The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 1947 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 Wa CM for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radio Hairs anil Service 10(i South First S(. Isotopes' Fighf Thyroid Cancer Oak Ridge Plant Now Operating to Aid In War on Disease IS.V I'AVI. r. V.IJ.IS tlhiiletl I'rcss Science Writer) NEW YOIiK, March 27. lUP)_ Between 60 and 10 radioactive isotopes are nov: in production .11 the Oakridye, 'renn., uraninin pile unit the licst seller of all is radioactive loATne. used in ihe treatment of Miy- riMI cancer. This was disclosed today hy tho Monsanto Chemical Co.. opi-rat'ii-a of the Clinton Laboratories at Oak- ridj'e, which also listed radioactive carb.m. phosphorous and sulfur anioiiK the leaders. .So far there have been about -IGG isotopes ideiuiiied, but many of them ; have little value nt pre.sent because of their .short half-life time. Some expend their radioactivity in the fraction ol' a second. Iodine 131, however, has a half- life time of eight days and has, proved its value in the treatment of some cases of thyroid cancer. The isotropc phosphorous is benv used in experiment to combat ten- '• keinia. U has a two-week half-life time. j Carbon 14. with a half time of G.OOO years, is probably loo powerful' for general use in the hospitals. Ijut is expected to be widely used in til.; industrial field. Dr. Waldo E. Colin, co-ordin.-U'jj- ot thc radioisolopcs. development of the Clinton Laliiratories. behey's that carbon 14. however, may ^ive science new knowledge that "may he as significant and far reaching to mankind as the discovery of nuclear fission itself." He said that biologists, using cai 1 - bati M us a tracer, "are workiat; to find out how plants use sunlight and carbon dioxide to make energy ^mtainiiig cumpminds. and how man •'W'Verscs the process to #et energy to iun. work and play." Cohn said that investigator;; can introduce carbon 1-1 into plant and animal life processes, and then can trace with electronic devices the course of the carbon. • Radioactive iotiine and carbon first were produced in the atom- smashing cyclotron. This was slow and cumbersome method. $10,006~Tomed / By Negro Using Laundry Swindle ATLANTA. Gil., March 27. (UPi — How James o. Neal, Negro laimdrv truck driver, showed such prosperity on a sir.r.:: weekly wage was thn question. Neal answered it today rerailhijf that during the past year ne was able to purchase two houses nod n 31.000 war bond. His bunk balance added up to a neat Sl.COO. •Tve done all of that since I went on the liumdry truck," Ncal said Neal's joV ir^r, to make stops for a linen supply house. Icavin" linen r , and collecting for the service In. vestigation showed that his customers paid more for (he service than ihe supply house charged ponce said. "A new bill was made out a. 'he customer ovw-cliarged," police Ncal's total overcharges netted approximately S10.000. an invcstiE-i- tion showed. He was held without bond on chaises of suspicion of cheating and swindling. High School Pupils' Love West in Hay Mow Raided; 17 in Custody I-OS ANGELES. March 27. (UPI —Seventeen high school .students were held today by juvenile officers investigating a hay mow "love nest" across from Kxcelsior Hiijli ^School. Norwalk, Cal. r~-; Seven boys and 10 girls were arrested after the suicide attempt of wie IS-j-car-old girl led to disclosure of between-classe.s idvlls in ilia hay. Deputy sheriff Leo K. Knebcl said the seven boys had been in the habit of taking the girls, one at a time, to a barn across the street from the school. The mass love-making had been going on for several months, and "presumably no force was iirvol- vrd." Knebel said. Fire Routs Apartment Dwellers in Hot Springs T1OT SPRINGS, Ark.. March 27 (UP i—The origin of last nighf 550.000 In Hot Springs w.Wstil undetermined loday. Thc blaxc destroyed a buildtog housing a grocery store and a 15- i-ooni apartment hold. When firemen arrived the lower floor was in names, but all guests at the rpartmciu hotel escaped with their Battle Royal Looms in Automobile Industry Over Who Will Occupy No. J Production Spot Vtl' C f»lTl»'l-SX^T 11.1 t i.,._ ' BLYTOEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS B> S. BUUTON 1IKAIII NBA Starr Corresiimidcnl DETROIT, March 27. _ Henry 1'ord ii i s rc ;uly to challeive I General Motors for top place ijil the automobile industry. He has been president of the Ford Motor Company for almost 17 months. He has built up around himself n u almost entirely new crgunlziilon. The englneerin" statl is Ihree times as large as it was a year before the 29-year-old hustler took over Ihe reins from his famous grandfather. The styling department is almost four .times as large. , There's a now s-ph-lt in the organization thut for so many year.-; set the puce in the nmbinobil" world. From Henry Jr down through the ranks there'is a "go- vcUcm" attitude. Everybody in Ford and in competing oi-gatilzn- .tions knows that, the zero hour is apuroacliing for a .battle royal. It will come next full,' when Ford unveiU the 1918 model the first created bv his own ori«mi- rition under his leadership. Both ill styling and in mechanical features Ford intends lo give all ri- .vols something to shoot at. The detaiis of any new automn- bile are a Jealously-guarded trade se-rct, Ncbody at River Rou^e n .talking about tlic 1918 Rjrd. lint a lot of well-informed cb.seivrr.i .will be surprised if it does not offer automatic or "chitchlcss" Iraiisiuission. MHVEIl AM) WIDER Only General Motors has fully automatic. transmission now. This is the hydromatic. offered in nothing under the Oldsmci)ile. Chryslers fluid drive is described "by ciiKneer.s- as only semi-automatii- , The new Ford clutchless transmission, if observers are coire-f .will have many less parts than ,G'M's hydrotnatic. which will make it less expensive to manufacture and enable olferiiiR it on the lower priced cars, it will have no plates at all. but will transmit its power entirely through liquid, for smoother acceleration. Experts say that all major manufacturers are working along similar lines. .and that whatevcre car von 'buy probably will offer such transmission, as standard or oplioiTal equipment, before long. The new Ford is expected to be lower and wider-bodied willi wider seats. Seats will be set fur- .tlicr forward, lo get them between the firings for easier riding. This will require shortening (he motor. 'Which also may be lower—in which case the shorter, lower .hood will reduce part of thut bad blind spot off thc right front fend- Robbcr Suspect on trial For Daylight Hold-up I.ITH.K ROCK, Ark.. March 27. tUP>~.Th«,m[v s Wllllaih Callis wenl mi trial hei,. (oclny on eliaiRCs of I robbers In connection with the. re- ri'W b»M d.-ij llglil holditn of lis- ter Jewelry sima In downtown hit- lie IMrk. Dekv'.lve chlct pink Mild yOster- <">>' lie had new evidence In connection w ith the robbery (hat substantiated u statement by Callis and his companion. I r lnk s:1 lcl the torn bits o( several Imiuis. idontlded as those taken fioiu the Jewelry store vnull. were fiimicl near ricM-oll and returned to hiin. lie snld It was jios- siulo thin Callis and his companion were telling the trrttli when Ihcy .viij (hey destroyed the bunds and dUl not know thut they also were ili'stro.vinn moi' t - thnri $1.00(1 In^ currency in (he some enveloiie. Tlie total loot, Jnelndlni: bonds, curi-cii<-y and jewelry, was valued In excess of $8,000. Only the jewelry has been recovered. Henry Kurd jll: lie's (iislill (UK er.. Window; will bn larger. Harold T. ' YohliBren. wlio with OUI.vmcbilr wh n\-.Hic transmission was introduced. mm' is K^rd'.s vice-president in Thomas a Uuildor of custom bodies for tli-> most expensive American and Emcpoan 'cars.' is in charge of a ;cd by some as evidence that tiie.w L '-;a:s will iri-rely undergo another fa,-e-liftiiiu next year on the basio charge ol' i'ln;meeriHK. tlib'jurcl, long famou; . The University of Michigan' llus 'oi'nn. finding out wllat women want in flic ;vuv of fabrics, colors. panel arrangement, etc. Prom these is expected a brand ,-mmm- with its own version or now antomcoilc— the first really ihe Car of Tomorrow neu- one sine,- )!).|l-tl,at will !i.' fn f pite of the a^.re.wivc plans almost sensational. Bill statements ]K\\\K made by F,-.rd, 'and n,,' de- of his is reason to believe that c.nly s;nne oni'eix' were can"- cc'llecl. These' were, said to Include dies for a new smaller, 'less ex- imwivc car. Persons familiar wltli the hitler competition' between Ford and GnuTuI Moioi-.s do not ibeliove that the lalter win let Henry Jr. j um j) the (ielri with a really now p:>st-war auloiuc'jlle. They are confident that CM .vill j D. O. Rushing Gets Post j With Employment Service I M'ITI,ic ROCK, Ark., March 27. (UP) ... nenton O. HnshlnS was | mimed yesterday n s director of (he J Arkansas slnle EiViplrrymi-ni. Scr'- jvicc .siiri'ccdlng Die Into D. Palmer, Patterson who died suddenly In DeQtieen last week. The announcement' was made by Stale Administrator Purlfoy. Cltjl alter a called meeting of cinploy- nient scrvlte pcrsoi'nrtl. Riishinu had been chief oj the local ofllci operations of the Employment Security Division, He had directed work at the enlploynisul service duriiHi the war years as stole dl- recior of (he War Manpower Commission. iHe Is a native of Sheridan where he lives ivllli his wife mid daughter. matte by Yoimcrei) ir.ilicale Ihit !>•» freaky, n will not it , be "" shaped: it will not i':f a!l-aluminu:n or all-plastic; it will not huve its engine in the rear, nor will it be diesel-powered ;T<-ry/, operations rivals, the best mialifiod say that, there i s »fjthinr in'im- incdinte nrorpect. in the automobile world, that orlsiinnled in the The v-fl motor will be. continued.' - N '° A "t <"ON'im IONIXO with refinements for economy. quiet operation and lonaer lite. I But the six-cyliiu'er motor will be ,,....., , | pushed, with double the present '''i,t ' , opacity, for those «-ho want loyer \ ( ,''L'^' s \ fun' rn'ic.iini'-lin,, .,,,,1 ^^.,-:.i-.. TI, 'XOetlsive, i? ^Voun'jirn has said publi-ly tlvii feasible onh , tht> "'"•'.( exp?n- lbat lurbine.s a,,, [no fuel consumption and consider 711 ] , 1 lo IS miles an hour plenty of speed 1 Ilr '' olr °". 'he -Krourd. atomic Neither General Motors nor! "' ar '" "' f " tur( ' (if '<"' Gulf Storm Warnings Up NPAV ORLEANS. March 27. (UP) —Small craft warning were ordered hoisted at 7 a.m'. (ESTi today East ol Lake Charles, l.n., lo I'en- sacola, Fin., the Wealljcr Bureau or ,n " Hu^a Fire I.o.s.s Value of properly lost Ihrnuah fires in the United States in 194fi was enough to buy sufficient electrical power to supply all the electric railway and trolley lines in the nation for 16 years. , Chvysler will even hint what their] , answer to the Ford of Tomorrow ! ^ '°, tl to """' [ ' 1 "'is (foiii'- to be Thcv ire ni-inr' . :>n " n 'e dies Ureat pains i«, k ee P s!,ch iniotla- '>"!" """ "«•""«=. jiior. frcm anvbodv who miiiht let [it leak out ' '^. i The tool industry Id it' n '!''i llo •bn known thai General Motors has w ^ V, M ^ cancelled orders for new dies for , v ? ,", t ' 194S Chevrolet. Pnntiac and O!d5- 1, • ""» "'" Krenl """' [ ' 1 -- sel heavy, ex- , ™" he say.s. ve would lt u . oll i :( ™ nl "'^ system ln < llu ;- v "" k - "'«! H lr "' t thc '"sti-ilnition of would add 10 cents to ths car's c:;st for every ixnmd saved—|>cr- haps S30 for u small car. Yonnc- ren e:dls the cost of plastics fol n car body prohibitive, Anv or all of : these things are for the future. If ut nil. Not for lfl4B. hi (hat. future you may have a pan?akc: engine in yo\ir cur. I mny have fbm' or .six or ei cylinders lying on their sities, hal on either side. Or It mny be of tli radial type now used i in plane and tanks, with five or seven o nine cylinders, slicking out Ilk the spokes of a wheel lying dowr Hut such things as these ar merely exneriincn'ts in manufae tiircr.s' laboratories now. Don' e^'iect them, or any other real! radical departure, in even th most advanced cart of tlie nea future. You Are Ready to Go Places . . . When Your INISH For thc Asking! Better Tailoring Better Hat Blocking CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2612 announced. InrreiishiK Koulhcjly winds «<-re prcdlcU'd today, reuchlnu '^> l<) 35 miles per hour ihioushinu u,,. ,,r- tfrnoon tind tonltilil, with winds shlllliii; to N'ortherly tomorrow, New Floods Arc F&arctl Along Oder in Gcrmai.y 8ERMN. March 1!7 ull'i I-'VAC- mili'd lesldcnts <>, (ho fliuulod O.'ier Vulley wore warned toduv nualusl reluriUnx lo o s oon t<i ilip'lr home.i because or a danger o! new floods The oermnn Neil's .sen-ice ic- porloil lhal molorboals removed many hundreds of poison* Horn Ken Trebln, rive miles Noi'lh ot Kmnkfurl, lo Kuncisdoil ( i u . fust bank of Ihe river. i<\iur persons were drowned wlu-u a rescue frnll cnpshed. Batcsyillc Woman Dies Frorri Week-Old Bums IIATKSVH.U.;. A,^., „„,.,,,, ., 7 (Ul'l-Flnal riles will be held ,il ^ p.m. tomorrow for Mr.s. lietilnli Mn/elwood, about 50, who died in 11 llaiesvllle liasplltil yesterday from burns sulltred last WedueMhiy Mrs. Hi\y.elwoo<l received ilrsl'mul second degree burns iiboul n\e anm lens mid Ijtuly wiieii a buti.ic <,f eleiialnij fluid exploded In h n ii.,, uh hhe Is unrvlvcil by her muilvr Iwo sisters, and six hwlher.i. 'I Measles Aid Doctors CHICAGO. »""*" 'it. <UI'i Giving children the mc«sli>s may be. nn crtotlve nay of licmliic a MUni'yillsra.w sometimes sutteiecl In childhood, (lie Amerkvin Aleill- cul Assnclatton reported today Urs. Richard \v. lilumln'iv anil flnrold A, Oiissuily, of Cinclmiall, "•IKiUi'il In the American journal or Dkenses of children that meis- le.s arrested five cases „< nenlios'ls Ihcy Imrt slttdled. PAGE SEVEN - Blythcvilh VFW Members Plan Army Day Meeting Mcmbfrs o| the lluiil-l.lnyd IMM, a.)7(1 "I (lie Veteran', of Vorcli-n Wars met In weekly .session at Die ttrlrnkump Coll..]] (;o. offldi lns( In observance ot A rm' l Harmful Alii l>irr, supvr-lnseclicldc usijd. In Uv war. rnlBht, if Imodcast-iwlihouf dlKcrlintniKion, kill of[ lire' nVsel-ifi pests that ei.t our crops, hut It would' Kino deslroy the bees aj)d olhel impels lhal, by cro.s.s-polilnatloni t in x-f tt-eeli.siimike our crop growlux pOMlble. 1 APPLICATIONS i are now Being Taken at IJGOMERY WARD If you hove operated a successful Hosiery, Men's Clothing or Sport- i»'3 Goods Department, Ward's has o job for you. Salary plus commission . . . vacation with pay . . . possibilities for advancement. Ask for Mr. Kane HOU; Extra Savings on WARES Boudoir Chaijs^eg. 19.95 - - $14.88 Boudoir Chairs, mg. 12.95 - - $9.88 One-hand Egg Beaters, reg. 1.50 - 49c Glass Fruit Juicers, reg 15c - - - 5t 3-Prece Cutlery Set, reg. 11.95 - - 9.95 Electric Toasters, reg. 3,90 - - 2^98 .Electric Irons, 4 !b. reg. 5.49 - - 1.9B Wall Type Can Opener, reg. 1.98- 98c Plastic Juicer Set Z,~ KS . 1J9 Extra Special Savings on ALL PURPOSE mum SCRAPER «&. 8950 ZIPPER-iT ELECTRIC WELDER *£ 44 S5 SOCKET WREM SET ^"--/" 1395 AM MMMH MILL r - 0 59O CHICKS AND CHICK " Single Deck Brooder - - - $19.95 Three Deck Brooder - - - $69.95 AAAA Grade Chicks, Barred Rocks, White Rocks, New Hampshire Reds per 100 ------- $10.95 We also carry a complete line of Chick Feeders and Founts ...HI. ICIAUJ BUFF & RED BRICK SIDING 65 LB. ASPHALT R00FIBG JIM BROWN 109 HOUSE PAINT PERMA PLASTIC SEAL Keg. 1.25 I'cr Sci vCtf. 2.S!) I'cr Sff. Reg. 2.3!) Qii;ufs SJR5 SO 5;) ? 24 5) $f WOW IN STOCK: 4 & 5-BURNER TABLE TOP OIL STOVES!

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