The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1947
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUK1BR NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 10-17 s Insist Blossom Queen by T Secretary Lawmakeis Euse of Tragedy j By RAYMOND LAIIR -iiliiHcd Press SlafT Correspond en 0 I/WASHINGTON, March 27.—The J'Zesici'Al Coal Administration was the primary Inrget todny of ft Seunte Investigation into responsibility for the Ceiunilm, 111., mine explosion, ^pli'aivmiift; Hugh. Butler, R., Neb, OE vlie. Seriate : Public Lands Committee, said lie hoped to appoint a special subcommittee today to undertake the ^Investigation, The committee wants to send its own inves- tlai»tor to Uie scene without delay, be: sold. • ••'• I'-fThe Senate authorized an Inquiry fiyff'Biiiler-'js'-.commlttee late 6:iy fit the request of Sen. C, Way- Fa'h'd BrooKs, R., III., who pointed out that the mine was under tho control ofvthe federal government. ^/U the request of Seratc Democratic Lender Albcn W. Bnrkley, sinking a motul slnnvl could liuvr tli<£iiive$it5uUiig committee v,'as in- | Investigation of Iho disaster I public hinds sub-committee. Stale mine department inspectors, who lust November and again in March mode several complaints lo Ihe company rr-Kimllni; .safety conditions In the mine, also were planning further inspections as .soon us the hiimcLs wer 0 cleared bv the company in » letter to *«ov. liwlyhl If. oreen hi Murch ol 194G. • 'Hie DepnrttiuMit of Mines amtMin-| cruls ijmcle an'.to» at that \ Huso inifj cleatccl tin; c'om])uny. S:n<- Our l<'orcsls Pires started hy liunlers using tracer bullets, either ituenltonally ur by mis'itko, uiv iin-onun;; A si. 1 - tlous new mojuu-r; lo forest ai'ea'j. Nancy Andciscm, 17. daughter of tlie ' secretary of agriculture-, will reign over the 1947 Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, April 12 and 13. Interest Lags In Memphis Bond Election MEMPHIS, Term., March 21. <UP) — Ihan 20,000 votes fire expected to bo cast, lo<i;»y ns vot- t'l's yo to the poll* to elect, James J. iMensaiits mayor of Memphis i ami decide whether tlic eHy will j Issue $'20,'J-1G,000 in bonds for civic I improvements. i PleusiUHs heads nt; i^noppoROd 'slate of candidates backed by political lender K. If. Crump. The voters nre expected to approve the following bond Issues: Sewers and drainage, $1,000.000; tuberculosis hospital, $298.000; Negro hospital. $413,000; Cossltt II- brury, $300.000; parks. SJ.UO.OUO; fairgrounds, SX.OoO.COO; Mississippi River bridge, $500,000; harbnr development, $535,000: street Im- pros'omenls, $3,300,000; carnival building, $100.000; municipal airport, $2,000,000; parking und lire stations. $1.100,000; and schools, $5 ,'250,001). .Slu'lby County voters will vote on whether the coumy should issue bonds valued at $4,C(il.OOO for improvements. Much of Northeastern US Blanketed With Snow !ly United I'rcss A Spring storm, riding on stronij winds, whipped toward the Atlan- tis Ocean today after depositing a blanket of snow over the Northeastern quarter of the nation and causing millions ot dollars of properly damage. Temperatures fell to unseasonably low levels throughout, the Eastern hull of the United States. Snow fell today in areas I'roni ; Michigan East to tile Atlantic r>ea- ; bo:ird and South to Kentucky and Virginia. i High winds, ranging up to 5U | miles per hour, lashed Oiiio most ' of the night, but su'o.sldctV slightly i eaily today. I Several Ohio townr, were nearly j isolated by highway drifts, i Snow up lo six inches in depth blanketed mu:h of West Virginia, i One man was killed in Clarks: hurt; when si tree fell on a laxi- • cab. Brother Identifies Body Of Woman Fatally Burned TANAMA CITY. Ha., March 27. (•UP)—'Police said that a 55-year- old woman lound burned b^yoiid recognition In a tourist cabin near here early Tuesday, had 'Seen identified as Mrs. Annie Men-ell Kittrcll, of Panama City. I5ay County Sheriff Coy Rushini! said a man companion, said to have tjcen wearing an army uniform, was sought for que.stioniiH CITY CAB Day or Night Davis Brothers Service Station & Garage FKANKI.IN ROimiNK, Merlinnlc i<m I'roilucls Manilii, Arkansas (Jonc'ral Tires Aulo Paris & ignited tlic t?as. he .said. Regardless of the tacl that re.s- ctie crews were able to remain t>c- low the surfaco iov as much as four hours, n.sliu! two tanks of oxy- raised no objection to gen. they found their exploration request, but Republicans of (he tunnels and rooms bi-comiiiK lo^ T det ermine' whether fiWncfi of -state, local or corporation officials was a factor In the explosion. Brooks Barkley's supporting hLs demand innde It clear that Ihey believed the Federal Cmil Administration must first absolve itself of responsibility. • . That ngtYicy, under supervision of t crelary of Interior J. A. Krug. s been in control of the mines $ince they were seized by the gov- eTnmcnt in a labor dispute last &$ay 22. fi Kriis Is Criticized &Son. Styles Bridges, R.. N. n.. inferred to Krug ns nn "nrrocnnl ^iprenucrat" niul tolU the Sannt^. t,hat he had "direct responsibility" /Or the explosion. tThe explosion promised to revive fcng-stEmciing efforts to give the ftderal government, power to c«- tfirco safety recommendations of gurtau of Mines Inspectors. Sen. Hadey M. Kitgore. p., W. Vn., Iras t blll pending now to authorize the irenu to close mines deemed unsafe. ^Democratic senators argued yes- Si-ciny that the government never nud been empowered to enforce its ftjfety recommendation. Republi- replled that It had the power because it was!operating the "Enforcement of federal safety rec- oVnmendattons was a major' Issue in tlie dispute between the coal industry and John L. Lewis' United Mine Workers (APL) before the mines \Vere seized last year. Mine owners contended that the states had cx- yisive responsibility for enforcing ws. ........ fiojgovernmeiit contract with the .^provided for a national safe- i cgge covering the mhies. ..The jcifjijjrcquired the coal administrator fo'take "appropriate actkm" to correct violations reported by federal inspectors..- UMW Counsel,Welly K. Hopkins told report era that government laxity was .responsible for the exob-- sion. -- • more difficult and miu-li slower :is tlicy progressed. "The air becomes the further we no." Schuster said, "and the cleaning up job to clear the passages for air becomes tougher." "The men wo found were just. lyinn ba'ck against the walls as if (hey had fallen asleep-. These had not been Injured. We are certain, however, that those discovered later as we work further Into the mine will be pretty well bnngrrt .up. Mule Wears Gas Mask "We used blankets and canvass to wrap' the bodies, nncl then took Our mule, wenrlnj; Its gas mask, to haul the small railroad car.s with the bodies back to the foot, ot the shaft." The bodies were transferred to stretchers for the ride up in elevator and then transferred lo hearses for the two-mile trip from the mine to n Greyhound bus garage at Centralia which serves as 'a temporary morgue. Schuster said It may tak c rescuers "several days' 1 to complete the search. ,Tiie U. 3. Seiiatc authorized an Sin! But Now I Grin r. <!<> la chnngo Groans In irrlna. Uaa rti,ts' formula la relieve iligcornforl rjf piles. Sent druggists by noted Thorn Mlnyr Clinic. Surnrlslug QUICK in, itch, . f pain, itch, frrilutlon. ahrltik avrclllnff. ton p«U1atlVo reliet of Tenda to soittn. a . rJrjrfor*' -vf'iv. OcL lubo Thornton Minor's It'scint Ointment nr Rectal Suppositories today. Follow I ~>cl f r>r -t^ Bf (*t| rlr-t- p1(,r' f ^ f V WE TOOK OUR PRICES TO THE CLEANERS Mountain Grown For Flavor' Spring Cleaning Aids BRUCE'S i JOHNSON'S Small Cans ILK i SNOWDRIFT, CRISCO, SPRY A*. Good J'recautrqn I . It ,3s . estimated that Wic- United Skates would • bi nrodurini; • 16- CiO.OOO fewer pounds of beef a! year- had' it not been for a bovine j tubcroulosls; years ago. campaign stnrtect Continued from Page I. been killed by monoxide gas, rolling . throujh • the low-ceilinged tunnels from an explosion deep i« tlic mine. Emit Schuster of sawervillc. III., a state trained' rescue cvewnian and n coal miner himself, said O'ere^was •iittle. if any, hope for the men still unaccounted for. Schuster's" rescue team brought up the blanket-wrapped bodies of the on!v men found so far in the mine. "After we had found these men RSuiear." the shaft we begnn to (gicross more and more debris li*ent.on. as if a cyclone had tbosc lunnrls, learhip ties, snapping (cic- light wires and llirow- around like tooth- pid _ = " EchuWcr and others ruled out coal dust explosion as the cause of the disaster. "It probably was methane pas." Schuster said, "which Is always present in coal and which sometimes bfcomes so heavy it explodes The blast generates the monoxide gas and that cats'up and snuffs wit the ox^eri. The men who aren't hilled by (He explosion arc qulcklj overcome by- the monoxide." • . A dust explosion, he said, would have., caused';! (ires along with the blast, 'and spVfar there has been no evidence of~a blaze. i A careles'sTy dropped metal pick 'HOI WATER, CLOTHES, 50AP, UFT1HG Only Bcmlii I"™, lhe f; fi :'"" feature*! GentleTumUc-Actun washing! Wnlcr-Siwcr Lyl»«K-r! Buskot-lxivcl Porthole! NEW SUDS DISCOVERY *'%. size OLD DUTCH lOc Turn on oven; sec at very apt (450° F.). Sift together flour, baking pov/der, sugar and sale, \Vork in shortening vaih fork. Fold In raisins, npricots and cheriies. Stir ui mixture of !/4 cup milk and the water. Turn onto lightly flouted board. Knead ^ few seconds, or until smooth. Roll, into sheet 1/2 in. tEiick and about 8 x 6 in. Cut into 2-in. squares. Cut a deep cross into each squjie. Put onto greased baking sheet. BrusK tops with remaining 1 tablespoon milk. Bake on top shelf of oven 1Z min., or until brown. "ArPittecl prunes or dates can replace the apricots and drained M.iraschino cherries can. replace the candied cherries. Note: If desired, crosses may bs rilled vmK white cream cheese just before serving. you Will Pfecil: PET MILK can 13c LARGE SIZE BOX OMEGA FLOUR SEEDLESS RAISINS 5 Ibs. 53c pkg, 29c ao URIKI) APRICOTS lb. 45c CHERRIES ir. 39c I'BEING DEMONSTRATED DAUY You'll BCO n comuleln wnsmng with no work nl alll No tuba jo empty or fill. Mo rfwrn-up work! Hy buying and Ulauk's Free. FOR MAKINC U'K CUKAA! NO. 1 TAi.l-CAN Service Refrigerator! cnUM-ini; the S\v:msdo\vn contest. Kniry Large Size Box 37c 33 C 42 Hard Green Texas Quality Florida I'nscnl, Large Kunclt GRAPEFRUIT LETTUCE ORANGES IMnrsh Seedless, Larpe Jumlin Heads Florida, l,anre 150 Size OHIO VALl.iCY NO. 2«/ 2 CAN MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES HUB Old TmtflMnt Of tm Brings Happy Rcli«f Many mGrrtrt rdkre nxr^inr b*dnc%« ^luIeVly, o&cc tl>c>*ulao<)vcrth*tlhe rt*l c*u»e of their trouWtmay be tir«d kidney«. The kidneys arc Nature's chtef w*y d Ulr- JOB IhccxccssacMaand wast* out of the blood. DOtS ill THE WORiji OXFOHT) KXTKA STANDAKl) NO. 2'/ 2 CAN 20 VAN CAMP'S NO IJ03 CAN TAMALES DROMEDARY -?-O7.. JAR 25 C \VJicndisordtrofkldricrfanetion permit* pobonous n»Ucr to remain In yc^r blood It miy qiuae' xtfss\ng backache, rheumatic iKiina. lex palns,-fc>« of pep nn d cn«nry, cet-- tin* up ntafcts. •w«Hintr, Puffin«H vlndcr Ui« tytt, hradMbM ud dlmoew. Frequ«nt or Don't i>r t yoor drorriit for -Wot dlnrttie, n»ed lucoMafailj- 'or'*9W Ei r^sxz, Dc*n'< sive «4 Trftt bet» : tbt IS mil*, of rcHrf tv tcb« r blood. Get Do«n'» JP01*.. Ttie Bentlix washes clot lies saif clean—rinses Ihrco limes-—changes its own water- (lump drys clothes —deans itself—sliuU itself oUT! Sco it for yourself — tlte cflsicsl washday on earthl The only nulomatic washer that's been performing these washday miracles for nine whole years! There's no question nbout Ihe Tiendix. It's beenprot-erf in use. Come in for a demonstration now! Hubbord & Hoke Yoor G.E. Store tn niyUicvllIc NO. 1 TA1.I. CAN OYSTERS 49 C SHAVKUS, CUT STIUNCLKSS, NO. 2 CAN GREEN BEARS *...W i^EYEPEAS 18 C OMAW 25 MiS. Sl.flS; 50 M?S. SS.Srt ,nrre, Ca,,on NO. 1 TAU- CAN , CiGARETTES KLNG K.\Ul.O- BOGFOCD NO. 2 CAN GRAPEFRUIT JUICE JMcCOHMICK BLAOR PEPPER ^ AKROPI.ANE. NO. 2 Can ENGLISH PEAS 12 CANOV'A—8. O'L. 19c SALAD DRESSING ,„,. 37 m o<> i 10 C ITIS' LEMONS APPLES Yoi'k nr Crisp and Tender ONIONS POTATOES ONION SETS SEED POTATOES Yellow Spanish. 0 Pounds Red Triumph. 10 Pound Rag Yellow or White. Gallon Grade "A" Certified lilue Tag Triumphs. 100 Pounds . . . Heats Are Always Fresh! HOME DRESSED HOOP CHEESE - - - lb.49c GROUND BEEF FRYERS HENS BEEF ROAST SS OYSTERS, Select - - pt. 79^ CATFISH JUST IN Pure FRESH RJVfR VEAL STEAK CHEESE - BACON ENDS BACON BEEF STEAK BOLOGNA Round or Loin lb - 2lb. box Sliced lb Sliced and Rindless Grade "A" Club or Rib 1 59^

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