The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 29, 1947
Page 6
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PA(& SIX School Plans Observance of Negfa Week 'William B Hanson Negro-High fjchool. will observe Natlcmnl Negro Wepk with special programs, George p Hollis, piinclpil, said to<Jay Rev. P. S. Blips', pastor of EIIOC'I Clwp«l % curcti, will deliver the Health sermon tomorrow nnd an Address .also will be, given tomorrow by E\a Mae Kfiksej, Harrison teacher :Mon<iay, Mrs C, G. Redman, ex- o^utlve '• secretary of Mississippi County::- Tuberculosis Association. will speak nnd givepicture demonstrations. Mrs. :Anabel Fill, county health ijurse, will talk.on "Malaria Control". Tuesday and, Dr. B. E. Roberts', will speak Wednesday on tlie general tliem e of the week "Community wide Co-operation for Better ijealth. nnd Sanitation." 'Bessie'pl r lvy, Hjjrrlsori teacher, \vlll speak on "Healtlj Service Being Done. by -Negi-oes" Wednesday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, for a KLCN rfidlo broadcast. ;pther speakers for (lie week will include ,Sue^ Cummings, president of .Harrison Parent-Teacher Association, Rebecca .Williams., clinii'irian: ofrlhq ischool's Community o??n^ D ^^'of rS, 0 ^!^ ™»» """""on. 'NEA Telepholo.) a? Memphis. Members of the committee are A.' Z. Sawyers, general cljairman, A. E. Lester, chairmnn of the Boy's Social Hygiene club, George D. Hollis, W. M. Robinson and Eva Mae Kirksey. BLYraEVILLHMARK.) COURIER NEWS President Truman Confers With Diplomats President confers with two top d!)>' P i.iaiic leaders. U. S. Delcgnlc to tl,o UN Warfcm R Austin elation, Rcbecc^. Williams., chair- center, and Acting Secretary of Slnte, Dci.i Acnoson, right. In „ mcclliiB wJi,r)i le<i <> t'ic ~~ , .. th|U Alu . Un wl| , e<) ))Cforc (hc UN SDcm ., ls , Col|llcil Fr|ch , y t<) |1)slku K ,. t] ,L. 1( . „.., „.„ the Greek n i >:cl Read Courier Nevrs Wnnt Ads. Senator's Mother Dies DYERSBURG, Tcnn., March 29, (UP)—Fuiiornl services were held yesterday for Mrs. W. p. Moss. 70. mother of State Sen. Clark i\lo«. received In n full earlier tills -wck • Bottle O f 1'orl iler Dish PROVIDENCE. H. I. (UP) _ A l;oltle of i)oi t wine was the present Dint Inturcsled Miss Ciirn Mason the most when she observed her 100th birtlulny anniversary "I like a little each night before go- I mg to bed," she said. SATURDAY, MAKCH 20, 19= COPff. m? BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. H. REG- U. 8. PAT. OFF "Easter doesn't mean much to me—my parents arc always buyij'g me clothes to grow into!" -~~v by Karen DeWolf Distributed by NCASCRVICE, INC. THE STOIlYi Slurry In up l»< -T«'»iy anil their cn»nnr goiulul^hl kfM brcmm'M nn•' 4-iitlirurp friirn which Tuny tear* JiluiM-lf rmnj- Mlti illiri.-lllly. .SI.,TO In Im|i|i>' 'nhout it l>ut Ibv ^icxl dny 'I'miy .npprnrN unfriendly. Shi'rry nntCH .afraid nhe I* miury *vllli him. When lihf usk* lihn ^vhy nlu- nhuulQ J,?. hr siri-iim n-lli'vr-il. ••.V*Vfr mind \vhj-, .sivi'i-t." >ic (til)*. "You *>uuldn'f muIiTHIIina." '•'*** '-;• . XX CHEHRY went bnck to the house. ^r Jiandro said, "Your eggs have .become cold.".- And Kris was just leaving and kissed her goodby. • With her mind on Tony, Sherry ate her breakfast and talked about what to ; gel for dinner. Then she helped with the dishes and sorled the laundry, and as .Sandro had a 10 o'clock call she look, the clean sockii to be sorted over to'Hidden House. - - • . . \ v., v M;ircia took.her to lunch at (lie Pig 'n Whistle. . . , i After they had ordered,' she iurneM to Sherry. ' • . "WeV.1.. \vJjy this thusivess, infant? Out with it. Is it TonyV" .Sherry had to laugh at that. .She said, "Honestly, • Marcia, I must , wear everything I think about right on rny lace," and then she told her everything that had happened. V. When she was finished Marcia said, "Well, I clon'l see what you have to worry about, toots. He's obviously a gentleman—and how!" •', Sherry said, "But don't you see, Marcia? I'm in love with him and —and maybe he isn't in love with me at all!" • Marcia looked at her for a minute interestedly. Then she said, : "The trouble with you, little one, : is that you've got an inferiority complex." • They had an Ice, and talked about Tony somo more, and • Marcia said, "Now you take my : pdvice, tools, and leave him alone. : Let him go on thinking you don't know what it's all about, and you'll feels. , find out sooner how he Sherry felt a bettor after their talk, and Marcia asked her to come to dinner with her and the man who was taking her. Sherry " not 'want to be a third, but Marcia Insisted. "It won't be exciting," she said, "but it'll give Tony a chance to miss yon for a change." That won. * * * Tyrn. BDENNAN was pleasant nnd Ihc drive in the cool of the cvontng refreshing. Dinner was nice, loo, in an attractive little place- thatched roof and excited as she the boys' house. sandles on the tables. After dinner they drove slowly home and Marcia imd Mr. Bren- talkcd about mines. Sherry sat in the back seat and planr.-jd an airy attitude toward Ihc boys. At the court she thanked Mr. Brennan for the lovely dinn'cr, ami ho and Marcia went on lo a movie. Sherry was walked toward She wondered if Tony had really missed her, and svas glad that she had taken Marcia's suggestion. Through the open windows she could see them moving about, and decided it would be fun to slip around the side and boo at them. She smiled to herself and walked quietly. Tony was saying, "You know as well as I do that she can't work for months yet." Kris said, "Well, we've pulled her through this fnr. I guess we can manage another few months." Tony said, "As long as we're working," with a.meaning air, and then, "But that isn't the point. We can't keep her in bed now. She'll start going out with other people pretty soon and she's too doggcKe attractive to these heels." Kris chuckled. "Oh ho! I begin lo see a light." Tony said, "Don't be such a fool." « * « gHERHY knew she should not be listening, but now she was afraid lo move, afraid some little sound would lell them she Imd icard. Kris was saying, "You sound ike an anxious father," and Tony snorted. "Well, we're responsible for her, nrsn't .we?" lie wanted to know, "one can't go bnck lo her family when they haven't any money. Besides this- climate's better for :icr. She hasn't anybody but us." Kris said, "So what? Are you planning to many her oil'?" Sandro said, "I will be glad 1o marry Sherry," very seriously. Kris laughed, and Tony said, "Oh, shut up. What can you do for her?" 'I could send her lo my mother and—" But Tony interrupted. "She'el enjoy the wall; (o,Francc. She needs building up now, lots of food and rest, n.o you want her lo tiavc a relapse^' i Sandro said no, and Kris looked thoughtful. "It's nearly two years before I can go home." "Yes, and she could die in sit months," Tony told'him. Sherry thought they were ler- l-ibly sweet, and ,lhc tears .sprang lo her'eyes. She "could' not leave now. She had lo hear Tony say that he was going lo tnnrry her. Tony said, "Jerusalem! I'd ny way Sherry's heart contracted. She thought, "That isn't it, Tony! That isn't what you meant to say!" but Tony went on. "No. We've gnl lo (liink of something. Maybe we'd better Inlk it over with Marcia." Sherry could not stay there anv longer. She crept away as stilly a's she came. So Tony would talk it over with Miircia. Toll her that something must be done about Sherry. And all .Jlic while Marcia would know that • Sherry loved him and that he did not want her. She let herself in Hidden House and closed the door. She could not bear the lights and she did not want to sit on anything. She was too hurt, humiliated. She knelt beside tho davenport and put her face iiv.her liands and pressed her elbows tightly against her side:;. She fell shrunken, small. (To Be Continued) marry her myself if I had a at all of taking care of her. Qur Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way Save Motioj Toflay. Any Hay STOP AND SWAP EGBERT HUFFMAN'S ' 401 E. Main phnn You Must Bo Happy or No : 850 Deal FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sires 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy (11 ;i( Slate Line Phone Btytheviile 714 f N S U R E With the FIRST .NATIONAL; INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CT1AS. BITTNRR FOLKS AUKE tr A RcOIK'T TO BE BLUNT"," S'S'/S -)• A. RANUAV,, A J-Siop Serv/ce LOANS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE V/o Will Bond You W, M. BURNS Ajency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/oncoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Levels and Lines Surveying ^ I)KAG LINK FARM IMTCHKS Wm. R. Overt-cm -- County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or Wrilc V,o\ 8>J,-.RosDliind, Ark, Yes,-We M0ve New-Cars Arriving Every Week-— ® Pontiacs * Fords •"* Chevrolets « 9 Plymouths and others I'lace your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Late Model <"'ars BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Frankiin and i\iain St. OF AUSTRALIA, IS THE ONLY PO/SOMOUS AtAMMAt. IN THE WORLD/ A VENOM GLAND CONNECTS WITH A JX>i> ON THE /ANIMALS HIND LE&, NEXT: Arc dandcliuns natives of our country? f! SUITE HONEY! Bring your car to S BODY SHOP for a!! body and fender repairs, painting, and glass installed. HEAD-U KINGS for all.'cars made like-the factofy'iiinkos thorn, same material and workmanship. GtuiraiUocfl to fit and look like original .upholstery. 412 E. Main St. Phone 3456 \ WASH SUZFS.'gUT WO CAUT BE 1 V ''J '•S ADOfmt I / **' t£ vai WOK TO WE! CTURt'a-ANO ?>TU?F LEAXDER.- HKTY.'WXi '1.L KREA;-;'lV.S!t!r UHf-. SV FORGET ; £RY DAV -GRSAV, A.^T) WOPe VOL) COM& STREET —^- AND TALKING 3liST LIKE VIC FI>INT~ V THIS IS Tt-l' CRISIS--TH' FIRST SUSPiaoW THAT ME DOM'T c^JOV PRESEMTIMC. HIS GAL WITH HOMF MADE STUFF.' MOW 'MOTHER \VI1 L. \\JCMDER WHAT HE'S BEEN] o WITH ALL TH' OP IT.' rr's H.NKDER TO Drrcn V NOWADAYS-- iw OUR. 1 TOWM A GOAT 1M A J VACAWT LOT WAS \ THE F'KrTEST THIWS ^ VEf: SAW-- OM J~ MOTHtMG, M1MD { -^v :<P^ ^-'^ ."."^V fj<^ mA In Another Man's Shoes P. TtiKNFlB RED K VTIKK HJ ,?;2£-5 MTo fflW RJWIHPS V SEE VOU'Rt SUITE (XN IF WE DON'T BEAT HIW TO IT, =H', XELK? . IT HIS VAST NIGHT ANYWHERE! ME...THERE'S \AnENTH,'E HOST FOB. A SOMETHING 1'Ue l,«iN WITH THE REPUTATION GOT TO CONFESS SEE,!— SUCETOAFPLV U. TOR PAieWS TOMORROW SH:o-ris>v\vt ee ._,. BUT -fHS HllSlTbR f-MGHT . CSJS OF THE On (lie Tiail VI.' P"" nrii Hi v r. H AMU IS HtASJUVlCt. tut .. T. M yG^U i THE A Surprise for KY YEAH. I'M UWINGYOU. BUT SOME THING WITH ME. Y nml RAI,l»II BRIGHT. MEB8E / TO BACH HIS OWN,OOR..VOU''W; \ NOV; YOU ,-M SOFT, BUT 1 PHVSIC^LLV EQUIPPED TO COMB 1 RUM ALOW K | VOUR ANTI-3PV V THEM OUT OP VOUR HAIR.VrM I BACK AND NOT...SO t STRIKE V.'i f 1 : ' •--•••--" ANS 1 WEAPON AT HAND... Off Jhc licnm BOOTS AND RK,R AW, NUTS! WHAT ABOUT TH' TWELVE MILLION BUCKS , WE STAfSTED OUT/ I DUNNO! . Bv V. T. IIAMLTN AND OSCAR MUST \ LINE ON All Scdlei! KV h'llliAK \l rt K I ll" £O£k

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