The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1952
Page 9
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WTONWDAY, JANTJAHY 1«, INt BLYTHEVTU,E (AHK.) COXJRIER .NEWS OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major H*opl. NEAT, en, eovs r A TALKINS 6CARECROW WITH AM AUTOMATIC RECORD SHOUTING "6HOO" AND 'SCAT/"—THE MECHftKlISM CAUSES IT TO PLAP ITS WILL SAve MILUOM* <?F BOSMELS Of AK)t> CURS SOESS IT'S TOO MftNV COP TAW 04 THE V>Jl<5, OR AM OSEALOAD Of DRACOtJ THE OTHER SllSHT.DlO VfcXJ MIGHT SHffJe THE- . PRICE OF 600R60)i CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sites up to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to 81 in. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gates Concrete & Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices «'« D t )| ver Highway SI at State line Phone 714 * JUST RENT A CAMERA from our CAMERA SHOP Take the Pictures Yourself... With a box, flash, or Movie Camera. BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 FOR SALE Concrete culverts, IZ inch to 41 inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Bunding Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us tat free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone Ml Good Service FOR YOUR CAR Llffi Is Youre for the Asking at T. 1. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 1Z1 E. Main Phone Z12Z OUT OUR WAr J. R. WilK.mi Run and hang up your things! Your father has been finding fault with everything since the TV set broke down and he started looking around!" SHOE REPAIR HflLTERS 'flL '•" SHOe SHOf 2 t w M « I N s T BEAUTIFUL " CUT STONE HOUSE On Highway 61 North Open for lacpectlon v From 1 to S p.m. Dallr 3 BEDROOMS — 2 BATHS — |30,00« Thh lovely home Is Quality throughout. Beautiful TJ shaped kiichen, lifetime Geneva cabinets with all the accessories, Including Kitchen-Aide Dishwasher. Dining room, spacious living room with marble and mirror fireplace. The S bedrooms have large walk-in cedar lined closets. Both tile baths have colored fixtures. Storaje-plus in large floored atlic. Large terrace in back with barbecue pit. Yon will like this spacious 14(rxlJ5 ft. landscaped corner lot. Don't fall to Investigate the stnrdinesa and choice materials «sed In construction o( this home. JOHNNY MARK, REALTOR Offiee Phone 4111 R, 5 . Phone ZSM REACH-EASY CLEANING" with this NEW G-E! HOME CLEMU Its Ifttta as 2 10 t* week Mkrtwi WPWI SK n TODAY I Hubbard & Hoke APPLIANCE CO. ****rh«r Bofer SENEMAL$ELZCTRIC VACUUM CLEANERS By Nina Wilcox Putnam Copyright 1951 by NEA S*rric«, IM. XIX VLMA drew a deep breath. So * it was Bright Muncie who had been in that office where the man lay murdered! For all his petty weaknesses, Tommy was Incapable of such a crime and she should have known it all along. She went over to him and touched his hair gently. "Tommy-something very serious has happened." she began. "We may be involved. The only way we can be of help to each other, is by being truthful. I beg you, in the name of everything we have meant to each other, be frank!" "All right," he said. "What Is it?" "A man has been killed. At the Mammoth Gold - buying Company's offices. I went there to sell our old jewelry. And I picked this cuff-link up on the floor." She told him the details and then added, "Why would Bright Muncie have been there?" "Good heavens, I don't know, y^lma! Of course, in his position ^>s assistant -gtneral manager. Bright took care of gelling the bids for the workroom sweepings But this year Mammoth didn't «vcn putlin a bid." "Look here, Tommy! ft's time yo« told me all about your new Job with Bright—I don't care how confidential it's supposed to be." His face was more serious his eyes more truthful than she had ever seen them before. "Too confidential, I'm beginning to think!" he said grimly. "But I swear ail I've ever done or been told to do was to collect payments due and hand them over to Bright?" "' Have >'°>» ever collected from Mammoth?" "No. Never!" , "From Higgins, ft e winning company on the floor sweeping bid? "Yes. The first time was when 1 bought you the wlvu foxe*. Bright gave me » package to take down. I don't know what wai in it." "That was quite a while ago. Anything since then?" "Yes. Last night, after midnight." "After midnight?" "I was sent down right after the sweeping was over. The carpenters had started laying the new floor." "Bright sent you, I suppose. And who gave you the money?" • • • "TTIGGINS himself. In h« private office. Part of It was intended for me. Having all that cash to spend was what got me into trouble. 1 * "And the rest you were »o turn over to Bright?" "Well, yes. At least I was tup- posed to hold it until Bright asked for it." "Until Bright asked for it personally? Why not turn H in to the cashier at Trumbull'st" "I understood the money was to be used in some dealings with (he diamond curb-market along the Bowery—the sort of thing The House couldn't do officially but which was necessary because of the diamond shortage." "And Bright made these curb- market deals personally or through Higgins and Company?" "I honestly don't know." Tliey were looking at each other .-•ilh growing comprehension. Alma got the f«ling that for the first lime in months they were working toward a genuine cooperation. "Jewels," he said at length, "I'm beginning to think that the smell Hamlet noticed in Denmark was a bunch of roses compared to what we're up against here!" Despite the seriousness of (he moment she could not help smiling; it was so good to the old Tommy through the uncertain mists which had been separating them. 'No matter what he did " she said, "we've always thought of Bright as Mr. Muncie's son, first. It made him practically immune to any very serious criticism." • • • W JT certainly did in my mind. But now I'm not so sure. The Mammoth firm has always put in a bid. Could they have been deliberately prevented from doing so this time? If Bright had been threatened with exposure by Mr. Wheeler, the manager, he might have gone there this morning To try to stop it." 'Wait! We must not think too fantastically. Tommy, have you ever had any other conta-ts through the Higgins Company? Outside of Bright?" He thought a moment and then frowned. "Only one," he said at length. "After 1 was paid oft last night Mr. Higgins gave me some stuff to take to Mrs. Dcnton. Wanted a Trumbull appraisal of it. But there's nothing unusual about that: The House appraises for loti of small firms." "What was wrong with their own bonded messenger?" "Nothing that I know of. Higgins knew I'd be going to The House this morning and just asked roe to hand her the stuff, which I did. Said his messenger would pick up the receipt later." "I thought I had a first-class ideology where TrumbuD's was concerned," she said slowly, "but I'm a suspicious sleuth beside you! Tommy, what have you thought about the thefts at The House? Doesn't this begin to hook up with them?" It certainly began to make a pattern tor Alma. She thought of Mrs. Denlon, a greedy woman who demanded luxuries. She worked a* an assistant to Marie Lcshinka, the chief appraiser. Frankly eager for extra money, a selfish, cruel woman, even though she was an expert at her work. "What do you mean?" Tommy asked. "Think, Tommy. Think. It's clear em"".h." (To Be Centiaued) Drive-In arcoal J it V-Jarh ecue Guaranteed Watch Repair A $ 3.50 Your watch Is disassembled, cleaned, pivots polished aryi hair springs adjusted. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler N>xl dour to Wade Furniture. I PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Come to the RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day Speedometer REPAIR is part of our extra One Day Service—All Cars & Trucks f T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrrsler-Plj-moulh Dealer 121 E. Main Phone 2m ' CATTLE COULD SIT OUT I HAP ALL PIGGERED SAPCH.E--TOO H TH- LEAP HO&S I'P CHAWGE.' NOW THIS DIET/ SKUNK VA3WT HISTURM FROWTV A LOT Of FOOL THINGS SOUND GOOO IN TH' BUNK House OR ON PAPER—NOW "THE THrNKER' Benefit by R*oding and Using Courier News Classified Adt FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ^teFHr^^ GOT LAST NI6irr, ' » LAW K/ L&BD7. fJjsruwE rrTo ME/ ILL tGosn! oo ^ 1 DROP OVER -D VOU6. HOOSg ) VA TMINK T^,^ r,,rx,,.,,_, ; irLLWORKf Bur . REGULATOR. IS 6U1B- ANTEEO TO CUAW6C • CAME ABOARD : FLVIW& TKI/1NGLB,ME,7 AND THEN Yye5>ROCK.y YOU BKAMf V A1EN , INVISIBLE \/\EE X^WO /V\^ 7 \ LY COULPfJ'T FIND ' FLEA i L ^Py ND ^ p > 1-OTTH15 f£/P ? jfWAIT TILL I TELL MY POP! HE'LL BE GLAD TO HEAR THAT I NONSENSE, PR1SCILLA! I'M SURE YOUR FATHER KNOWS THAT ALREADY! THINK SO, MISS PRIMROSE.. 1 "LJY^s Kj«_n»it. i nu> ' POP -SAYS HE DOE'SWT KNOW WHERE THE MOU£Yj -i /S COMING- • • ' r~f *^-v %*/#£Vx,-sr» * T. M. *.«. 0. s. PW. OW, COME ON, INSPECTOR BEFORE S-POfTT FEEDSC ^LAUSHTER AMOTT-IER VICTIM. THAT SUV* OS5PERATE. HE'LL MEANWHILE, S-PORT &TA&SERS- THROUGH THE STOKM, TRYING TO SET HIS- BEAR- INS ft i CANT TELL WHEKE I'A\ CSOINS, BLTT I'VE SOT TO GET WARM I A PENCE! TWE ROAD AVUST BE ~>N T1-IE OTH6K S-IDE OF IT . DOE* MOT £EE TH~ D - HUDDLED TOSETVIER A&AINS.T THE BLIZZAKS3 HASWT 10VZ. YlT HA5MOT! THM 6IKD-BKWNEO " 1UDIGWATIOW I FEiWACE PDF ME IU RN AWKWftRD M MISS TULLISV SPOT— FOE MO GOOP REASON 1 COOLED OFF A T — WEE BIT BY ».OW. EASY? FURTHERMORE, AFRWD SHE'S BEEN A Bt>,P INFLUENCE ON YOU, JANE! VOU,.. WEU.VOU LET VOUE. IM.61MATION RUM WW) WITH YOU— I UKETHhT! SHE'S ft REAL IMSPIRMIOU! DID YOU READ HER rJOUEL? lib SO ROMANTIC! 1TRIEO TO, COMIMS OOVMM OH TV.S PLMOE. PUT MB TO StEEPl I DON'T GO fOZ THAT SEHTIIAENTAL„ WUSH! — HEY, VOU! PULL lO\JER.TOm£S106 OF THE ROAD1 WO POU'T TRY MW FUWNV STUFF GEE! IT UOOK6 LIKE OH WELL..A DINNY'S KINDft GONNA HAFTA STAY HEKE IN <^_-. •, - \ <™>i-o nf\r lt\ GiWf HfcKfc IN / *a%'Vfcr\ THAT/ /TH'SOTH CENTURY ./ ftnJl,^, -•-""- ..THE PART5 OF THE TIMFJ- OH, I ~X MACHINE MOST ffFECTED DUMt-IO'S \ BY THE BLAST SEEM TO BE I'D SAY 1 MORE 6C«T TERED ABOUT THAT.., / THAN DAMAGED THA.T FISH IS HARP A6 A "^ ROCK, VA APPLEP ALLEY I BELIEVE I HAVE 5OLVEP THAT LITTLE PROBLEAV, TMS DELICIOUS TIP01T WILL BE BKOiLEP TO A TURN IN A A\ATTEK , T .. ,:-*^l. - £X V

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