The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 29, 1947
Page 4
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AGE FOUB BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COIJRIER NEWS'cO. . H, : W HALVES, Polisher ' •' .JA-vfKb L VMtJUOhfr'F, Udiioi . * I'Aou u. HUMrtls. Aavi-msinu Malinger NEWS 'Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wi^lace \Vninei Cu.. is'ew York, Chicago, Detroit, AtlimUi. Ml'mphlrj ^Publlshsd Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class mutter at Ihc post- office at Blytheville, Arkansas, under act of Cou- gi-bKi, October 9, 1917. ServeJ by the United Press ",-• SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the city of Blythevllle or any suburum town where carrier service Is mnin- tatped, 20? per week, or 85c per month. By mail, within a radius of 40 miles, $4.00 per year, $2.00 for six months, 51.00 for three months; b.v" moll outside 50 mile zone. 510.00 per year payable in advance. Meditation ;For your goodness Is a mornlnu cloud, and as; the dew It gocih away.—Hosea 6:4. 'A permanent goodness can stand the tesfj. temptations and trials of dally living. •j Ren.'''Earl Wilson of Indiana wants Congress to set aside the second Sim- daA' in October as "Grandmother s j£ : - . Day." Grandma Grace Gray of Mitchell, Ind, speaking for the National Grandmothers' Club of America, urges Hint we already have n Mother's Day, and every child has twice as many grandmothers as mothers. : Other sponsors plead for Congress to legalize Freedom Day (for former slaves), Good Friday, Piilaski Day, Pi.h'iot's Day (for the Lexington Min- uteJMen), Shut-in's Day, American Indian Day, Dedication Day (for the Gettysburg address), Edison Day, Marine Corps Day. » j We, too, love Granny. We'd like to please her. But how about Sweethearts D'ay? After all,.most of us had at least twice as many sweethearts a.s we had gJ-andmas, and we loved them, too, didn't we? Or can we drop the whols business and agree with that congress- nian, himself a grandfather, who snort- e|l: "If we keep on we'll have n-.ori holidays than wash davs." •Lcjyalty in Goyernmenr ;. Mr. Truman's order of loyalty :i- vcstigat-io!is in the government's ax- eciitiva,, department' should Ijring tin- usual crop of protests. Unless all signs fMl there will be cries of "Hod-baiting 1 ," "Gestailo methods," and "loss of democratic ifeedoms." Most of these w.ili come from persons whose ideal government op s rates through persecution, secrdt'police, and the suppression of individual freedoms. ^ There also may be some sincere repressions of doubt'or disappointment. The tests do .present soni/ potently 1 dangers, to be Cure. A good many persons will be involved in passing judg- , m,ent on the fitness of more than '>.,- OOO.OQU..government employes. In such > large operation, human fallibility is 'bound to result in some examples of .unfairness. But the: dangers which this screening promises to remove ; \rc greater than those \vliicli it may create. The government can no longer afford the democratic luxury of ^considering it-violate the private activities and ass..- ciidions of tijqSe who conduct its business. It cannot blindly embrace those who despise its freedoms and put them in a position ' to help destroy those freedoms. The common bond of war, which nists, Kmulists, Klans- subvertcrs in more-or- noiv purpose, has been v c - movMJ With it has gone much of thr- win-lime security which in itself was never Icakproof.- Today the United States is faciiv up to a decisive ideological showdown" Surely one of the minimum rcquire- meats of iu successful outcome is the ! unquestioned loyalty of those who help to urn the machinery (if democratic government and who have access u, confidential government information. For, the past six years there have been lepeated complaints within the govcinment that some of its employes \\eio d^loyal. In consequence somu measuiofc were taken to weed out the ticacheious elements. Judging from the lejloit of the President's Temporary Commls,sio.n on Employe Loyalty, they « ere'riot very successful. M). Truman's order, based on the Commission's report, promises to be , botli^fair'and effective. Any employe adjwifof^ disloyal lias ample menus of appeal and of representation b.v counsel of his own choosing. Heads of departments and agencies are held pt-r- jsonally responsible : for the removal of disloyal personnel. (Applicants for jobs will be. given-.a more thorough investigation by the Civil Service Commission tlinn ever before. The President's Commission .stresses the small portion of government workers intent upon subversion. But it also stresses the fact that those few present a aprobloni which "must bo dealt with vigorously and effectively." As it is now a disloyal person has a good chance of concealing his true feelings in getting a government jolt. Once in lie can work in what amounts to secrecy, as compared with the spotlight of elected public office. When one reflects that a duly el-jct- ed congressman like Vito Marcantonio consistently upholds the Communist Party liine on the floor of the House, and that duly ylocied congressmen like Theodore Bilbo and John Nankin havo coiiHistently perverted the meaning of Americanism and tho intent of the Constitution in gaining re-election, it is easy to see how a comparatively ou- scure official who is. appointed rather than elected could got away with some real damage. OF OTHERS An Ominous Rebellion An attempt has broken on; in |hc IIousu ol Representative!! to tliclnte wliom President Truman can hire and fire by withholding, salary funds. So far, the Apptlpriations Committee lias cut off E(]g,ir L. Wnrreii, director of Uiu Conciliation Service, on charges of leltlsh leim- Inss. But If the anll-Warrcn maneuver succeeds, the House may go on to biyijer game. Thus,' Southern DemiiBOugc Bugcm; Cox says that . ;:• the Senate confirms David B. Lilienlhal to 'tne Atomic Energy Commission, lie favors refusing funds lo pay him. For reasons ;;ml Iho Warren case brings out. this development is oniinoitt In the extreme, Mrsl. elfectlvc government is simply impossible If Congress sets itscir up as personnel director to the executive brunch. The attempt to do so is profoundly in contempt o; ;nc Constitution. Secretary Schwellenbach is right: "It Is not the function of Congress to tell me who to hire or lo fire." , Second, personnel cllclntlprV by Congress Is. in effect, burning down, a house to cslcnuinace a suspicion of moths lii the coat closet. The Conciliation Service,. Is a uscru; agency that ciiu down the frequency and severity of strikes. No bureau can operate well without a responslulb head. Third, the committee has convicted a mini without fair trial or pretense of hearing \ n uis own defense. It accuses Warren of once belonging Vp Communist "front" groups— and uses an un-American way to oust him. The committee's own offenses must be cleaned up before Warren can possibly be appraised on the merits. It has made charges which the Secretary of Labor and the President should silt, If their verdict dies not satisfy the accusers, li c ease could then be taken up by the House Labor Committee. The comi-.iittec could not fire Warren. but if its examination reflects seriously on 1:15 fitness, public opinion would force his superiors to <lo so. Instead, the Appropriations Committee t.iis him ami cuts off his pay. Its act is .ill the uglier because the committee had to ,isc a legalistic loophole to do it. When Robert Morss Lovctl, Godwin n. Watson and William E. Dodd J.r were ousted on similar charges, ths Supreme Court rmecl lhat singling out executive employes by name for punishment is a lt,r- biddcn bill or lUlaimlfr. Taking p-otit tran thai experience, n committee now undertakes to fire a man by abolishing his job-which. for nil morn) purposes and el tret, is the same thing. The maneuver smells, ami will smell worse II it proceeds further with Warrrn or to olhtv fxcculivc officials, n the majority leadership in will be stopped and scl aside right now. ST. LOUIS I'OST-DISI'ATCII. BARBS HY IIAl. {;O«IIRi\,V As spring rolls in, so will stockings. * • • More reports of Iren-age marriages: Nest we'll be henrint! of a suit for divorce because hc hid her jacks and skipping roiw. • • ^Exercise will kill all ,-cims, accordin? lo a Pennsylvania doctor. But how do you yet ihe little pests to exercise? » • » In India -a man claimnl ii c was lilted fro-i bed and thrown out n window by phosts. n dews sound like the work of strong .spirits. SO THEY SAY inadequacies of diplomacy and war as methods of settling disputes between nations tire plain /or all to see. They have Iclt hate, clc- Elrur.l:cui and desolation in their wake.—Supreme Justice William o. Douglas. It is in rural America where family life is most wholesome, and where the divorce rato is still low.—Most. Rev. John y. Noll, Cithulie Kishop of Port Wayne, ind. ' They Both Could Get Along Faster ' SATURDAY, MAUCII 29, 19J7 _dte±j^^$A^.-^-^j ' 1 UN Security Council Requested 1 By US. to Use Truman 'Doctrine' Hopes for Austrian Treaty Rise Cf Delegation to Ministers' KY I'KtKK EDSON NKA Washinglon CorrcsiKintlnist WASHINGTON. March 29 (ME/U —Summonini! to Moscow of an Austrian delegation headed bv For- elttn Minister Karl 'amber casts an 5 -' other ray of hope on U. S. Sec- 1 e pry of -laISc George C. Marshall's ambition lo clean up the Austrian situation at the Foreign Ministers Council. The popular nation that a tre.i- •y of peace with Austria is to he written as Moscow isn't mule right., The Uniled states never considered it. was nt. war with - Austria, • When Secretary of'State CorcH»ll Hull went, to Moscow in 104:;. he "'on agreement from the Russian* to consider the Nazi invasion of Austria an act t) f- force. .The ,i;;n or the war insofar as it concerned Austria was therefore to':' HhciiVte.- -he Austrian... people and restore. their Independence. It i s this 'jnar- mtec of Austrian freedom that is being put in treaty, form at Mo<- '' cow. " ; Secretary o f Elate James P j Byrnes tried to get the four p-jw- : 'rs lo start work cm this ircaty Ji: ' "".iris last June. Hussia 'refused. In 'e«- York last December, howovc'- Vfololov agreed to the nppnintmc-nt of deputies to begin flrnftiiuf. In January Gen Mark Clark for ihc J. S.. Viscount Hood for Britain, Maurice Couve cic JIurvlllc fnr nce. nnd Feotlor T. Ciii.sspv for he U. s. S. R.. v.-fiit in win!: 0:1 h c treaty in London. They v.-nrkrd six weeks with llitl,- .success Tlii-v -eportcd to the Big Pour Council m March 10 aixS «-ere set to work ngain. W'rth Calling Meeting AKIS1-: • They UKI-C; that Auslilu should be- inticnend'.-n: with a democratic frovernnieiit elected by .secret bal- iv\: 'rhoy ai'.t-ct- on a declaration ol human rights for the Austritiiis — In t'.cneral, ihc- 5111110 pruanintocs written in Italian, Hungarian, and olher treaties. '' Where they di--ai;n-e is nn main- eon:rc.versial issues peculiar to Austria, arisin;: out of ils scven- ycnv Nazi nccu;x:tUni. These problems cinm> principally ln> m different interpretations of tin; Potsdam •TjJTJfi rations c,n clci'.n/.ification, the fnrtcilinK of displaced persons, the (Uslrosil ion of ftrnnn Genium us •'Ct-s as reparations. All these ]>i'Ob- Inus have arisen .sinci: the United Stales, Britain, France, and Soviet Russia took up the occupation of Austria at the end of the war. The French western /one of Austria 1 had fccnery and electric power., The British soul hern zone had intocs nn ( | D. P.'s The U. S. north- era zone was fairly v.-ei| balanced in indnsii-y a, )(l agriculture, nut the I'cii Russian eastern /one had the brcadb.ivkel. the nil. a:id the big Industries. The Russians wanted to stav. L'v.-1-.vbrjcIy els? wanted to go lir-inc and leave Austria to the Austrian:;. ( ;"[<>!• ;i, P potsdam agreement. German-tuned external assets were t-);b ( ; divided as reparations. The three, wr.-.tern powrr.s renounced thrir shure. it had never been con- Innpla'ed that l:m,| w.i s to be in- i-ludcri. but Russia seized over GO bif( i!.--t Jtes. They also took 120 plants, including ihe only locomotive works, the only anthracite mine, nnd most of the food and oil. Much of the oil hail-,been- dc-. velopcd by American and British companies. , COMMUNISTS M'lN " ONI y FOUK SEATS The Austriniis tliemsclves claim- 'ed rightly that these wholesale appropriations would ruin their coun- t try. ,,-TO check this the Austrian I eovcS-nnicm moved lo nationalize its industry, but the Russians wouldn't let the decree be enforced in their zone. A provisional Austrian govern-' jment.had been set up by Russia- i In Aijril, 1045. It was -recognized i by the"other three powers In : 'September, aiid it conducted national ! elections two months later. Much to the Russians' surprise the Com- iiiiinists won only four seats ;ln the : National Assembly. Socialists won : i 7G seats, and the People's Party. I middle-class conservative, won 85. | With Dr. Carl Renner a s -president and Dr. Leopold Pigl as chancellor, this government -was recognized I by the Big Four In January, 194G. ! It has dona a good job. Though it started with' printing-press money, it has held down Inflation. It hopes for a share ot the S1CO million gold pot stolen by Germany. \(, has asked the U. s. Export-Import Dank for a rcconslriiction loan of from 25 to 50 million dollars.. It will bp one of the main beneficiaries if the $350 million U. S. rc- licr program is approved by Congress. Tills Austrian republic is the government with which the Big Four is Xnakina treaty. Ninety days after the treaty is approved the ronr armies of occupation arc supy | cd to move out. Sunday School Lesson -* BY KOllKIlT .1. United 1'rcss Staff Cmrcspniulenl LAKK SUCOFfc'S, N, Y. JlMlvll 29. (UP)—Tlie united States yesterday called on the United Nations to establish permanent nia- KV WILLIAM K. .GILKOY, D. I), chinery to police the strifc'-tiir-i Palestine, the homeland or the Bible, has been' strangely a land of great beauty, idyllic happiness, and somber, terrible tragedy. Us soil, rich with the beauty of the Balkans and rnvejilivl that the new "Truman 'doctrine" may be extended to other countries in addition lo Greece ami Turkey. — _, _. — The American declaration Wi;s flowers cf the field, with its mas- place,] before Hie United Nations^ siyo cedars, and lt s glimmering Security council in n-sponsc Vi« olive groves, has been drenched widespread charges that President with the blood of cruel warfares Truman had by-passed UN mn- and persecutions. . , chinery in calling upon Coiv-rcss Goodness?.* wisdom, visions , of fora unilateral $•! 00,000,000 Amer- .peace and happiness And plenty, lean aid program for Greece and iint'. ideals of righteousness , :jnd Turkey. truth are.foreveQn the. heritage'.- Warren R. Austin, American tJN 11 lias BHcn to—the world. But delegate, presented the U. S. state- violence, .'hatred, -evil, and all the menl and announced he was pre,all too -pared for Immediate debate o: the American program if the council fruits of evil manifest from ' file beginning Cam, who slew his brother, through all the history of'-the Jeiiobels, Herods, and oTiier perpetrators of Iniquity. All the beauty, tenderness, and goodness of that land, with 'all desired. Austin's chief points: 1—-Trm Uiiilnt stales wishes the UN Balkan Commission to station observers on the Grci-k frontier anil ,, ^ t t.tmu illllil, \VJH1 till j , . , .-•--the tragedy of hate and violence • 9 consider establishment of a pcr- were comprised In the brief mal "' 1)t UN border control system carthlv life of Jesus of Nazareth. fo '' the Dalkans. 2—President Truman's aid .>ro- po.sals "comprehend more than Greece or Turkey' or. in other words, extension ol the "ciuaranlinu Communism" program lo other countries Is conten-.platc-l, 3 -The United states respects the right of nil nations to whnt- ... ever way of life or system nt gov- martyrs oi Israel's holiest andbest. crnmcnt they chon.sp so long as the * . * . * choice Is free and they'-do "not in- llic nv of vicarious sacrifice, ot Icrfere with ihe -Hits of other suffering, and of giving of life for countries or the liberties or other otihcrs was written deeply into the peoples" history, and religion of Israel. 4 -The American program is temporary" and ,cs expects UN jvrr (he problem In His life and teaching were comprised all the faith and hope, the consecrated goodness, the love of Ood, and the servrce of their fcllowmen that the propiietcs, saints, and heroes of Israel had personified. And against Him became concentrated all the hatred and persecution which had made •Ainoni; bi'jlical scholars there has "emergency and been much controversy as to how directly and In what "way the 33d with its por- ig Servant, gotten In referred to Jesus. the United agencies to take over after the u. s. urogri under way. is 4,000-word --. They have read that chapter seeing how Jesus fullilled its xicarious law and or of Mr. Truman's desires to "quarantine Communism" the u^-,x, a .UU1111.-U 11.1 AILcLIIUll^ IUAV lUlll ,..„!.,,. - , . its si/.tit. regardless of whether ov ' J , I J01 "' S p lac P<l hefor e Oon- not the writer had a prophetic B * s 'f adminis * ! 'alion spokesmen. " ' of the-Man of Nazareth e "Bribed the American proto suffer centuries later or ' am '•hrciighout as one of "cco- more immediate saint in n , omic - financial and artvisov" as- sH a prophet' and a type of . sislanco - He did not explain to the 'lie who wa s to come council the Turki-rh aspect of the prophetic „ ,, ., vision of the - Man of Nazareth e <1 '-c I1 »< ! d the American pro- nbout to suffer centuries later or ' am '•hrciighout as one of "cco- fnmc more immediate saint, in n , omic - financial and artvisov" as- himsclf American loan prmjosal. merrlv • Just early-'in His earthly m . enti °W'ia that Turkey hart nskcd ministry Jesus "became conscious ' c Unil °d S'ate.s for fiiiEi'icial that His ministry .was "to be ful- hcl|) - Hc Save no inttication of what lillcd in His death is not ! . clear, oilier countries the new doctrine Nor is it clear whether or not He ii'Shl be applied to although state .""unied at first, as the disciples department spokesmen ], n ve said di.d. that His ministry';, might' in-: 11 - similar operation for Korea is v^'vp the setting up of an earthly W"g studied by diplomatic and mil- kungdom. ,'"-.' : itary specialists. , But:.when,'af" the,yerj' outset of "The United States is tffvinv mo- ministry. He"'lo6k to himself .mentum to the united Nations bv I'he. prophecy of Isaiah. "The spirit Its present poJJcy and st desires of the'Lord is upon me'because Ho and welcomes corresponding inter- hath annolntecl me to- -preach the est and support from other mc'r- r:o:-pcl to the poor." etc. He must bcrs of the United Nations" lie have been''fully conscious of that declared. other prcphe.-y concerning the Sut- Prcdiclinp, an "intensificati'in" of fe " n ,B Servant. , guerilla fighting in Northern What Is plain, however,- Is that • Greece with the sprim; thaw .\its- Jesus came to foresee and to ao-1 tin proposed a permanent UN" l>a- cept fully lie fa'c of His sacrificial i trol 10 "maintain constant watch death. He was the Good Shephera for violations of the border" sena- abuut lo lay down His life tor rating Greece from Fovlet-o-iont- 15 Years Ago fn 'Blf/iheville — Dr. A. M. Washburn will go to Little Rock Monday to attend the state medical convention. Suit for the condemnation of the U. S. Branson property at 'Walnut, and Broadway' a s a site for the new Post OflT;c was filed in Federal Court at Jonesboro yesterday. airs. Park Hatchett was hostess yesterday aftcrnon to the Tuesday M,rs- Horace Gulp IN HOLLYWOOD KY KKSKIXK .lOHNSOX NKA Staff Cnrrcsjinnik-iit . HOLLYWOOD (NTi'j - . M,:1, Montcz was Hotlywmd's ir.o.i"; ;•::cited bride in 12 years. A ton of fruit was once us-d : nr outdoor decorations at :i bi'; IIol- ywood p.iuy. Phirlry Temple's wccktinl; ij,,n- . nuet had a stand-in so^li w^u;d r«ik fresh at tl, t . reception iw.i icurs later. Sonja Hcnii.' once save a p.iny or 200 guests and hired <mlv o;u- bartender. .1 lib popple 1 r.eiirty <IieiI if thirst.I - [ We've boon, gi'ttint-this.and oih-^ r lowdown on Holhwood 1 Wwlrliii;;!-." i ml pin-tics from :\ mm wlv • business Is staging them' — * Joan Bcis'id. When they !; H (Uv'ced. Ho'.lv- '<• oo<liirs Kt> to Las vci-iis or Mex- co. When they uct mnrrirtl. <,:•' hrow a l>:irly. they rail up John II.-M'I'V ( l'S'K).Mi;ii s : Bci.stel h^s ..cores nf happy I! -i- ' ywood customers, however. HP ii," directed tin- weddln:; ; fit Khi;!rV| M.iti^ M.inic-/. fruic Miiv.-| ilnp. I/m-ii:, ynunu. clalre Tmvn:- , >iut Conrad Nncel's eViiriiTr i Ruth. His >lrran Is '-Tin- !Vr[, !r t M;i:'- thhiK- '•]]',. ^ui-vh'^c'wnsl'clotlie:" reception, .som-thhi" nUI vimcthin" lew. and ;,nmc!hii,;,. i,iue. He ha.s Masrd parties for sonirr !-:onii>. ,j;:ck Warner, .jcriiicllc M u- Donald. j m rt jus; r.hoiit cventmr i ".-.e of im]ioitaiic(>. Hi. tnkcs <a:-r I of pyprylhliiiT .if Il:r parlies :";',, !-rom ;he invitniion, in Hie lin ...]•- ino drunks. I "f have a sii r -r ,f,,i b,!'-l7v-.. .• he s:i!(.i. ">)Cfnn [ r> I b'tv- ( i r-ll 1 - o! '"''"<»• If 1 took all in'r:- ( -.1-..U. nifnts with In ld( s n-otli.',- ' •',',,. l»rtv >.r>i loiislv J-',| .„ fi'iizy In a \vnk ' Mi: OUT I'OU I.At'CIIS Hf'istel h:,s br-cn rm - ;i iiViiv' v\ weddings p.,i-.i ( ,-. n HclIvv.-oOfi for 1'J years. ".Maiin Montr;-." ],e snid. "was lite, infht cxeltrci bride I'd over seen. II ^ V.TI.S an (jnolioiial strain for Afixria and T.' frt'iie Mnnnins;. ho '>'..ns the calmest, and Shirley lle the most worried about her l::tliei-. ".Shirley.' hf said, "was drathly r,froM i,cr fathrr was K«m!) t(> trip .ihile walkini; ciown the aisle." A lloil.v'.vnort silnuor doll and a I.os! Angelrs snvialite nave nristel lu,;' lau<;lis..She wanted a .uut. .white, and btuo pjlka-ciot v.-i-vi- i:in;j With Hip f:r.;niiist pliiyini; "I.,il- *'f • Ci'.vnsy. Arc There Any .More "like You ;u Home" while the krjdrMnnids v.,.-i:-;ed down the alsh 1 . ISfi.-itfl ;in ( (-:th" orrjanlst talked'the ,(!jli nut of both {(leas. rSvhy Ponjn H( nie" hired only one l:^rici:(k".- lo scv\^ ?no nnrly Bursts .-•'ill j!ir/./!rs I!f:s;cl. "Slio spent a ;mill fortmir on food ami drcnrn- ; !<•!)!•. 7ho IITN; tii'ir she fiave a p.u1y tf^cio \\rrr ;^i:nost as many Vnrtondcr.s as p.itcsts.'' well for him. Ill most cases the king of diamonds was opened and dummy's ncc won. The queen of clubs lost I to East's king. In some cases the' i queen of diamonds was led, others led a spade, but in cither case d°, clnrcr was then in his own hand. He cashed the ace of clubs and. !un;.hcon club, was a guest. ..'Beal Masscy . v poht today in Wilson on business. spade with the king of hearts, trump a diamond with the ten of hearts aim then pick up West's two remaining trumps. Thus he lost only the club trick. Would you have tried for the heart break, which most of the ex- ami cd Yugoslavia, Bulgaria bnnia. "The danger of border vlolitlnns obviously is increased,'' he said, addiny; that even the temporary UN Balkans Commission should leave a token group behind to keep watch while it leaves the area to report to the Security Council next month. The united States, he said, now has "special nnd pressint; interest" in seeing lhat the Security Council tnkc.s effective action "in that part of the world. ' A A7G5 V AQ 109 7 2 * -1 * A8 A :>. y K 3 4 * A J 1 0 7 *QJ 103-1 Tu;im:iiii«:t — Neither " McKENNEY ON BRIDGE Mouth West I # Pass ^ V P.-ISS ,f!N T Pass Opening— North 1 V 2 A G V K. Kast" 1\IS5 Pass Pass 20 •!tri<lf?e Hand Must •lie riar-cd 'Wrong' KV \VII.l.t.\M i:. MtKKNNKY l Alvclic:l's C.lril Authority 1 \\-fiUen fnr >;i;.\ Service i J-'rvernl exiji 1 :'.s in [he world fliami:in:i^ hij> mastei-.s indiviciual !':iu r.t.nif'Ml :ariv(d at six hearts on , Ixluy'r, hand. Only on? of them made Iho eontrire'. i;nti hc ad;, n.iltc'ti iiiteiwarrts that he thought. he had taken liie wroiiji line of play even Ihotieli it did work onl now laid down the ace of hearts, hoping to find the heart break i\o than three-one. If both tl>- poncnts followed, the queen '-of hearts \\ould be cashed and a heart lc<i over to dummy's king. Then Hie losing spades could be discarded on the good clubs. But of course the heart suit did not break and it was impossible for declarer to make the hand. i The one North player who did 1 mnke It did not lay down a trump alter winning (he third trick with the nee of spades. He cashed the ace 01 clubs and ruffed a spade i In. dummy. HP led the Jack of clubs | nnd wnen West trumped with the 1 three Of hearts. North ovcrtnnnp- rd with the seven. i Another spade was-ruffed with dummy's five of henrls and Ihc ten of clubs played, u West did not trump, declarer would discard a j ,M>adc. If West did trump with the ! six of henrls. North would ovcr- i trump with ihc nine, niff ihe perls agreed was the correct play? J it. still? the slice]). We tend to speak of the cross lightly. We wear it as a piece of jewelry or a synv'ool. but how much does it, mean to us of the nralily of sacrifire and .stinerin^V H<-,\v much are our li-. cs given lor others? We may welt a.«.k it as we sing. "It is the way the Mas'te. 1 : went; should not Ihe servant tread American Justice HORIZONTAL 1,5 Pictured i I'. S. jurist 10 Pedal digit 13 Bnmi passage 14 Recompense 15 Constellation 1 fl Row 17 Pnrridis^ VERTICAL 1 Belongs to him 2 Indian 3 Driving comnwnd. 4 Trying experience f> Brought up U Conducted 7 Mimic i! Walking stick 9 "Blue Grass" (ab.) 2C lie is en asso.- 30 Beret i-lafc- juslice of 11 Boundary Ihc U. S. Su- (comb, form) 10 Concl \'2\ Auricle '23 i lusion 23 Caterpillar 22 High card 23 Dense 2-1 Wc;ir away 25 Kitchen furniture 27 Absolute 28L,ariKt 29 Attempted 35 Type ot cheese •12 Jacob's In-other (3ib.; •13 Acrimonious J •14 Dove's cry i 45 Diner.ctimbcr I 46 Malt drinl; ! 48 River island ! 49 Adherent ' ni Perish ; 52 GirVs nnme ! pvcmc lOPapnl rape 31 Compound ether 12 Lugworm 331'ovgy 3-1 Runs dis- connoclcdly 37 Mountain crest 35 Acts 40 Electrical unit ll Rcvcrcnlial fcm 43 .Siamese coin 44 Stuff 17 Levantine ketch 50 J-'nlsc god. Si-Lubricate . 55 West Indian island 5G Krcncl] river 57 Poem 5S Muffled E-9 Tidy 12 Dine 38 God of love 20 Born, 3G Compass point 53 Permit 37 Nautical term 55 Handmsde 38 Allowance (ah.)

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