The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1952
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY IT, 1952 Heroic Carlsen Comes Home to Ticker Tape Trail, Saying 'All I Did Was Do My Duty ,. / BLYTHEVIIXE. CARK.Y COURIER KEWS By RAY KOJIN NEW YORK Wi-A hero to the world, mild-mannered but stecl- necved Capt, Henrik Kurt Carlsen came home In triumph today and humbly said: "All 1 did was do my duly." The modest skipper, who for 16 days stuck by his foundering ship and grimly created a new saga of the sea. got a whirlwind 12-minute reception as he stepped off the plane that brought him to Idlewild Airport, ) Later today, he'll hit the "Ticker Tape Trail" through the concrete canyons of Lower Manhattan. Glowing with joy In the embrace of his wife and two children, the stocky little sea captain—he's five- feet six indies and weighs ico pounds—waved !i i s gold-braided cap to a crowd of several hundred persons and told them: "Fellow citizens, I cannot hope to tell you how I feel at this time because of the warm welcome you have given me. Thank you. Thank you." Excitement Runs at Airport It was after 1 a.m. EST. but the airport seethed with excitement. Searchlights swept the scene, special lighting studded the barricades set around the plane, movie cameras whirred and flash bulbs popped—all amid the hubbub of voices wishing the captain well. To newsmen, the 37-year-old Carlsen said he felt "a little older" and that he planned to "get a little rest and go to sea again." He and his wife. Agnes, and their two youngsters, Bonia. 11. and Kar- ln, 7. posed willingly for photographers. New Uniform AVorn Carlsen brass-but- -toned uniform of a Merchant Marine captain. Besides official city greeters led by Orover Whalen, he was met by his boss, Hans Isbrandtsen, owner of the ill-fated freighter Plying Enterprise. The 6,711-ton vessel started to crack up in heavy Atlantic seas last Dec. 20. Three days later Carlsen was alone on the badly listing craft, having ordered the 40 crewmen and 10 passengers to leave the ship and directed their rescue. One passenger inter died. Carjsen Stayed Alone Carlsen stayed alone on the nearly capsized ship until Jan. 5, when he wns joined by mate Kenneth R. Dancy of the British salvage tug Turmoil. The tug towed the freighter for five days until a new gale snapped the toivline about so miles off the coast, of Falmouth England. Minutes before the battered freighter keeled over and sank last Mday, Dancy, and then Carlsen left the ship. . Carlsen's "Atlantic Luck" even let him down in his plane flight home. .The twin-decked-Pan-Ajneri- jCan transport was forced to turn back Tuesday because of engine trouble when about 280 miles off the shores of Ireland. Yesterday fog balked the scheduled landing at Newfoundland and the plane YOU'LL RECEIVE A came down last night at Moncton JANUARY 19, Sullivan-Nelson CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut Biythcville . Carlsen had said: "I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever get back to New York and home." The airport welcome was just s preview. Today Carlsen walks from Lower Broadway to City Hall in Manhattan's traditional ovation to a returning hero— the ticker tape parade. Ills laud jaunt after alighting at the Battery from a Coast Guard cutter bringing him from Brooklyn, across the river. During the trip he'll get a horn-and-whlstle salute from tugs, steamships, flraboats and police launches. The Carlsens did not go to their Woodbridge. N. J., home to spend the night, but sped by motorcade llacle - .the night, but sped by motorcade As befitting a seaman, he'll start! to undisclosed quarters in Brooklyn. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Plumpish Barmaid Tells Of D. C Numbers Game; 'Simkins Stayed Long' By ED CREAGII (For Hal Boyle) WASHINGTON W>j — Today invading the field of the true confession magazines, we focus on the home life of Sarah Mears Hall. She is plumpish, attractive and well-spoken in a dreamy, little girl sort of voice. Nickname: Dimples Occupation: "Barmaid," she said not without pride. It never was made clear whether she is Miss or. Mrs. Hall. Dimples told her story on television yesterday. The scene was a crowded room in which the Senate's District of Columbia committee was trying to find out whether the numbers operators and other leeches that infest your capital have been paying off the cops and if so how much. Dimples Has It "InsidcV And Dimples Hall, a star witness owned up to having some inside' information. From 1945 to 1950. she said, she maintained a home on Georgia Avenue, here In Washington. And in that home, she said, one Roger White top Simkins operated a "numbers business." A thriving one, too. Dimples said, with a take ranging up to $8,000 a day "This was in your home?" asked the committee*;! counsel, Arnold Bauman. 'Yes, sir," Dimples Hall said matter-of-factly. Details of Home Life Given She went on to give a few details of her home life In that period- Adding machines, needed to keep track of the money that flowed .in, were part of the furnishings. The money? oh, they just left that on the dining room table And visitors to her home. Dimples Hall said. Included policemen — sometimes in uniforms, sometimes not. "You realize that you were In an illegal enterprise," Bauman said. "Did it give yon any concern when these officers came in?" She Felt a l.itlte teery Dimples Hall said she felt "a little leery" at first, until Simkins told her not to fret about it why wasn't she to fret? She had a little memory trouble at that point but finally remembered. Simkins she said, told her he was paying the price for "protection." "What was his term for it?" Bauman asked. " Tee, 1 " said Dimples Hall, dimpling. How much "ice?" Dimples Hall she didn't know for sure. sre. She'd heard, though, that all the Memphis Youth Proves Lavish with Stamps, Caught 'Tapping Till' MEMPHIS, Tcnn. (AP)-Twenty-year-old Wilson Curtis 1 extravagance with stamps proved to be his undoing. While working at a men's clothing store as a wrapper and mailer during the Christmas shopping season. Curtis mailed himself a suit and three tics without bothering to drop $76 in the till. He\ lavished 38 cents worth of stamps on the package. Postal inspectors returned the package to the store with a note that it neded only 18 cents in stamps. A checkup followed. Curtis yesterday pleaded guilty to petit larceny. Judge Perry Sellers sentenced him to 11 mouths and 29 days at the Shelby County penal farm. Read Courier News Classified Ads big numbers operators paid off "in the hundreds." Staff Was J.arge There was quite a staff employed in (he "numbers business" at her home, Dimples Hall said — a man called "Jack the Bear." nnollie.- called "Chee Chee Charlie," various others. Senator Hunt (D-Wyo). who was presiding, took a hand in the questioning. Did these people, he Wanted to know, report for work in the morning and go home in the evening, like employes of any firm? That's just what they did, Dimples Hall said. What About Simkins? "How long." inquired the scnatvr "did Simkins stay at your house each day?" Dimples Hall looked surprised. "Why, at that particular time," she said, "he stayed as long as he wanted to. He was my boy-friend." Simfeins took the stand himself a little later. On the ground that it mlfiht incriminate him. he said, he wasn't going to answer questions about anybody he might have known. Including, he said, Dimples Hall. FEEL AWFUL? DUE TO COLD „ ~ MISERIES ' ^^ 4% f^ »••«» •"*' •W £Z EZ symptomatic ODD RELIEF HENS Fresh, Plump,' Fully-Dressed BEEF Lb 45 PURE PORK Tender Steaks fb. 79c Lean Roast Ib. 59c SAUSAGE 3 ifc 100 LEAN PORK ROAST BOST. BUTTS ">. 43 C STREAK o' LEAN SALT MEAT * 25 e In quarters. Ycllci MARGARINE 5 , os . X<>. 2 can crushed PINEAPPLE ..4 Xo. 2 can Bluebird for No. 2</, can Booth's TOMATOES Freshly ground coffee ROYAL GUEST Yellow . ellow OS'BE JUICE ,2 tor t3j! ONIONS 2, t , 150 uiCRBP ..,,. 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