The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1947
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_V01,. XLIV—NO. School Expansion Plans Discussed \ At Mass Meeting V 50 Persons Turn Out JHpr Report- Session by Citfcians' Committee I'rofjress to d7c> t ,"Uhe Cltens btliool committee and its work in mapping plans to raise $50,000 for n new mylhcvilte High School slt» as the initial step in a long-ranm; school system modernization pro- Rram was reviewed in a report mude t" :i group of more than 50 citizens of School District Five at a mas.; meeting last night in the high school auditorium. The plans and work bchiivl Ihe Plans for selection and financing o si new school sit as well as other nnases of the contemplated school system revamping were traced horn the first meeting five weeks AB a of school board members with business ""<»• Cl ~lVmc d h° rS l ° " le " vcw " t is -soon to begin. Klcvcn Sites BiythevlU* DaJ| 5 BlythevUlc Courier ' v-. ^.''.J^.J}' '""('"' '"" -^'y':- ^'--'tetekra White House Limits Given "_ »•"»»» „ l~l*-**T*M, in Maine and Michigan (By United Press) The nepubllcan-domlnated lc K ls- latures of Maine and Michigan ™t- ratlfv VC »'', W lelm " 1Bly ' lilsl ""-'hi to ratify the proposed constitutional amendment Ilintllne future presidents to two elected terms or .1 imum of ,0 years ,„ llle Maine was thc iirst to ratify u, e ?. mcn *"? nt »"« » few hours 3 Michigan legislature Col Included in this review was a list of U suggested sites for thc new i»8h school presented by s-liool Board President Max Reid These suggested sites are: 1) The area immediately north of the present school site 2) The Gosnell Estate.' by Maple Grove Cemetery. „?> Thc area near the Airport Highway by the Indian mound •») The Air Base proper 5) The Whistle Estate, -fay the liice-Stix factory. * 6) The plot South of thc Cnt ton Belt Depot and this side of Harmon Negro School. f> Tlic Walker Estate in tiie F-isI end of the city, South of MigUway B) East of Walker Park on the ncrcage owned by Clyde Robinson where the National Cotton PiS - has been held the past sev- will 10) The Rogers SC< Up e rty eCt on North Highway 61 North of the Blythcvillc Compress. hi .a«« „!',"= of this survey was ex>«T^"^- "£, Air. Held sjiicl the SUU Oneil f(, o.innn '^"~- a ~- B ?W, Ct flndln rs 'oV 1 ' °"" e qi^/fi"- Vey ?.'° • bc made by:Viie'FieTd Pn^hL 1 "^ , Survey DeNftment : of -. - -.M^'^, 0 "???. Nashville, Tcnii "' »s suf n ***""» ^ m Arkdn- 'tTon' IC Dn P iu ' tm <>nt of Kduca- '^S 15 ^".investigate thehe , S S1 I fc ?"«Bested sties Dairy Herd Tests Upheld by Court M. Evrard, Acting Chancellor, However, Voids Part of 1941 Act Five Jonesboro were directed it Issued b^ 'llle attorney special 12th District dairymen today Big Four Silent Concerning Day's Work in Moscow Tight Lid of Secrecy Clamped Down on Newest Discussions MOSCOW. April 1. (Ui')-Tne Council Of Foreign Ministers lorie- ly announced Its failure to solva the German at a secret clamped an extraordinary ltd O f secrecy on Its dcl'lberaUons I Not since the first council meet- 1'ig m London in September. 1045 had thc ministers denied the woiid' at least a general summitry ol Ihclr daily deliberations. Even at such meetings as today's informal' sessions sonic announcement Ivis 1 been made. For the first time since that London meeting the .ministers rc - soiied today to an official com- munique announcing merely ' 'The discussion today wa'j limited to the subject of io^l of m- L.L1-? aild "PajMions, and no de. was agreed so.ssVms to- Roosevelt Famify Conferences Still Hold Political Interest »y M'lf C. WIlSON United Prrss SUM C4WT«s|wim fn t Mrs. Eleanor Franklin D., Jr., itooscvelt atid arc spark plugs serving as UJ permit reprcsentat'fvcs"of '^ip"^!,^', clsio " wa ' s Cached. , Health Department to tcu o,± ° rCU ' r " lo f6hnil1 dairy cattle for Ban ™«—•« At the same time hear 0 '!'!?'' Wh ° Wbs selecl «' hear the case after Chan-cKor a asa ecti i o <1Ua f i ' ie<1 hl "' s ° u ' 'S S u!a°t „ ' n, , H 1 * °f 19'U Ulllill" or the slaughter of diseased anit the acting to of the The decision was made in action brought in Craighead £, eery ourt several weeks ago Haie 00 ™ £ . AUorney Jam « Hale of Marion in behalf Board of Health ii and against if. M Norman Wimpy. Kelly c A. P Dabs and Albert Cralghead dairymen The plaintiffs sought to , dairymen from violation ea th department regulations srusai to permit tcslin,? of r , lt v.uiiiui JIULV regulations set up under act. May issue Injunctions The special chancellor dccli-eil to issue the restraining order hut indicated, tlmt if any ? of the d" fendants shall refuse to pcrnVit fn S e pr V d'er nfi h n a'i, reqUeSt JS r *™"°* which iiave not bcen-tc?tcrt and from herds where Bang's Oisease lound unless the 'dfcee.4cd ini mals- have been segregated from rest of thc herd. only by '• meeting the four of by ihcir tiie 1D-11 i U n vole taken at the mcctii, : n! "ie school pl!imiing n g,ou indorsement of ;ill wij ,4 I-aruc Site Desired of^o" 5 , Calli V B fcr the a'cqulsitior srhn i T S fur thc I'ronoscd new Nicnoknf"", lVe ' e «lrt«tncrt by Mr^ niciiul&on, who einphasixcd -i> thn Pnncipal reason the use of iwrf nf tins land for agricultural trunin' »»cl experimentation plots ° He pointed out that this lira would not be used solely for th» senior high school gr ^ n ^ r ' ^ .^"'".^r^^^tocS' jam <i high school plant " wli>h « said included more tha, the one building. Strc5sin B 'he need for lanj ti".,nI PO agr| : cuuLre 101 ', f °'' UlD V just for !r±^?^ B^lle^ out .tale <|m^pa\tr, ^0^ there should be one acre of grounds available for every every ^"S? ?,° ? cres ' wc CO »W use <-d was necessary to prov°d o d ire '" n£lo a c°l for lll = *«£»£ c.w. c ?£Srt d of lhc rund the school site, cxplafi dairj." 'cattle- 'found "to ^te •I'f f^J thRr ft?" 5 ' 5 , disease '' thc court 'held that the only, health menace lies m use of-milk-from''diseased anl- mms, and^ -that, : prohibiting the mals accompli S hes m the J 'aims" tL nf n th ( statute, "and nothing more is to b earned by reqnWn/tho owner" o such animals to kill them . The disease does not I.IIKC animal unfit f or consumption of [he r If "f bCC " ">« ™<:tice ot the federal and state hcaltl authorities lo compensate oWrl of diseased dairy cows for t!?c ™l Terence between i ncil . vlxh , 0 "" dairy stock and as beef stock- case was decided in d'rii on n h S r- ! f' b " lU ' CCl '° Mr ' *»r a:; |' nnd the ca^e CParCCl by Ul ° att ""««- was attended . - ; , — --"' ministers plus two advisers each and one Interpreter each, it was classified is sorted to in ordJr to give the min- «u informal meeting alut waj . isters a chance to do som in bargaining. ( .,' It had been expected ttia sessions might continue f( nays, but the "announcement that formal meetings would continue tomorrow led to speculation tlmt the Big Four decided that dlffer- thiU S cv"n r 1Sfo a " 0 " S WCrC S ° great oi help in solving tliem. nSS This .was the first lirno the ministers had met u, Moscow In an informal g;roup. Normally each the press of each nation' "o" e ive reporters a briefing on what oc- Tonight the spokesman did not Wear at the American conference He was allowed only to telephone 1 e offtaal communiciue which Ihe ministers had agreed to issue Stamp Validated -- „., „.,, nt ^_ ojmin. Julian of the new Left-wing, antl-Oom- munlst organization known • W Americans fo r Democratic Action Elllolt Roosevelt i s advertised in _ -~., u th[> Communist press as a speaker reparations problem un<ll! f auspices of the opixuine I<ft today ,,nd Wing orglnlzallon, the ProRrexslve Citizens of America. PC A does not bar communists, but .welcomes mem, and Is under suspicion of being attached to the party line James Roosevelt Is reported ill on the West coast. BUI |,l s lu.niedlalc poliltcni background Includes a money-making association with an oi-Biiiilzntlon which supportcs" the Communist Party line and a more r recent pob as Democratic stjile chairman In California. : FrnnKlln 1J. Koosevelt. Jr., Is vice chairman of Americans for Dem^ pcrntlc Action. i n » weekend meeting here ADA voted to bur Communists from membership and to support President, Truman's proposal to aid Grceoe and Turkey. Communists who are barred "from ADA find ready welcome in tile Progressive citizens of America Elliott a t Crlsl, R»Uy Billed iti thc communist press to speak last night in a PGA mass meeting i n New York to protest Mr. Trum.-m's Greek-Turkish aid program were: Former Secret»ry of Commerce Henry A. Wallace, sculptor Joe Davidson, Radio Commentator Frank Kiligdon-and Elliott Roosevelt. The meeting was billed as a "crisis rally." "' Kingdon ana Davidson arc co- i chairmen of PCA. The organization riselr was created by merger of tlie National citizens Political Action Committee and the Independent Citizens Committee of the 'Arts' Sciences and .professions. Klngdon had been chairman of th c formlr- Davidson of the latter ' • ' . • Of the NCPAC, which Kiiigdon ultimately headed, the House Un- American Activities Committee Md Into to say in 1944; "It has been clearly established by overwhelming evidence that the National citizens Political Action Committee is the major Communist front organization of the moment." As for Davidson's independent committee of the Arts, etc. thi record shows thnt theiQ:;>n publicly clairiicd credit, for, with R booming c |, 0 n, s O f boos •»°«P>) -P- Lush, a notable k'lidei of youth diirhiK Ihe early IWoscvcl administrations. wa s ft Whlli House favorite then and a bin flu lire in the AVO. r,,e House committee report sta'tes that he testified under oath tlmt , Amcrlcai You h OoiiBrcss was ft Cotmmmlst front nutill. it did not say L W I wns n Communist. ,,, In Safety Film Screened for Junior C. of C. '^ r V r i:: n! L»"**»«„> nig,,- is an important amount. toward is to this io Sol hoped to have 100 •2?«»S»J2: fm,T,r c 5 anM *~»^«*to Craflon Sts ;id d " Wlhy ™"**" «r. PolnUng 'ouf ^ seffou^s of hD situation, Mr. lR |, C a cmphasizod erio-comie 0 moti ^""'f "" ilh ^ O trated:' 10 """" rU ' DS w ' Cre dcm< "'- Considcration for the safety of others is the most important factor m highway safety and rules apply to pcrtr-striaiis anrt motorist-, alike, Mr. ,Rhea said. This was one of a scries of such talks and demonstrations rponsorcd toy thc Arkansas Slate Police Mr Kliea was Introduced' by Envin Jones, deputy sheriff and member of the Jaycee safety committee. • Plans fo rthe Arkansas Jaycee -•;tate convention to be held hero April 18-20 were discussed In tile Business meeting following tile program. Guests were state Policeman Clarence Montgomery, Biily Nicholson of Osceola and Ted' Fisher. - .. rVilson and Dan Bloctgctt, all of Blythcville. Johnny White. Clint Calriwcll cc >' Bishop, thrc Jack Henry and William Bolin were Ernest and introduced as new members. "Several the c the money white loo per c i^ pl ^ e " cn l^ 'I- «»«« tills attitude," he added •Following an Introductory cxnian- .1 on s Ofthe origin and develop," s ?. -Vo S<.'iroor. v S on rage 7. wgar Spare, Ho, ll. Now Good for 10 Pounds, More in November ' Sn \ VAS HpOTON, April i. (UP) ^ fn ?n mp ' No - U Became good "oi w .pounds of sugar todav n -»«v Sl 'sev r en-mon 1 t'Jf Tew"" 1 6 Irom Congress. C ° n ' President Trumai, signed thc px tensron bill late yesterday but " -n mcd Congress for not voting thi full year's extension lie had rc- .qucstcd. He said he would ask foi .another extension in the Fall i «'e supply situation warrants ' smld stai* 8 " ' thC r ' r5t rc «. ular| J ?,?,"( t ° T '; arr y a " allotment of It >imus. Heretofore sugar statnoi have been good for -five' pounds The congressional extended fail guarantees housewives at least 21 Also signed by the .president was or n , r , "iree-manths extension of controls over such short sunplv industrial and food items as tin mamla fiber, .fats and oUs The sugar ibill shifted sugar con- tar OI O 'A ^° OPA to thp Secrc ' reeled lo end rationing 0 whenever he deemed it no longer ne'ccssary. Mr. Truman made it clear, how- w' C '',H u at hc rtfd llot think tllfs would be soon. He said "we shall iot benefit by an increase in new crop supplies until early in IMS" 'If H becomes apparent later this year," he went on, "that hopes lor supply increases arc not ma- eriahzmg and that discontinuance of .sugar controls by Oct. 31 would Jot be in the pu ' blic intcr( . st j snail at-it Congress to reconsider the present terminal date. . . " Governor-Laney Vetoes 23 Bills Executive Signs 61 More to Bring Total For Session to 427 LITTLE ROCK, April 1. tUP)_ A tolul of 23 bills pnsscd by the legislature were on then way to the waste basket today after being vetoed by Gov. Ben i.aucy yeslerduy. At thc same time the governor'sent 61 approved bills lo Ui u sccrelary of state's oftlce, brlngini; the lotnl approved measures to 427. Among bills killed yesterday wero two designed to strip the revenue commlsiJoncr of his discretional y powers In Issulnc and revoking n,,- uor permits. The bills would hnve made Issuance of wholesale beer and liquor permits mandatory If the ai> plication conformed to icKul-uions They would also hnve prohibited the revocation of licenses unleaj "the holdtr had been convicted iir.i currl of record. The Bovemor asserted Weather ARKANAS — Party cloudy to cloudy scattered showers today and In Northeast portions to'nlqht. Cooler In Northwest portion this afternoon and in North and West Central portions tonight. Wednesday partly cloudy with littlo change III temperature. Mrs. S. F. Powell Of New Liberty Community Dies Funeral services were held this morning. i 0:3 a o'clock, at Cobb Funeral Home for Mrs. Laura PoO- ell, 75. who died Monday night nt her home near Now Liberty. She was the wife of s. F. Powell. ^Biirlal was at Elmwood Conic- -"I"i . Other than her husband, she Is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Gra- step-sons. E. L. —« «^v- i-w>v'61i. all of here; two brothers, BH] Bryant and Jim Bryant, both of Benton, Jfy.', foiir TI n rs ', Mrs ' A »» Stnhl, Mrs. Mcrt Holland, Mrs. Bet English, ajl of Da'llaT and Ml ' 5 ' D ° tIC Bcardea of Tlie record suggests. ., Communist infiltra.'t|om.of the or- Unnizal.ion undef whose sponsor ship Elliott Roosevelt .,was billed to speak, or that It is an old Communist front, s, ? t ,up.under n new I Janle,s' Rbose'vclt | R ' understood to have .ended his.'allegiance ,t o the Independent Citizens committee when lie was elected Democratic. Party chairman In California. Thc ICC made a big splurge last March with announcement ttiat Rooficvelt would be director of organization in Its drive lo round up the independent vole. He was on tile pay roll at what his associate former Secretary O f Interior Harold U Ickes. described as "well paid." Mrs. FDR Shifts lo Ne» Group Ickes was an independent committee big shot, too; but he resigned last November, apparently because the organization wa s playing footic •with thc Communist Party line Ickes resigned from the United Slates-Soviet. Friendship Council while he was about it, lob. Mrs. Roosevelt's experience wittt the fellow travellers wns about like that Of Ickes. which may be why she Is so active now hi" the new Anti-Communist political organization Just set up here. Her pet organization was the American Youth Congress, of which the House Committee reported: "For a period of seven ycars, 1934-41, the American Youtii Congress was one of the most Influential front organizations ever set up by thc Communists In this country." It was during most of those years that Mrs. Roosevelt wns motRerlng the AYC. She didn't quit until after some hundreds of Its members fathered as her guests In the South grounds or the White House grceU .«^«.u ed her late distinguished husband I U S Stcci tllc : of the snle\of liquor by giving thc holder ot u ncrinlL i, vested right in the pcrjnit " -Luney-also vetoed two bills de- ^ened to sc t Up qualifications for members of the State lio-iiiltnl Board. Hc said he believed it "un wise to limit board inembcrslil,) l/i a;tcw professions and Occupations " OHicr blllB vetoed included: -A measure rcqulriiifi; u lc slaln to bear costs-or. felony tflals in which -L??" v ! c ' tlon is lmd DI pica of 'juiliv m,t •""""• sur <!'' "hool b' quired the attorney •(fciioml to in- .ti , and ' co "«<:t''taxes d;Ic Lhc ftnte from nrnis/ahd corporations. Appropriations Slashed By killing four appropriation bills the governor trimmed "stole'In-dr by more than *2.i23.000-chio(ly „ supplemental accounts. .?'!?. •°, f . i . ll >' lnonsilf ea would don -assist- Sudden! Death of King of Gr From Heart Attack ComplJcaL Political Outlook inNearEa Burglary Case Submitted lo Jury Charges Involve Drug Store Thefrs In Lvachville House Leaders Ask Prosecutions UnAmcrican Committee Chief Asks Action Against Communists WASHINGTON. April I. UJl'i— jliiilrmim J. Paniell Thonms or tho HOUKC UiiAiiwi'lciin Activities C oni- nlUco. today , lskl ..,| ledornl -pioso- iillon of thc Communist I'mly and f n "foreiKii (iovern'menl.' 1 " K ' < '" S IliiuiiiLs In n idler to At'uriiov (iciicuil Toin c. Clark licensed tlie mrly and its Hinders at two cii'iie."' nilurc to register iindw (hu M U - uormnck net as foreign anenis and fnlKu-0 to register under thu v< a •' ils act UN ii Kfoiii) dedicated lo vlfl- out ovorlhrow of the U S unv : ernmcnt. ' ' B j The Jiisti™ lloimrlment sufS .lurk had received the letter anif '»» Mudylnii It. No other coiium-iji' vas foiihcoiiiing. J • ThomiiK iilmed his assault on U'^ |ouimunlsls as conBressinen .studied hose other developments; Telephone strike—House Lnbni- Jommlttco iic'.lon w ,, s delayed 24 !i'I, 1 , l |" :1 "| 1 ", ! ' ll; to ^rcvci\l a sched- ilcd telephone strike April V bv <^ral injunction. The poslpoi..''- i;.,.', 1 ,'^','" e ,°" l|ll " ine 'l Hioy hud becii •"""""y "car cine muff on Iiui no chance to sludy u,e t . moi ._ Ki'alid larceny charge hi which cncy inciisiii'c by Cliiilunnu Fred tl1 '""'"' 1 "'•"••• -• •• Hiirtley, Jr. Hunts'—-Tli« House ll.uikh.c t'nmmlltec voted Icniutlrrly (or a Keneriil 10 per fn,t boo*! I,, rBllt MllliiRs. The 'Si-nntc Hiinidng toiiiniltle,; has approved .1 nici- th!'." " *""«" m " ™ nl ">" f""" the .r,,,, c 30 evplrai),,,, ,,.„„ ,„ Younger Brother Quickly Call To Throne in Troubled probccution and i counsel compluled ai'Kuincii morning i n (h c t ,| n | of j c i J. C. McCain, 01 —n-.ry and (jnind Inrtei n,l^°... M i rL :"L. U ! "Jury wh lilcnse this iy- '(lucLrine. The Immediate qupstion .effect the kings death 'on the Anertcnn plan ror $4!»OM,tCO in oipoce «J to build up a barrier as >prcnd of Comimmlsni £ cm Medltcrraucan Oeorgo VHS succeeded I rtt«ly by his 46-year-old luul whose general vlo*s m tlo known IntcrnnlloimlK al Greek leftists regarded him i i cautionary tlian George M-mbMrg of (he Kfut* ---..„ nm v Lu u Jul -y % . Olileknsiiwbii District of thc sl|)W County, circuit Court t veiled HI 1:30 this aflei-nooif cnso Involves btirg store In Leachville. n the Blssls- rccon- |' , •ildrratlon of Mr Tnui««n'» Is actively underway I »t.irt«l >«rklni[ ton of tlie House 1'orciiiit Af- Coinniitiee • put another bill •wKisli. nld .measure.""-h\, 7nc«nt Is Kommltlce would- H? t a et to tho rnBlht have on thc „..„,„„ . Thero WB.S no Immediate on this point -- ...„,„, uio ""«"«, House Republican Lo cnso involves burglary of J dim! S r cl ' arl( ' s A Hnllcclr said tlirt? -. -...ivillc. 1 MU> f»» t '> would further C onmllc"K This brought to near-coiuplctfon i« r0adi , ^ lff .! cult and «Tl' ' 1 ic first ciiso tried during Ihkws- n r "' Scd * y Mr fum™ »j"»-'Tl.o fhst sentonce %i,' pa'l .,S™ a ^^5!l lbeM ." u ^« oil yesternny when Arthur Kemp »ns filven a year m Urn stalo I'cii- llonllary near fine Hluff „„ « V,u""i" ;'"~' !lli ' chnl 'Ko to which he plciulcil KUllty after 'in curlier plcit or iiinoccnl, This cnso wa« docketed n year ago Kump wiis given a intended ficntcnco on another grnnd lurrenv , charge, iwiidliiK payment o t com t 1 on ivhaf ljcl ""'lor. |mlitht „ s lo the state lloi-1 Chairman Charles A : ^ Hock were iwucd by " •"--- ' the court yesterday afteinoon, sending two men llic re for observation mid reports on IhclrUncn- Inl conditions, committed 1 were Curllo Davidson, who pleaded innocent to 'two cbuntJi,!i)f attclnpted aRsiiult, and Joseph tloncs, (JcKro, who pleaded Innocent to flrlt degree murder charges.,-Join's l^ . IHg Cad,o ..^. ••luitiwuio TUKKCSl •ilneo Qcorge was ki.own to ijceii unprpular In Greece tl cession of his brother to the .JiilKht ease tension and i the establishment of a demo ' scorned likely that the » ,. J . «ouso Pore'gn Relations hilllec would call pn state Dt , incut rxpcrW to cbtaln their', the ncv. in to-the regular nppropi lor old age and disability assistance grants from the Welfare Fund e s "t? '^^"^BtvcnthoP— Citry Department $51.900 « s „ Sll .,. P cmcntal budge* f or the rcm .*."',!, °-vc sef'.m'.^ 1 '. 1 '- Thc Ulir!l " w "'' 1 ' 1 vi, cjci. up $ii,B50 (i ypjir for con O^Trig-Si^wnae" 0 "" i would have allocated .>] j jo ^ sar for I >cacl i experimental N. Y. Stocks 2 p.m. quotations- AT&T . Amer Tobacco . ".'.". Anaconda Copper Beth Steci . Chrysler . .......'.''''"' 3en Electric . .......~ 3 en Motors . Montgomery Ward N y Central . ...'.. Int Harvester . .. North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio "" Socony Vacuum . '.. Studcbakcr . Standard ol N j Texas Corp ' \ Packard Ifi'i 7-« 7> 1-2 30 .'i-4 00 7-8 D5 1-1 35 1-2 50 57 1-2 17 1-4 81! 1-2 10 28 1-B B 7-8 H 1-2 21 1-4 G7 5!> 5-8 IT .1-8 73 English Girl's Long Journey Leads to Altar ih Blytheville of . said would testify Thiiri .. esy (lay on. the CenlniJIa, ill., fr ,i no . , •wter, and thc mine «h u t- dowi, ordered by Lewis as a memorial period. I-onn— Clmlrmnn Charles W. To Hie grand jury late yeslerdly Afternoon returned one Indictment after „ lengthy first, session Summons were, issued .yes crday 'o In- for- id In- cash those , . aflernoon for bondsmen In t\ u.ances of attachment bond feitures. Bondsmen to be lioil to produce cither the' prisoners are to court bond* or . ~ "mil w.mi !<:.•> VV< TO- l,n l»'y of the Kcimlc Uanklng Commit ?„' ^ , ^ T, ' " " lee called an $80,000 000 loan ti•ins ( ,* '' Cobb ' < lock <:l«l O<lL 16, action between the nFc nnd' n,," '; M ? ,°« charges of assmill wllh: In'"' ""' 'mil I" kill, and Wheeler Epitrson ti it t ~~"—' "* <v j **'»-' JUKI tlir laltiniorc f, Ohio railroad •'cle.irlv llPBiil." HC uskcd IIFV to hold it up. " ul "| Wnol-Tlic Semite- ^griciitlurJ Committee voted 7-1 to .xmtlruia domeslic wool price support thrcitpl,' December, 11)18. and permit the Sr,"" n '" ty Credit Corp,, to Kc 'd 120.! 000.0,0 po,, : ,ds of tt on lti , hlln ' tl for whatever price now.wnry to , n "Ct forelKii compctilioii. The hill w& ,", lt , cost $50,000,000 a year, agricult re officials estimated .""".me Price of Milk Declines NASHVILLE, Term., April 1 ™?»' , S , arc culting thc whu«*»le •' lco ,, or , nBU-PlnU of three types of milk to four and one-half cents from .six reiu-s horp. Blythcville marked thc end of a ong Journey and Ihik bcglnntng ot a new and happy one Saturday night for Miss Oerda Plant of Lon-> doiVEnglmui, when she became the 3rid c of Max Locwenstem of Nash- vllie In a ceremony here at the iom c of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Applc- baum. To join her fiance here, the bride spent 30 days on an English steamship, she was accompanied >y her sister, Mrs. Lucie Baer, and licce, Miss Vera Baer, also of London, who will make their home in Buffalo, N. Y. Miss Plant was the first Englishwoman ever married in Blythcville. 1>. Alfred Vise, nabbi of Temple Israel and hrother-in-iaw of thc bridegroom, officiated at the candlelight ceremony. Tile bride was given In marriage . by her sister. Mrs. Baer, and Mr. bol, of Blythcville, were Mr. Lociv- cnstelns groomsmen. Following l!ic ceremony, Mr. Applcbauni and M Jleoel entertained with R Sinner Party and a reception In honor of the couple was held Sunday nfi.-r- homc '" lh ° L ° llls A Pi licl » um Mrs. Locwcnstcin and her sister and niece arrived In CJalveslon. Texas last week from England. They had lived there for nine years, after escaping from Nazi Germany Mr. Locwcnstcin. brother of Mrs. Isc of BlythevUlc. c ar-« to -- , .~*. u! '-*i.v muviliu, car' rt America from England onlv tin L°l r l, a|?0 ' Rftcr hp h »d been Manila Voters, Minus Ballots, Get Late Start A sliKhl • 'nilMmdei'sl.tttdliiff inn tin: part of clccti'in officials threw \fanila into turmoil (his monilii./ when several voters showed up ut lie polls to vole and 'found >io wllots on which to mark their selections. However, alter much hustle ind justlc, the ballut-s were discovered n the City Hnll where they had been carried by sheriff deputies a*l niRlH, anil voting got undcr- vay ajiproximntely 1111 hour after '• 10. 1^45 with wife nnd ; child abandonment. I | fu the trial of J. C, ClnyWn 20 of Leaclwillc, testimony from 11 re" witnesses was hoard ihls mnnln" and another three took ilio ,lund ycslerdiiy. Tusllfylng today were Mr:, Irene Clark, clerk In n Jonc-slwro, itoio where Clayton was alleged U him pawned loot from thc robWiy of "l|il« Drug Store In Lciichvltle & W. Itced, who slalcd Clayloii'ii-ikcd him 10Join l.i,titc,biir g lari, n,, ( | Unlph Sharp, arrested 'with OUv- ton but later relCKscd. Mrs. Clark Identified Clajion a thc pcnson who pawned part of th loot under the name of McCain Yesterday, Ihe const heard testl money from o. A. Hipps,Vunet o thc drui; store; a cab driver nunict Landrctli mid Deputy Sheriff Erwii Jones, who nlded in lion of the case. ^-.nair; tl*. House Porelgn'Affalrs' salq that he doUbttd" -•• death svould ' ; , r."-: Ie * l! >li>tlori t» snlRht "raise questions pollUcaJi setup;' in On* Opponents of_ i have demanded State? ' lore launvrhinir ft counUii launching aiu In ^10 , ny George's < The Qt«eK Cabinet Kent sS«fcm Bs sUh he King's death Was^r mmedhi^ly Wl nmon*d * n kc °i cr the thron Although the deadline President Trtjlnan for'con action on the Greck-1 prograni expired at «, "Bht ynilte «o,,r e (| Charles O Ross said the no plans for speedl Vote In City Election Unusually Light Hlythcvillc voters cast an unusually light vote today lor the Jive unopposed ranriitfates seeking city oiflccs as .by noon only 14 of the ess than 2600 qualified electors I 'Ills city had marked balloL ' Seven ballots had been cast !>} noon loday at Fire Station Num- elec.lon oppas^rbV I ^InVdds pH.c in '£?, ^'? , Wilrd Inl11 ^ a?^a??i^a a «s i s&«Ms the polls had officially to v .,, l ., 1 •The names ol H candidates appeared on the Manila bi'-llot with only three city offices 10 be filled Mayor W. II. Brown is scckir, rc- Alvin Tiplon named to run against. When counting Eight candidates are Keeklivr a ].] fcomplicaUons Oslxirnc and H, J. McKlniiou. '\vto are seeking ro-rlrc'.lon, ciiarles Caller. L. L. Woodruff, thc .formality of vote is 'completed and if no Henry, Richard Jolllff, 11,,,-vcy Durliani and KIley Dunkln. op-Ks- ing them and seeking to fi|| 'iw O lio-ste left vacant by retiring aldermen, First April Shower Hits City Early on First Day Applrl)!\um nnd rl ,1 i - nn<i otllcr countries. ^ go °^ to be reunited in inis great country of freedom af- imr^. ma "u ycars ot s «P ar at'on and "nrcsl , the couple said us they made preparations for going to j lower than Is "aniiS'.'la^Aing'Z where they will make Robert E. Diaylo:k, official weather Springlike weather, accompanied this morning by April's first shower, relumed yesterday as the mercury during lhc night went no } 10 m,,. arise. Mayor E R cinmon .ind city Treasurer Sam ucl H. 'Norris begin new terms a' the City council meeting ''next .Tuesday night while Jno. o Mc- Hancy. Raleigh Sylvester and Farmer England win be scaled" as aldermen. Mr. McHancy and Mr Syl- -veslcr are seeking rc-clcctlon Munlitpal elections also were be- ng held today In Loachvlllc. Mantin. Dell, Kelser, Joiner, and Lux- N. Y. Cotton Mar May July Oct Dec, open 2911 356S 3380 3040 2#)3 high low 2930 2305 3580 3552 3395 3370 3078 3040 2SW4 2353 1:30 2939 3576 3362, 3078 2M4 vtfdnUjhl March 31 wj line established by Mr' ,, grounds that Britkh fina •ristance to (he Imo countr be cut off at t)i*t hour, Coiiaress, mciinUme, w eidlly but<iwitliout -un toward iorm*l' debate of man 4 plans , Senate Ie_ pccti^ to open up dlsctjgstS 7—tlie «^me day thc Untt«d > ?M°" r ', l f V Counoll has fixed ?„ sidciatlon^f the Amer^n'i A sharp new challenge »to whole Truman program was inli cd «>y Henry ^ Wallace ready had attafked thc' Turkish scheme on two o Addrcsslns $ Midison Gs-rden rally 1 of ,the Pro Citizens of >Anicrica, Wallace cd that the toislc purpose program < was not to halt c nism In Greece and Turkej HU protect the Middle Eastern 6ll scncs of thc United Slates? Britain ' Phone Strikel Parley Shifts, To Washing^ vi ,, April I (t Too union and telephone co officials -aere called here by" government today for confers^ at heading off the na wide telephone strike set f Moudaj Lsbor IJepartmcnt Concili Chief Edgar L. Warren P m Sm thc start of n biu-gnu session between officials of the! Honal Federation of Tele ' \Vorlcerp (ln<J) and the Bell" lem. Warren »aid the con/erence^-J shifted from Ka» Vort to ington 'in the hop* B cha atmosphere" may bring a ncnt of their wage dispute Meanwhile •prospects were . ;hst Congres* ,v.otild act before] >tiike deadUae o-i IcsislaMo «rmlt th« |overnincnl to pn the strike by Court Injun'Qcion juch bills w*r« introduced je» da>—» stop-g»p nieasure oj Ch mm Fred A, oiartlej Jr, o!J House LatK>r Committee »nd manent Wa_fc, R^^ C la« E.

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