The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1947
Page 5
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THUKSDAY, MARCH 27, 10,17 Daring Civilian Test Pilot Puts World's Largest Bomber Down Safefy After Aides Use 'Chutes UT WC'inu, T,-x.. Mart'li 27 fUPi-'Uie woild'a blsiw;t I>3iii5er, ihe XB-30, V.-HK sill in oiu> niece tocl.iy, thanks to a <-iv" liilol 1 lest vvhrktd 'away, Roland O. Mayer, Fort Worth division manager of Consolidated VuMce. said: 'A most 'difficult landing was satisfactorily accomplished." )!<; said 'it would take several weeks to repair the ii!ol '.dm ri: ke<l lib life to ann'g "Is SSO.;C\!M 'lane down \\;u\ a tlama^ed liuidiiit; ijc::r I At:rr all -,,,u' <„„, <-f lu.s ero'V had «'teycd his or:.«-.s to -;«i| cut.'" I l.-indiiifs soar ' Then""teu"'iT^ht's i ^.S 0 !^*^^- JAKiSH- — ^^ l ^W :-,Jj;-3ke:i iaiiilhi t ; e.ear a feat that! /<Any An- p_-rre i-X]>crts said was! a!:uost im]'ossib!e. 'I :ie X:i-3G is ilu> onlv plane in Hie world whi:!i <-au \.:',:v a. full load ol I'xn'js and makearound- fnp f:< :n the United States to any lnti-!:iled area in 'the world". i Owrrm-s 4 |ivu p a parallel bcs- lAvcen Krhk'son's dm inn and lh:Jt of proud sea cTptiilns who havp t'one d{ wn with their .ships rather tlian nh'-ndoii them. Eri'Asou ancl his •co-pllo!, <:;. a. Green. 31. who ,-eiused to bill cut. were at Ihfi controls when the jiiunc inac.o its maiden fli-hl last June. They 1-nd ),I-',:K:I pm i| |lil-ou»li "'Sl.s ever sinr'e it was (milt by Cv.-jisn.'idalfd v ( ,:tee ...\ir C.irpora- liun. Kmv in Iho experimental .'ta;:e. the plane is scheduled for formal ae.-c ;; by the Army Air I.'.H-TS next .lime. U bas a tail a'i tall a ; a four-stray bliild- iii'J- It -an lly eii-ht mik's above Ihe earlh. ai-.d travel 10,030 miles lull loaded and return. The ;;l:u!e •,,- :! .s <.ri;.i)!ed on its t;'ke-c:; fr,-.,, n- LC , F . Jrt Wo r;h Army LAii Bis.,, ul 12:30 ,, ,„. yes . , U'id : .y. wiien :i siij.; IraL-o strut 311 the' main l:mdini: pear broke off from a -,vm;.; co;,nDi-tiun. \' : ]e[t one wheel di'n-rfii:<: ;i s i|i c . niano soared into tlic air. In addition 13 'Ei-i:ksan and Green. 12 ;if,v .nipn:i;crs n-sre i'l3o:ird tiic si'.vrr shy r.ionstt-r. They were Aru.v Air Foice men *'om Wright yickl.' O.. Corsair's t-ivilian e.vpens ami f^rervei.s from foir;;:inies whicli supplied uarls for lllC' plane. About .1 o';-lo:k Kii^kam ordered the men to "bail out." lie circled bu-k and .forth ever a highway, and one after another Ihe' men' jinrp?(l. Seven ot them wore in-' juretl. none'. wlien they hit Ihe KioviiKi on tlie outskirts of i P.'ot Wortli. j A little Inter Erh'ksun radioed that lie would ivy to -rash land) on Iho nir field, onp cf Ihe few [ in the nation larac encUHh anri. ,MroiiM enough to jiancilc tflc XL!-] 35. Nr> one linrt nrdu-etl Him to try il. But no one cljj.-.jted. either. Offi-iMs were nnxious lo save tlic muiti-million dolljir plane. j !•' r iv.-o hours he circled slo.vlvj :-• I ha field exl'.:v;istm» his gas-' C'iine sin-p'y. Crash wasons ixnrti Armv air.bular.ce s stood hy. Tiic • " ™ calmer and u ;rowd pi, p?rso»s [fathered neur llicj iield to walcli. M'anv of, h:ltl scc " rrp ' v members! Anny air f,,rtr experts at the! licld told repnrte:s ii would be ;iluiost irnpossibln lo laml the plane with.-.ul p-rfeit landing aeav.j At fi:2B p.m. the ]« came i,, 1 for u InndliiR. Erirfcscm 'Sankcd the piane sli.jhth to the left, r>s it onrnetl Ihc runway, maintaining Iho ;;i!k of weight on the left mam [ and no=e "ear The plane roller! to a stop. °rt was' a reucji laiidms. Eriekson and Green s c- out ami calmly directed inn primiHl rnnv to roll the plane into Us hanear Hep.>rtcr s ' allr | ,, lc spe , tator - «f' c ' .<''-' i.way fro,,, thc & ccrcl Jiiane. hrukson and Green wcr.- Negro Extension Agents Moid Meat Show at Osceola 03CEOLA, Ark.. March 21. .Approximately 200 people representing u ccmnmnities were present at the ninth annual cured and ranne;! meat show at the Agil- -tiltural Extension Office here Friday. Tiie meeting was In cliiirjd of Negro extension agents. Items on display were meals canned in glass containers. Prizes OPA Will Close Memphis Office Three Divisions to Be Merged With Regional Branch in Atlanta ATLANTA, Cili., March •>!. lUI'l — OPA offices In Memphis. Miami and J'ialclgh will bo closed April 30 with ilieir activities consolidated in Die Allanlii regional office, it wns announced today. Regional OI'A Administrator James !'. Davis sold mm rcuulnr 30-day termination notices will lie Blvcn to branch office personnel at Hie end of this month, alihouijli sonic employes may be sent here lo aid in die continuing ciilorce- mcnt program. Davis sattl that tile r> aro ; , rent offices In ilm southeast will un- .wcrc awarded to .winners in various divisions. The meat shows are hold eacl ,vcar to show progress made -in ,farmers I" using new and improved methods for canning anil curhiB o! meats. 2.030 Avmy them ALLURING -FOOTW-EAR Beautiful Black Glove Kid , Dress Heel TWOSOME $9.95 Shop Our Windows for New Spring Style W fiWi^s - JCKIC»iB 3C^ EASTER FLOWERS For Now and Easter Sunday April 6th The Traditional Lily K;istcr Lilies jire beginning to open in our grcun- huusc.s—the largest, most perfect blossoms yon lisive seen. A big selection in all singes oC rani anil 'blossom Other potted plants ;l ro bright ;iiul fragmtit—llycl- raiiKcas, llyacinlhts, Tulips, A/.aleiis, lioseri, Priiu- roses, Gernnhimii and Begonias. Corsages It lakes ;t corsage by Ilealon's to perfectly compliment, a lovely Kiistcr Costume. IMionc us 'now anil place your order ahead of tlic rush. Flower Greetings Wired Anywhere Across ()><: miles we will send your Kaster, blowers iiy wire lo those to whom vonr lu-arl turns l,, v Phone ul!). ' """*• Jtlf> - "Say It With Flowers" we HOME ' •* OF • Blyfheville's Florists for Twenty Years (irecnvKiiiscs and Shop Corner of Davis and Knuiklin BLYTHKVIUJS (AliK.MJQUHIKK NKWS ilcito no major change' wllh (he execution of necessary personnel reductions. rresent liquidation plans for Ilic federal agency cull for Issuance ot M'veraiu-e noitciw to a»u oi'A em- ployes in the I'lisht soiHlii'aslern states. leaving 1,210 s tj|| ,,n the payroll, aynlnst a peak M.BOO ilur- hiK the height of oi'A cniorcc- tnent. Siitsnr branch others, wllh one iissl|>iir<| to ciu-li sliit t . in the southeast \\ere not exiwiod lo in- uV- fecled by tjie consolidation^ slm-e the offices already arc operntlng with inlnlinum staffs. "Naiunilly." Davis viid, "we do not know whin Congress will do regarding the future or snsni- and rent controls. However, President Truman hits diierlcd oi>,\ mid OTc (Office Temporary Controls) lo c.mllmie ef.cctive operations In antici[ia!.lon ihat appropriate K'uls- liitlon mmid t,e passed. This we will do. cm-talliiiR expenses In every way iioKslblc In order to do a thorough job w ithli, our jnoliibJc budget." COMMUNISTS Cmillmiril from rase 1, the v'l-'W fnvori'd (luilitwliu tin. Communist !•„,., y He rmimiiuMuleil: 1 Thai American labor oir ml- ™<i>nr.. and virtually every lyp,. ,,f ri']!;:i<!us. industrial, fraternal and patnotie i;r,mii.s apply Hie same !»>•- ully tests to their milks ».s rei'.iiii- mi'luieil lusl Satimlay Ijy President for RDvmmient employes -'. National and stiite nnv. D,. iiini'Jiiled iiml strciit;!honed to pi\i- vide "How .seiinlny and pulmeitv of linwls" spent f,,|- eamlldales •spmal prohibition" of tnnds sn,,- plied directly or Indlieelly hy 1( foreijai Kovemmeiil. ;l - Hlrcntthen education laws to provide for s i,, x( i )0 ,. k . , and courses In public education •>. A conlliiiilnii imiKnmi <,r p',,i,. He ediicnlion be formulated (o exp ' . jilarr said that those In Conaross. PAGE FIVE isovenmienl, labor nvd lm:, vvhu continue ••traitorous elllwns or non- elll/eiis" me nol* HIIMC for whom the VI'W fonuhl I'll Kniadcn lnvi>sll|;a!lini Meanwhile (he commit 11'« ,<•- K'lvcd u i;o-ahead lo broaden Its Invi-.silKiiii,,!! „, .siibirr.sliv m-tn-illi's ('halrman ,1. 1'arnell Thoina.i, U., N. .)., said Iliiitu* Hi'puljllcan lcadi'1'5 h:ul okayed n proposal to pi'iinu the iwntnlticc to hire adililonal Inves- and Ui appropi laic fillijll) lor their work, lie said Hie nec,^- sury leBlslullou wotilil be approved Mion by the House Admlnlslration C'ommlltee. Other mi-mbcrs said the actlo'i slurtild enable Hie commlilco lo expand its check of Communist Infiltration of the radio and movie Industries, rat Chief J. Kd B Mr 11,,,). vcr said yesterday it was invent to root Communl.sis mil oi public opinion ilelds. Oilier developments: I CalHoinlii Stale ;:,-n jaiK Jl Tenncy said the Unnnnmlsls are ti.vniK to lake over Hie maritime HiKl IKhliiK liuluslites. Then In case ul win U-ln-eni tills eomiliv' ind Kiisstu. he .siild, they wmim hine u slriinrilehold on shljiplni! mill i jnd | supplies. 2. He)), lilrliiiul M. fjjxun, U t:al.. sidil h« Old not Ihlnk bjKi i,,' outlaw tin party would i, n ,, v ,,,i us now written. One measure would [ liar iMimmmlsiri from running I'm- : pointful olllee. 'fhi! utiin- w<m) ,| make II ID |»< » member ,ii till- C'uini'.Miillsl I'arty. j 3 Tlionms Mild t'lie eoimmi.! — 1 "llb.sohllely will <-|i:tri;c.; II I'.niiene Ill-mils, general .':ei ii-iniy <M > Ihe CommmtlM I'aity. fuji.s 1,1 '. m . i swer a .sulijeim lor' April ;>. ' \l,-\ said IJjnnls teehnli-iilly | : , in c,,,,. tempi for lefiisiiiu 1,1 'iu>;-,wer emu- mil Ire iniesttons. ivnnl.s \vus e.v.irt- C'd from the eniiiniltii.|. rpiun ye*>, r-' duy after nn ,, nil ry wnini;ie overi his "ri'nl name." i 'i'he eiiminltlre was scheduled PITAS Us Incesllfiatldii of (.',11111111111 • I Ism In Ihe llHllywiiliil m.ivle I'ani- ; lul. Calli'd us u wllnes.^ wns i''ni i. Jolinslon, president of Hie Mutt ni I'U'dii'c Industry Ailvlsoiv Com- mlttee. , Oilier ivlinejses wcif "National UM.uinnd,,, Louis ic, stair *ir n v . J clri'ims of i-vurlisii SVars an'u OoV "mi SluK of Michigan. Slglor presumably win be ( |iiosllonca uUjiil,-' ••'•li.-s «ml thc 1DU Detroit ..ruca ii'i:., tor which Cotmmhllsts h'avo !>' i u blamed. Hoove, .;„(,, „,,„ ,,,, „ p(M . cc ,, t ••I (her,. ;„.,.. „„„.,, coininunlsls enunliy now tlinn tli M *'' • tills ""«'-•' »l "to lime «'-•' »l "to lime of •»., revolution. In,' ' D0 FALSE Rock, Slide or Slip? '•'AflTKHTJl, an Improved pow- . '" <« In' sprinkled on U1)1 , cr or '"«•'•'• l'""1™. ...... Is false, teem 1 •"""• ""my In place. Do not Mid" ' «H|> ivir rock. No M ummy, KO0 ^J' I'liKty lm,le or fcellnc. 1'AISTBETji '' Bl LOVELY SPRING DRESSES • t at Ihe peak ^ Llie .Easter Season wo oho.; you dresses new in .style . . new n co U •, <1 ow in PRICE! fParade-leadint- num- aiul bei-s in dark .and pastel Crepes; beau- ti ill Prints, Bimbertfs, Linens and al most wanted materials, in a color selection as varied as the rainbow ./?!? M **yM N&f U8K PKINItKRG'S LAY-AW AY I'LAlM SUITS To Take You Everywhere 19.95 'I here;'l ;i sniiiii woman in Imvii who'll let tliis sniiii't collodion oL' suilii «!i|) liy. 100'- woolen irnljiinlinc.s, SlioL- litiids, Twills, ;IIK| Crt!|)CK. n«inlirul IKistol colors MS well ;IH K r.iy, Iji'ovvn, Miiv.v Mild lalat'li. !)-20. Charming Handbags Chiirining ]{»inll>ni;.s lo coinplrlc your fester uiuii:. PJa.-itie patent aiifl plastic: cult. Under ruin, slujulrle; strap and handle styles. \ Black, red, lliBfaac. \\.i\>. $2.99 I'lus 1'rd. Tax . Gorgeous Hats Wr'vr liala for every face In our new KASTEll nrrny. Butuais. ]-'l,iv.'i-r Trims. Kcniich straws ill lli>v,vr IjmU'cl-.i'd bt'iuity. Suletl ii^w sprini; hat here luday. up New Blouses 'I'" ilress up your Easier Ktlit! (.'•ejn-s. U.iiiKtes, Jerseys. Gor- i;r;ni:.- cclors in pastels, white of ,-iri])i->. DesiLi.,-(i uiili jewel t.ecfc- );'[ -InnN.-iii. 1 ; tie.s or con- tailored lines. *%

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