The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1947
Page 11
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TJIUKSIUY, MAUCIf 27, 19-17 Expose of Activities Better, U.S.C. of C. Tuits Congressmen «}• <il!A\T DII.LMAX Uiillwl mvi Stal [ Corivspomlenl WASHINGTON'. M.irh 27 The U. S. Chun orr of Ccinnicivc pro- |H»i<(t a si:vcu-i;oint m:isti> r pic- ;',ra;n tart:-.;.- to rx.-,osr mul reslrJH Coir.immiM iH-Uvitir; bin seriously Ai'''->'.:MKit rhi' v.Utloiii or outlniv- /<n;: the Communist, Puny itself A'. ilu> ttdiu' unu\ ihe' oiiumbi'i- iprx-.'i.mrjKliKl it (•uiwes-'lomi'. investigation o! fou>ign policies — ixii'tu-uhn-iy []),. PO:«!:.NI Agrci- "iciii— wlncij :iip ar -to he more pi-o-Sovli't liiiin pro-Anu-iL-an" It, stud there w:i» iw,on lo believe ")»t "iiwsons witlnn our • govcrn- who owed iir.i-Kinnoc to :i " p:wt ' ! ' Ilol : : < l1 i-imiK those , I King and Queen j^riii i i^ i! '.y'Li A . K ! K • '_ o;njui M Nicws TIic Chtin-brr's vtt-ws were in- climert in iln i6-,v,,, e s ; alcmprlt wliverwl borurc the House Un- Amrnean Aridities Committee by Dr. ?-,,er,on SrhmkU. secretary of as Coimnitlce on Socialism 'ami Communism. He doused thai lc»- isaiion 10 c U i!r,«- t!«. Communist i%uiy would luive the desired ef-l Meamvinle. Eugene Dennis, B cn- eial se:ret:.rv or the American Communist Party went belurc the cummittce to defend his pnty »Bainsi charts that it is' u nm'to l.nnicipa'c m democratic ijovcrii- •Iherc were indications that' pe.-m,' buttle to block ihc legislation a i,. cild }. Wiu ,.„ * on , committee members said they believed the weight of lest I-' mony n-Rs against outlawiiv til" Communists. But Uicv said some mras.uj-e to re.5:n.~! " Communisti ummestior.E-orr win bc okllj ed. , Aside from driving the Com- nnimsts ur.:!er.;!oun u . Schmidt said ' ir.i:,5l:uion to outb-.v the Communist Party would run counter to American traditions and piiilos- ' •Viiy. He sakl there also was a' serious question whether it would L'e cntiRtitutir.nal I j£/g 4wfo Ports Firm to Build Memphis Plant MKMIMI1K. -ivim.. Mm-,.), a? Ulin - 1'liiiis for mvllon oi n $251)0.- W.U iiutomobile )>:uls i :-mt Here tlllU WOlllll employ -UHI p,.,-*,,)!, V V; ,.; I'vi-iileil UKl;iy when (lie Ciillhm 1'ri'diK'tion Adrn!iiis:r:il;,iii approval nil nj>)>lieiitiuli bj ihi'-Hoi 1 ^- XVarner Corp., ( ,r Chicago, tn i-nn- Miiirt Hie plnnt, Local CTrt Director 1.. ][. Dilli:>'<! tin' iti'plicnm uskvii for pi'r- ml.wion to erect a {1:13.0,10 liulld- ii'£ t'.i b t i niulppcit wltu S'J.UUD.IHM woilii yf iii.'irljilu'i v :<i r manutne- tui'e of miim-fa! join's ami "liter Hindu-Moslem Riots Result- In F-'ivo Deaths J.J1.BVRN __, :---'^" : ^\,M Jack Kramer and. I'atiliiK- Bel/, both of Los ^nwk-s liokl I'l-oiilm-s desijjnating Ilieni U. H. tennis clumps. The southern Californium won ilic men's and women's indoor titles in New York Cilv. IJoili also hold ilic uuldoor .llllv's. British Quote Mark Twain To Deny the 'Empire is Dvihti' j 13 Eoitor's note: Briions believe there i s about of the idea (hat -Brilni,, is ,iyi, Ig > a diiily pickup from seme .American headline. "Today's Requiem." United entirel Qm i o-vspayer too much briulvniL- v.^aw even , s under the "l 'uu l o u Ur tsh ! "t e -' Identified I,}' Dust Froi.i a •micru3coincnl examlna-. Uon of the dust found in n v.'nlch ! n French scientist claims tliat b.? onn tell the kind of work in which Uie man owning the watcll is en- t'aseU. United Press Staff Correspondent I LONDON, March 21.— Britain I wal ' s like Maik Twain—thinks reports or "Tilings," Ziiliacus snio, '-arc j;o- her death are greatly cxngyerate<l.' — - —- _ Things arc tonirh" in Pieadilly. j «"""""""'"""~~"~"~~"-~"~- l)iit it's still "chin up and whi'.e'J tie for dinner." , Some colonies may lie straining ] nt th-i leash, but liritisliers—from i i Prime Minister Clement Attlee on • [ dawn—believe (lie country ivill'i "muddle throuirh" to survive pro- ' i)liets uf her collapse. | J Prominent Britons rallied round i in the following manner to mm- ' mention the so-called failiny twi-' ! empire. Read (Jouiier News want AcU Atis— T YES. PROCESSES ALREADY HAVE BEEHOEVSELOPEO VVHBREBV BOTH COITOflUtlT USED FOR. MATTRESS FILLER, AND COTTOH FASK/C USED FOR CCNERS •Efc3\. AND TICKING CAN BE /,\ADE "" AND Primp Minister Attlee—"W; shall | win the peace as we won tho w:vr. I ' iBritain has shown the world j-nel' can stand up to terrible odd-,. We' I will show .the world today t!iat British democracy can be sell- discipline and team-spirit, overcome our economic troubles and move on to optter times for all." Hugh Dalton, chancellor of the cxc-hccjiier- "'We sliail blciv the-c rtofeatisis sky high.. .There a''e dlnpy minds and dusty souls and jealous hearts who grudge Britain, her future...We shall achieve great, tnmnrihs in t!:e future. :,s great as. any in the. past." Koiuii Ziliiacus. L^bor Leftist In Commons—"Tory England is dyin:> and liDperialism in the Far Ea;i; is dying, but the British people are very tmr.'li alive and there is mor'.> hc.-.rt and spirit and determination in the British worker than in thi; cireary years cl hrpriess and endless unemployment between the Wo Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS Cost More — Worlli More MODINGER TIRE CO. I1C r.. Main I'hone 2201 u!,! ro ;.-el a lo! tc.iii;li<'r bj-furi- liny Ma: I gettini; IM-IUT. .. We hav>> .'• K'll". KHV to hoe." J. B P.ii-slly. Mitthvii •--••To S'l'v I hut nrilain is dyiii K 5 ,.e!iis to mi' lo misuse the .luncuni'e." L'-Jid llidilix', termer'an.b;issarlor to the thllled Ktuti-s- "1 cot Uiiily di not usnv will, ihe thmmhl... «'We,y dbtribuird in ,»,e United •Vates lo the ..ff.rl Unit Urilain I'l-'^M , 11 j'.ronruls ih" I.IMIII'.S ; 1^ .'ui-tinn would hrlji relieve :l CULVERT PIPE of Copper Steel i E. C. ROBINSON 1 LUMBER CO. l)l.vllirvllli-. ..Irk. Delivered to Your Door Kucrifdnij We Buy and Sell LIVE POULTRY 309 So. 2nd Phone 3997 Radio Clinic i an \v. ASH st. Phono 855 i, r 22D1 j, WE |i :PICK UP ar«d DELIVER' •*r f fi M IN PREMIUM PACKAGES OF .5, s Oats! ^"oit'll Jo a bit of rnv onrsolf Ami IIOTV- your family will go for la* ITIOUS Mother's Oats, voted "best- lasting" cereal by Americans! So ex- irj-jrood for i),cm, loo, iincc oatmeal's elements, t'rmiMn and Vitamin Hi arecc]UkiHci{ by no oiher nn- turaf corciil for growth anJ vitality. 5o Matt your sc; of dishes totl.iy . , . lu'lp your family lownrd^ clawioi? hcaltli ai the same time wiin America's most popular cereal — Mothct's Oatsf //!crher r f Oofs Wifh Afuminufn V/are Now AvoiVabie, Toot IPRIMIUW ©WT-LASTS Hundreds nf field tests prove the ncv Firestone Champion Grnund Grip Tractor Tire cleans ut> to 10O% more effectively, pulls up to 62% more, lasts up to longer and gives a smoother ride than any oilier tractor tire. No broken center tire can duplicate tnis performance! REXAIT MARCH BRUSH VALUES KUNZO DENTAL PLATE BRUSH The bush llictt clenniiill suifoccs of arti ilenlure-i Ilioiouglily-quicklyl H's now -it's nylon ~ il's o Klonzo bruilil Guoronlcod. -15c value ......... . . KLENZO HAND BRUSH Strong, wliilo iyniholic brisllus rnounl sturdy, wotorproofetJ woot! block, Choice oi two popular shapes. Loncj- Iciiliiig, oiricionl for immciculata hands. Siiociul ot ................ ificial , SOLE) ONLY AT ROAU DRUG TONICS BUILD APPETITES REXAli PtPVbNA llio lining Ionic Ihol helpi prov«ni ilmplo flQ* anemia lluoutjl! tllmulalinQ oppalllo. JO FEXALL MELO-MALT Hie diilclrs" 1 ! Ionic. Conlaini Iho vllnnini o( 4 in Cod tlv.i Oil. Honoy.liU novoil 1 BEEF WINE and IRON 1-2 - WE Sliitiuloioi ili» o|>|)ol!io lo li>l|> ptoJute food nh c «"tr u y. Full plnl. »IO RlXfllL VINElflND TONIC 1,20 SIZE 9g« KKftlL IRON. UVER, & BONl MARROW » Oi. 89« I'.XnU SARSflPftRlUA TOXIC I'.19 SPRINiGI AND CQLD NEED'S CHERROSOTE COOGK SYRUP Toko U.D. Brcmd Clicrrosofo (or fas(-cicliny relief for coucjfis due to colds. Soolhfts minor irrifaJiofis ^ JI*** of Ihe throat and bronchial tubes. 8 Or, O\J RrtDlO FEftTURE! HEXflLL PURETESr ASPiRIN iOO Tabs 49 C Scxoll picic^Iplion tonlrot mconl you gol c«oclly whal your dodo* :m!cri wltli do»jL!c-thccVtd iolc!y. Bring your p/cKrlpliam },rrt. i imm\ i(3 Wild Root Cream Oil - 89c Jeris Hair Oil Both "j Jcris Hair Tonic (cr j Fitch's Hoir Oil AH T Fitch's Shompoo Massage Brush Easter Candy Nnnallys I'iingluirns <" 1 and 2-\b Easter Boxes LiSTERIriEANTiStrilCSD 0 ANACIH 12's 19 C VICK'S VflPORUB 27° 9-2,4 10-24 11-28 9-32 10-38 11-38 12-38 md MOORE on CBS TUNE IN EVERY FRIDAY NIGHf FOR,FUN 8:30 p. m_ '' , Iways Belter Buys AT Your Rexail Store O. O. Hardaway The Ih'si Today — Better Still -5f'om«n'oit Phone 2102—207 W. Main St.

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