The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1947
Page 14
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'_ > PA'GE FOURTEEN Bl.YTJlEVn.LK (AKK COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, M AUCU 27, 10-17 Jnefljploymenf )n the Decline Fewer Seeking Jobs; Compensation Paid i To jobless Slumps LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Miircll 27. njp) — Unemployment M>mpeus;i- aon pnymcnts to nan veterans i" Arkansas decreased 10 iicr cent nu'l readjustMcm allcnvnnces to vc(ei Bus dropped 20 per cent in Fcon 4ry from the previous month. ' • The employment Security Dm ion of the State Labor Department today reported payments in February totaling $<85,(ilO were made to 7.11G unemployed persons from Hi" State Unemployment Compensate i fund. During the month 15i claims were disallowed. v Unemployed former servicemen received $1,589,812 during the month. 6f: the 22.758 veterans receiving allowances, G3C were disallowed. In Hie self-employed classifi 1 tion for veterans, S790.0C1 were paid to» 8.363 ex-servicemen, • State Administrator Pnrifoy Oil! said tliat Arkansas employers hired 5"642 \\'otker.s through the 28 lo 1 6ffi:es c! the Employment Scour ity Division. Of the total, 1.730we v'ctcraite' and 228 were physically fiandicapppd. . . A total of G.C41 job openings were received' in February, an increase of eight per cent over Jnnunry. • Gill snifl that for the first lime since last November, new npplicu- tions for work showed a decrease si's compared with o previous month. The 6,530 ' new applicatipns ..taken in February was 33 ner cent mirier Wpter7 Water E vgrywliere ---But Still Rationed '^'^Wgl istiitls v ben flood w I IVP hundiod \ itci t-ml I UK! s v.ue rusbcd to Ilic I ibt I omlan cl Lcalh'e surged over imcr beds of the Lea wale.,orks. Hue l.oucuucs queue up at IrucSt for a day's radon ot water / ite.s of the a I ml One Killed, Four Injured In Accident on Highway BRISTOL. Tenn., March 27. (Uf) —One person was killed and four station wii ternoon. •Mrs. Ida Pa.. die:l i on here yesterday af- Trantor. 70. Pittsburgh, a hospital shortly af- of the lannia. M.Muimy, Pittsbmi-'i are seriously injured. hint are l"!~,e occupants station wueon, Theodure EG, and Jumrs lannia, 2J, A 1 -Stop Service LOANS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE We WiH Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 &£•-* •i-7 COTO 1517 DY IKA EtCVICt. inc. T. M. BtC. II. S. >'»T. CfF. "I'm not going to Iniy another box of their son;; chips till they get tjiosc folks out of all tliat trouble ou i!;;; radio!" others injured in n head-on coltis-!ler tlic: accident. Her daughter. Ion between an automobile and a Miss Marjoric Trantor. 45. ami both of Clayton, N. J. by Karen DeWolf -f V Dilliibuted by NEA SERVICE. IMC ' Till} STOHYi Slii'trr <" l-' rra Slu-rri- she had some money, and anyway the boys came first. ; xvin S HERRY stretched luxuriously pn~ the davenport and stnretl Sreamily out through tllD open Windows. J It wos funny .that so many things had happened since the day ihe had first found the cottage hmons the trees. She hnd changed to much' and everything w-rs dit- (erent, but Hidden House was just |he snme. They still drank tea from the hlue and gold tea cups >nd the sunlight through the trees tnade the same dappled patterns : jn the floor 'The boys had won after nil, Sherry thought; she was almost $vell «i£nli. There had not heen R Riiyjjip coughing spell for two months. She .could walk about a .•UUle'no.w, from her bed to the liv- In'g room; and Dr. D rex el I had tairl that pretty soon she could go tcr rides in tli'b car. The last lime he had come he : had looked at Sherry very gravely and had said, "It's remarkable. Really, very remarkable." And Sherry had known by his worried look that she v/as quite well. "I can't fict over it," he hnd said to Sandro, ''but that's the v;<iy it is with these youngsters—one minute they're ready to die, and the 'next minute they're up and around " Sherry did not think that five long months were exactly the f'next minute," but she had let i pass find asked I>r. Drexcll abou his bill. ' He had, said, "Oh, don't worrj nbout "that," so she had worricc .about it ever since. But there wa . no use asking Peter about it unli H^HEY were Jill working now, thank yoodness. Sherry smiled as she remembered their ''darkest hour." It lad been before the coxiRhinB lad slopped. The hoys had not vorked for nearly two weelts and hey were worried and tired and cross with one another. Kris bad jocn expecting a job as technical director on a Swedish picture, but ihe starting date had kept bein^ postponed and the milkman had kept coming lo the door for his money. They were even out of soap and things like thai, and Sherry was linntly willing that they should borrow from Tcler, only he Wiis on location. Finally Sandro had Rot a day's extra work for an independent company, and had managed somehow to get his check immediately. He had dashed in excitedly at 7 o'clock one night and waved 10-dollar bill at (hem. "Believe it or :Ion'U" he lint said, and Tony l:ad said, "Foi •nul called Kris all kinds ot dread- 1 , ful mimes. Kris lnul said, "Whenever you l»el olT the soap box-, you Wiener Schnitzel, you ran get Ihe food out of Ihe cnr," and Tony mid Sandro hnd spent tlic i>e\l 10 minutes unpacking boxes. * * •' TT'niS told Sherry what had hap- pc;icd. lie had met llie man who was in charge of the technical end oC the Swedish picture, ntul the man luid told him that he might as well start the next day as there was n lot of preliminary woric to be done. The salary was ?15(> a week, and Kris had simply touched him for Ihc first week's pay. They had had :i dreadful time finding enough vases and milk bottles to hold the lonK-stemmcd ses, but it was in a frugrnnl How bower thai they had cele- atcd Kris's ;;ood fortune. Tlie boys had wine and Ilicre is caviar for Sherry, and cream d imported chocolates. Even >ny had laughed about his out- Save Money Today. Any Day STOP AND SWAP KLUEUT HUFFMAN'S -1U1 I'.. Muln You Must He Happy or Pete's sake, either learn slang 01 They had made out a list o :iings that were absolutely neces ary, and Kris had gone to th >oulevard while Tony and Sandr nadc ready for the feast to fol!o\\ By eight Kris had not rcturne nnd when he did come .back inK-pasl eight he carried amazing armful of yellow tc oses. He had piled them in Sherry arms'and strewn them on the be lie had said, "There, my love one, I've always wanted to that!" and Sherry had cradled 11 ilowcrs and said, "Why, Kris! never saw so many all together my life!" Kris had said, "Six do7Ciil" vc happily, nnd Tony had explode He had talked a- lot in Ge . A month later Marciu had come ack and hnd had a fit because hoys had not told her that icri'y was ill. She had multer- r-factly taken over the miinaging f Sherry's routine, »nd still slept Hidden House every other iglit, which gave the boys a rest. Finally Ihe day bad conic when Dr. Drexcll had said Sherry could et up, and from her new throne, davenport, she had given a ly. There were only the hoys ml Marcia and Peter, but it hnd been fun, and Peter had said omclhing sentimental a h o u t Sherry's being Ihe only girl in the •orld to him. Now Sherry lay quietly and bought about il. A little breeze lad sprung up from somewhere jccansc it wns almost evcnini; nnc she dvank it in. She hoped, really and truly hoped, that Peter had not meant that. Or at. least that he had not meant it very seriously. After all, it wns pleasant lo hnvc people say nice things to you, but she did not want Peter Barton to be in love with her. (To He Continued) FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A, H, Webb IIwy (il ;i1 Stale Line I'hone lilvllicville 714 Re Sure! NSURE With the .B SHOT PELLET SWALLOWED BV A D'JCK. MAYBE. SUFFICIENT TO CAUSE DEATH BY LEAD POISONING IT'S A LUCKY BREAK WHEN A DROPPED AMRROR DOESN'T," _C» MRS. RAY PODOLSKE, Sussex Wisco/isfn. TKERE ARE AEOLT IN THE UNITED STATES ANNUALLY. Levels and Lines Surveying ., DRAG LINK KARM BITCHES Wm. R. Ovei'fon -- County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or AVritti l!ox 81, Iloselfiml, Ark. Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week * Pontiacs ® Fords * Chevroiets * Ply mouths and others *i I'litcc your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Late Model Cats BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Plume 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main SI Uic moon important to seaport cities? BE THRIFTY! SAVE MONEY! Bring your car to HOTS BODY SHOP for ail body and fender repairs, painting, and glass installed. HEAD-LIN5NGS for all cars made like the factory makes I hem, same material and workmanship. Guaranteed to fit and look like original upholstery. 412E. MoinSt. Phone 3456 WASH TUBBS INSURANCE AGENCY North Second For Complete Protection niTTNEK OufcBoardmg House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way ByJ.R. Williams U6 OLP FETTIFgC HOUSE MAV HAVE A LEST TOMWHT, ALLEN; wss k V.EAVE IWTHIS Stupor? PSS'? AT LEAST I'M LUCKY * «a TO HAVE OKJSAGE W I'LL BY LESLIE TURNF.b TOO SAD ABOUT POOP MB. PETTIFER BEIN' IW THAT STUPOR, MISS' HE LEFT TK.'T W-KiVM WHE!! J. TBISO TO KHSCI.i.SS eU5", 1! =S5... BUT AT OTHER WiS fE 55SMS ALE™ HEP «>T)KH An Ahlc V. T. HAMUN . H0\^l ELSE. CANi VJE TAKE LEAN iEr \ LET'S MOT SET TER C.ET OUR. IDEAS GOT OM TU& [. NAhKSDOW TO COOL.' -FORCE Wl>to' L6T ME TfXKE: Tac- RONXBONiB.' BtlPPOSE VOUTx'OO HO FA RWTLER. .a>NSD 60 V A UEftRTTS - -FLO'.'JECS WE'VE O.MUV GOT A fYV E "TO CLfT MOW: EEt \viTH--Hi:Kr:. roi THIS MP -if\.I...H-\Vir -rO IV 'THE OUT FIT til AT "" -!D i-'.iLLEt> "fv!O :"\? ^ OVEfl I ^ ARRAR1SA CCLJ^Tr.' GO 5'lCKlSV,, SO YOU WAI-IT ME TO IM\G CARE O'1-lTTl.E DUCHESS •• 'THE AVER WHILE / SHERIFF i.-^D ! HA'lE 'Oil 6O QAU-'VAMTINV A Pi 1HE £ trtE 'rt.SOf U^DcSc.STlPViTlP-V '-5r> I'LL. ~i\\. 1'Oti HO^ 3UCASS HELPAE:. , -\rl KEEP Tou rx •4^ ' ' EA1TLE . VVAfVMNtS i-VSElri/ not Stick Around V. T. HAJII.IN ';;«; A . EOKNi THHTIV VIC 'FLINT Scare MICIIAKI, O'MAIJ.l'A" RAM'H I.ANK UTHORITIfS EXPRESS THE BE- F THAT NO PERSONS IN THE BUILDING AT THE TIME OF THE EXPLOSION COULD HAVE SURVIVED THE VIOLENCE OT THE BLAST- CHEMICAL BUILDING; ' \ (you ILL, 1 \W)'RE WHITE ) \ DEAR?, Ml) ^ CHEMICAL BlillDING OESTROVH).' PARROT'S ornce WAS THERE AUD VEEK WENT TO SEE HEEM.' OH, PLEASE -- EES NOTHING.' J > HAVE AN IMPORTANf ERRAND, BUT DOH'T WORRY / I SHAH BE BACK SOON ' f OH MOM \THAT f'.'.JSTft BEEN OSCAR'S " COLONEL! \ NtTRO-GLvcpRiN.'.' LOOK, , HOLV ^ WHAT (UOGIE, I GOTTA GO... f •;'•'. POOR Oil OSCAR.,..MV GCSn. HE MUSTA BLOWED HIMSELr INTO KZILUOM PIECES.' / BOOTS AND HER What IClsc? MART1> CUR. IHAt...

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