The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURlfiTl NEWS BLYTHEVILLB COUIUER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W, HAINES, Publisher L VblHHOEl'P. Editor . HUMAN, Advertising Munuger Sole National Advertising lleprc-seiUatlves: UMCC Wiunei Co,, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Publistu.d livery Afternoon Except Sunday kmc-ixu'Ab fefeond class mKiu-r al the post- office at Blythevilie, Arkansas, under act of Con- gi|ss, Oi-itibsr 9. 1917. Served by the United Press I 'SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the city of Blythcvlllc or tiny supurixin^ town where carrier service Is maintained. 2dc;por week, or 85c per month, By mall,, fllhln a radius of 40 miles, 54.00 per \ yep, 52.00 for six months, $1.00 for ihrec months; byj mail outside 50 mile zone, $10.00 per year payable In advance. MEDICATION *Fear God ami keep His commandments for this Is the whole duty of miw.—Ecc, 11:12. Man is-ever reminded of I he duties or luxes be niusl 1 fiay' to his government, Itui <iHen ho forgets the duty he o\vrs in Goil far Hie privilege ot living. Arrr.y ,Day Observance • Army Week is to lie olwervjxi over tile nation next wock. H wns ar'.aiige'il by tho War Department as a means '.•(}{ encouraging program;; to honor Amt'rk'a's soldiers, tho living and tlie (icad. Tho U:eme of the observance ;is planncaj^by Army men, centers on U\o idea tiiat "A strong America is a peaceful-;--America." In tlic months sJiicc y-J Day 8,000,000 men have goon discharged from tho service. While thin reduction, in man-power was going on, the Army was busy building the nucleus for a new and stable army of tlie future. , Today stress is buhl;; placed on tlie value of the National Guard units, ihc Organjtfied Reserve Corps, and (he R<;- seYvc.|Qfficevs Training Corps, as well as N'Mjng a well-trained regular Army. 3ply Landings j Paii "Americiiii Airways lias just reteivctl Lhe Inlet-American Safety Council's award for flying lliruc-iiunr- teis of a billion pas.songcr miles, .' throudlioitt 10'IG, without a single ;ic- > pident »'A i^ssentjei'-mile is tlie equivalent of-one' 4 passenger flying one mile. Three-quarters of a billion pnsscnjjer- miles is the equivnlent of 750 passengers .flying a million miles each, or a. million passengers flying 750 miles each, or of you flying around thc earth at the; equator 30,000 times hist yew, if you had noth'jng- bolter to do. ' Considered that way, the record that earned thai award is impressive. But it''is only part of the story. Pan American's last fatal accident was Jan. S, 1945. A pilot misjudged his China Clipper's distance from the water, jtnd didn't level off right, and killed 23 persons at Porl O f Spain, Trinidad. That was a bad crnckup. But since that human error in a typo of craft no longer in use, Pan American crtws have handled l/l'15,500,000 p'asseneger miles without fatality. '. They have taken clippers back and forth over every ocean, among all the continents, to many of the islands, in winter and summer, rain and snow, fog and hail, night and day, in complete safety. 1 Slay-at-homes are inclined t o be impressed and sometimes scary when Daddy climbs aboard for San Fran- ct.sco or New York, Honolulu or the Belgian Congo or Constantinople. Tin farewell's gaiety often is forced, and there's more hope than assurance to the final "Happy Landings." • Pan American's achievement emphasizes that although accidents do happen and Pan American umloubt- etjly will have one some day again 4'ing has become so safe it's almost hiimdriim. | There are lots of annoying things o|out flying. It's tiresome sitting up an night. It's monotonous flying- hour after hour above clouds. It' s exasperating to wait for rmiiules or hours in beautiful weather, because the pilot f<3r some, reason of his own won't take off. It's .inconvenient to be set down eo route and put on a train, or taken t(j a distant alternative terminus, be- the pilot won't chance landing wfiero you wanted to go. ! Rut it's safe. So sal'e that 98 pm- c^nt of insurance companies now nwk'j up restrictions on, fly ing on commercial-scheduled lines. So safe that in- shrance companies have increased the Htnount of flight insurance y^m can buy over the counter. H's safer, National Safety Council figures show, than riding the .same distance in an automobile. That means that Pan American is not alone in its safety acliicvimicn'.. All the lines, including with sensational accidents last year ,have done well .Some have done cxcepUonullv well. Colonial has never hiwl «n accident in 17 years of operation. The sami; is said of Chicago & Southern, with some 450,000,000 passenger miles of safety. Delta shows 505,000,000 accident-free passenger miles; Continental, Mid-Continent, and Northeastern about 200,000,000 each. Maybe yon don't like to fly. 80 don't. Bui if you do, don't worry. Happy landings . As Molotov Would Have It TIIUUSDAY, MAKCJ1 27, 1!>I7 VIEWS OF OTHERS Tool For Marketing ArkiuiruiK jrooplc nrc set-in^ iiuluslry Iti a new HgUL They formerly looked at it cJilolty a.'j new pay rolls, new property lo pay tuxes, Now Ihey arc seeing H for what il actually Is—ii way to market fnrm products jind other raw nuitcrlnis more certainly, and at better prices. That view !s wen presented In a slutly ol the subject, "'Indu.strinl Development in nn Ay- rlcLillural Slate," by W. Paul nrnnn. o[ tic slate University Bureau of nescnrch. His illutn- innliny picture was discussed In a Sunday Democrat article, One of Mis though Us deserves to be repealed. It concerned fuim perishables, like vegetables, fruits tmd milk. Usually Mr. Brnim demands these Items must he sold close to homo, They spoil quickly, so they cannot be shipped, very far, ns n rule. But when they nre canned, frozen, or, in 1111; case of milk made Into butter or cheese, they can be shipped lo distant markets, can he stored, if necessary, for a good while. This fire ally widens the producer's mui'kct. A lot of. yamblc Is luken out of his work. And be car. sell more of the various items over Jits wider market, and in the longer period lor which they will keep. Nor Is that nil. Processing plants can utilize products which could not be shipped fresh at all. Hipe fruits, which would spoil in transit, arc, when quick frozen. ;it their .siwory best. Low grade fruits serve for juices, jams, vinegar, and the like. And new tyitcs of processing arc turning not only farm wastes, but. lUc wastes of lumbering and mining into many kinds of saleable Roods. Arkansas depended too long on selling raw materials. Now we :irc correcting that misl'ike. It is a prospect which holds almost bound less pcssJbllHJes of new jobs, higher earnings, happier days for our people. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. Battle for N®fwai Gas Control Being Waged By OH Industries Before FPC in Washington BARBS BY HAL COCHKAN Spring is when it's hard to | work even after you do. clown lo An economist says too much money mni:c < > most women unhappy. That's ow ide:i ol wncn it would be a plcnsurc lo be miserable. Who remembers, the t;oo<l okl clays wlicr. houses to let at hlgli rents were house l.o let alone? To the fourflushc » * * Some of the girls complain of bein,* short on dresses—but we've heard no coinplatius about drc&ses being short on eirls. SO THEY SAY To my mind it Is no coincidence that Uus- sln's sudden interest in all of our patent* on industrial development was simultaneous wilh our nlomic research and development.-—Kcp. J. Parnell Tlioiiia.s (R> of Ncu- Jersey. House On- American Activities Committee chnirnum. Tlie people seem to wear everything they own, hut I don't blame them, even it their olnlhes arc drab.—American girl secretary at li:g Four Conference In Moscow. Both management and labor must, come o) age and rc;ich Dial stale of maturity wheril.i they car. peacefully solve their miuiial and common problems and settle their differences In harmony.—Sen. Irving M. T.VCS iK) ot New Yoil;. It takes intelligence to constnict atomic bombs, but il requires far more intelligence n build a world of peace, security, and freedom Prof. Kirtlcy p. Mather. Harvard geotogisl. Today with Athens 30 hours away we mut! decide our nltiUidc toward European dictator;; ol the present time just as a century ago. wisii Rio 30 days away. President Monroe warned European dictators to slay out of America.— Sen. Owen Brewster IRI of Maine. Up-servicc to thc Idcnls ol democracy is nol enough. The gist ol il is lhat we may be ui.- able to save our system at all If we cannot demonstrate that it is a sound and cflccliv'; system.—William E. Stevenson, president Oucrhn Cnl]c[;e. Cong ^Gentlemen of ^ _,^ \lnsults With Reckless Abandon ress S The DOCTOR SAYS" By I). of a group ol j{) c .f "" Rllm " from M "••'•• •>•""< were hospital- W. MtC<>rmack. who annomu-ed IK N. C.. 'oetween dllln . t ll!;e l! "' atiitmlc of the WIU.IAM A. O'HKIEN, M. Written for NKA Service In more than half of Army recruits who iz°d in Port Brat'B, N. C., 'oetween ,. l".n and 1015 for exudative ton- sentlemati sillllis and sore throat, the infec- ", lion was not caused by a strcpto- *™ coccus. Thi s is contrary to the l prevailing nation that all sore throats are "strep throats" and that treatment requires sulfa druss or penicillin. The Port Bragg Commission on Acute Respiratory Diseases reports in the Journal of the American Medical Association that throat cultures and special blood :ximinatlons are.the only reliable means of determining the civ.ise of sore throat, but usually the sti'er.nlcocct and non-streptococci varieties may be distinguished in many cases. Pa'tlenls with streptococci: soi-c throats usually become suddenly ill with fever, hcadacliR, chills, and generalized aching pains. Tlie throat is red, swollen, covered with a yellowish exludale. Swallowing is difficult. Average duration of streptococ- cic sore throat is about four days, •A'itli illness ending by sutldcn improvement if complications rio not develop. BUI) BEST ADVISAHLE ' lly KitlvDKUK'K C'. OT1IM\V Vultcil 1'ress SI:. IT Oiirf-tHiiiilcii WASHING-ION. Ma: :•!! 27. must 'as wonderful to ti> u ;;ejr. !' man of Congress. sliiviiin; insnl' at lii.i iK'ijjhtju: 1 :; and ever, getting a p. fen i That's intrcdu/iion fro..i Wis.,; Ii. tin; nUenlan j;entleiuen \u-:e bar Uppartinent lion hill. "The Honlli-man liv; Kin," said the (.vniii'n Mass.. "has Hie habit i anybody .who disajrees of iitlerhij; in a lnu:i in;tt word, bunk, and other phrases." "Hear, hour," .said Hie man from Wis. ''We can assume from to him." continued the ;•.( from MTISS., "thai only siiy.'r-imcl- ligent member ot the HOI:M- is the gentleman from Wi.<iom in." The gentleman from VYi.s to 1 lv a bow, while l'ie 'irntl.'inan Irum Mich., Clare E. Il.i.'fmaii, Mrude ^forwai'd. "When tlie ccmleinim fn 'n Wisconsin cliar:'.cter;/.ps anything I r.ay as bunk, I re|!ar<l that us a hi'i'n complinient," !-onl ir.ta d ilu> ;',en- lleman from Mis:;., i;:n<iri:u'"llv avproachiiiK KeiHlemLin I rom Mir-'.i- igsm. Tho gentleman firm Win. :ip- plauclcil, bill the fs-iiilrinan ' fi-m Mich., said lie had scini'iliim- to II HY I'ETEK KDSD.V NliA Wusliiligluii Correipiniilcnt WASHINGTON. March 27 (NEA) —An organized drive by the oil and gas industries lo prevent the Ped- crul Power Commission [rom as- MiiPlng complete control over pro- luctlon and gathering of natural Ens has opened in Washington. If| UIIi he drive succeeds in virtual tno- | lopoly will be given existing; pipe- 1 hies ai.d holders of I.'PC cenifl-j ' cales of convenience and necessity, who would be left free lo e.xpaiid operations without fear of competition. if.' (if ette In (he fdiiitr these Cl'l.ilmma i.ii-l Homer Michigan. House ;.pon- s i:r/u>y of O'<lahmi:\. Gar;;,m o! Ohio, and '(I I):i T . is of Tennessee, tiie I:CHKL the onlv Democrat. IMM'STHV WANTS A.MKXinilCXTS Heal backers of the legislation, >'.vv<'r, ;ue Ihr In::ii'pendclll Na- iral Gas A«n.. the iiidupenrtent I'ctrolr-um Assn.. and the American Petroleum lns'.ilu:e. trarie assoei- whirh represent practically pro-! 1 " 1 u - °- ui ' ! am ' KIIS interests lob- tlie hyius; actively tor its passage. mm Rii:(. of j Hearings on these amendments are o interstate i,scheduled U) open befoir the House limited in ! lrilf"s::nc Comun-rce Commission I April M. j Points at is.'iie arc preltv tceh- > jw iiijjner Held prices at | nical for the average consumer ?11. 't'hls would mean higher i who cooks or heals with mis, but for gas consumers. Under !rt little background will show 'why Under the industry's new josals, rale-making powers c. FPC over production mid sau natural gas going into commerce would be .. way Hint the would have to allow gas romrm- j Points at is>ue arc preltv tceh- 'iie.5 to pay higher field prices at ! nical for the average consumer the \vell. This would mean higher (who cooks or heats with prices for g i>rescnt procedure FPC win ollmv i !he industr.v'wLints its amendments jns companies to pay (he i;oim; ! rushed through now. ticli! price only if the gas is pur- j In September. 1C44. the coninm- chnsed from other companies "al sion prili-ml a national investiijn- arm's length." • tion i,'r natural «as reserves, their Another possible outcome of the j expected life for industrial. corn- Industry's drive against the com- ' niercial and domestic use, and their mission would be thai any national plan for conservation of America's estimated 200 trillion cubic feet ot gas reserves — a 50-year supply at current rates of consumption—would be made virtually impossible since all production and of the preliminary draft of the rc- port been issued for comment than Walliam R. Boyd, president or the Petroleum Institute, and spokesman for the independent gas and petroleum groups, .served notice on 1 PI'C Chairman Nelson Lee Smith I that they thought the Natural Gas Act should be amended immediately. MUST KEUI» ROOKS UXDEB FCC; What the industry really fears is that the FPc will take over control or the end use of natural gas. us well as its production and gathering. There are about 425,000 U. S. oil wells. Nearly all produce some Ijas. and about 40 per cent ot the natural gas now consumed is produced iti .such wells. Under PPC regulations, whenever thp f;as from an oil well gets into interstate commerce, the oil producer may Ije declared a na?.irnl to the KCiilleman from M;,-; ... wit: "If the <;«'nt!'.'n>an ifc.i lo have hi. s words r'huru?;<::iz;d a ; fcunk, that's all ri-jlit with us." Came then the Mentlr v.i>:nnn from N. J., Mrs. Mnv T. i:;.r!.->:i. to denounce the !:i!l. T!n> ucnuc- man from Wir,. said the jipntlf- wcman from N. .).. c'.idn'l know what she was talkin-,: about. not. coina to try to Nrni-strcplococcic sore throat in-'say fection starts more slowly than to the "strep" variety. There i s a greater tendency for other lliroa* and chest symptoms to be present, such as hoarseness, cough, and chest pains. The infection lasts rb">nt four days, but the fever is nol as high. Difficulty in swallowing is about Ihc same in both „ .„„. ,,,„ lilliilll ., ai](Jm 8 rol 'P s - "Bat I'm not, .coin" to trv 'o Patients with sore throats should convince the (•entle 1 uiy fro-n'New consider that they have a con- j^scy." added Ihc Kentlra'a'j fr >m tagiou s disease and isolate them- wis. "A lot of r -" ( .-ic hi-vc t'iril selves. Bed rest is advisable, and to convince Bcr-s Hv-'ie u-> ther? warm applications are helpful. j n Ncw Jersey ard'"l'h"v ' iv'en'l Hoi plain or salt water sargles - OC<!II sua:e:isful." are soothing to inflamed mom- The gentle.vcman uu<d bl ?". C ; i ,' ir , -n, hnt th<! Gentleman wouldi While sulfa drugs and penicillin Tin; gentleman from N sore . _ . cases. QUESTION: What is an infc- riorily complex'? 'What are ils causes? ANSWEU: All of us have feelings of inferiority at times, and j such feelings are not abnormal. I No one can erfccl in everything, ! and few reach the limit of their ' ambitions in anything. Those who fail to realize this suffer with an inferiority complex. '••v i final distribution controls w ouli) left to stale public uiiliiics au- IhorUics. Vehicle by which th c oil and gas Industries hope to put those curbs on PPC' authority is a scries ol amendments to the Natural Gns competition with other fuels. Hearings got under \vay a year later and ended las: August. First section of tile report was i.^v? ?~ in •lar.luiry. an ( l four move were i:,sut'ri early in March. This is ahoul hal- Hie rrpoi-t. .'.hich won" lie compleled for anolher Iwo o 1 ' three mnnlhs. It is tlie Federal Power CommisMonV, belief IbaL any recommendations lor ehin^es in the N.i'liral O.i.'! A completion of the ....... .No sooner has the first section ! regulation. gas producer. All natural gas producers in Interstate commerce must keep books under PPC accollnliil!; methods. And sale price of their gas may be limited to a G 1 ,^ per cent return on the depreciated orotfinal cost of the producing wells. Here is thc real heart of what the oil and gas companies don't like. They don't want to be forced to sections keep brinks as thc FPC directs, and they don't \\ant their profits limited. Thc industry claims this pricc- ., by the FPC has held back production, slopped exploration for lor eii".i-'-:''s '" i new wells, and caused many well Act should iiwjiit 'owners Jo Hare anil wasle their gas, report. | rather than sell it subject to PPC 0 rrloit. 1 lot 111 1 !'. -. -'- ' . *'"- t;njin_-niHii 1101:1 rJ. vr , Jllm of value m streptococci? j. Rconey, sari he i--'o\v ''—it the throat, they are useless in gentleman from wis.. he::ivse they both \vere 0:1 tho sa:i:r- appro^nii- lions subcommittee. "The gentleman is veallv a char-ruin:; lellow." continued' the gentleman from N. Y. "I .spon; nine weeks on his coniniittfe and it wa.s a grand ;ea :;ar;v. If yon didn't agree with him it didn't matter, because lie wouldn't listen lo you. He wrote this hill, himself. So we have seen him here yes'er- day and today, stvnttina 1)::>. and forth. He is a rzir. a dklalor on this bill." qivno is ' Not so - cric(l thc sonileman from t>urac. is , Mh]n H Carl Antiors! , n t "And the ccnllemai! Ircm Nrw York has violated the rale:; of this House by snyinj: wlial lie said Hb^ut Ihe gentleman from Wisconsin," said the Hc::t:c:nnn fm."! 'Minn. "Ann I urn locking him in thc eie when I say this." "I am looking at you. too." retorted the gentleman from N T . Y. 'At this state of the fray tlie gentlemen at the pool room Vhi: IN HOLLYWOOD KV KKSKINF. JO1INSOX NKA Slatf (:«rrcs|iumlriit HOLLYWOOD {NEAi - Mew; item: Thc Legion of Decency ordered David O. Solznlck to cut n nl of two minutes from "Duel in in Sun." He is advertising the iwu-h:Mir and 30 minute picture as "tlie in:>- vic of 1000 memorable moment::." Thai's about .six-nnd-a-haH ni'in- orablc moments a minute. VVell. t pnoss the ehininali 1:1 of 1^ "memorable momcnls" u:ll iv! have too milch adverse effect on the hoxoffice. As \\c've mentioned before, a sv- quol to '"Hie jolson Story" is a slrollf; possibllily. Al and Co',u:iVr.i stuclia are discussinc the idea. . . . Hob Ilullon. \\lio used lo hvr in night clubs before he was married. h.isn'l been in one for live moi>rh... That's ho\v long he has been married. Prod Aslairc's new tlixnc? s>,i;<:;o in New York honors nl! of !:;s screen dancing j:ar:nrrs. Tlie 11.1:1 i\> of Giiicer Rogers, rni.i Uavvvnrh. ,Joan Leslie. Gene Kelly, "cio.v. 1 'Alurphy. Jd.ln Crawford, »iu! Hi:i~ Crosby are all (hero. Hut tho n.uru 1 of Lucille iiromcr Is In il.s absence. j .\o AIISKNTI:I;ISJI I When Orry-Kelh- was asked ;<' Kown a fnmoiis star in such a wiv as to make her :ippear a izr.-ini lady, he huffed: "You can-; ninko a grand lady out of a pipjy b.-nk." I. . . You. milady, may latie a bi':: in private, but when J.inis l 1 ,!^-*' took a shower for ,1 pcene in "VV;,!i: llower," ^^ men and eishl wnmrn iwatelied. all of them member* oi Ihe camera crew. No absenf^visin i that day. I !1 * * I No(v that she lias proven hcl | :icliinv abilit.v in "Sninsli l'f>." l-'ilsin Hajn-.Md would re-ally In- harpy if HriilyvviHid ^:ivc bus- liaud .less IVirkrr an itrlin^ opportunity ri[U;iliv ;(s j;niid. C'o- Himbia- 1 i m p it r t e ri Jrs.s from liroaihva.i. 1ml he l>a s never liail a rhancr 1 ChlKklrs Susan; !!' rose in P.irlianu 1 !!'. ( Amrricau ?on;illy fr'. i clioicc l;L i; liad to McKENNEY ON BRIDGE Experts Unorthodox If There's Reason Uy WIMJAM K. MrKEN.VKY Anu'ricii's Card AuUiorily Written for NKA Srrvirr During Ihr masters indivuhm! tnurmnirnt I nskort several of thc rnr.testams if they would ,sli;k more or lc.s,s lo the book in UICT for (ho (line hcin^. in f.ivov ot the bacon. oropp'M him n note of ipf not | ut'in,; mr in corn- wit h tho ham end of thc he . HOWI.IN'Ci li.<;.M! V in fr'ub.'l rector Irvine nor Parker. ' r «'.in a ftnile wiiJmui Mn rind Ablv'i pn have rc:i>r<[ni 'AVii wilh all ]>rofn ; ; rni Costello. Ho!!x woods; Dier s:iid lo Elea- you to think Lou Cosiollo 's On f-'irst?" v; in Ihc !/>n -.' Kour.:l.ition. ranlri Moorel a:e c fl as a r.uiio '.e;tm. 711:- Haircut :iio-ic r.tth' ' f )-:ivr lyn >aiO, (rr you." "Must bo litJiP. "OU. IIM." i-ppliod just a p'nin ( 'i,t nil howls :)!! ihp tmir. 'iGarry years r-ol^ K : i-o'i\'u Orin'.e^. n "A!'.>m;uf.-q;ie." w'a r > il'i nii'-r Orn^by. hrr 1 .- in ' U!in> Skii-s." a luiipv mii\," K irn- ami I nairej liim af- Miss Sherman A JO 4 V Q 0 2 * K 10 8 7 3 * K93 ,1 7G2 V K8 4 J5 *Q 10 7 G A A K 5 3 V J 10 7 4 * A 9 4 * A 2 Tournament—N'oithcr vuJ. Bicycle Inventor? A Frenchman, M. dc „. , __ said Lo have originated the idea for a hisyrle. His machine appsnrcd in Paris during 1 C 90 and consisted of a wooden frame ana" two wheels. Locomotion w a s achieved bv''pushing on the grouuo with the feet. partner could not bid hearts or •Miss Ruth Sherman of Wow York sat North. Her hand' was nol strong enough to bid three diamonds, and she did not want to show weakness with a bid ol one no trump—so she elected to bid one heart, also on a thrce-rard .suit. Then of course they soon got to four hearts, wlush they made with the followin^ line of play, •Miss Sherman won the opening spade lead in dummy with tho him» and led a small heart. West played low and the nine-spot held the trick when East refused to t:ikc the ace. Dummy's other high spade 'Was cashed and a spade ruffed by declarer with the deuce of hearts. The king and then the nee of diamonds -were cashed, and dummy's last spade ruffed with tne queen of hearts, -East over-ruffed with the ace, cashed the queen of diamonds and returned the small cl »>b wiiic h wa s wo n in rlu mmy with the ace, Miss Sherman cashed the king of -clubs and ruTfcrt her last chfo in dummy. She conceded a trump trick to Lhe king anrt four-odd. I frequint al.vavs iiecl off tlicir coats and start s-,vjii^ii!ij 'r!:e ^('.'3- tlcmcii of Conr,ress did no su:U thing. Didn't even im;.s<; ea"h other's hair, .hist kept sneering the live-long day. and . siuirlini;, iind saying tilings whicji would have had me in ihe hospital nur.sin.'i a breken nose it I'd say '< m to ycu. Guess I'm just no KcnUemaii." 15 In Kc-bjcr; gained enliv Miithews i;a:kitu; house ]..;.i mgiit and made av.-.iy with ?;',t:o. Jack A|-.p!ctaum lelt Suudnv morning for Yazoo City, Miss., lor a visit with his parent's. Dr. Ben Clmniin:ham of Davdu- netlc. Ark., is at the bedside of his mother, Mr.;. G. S. Cunnimjham, who in ill. ^ 'Mr. and Mrs. p. w. K -!i:>.:z. o! Helena. Ark., are s,p:v,ilin;! ;, days here visiting relatives ••<* r British Leader A.,.v>rr Ii, I'r.-vinn.. l' ; ;,,lc El§jfejri&rs;-'i1 F H -° ° Tl " T " 2 ClEJANtjE.'^LJ I INT':/ 1 ,: r,!; South I West IMss P.-iss Pass North I V 3 » Pass Kasl Pass I'ass Pass Opening—A 8. 27 a I bidrtinij Ixxnnsr they p!:iy v.-ith so ; im^y different pnrtners in tlie Icvenl. They :'.ll iiKii^n.lntly rc- i -'V,cn "What book?" i O; com'M 1 :ir. r.xp^rt fon!s thai ho '.^ Hi, :>.u!non1y linlo bim-s^U. bu! nrix'rthcSrs.s liiey all <]v> birl i-i'olty much the snn-c. If tl«>rc is n t)iri oner in a \vliile th;it -sop:ns unorilinrtox. there is usually sound ri'.isoniiti: behind it. In tnnny' s h:niri. for example. ?ont))'.\ cj>rnir,^ bid was made on Ihveo-t'arci stiit. Hr \vn.s simply 1,7 Pictured British ninnan, Sir 13 Rounded 14 French province 15 Individual 16 Ail ill) Cramp !2fl Kncovnllcrcd 21 Macerates 2'J Play part VERTICAL 1 Particles 7. Renovates 3 U';is(e allowance 4 Him r> hidinns « Lease 7 ivrusicnl instrutiienl 8 Halt drinks !! Rupees (ab.) 2G Boundni'y (co:nb. form) 27 Meadow 28 Lamprey , % — , '29 Dance flep 10 Genus of frogs 30 Uritfrh nc- !3Co:«,,;,ra point 11I ' c 1 cIcnt '" ass MHO | laying tli a . .- nble no turnip conlr.ic.1 in case his 2-1 Lone Seoul (ab.) 25 Shoe pint 2!) Baffle 32 Scottish shcepfold 33 Exist 34 Clock face 35 Hindu g-'irment 37 Symbol [or selcniiiui 38"Sionx StDlc" •40Airicnn fly (vnr.) 2 Fleet •18 Dutch city •10 April (ab.) ISO Tr.itic '•Til Marrow inlet J52 rle \vas in | charge of the I RAF J command T»4 Antcnria fifiTior.^c barn 67 Concealed . •!!'. Cain's I^volher •lo'tn 44 Written form of ?i!is!cr Near 12 Tribes 17 Symbol for tellurium 13 Id cst tab.) count money 31 Indian \vcighl ••*> Transaction 34 Autocrat 4" Re:;ion 3fi Redman -13 Cval t.akc 37 Pierces will' a MSizc of shot knife SSRigl't (ail.)

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