Chicago. Cleveland at Detroit. Only [jumps scheduled. ' N'atiunu! League Boston al Philadelphia Brooklyn nl New York.' Cliu-lniiall at Si. Louis. Chicago a| I'illsbingh. Tlirr-e r |\vo Have "!ii{f" Claims lo ^ainc. on Gridiron FAYETTEV1LLE. Ark, May • 28. _-"SMcli ta:t!" said one. "Suoh iat!" said U:? other. And lliafs the way ihc biKscsl. fooled football player in the- country and the world's heaviest nrld playn stood and grinned as they were introduced to each oilier today. The "bi|? footed" player wns Caplain Charles "Foots" Clement. University of Alabama star tackle who boasts of "No. 14 dogs." Tin heavyweight was William Harold Cliirk, 350-poimd University of Arkansas (ackle. "I wouldn't want lo have lo i-nrry so much meat around wit) me," Ihe Southern Conference luckle volunleered. "You'd have enough props to eairy il, though." Ihe Soulbweslr; fiinfeiencc tackle replied. One Ye;ir Ajrc Ttdaj: --- Jimmy Johustcii. U. R. Auv.iteur noli' champion, could do no better I Iran ^^.€a Hard Times "in Spurt*. Many of the goir clubs and public links in the .large mctroiwlttar centers report a decided lalllug on in patronage this year. On the oth- XtO r year. This sum decreases wl'.r. Die size of Ihe cily, peiierallv spv:i 1 :- ng. but there are 1WI rays a i-olf club can spend money on ilsrlf and s'.ill follow an "economy ]>ro- ain." J. Q. Dupher may never shool ; !o-,r as 100. but he wants to try lo shoot it ou a course U as nearly perfect as po-sible. If : couple of blades or* siuku-uly leap up in Ihc line of his putt, he may be depended upon lo lind nil (rum the peopl? in clvuce why the; 1 didu't spend a little of l':at IIIDI-M- he paki in fur kcrp'.ni: the green- in order. Tf there shr.ulri be an lilt! 1 . of an Inch depression on .1 fine fairway. his ball is sure 10 find it. ren- cicrinR his br.issie s'io'. ii^ffonlvi ;ind "sixsljinc his whnlc ^an^." During limes of drouth, nirh ?< prevailed last summer, he is prct'.\ sure to suggest eventually Ilia! th: l:iq shots of the club "u'.i-Uii in know enorgh to hire Minicbody t: sprinkle the course :i; irast our' a month." The chib sprn:U th-!i:«ands ii I he eradication of bucs iV,;u prc on (he courses and It Is a war tha over. The E^lfer Is pay np for n whole lot o! .-m-icc. a: id a halve ou the !8tli green and 1\> lost the match iu the British Amateur championships, one down, to Uobby Jones. .t-'ive Vears Acn Today — I'tlll llirti)). :;lar nll-nrnund' athlete, the Univoroily of Michigan t» Iclory in ll-.e Ulg Ten Irack niul eld chanmioiUiips. scoring 12 l-'J •oinls and setting a conference iccrd of lid feel 1 ;i-5 Indies in lie javelin throw. Michigan scor- d fi-l H-20 points to -in 0-20 lor lllnols in second pace. er hand, baseball a!lendan:e in nearly every one of the 16 big league cities Is mounting to new records. Ir. Cleveland, the ot' day. alter the Indians had lost 12 games In a row. 25.000 fans turned out to see the club lose two more to lh° White Sox. This need not be construed as an argument that bass- ball brings more people outdoors Ten Vi'.irs A"o Toil.iv • licli Rusell. Ilie old White Sox pitcher ow playing the outfit-Id for Min- eaiwlls In the American Assorla- ion. looks like the natv llmh of hat circuit. '1'hc big southpaw ill four homers this week to lake lend with a total of niiu- cir- niit smashes. Head Courier News wain ,uis. BAR MAHKIF.n TEACIIF.KS SOMERVIV.I,E, Tclln. tUl'l — Ihirlecn mauled women were disbarred Iron) teaching in Payetti county when the school bnnrd re cently ruled that no married wo men lenchers would be employet .hiring the 1031-32 term. The also reduced the salary of higl school teachers ten ixir cent. R1TZ THEATER Friday and Saturday Arc Ka111ors to Blame foi New Madrid, Holland and Wardell League Leaders COOTEH. Mo.—The end of the rst quarter of the Southeast Misouri baseball leayuc's season llnds 'ew Madrid, Holland and Wardell i a tic for first placci with Lll- journ. Cooler and Uraggadoclo ill- o ranking above 500 in the pcr- entage column. Mtamtings of the trams follow: W. u Pet r ew Madrid ...' 4 l .800 Miami 4 1 .800 Vardell 4 i .800 iHtionrn 3 2 .coo •ooter 3 2 ]cOO Drat'i'adoclo 3 2 .600 '.iscola 2 3 .400 >iilon l 4 .200 laytl l 4 .'2oo Steele i 4 20C The second quarter will oj>en Sun- ay with New Madrid at Cooler, •nscola at Stcele, Wardell at Holand. Denton at. Braggadocio, and .ilbourn at Hayti. he wants ii. That isn't even mentinnin!! (ho cost of a (ew lesions liom a professional. Surely it Is a royal game. PARIS. (UP)— Instead of arresting motorists for infractions of the law. Ihe police of Avallon itive i ^ein a printed flip which says-. "It is forbidden to speed ior park) here Next time please r,--> slo-.vrr. than does golt. but certainly U ran advantage of your "p.iwinj here "tn be said that baseball gives them I visit our beauty spots a list o' something cheaper. .which folloiis." Eighteen holes of golf nowadays 1 ' _ casts a man In the neighborhood o! I According to Prof. Will:vn n-t S5 fisurln? greens fees, caddy tcer,.'ol the University «l Minnpsotr.. I-p the purchase of at least Uvi> n3\v'average man Is worth i:niy'e-n'. bulls nmi cnil nrvd nnVMp nf rluhslnn hour ns n sniirre ol en?rs). Always uniform yS with. Thomas Meghan niul Dorothy Jordan Aitm.—Matinee—10 and :)(\'. Night—10 ami ;\w. Sunday and Monday He Was Only a. Common (; n b And Slie WOK a 'Aiiminil's Daughter — Hut. he showed the whole Navy that he had the stud' lo WIN 1 HER. Robert Montgomery in SHIPMATES with Earnest Torrciico. Dorotliy .lonlan and dill" Kil^.u-.u' Also Comedy and TEXAS R4NGER CARMELITA GERAGHTV. DtrrclcJ ROSS LEDERMAN -n Comedy and Serial — liantom of the Desert and Fli]> the Frog. Atlm.—Malinec and 10 and 2!>c. Sunday and Monday Also Comedy and News. Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and '>bc. Adm.—Matinee and, \jjrhi_l I 15 and -10;-. U'ominjr — Mary "KIKI"-. — Tuesday, Wedno?- -J.' lay ami Thursday—Amos & in Andy in "CHECK ANII UOUm,K CHUCK". - Bargains for Saturday and Mondau Hams Fresh Hcmek'KS for itoiislinif or fl;irl>ocii- i»K- Whole or Hull'. PURE LARD , „ 10 ( BOLOGNA FRYERS Slick -inc 1.1). 16 Dressed A AC L!,. 44 SIDE MEAT SALT JOWLS HENS ,.,10° 01C l.h. O2 O'HI 1,1) LiO Made From Country Pig KACON CHEESE Alixi'd Kllll Sliced Cream U). l.h. 18 C 15 t: BACON PIG LIVER i.h. LL-i ,, 10° Roasts Shoulder, Mi. lile Thick Rib.I.h. \iy,c Chuck, I.I). 12i/2t- Hrisktl Butter Spring Brook Pure Creamery PORK & BEANS * tm ffl KRAUT ^%c :in 10 c COFFEE Sunset '(iulii L, 29 C LARD I'tire Compound 8 4-Ui. (Old Kose-18 §1.15 rftC Large Nc, 2j Can Libbys Sliced or Crushed, can APPLE BUTTER 0 ,-,19 4 Sw - «» r "is. ot. sic 91 Knur or Dill, Qt. LI Billsdate No. 1 Square Can SUGAR OLEO ( Pure Cane. 10-1.1). JHC l.imil. !() 4/ old Dot. Untitlorod i; ){r(' •i l.h.:. £D BEADS SOAP Palniolivc f"C HDX «> I'iilmolivi- .•},"(.' •L ! ):l rs 6t) Potatoes New Red Triumphs Bushel $145, II). No. 2 Standard ^rc :! for LtO :ORN an 10 C Can M\\ \I I'i't or Carnation OCC liliLIY :) i; arKe or $ $ mn \\ £J i^y Courier or. Golden QCC ""o. 2 1 /, Can. 2 for Od Bread or Rolls Fresh Every Day Each 5e $ WALDORF Toik " 5 SNOW DRIFT Sf ; , ! ;i53 c SORGHUM Tc "":r^ L. MEAL lic "' Croam 21-l.h. Sack Large Size 360's doz. 15c SRAPE.FRLIT "VS 8 C APPLES Fancy Wine ^en 39 C CORN Fresh Tomlcl Ka Ch 5 C CABBAGE SwGree ?.b. 2' 2C BEANS ( ' rcon Frcsh Tcn , ( !h: 7'2 C CARROTS ;ind BEETS ,u. h . LETTUCE '' arge c tLi APPLES Fanc - v I)eli r, u L. 5 C 7!? 25 C PINEAPPlB^B^ir BANANAS anltlcn ?%, 19 C HOIK*nfc large Sweet TdllcCO teyFla. doz.29c

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