The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1947
Page 9
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Jl'IlUKSDAY, MARCH 27, 1947 FBI Denounces Communist Parly Hoover is Witness Before UnAmerican Activities Probers WASHINGTON, March 27 (UPI --l''ill IJii'cctor J. Edgar Hoover to- <iuy aoriMvi tilt' Communist I'arly of the United states with seeking to overthrow this government, ami liliiunini; lo fight alongside Rus.iia m rvem ot war bo.vreen the two nations. 'CMlis chru-<;e climaxed a 4.000-word stati-munl delivered before tin- House UnAinerican Activities committee. The committee is consider- in« K'Rislatioii to outlaw the Communist Party. Hoover sai'd the Communist Vnr- '.v was "u fifth column if there ever v.s nnc"and was inr better organized than wove the Nazis in occupied Europe prior < 0 tne German cni>ilulatioii. "They arc seoki'.;; :o weaken America just as thev did in their era oi obstruction when they were aliened with the Nazis," he said. "Their goal is the overth.'o'v of c-uf "There is no doubt 115 to where a real Communist's Ijyalty rests. Then- allegiance is to Russia, not the Unitr'd state.s. "A to]i functionary O f the com- 5!!.YTJIKV1I,1,K (AUK.) COURIER \'K\vs 1 Working Girls With Yen for Travel Are^drixti Truman Accepts I f\ I f\f\lf «J>XK i »/.>,. ^..—( t\ * T" • 4 m m Resionntion^; Of Two Envoys ,-j\,V\ K> " :*• ^> ^ " '-AX'^vtt.J W'WINCITON. Mnrcli ;7. ill .-•**' E ^s \K S ° k , Y^* ! v8l " "''••<""•"< Trillium lias illM-li.), $V*'/N. X< • > 4flL«¥ I'.''''"I''""'on o( „ .came, To Look ior •^™ T ^^'»»« *»* r"~t Vf T t tj\ and Dates, Too, in Alaska ' y^\~ v' •x >..^ X ». ambassador lo - I). S. n ltiiNiti.ii satellite countly—lili-hani c. iMtiei'Mni, i'ii- v ">' to YiiBoshiviii. fi '•'he purulent m-ceptetl "wiih roluctunct'' 1 ti.,. ri'st«naUi>ii .01 Arthur lillss I,..,IH- as i.mtassii- [dor | 0 Poland, elfeeliv,' Mureh :n. ''lie illtlt .so hi' I'm) .sjioah us n j X| r. 'rruinan did not pive any (Icliiils of IMllorsun's n'su;ii:i!iiin. Mf im-n.l.v (old a news i-ontcrem-.' "i>( I'uiierson would not n-iiii-n 10 Ills IMISt. Smiill Wnrlil 'I'lio lolnl aiea of t| 1( . r ai--)i ;-, •mil ^o.COO.iro Miiiare miles, mui •"i i-i'ii fly from where y.m ,,,nv •"Hi lo any other point on tin- fiO'tli in Just CD hours. Prutv receiniy said "a war i,'"!,", J '" , . by the uniied states asa'ins. h< ^ C ' l '. " «"°" '">:'''« J°» ^ ^ :.ulll lie an linlnst war. ° f _"' 1IOS ' " 1CM ' !lls l us <- tll<; I" ; »' L ' why Words for this pi, tore l n N j A s ,.,,[, n,.|t Hi iiuit , soto, one 01 «oiki,, g fe ,iis, »-lu, K , ys -, | lkc it here Der-uis was pholosraphed about 10 miles frum Anchorage. Alaikii, where WORKING GIRLS WITH-3-2-1 fly BUR'l 1 UHANDT Nlw\ St;if| Ci)i-res|)tindt.|il ANCHOPAGE. Alaska IN'KA) If you're a working ulrl, feelins little jadctl urirl ; ur USr'BR . which Is why it must be fout'ht ajjainst. lint that jf it should come the communist Parly In the Unit- ccl States would be with Russia, »n<i make „„ mistake about that" Hoover s aid the best antidote to I ' Coimnunism was "vigorous intelli- uci.k, old-fashi<»i>-rt Americanism willi eternal vigilance" ' w ? r ' for you. Listen (o what Evelvn Fiu.pat- ] rick, 24. of Sacramento. C:i!,. has to say about Anchorage niter woi k- i hi£ only six months in the resident j "It's wonderful here. I'.'s more , . ".cation (ban a job. Eve.y- " nc hc e k sn wonderfullv c are___ "' <:e : T '"y ' ot tomorrow take care' Talmadge Declines Smith and' get' in ' ''''^ Invitation to Make Tour never in want of a date up here. She got oul every nlslit if ATLANTA. Ga.. March 27. (UP) she wants to. With a ratio of 3D -'Herman Talmartgc, deposed Gear- "icn to one girl, it's a woman's sia (rsveviiov made it clear today j Paradise. that !,e meant "no" lo a spsorfi- As if this Lsn't recommeiulaliou m,.kii,y invitation with Gerald L, enoush there iB also the matter of ^rtr I'n-,?' Na " onal CHrutian Cm- salaries a.s an added Indu^emen! ^.ma^e disced ,, b .eUer t0 '^°° N ° rUl ' ^ ^ B ° IhouKhtV' "Talma e'sTeUer »™ r'*"^ '" , A '", ka - '""" brlng ' hl>r '" <1 V l ° ^ T ' 5M a yMr ' sub to lhe samc nlcolni; tax »s '» S ' Ollt of lhls shc 1>:i5 ' 3 or the cpinicn tl at it not tost for me to make am- the speeches outside the. state at tnc ,._" - - • present time." ,^ IJ P er month for a private lurn- brother of the late Hue'/ she<i room in a comfortable bnr- l 'f c ks. She eats in the eivilinn caf- the officers- mess halls at Ft. Kichrirdson and l»vs full that . LMIB, said Saturday in Pineville. La., that Talmadge "had agreed to ir.^ke two speeches, at Fort Worth. Tex, Auril 17. ana at Winnfield. La., April ]9, with Smith Senate Rules Committee Wants Investigation of Postmaster Appointments WASHINGTON, March 27. (UP) — By a 6-to-5 party line vote, the senate Rules Committee todav voted S35.000 for an investigation of postmaster appointments. The Senate lias held up confirmation of 650 postmaster appointments pending investigation. etera nearby only 50 cents for meal. Can you erjua] United states? Clothes are considerably .. 1U i. expensive in Alaska, but most of the git-Is bring enougli to lasl them for some time, and with 26 dnvs' "Il's more like a vacatie.n llvin a job," saj-s Evelyn FiUpaCrii. who wrnl from sunny CaUlrmiia (o work in Alaska. constiiuilon (hat can withstand UiittBS and meet new people, and 1 ve reriamly <tui:r both. I could nive mi ami on about ihc scenery and, Hh, die men." 'I'lie nil-Is ai;rce that Anchorage Is no place for n mamby-uamby. but if she i,,i s ,1 bi , , )f (h( . , miu([ , r spirit of adventure and n hardv (he temperatures that .seldom set lower than 25 below in winter and i:et up to about 75 above in lhe summer, then she will love It. Few have had 1 rouble gelling accus- tract. There are about 4CO civilian pirls from the states working h, An- choraife and they seem to be en- joyinft themselves immensely Lola can ai- ' .'mention each year thej- ways get back to the State's for 1 here because more. "Hie girl., sign a contract ' with the government or the bis constraction companies opera'ans; here for either one or two years. Transportation is paid both'ways unless you leave before the contract i-5 up, and you can renew the eon- Jensen, S3. of Thief River Palls. course I Mmn., i s a clerk in the District i the J Engineers Oflice at SMOG j;cr year .She .says "I like it here because more j Ks so .beautiful. There's something about, the place that yet.s you. Where else can you see a baseball game played in dnyliglit at one "'Cr: in the morning? i came I wanted to see new '•lined lo the I'llmalr one or the working B lrls said. KoliiR to .stay ,,p |,er,. ,, m [l • MIV.M a nit-,, nest .. I!B ,„• l,,,ul- •' man. H l(x,k s like I'm KI , lnK o able to ,|o bull,." n ,,oumls . llu ' "" swi ' r lo « laded sccr,- s pravers. . . With Four Men Aboard, Lost in Atlantic MJ;iVt:i,lt. Vn., -Minvll 27. IUP> .Hi., o.nsi oiinru ,cnoit,.,l yes- .,.;...-.•, i<.ili.y a small burn,, with four V iin-.i iibom-.l broke Iron, n n m ,tt ""it wi.s l.wl in lhe I'.nle-losjed At- •'.' iHiiIli- Oa'an off iho Mitryliuul const. • A tVinsl liuiirtl i-liltei frnni Nor'< Ik »iul i. pliinc- (nun HhziilKMIl City, N. CV, rinluM u> (I,,. slH . m . Ill inllcN .southeast of iiliit.-i- in- Unlit .ship. Tho bui'do bi'ok,. l<.os,. Ji-oui (in- l»i: 'I 1 . 1). r-'hcratoti durluK n heavy null- and nut uri'ii tijjhleil, ilie (.luaril snlil. PAGE NINE ' ' ,;l,ked U ls lhe «'»»«>'* Head OU.U-IIT NOWK wnni ABs. To the Debtors of the Estate of Dr. Thomas F. Hudson I wish I,, slnlo Ihn( his ,'liui,. will bo „,«,„ „» (iay jj; Siidii'ilnv, Miiicfi a 1 .). II will ] )0 pt-rsoiwil favor if (|, cy | will come in niul selllc (hoir iu'ci\iint on Unit .Into. ij' Mrs. Thomas F. Hudson •3 I GREYHOUND Hoots of Culture £ AS re ft 7/Vf WORD "£AST6R " COMfS 0 *jli FROM EOSTR6. GOODfSS OFSPR/XG. HER FEST/VAL WAS CSLE- ' BRAT6D /fj APRIL W/TH F£ASTfMG AMD GIFTS f-~^ - . . '->• TSf6 \ £AST£R'S DAre, W 645 L6D Qf/ff/V fAHFiEDA OfSK/TA/fJ TO FAST FOR PALM SC//VMY wwtetcfffG oswy. cete. SKATED G/FrS OF D£CORAT£D 6ASTEK £GGS WERF. POPULAR W MED/£VAL r/Mfs. r//e CUSTOM DATES FROM TH£ F.ARLY DAYS OF ZASTfff /S Sr/ti A DAY FOR F/WE G/frS TO FR/£VDS AND M€MB£RS OF TH£ FAM/iY. Hermondale Athletic Association Friday Night, March 28th ARMORY HALL Son Smith and His Soft Music , Reserved Seats for White Spectators Admission 75c Announcing a New MODERN EQUIPMENT ... EXPERTLY TRAINED WORKMEN ... TO ASSURE YOUR COMPLETE SATiSFACTION! Our modern body ropiiii- .shop is fully equipped with the liilcsl precision equipment to Kiiariiiitcc tho HKST in .scryice on any type .i«l>, larjfc or smiill. This (k-pjirtinent is under tlio matiiigCMncnt of If. K. "Trickey" Wiillon, wlio will give ijci-sonnl supervision •to every job placet! in our care. Our .service includes ;i!l types of metal work ami complete psiinl jolis. Ucmenibcr, there's )i o job too hu-gc or small for our expertly IrninucI staff. G.M.A.C. TI31K I'AYMIiNT I'LAN WANTED! CARS WITH BROKEN GLASS OR DAMAGED FENDERS! HltlNG THU.M IN TODAY cAI EC i nr jfaiij, inc. 305 E. Main G.MC TRUCKS Phone 519 OLDSMOHIMi .-.uiea.-j»ji i>..,i **~**~j... , m lln ~':' at ^|£^ ^^SSSili)^ J Hubbard's .o <; '&• lief! rinc yyiiii| Extra Heavy Wine or Blue Velour Covering Piatc Glass Mirror Walnut Finish Sturdily Constructed Standard Size Model Strong Construction Heavy Coil Springs Fine for Sunning or Evening Comfort ^™'^s^> In Green Waterproof Covering Heavy Velour ROCKERS *o Match J *95 Couches All Metal LAWN CHAIRS 5J.95 ! 4 i FARMERS TERM: '/2 DOWN BALANCE NEXT FALL Spring Chair By SIMMONS Waterproof 4 Q25 Cover I j Phone 409 401 W. Main St.

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