The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1947
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

^THURSDAY, MARCH 27, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily r&t« per Uua for consecullr* IDBeitious: 1 lluie yer line ~_^~ I6c i! tliuca per Hue per day ~~.~~ Ilic 3 limes 11 er line per day I_~ He U times ycr liuu per day !„_ ?e 11! times jier IJuo pet day 5c Mouth ver line COc Count rive average words to the line. Ad ordered for tbree or six times and Btu]>]ictl lirforo expiration will bo charged for tl.c uumtur of tluxes the ad ap- lieari'd and idJiiBtiiiciit of bill made, AIE Classified Advertising copy auto- mitt^d by persons res id inn outside of the city IUDSL bo accompanied by cash, Ralci iii-.y bo ca.sily computed Item I be above table. tlo:i% takes tlic one time rite. >«i rc»LJtmsIbllity will be ti Ult ' For Safe HRV». tjnyor for your honip U O. <'nmr,(,,.]l. I'hmio <4Q — 2'j;iO Office VJfl Houllj St-vnnt], I0'2 ck-lj For Fine PortraMs lt*s O'fiTKKN'S STUDIO HA BY CHICKS bnrnlrv.l .([in ;i] mid inilk BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS for Sale fou<\ uscj xvjtsliiiiK uiicliliic t-r JSlyllicvilltt .MttdiJiia Bliui». Baby Chicks—Custom hutch- ing. High grade Pullorum Controlled Chicks that arc hutched he r.e Started Custom hatching $3.50 per hundred eggs set. Bkiylock Hatchery, North 01, phone 3172. "3-4-ck-lf arantiM'il 10-Juy delivery O'STEKN'S STUDIO d »T A KK'A VAM SWKKV 1'OTATO | SKKI). Itur *i 1 t'il iKitrttvJi-s uro i riv nf f IVr iHisTii'l *:MIO. W(!iu for Irtr>; L - (jrJnrft. /mil Ilynim. Jl] rs. Also fcrtilit.-r Ph. SPECIAL .SALE , Ql^llTY BASY CHICKS v Out huaVy qualily cfilclt* oi« bi*4 ^» \o, livabillly ond lo.l g.owlh. PLACE YOUR ORDfR L. K. ASHCnAFT CO 1-; Block South o( Dci.a Km Ol II. !'.!.. KjlK.ri ijliinliiii; M.i.l. II .A. S.-U.-1I. ill. I Daily Krliuil III 1. - hl-l!-. Kiu'l C-M-t.-r. '.\l:niits. Ark. o/'*.H'l"il ';'l' k Sw;?:! Sl'/n'l.. "nl'K. \\»\i>. '-"'J 'Hot L'.if .. ii. ni- ri.i-a[.|..-.l III.:IK ir:,,'[,,r lin-i HI. L'-l'j-r ' ' ' \ii'i:ri'c-k'.':;''.; AIOIY SXIRPIAJS— J>:irV; i-cpr n i.r.inl siiHi.Mo for .ill rrmirh v.'urjil Mirfai'i's. ]>:ii-k<>il in & uiillon 'tlvilu-vilk- unit viciuftr. Cull JilU wr Ti'd C. Ly*t,T. nri'J W»l»ui Si., J W.' St,-.4 .ill barri'l mcks. isljll.ovillo Ma- ctiine .Shuli. Cull ^6^b. Illlri-ck-tf Culnrs unit Eufliii-iR uro ri'iiewr.l in ruj,*5 ftpanviL wilk Kirm Fi>fl«i. l>»'«la I'-ilnl ,V *,V»lli»:iiii.T f.. LU7-tk--l|7 4k,. - 'f-J»" I]:t!ii'- cultivators, OIK- now, f.'.'u. ''M!,. "' ' J '"" "a'i7-iiV:d ] s.-1 I 1 "-1 ti) iv 1 M'l .^-tci-l xvln'«-Ls, 1 kiii.|t-ui <lis t ' 1 HnsJi ninl Li^' ili^c. ultivjilor. I fiM-iu fr:nl.-r. I AO Uit. || SlrAU-lM-rrv »\ant«. Mnrif HanJsh. 171 Clirrhnsliwlin. Plinnu 37-ID. :!ir,-pV:-J HO Harrels USED OH. . For, that Dusty Road ?1 Itarrel Phone 578—K. G. Cash 2 Itlrt. to |II 1 <• .Mr |>la ..... r. Alk ..f ill.-v,< ]i:,i' in K ..... 1 stiai.o. l!,.;,,ly i., -„. sntliiB Ia1.- I hi- 1- ran In .TJ- ..l,.-aii. Can l.f >.•.... L; Collini s I Dl'l. i y.'tu- I, ,..,[ r. $9 PIT'.l. Klytln'ciU .• l!'i- O.tllitiard inntnr. K '/. Sra KiriL-. 1^(|S Holly. I'll. aii;i9. :i;'j|.pk-i;7 li I •l.muin liciiisr. '1 I..IB. ,.i!-- SI. I'rifi- .n'.HUO. C-MII .niiiki- I.TIIIS 'IT ill,-.. l.,l N..^ll,«...| part ,.[ >-. V,-i-y il..Mr.,l,:.. f.,r II' NV. >l HUICX. 1 ! lioall I'liniu- :i::tu Sill,-!: hiiil.linp on 1-^sl Miin strt-c for ^LUO J.or inunlli. ' Tri. (9.-.00. 'IVrins Small IUIIIM. h.-.lf hlo.'k off Main in Ka«l mil. I'l-ic,..! lo sell T.'rin*. JO n.-rrs 2V. mil.-.* pnil of I'^rnm. Mo. <l.,un li:,l:i,ic,- likf rein Wr liuvc Mlnr farim nn.l city ,,H'l'«Tly IMnl If inK-r.-sli.l I,, huvi'nj; runl.irl l.i;TIJKIt <!KAV. KKAl/ry, I'll. ill:i Ofliro \v-itli \V M ' \\-il]i:,Ill's fns A.-ry I'h. 27T.1 MKIiCllAN 1'S 'iliiiilil,' iln'ly rti.-i\l r;;^,-s ;» any li.nictl.s. \1-:., l,.-v.-iiur.- roi,l.-rs. \vnlk-in ryfnj:- .r-. :ini\ fl,-r-|i frr.-?.- rnl.inf-t«. fimililinn. Call 2 room house. Practically new. Lishls and waler. SKiHO.OO. H. €. Campbell 120 S. 2nd SI. 25-ck-28 5 eoocl A 0 Combines; .Tolm Deere 12 A with motor. All in jjood shape. Also have hriind new 1 Man .lohn DCITP h;iy lialer lo traclefor ne\v .Tolin Deere Sfortcl A f-'- tractor. Oolcman Crews. Osceola. Rl. 3, phone -17F1! Keiser Exchange, 3-2G-pk--l-2 Read Courier News Want Alls. The British coa'l ol arms signifies the strength and inlegnly ol the nation it. represents. The brand name on a product in our siore teslilies lo the consistent integrity of its rnami'actiirer. PLANTERS HAnmVAHK CO., !nc 126 W. Main Phone 515 Lost I-V.nalc! I,lark ) m ]|,ln.r. ivlilli. fn Help Wanted Will linvi. l>r,'ss.K<-imiiar inolnr ronli pc'/i April 1. E'lrnsc call ^-171 One tree will make n million mutches, tna o ne match enti de stroy a million trees. ' Uli li, nrniiFny hook ki-epor mid f.l liunilKI-r. 1'ri-foi Lilly l.(.|» , ,„ ap-.* uf ^.T ;, n il :iO. <;<,n.l salary an- I'Jnllilis "J-r.-irlnr Co .Mr ' I.awVnn rim,,,, = ,7L ' 2,. r i., For Rent ll?.lr.ioin. 1109 Ciiirlinsn«-l,a I'll ->S7~ ______ ___ :l|2°l-pk-:i ll.'ilninin. ^l-l N". lltli St. I'll. 23^3 l"ilriir,iii'. lilylliovill,. Il,,|,.l Kir, ~ Main. I'lion,- n',2. Mr.« Cniiiiiiins Rnnf '-rnirtni-nl (ainitv tin,i«i.. "Hire., rli fnrnisiii-,1 apnr(iii The older your cer gels tlio mora atlentlon it needs to avoid accidents, lei us fix-il-up for Summer driving. MOTOR TUNE-UP MOTOR OVERHAULING BRAKE REUNIMG FRONT IND WORK WHEEL AL1CNIMO IGNITION REPAIR] FENDER 8. EOBY V/OI1K GIASS INSTALIED TIRE RiCAPPINO PAINTING PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Wiilnut aL Fiflli—Blythcville, Ark.—Tel. -153—!!7I5 PAGE FIFTEEN \ Services "««I.HL.I. ,if ifo.l ol eouillll"^ A'IC . tlt-lirvi U,1M !• l.isl your property wllli us. Wi- know h»w |u >,-l'l unj Munno' li.Miu-s. \\ h «. ii.vlu. yun l.y uhii nllliinil«ll ..... iiur HTviff in f»rin.. M li-> Kii'l Irani. Low Inli'ioil Uvni: I, -tin. nn, I nii.i .n. |iy libciiit vu-rn>iiH-iU piivll- I.I'I-IIKH 111IAV. HKAI.TV I'liuno M.l Hl-'lfl' IJDSS SAI.KKMVS MONKY 'IX) LOAN Do yini lived > loan to repair or remodel? No down payment, no niortfinge, no n;d tiipe. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. MAS l^, Realtor, phone 203i. Lynch UMg., lUythevtlle. 9-23-ck-tt Kc;ul Courier News Wiinl Ails. Local * l.oli^ Distance Mavlnj Oouil.«unl»!irl|. icd «gul f iu«iil. Ann- <juklolr l!'«ured Ooulrkcl llinllni • uJ utio. s«ivlce v ». HOH« flerilc« * ntorftf* •«. I'kuiie 28U1 We Sell Comfort to Sore Feet 9 New Soles • New Heels for old shoes HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 12! W. Main St. Wanted To Buy Cash for wrevUed or junlt aulomobiles. \Yndc Ante Salvage, North Hiway (il. Phone 8785. 2-2(i-uk-S-2(: Used pianos, any make Adams Appliance. Phoi 2071 Day, 205!) nilc. 2-28-ck-'l-1 Designs have been completed for an "electrnpnU" capable of launching largest, cxistinsj ulrllncr; in 500 feet with a 120-mph tfikcuit They now neetl -1000 feet. Ul.l I ml:, l.i a:,.I , O-Su.^irrt Sluilio. CAMERAS FOR RENT i Free S\7 Enlargement with each Itoll of film ilcvelnpcil. Home of Bonnee Buttered Steak Sandwich 25c 25c BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone 3611 am.. i:,.!!,,. ,,i !r Kt.t.otnliy. Oiu. „„,( two il:,i ,.rvi.-,.. Kr.,[ l-.illjKiui Ita.ll., s.'i. "'"••. nij s<.i,ii, vim. I'li.ui,. MH,., iilis I'k-ilis ioe us for tin estimate before you Inivo your tractor overhauled. We Hi>celuli/e in stpnm cleanhiK nnd painlinK- lOleclric and ucul- yh'itc welding. Husscl) I'liillips 'I'ractor Co. Hiway 01 Soiitli. IMiimc 2171. •?-l-clc-tf Painting and paper \\i\r\i. cuarii Davis, phone Hill S 7-pk-<t-7 SAI.IOSMAN WANTED .1-.- l..okln k . f,,r 1..•!!,., Murk 11,1.1 • r liii'iiin,. hi Mi>4l.Ki[,|.l r ily Free Delivery Cal'l PICKARD'S GROCERY Phony 10-14 rhicka.saw)i;i Iiuonlrd (joiu-s Tho K;;y|;tinn.s invent rtl iJic U_\ rxtcntlinj-c the wonciois .s pokes ol \\hrt'Is thronuh tho rhns, und sntihri tlio wheels :U rijjhl uncles, tficy lurnod wnter wheels by niciiiifl or oxon walking in oirctc.s, FARM LOANS / Law Inter*** Pmi* Appr.l M l J Prompt RAY WORTHINGTON Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Slro T. L MABRY : «3 MISSOURI BT. PH. 3G-!7 u C— ,,.., .J Tune In rriliU'iitlul l'n)i;riiiii Sunii:iy nl 4 p.m. BVIT WttlX) Sl'rvluj This rjcdlnn tor 21 Venn 115 Kn. 3rd Illythcvllle, Ark. BEST BUYS IN TOWN You save money by driving oneof our fine reconditioned late moae! used cars. 1. Save costly repairs on your old car. 2. Avoid higher price later on. 3. Lower cost of upkeep with a good car. A. Enjoy modern motoring. liMI Clu'vrolol Town Kc- lf).|l IMymoiiUt J)P!IIX« 2- (lil " .Dntu- Sc'tliui I9« g^HU... ,Myn. 2- ,,;,, j^ „, „,,„„ 2 . mi .•.ynjimll, Social 2- — ^^ ^^ I'niiel liM2 I'onl l)eln\o 2- Seiliiu ton Kill (i.M.C. y t ton Pk'k- ni> Inii'h. Ciillle Rack MHO DwlKo I;/, ton Truck Most of these cars have Radios, Heaters, Defrosters. fasy GMAC Payment Plan We Never Close Sates Dept. Open <til 8 p.rti. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 2 \\ l n-i-lit-is Phone 578 l!l Mr. Servli'c Sflberlln^ Tlrrs Lost or Strayed ( 1 l.lui. inrir "!"•.-•'• >••••"!- '"M. W.-lal,' PRESCRIPTIONS Frt'sU Stock (Jiiaranleoil lit'sl I'rii'.i'a Kirby Drug Stores Gregory stingcl. n Chicago lio- t)ioke his neck while trying to pull off his iiootball sweater. FELIX A. CARNEY • Dominion Automatic Electric Irons 1 Yr. Guarantee • Complete Line of Electrical and Uatlcry Radios • Expert Radio Repairs • We Pick Up and Deliver 324 E. Main Phone 2407 Night 3518 ATTENTION VETERANS! If you strvnl overseas, you shnnlil join Ihc V.F.W. now! Meetings every Wednesday night, 7:30 nl (he Wclonkani|> Cotton Office, nring a veteran with you. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Farris McCalla, Commander LISTEN PAL, "IF YOU HAD IT SERVICED REGULARLY AT LANGSTON-WROTEN THIS MIGHT NOT HAVE HAPPENED!" DON EDWARDS "Thr Typewriter Man" HOYAL, SMITH, COKONA »nil Ill'.MlNGTON rOIlTAill.F. 110 N. SECOND ST. PIIONK MIU (Every Trnnsactlon MOST BE SATISFACTORY! RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All fyiiw, Klcepl Cuiliicrl DRS. NIES& NIES Clinic 5U Main, lilj (In villc. Ark., I'lnne Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone 4fll and your order will he on It's wny In record lime. Our Flora] Arrnngemcnts tell a complete story FLOWER SHOP F.T.I). Srn-k-c We Oi-llv-cr Anywlifrc I'll. -101 ^ Mrs. J. M. (Mac) Williams, oiuipr . GImicoc O!d(. FOR SALE STATE CERTIFIED GRADE "A" D. & P. L. NO. 14 COTTON SEED ; " Also Ogdcn and Royal Soy Beans EARL MAGERS Phone 635 . Delt, Arkansas BE SMART PAL- bring your car in now and let us prepared for summer driving, so you can breeze along with an easy mind. LANGSION-WROTEN CO. Sales — BJICK — Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WKECKKH SEHVICE A Bruailwaj Telephone 65S &mM plTGfc£E^ DITCH BANK LEVELING OR. ANY TODAY - - IMPORTANT! Siivr y<uir iircst-nt car ICx|i(*rt Me r]i a n lent Service iMi-inftn OH unil I,ubi-|r:tn(F{ ' . , Vi!S, \\v \vnx\i itiicl j;re;ise earn tiui! , ninlois? \Vt: Iinvi- nrw molars Ovcrlnuil or rchtiHi) Ui.-m Tirr.s nml Tuljvs f Oil. Ves, HV p^lnl Cars Ton! Kt-|i:ilr ;ui[l Itfflnisli nil tindfrs T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO Phone 2122 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark,-Mo. Stale Line on the left at the Arch P(. 7 Crown ............. 1.35 Kinscy .............. 1.35 Schcnlcy 1.35 Philadelphia 1.35 Three Feathers ........ 1.35 Hill & Hill ............ 1.40 Old Taylor ........... Four Rosas ........... n 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15; 4.40 6.90 4.50 Beer ....................... per case $3.35 GAS, rcg ......... T6.8c; ..... «. . Ethyl 18.8c \Cigarcttcs ................ per carton $1.45 fits f LOOK MERE ,S,\WEO-OFF-AWO-GT=f>pOD-OM-- Ol*/ LCM-Lr- HAVE SW ( P-rc-M Oc-ifrsjii/- i/y-v. .r, f i It'll Come Out YOU SEEM BEUOIMG YOUR. EAR" / ROSO" „ — ^-—^ „—... '-' ART RCO. BY MERRII L BLOSSEf OH, FINE.' NOW WE DOWTKNOW HOW MUCH ME OVERHEARD/ WHEW/ HE'S Too CPUFF> MS---THE LITRE CREKP WUST BE JET- ILL RHYME YOU, YOU LITTLE SI-ICOP' FATTY, FATTV. CUMB A TREE CATCH A COI.D--YOU G\NT CATCH ME!

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