The Ridgewood News from Ridgewood, New Jersey on March 10, 1976 · 8
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The Ridgewood News from Ridgewood, New Jersey · 8

Ridgewood, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1976
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Water (Continued from Tage 2) another line was built through Lodl, Garfield, Hasbrouck Heights, Wood Ridge, Rutherford and south to Newark. Other trolley lines came directly Into Rutherford from the east and an inter urban electric railroad ran from Paterson through FUdgewood as far north as Suffern. Each new line opened' Bergen County to new development and each new development needed water. By 1900, Hackensack Water Co. had what seemed an unlimited potential if its leaders could gauge the growth rate accurately and maintain supplies to meet demand. One must hear the huge machines uprooting trees for new reservoirs; see the hundreds of sweating men straining in deep trenches; hear the hum of giant pumps and the splash of clear, cold river water to catch the real drama of a water supplier racing to keep up with a county just beginning to taste the power of growth. Between 1890-1910, Hudson County doubled its population and Bergen increased at a whopping 300 percent. The water company moved its lines north into Hillsdale, Harrington Park and Norwood while expanding mains in towns already serviced. The Erie railroad praised Bergen as "the mecca of suburban dwellers," asserting those who moved there would have "their children and their children's children rise up and call them blessed." Came the booming '20s and tens of thousands of newcomers streamed into Bergen, all demanding water for their homes, Industries, newly-built country clubs. Hoboken shook loose of Hackensack Water Co. in 1923; Bayonne sought to lay claim to the Ramapo River and was repulsed; but in the main, Hackensack was kept loroufh tl lirgcnilild NOTICI TO IADIO COMMUNICATIONS IQUIPMtNT MAINTINANCI AND1IIVICI CONTtACTOtS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Moled bid will he received by the Borough Council of the lorough el tergenfielrj at tha emmklpal building, 191 North Woitiireie Aremie, ergerifield. New Jersey, ct o public meeting to b held on March 30, )976, el 8:30 P.M, er as won thereafter ot the matter may bo reached, el which tlmt laid bidt will b publicly opened and reod. Th work lor which bidi art solicited .ncludes the furnishing of all lobor. materials, equipment and supervision necessary (or the maintenance, and servicing of all the radio and electronic communication! equipment of the lor ouah of Bergenfield in accord with the specifications, heretofore approved end odopted by the borough council During (he performance of thii contract, the contractor agrees ai follown e. Tho contractor or tubeontractor, where applicable, will not ditcriminate against any employee or applicant for mployment btcoui of age, roce, creed, color, notional origin, ancestry, marital status or tel. The contractor will lake affirmative action to Insure that ueh applicants are recruited end employed, end that employees are treated during tho employment, without regard to their ego, roce, treed, color, etottonal origin, ancestry, marital itatut or lei. Such action shall Include, buff not bo limited to tho following) employment, upgrading, demotion, or transfer recruitment of recruitment advertising) layoff or termination) rates of pay or other forms of compensation, end selection for training, including op prontkethip. The contractor agrees to port In conspicuous places, available to employees and applicants for employment, notices to be provided by tho contracting officer sotting forth the provisions of this nondiscriminelion clauttj b The contractor or subcontractor, where applicable will, In all solicitations er advertisements lor employees iptacod by or enethalf of the contractor, state (hot ell qualified applicants rill reserve consideration far employment without regard to ego, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status er esi c. Contractor er subcontractor, where explicable, will send to each labor union er representative of workers with which he has a collective bargaining agreement or ether con trad or understanding, a notice, to bo provided by the agency contracting officer, advising tho lobor union or workers' representative of tho contractors' commitments under this act and shall post copies of the notice In conspicuous places avollable to employees end applicants for employment. Copies ot the specifications and bid documents may be obtained at the office af the Borough Clerk of the Borough of Bergenfield during regular office hours. All bidders are Invited to thoroughly Inspect the borough's communications system and equipment. All bids mutt be submitted en the proposal farms provided with the specifications ana mutt bo accom ponied by certified or bank check payable to the order of the Borough of Bergenfield, er by bid bond, In the mount ef ten (10) percent of tho bid. The proposal tholl else be accompanied by surety company consent certificate agreeing to Issue a performance bond e-id lobor end material payment bond In the amount af one hundred fwentyfivf (123) percent ef tho bid price, The successful bidder sholl enter Into a written controct with the Borough ef Bergenfield within ten (10) days otter acceptance af the proposal. No bid shall bo deemed accepted or contract awarded until a resolution authorising the same It duly adopted by the borough council, Tho borough reserve the right to reoct any and all Ids either In pert er In whole and la waive Immaterial deviations from the specifications, when, In ns udgment, the best Interests ef the borough so re-eruire. Bids shall be submitted In sealed envelopes plainly marked "PUBLIC BID COMMUNICA. TIONS IQUIFMfNT MAINTfN. ANCI AND MUVrCt, SOtOUGH Of BIRGENFIELD, NtW JHtfY" The rot (W-JeOJ fee $2 45 eVarob 10. 9H busy trying to keep up with Bergen's water needs. In Englewood, Rldgewood, and Hackensack, young men In Brooks suits and young girls in polo coats motored gaily over newly laid roads to the Field or Country Club in expensive automobiles. Bergen County's huge middle class was beginning to taste some of the pleasures formerly reserved for the wealthy few. Country clubs were built in numbers. Solid Bergenites of the cut which would have been found at a Wednesday prayer meeting ten or 20 years earlier, now more likely spent their evenings at the theater, and many Jersey Dutchmen whose parents had supped on milk and mush thought it modern to adopt the morals of the idle rich. The fast set of Bergen, according to Leiby, spent Saturday nights dining and dancing at local "road houses" including the Allendale Inn, the Blue Bird at Cedar Lane in Teaneck, Areola Manor in Paramus, and Fort Lee's racy Villa Gichard. While a number of municipalities in northwest Bergen including Ridge-wood, Glen Rock, Midland Park, Wyckoff, Allendale, and Franklin Lakes met their water needs from private wells, the rest of the county looked to Hackensack Water Co. for water. (Tremendous risk, growth, and financial gain would be the water company's tale throughout the Great Crash and modern times as told In next week's concluding segment.) Board changes meeting place DUMONT - The regularly scheduled Board of Education workshop meeting on April 8 will be held at 8 p.m. at the Dumont High School Cafeteria Annex instead of the Board Conference Room, 170 Washington Ave. Legal Notices Borough of Borgonfiold NOTICI TO STUL 1IITIO RADIAL . . - . TIKI CONTRACTORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that tooled bidt will be received by the Borough Council of tho Borough of Bergenfield et the municipal building, 198 North Washington Avenue, Bergenfield, New Jersey, at a public meeting to be held en March 30, 1976, at 8)30 P.M., er as soon thereafter as the matter moy be reached, ot which time said bidt will bo publicly opened and read. The work for which bids ore solicited includes tho furnishing of all labor, materials, equipment and supervision necessary for the supplying and servicing of steel belted radial tires for tho D.t.W. of the Borough of Bergenfield in eccord with the specifications, heretofore approved and odopted by the borough council. During the performance of this can-tract, the contractor agrees at followts a. The contractor or subcontractor, where applicable, wilt not ditcriminate against ony employee or applicant for employment because of age, race, creed, color, notionol origin, ancestry, marital status or sex. The contractor will take affirmative action to insure that such epplicants are recruited and employed, and that employees ere treated during the employment, without regard to their age, race, creed, color, national origin, oncettry, morital status or sex. Such action shall include, but not be limited to the followingi employment, upgroding, demotion, or trans-feri recruitment or recruitment advertising) layoff or termination! rates of pay or ether forms of compensation, and selection for training, Including apprenticeship, The contractor agrees to post in conspicuous ploces, ovailoblo to employees and applicants for employment, notices to be provided by the con- ' trading officer setting forth the provision af this nondiscrimination clauses b. The contractor or subcontractor, where applicable will. In ell solicitations or advertisements lor employee placed by or on behalf el the contractor, state that all qualified epplicants, will receive consideration lor employment without regard to age, race, creed, color, notional origin, ancestry, marital status or text c, Contractor er subcontractor, where applicable, will send to each labor union or representative ef workers with which he has a collective bargaining agreement or other contract or understanding, e notice, to be provided by the agency contracting officer, odvising tho lobor union or workers' representative of tho contractors' commitments under this act end shall pott copies of the notice in conspicuous ploces ovailoblo to employees and applicants for employment. Copies of the specifications and bid documents may be obtained at the office of the Borough Clerk af the Borough ef Bergenfield during regular office hours, All bidders are Invited to thoroughly Inspect th borough' D.F.W. equipment. All bidt mutt be submitted en the proposal forms provided with the specifications ana mutt be accompanied by 0 certified or bank check payable to the order of th Borough of Bergenfield, or by a bid bond, in the amount of ten (10) percent ef th bid. Th proposal shall also b accom ponied by 0 surety company consent , certificate agreeing to issue a performance bond and lobor and moteriol pay- ment bond In the amount of en hundred twenty-five (125) percent ef the bid price. The successful bidder shall enter Into a written contract with th Borough af Bergenfield within ten (10) days after acceptance ol the proposal, No bid tholl be deemed accepted or 0 controct oworded until a resolution authorising th tarn It duly adopted by th borough council, Th borough reserve the right to reject any and oil bidt ithr In part er In whole end to waive Immoteriol deviations from th specifications, when, In ill udgmnt, th belt Interests of th borough to require. Bids shall b Submitted In sealed envelop! plainly marked "PUBLIC BIO SIEH BELTED RADIAL TIRES ANO SERVICE for D.P.W. OP THt BOROUGH OP BERGENFIELD, NEW JERSEY" Th Pott (P-339) Anarch 10, Wo tm 124.22 jrjj jwsuj LIAWW 'i'jr(Mlsilwlusww T ij i1 I -; -yy 11 I 111,111 in I 11 i iLnrrmrTTTimTrSTi irrw I 1 1 1 li uiumaiml mm nil mill I ; jjt-,- , ..,....''.- ?X- : JVf k , ,f fi:iiii: Zacky McNlff will be asking a lot of questions of his partner ventriloquist Mark Nelson at Friday's Bicentennial show in Bergenfield. The duo will do the famous W) r-Jl Each of these advertised items is required to be readily available for sale at or below the advertised price in each A&P Store, except as specifically noted in this ad. J: pride irv. iM: i-:. -4 SlICtD Raisin Bread LENTEN FAVORITE Hot Cross Buns COFFEE CAKE prumb Square PhiliiFi BnciT wi '"fi'mm'niii FREE HALF GALLON a a ii isvi tv COUPON OFFER U nnillllllltr-tse ssj H.,r;,;-,g,.,,u-..J. CHOCOLATE FLAVOR Hestle's H59 Quik 2-lb. NABISCO Oreo Cookies Roast Beef COOKED-SLICED TO ORDER ur . Tr j- -in i i hall pound CREAMY Cole Slaw SWIFT S-SLICED TO ORDER Genoa Salami NEW YORK BRAND Chicken Roll NAGEL Liverwurst PASTEURIZED PROCESS AMERICAN Cheese Yellow or White TOWARD THE PURCHASE OF ONE 4.6-OZ. TUBE Close-Up Tooth Paste Limit en coupon par lmil. Valid thru Mar. 13lh. 1 Prlct ffacllra Ihtu Sal., THE RED or GOLDEN 16-01. loaf 59 79 99 1129 11 d II 45 pound r 79 85 ,' pound JJ r .or TRIGGER GUN Glass Plus Clstwwr FOR THE DISHES Ahoy Liquid hall pound 75 STRONG PLASTIC TOWARD THE PURCHASE OF ONE1V1-OZ.PKO. Ban Roll-On Deodorant GDI) MFft Limit tns coupon cor family. 2I Velldlhru Bat., Mar. 13th. tU ' March 13lh In AP flora In Central (eicept Prlncalon, Hlghlstotvn 4 Manahawkln, N.J.) Notlhar n. N.J, Rockland t Orange Counllaa, Slalan Island. Not responsible WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES. ITEMS 0FFERE0 FOR SALE ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN CASE LOTS. POST "who's on first" routine as part of a heritage entertainment package from the Mayor's Bicentennial Committee. The show starts at 8 p.m. at the high school. If jhi 1 wasmm WASH. FANCY-2'.V' MIN. Delicious Apples 3-100 tJEWYORKU.S.NO.1 Yellow Onions 579 U.S.N0.1-SIZE-A- Eastern Potatoes 5&791 Jif Peanut Butter Creamy orCrunchy ASSORTED 2 PLY SHEETS REGULAR, THIN or ZITI Marcal Hankies Prince Spaghetti ej V. J SPB.IUG CLEAHIHG SPECIALS! - II Pledge 22-01. "7 QO plesllcf J 'A-oi.7QC plesllof J Glad Trash Bags Mo 1.79 TOWAHD THE PUHCHASE OF ONE10-OZ.CAN BONUS PACK Easy Off Oven Cleaner ODDmfr Limit on coupon par family. Valid thru Sat., Mar. 13lh. fzo - FOR A Eight 0' Clock Instant Coffee Rich In Brazilian Coffees sntuiH FURNITURE POLISH With 20-Off Label 14-oz.can POWDERED Lysol Cleaner SOLID AP Bowl Cleaner ASSORTED Nylonge Sponges TOWARD THE PURCHASE OF . ONE 64-OZ. PLASTIC Wisk Liquid n SkSSUlU 1 Detergent GDI) MFR Limit on coupon par family. vans tnru Bat., Mar. I3trt. 21 t- 1 : Bergen Pines honors , nurses ivho graduated PARAMUS - Twenty-two women from 16 area towns graduated from the School of Practical Nursing at Bergen Pines County Hospital March. 5, after completing an intensive one-year program which trains them for a career as a practical nurse by combining classroom instruction with practical experience in bedside nursing. The invocation for the 33rd graduation was given by Rev. Michael J. German, Bergen County Chaplain. The ceremony was presided over by William W. Weber Jr., vice president, Board of Managers. Miss Shelley H. Strick, New Milford the Alumnae Assn. Award for the greatest improvement in the clinical field. Rufus R. Little, M.D., Superintendent, awarded diplomas to: Miss Allison M. Kramer and Miss Barbara M. McDermott of Emerson; Miss Simone M. Martin and Miss Pamela A. Roth of Fair Lawn; Miss Jane F. Mullis, Glen Rock; Mrs. Mary Anne Meyer and Miss Shelley H. Strick of New Milford; Miss Elaine L. Bush, Oakland; Miss Peggy Ann Lisbona, NEW ENGLAND BOILED DINNER TO Green Cabbages 12. WESTERN Fresh Carrots r 2a35 CALIFORNIA MINNEOLA ".' Tangerines H 10.89 79 10-O1. ar BODY POWDER 6 sj llli TTiT. lSJnl1100 in ad I sj 1 pkgs. 1 1 Shower 16-oz. pkg. 49 FAST PAIN RELIEF Bayer Aspirin WITH COUPON BELOW Ban Roll-On '49 p.45 TOWARD THE PURCHASE OF ONE 32-OZ. PLASTIC Cold Water All Liquid Limit on coupon par family. 1' : vana inru sat,, war. uin. J mm March Iff, 1971 Waldwick and Mrs. Kathrya M. Grossman, Woodcliff Lake. Budget (Continued from Tage 2) about $350, he noted. "We're struggling," Mast, 582 Roosevelt Boulevard, said. The 20-game playing season, to begin March 28, will break the first week of July because of hot weather, then resume in September, with the season ending in November. The team will practice indoors during the off months, Mast said. The Paramus Arsenals squad is composed of adults, 17 and up. Gorman said the Recreation Commission supports the team because soccer is a coming national sport. His department financially backs a junior soccer team in the borough, which also competes with teams from other municipalities. The junior , competition, under the direction of Kurt Goldschmidt, volunteer coach, is a continuing program in the borough, he said, organized about four years ago. n sn Sunshine Grahams Crackers MOIST CAT FOOD Whisker Lichins Wipe 'N Dipe VaMllrtt Intenalva Car wipe;pipe oi5o JJJJ i 8-OZ. PLASTIC To Shower 99 WITH 15' OFF LABEL-B-OZ. PLASTIC Earth Born AsnhyavT9; 119 COLD TABLETS Congesprin $79 100 In pkg 99 1V-oz. btl. 114 TOWARD THE PURCHASE OF ONE4-OZ.PKO. . Drive Laundry Detergent CDJ) MFR Limit on coupon par family. valid thru Bat., Mar. 13m. r6l lor typographical"!"

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