Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 26, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1895
Page 1
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i$p)$ji(!|sg^^ If^w:^^^ at YOL. XX, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 26, 1895. NO. 72, TO THE Silk Department! HONOR BISMARCK. Members of Eeichstag and Prussian Diet Visit Freidrichsruhe, WE CALL YOUR ATTENTION MONDAY. Emperor and Nation Indignant Over Action of Reichstag—Dr. Sp»hn Candidate for President. For months past hundreds of Looms in two Hemisphere have been clicking out silken yards for an, for you. Into the store they are crowded these March days, each •with a new beauty; even the familiars of Seasons gone seem to have ripened in a richer light. * Tomorrow Will be Silk Day at Our Store and 'all our Silk Beauties will be on display and sale. One with the most fastidious taste can easily be suited here. BKBLIN, March £5.—The celebration of the 80th anniversiry of the birth of Prince Bismarck, which occurs April 1, may be said to have commenced Monday, as 302 members of the reischtag and the Prussian diet started during the day for Friedrichsruhe in order to congratulate the ex-chancellor. They were received at the railroad Station by Count Herbert Bismarck, Count William Bismarck, Count von Rantzau, husband of Prince Bismarck's daughter, and by Count von Waldersee. Prince Ilunmrck Spcnks. The deputations proceeded to the castle front, where they were received in a body by Prince liismarck. Ilerr von Koeller, president of the lower house of the Prussian diet, made a. speech Herr von licvetzow. Kulitr Confer* wltli Uohenloho. NEW YORK, March 25.—A special dispatch to a morning- paper from Berlin says: . "Emperor Wllllcm held a '.entfthy conference with Prince Hohenlohe Sunday night re- eardlnt tho advisability of dissolvlns tne relcb.stitR. A dissolution in being loudly called or by the inspired organs. Prince Hohealoht Is opposed to such a step, but Baron von Koeller and Dr. Miguel favor ft "The election of a president of the reloh- stae will take place 'Wednesday, when a decision will Save to be arrived at. The center party will present the names of Herren Spuhn and Schmidt us Its candidates for the chair. The socialist! may nominate Herr Bebel. Efforts are being made by the centrists to dissuade the pope rrom sending his congratulations to PrUce BLsmurck." JAPAN REGRETS IT Diet Eeceives Eesolutions on Attack on Li Hung Chang. Bullet Not Yet Extracted But Con ditlon of Chinese Envoy Con- tidered Favorable. Capes and Separate Skirts Will be the special objects in the ANNEX. A Beautiful Skirt, A Silk Waist, A Pretty Cape and your sum- ^ mer costume is complete. The Fashion Leaders, Busy Bee Hive, Uurrlvt lieecher Stowa'i S»d Plight. HARTFORD, Conn., March 26. — Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stou-e, who is approaching her 82d birthday, has been growing 1 weaker mentally every day until now there is rarely o flicker of reason in her once brig-lit mind. She is childish and happy and sings over and over again hj-mns warbled in her schooldays, seventy years ago. Diplomatic Changes. liBRMN, March 2:). — It is formally announced that Haron von Saurraa- Jcltsch, German ambassador at Washington, will succeed Prince Raudolm as CTcrnian ambassador t-o Turkey, and that ]-!uron von Thielminin, Prussian minister at Munich, will be appointed ambassador to the United States. Will Get NtfW Trillin. WASHINGTON, .March 25.—153- a decision of tlie supreme court Monday 'William H. Cocliraue, president, and Robert H. Bayre, assistant cashier of the National bank of LVlmonte, Col., will yet a new trial. The}' wore sentenced to five years' imprison men t for making false entries. YOKOHAMA, March 25. —Resolution* have been submitted to the Japanese diet regretting 1 the attack made upon Viceroy Li Hung Chang 1 , who was shot and wounded in the face Sunday at Shimonoseki by a young 1 Japanese, supposed to have been carried away by excess of patriotic feeling 1 . Vlci'roy'i Condltluu Pitt-arable. The bullet has not yet been extracted from the face of Li Hung- Chang, but the viceroy's condition is favorable; he has no fever and is suffering- but .little pain. His assailant, who is described as a political bravo, rushed from the crowd when Li Hung Chung's palanquin was passing, seized the carrier's hand and fired at the Chinese statesman. The bullet entered tlie viceroy's left cheek. The affair has caused the greatest indignation here. Hinperor Send* HI* riiyHicInns. LONHON. March 25.—A Central News dispatch from Tokio says that immediately after hearing of the attack upon I.-i Hung Chang the emperor sent, two of his pi-uii.'ipul surgeons to attend the guaranteed the safety of Cnina's envoy and made proper reparation. Chlnvtn Are Notified Promptly. The Chinese legation received prompt notification of the matter, but th<tfr advices contain nothing Dot in tn«- press dispatches. Minister Yang To did not care to discuss the subject. It was said at the legation that It was not believed that it would lead to the total breaking off of th« peace negotiations, although it might cause them to be interrupted feir» time. OVER THE STATE. News Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana. 409-411 Broad way. 306 Fourth St. 1895 SPRING 1895 We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival of Our Spring Suitings! And we feel justly proud ia the success of cur untiring efforts which enable us to show yorr this season the Latest, Most Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclusive Line of woolens in the city. Carl W. Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. FIRE SMOKE WATER. The Mammoth Stock of FINE CLOTHING. otJOS. G. GRACE, will be]; placed on [sale .rZD. ™. I'KINCK congratulating Prince Bismarck on the approaching 1 anniversary of his birth. The prince made a speech thanking- the deputies 1'or their kind wishes, saying: Is Complrtoly Ovr-rcimio. "Accept my woi-iucsi thanks for tho honor you h;ivc rendered me. It is to mo the highest distinction 10 set: such H noble assembly united hero. 1 should be ashamed If the honor was not for the u-ork J. have done, not for my purs-on only. The credit To: 1 ttie present results achieved 1 shave with ihosc cooperating with me, who are now dead, and, above all. with my Rrca'Jy worshiped pood muster under whom I worked so Ions, (ircretho .•iireu ex-chancellor stnppod speaklnj; mid cried biuc-rly, the assembly In the meantime bcinj? srcaily .".Ifei. 1 1ed. ]7e^alnius his composure somewhat, the prhicu I'usumcd his remurks la a voice choked with emotion.) A Trlbuto to tho Luttj ICiniirror. "U'hat." lie said, "could I have done without his :iii], and that of his powerful army? I would have stuck In t!ie same bo,7 that frustrated all previous attempts at German ualiy. Our dynasties, tliaulc God. are still powerful In their countries [cheers] and especially the kins of Prussia Is able to put a powerful army Into the service of national Interest. This was my aim at Frankfort-on- thc-Mutn and 1 haivo always followed It since." J'Jinpcror Jiull(,-nunt. I'.KKLi.v, March 25.—When Emperor William was apprised of the rejection by tlie retchs tag 1 of Presi dent von Lcvctzow's proposal that tho reichstag- vest in him fLevetzp tho duty of congratulating 1 I'rince Bismarck on thu occasion cf his SOth birthday, lie wired to the ex- chanucllor at Friedriuhsruhe the following dispatch: "I have to convey to'your serene hlphness tho expression of my most profound indlpna- tion at t.be resolution which the JRclchstac; has just adopted. It Is )n most complete opposition to tho feelings of all the German princes and peoples. (Signed) WILLIAM.' N'e\v rmiiit<>rfV!c Ou'artrr. K.u/n.MORK.Md.,March-'").—The finest conutcrfuit quarter dollar ever made was detected at the United States sub- treasuri' in this city. It is of the so- ries of .1S'.)3, and is composed largely of silver. Only tlie most adroit expert can detect it from genuine coin. Church r;:im:i£et! by l-'iro. Pn.TSBa.KGn, Pa... March ".">.—.The North .Avenue- Methodist Episcopal church, at the corner of j\rch street and is'orth aveuut;, Allegheny, was damaged by lire early this morning- to the extent of about S."),000. Old Kiiim^h ti» Vote. VI'JCIUTA, Kaa., March .-";.— Among the women who reft-istereil in this city to vo.te at the Kiuuiuipal oiectioii ivas. Mrs^- Harriet McAlurray," ag-ed 115 years. to Rec«lv« the VctcrAn*. MUXCIK, Ind., March 25.—The final touches in making preparations for th« sixteenth annual encampment of tfta Indiana G, A. Iv. in Mnncie the 2Tpi ind 2Sth inst. are now being 1 macte. It is expected thnt from 0,000 to 10,(X)» loople will attend, and preparations 'or that uumbor aro being-made. -Th'e >:u-.i<le \vill move Wednesday at J:^$ o'clock, led by the soldiers and sailors' lome band of Knightstown. Business essions will occur at tho Wysor Grani opera house. Tiie candidates for conj-' lander are: 11. M. Caylor, Xoblesvilltj H. B. Siiivcly. AVah:isli;-.lolin W. Eln:n, Valparaiso: P. D. Ihirris. Shclbyville; Andrew Fife, Xew Albany, and J. S. Dodge, Klkhart. The Only candidate for president of the Woman's Kclie-f corps, which meets at the same timt, • is Mrs. Eliy.a .!. Criston, of Greensbur^-. Beconio l-'at,ln.ri4 UL Thr«*o Score. Axnnusox, Ind., March 25.—Within a week tliix-t; citizens of Anderson, each of whom has got beyond the three sco/o and ton era of his life, have bceomo happy fathers. Francis Males, aged i?:i. was presented with a fine boy. TKe wife of Peter Herd man. who, in the matter of njje, is three-quarters o'n toward tlie century mark, blessed the old age of her husband by placing in his arms a. yirl baby thnt tipped the wales at JO pounds. Xo sooner hiid l.iie entire population of ^indison county tendeivd their eong-rii.tiilations.to Messrs. Miilos and Herdman than John K^ffuian, whu is ~l years old. became the f;iLhcr of a boy. Here within a dwy of cadi other were brought three :.. children to siix-s tlie ag'jfreg'ate iifje of whom is 3^7 vetirs. Prince Bismarck, in answer to the emperor's message, sent the following telegram: "FiiiEDiiicnsBtJHE, March 23,—I pray your majesty to accept my respectful expression ol my gratitude for your most gracious message, whereby your majesty has transformed'an unfriendly action of my political opponents, concerning which I nm not yet fully informed, Into a source of joyful satisfaction to me. (Signed) "BissiAKCE." Expresses the Xatloii'n Feeling. L The Post (conservative) says: "The ernperor'3 dispatch to Prince Bis marck expresses the feelings of the nation Every German must blush at tho reiclisiatf' disgraceful action. Tho parliamentary fru! brought forth by universal secret suffrage 1 still uuripo. The reichstag Is rapidly filling u Its measure." William In Disturbed, All officials likely to know the em peror's feeling's agree that he was in tensely disturbed by the Reichstag' exhibition of itself. He is understood to have exclaimed when told by Herr Lncanus of the episode: "It Is scandalous. Tho vote Is a reflection oa me, tho government and all the authorities and societies who will unite in honoring Bis- '' liiiuncliin^ ol' rtl^ Sliip Pulls. PHILADELPHIA, March 2,^—For the first time since 3S73, when the steamship Pennsylvania stuck on the ways, there was a liilch in-a : launch at Cramp's shipyard Monday,and to the disappointment of 2">,000 people the International Navigation company's bifj new steamer St. Paul steadily refused to move from her wooden cradle, into tho Delaware' river. After two hours' work the effort to launch the steamship was abandoned for the day. Chuiifceu in tho Dominion Cnblnct. OTTAWA, Ont., March 25.—Several changes in the personnel of the dominion cabinet are about to be made. Hon. J. C. Patterson, minister of militia, will resig-n that portfolio tc accept the lieutenant governorship oi Manitoba. He will be siicceeded by A. R. Dickey, at present secretary ol state, which position will be tilled by W. H. Montague, member of the house of commons for Haldemand. At 8 O'clock. Remember the •Date and Place. . . . 426 BROADWAY, received from Leipsic, Dresden, Munich, Essen? 1 Mannheim, Cologne and Duesseldorf show that the people have been intensely e.tcited by the reichstag:'s action. The dennncia tion of the deputies is almost universal, and there is a general demand for some national demonstration -which, shall serve as a complete peculiar disavowal of the vow. Vice President Also Kcilcnt, Dr. Buer.ldin, vice president of the reichstag-, was in Montreux, Switzerland, when apprised of the resignation of Herr von Levetzow as president of the reichstag and when he learned the cause, he at once telegraphed Ma resignation also. Dr. Spmbn for President. LONDON, March 25.—A dispatch from Berlin says it ia thought that Dr. Peter Spahn, the centrist, will be elected president of the reichstag-, to succeed •]>I*y Order n Strike. SPRINGFIELD, III. March 25.—A dele- pate convention of coal miners of this district was being 1 held here Monday, to discuss the action of certain operators, who have ordered a reduction ol ten cents per ton, gross weig-ht, on coal mined, and to determine whether the proposed reduction will be accepted, and whether a general strike .shall be ordered or not. It is believed a strike will be ordered. Man., March ~o.—urccn- way and all his ministers defiantly de- cliiro that they will resist to the bitter end the restoration of the Catholic schools. The excitement is intense. In the churches preachers confine their remarks to the impending struggle, Protestant preachers urg-ing 1 Protestants to stand firm a^ainST; the remedial .order issued by the governor general of Canada last week, and the Catholic clergy appealing to their flocks tc never give up tlie fight. \ ' Poit OlDcd Fixture* Seized. LA GKAJSTGE, Ind., March 25.— Postmaster Fawcett's post office fixtures weire levied upon to satisfy a claim oi S15C ; for services. His deputy and clerk stopped work, saying there was due them a large amount of back pay. : Farmer'* Wife Commits Suicide. FRAXXFORT, Ind., March. 23 — Mra. Thomas Catroon, -wife of a wealthy 'linton county farmer, committed suicide by taking rough on rats while suf- 'ering an attack of insanity, the result >f grippe. _ ' Found Guilty. TEBBZ HAUTE, Ind., March 25.— Th« ury in the trial of Isaac Bridges for he 1 murder of Mrs. Montgomery re- mrned a verdict for ten years In the >enitentiary. ^ ___ __ LI 1ITOG CI1ASO. Chinese envoy, and also sent his personal aid'-de-camp with messages from the empress and himself. Must Jin rnnlnhod Acconllnj; to L:iw. LONDON, March 25.—A Central News dispatch from Tokio says a special gazette has been published containing a message signed by the emperor and the imperial ministers deploring the act of a fanatic against the person of .an envoy under the protection of Japan. The criminal, the message says, must be punished according to law, and the nation must respect the imperial orders. Will J>ot Ccdn Any Torrltorv. A dispatch from Shimonoseki to the Pall Mnll Gazette says that Li Hung Ciiacg will 1 refuse to cede any territory to Japan, but will offer a greatly increased sum of money as indemnity instead. It is believed, the dispatch says, ; that the peace negotiations will not be successful, there evidently being some secret force behind China. Ito Call« on the Injured .Van. Count Ito, president of the Japanese council of ministers and one of the peace commissioners, has visited Li llung Chang and expressed to him his sympathy and regret. Great Excitement. The attempt to assassinate the representative of the emperor of China caused the most intense excitement, and on every side there were expressions of deep regret. The would-be murderer was arrested. It is believed he was prompted to the crime by misguided patriotism. The name of the would-be assassin is Koyaroa. He is -1 ' years old. | .. YOKOHAMA, March 23.—The news of the attempted assassination of Li flung Chang created much excitement. The emperor and empress will send a messenger to Shimonoseki to express tc the distinguished Chinese statesman their regrets at the most unfortunate occurrence. The Newi »t TVanhlncton. WASHINGTON,. March 25.—The newi of the assault on Li Hung Chang caused a sensation in diplomatic circles in this city. Cases where an envoy ol any kind lias- been assaulted in the country to which he is accredited are rare, and those in 1 which a peace commissioner is attacked are almost unheard of in modern days. The opinion here is that Japan will suffer greatly as a consequence of the assault and that the position of China •will be so strengthened that it may be able to secure better ter jis of peace than it otherwise could have hoped for. 3Iay Breilr Off Feme* Negotiation*. The incident may lead to ths breaking off of peace negotiations, which were proceeding so satisfactorily, or at least may postpone further action in this direction until the Japanese have tinner or llnixlsn* CauKlH- FOBT WAYNK. Ind., March 25.—Tho biggest catch of burglars ever made ia northern Indiana was made here Sufr .day. - For six months burglars, higb»' ••'• wnymen and cracksmen have pllejl -. their work here; also at Wallen, Churubusco and Huntiugtott, looting twenty or more stores. Capt. Borgmau and police sof- rounded the entire gang in k bouse here and • captured thein.' Among them were George liolau anjl William Thompson, pals of the notorious Marvin gang; Jack Guy, Henry Lacey, Adolph licilling and a locksmith. One confessed to thirty jobi. • The house hns thousands of dolladr worth, of stolen goods in it. Indiana Milken Am All Toml*. I.\-niA.\Ai>oi.is, Ind., March 25.—The ' fisherman of the state have been greajt- ly excited over tlie. new fish law making a close season for the lakes froi April to Juue l. r j, and both the secretary of. state and the attorney ha^a been flooded with inquiries about ^ Attorney General Ketcham has con- eluded to declare an opinion to the effect that the only lake in Indiana !• Lake Michigan, and that the bodies of water in the state are not legally lakes, but are ponds. The decision gives the <shermen palpable relief. DHT-IDK Itobben Mj»lc« it Haul. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 25.—Bur- •glars smashed the transom over tljo Market street door to Leo Landos' optician establishment early Saturdrfjr morning and got away with nearly SI..100 worth of goods." They used'* ladder, and the robbery was one of ttfo most daring on record, being in tli« heart of the city. Defeat for the IJurrow Trout* INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.. March 25.—Judjf« Baker, in the United States court, d«- cided in the case of the National Ha,r- row company of Kalamazoo, Mich,, against Quick & Landahl. of Chcst<i^ ton. Ind., that the plaintiff was an u%- lawful organization. Orr BroK. In Trouble. FORT WAYNE, Ind., March 25.— Mur* ray JJartnett was appointed receiver for the Orr Bros.' Electric Manufactqir- ing company. The company was Incorporated about a year ago with 310,000 capital. The business has not paid. New Electric Road. ANDERSON, Ind.. Mar,di 25.— Charle« L.- Henry, of Anderson, announces th£t. work on the Anderson-Klwood electric road will begin at once and cars wjjl be running late in. the summer. The length oi the road will be 15 miles. " Dl*d Kuddehly. WABABF, Ind.. March 23. — James P. Knight, one of the pioneers of north- era Indiana, died very suddenly at Leesburg, aged 73 He came to Indiana fiftj- years ago. TVlll Makn J'ant*. SOUTH BEND, Ind.. March 25.— thousand dollars was paid for property In this city on which will be erected the first wholesale pant Indiana.

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