The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1952 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1952
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 17. 19CT OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoopl. BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS U6HT6OUE KMBT L PU'DARfHB FRftE AFF IT6 THORHY TSee ' AND MV PAUSE LLWER £rw*l THE ffcse JJT LEFT -rue -TUO»J w MS* : GRAB Tt-lisl? MARKET 6A6 ArtD W£ U. _._. . —-™_^ THE 80f*Jl6 — ' TO THE GOT OF 1HORWS 60T I PUT A TftCK UP A. STUMT FOR T He CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Silts up to 84 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic HinxT'r.ntes Concrete & Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices We Deliver Highway 61 at State Line Phone 7H JUST RENT A CAMERA from our CAMERU SHOP Take the Pictures Yourself ... With a box, flash, or Movie Camera. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 FOR SALE Concrete rail-eric, IZ Inch to 48 inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Bulldjrjf Blocks cheaper than lumber for b»i-ns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tojj sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 601 Good Service FOR YOUR GAR Is Yours for the Asking at T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dtaltr 1Z1 E. Main Phone 2122 B«utifnl Brick Couiitry Home on two «cre lot. 1J4 mllei North of Blythevllle on Highway 61. Large liviny room with wood burning hreplace. 2 roomy btdrooms with cedar lined cloMtt All tiled balh, colored fixtures. Attractive and convenient kitchen. Large dining room. Large recreation and utility room In basement. Upstairs is floored and partially finished.'Two car yarage pln« storage. Summer house with barbecue pit. z room servant house. You will find upon inspection of this house that the material and construction is the best and would cost far more to construct at today's costs. Trice {35,000.00. For appointment, see or call Phone 4111 JOHNNY MARK, Realtor 112 South Second St. Res. Phone 2596 By Nina Wilcox Putnam Copyright 195! by NEA S«vk«, Inc. XX CONROY looked thoughtful. "Maybe this does 'hook up with those the/ts at The House, Alma," he said. "What do -you think?" "I think if's.very strnnge In all that you've done for Bright there has never been any official conlact with the financial department," Alma pointed out. "1 think it's a whole lot stranger that the first ;thefts in years have occurred ;»ince Bright got into power. And that it's a good deal more than a coincidence that Higgins sent a package for appraisal to Mrs. Denton an hour or two after the annual sweepings had been salvaged, particularly sine* she is about to leave on a trip to Mexico I realize that anything Mrs. Denton «ole she would slip through the workroom floor so that It could not be pinned on her—because tn that way it wouldn't be in her possession '* she were suspected Jad her apartment searched!" f^ "Alma!" Tommy cried "arc you rnad? What ore you trying to say? Why, Mrs. Denton couldn't possibly be the thief! tfs a physical impossibilityl" She stared at him grimly. "Mrs. Denton Is no more crippled than you are!" she said. Tommy grabbed her by the wrists and forced her to sit down. "Be careful what you say, Alma!" he said severely. "You're making a very serious assertion Take it easy now, and tell me exactly why you think this." She pulled herself together »nd lowered her voice. And then she fold him the whole story ol her going to Joe's apartment, of Mrs Denton's visit to the workroom at Trumbull'3 and lastly, of how she Alma, had unwittingly spied upon Mrs. Denton at toe old woman's room*. Even as she told it she bc?an to feel u though her voice was un- convincing, that she herself scarcely believed the whole fantastic experience. But her husband's mobile face finally expressed a reluctant conviction. The world he had taken on trust was crumbling about him, but he was not crumbling with it. He heard her out and as he listened she could see that something she had said made a powerful impression on him. "Look here. Jewels!" he began, when she was thronjh. "What you tell me about Mrs. Denton is bad enough—it hoc^a in somewhere with Bright, no doubt. But what's even worse is that it looks bad for Joe, too. How can he possibly not know what's going on? Takinc her to Mexico and all that?" "It's pretty sickening!" Alma admitted huskily. "But not as bad as what you've been Uiinking of mel" Tommy stood up and looked at her with a new sort of pain in his eyes "You've done something to me Jewels—something I can't describe." "Try to describe it, Tommy." He shook his head distressed ly. "I don't believe I'm able to! This —well, this is the first time I've seen clearly the status I've been acquiring in your eyes. I know that at've thought 1 was a heel—and I guess I have been But I didn't know I'd sunk so low that you would suspect me of being capable of murder!" "Tommyl I never did really. "Yes you did!" he Interrupted. "The way it came out naturally ust now—tha( was why you went .o Joe. You can't explain it away, and I don't want-you lo. It's a sledge hammer blow, Alma, and t's hit me just about where t live, ! guess my conscience must have won* pretty nurnb. I needed * blow to wake it up again. Well, t's awake all right!" PAGE THIRTEEN OUT OUR .WAY •y J. R. Williams FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HAT OME COMEPIAhJ DOES TO THE. OTHER WHEN HE 6ETS FUSJNV? WELL I "AVE IT BU&riT HeRE--' ANP rOU'Ll. SET IT * •lOU DOfJ'T COME OUT OF 7HAT vou WAKE- T Wtw IF Too MlltC ANP THE CAMS. ' >£ < . Up KINK SOME MORC SUBE TO UP THAT GOAT/ OF THAT GOT MILK / t^H!*? 800r4r> YOL/K DBEAMS' _-/ ANTIDOTE ^^==3C FOR. GOAT MILK? Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads FLV THI5 '...HE SENT TWO UN 1 /M!S&JJ.£ - A^nnn; I \ "Do you want our btst r,ylon»-or are these for your wife? PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed lies! l>rices Kirby Drug Stores TAKING PLEDGES FOR THE ANTI-aAMBLING CAMPAIGN! IF ONE OF OUR AGENTS CALLS HOW MUCH CAM WE COUMT ON VOU FOR? AH MK. NUTCHELL! I WAS JUST TALKING TO YOUR WIFE ABOUT QAMBLINQ SIF-soMeOHECAUS? WEL.C IF.ryEQOT ANY KINO OTA T, ILL STAY IN THE EVERY T/M/Si V, =J^ FIND A STREET PRETTY QU:C< THHN HAIL A CAB AND BLINDED BY TH5 5-NOW, &POKT DOE5- NOT cJVf ^ C ^ BV S^JCLO^URE SVHERE A SBOUP BIILl..^, AEB AWA1TIM& f . L S™™ ™V?M»?f VNHV, VEft HEREljer^ DON'T BE Coy, LM>V.. GIVE IT HERE! UMM.. JIXMET TULL16 ^ IHcW MKVBE- TOU'U EXPLAIM I CMJ VVJHV VOU'RB DKWIMG A STOLEN EXPLMW ^r C&e=! r . 3 No other drink '^CVEZZIR, WF SAW/OKAY BOYS WE'I I I nroe IKIT^ aH T itr°^\: TI g?i,'rr AS ( 1T/ ^J^'^PENiweS? S™TL'&£O cg^KAvA 0?ECK°A U REP&T W 0? M X^ RS , E y SWA '-LERED Vl MVSTERroSs ° F WHOLE; X HIS HORSE M EXPLOSION. RIGHT/ \mj*, SOMETIMES i VVEH...MOW IT'S A WONDER WHY 7 \ FIFTY-TOOT ANCWSTAKTAT [" 10, 2 AN? |» 4 O'CLOCK! OF- THE SCREW-KINDA STUFF oT ' HAf=T A /DO THEY DRINK PUT UP WITH; L 10 SEP *~-=i-f ""^e^'Jtf^viK 1 -,. TELL ME ABOUT IT.' ^ I'M PRACTIC'LV ALL EARS' Hiva, cicesto.' LSARN ANVTHIN' INTERESTIN IN SCHOOL T'PAV ? AIN'T \T ffONf CLHKEK fe Wtk as 2 1 nr wick S« IT 10DAYI Hubbard & Hoke APPLIANCE CO. CENEKAlAELiCTRIC VACUUM CLEANERS gHE couldn't apeak but her eyei , must have been eloquent for he leaned over and gave her a solemn little kiss on the forehead "I'm going to prove to you I'm i man" he said quietly. "Starting right now. This is my mess and its up to me to clear it up I'm taking over from here on and that means a real clean-up! Believe me?" "Oh, Tommy darling, I do. But how do you start?" 'First of 'all I'll get hold o( Brighl and bring everything out in the open." "But suppose he asks for the balance of the money? We haven't got il!" .'HI tell him the (ruth and Bright will give me time to replace it. He'll have to. And, Alma wet) better not jump to any conclusions about what he's done before I've talked to him There may be some perfectly simple explanation." 'I hope to heaven there is." 'TOMMY picked up the telephone But it developed that Brighl had not been at his office and his lome number did not answer. "I'll have to call Mysti- Tommj decided. "He's usually there at about this time." Alma experienced the twinge of mingled curiosity and repugnance which the menlion of Bright's girl alwayj aroused in her. "What's she like, Tommy?" "Mysti? You've seen her She'i uit like she looks!" Alma recalled the woman she had seen at the Blue Cat Club Mysti, with the lines about her mouth, the hardness In her eyes the dark sleek hair, (he oval face and the low-cut dresj. "Is she going lo marry Bright?" "Not unless he comes across with < fat cash settlement firsi! That's why Bright's been working overtime—he's so crazy for her he'd give her anything she asked or, even if he had to steal to gel Suddenly realizing what he was aying, Tommy broke off abruptly and began a frantic dialing of the phone. 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