The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1952
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 19, 1M2 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEYMf OUt WARDING HOUSE — wirii Major Hoopl* now wo fats 60R OFF HEH-H6H/ A MASTER. OP I'LL nice -rue PLOS w MV Fez ANP STROLL, LCISOCeLV IrlTD TUB, PRST6MD INS T& PWO TUB . WAY ? T'M GO»WA A. OOT He's ^*ti? FOR RENT Typewriters & Adding Machines Hew & Late Model Machines—Low Rates W* bay .UM! office machine! A furniture. Johnson Office Equipment Co. SALES—SERVICE 112 S. Broadway—Phone 4420 JUST RENT A CAMERA from our CAMERU SHOP Take the Pictures Yourself... With a box, flash, or Movie Camera. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 • - • Good Service FOR YOUR CAR Is Yours (or the Asking at T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Flyjfionth Dealer 121 E. Mita Phone I1ZJ B«a«Ufnl Brick Country Home on two acre lot. \ 1 A miles North of Blythevllle on Highway til. Large living room with wood bornlnr fireplace. 2 roomy bedrooms with cedar lined closets. All tiled bath, colored fixtures. Attractive and convenient kitchen. Large dining room. Large recreation and utility room In b*M- VMnt. Upstairs is floored and partially finished. Two car fa race plus storage. S nramer house with barbecue pit. 2 room servant house. Yoa will find upon Inspection of this house that the material and construction is the best and would cost far more to construct at today's costs. Price $35,000,00. For appointment, se« or call JOHNNY MARK, Realtor 112 Smith Second St. Phone 4111 .Res. Phone 2596 By Him Wilcox Putrwm Copyri0iit 1951 h NEA Sw«ic«. IM. 101 XXH DENTON had known for time that Height Muncie had been showing his stepmother little attention*—lending her fruit or flowers—baskets which might have contained anything. Tommy contributed the rtory of his "confidential** Job and.Alma her own experience—all except her finding of the cuff-link in the office witii the murdered man. Some instinct warned her against speaking of this and in Ure heat of excitement, for thej were all talking at once bj now—Tommy had apparently forgotten ft. But the main situation Kemed clear. TboM two arc responsible for fl>« robberies or 111 cat my hat!" _Tommj. declared. "They both wanted money badly—we know what Bright needed it for and Mrs Dent on—well, Ac Just plain wanted Mr "And to ste talked IT* Into a k vacatfon tn Mexico," said Joe, with • Jow whistle, "where she could diipose of the stuff quietly, divide •p with Bright and then 1 maybe com* back looking perfectly inno- MBt and start aU over again. They worked with the Higgira people uLiiuudj, through Tommy, here. 1 •Ye«, confound H, they didl" he •jranl. "Bm there Is no sense in our ]u*t sitting here discussing this M though we were writing a detective itoryt They had a swel ptaa, but Border was oornethtng ttnr dMot figure OB. We'*e got to do •mwthing—«nd fast'" •Do you think Bright bumped off Mr. WheeletT* Joe asked Aim and Tomm* exchanged a quic! look and ah* ahook hei head al moat knperceptibtr. -H look* Hke H," Tommy began hoMy, •otherwis* why wat be making that fast getaway!" Alma'i negatve gesture grew more emphatic and she was a(rai<" J«* would aee tt. lem!" she reminded them, "and xom what I know ot Bright'i char- cter, he's not the sort who does a irty job himself if he can get nybody else to hold the bag for im." "That's right," Tommy agreed Bright may have been along, but iaybe the other fellow did the hooting. What did this tall, dark :ranger look like, eh, Joe?" "Tall and dark is correct," Joe eemed surprised. "How did you now what he looked like?" • • • ' A POLLO BROWN might be his name. Professional body- •uard. Hangs around the nighi spots. Bright and even Mysti liked o talk to him and hear him brag Could be him." 'Could be!" echoed Joe. "But et's cut all this whodunit stuff and get bitfy. Bright'! car hat goi o be stopped. It's going to hu; every one of us badly but it's pret- y obvious we'll have to call the iolicc!" He was starting to pick up lie phone when Tommy restrains "Hold on!" he cried. "All we three want Is to get back what ever has been stolen. The mtrrdcr end of it Is none of our business Am I rignt?" Alma began to see what Tommy was driving^ at Hope and prid made her pulses run high. Sh nodded agreement and Tomm went on. "Let the cops find out about th murder on their own. We are none of us going to ask for cubliclt either for ourselves or for Trum bull's by volunteering any Infer (nation on that tcore. If Bright arrested—It his car is even hel up and he'i questioned—dont 701 • whit « will do?" •Give him what he deserves! Joe said bitterly. "Who on earth cares what Brigh deserves—or what your precious FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS MtfOGOe*. » 6t\W£X . „ ,. Lf.KO MUST FIND THE OKISlrJfiLCF H/5 DfifAM- GO6.T--- SUr HOW? OH, WE SOT COLO WAITISf SO V^ HADPA CO SOMETHIM'" AK) 1 , WEU-, we CLEAMEC5 ALL TH' SMOW OFF MAMT GO*TS N Town TO ---AN' IT WAS NIGHTMARES LIKE THAT ALL NIGHP"—BUT MO GOAT.' pnooey ON oe. HWRTON AND HIS IDEAS' Weu., i Guess well. THINK YOU'LL 1 MEVEK. TOR66T A FACE RECO6NIZF DUE WE BEEN ON WF BUTT END OF I HIM*? Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads WHY DID ME. 7 EAID THE BAKTH? WIYHOTACIOSER "They all want the »ame things—milkshakes, banana splits, sodas—it doesn't give a guy a chance to be creative!" AT&lf ICTHVSUAVE YOtIK KESOttKCfS. MK. 7/^5 OV YOVMAfJY Y£AK4. WEVE GOT TO 6er ARE VOU THE OHLV •SUEVIWNG OFFICER Of THE FLVIW& MOKE: LIVES THAN ODE OVVN ABE AT STAKE. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Hest Prices Kirby Drug Stores FOOD PRICES ARE SO HIGH, IT FRIGHTENS ME TO GO SHOPPING! I DONT EVEN USE BEST DISHES ANYMORE! THE FOOD I SERVE ON THEM IS WORTH MORE THAN THE DISHES! I KNOW MRS. BOTTS! BUILDERS SUPPLY 5-PDKT CHOPPED A HOLE IN THE DOOR AMD &CTT AWAY. CANT TMOUSM, GSOWLl FLEEINS IN RAMIC f>pom DOE* NOT SEE WHERE H6 I* HEADIMG-. Annual Wallpaper SALE ANOTHER FENCR AND I'M .WAV! Now in Progress! Starters & Generators Repaired & Exchanged CONCRETE CULVERT TILE up to W In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Bile* up to M In. J. Raymond Smith ; 9OH&TWU& »SV! DOWT JIIST SIT THEJtE LOOKHJfi OKIMI INPIO»JMrr,TOO...T«l5 eil'T FWK.T FOR SALE THE X r«l 5T1 li Sff. ECHlEfiS, BUf POLICE MJE\NOTWOIIT THE POLICB! «2"fK3i TO 1WOW THAT I KNOW MW* COHSPIRB HANDS IW IW. I CAN ASAHJ5.T.US, I EXPECT ANYTHING! Wt'LL WEVER GET TO FU7RIOA1 A. H. WEBB TUU.IS-AI.lfcS WcVICKER- . HEM>S BACK TOR p W6 COUMTV 5£A>T, K •* TO FILE CHARGES \WEW PICKE9 UP BEFORE AM AREESTIDR.HIIL! THEVRI 15 MADE SO—y BRIUGIN5 IT SACK TO THE Automatic Flood Gate« Concrete A MeUl Septic Tanki S«wer Tlte Hot Price* W* EMirer Rllhwaj «1 at State Line Fhone 714 Concrete culverts, 12 inch to 48 Inch, plain or reen forced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call *s for free estimate. ATTHB STATIOU WHERE At RETOEIED THE CAR STOLEM. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO ~Ja Come to the RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day HOW ABOUT IT.SHERIFF, ' SHOULDM'T WE GET ON WITH OUR INVESTIGA.- VEZZIR,OOR..t>JOW LET'S MOT PUT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW WHAT WE CAN DO TODAY.' GO GET O\L DINNY. V Y'KNOW,DOC, f IT WASN'T SUCH A JOB, PUTTIN 1 TH TIME-MACHINE .BACK TOGETHER \ AGAIN! TION OF THAT MY5TEK- I CANT WfMT T'GET t-KXAE V I GOTTA PO I'«\ 66TTIN' VvEAK RJOM HUNOEE.' BOUGHT OUT TH' JOINT/ WHERE'S TOUK 1 NEVEK GKOCEKlcS? J POC/ OUST TAKE OUT FEZ Speedometer REPAIR is par( of our extra <3*S*tW OVDW A SCKZT v\vt vsoov-o "at MOWE. One Day Service—All Cars & Trucks T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO Chrj-sler-Flrmonth Healer 121 E. Main Phone 2122 y snapped impatiently. "I'm linking of what will happen to right's father it there's, a public andal. We know Bright ta a eel, but to The Head, the lad's a We tin god-on-wheclsl We cant et The Head down. And how bout Old Victor? Dont forget apa Victor recommended Mr. luocie's giving Bright a position ! trust—tt will just about kill apa Victor il all this comes out." Tommy indeed had a big Job on is hands. As U* capturing three people, involved in murder and ewel theft, were not a large nough task, he wanted to protect le Muncie name if he could, irighton Muncie undoubtedly was nvolved and there was not even a emote chance that Mrs. Benton r Apollo Brown, if that was the rrird man's name, would be as iget V> protect Bright as Tommy 'as. "But confound tt all. Tommy," oe'j impatience was growing •You cant allow Bright to get way with this I" I'm not going to allow hhn to get away with anything," Tommy's mouth was grim. "I'm going to top Bright and bring him back." Joe shook his head. "Don't be a ool! It's too' late for that now!" "Is your car downstairs. Joe?" "Yes. but I tell you. Tommy ..." "Then give me the keys They haven't got much more than hall hour's it art Undoubtedly bended south. I still might catch them on the Pulaskl Skyway!" * * ' TOE had the car keys m hrs hand " and was reaching for his hat 'Okayt I'm coming with you!" 'Oh no you don't!" said Tommy stubbornly. "This Is my show— and I've got to do It alone. I'm mixed up in It. You're not, you're innocent. Stay here and look after Alma—she'll make you understand." Before they could protest further Tommy was out of the room and running down th« cuirs Alma ran after him, leaning over thi bannister and shouting at him. her heart in a wild turmolL Come back. T o m m y I Comf bark!" she called. But Tommy did not evtn look up

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