The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAKOH-27, 1047 BLYTilfiVILLK (AKK.) COl'KIKU NKWfi Slow Process Jury Murder Trial Enters Third Doy With Throe in Sox .V.ELliCuHNIl', Ark., Miuvh 27. (U.- r —-A fcui-th piiit'l of jjra.s. liiv ji;:t)r.-. iL\v:uu'd iiue^iiuLiing i!.\y U: thf tedious process of Ic, tin;; !:> periions to sii in ji jiM'ut i'jj- thi 1 second time ag'n mount aiitcei- Rupert *' Byler ts on trial in J?.ur<l Cir-ouSt ninrdf 1 .- in the shoiyun slaying Dot- Coui'i on clnuMos cf first clcgrv< 4, lS4 r ). of Ehoiiff Li\.vren;e Hir- oer. 'I I'.ioe 30-it::m j:aneU were; px- ):uuutccl ypait'rtlay au:l three jurors were -lio.sen, • liyler was found fjullty ant sciuenceci to |he clL-riric chair las' Mar:-li. but the Arkansas Suprenu Ctjuvt. voided the vmlicl and or- derrd n new trial. The court hch tli;ii Oiorc inittht b? fv .snudovv o drib', t!'.:it B vie r le^eived a fai: trial since iprpsldiiif? Jud^e Illetlsdi v, - :is found to be " <lLst:nit relative cf the .slnin man. Judge Lawren^f! Auion of I J ii!'.»-.- ki Cir.'iiii Court is 'cacnuying i!ie ben:-h at Die retrhtl, -An tori's first action yesterday was to throw out the original patu*l of jMfors after he learned that one of 'the jury commissioners had Ven a 'business associate of \l\\r- ,bor's at the time of the shooting. Sheriff nojve Caok rounded up a ficroucl n:\iiel. State and defense! aUorncy.s agreed upan one Juror. Cock fr-aughi in nnoiher panel- State nntl defense attorneys agreed' upon two jurors. ' When Anton adjourncrJ court at 4:iiO u.m, t tie tlirec jurors were Ernest Lt'rtih. ;\ silica company worker cT Onion; 'Homer Wren, a sr.\viniU laborer of Me''!)Durne; mifj J. C. Pinley, a fanner who lives ncr*r Sidney. m The state PALESTINE SABOTAGE—BONANZA FOR BEDOUINS^ *&..... -^SR»! •"—»!«,•] U»»PA * »««ift-f-«~»-' IF^-iFKn f-'-" • " ^y'^-M ••-":•;»,-.,-,• •• Z£^~:\ ;* ^i§ig|p;t:--- ; ^<|^<^J/ HIM 1 Am1>iis.siL(loi' \V. Avrirll Hunt- I imin mid H»>vli i t IJL-piily Fowls n Mlnl.slor AiuJiol w;is rll- I'll by Mololov. Hi' uiltl Iliin'Jiiiiiii j \\Toli- VislHUj-ki us (olluv.':,: i "Yin 1 ^iivlt'i unvcinnu'Ml \vMl imuiiigi' Ulrmmnt us>;i-ts in l-'in- liind, IhtiH'.nry. liul»:ii In and Ko- • imiiilu iniii assriK tn Kn.sU'ni AM:-- lilii without rnMMittliiK lh<' ItiUlsh. Kirtirh 01 Ann'i'U'an ivincM-ntii- ! lives on th,> i/otih'ol I'umu-ll I W:mU ' Assi Is" Drlliiril I ' The UilllsU, l-'iriu-ll Mid Alllrr- UMII ri']ni i s('nudi\ r - on I he i->iHul L'CLincIl will nniiiLit:r all ollu-r (it-v- liVin f ;r -1 : ; ivUhniK c->U • Mtllitif- i ho s-iviei rc)iu\soHtah\'e," i Mnlotuv ...MI,! Vl'-hlnsl;! iv|i1ii-d, n i!, i vet tij; to lint rluiim'.s tot nn i In. Thf Mivlun mliiMer mhlcj in Jiis tnenm to Marsh nil. ' Hie So\'i''t Ui'VeniUH'n! t-nuhmir* tn ntlhori' i = i Mils tiasttinn »nd Iselirve.s tlutt I'.u'H of i ho four jumiTs has tlu- vl' f :ht "to innnnue (;i'rnuin sr^ls hi \ s (Oiit's>n)iHUii|: /one u' Ausliiji us ft iniiy di't'm fit. uml llirrcfdiv d'^'t. not M'C- the iHX'Osstty tor any :»'),It ration niiK'hliH'iy tm -,\ (n IKirlHe hiisls n,s propuM'd !i>' ttie Amorh-an lieU'^utlnn," Mnlofuv b.ised hi,-; position on llx v 1 \4MUi in iHiii-emenl \vh k'h f.lves the Sm-lt'l.s tlu- i-i^lK l« all Herman a.siels in Ku.sU.'rn Ausdlj siiul fonnrr HiitoUllo rmmlrle.v Tin' Amoi'lrnns wunt tlioiv assets In Austria defined. Ansltlitii KumnmciiL t'linrfge I ho .Snvlrt.s ullh liikln t ; nnuiy itirlu 1 - hlnl phints from AiisLrln whioli \vi'ie not Cioriinui IISS'*(K. nnd tueir- I^M' m vsiMKiMm {if tin 1 Potsdam srovt'l it^reomcnt \\itl iu cxlrnct i'i'|t:iral1tiris finni Auslrlu. Thr cLiiMllcl Lcsulls from \\w 1'iU't (hut the Nii/ls took nvcr pi 1 :'-' i- enlly t>vi>r.vLhlnK In AuMi'ln itfli"* | ii.i- Anschli'.'-s, i-spt'ttnliy iln; t>roi> *'My of Alistrliin Ji'w.s. TJu 1 Aniev- unu.s cinli nd th;il Lhos^ uii- no. |i'- ;;:iHv (.ii'inuin n.v^cts iuu| ULC not :i\;tttnhlr! lor ihe .sov li'l.s ID luki 1 ns (Irvuisin nssct;-. The HovU'l 1 ! have nyl liecn very partK'iilnr nbnnl ir:icl(iic Ihr li'Kiu iltU- to what tht-y ' I'rtiiin-ss tin <ic Lin'in I'^tu-.s wns vli hi Lilly hiiluxl. tuf^'ly l>rr:Uiso Un 1 .-^ptM-ljil (1i']Hilles cununUtoi 1 <>r- tU'i'cd ("i (tnnrihimti- ul] tin- inlnU- li-r.--.' |)rn|iosuVs lui'i IKTII Involve)! In it loiiK nviMLiiifni mi dl.sjtliiL'i'd lH'i 1 - SDHS. I'AO. Shipmc of Bassmettl Just iri $5.95 THE TOT SHOP 10") S. L'ud. Tllltl |!1-™, Imllrliu. li f,,:, , lo nOli'Vi' II.KII. am.jus .ll:ilm,« uii.l wi'lik, Mia,:;;,,! uill 1'JI f..i.!ln.T. (it 'I'l'llulM lUvvs' uhi-ii .tiio lo fiihc. t|.> ' ' ' Crcomirtslon rollovt-'H promptly bc^ rniuie II rocs rinl!t to Uto IXM ot Hid trouble to help loosen nnd expo' (Serin laden j:hfcci:», nnil nld muura to fooUni nnd liuiil raw, Umdcr, III" ISnmcil bronchial mucous nion~ Lrniips. Tell your cirJfglst to cell you i\ botllo of Crcoimilslun with tiio un- dcn.landlnK yon nmsl like the way 15 tjulehly nlluyu Uto cuup.h or you arc vo l>nvo your money buck. CREOMULSSON forCouehs.Chost Colds,Bronchitis -!i« When Icn-orisls hlcw up an oil train ne;tr I'chih TiUva, Pnlcstinc, licdouins cninpcd ncniby lind :i lii'lil ihiy. Hero llicy snlvage splintered tics and scoop up fuel oil in the Hooded dilclics along Ihe railway. I'iclmx 1 by NKA phi)- tographer Lcn Sloecttcr. Four Get Fines In Big Sugar Conspiracy missed the ' request. Hai'bor and n serve Bvler with DUBLIN, GR. r Marcll 27. -(UP) — refusoj four Juror.!, 1 Federal Judge Frank Scarlett im- six, nnri Auten dis- l»sed a $10,000 fine today against their own J. A. Ross, Eastman. Oa., whole- charges. His appeal from the Columbian Head Faces New Prison Sentence ATLANTA, Ga., March 27. (UP) —Homer L-oomis, Jr., Columbian lender faced a new prison sentence today after a Superior court jury found him guilt of usmpation police powers. Loomis was sentenced to one year in prison last month on riot sale [jroccr who pleaded KuiUy in son term is pending. deputy sought to Federal Court to an indictment i The new conviction arose trom check war- chargui" con.spiracy to divert un- ' chiugcs that Loomis directed pa- Lancaster. Clerks IX'an Plerci; atid ,Noel Story. Alternate clerks—Hnrt- dy FjiTost and A.'W. Smith Jr. Dell i Pjr Dell, the roHcn-ing election .officials have been named: Judges | -E. M. Wooilard. Homer V. HC, r i qliic and M. O. Kocliler. Alternate ot IJuilges-—Enrl Mujr.s. NcfJle Dtckson ' and I. D. M:Dermott. Clerks—Oral Honcyeutt and C. S. KenneH; Hl- ut* clerks— Mrs. Ncblc OillanM .Mrs. lj. M. Moody. rant, and Hie .mountaineer started lawfully 075,000 pounds of sugar a fi«ht in \vhich Hii'.'ber was shot from legitimate trade, in the face ivith a shotgun. He' Three others who pleadeo" 1nno- cllocl instantly. I cent were convicted by a jury. They ' ' are W. V. Heavner, Lincolnton. N. C.. three years imprisonment nnd 55,000 fine; Lee Gilslrau. Gainesville, OLI.. bus line opfiEltor. two years imprisonment and 55,000 fine; and John A. Gilstrap, also Onnesvillc, one year and S2.500 fine. The OFA was responsible for cracking the case against the four. Byler and his 17-year-old E=ter Lee. tcck to the hills 'Where *hry eke:! 'cut nn jininiai-like ex- i c tonce on 'berries and leaves for PO days. After evading posses for two niontlis. (Iiey pnve rip to Batesvilie officers.' Two million dollars' worth of ral prisons nnd traps arc purchased annually in the world. Hqppy Rose . Tile amount of su^ar involved was the largest in such a. consi)iracy Georgia. trollinjj of streets l« keep from while nefghborhoocls. {'oniinucd from 1. Cuntlntird frum I'LIHC 1. HiM'lin, and (hat no avbttraUun nia- thiiu'ry is nei.rss;iiT, Thf Amci'i- t'atis lustsL tht'ip must hi- n .s'/'- cific ftutr-pnwf']- aKti'i'ineitl on l.s a Ciernutn n^et. In Aitslria. A iy-15 it^u-i'iiu'nt be v \veei i Un - Election officials foT Leachvllle .will b? the following: Judges—W. ,U Bryant. E. K. Hub'anrd and W. E. RitigRcr. AUcnialc jiulyt's—U. ^V. Alexander. ^A. ,G. Taylor and W. D. Creeds. Clerks—Wi!»^ Herndon and Eurdie Simmon. Alternate -le:ks-Charlie Wilson anO WJ\Hef Hi Pi). if The follow! lie wrre appointed to serve ns election officials tor municipal elections in South Mississippi County: Joiner—Jitciyes: Van Deaton.Tom Music and Murphy Garry. Alternate judges: Hertserl Mead, Au- ,brcy Paulk and Homer GarvyJ Read Courier News Wnat Ads, too Late to CJossi/v For Sale Mrs. Billy Rose, Ihe former Eleanor ITolin, and former n in ;i 11; u r and professional swimming chympion. keeps in shnpo on Miami tennis courl here April ] follo'.v: Firs: Ward—Jmlgcs: Mrs. L. Bjknr, Mrs. Ed CMk sintl .Mrs. Cnrl pu-'kley. Alternate judges: Sidney Craig, w. W. Austin and Utho iJ'imci. Clc:ks: Charles Alford aivl Clerks: George Tinesley and Jim,Dou Edwan.s .Atlernnte CierK.s:' my NfcDonnlrt. Alternate clerks: .Georjc iCross nnd G. H. Robson. i Kir-'uird Ak!e Jr. ;uid W. It. Glnvei. Second Ward—Judges: Mis. E. P '. Reiser- Judges: U. T. Nichols, filomeyer. C. G. Rodman and Juc'.n. P. Porrt and .1. II. Willis. Al- EVRH.S. Alternate p .ju.dsijs:. Mike Me- l.ternate judges: Thurman Moiit- i-onev, Joe'Trieso'limnh and Marvin i/Miners'', B. W. Reed :incl LWs'd Chnppcll. Cleiks: O. >F. Blnkemore ,Bruce. Clerks: J. C. Hunt niul ami E. M. ['Buddy) Tcriy. Altei-i.Gcne C'lien. lAHernatc clerks: Mr.i. nute clerks: Elan iHcalh nnd C. M. !,Lu;y M. Cllilds and Miss Betly ;"09 Lilly S Help Wanted WANTKD Til nl' tiiL-l.'l. ' • Smart. Tliird Ward— Judges: Mr« A. .Lou Brc:k. L'.ixora— Judges: W. H. Meadows. JJiii";. T. J. Nance and T. R. Ivy.jj. D. Hires and Richard Thomas. AllCnialc judges- C R Pc-nu. Les-'.Alternate judges: C. P. Powell. A W. Walls and J. T Self Clerks: ler Godwin and Hns.sell Hays. .Clerks: Alvin fOBo) Huffman and A. Benjamin Hall. Alternate clerks: .Roy Little and J. R. Evans. Judges, clerks and alternates ir. Manila follc-w: Judges Cecil Hey- nold. Tit;e Eanclusky and .Joe Clark. Alternate judges—Bill HT- ;cnv. t .ky, O.i^ar Scott and Claitile •s MOTOH f>:,:r.K For Rent Tn B»v Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Sah'iific. North Hiway 01. I'hone Ii785. 3-27-pk--'1-27 LI ENGINES Dodge and Plymouth HITC'K tbc motor you've been looking for . . . engine liorcd :',5, 1000 . . . all moving jjarls :u'G new. 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For bread the sallur IIKI-B lic'iirili niul tiDino. A Lhuimtltul. th(Ul;;un(i mill's Iti'end-fieeki'rs roam. V'or hri'iid IIIT wfdtllnils tundi- niul siiruum* ^aKl: Of nil Kuuil tilings. Uii' l\n.\ ami Ih'sl IK lm':,.| - Mv Aillnir (lulu ini.iii • OH Notice to Rice-Stix Employees To those of you who are indebted to Harry Fritzius, 1 will be in the Frozen Foods Store, next to my burned store, all .of Friday this week to receive collections of ac- counts. All charge tickets were salvaged and legible after the fire. I will consider it a personal favor if al! who owe me accounts will settle them Friday afternoon. Thank You HARRY FRITZiUS ff^jM4 l »'mw^\ 399 95 { — TIBS Is your wedding planned for Spring? You'll want Ihe newest and finest in quality \o match this glorious cccasion, cmd, you get the finest in brilliant diamonds \vhen you select her ring from our large slocks of gorgeous diamonds, skillfully mounted in settings of lavish design on serene simplicity. 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