The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1947
Page 13
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TI1UKSDAY, JIAKCH 27, 1917 House Prepares ill fast .YK A Truman's Fiscal Message Scored by GOP kepresentatiye W- : -iiXG'1 ON. Miilvh 21. (UP) Ilouye \V;iy. s Lll1c! .\[e;nis Cimilnittrv e.vpre<>ir :1 . "di,;,miomtjm>nr in I ii-Miii-in Truman 1 .; ii-c;d ]>nijM-;iin, itcelarrd tuii.iy thu: -;lny „„«,.<.. ;Ii«u!d know th;ii this is ti, r m ost "lly.V'.HiH- tnw f,i r ; ; , x reduction. liition in pan-id!- a 20 to 30 per <"" cm in J.I.VSO,,;,! ii 1: . 0!lll , taw5| tlif Minnesota Uepulilieini said; ^ "I vyas deeply rlisanpuirnnl ai'the for ihe !i.-<-:i. ye;;.- lil-IH. which under iii.s )jii(l,-et !i>:t Ufttcticnllv nothlni; tor (!eu; or tax ri'd'liMimi. Any novice slwuid know that this is ihe HKIM npiMii'tnm- lime to provide for deW relief and tax reduction:' limi'M-n cited th" hteh level "I tax receipts ain! the icl.itive al>- fur (In- ciuiutrv (frit (lie Congress ali-l mil tlie rxciutivc, \titli liis confuse,! inlviscrs, controls (lie liiirse slriiiss." Kniiison':- speech elimaxwl the Ion;; fi-;ht lie hns iniicie in behall "! ;> M-.i!*L.H"iill f-,|- jn pi Tsonul 111 • •HIM. tuxre. He fi;:,t proposed a lint '.'.a \in- et-iit nit fr,,- evetynne. uu: Iiis cMmiur, nnsiiiied this in ;;c- <ord:;iue wi'h she desire of Mic ll<uisi> n-'i>ul.lie:i!i iii-iii (:imim;imi. The Ijili 'n< nv provides for a -JO );cr cent income Ir.x iciluetion f;>r I'-rsoiii \v;i>-ii- jjv-.iine ->f;cr exemptions nml d'.-duetirns does no! exceed 51,000: a 20 per cent reduction for taxpayers wiio/e taxable mcn.-no is between HMO anil S302.000; an'l i a 10 per ec:n re.iiictiojj on income • in excess of S302.030. I Wh? Isn't Concerned? V \-H-,YOTC.N'. A.-.r..,! 27. <UP» —President Truman indnv cxiiress- ei) coiicom over high il'riccs antl ad vised business tr, mr.kc reduc- Iii"^ u-rrrec' 1 ;- pessible. He pointed on: that some major industries nliendy Imve cut tlie pnces of their products. HP ex- Otoo Educator Fears Shortage of Teachers May Carry Over Far Into U. S. Schools' Future * < <r -<»* WMRT- •«*-¥ rt - (ARK.) COURIER NEWS School Leaders Find Education Picture Dismal i | Hy nm/OI.AS I-AUSKN I XliA .Sl:iff t'orre.ili«:i!lciit WASHINGTON <NEA, _ To- I'.iy's gencrniioi) of U. S. cliildren haven't yet reached school age Li Die one which Vill .suffer most from the present school crisis, Jiisblighlevi all over tile nation by ovcrcrowdert classrooms nnri an iiaile shorfnge of tcnclicrs. tittle johnny, now just two, may be doomed never to learn how to read properly. Hnby Susie, who if"'( even a year old yet. may never be taught I 0 write properly. Four- yoar-oirt jimmy may lie hampered "11 Ins life because he never got the r.'gllt start i n learning arithmetic. Lduralional deficiencies as basic a;: tliere lire predicted lor tlie fu•.inc- or today's diaper set b v tlie Naitonal Education Association even if steps arc taken immediately to improve tlie situation. 'Dial's one or the reasons given for the "dismal picture in crtuca- '"Ji>" i» n 280-]>age report, "Schools tor a New World." just olf the press, it was prepared bv the American Association oi "school imnistraiurs. Cliainnnn of the ji;o- jcet H-n.s "Claude V. Courier. Cincinnati suiierintcndcin of schools. He was helped, by 10 other leaders hi education. In the report they seek to answer the question. "What is required ol America's schools in the past-war years?" it lakes f,,,, r yc.i-s ,„ ,.d,,,,,,e a -;«l K-aclier. Ai.d it vv ill prolwWv ^pS ri !},s^,c.rU i " iT . i ';i Jt:iri trainin,. [, u . ,]„, leiichiii^;,,,- l» slloa- resiilis. So I ho li'eblcd." That would menu increasing the I number of teachers from a "present low Of 8GO.OOO to 1,120.000 and | increasing the money spent cue)) year for operating expenses of schools to 5C.750.000.000. One of the reasons for the need of more teachers and more money I for education, according to the report, is Hie increased u. S birth rate: | "In (he live' years after America entered World War II. 13,000.003 babies were born in the United States. This was -5,000,000 more than hud been predicted by population experts." ! The full impact of this will be tell hardest by the schools in 1052 or 1053. the report, predicts. lint to tlie Bloomy Dictui,. the report s:l ys- - i,r t . crowded, liuiicl- nrc i"8s an; run down, . i.iirteriMid. and ctnnimient is often "LMlpic „,,(! incuBL-iv Courier, howcvc-r, )s c ncoui-ng«l by tlie growinj; public inti'rfst. In i. ic school situation. He says•'America inis long hi* ' a *>el> fiiltli in education. AS crisis siic- c-otls crisis toiiay. more ,„„( more our citizens nr c Unnin,, (i, c j,. j,t_ tcntloi) lo Iliclr sclionls. Tllcy n,c rrnllzlng uncw their iiniiiirlunce," leaders In the Nntlonn! ICdncn- tiona] A.ssonintlon nnd tlin autliors of Die report are liopiiiK the ic- iXJi-t will help to highlight the IK'csciit sclKKil anil ntaybe tir up sonic help for it Telephone Workers Agree To Permit News Teletypes , / o Run in f vent of Strike i WASHINGTON, Miiiv!-. 27. lUl'l —Tin' National 1-vdei'ation ,,r -f, |- ephoiH. Workers (INl)i unlay of- leie<l | 0 iDttinini,, eiiu.iKcncy .-service in event of u sliike April '! Pimii.i-d iiinimcejuent "iiiiikes m, ntUMiipt to nss i BI> m ;,nn B en,onl |ier- sonnel ,„ || u , ,ieifoniu-,iu'e of non- !iuin:u;euient duties," Union ('resident Joseph llein-e told leporter.s tlmt u u . emeinency .•.en-ire ivoitid inelude newspaiieV tetel>|,,. s but (hat he would mn ,.<• so fur as to sny Hint i( would iii- cltide radio networks, Divorce Action Starts Series of Tragedies I1KA/.II,. mil., M;,reh 27. ,[.)>>)._>! A ..-l-yeiir-old biewery worker .shut v and_kliled his estraiiaeil «•)!,-. Her .'»' lifi' mill litmvlf M-icri .sniiilt diiiiKlHcr died ( ,i ' sl ' C ""' lnu ' ""-' J'ACK THWTEKN •/ iliiy. lieiul Courlei- News Wnul Ails. jji 8 Week Fryers $1,25 >! Tuiii'lu'il UrmiiHl «i"ll 1'trtil mi ,-i,,iil!i III B «av fit. Open 1::ni a.m. In r,:(ltl p.m WASHING MACHINES we have them for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY BENDIX AUTOMATIC WASHERS The FINEST Automatic Washimj Machine Phone 3450 HUBBARD & HOKE Your G.E. Store in Blythcvillc JOHNS LIQUOR STORE LESS A7 WARDS \ Special Purchase of Cockrels $4.95 per 100 Every chick from a U. S. approved flock ... White Leghorn Cockrells, at a buy you can't of ford to miss. Quantities are limited. Shop early and fake advantage of this exceptional value. Your Favorite Brands & $ ,v T .-it«rtps^ Afa tyg&fc.^ •; . VIXI.mvKTONi; c III.Il (iltANDAl) • Ol.l) TA1 I.OIt AN('IKNT ACK r.osi:s . w. iiAitn:u . < AI.VK11TS Your !';iln,n; lsi . 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I'iii, IIAIJ ,u.!] Only at Wards can yon clioosc cither llic BAI! or K,\()l! ti- ( . ;! ,l! »»ll> Wards tires arc fanuins for e.vfr« Irani,,,, am] ,-,/,„ ],, ; ,life! One reason Wards I ires wear .so |,,,, g ,' s 1,,-,-a,^,. ,[„, ,, ( , r , r , -•itili.oxulanl conipniindc.! in lliem ^ives yon c.rlr,i [irol.-rii,,,, against flc.K-cracking, snnli s l,l „„,} "wciUln-rini.-'! V,,n qrl more for your money . . . more traction . . . moic- service! Choose eilher Ihe BAR or Ihe KNtife tread! fior Ot K hi nrl F" W> V Q f" IO-3S „'« ..'.' ^ f ** ^ W« fcJ. Fc« CHECK THESE LOW WARD PRICES Si IS 10-38 I 1-28 11-36/9.00-36 J!r.. 4 4 4 4 Pn'cc* Knob or Bar Tread $33.00 57.85 51.45 58.95 Siio 1 1-38 12-36/10.00-36 13-2'!/] 1.25-24 H -28/1 2.75-28 Ply -C sa TT X3 or Bar Trrutl 73.90 59.55 93.75 'Plus Fed. Tax ^ t P* IS ^ J& tra> vx ^r ^ %»'lfi(i&lrfeKlf' New York Life Insurance'Co." Dlyllicvlllc, Art. Hardware Mutual one! i-iardwaro Indemnity Insurance Companies of Minnesota tinted A plus evrelli-ut l,y li-.nli,|..- JII.SIII-.-IIICK audinrllles u -unil pn»leell,,n iMH'iiiisc of liu-c Hnan.-lal reserves jinil'siilcniiito i-Jiliis funds. l-raliin, savi:,;;s—mure II,.,,, :»; m i|||,, n ,],,|b ra ),.,,, c ,,„,,, n _ rncil in <]lvlilci,,l S;U-|, I; M |,, p,,lii.-yli ( ,l,|,. r s. ,, iver c,,.st-l,ec.,i,M. of ;, ..iveUM ..i-leclinn ,,l rislis aod c,-i,ooi,,lc-ll liel iltiilli. .arce divide,,,! ,,;, v in^s „„ nul,,:,,,,!,!!,. ;u ,,l lire insurance cnllals oiv nel FOR INSURANCE SERVICE Box ^ M/ fl TAK4P/T Pho <™ 431 VV, L. I Hmi\L 2487 TAX \VATKR AID IN iooVJer Disorders? Vl.V-ir |t\ MiMinliiiii \'.,n,.y Minc-rul Wulcr, the tiiiiidiis mi, ;i-n. I v.iilrr f, i, m HOT SrillNOS, AUK. UNTAIN VAI.LKY ilHI.I'S Stii,H,l,it,- Kidnrv Acliim — Simllic li!:i(li!ir /nil:ili(r, „(•.„„!,.,, Ur , c Aclilily ROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP M.>!n .ir.rt Dlvisiiin lil.vthcvillc, Ark. PS. mnm L Opfomefrist Announces the Opening of His Offices 138 Eosi- Main Street Telephone 2297 BlythevilJe FROZEN FOOD: Lockets for Ren'; —McnC- Curing Groceries — Moots — Vegetables Wilson Pasteurised Mi!k— Birdscyc Frozen Products We Deliver Telephone 2(502 at 2lsl strccl .

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