The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1952
Page 3
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WTONBSDAY, JANUARY !«, 19W Taft Favored 3-1 Oveif isenhower, GOP Poll Shows Senator 'Holds Own' From Year Ago, But • General l> Losing : BAN JRANCISOO Wy-Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio it a three-to- one cholw over G«n. Dwlght D Elsenhower for the Republican lentlal nomination among >P National Committee members willing to txficst an opinion. An Associated Press poll of the S« memberj who represent the 48 states disclosed: Of 43 willing to state bow they stand, 31 Javor Taft; nine support Elsenhower, two are lor <Sov. Earl Warren of California, «nd one backs Harold B. Stassen. . Members ire arriving for a national committee meeting beginning tomorrow. Western regional GOP officials planned to study their own problems today. Elsenhower I/isinf A similar poll taken at a meeting In Washington a year ago gave Taft 29 votes; Eisenhower 12. Thus Taft Is holding his own but apparently Eisenhower has lost strength. These results came in the face of an announcement by Elsenhower that he is a Republican anrt available for the presidential nomination, although he has said he will not participate in pre-conven- tlon campaigning. Last year's roll gave Stassen four votes. Warren two and one each to the late Sen. Kenneth Wherry of Nebraska and Gov. Thomas E. Dew' of New York; K Member! Reich ti current query reached 85 members. It showed that 42, or almost half, are unwilling six.months before the GOP National Convention to express an opinion either publicly or privately about their party's nominee. Thii obviously left a wide field Tor campaigning among party officials. They ordinarily wield potent Influence .on the selection of convention delegations from individual states. Taft and Eisenhower supporters are prepared to undertake that kind of campaigning" at the meeting here. Not on First Billot Forty of 5« members who expressed an opinion said they don't believe any candidate can attain on the first ballot the approximately 900 votes needed, for nomination. ThU seemed to indicate state party leaders felt 1. Taft does not have his claimed majority of strength among the convention voters and 2. There is not likely to. be 'any Eisenhower sweep such as his rooters have been talking about. In fact, most of the national com- B^ttee members predicted a con- VBItios floor fight in which the nomination will be decided only after several test votes, and after favorite son candidates have had their complimentary roles and have plopped to one or another of the favorites. Race Is Between Two The poll seemed lo Indicate the GOP race strictly Is between Taft and Eisenhower. This has been reflected similarly in previous polls, I which included state chairmen and j governors. In most cases, governors willing to express an opinion have indicated a decided preference for Els- enhower. However, state chairmen, always active in the selection of convention dslegations along with the governors, have preference for Taft. indicated a BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ORPHAN FINDS A HOME—"Bobo," a five-month-old gorilla likes to loll in his bassinet in the Anacortes, Wash., home of his . owner, William Angelo, who bought the ape from hunters who killed its parents in Africa. "Bobo" wears diapers, gets his bottle every three hours and ultimately will be weaned on bananas. He'll be sold to a circus in four or flve years. Arkansas in Washington By GORDON BROWN WASHINGTON Wj — Arkansas- Rep. E. C. (Took) Gathings Is up in arms over what he regards as a slur against his state. , This slur, he says, is In an automobile sticker manufactured by a St. Louis concern. Gathings says the firm makes such stickers for all states, selling them from coast to coast, and that most of them highlight some good paint of .the state involved. But the one for Arkansas — Well, this Is what he wrote, in a letter of protest to Eugene Newsom, Arkansas publicity director: "Most Depressing" "It was most depressing to find that the Arkansas sticker contained the likeness of a barefoot mountaineer with long black whiskers racing speedily over the turf of the physical likeness of the state of Arkansas, holding a jug of liquor under his left arm. He is accompanied by a razornack hog. Inscribed on the sticker are the words •Arkansas Traveler.'" HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Down with Homework! Chiles Airplane Puzzler Makes Father Airsick This advertising, Gathings protests, "\vUl turn the calendar back 30 years and destroy the progress of the Wonder State." . | He asked Newscm to see what] could be done about wuu. r..wma the Arkansas stickers and substituting another more favorable ior- mat, Arkansas Can Brag; After all, he said, Arkansas has a lot to'brag about and Ion" ;> — • ouUrew such labels as "The Slow Train Through Arkansas," ana -iiie Arkansas Traveler." For instance, he told Ncwsom, Arkansas is first in production of strawberries and bauxite, is the only rt ' - v. itu a diamond mine, is a sportsmen's paradise and rark& ...5.1 in precinct-ion of rice, cotton and soybeans. In the same letter Gathings took occa.s:cn u> urge that the next state T '•' ? c"Tur;\~e composition of a new state song for Arkansas .t ..--_.., Liist all Ark an sawyers would gloat over with pride." There Was a Hush in the Church As 3-Year-OW Preacher Spo'.e WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. P. R. Askew tried to sink through the floor when her son Danny got up to preach to a startled cc.igre- Israel Ready To Negotiate Jewish Claims JERUSALEM Wi— Israel Is ready to start its first direct negotiations with Germany. The first meeting— to discuss Jewish claims for a billion dollars In reparations—Is expected to be hold In Brussels, Belgium. A date for the talks has not been announced, but they were authorized yesterday by the Foreisn Ai- falrs Committee of the Knesset parliament. Bitter debate over the propriety of Jews talking directly with Germans led to a riot last week by the Herut Party, headed by Menachem Beigin, which hotly opposed the talks. gation. Danny Is S. It happened Sunday at the West Memphis Church of Christ and kicked up quite a sensation. "Danny's always playing like he's a preacher," she said. ''Preaches to his dogs. Gets out in the back yard and sings and rnumbles_>and claps his hands." But Danny had 'never 'ma'dV'any ts-ouble in church before. Mrs. Askew was startled but not uneasy when they started serving the Lord's Supper and all of a sudden Danny wasn't sitting beside her any more. "I looked up." she said, "and there he was. walking . . . right up to the altar." Danny stood at the pulpit. His mother said he mumbled and he sang a little, all very serious. And then he looked down at the communion table. He reached for a glass, but couldn't make it. So Danny looked nt one of the men. Ha stretched out his hands to indicate great height and said: Tone and Pay ton Have Kiss in Greeting NEW YORK (ft -^ Franchot Tone and Barbara Payton had a *(ii5 lor each other when she flew, ^iere yesterday from Hollywood, but for onlooking newsmen they had only a cold greeting. Th'. actress curtly repeated denials of reports- she planned to divorce Tone and marry actor Tom Neal. Her actor husband icily told newsmen: "You've made up this story so far, so go right ahead." bars. Application has been received from 123 petitioner*. At or* Bars Licensee/ SINGAPORE W/^It will be a Bhorter distance between drinks in this British Colony next year. The Licensing Board of Justices recently granted ptrmils for n new Read Courier Ne s Classified Ads THERE MUST 8E A REASON WHY IT'S THE M1P-SOUTH'S LARGEST SELLER Exclusive Franchise Now Available in Your City National concern will start you in an established business. Our men will secure top locations and handle complete installation. No experience necessary. New type Self-operating, self-service pop corn shop. Put your money to work. After installation—a few hours supervision each week wilt earn you substantial profits. Write Box O— FUEL OIL v G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Lend Br ARTHUR EDSON (For HAL BOYLE) WASHINGTON (AP)_If the So. clety for the Protection of Parent* From School Homework will please come to order, your president will get on with his report. Frankly, the situation is not good. All over the country parents are tottering under the burden of writing essays on the robin or trying to solve obscure arithmetic problems. The U. S, Office of Education has no statistics on how many hours parents spend each year on their children's homework. But a fellow 1 talked to there said he had « pretty good Idea •Plenty." he said. I realized I had a potential member of our Society. Latin I> Hardest "What Is your hp.idest subject!" I asked sympathetically. "Latin," he said. "Mine's mathematics," I said. Actually, the teal evil behind doing homework for children often has been overlooked. Moralists have attacked It on the grounds that a child should do his own homework, and not palm It off on lih parents. That may be true. But I suspect the argument often Is used by people wlio can't do the homework, and therefore hide behind their morality. An Honest Approach t think a more honest approach is this: To do a child's homework, tears down the final shred of res- i pect for his parents' ability. By the time a youngster is a vear and a half old. he has begun to think for himself. If he's smart at nil—and they all seem smart nowadays—ne has us parents pretty veil fired up us frauds who rarely have the courage to carry out the threats we make. Parents Linger On In a few fields, however, the parents linger on 'as something of an authority. True, aj the father of four glrli, I have to skulk around the fringes of most conversations at our house. My opinions are worthless on such subjects as j A. How much lipstick should a' H-year-oU wear? B. How long should a girl's hair be? and C. Are. olond boys cuter than dark haired boys? My girls say blond boys. I'm dark haired myself. But in one field.I always held my o\vn. If a youngster came In with a school problem, Mrs. E. would say sweetly, "Take it to your father, itiear. He knows everything." Stall j Worked Out It was simple, for a time. But this, year the 14-year-old entered high school and I had to work out gonna "When I get this big, I'm have some of thai! In the hush that followed, Danny looked around. His mother's eyes caught hK ,and what he saw tiamp ened his spirits. He quietly sat down in the pastor's chair and stayed there. Read Courier News.Classifled Ads MOX Phone 4821 Show Sf&rls Weekday. r.o« Sat.-Sun. 1:00 Always a Double Feature Wednesday —Plus A 6RE*T »OK KCOMEJ A GJEATHi NCtllK DICK POWELL EVELYN KEYESfn MRS. MIKE aftrts and I 2 Reel Short Thursday & Friday SHIRLEY P VID KISS foi Corliss —Plus TAKE CARE OF MY LITTLE GIRL Edgar Kennedy Comedy v«rlou« rtills for time. Such is: "This is something you should learn for yourself. Look it up In the encyclopedia so that next time you'll be sure to know It." Last week the inevitable blow fell My daughter came in with: "Plane A start.! from Airport S at • ».m. (lying 150 m. p. h. At 9-30 ».m.. Plane B starts after A on the «ame track flying 250 m. p, h. how long will it take B lo overtake A?" "Looks simple," I said, lying hone- fully. "I Became Airsick" Well, I vitMvd that problem until algebraic equations covered the living room floor. I mentally fl e w Plane A from Airport S, and then hurried back and took off In Plane B, until I was airsick." Finally, hours overdue and given up for lost, I checked in with the answer. Well, anyway, an answer. It was too lat«. Everyone knew by then that I.didn't know any more algebra than a goat. What has happened to me has happened to millions, So, parents of the world, unite: Join our protective sociel.v. stand firm behind our slogan: "No more homework!" It's our only hope. HumphreyWants Truman to Run 'Foir Dealer' Needed To Win 1952 Election, Minnesotan Stares WASHINGTON W)-S*n. Humphrey D-Minn said today the Democrats can't wtn the presidential election unless they nominate > "consistent 'Pair Dealer 1 and a warm supporter of the administration's foreign policy." The Minnesota lawmaker fold a reporter President Truman would /ill the bill "better than inyon« else because I obviously am talking about the kind of program for which he has fought." But Humphrey added: "W« have other good Democrats who could qualify and win the election" If Mr. Truman decides not to seek another term. Sen. Capehart R-Ind said he believes the President will run again, "The Democrats In my opinion haven't anyone else who could even make it race of ft and I think Mr, Truman knows that," Capehan de- bywrRf* fill/IM jiatoneiiqWllff Whf »u(r*» pain *f rtwumfttlwR, MFiltM. lit*. b*ge. Gil C 2223 today— "«H r*riftbU' ; —U'l "" " JAN. 19! COME IN! NEW 1952 CHEVROLET Sullivan-Nelson CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut Blythexillt Pecan Trees FOR YOUR HOME OR FARM You can choose from a larg« selection of paper shell pecan trees at our nursery in Monette. Comt and look around. For any special information, you way contact me in Blytheville at Oscar Alexander's.. .600 South Franklin. R. B. SPENCER NURSERY Monette, Ark. T.ltphont 52 Japan Won't Sign With Red China, Premier States T9KYO W> — Premier Shbjeru Yoshida said today Japan has no Intention of signing a peace and trade treaty with Red China. But, he added. Japan Is ready to sign a treaty with Chiang Kai- shek's Nationalist government In rormos* as soon as legally pos- clared. Capehart l.s hacking Sen. Tail of Ohio {or the Republican presidential nomination. But he said he is convinced "any Reublican nominated can win thto year." NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA/ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 Wednesday & Thursday 'The Iron Man' Jeff Chandler Evelyn Keyei Friday "JUNGLE MANHUNT' Johnny Weismuller PAGE THREE Elble. Ywhlda declared hi. menu China policy in a letter to U. 8. State Department, adviser John Foster Dulles. The tetter, dated Dee. 24, was released today. Wednesday & Thursday "HEART OF THE ROCKIES" Roy Rogers and His Hors« Triggtr RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday 'Leave It to the Marines Sid Melton Mara Lynn Also News & Short* COM Phone 3186 • Prompt Delivery NOW/ HESTER'S Goal Yard • Courteous 'Service Now! ear! mmmmm ON FAMOUS GOOD/YEAR TIRES ]8O a Week Buys Two 6.00 x 76 Tires 195 a Week Buys Two 6.70 x JS Tires • Oth*r sizes proportionately low • Oth«r WMkly payments as low as $1.25 a Iff M I J RIGHT •••«•• ** •••Will N ° M ° NEY °° WN - Here ' s the chan « te end Y°" «r. worrie. »««• «nd for all ... and get cash value for your oW t!re», tool

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