The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NKWSPAl'Ell OF NOKTHEAST A14KANSA8 AND 6OUTHKABT MISSOUlll XL1V—NO. BlytlievlUe Daily Newr Blythevjlle Courier niythcvllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader m,YTHKVll,U';, ARKANSAS, TllUUSDAY, MAKCI1 27, l!M7 Dangerous Gas Slows Coal Mine Rescuers' Efforts "ft 33 Bodies Removed Froom Deep Shaft in Illinois Disaster CENTRA LI A, 111., Marti: 27. (U.I*.) — Masked rescue crews reached the area of the yxploKion In Ccntriilia coal mine No. 5 today ami pushed forward to "make, absolutely certain" that none of the trapped men still was alive. Tne rescue efforts still were slowed by carbon monoxide gas, but 18 more bodies were round and brought to tile surface early today. They were discovered near where tin? explosion occurred 8,000 feet Iron) the main shall, and were badly mutilated. The; latest company tabulation showed: Men in the mine at the time of the explosion—H2. HmTies- recovered—33. Men still entombed 78 Rescued alive—31 Tlie first body recovered was brought . to the surface Tuesday night, shortly after tlic explosion ripped through [he mine corridors 540 feet underground. Poisonous gas was so thick that not until 7 o'clock last night were any more bodies recovered. Sixteen were r?- moved iroin the mine then. Charles Meyer, leader of one of the rescue crews, said his sciuad had reached the center of [lie blast area, but added "we'll keep pushing forward until .we are positive that none of the men still in the "mine are rJive." As tlie \vivcs and children of (he eiittnnljed miners resumed their silent vigil at the mine tipple ;it ilawn, federal, stale and county investigators sought the cause of the disaster. Charges that the mine was known to be dangerous come from several sources. A letter was made public wliich had been sent mor; than a year ago by officials of the Iccal miners' union to Gov. D^'ight II. Green. It charged that despite a previous inspection by state officials, the mine was unsafe, and asked the governor to "please save our : Hves"by removing alleged hazards. ^ Other discJosires showed that as recently ns last' week a state mine inspector posted a notice at the mine listing several alleged safety violations. At Washington, the U. S. Bureau of Mines acknowledged that gas ha c ] been found in the mine "within the last 30 days." Sen. Etvles Bridges, R., N. H., charged that an inspector for. VJ_bureau of mines listed oil violaTVj'is of the safety code in a report lo Washington last November. Meanwhile, the Senate prepared for an investigation of the disaster. Gov. Green already had ordered an investigation, and state inspectors were at the scene. Kcscuprs last Slight found the victims lying "as if they hart fallen nslccp" and said the nien had See MINK on Page 2. Cuban Lawmakers Settle Dispute Over Luciano With Swords at Dawn HAVANA, March 27. (UI'l-Twoj Cuban senators dueled will 1 , swords In Ihe Salon of Anns of the national capital today, [loth shed bloo:l over diaries (Lucky) Luciano, and they were reconciled on the field of honor. The duelists were Sens. Francisco Prlo Socarras. brother of ihf prime minister, and Eduardo Chibas. Their blades (lashed in the early morning light until doctors and judges decided that in view of tlie quantity of blootl both hail lost the duel could go on no longer. The contest was broken oil. iiou- or satisfied, their differences were regarded as wiped out, and they parted friends, ostensibly at Ic.i.-it. Soybean Contest Plans Take Form Jaycees fo Sponsor Campaign to Step Up Production in County Members of the North Mississippi County So>!jc:m PkLiiniuc, Committee and the Agriciilturt CommiLLce of the Junior Chamber of Commerce met, jointly last night fit the Delta Caie to complete plans and rules for a soybean yield contcs 1 . to ce held here this year, sponsored by the Jaycees. This will be the first contest ol thi.5 type to be conducted in this area and originated from I hidings of the Sos'beaii Plan iri tig Commie- tec at their second mectitig here Jan. G. At lliis meeting, a review ol thn ban tier soybean crop harvested in 1043 led menvbers of the committee to recommend that, su:h income Tax Cut Voted in House By Easy Margin Measure, If Okayed by Senate and Truman, To Aid Little Fellows lly IIUX CHANTY I'liiled 1'ri-ss Staff Ciirre^plillile WASHINGTON. March 27. (DI 'rlie House loduy voted to reduce the income taxes of most Americans by 20 lo :(0 per cent in fulfillment of a mnlor liepuljlican ;:ompaipn pledge. The bill would p'-nv;d: Ihe first major reduction in individual come taxes since 1P28. Tiix?s were again and uguln until las! year. 'I hen Coneresj made a fivo per cent reduction. The bill faces rougher the Senate arul prob.ib;v will lit, revised there. Anil President. 'I'm man Is on record as opp'-iln;; -t:ij tax reduction this year. Washing- tan observers were by no mean, convinced. however. il';'t hi would veto the mea-su:'. 1 . parlicu larly if it should be revised by Ihe Senate, Taxpayers willi taxable incomes of $1,000 or less would ue'. a :!0 pi'r cent reciucH MI under tlic- House bill. Those whose net incomes fall between $1.000 and 5202,000 would get a 20 per cent reduction. Above $302,OCO, ihc cut would range down i.^ about 10 per cent. Reductions would be retro- SINGLE COPIES Fl Rescues Her KAoiher crop Kiwanis Club Hears Experts On Wildlife Judge G. E. Keck of Blytheville. chairman of the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission, and Tom Mull of Little Rock, educational director of tlie Commission, addressed members of the Kiwanis Club on Arkansas wildlife at a meeting yesterday noon at the Hotel Noble. Judge Keck pointed out that unless sources of fish and game are taken care of. the state will be without both. The conservation pro- f-ram of the commission depends on tlie willingness of citizens to pay the price to restore wildlife facilities in Arkansas, he said. The Commission has inaugurated a campaign to restore wildlife in the state for the benefit of all persons concerned, he said. Mr. Mull spuke on the long range program of the Commission, whicii is expected to branch out July 1 when funds from fishing and himt- ini; license fees become available. Revenue from these sources has doubled during the past year. Mr. Mull said. This program is financed by these funds and is therefore no burden on the taxpayers, he pointed out. A lilm on Arkansas wildlife \vas shown following the address. Guests , at the meeting included Fanner England. Tim Estes. Joe Wliill-jy, Worth Holder. Dr. H. A. Taylor. U. S. Branson. James Roy. Otho Slnnliclri. H. G. Part low, R. A. Nelson and Utho Barnes. yield contest. Lo be held this to further interest in this and determine additional yn data about U, 'A three-man committee consisting of Ncy Hunt, Chester Caklwcll and County Agent Keith Bilbrey was appointed at the Jan. G ir.eot- ing to- investigate the possibilities of holding a soybean yield contest •A sponsoring organization was found when the Junior Chamber of Commerce, at the suggestion ot -Mr. BiVbrey. voted to undertake the work of conducting the contest. Contest Objectives Lislccl In the draft of contest^ plans drawn up last night! live 'cb;-- lives of the contest arc listed follows: f 1) Find out what contributes to good yields; <2j Keci: farmers better pasted on top yielding varieties; <3) Get n stiil larger percentage of farmers to use soy- 1 beans in rotation; r-4) Increase total soybean prod act ion und money virtue of the county; and to) Help the county gain national recognition. According to the contest rules, any farmer in Mississippi County is eligible lo enter. The entry (blank form was agreed on laoi night and it ^vil] lie announced later when the blanks and contest rules have been printed and are available for farmers wishing to become contestants- Entry date was set for June 1 and .harvesting must be done prior to Dec." 1. the rules state. The soybeans planted" for consideration [ in trie contest must he planted in] continuous rectangular plot of at 1 Jeast five acres. The rules call for an entry fee of $5 for each e:it ra n L Awards in this contest v;ill to based on the average yield per acre of the five-acre plot, and the quality of tlic beans produced, A committee composed of Jim SmoLh- crntan, Foy Eichieson and E. B. Woodson was appointed to determine the percentage emphasis to be placed on each factor. Record Forms Vrovidcd Record fc:ms will 'be mailed each contestant upon receipt of his application ?nd the committee pointed out the importance of keeping these records filled out completely and accurately. They are to nt; completed by harvest, time. It is hoped that these will be a source of helpful information • on soy growing. A tentative list of awards includes a. f"'St 1'rizG t> [ a iropii;.' and $100, a second, priz? of oo'J and a third prize of $25, The fireplace Ed CrtU Trcphy. honoring the ninnj credited with pioneering soybean growing iu Mississippi Comity. active i.o last Jan. 1 under '.lie House bill. The final bill may bu changed to be effective July 1. The tax cut bill VMS Introduced on the opening day of Congress by Re]). Haroki Knutson R., Minn., Ways and M°an.i Committee I'lmirnmn. It provided a 20 cent reduction for everybody. cut ill Ir.wor bracket wa.s ordered by Uvji comrnHvee in answer to prole i'3 that tho bill xvas a windfall To: r-ic rkn iv.iin. jressinual EI:X experts estimate the version will cost the government S3,^G.t;00.000 If it is made elfculV2 back lo J:in. 1, the coat Uiis year would be increased. • Pendants Enter Pleas on Felony Charges Court Session Opens Here Monday With Grand Jurors Called Dorothy Klopper, 4, holds hands with her mother. Mrs. Marguerite Kloppcr, in ihcir home in New York City after the child saved her Uc when the mother attempted suicide by gas iu the hopes of Iciivnip, Dorothy $f),000. The child called police; turned off gas jels and rolled icr mother in a gas-free room. Dorothy slated she would rather have Her mother than $5,000. (NBA Tclephoto.) Old Man Winter Keeps Tagging Close on the Heels of Spring Motion is Argued In Wilson Lawsuit Trustee of Estate Seeks Dismissal of Complaint by Heirs By JOHN HASI.AM LITTLE ROCK. Mil roll 27. — James H. Grain of Wilson today begun thn -second round of his fight in federal court here to continue as co-trustee and general manager of the world's largest cottoti plantation. Crain anti his attorneys appeared before Federal Judge Thomas C. Triinl>lc to answer a suit by Mr.s. Marie Wilson HoweUs and Mrs. Victoria Wilson Wesson asking his removal as licad of the 50.000-.icr.; Lee Wilson Estate in Missi: County. Tjie original suit by the two Ip.ughtcrs of the late Lee Wilson tvas filed one year ago today, March n, 1016, and amended Oct." 1C, I9l(i. making members of Grain's family defendants. The heavily-amended suit asked Grain's removal as lie;ul of the agricultural empire and timit against him and members of his family for $508.612. At a hearing last month. Judge Trimble dismissed the original suit The judge's ruling "also prohibited Grain from pushing the collcclion debt aj;ainst one of the heirs until a hearing had been held in the present petition. Grain's attorneys agreed at thu time to accept service on the present petition dropping the for judgment but merely asking hi. removal. Mrs. Howells and Mrs. seek to dissolve the trust, chansn.g it to a corporation and changing demand notes into indebtedness notes. The vast :t<n (cultural empire wa* founded by Wilson with the ir.f horitance ol a small tract of over- llov; but fertile timberland. He trophy" will be ca'.'.ed tho cleared the land, sold the timber and bought more land with the proceeds. Repealing the proces", for most of his lifetime. Wilson ama.w.'d Tim weather man continued to play tricks with over Use nation today ;md lilylhevillu had flurries ol snow last nielli and a shower this morning to add variety to the tanylt! of the seasons which found St.. l.ouis and other areas blanketed under heavy snow. Spring made it.s official arrival » a week ago, but old man winter insists on hanging around and dishing out near zero temperatures in at least two cities to contrast with Los Angeles' high of 81 dc and 71 In Minmi yesterday. In Blythcvillu the morning:-'! vas -It) decrees. A n'e\v slorrn dragged a mow across the middle of til lion today, the United Press ;>orlcd. The bcit was several hundred miles, wide, extending southward from Springfield, III., to N'orlh- castern Arkansas, and eastward into Patterson Again .Greek Aid Department Officials Appear Before House Group WASHINGTON. March 27. (Ul —Secretary or Win Robert P. I'm Southern Indiana und Kentucky.' tcr.son told congressmen today ttia Light snows fell also on Southern' " :>wa and portions of Nebraska and Kansas. The snow fell sleadily and threatened to tie up traffic in many communities. St. Louis was covered by six inches of unow in the nine iiouis ,' at (J a.m. today—and liv? snow threatens tu continue fallins; there all day long. By 6 a.m. (CSTI four inches h;,d fallen on Garbondale and Gcnira- lin. 111., scene of the mine (lisa-tor. Winds moderated In the northeast and Great Lakes lodiiy. Scattered snow Hurries struck the Cleveland area c.nd Saginaw. Mich, ft sljll was colder than seasonal in the, however, with Na.shville, Tenn., reporting 32 above early today. Turbulent waters of four Noi Ul Dakota streams were receding today, after churning ice caps inro flood-threatening jams. But I ho Heart Rive:', which spilled over dikes South of Mandan. N. D., .still rhjr,c- cd the highway between Mandan and Bismarck, halting automobile traffic. Land O'l.akcs. Wis.. reported coldest temperature today—one below zero. It was one alx>vc al Caribou. Maine, and six above al International Palls. Minn. I/is Angeles expected somewhat cooler weather today, ivllh shou- crs tonight and tomorrow. H '.vas Treaty With Ausl Stymied by Russians' Policy on Reparations .he Dardanelles - Mod Her ruin is of "srrnteyic Imporlaiic and great value" and that U. lid lo Greece nn t | Turkey woul not be mJiwtircctetL" It was Pattersons .second congressional appnnrance oti 1'rcsiclnnt I'ninian'.s $400,000,000 program to quarantine Gmmmmism in Ihc Middle East. He loki me House i-'oieign Aff aii'.s Committee that (here is no other area in tbc world from the .slnndpoint of Ibis conn try's defense wlinru the money ctnild be uore ndvantUReousIy spent. Sejir,. Arthur H. vandciibm-tT 1 Ti, f Minh., an<j Tom Cumifilly. D,, Tcs., iisscrtcd tneanwhiEn thai the proposed U. S- program could be tn- legrn'.c ( i with lone,' rnngc activities of the United Nntions. They sought at Senate Forrtji^ Relations commit Ire hrnrinys lo answer criticism thnl, the President's Plan would by-pass UN. The House leadership • i.s drtcr- mincd that (tin Scnatr should lit 1 (he first on the president's pro- Senate Inicicrs. ii wns learnrd. have decidrd (lint floor rlr-bntc on tl^r bill will begin April 7 -a wrk after the Mnrch ^1 deadline rlalr set by the Britlxh for ending economic aid to Greece. i Hep. James p, Richnrds. D.. S. C.. asked Pa Lin son u Iielhcr. "as- The Chk-kasawDa Dlsirlfl of Mississippi County Circuit Court l;uvs u eunimralivi-ly heavy (K \\hen it convent's in the Court House hero Monday us 17 I( ost.'.es are iii-nciinR und it) Picas w«Te he'.'.rd Uii.s morning In ,t:i m'L'aU'.iimeiU session. Ilr-u.'h warcunls were Issued Circuit JiKlRu Clmiles W. I, ol I'arur.mild. who will be |:resld- ii>B line for the lirsl Him; sine his elccllon lust Full, lo In Ing Hi remaining deleiidnnl.s into tin urt Monday. A!s:j (ni Monday, u petit Jury .(I n maud Jury will lu> cuipan- 'd. Announcement of plans ti) npuni'l a in'iiml Jury for tills sslon by order of Judge Unlit is made this morning by Dcpiil) islrlct Attorney II. O. I'arllow. A list ol l(i prosperlive grand inn's and five allernulrf, has been rniMl over to Ihe oflli-i! of aiier- f Willl-im floi'iynnin lor notid- liicn of the men ininu'd on the :me! to report In roiul. One of two earry-over cases [com le lust criminal session ol the mvt here may be culled for li-lnl lt;-oui;h Ihe 1(> cases docketcil J'.clday will comprise the grea'.- am^iml of the court's work, .'. Purtloiv sivld. ('hancrry S<",slim 'I'linuirrow A Chancery Court session, pre- Icd over 1n< Chancellor r Jhi'iry. will J 1; . held ul 10 o'cloel; imorrow morning In the Clrciil: 'ourtroom for Ihe hearing of di- oiu-e suits. orlny follow: .Cnrmcl \V. ArnoU Othel iMllusX uraml 1-irccny of Innocent; Jium-.s Bowles l Inrcciiy.'Vlc" of guiltv: Pau ncs, loi-ficry. nulHy; Curllo ha- •idson, |.\vo counts of hur^lary nht \vo coimi.s of atleiupLed nssuuit imrrenL on all counts; Jes,-; 3rnon untl Bcrnurd Wllllums. ynnu aiveny. Innocent; Don Gmlmm yrimd larceny, guilty i Mlku. ncccs.sory iitl«r Ih favl to tli!;]:o:;e ot moil^aped pro]) crly. innocent; Chi'ster Mcuo'i lunl ncr.:!>in LCI; Rcctl, rcb'iery- noccnt; J, C. XTcCiiln (niifxa J. Clay Ion), luirfiltuy ujul (trand; lin iy, fiinocput; A. ' V. M:D;\nlel disposing of inoi'tgiiftort propet't Inntx'fint. On M^Diinlcl'-s p^Lillon, the en" vranird :<n older conimitlin;: !ii; to llur Stale HospUnl In Lilt! Rock lor a 30-day observation \>i riad. Facing Irlnl for charges Tiled on the circuit court docket yeslerdny also tire nuilnrc), oblnlniuR moiH'y under faisc pretenses and (IJspojiin^ ol properly .subject to a Hen; Uiuiriy Davis and Mnrk Campbell, rr/oberv; James Elli;?, Kraud liirrcny: Willie Jnn Ilollund. Nr- i'ro, two counts t>f rupc; Jo.scpli Jours, Ncyro. first dcproe tnurtlcr; Ri«:h:»rd M;-Near, f;iand larceny; MOSCOW, March 27. 'U.I'.)—Hwrcliiry of SlrUc G ('. iMarsliiill insislctl loiliiy Unit the Unitud Stales could nut. l>i< it pnrly to n pliin iniiU'i- which ]>n>i>ci-lv .seized by tlir Nir/.is I'vom Anslrin Jil'lcr llu- Ansi'liliiwH ccnild be considered (ionium mid Killijcc.t to Keiv.tire by Russia us repava- * lions, iMiir.slmll Implied Hint, the llus- Interest Grows In City Elections Luxora to Select New Mayor; Four Contests ct Joiner Lcroy Perry, assault with intent In kill. List of Ciraml Jurors The grand Jury panel being notified lo appear in court Moiidny consists ol If. A. Knight of I,cacli- ville. R:;v A'.hrCiranner of Manila. R. .1. Williams of taichvillc. KdwanK of Manila. F. T. Olas-; ol L'jacliville. A. C. 'Moody of Dell J. II. Green. Sr. o( Lcachvillc ar.ti •Boyce Moon. O E. Knudsen. E. A SIa::y, C. F Tucker, F. A. Roi;f:r:;, H. B. White, E M. nescnold. Sum liilman and ]!. C. Kuappcnbcrgcr all "t Blytheville. Alternate grant! jurors arc Fi ert I, Pierce. W. V. Branrnun incrnarri Allen. R. C. Colcman D. .J. Hc.d,:cs and Charles L«ng- ston. These 22 men were named the [.'rand jury panel following the st Cm-nil Court criminal sesslii here l>v Hie Jury Commission, con iiiiK of Fred F. Alexander o rrhvillf;, Jo'm D. Burnett o Blyllifville. nnrl Prultt Alexander o tin: Forty and Figlit comimm Contests for four o! thr ii\v fttv ofllces Ijclnu souithl In Hie innnl- .piil elcclton April 1 iinvt- devil|)pd In Joiner and maMU'alitj and Ideinninlc devcloiied hi iiJXura. n'nrnrtthiK lo tlckel'. ;m- otincril with lists ol Jildne.s ilihl lerks yrslcrdiiy uy the Mississippi lounty KKvllon Commission. 'I'iiere will In; no general election i O.crola I tils year. 'Mayor Joe K. Terror of Jc'Uivr . M'eklm., re-eldrtion In tills '-h'.-.- Ion and is opposed by .lor IJnin, l.'.o seiking iinfither term is i<^~ crder Sum Weiss, who will bo ]>;mscd April I tiy O. I. Jenkins. Names (il thi'ce caiiilldatns will •l>|»ar on Ihe ballots for tin: office >f town marshul. They urc: W. II. nvedlove, Warren Hulrer and I). ; Uynl. A F,. Sudlcr Is tl'.e oul- '.oint! marshal In Ihe uldcrmanlc rat'r lor tin ive CILy C'liincll -seats ure incum- ii'nLs O. A. Slsk, Julius Halpli. Wallace Miller, P. Ulckwu nnc ! Meyer Sllvcrsteln. 'I'tiey will l>: i)y Don Fletcher. -|'om Wlllutt, f)ona)d Perry and Jnrk Orossinan. Sol Freldmnn, .sn^kinu le-eleolion us clly treasurer, Is Uie only nno|-|io.sctl cnr.dldutc. >,i:\(irii M'jynr'td Kcllre In Luxciriv, Mayor n. C. I.,'.Ln,t- ston did not Illo tor re-olr?ll'in .nd E. ll. Douiin luul .J. n, Shanks :mlh teuk tliilt office. Three lu- ciiinbcnlis running unopposed fry 1 iinolhnr IcriiV.'iirc W. p. Ilcud, it- ctrfev; MKiVKSm j'WI'.f, "(.Itv -LtcUSV urcr; and R. M. FVnbos, lown rnnr.shal. liieiunlienU 'I'. D. Wllkins. G. n. Smith. Jesse Brown tltnl ft. C'. Uryant seek re-elo:tion us ulder- men uiui art: oi>;30sc<l by Mo^es •311mun, I-'icd 1 George. Murrav llclniidson. W. G Lcduetlcr incl Vvlte Tnlc. Five ore to be clcctc.l No contests hixve develcped or he Reiser ticket and nil present Ity officials seek re-election will: lie exception of W. O. Ghilds. who s runiiing for his first lerm to III vacant alderinuntc post. Knnnlnl, r re-eleclioti are: Mayor H. It "hmuvant, Hccorder Joe Jlilliaru, jity Ti'easiu'er Trmnallcie Wutson slans ahvad.v hud tuken lliat au- llon in Uielr -tmv of Auslrln. ; 3:>vli't Foreign Minister V. M. Mololov iifiiiii rej-clcd M.irshall's original pi-uposul that the deputies, lonnulali u dellnklon of what is n Cimmin us.vct In Aualria. 'Ihe iili: pjur limilly adjomin:(| its ilttii .session ufier considetlnrj l-'renrh compromise which v;iu; \alcu-n down Mlrther by u Mololov uneiKhm-nt but there WHS nuti n 'i-r:e- iriil i;n utiy ]j.u't of tills a^sc'/ i.'rtii: .vliiL'li Is holdlug up all i'C|.rr. L ;!. on the Aii.strlun trruly. Marslmll ,'luorotisly f.p^osrduSo- viu, proposu! Unit Yu^oslavln :uul I Inly be Invited here to .discuss Ihe ic|:urt of the Ihmnclul coin- mission nn Tile.itr. Marah.ill fiiiitl t would be u waste of the council's lime. i M-iloKiv limilly drorpcd lib |>li\u anil ivmvited a Migration by Bril- t.«h Fjrelitu S?nelnry Urneal. Ileviu II.ul, Italy and Yugoslavia In s«nl rcpies of the report and allowed In ; ,u:;mlt llielr views in writing. Most ol tin; session was devoted to Irultk'ss debate over the lech- ulcul <|ik",tii)n of airman assets In Au.uriii. Mur.slmll crmcluded by snyln^ Ihul the United Slulcs fell very dofliillcly Ihul to .remove u liirBC si^gmenl of Auslrian Imlnstry Irom AusUiu would nuilify tile pledge Urn lllu rani' made in tlie very first article of the proposed Aus.- 'rli'.n Ireuly—Hint Ihey were unan- itnou';ly nurcect to estifjlish u sovereign und Independent Austria. " IlldunU, Kevin Birk Mnrsbail Pi'Qii'ah"' Fovclji) Minister dcornes di-^ll sldcil with Mnrslinll on Ills' Isaufri'iis did Bcvin. They did iot dispute the right of the Uus- Inns'.'lo' iT])initl6n.s or llielr rtshl o Geninim ussotK In citsterix Aus- Vlii. : - - ' 'The'Issue still lo Iw decided Is Is ,ii German asset in Town Mnrsluil W. If. Amos ant! Aldermen R. H. Robinson. W. M Taylor. Jiimes Tlowles and R. II 'ace. Blyllieville OlfidnK JiKlKes und clerks ami their al ,crniiter> '"•• 'he municipal elcottoi Kce lil.llC'nONK nil I'liur, :i 81 there yesterday. Miami en- \ sinning that we are joying fair, warm weather. Miami reported 71 yesterday. fi It was tenlativelv decided last the largest single plantation in Ar- liighl that the> winner would hold knnsns. this trophy until the lollowinKJ Half of N. Y. Stocks 2 Quotations AT&T Alnpr Tobacco An:\ronda Copper Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Electric CJrn Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester «5 1-1 Socony Vacuum 1-15-3 Studebnker 22 1-8 Standard of N J '. S71-8 Packard » « -Slnil .',; 7-1 1-1 1(!5 1-B 7i 1-1 39 J 4 97 1-2 153 1-2 'fi 5-3 co a-! D3 1-2 contest when it, would go lo new winner. An entrant \vi]inin,: tile trophy three years in succession would receive permanent possession of it. Winners \vill b? announced and awards presented at the- llrst regular meeting of the Junior Clianl- her of Commerce after Dec. 1. iv was decided. Each contestant \vill be rc-.=,i>o"i- siblc for furnishing his own eo-.n- bine, the rules state. Still Seai^- Since the sugar industry of th° Ph.illppines will need to l>e largely rebuilt, sugar production i.s not expected to return to prewar output for at least three years. the 50.000 acres is in cot- Ion, one fourth, in alfalfa and tins fourth in soybeans. The trust and 50 or more business concerns it operates in Osceola ami the company-owned lown of Wilson is valued in excess of S8.000.0DO. More than 5,005 persons till the soil as tenants, sharecroppers or da lalxirets working muter supervision of Ihe management. Citizens' School Committee Colls Friday Meeting Members of the Citizens School Committee will meet tomorrow Mayor of Arbyrd Has Fata! Heart Attack in Manila N. Y. Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec. 2942 3584 3306 2996 low 2913 3550 3300 2938 1:30 HfWO 33(13 2958 7:30 in the Chamber of Com-1 Ehx petty, and 'four Funeral services will be held lo- norrow afternoon. 2 o'clock, at Arbyrt:. Mo., for Mayor \V. C. Petty of ArtjTrt, who died yesterday afternoon in Manila of a heart altack following a minor automobile accident. He was 75. The Rev. Roy Winkley. pastor, nill conduct Ihc funeral. Poli:o said that Mavor P.Hiy's car collided with a truck drivc:i by L'.icien Broom, fanner. There j 40 men for each cou"lry. He was n slight damage and Mr. Broom and the mayor xverc dis- cussin-; Ihe damage. They had agreed to a .settlement, of the damage when Mayor Pct'v' Miffcred a heart attack. Mr. Broom said. He is survived bv Ills wife. Mis. stop arcsslvcnrss in Europe bv Hus- sia." Ihoir was anv place in l>ie world where S-iOO.000,000 c"iild l»e "more nffccthPly u.s r <I" tlian 1 IT DarcJancllcs and I ;n area. "My opinion Is that I ho nrr^ is of stratcgic importn \\cc- and uro;it value." tlic secretnry replied. "Money .spent in ihnt. ai'ca will »»(. ^ c niisdirected." Kry Dcfmsr Jlove "Prom (lie slnndpnini of the defense of the UnltC'l S'atf-s do you know of nny other area where the money could be more advantuse- on sly soeiit tlian in O recce and Turkey?" Richards asked. "No." I'ftltmon jirompllv irpUed. PaUcrKois snid anv U. S~ military missions wotild he limited lo in to trln. r tli at vnrious orLglnnl the 'council meetin was told the '.he Military Control Oi Atoms Urged VFW Commander Says Action Would Lessen Danger of Attack NY <}!IANT DIM,MAN Ined Pililsiy. Upton: today's -session It teamed that JvTolotov had Mnrslinll Hint It wns none ol Initcd States' business wlmt EovicU; wei*c iloinfi with Ciernian assets In Ihe Soviet Zone of Austria. Mololov's emphatic "no" to ail of iMarstuill's siiRycsllons for rc- lni:' t'.ic deadlock over Gcnnin assets (i.irkoned the in-ospocts for nn curly agreement on atv Aus- trinn |ie:icc .treaty. The Savlrt rcjcotlon cinne tn ll livc-]):ii;e ineinorandiitn replying to Miir.shnll's si!i;t:e.stlon that the fpr- eiun minislevs bypass the question of lecal title to German nsr.eir, in Air.slrin. Marshall 'sungcstcd HIM the ilepuHcs be instructed lo 'define Hie assets ami set nn arbitrmion mudiinery t ohandlc disputes. Ail.hoii(!li technical and icg-ilisllc. llic di;-;!iite. Is the key lo'lltc A»s- triiin treiitv. Unless It - Is settled, the Americans ucllevc- there can be treaty. Molotnv contended that tierman .set-; alreiuly have been diflned iv the Allied control' council In Kce " •thai mULtnry pc-r.sonnd could l>r House Extends War Controls On Scarce Items WASHINGTON. March 27 (UP) The .Senate Ijy voice vole today |>:isscd legislation rencwiiiK [ol 90 days the gnvcrnment'.s wartime controls on scarce fntxls and other shorl-.siipply <:onnnoditles. The Senate acted less than ten minutes after the bill was broils'"! !o the florjr. Present controls—granted -|idcr tlic second war powers act—expire nn Monday. Meanwhile, chairman ciiarlcs W. Tnbey. H.. N. H., <il Ihe Keualc PankiliLz coininiltec: aske<l the Senate to slay in session Icxlay until specific les:isliitinn renewing merce office to further discuss plans for raisins: S50.000 for the purchase of a new High School site. This committee, composed of open S912 3580 33nl 2295 ______ .. .... ,,.„ 209,) 2D% 2D5f) 2!>M } IH.Vtlli'Ville Hifill KelliHil members of the school board Tmd civic organizations, was formed for Die purpose of selecting the si'c lor the erection of the proposed Joe. EHicrt. J. L. and Kobcrt. Howard Funrral Home of Leachville is in cliai'ge. atlarlied (o [rain key personnel in Or, he said. nccowpliMict! to'the economic mlss'on ratloninj; is passed. The Greek ami Turkish the use of weapons, (he purpose could be by cnlarcin^ the Weather AHKANSAS-Ooudy and so osed newjwhnl warmer, showevs tonight building 'Friday. stalfs of U. K. military attaches in Greece and Turkey. Rep. liarlel J. Jonkman, R.. Mich., suiiircstcd that Ule measure t inigihl lead lo war. Ho said he • could not understand how the ad| ministration sni if ,)« J ed its position of "trying to overthrow an ; anil - communis 1 . government In i^- j Epain" when Gibraltar Is of Micli nd I stra'.cgie importance to tile Me<1i- i lei vanean, also expires Mon- tionini; authority day. Li'isnthal Senate Vote Facing Further Delay WASHINGTON. March 27 'UPI — s.:en;t:e leaders snid today that a vote nn David K. Llllenlhal's nom- inatloa a.s Atomic Commission chairman may he delayed until mid-April. At the same time. Hen. Kenneth McKcllar. D.. Tcnn., claimed that his drive against Ll- lli'illlinl w.'i.s ralherinii sloam. United Press Staff Corn•S|)dinlei>t WASHINGTON. March 27. <UP) —Louis K. Htarr, einntll:indrr-in- chlef of the Veterans of Foreign \Vars. today proposed that cnn'.Hil of atomic energy be telurned In Ihe military to warn challengers oE democracy everywhere "tlmt we mean" Testifying before the House Un- American Activities Camu.V.lcc Starr said he could think of nil belter "psychological approach Ir these dlstiubinp limes" t" show lhal this nation is prepared tn "support our position on the four freedoms." "If and when world condition have become more setlled." .Star said, "and our thoughts can turn I the development of peaceful ui« bclllRn uses of aUnulc energy, th Congress, by joint concurrent ac tlon. may revive the Aldmic Kncr Commission, and relegate the ini'.i tary tn an advisory capacity." t VFW .Makes Herommcndalinns Starr said that atomic energy an,.i the atomic bomb were developed under military control and "lo dale. nlomic energy remains larBciy :u T Instruinenl of war in Ihe form oi ; .super explosive." Earlier this week a biparti.^.i! group of senators also urged thai atomic energy control be retuiiirci to the military. Starr was testifying nn bills !>?•• fore the committee which would outlaw the Communist Party. Starr. In Ills testimony before the committee, outlined four recommendations by Ihc VFW for dealing with Communists. Tie did not ;talc in his prepared statement whether See COMMUNISTS (ill Taje ."> MOSCOW on Vase Cotton Cou Places Stre Compet/ti i.rrn.E ROCK, Murch —Orowlns conipctilloll lo colnn from other llhor.s was the focnl \ioinl (or discussion :U j'cslcrdny's incel- of the Arkansas chapter of llic Nnlicmnl Cotton Council. S:\lcs Promotion Director Ed l.ips- comh of Memphis lold n group of (miners a:u\ brokers that the council's biKfiOEt job Is to balnncc M\>ply und deiiKiiKl when conditions return to normal. He said tluit h,- 000,000 Imlcs ol surplus cotton would linvc to be disposed o( amumlly. Cotton loans to (orcign countries. nvcniRini; S.OOO.nOO biiles a ycar may soon be hailed. Lipscomb obsi-rvcd. since chances (or payment are remote. Mechanization of the cotton fm-r.i was hailed as the sole means by which this country could hops to compete with growers in foreign countries where wages arc al a rock-bollom level He adder! thai one obstacle to mechanization was 'lie shortage of cottou picking ma- :hincs. Uixscomb Ruined su])i>orl trom 31iUide L. Welch of Memphis, rti- •ector ol Prodiiclion and Mnrkjt- ng for the council. Welch told llic jronp that adequate machinery in ?olton fields would finish oft nn acre of cotton in about one-sixth of the time required by « licUl of average workers. The coi.ncil's (oiir-point program for 1947: Improvements In production and marketing, additional ic- searcli, increased foreign trade and intensified sales promotion.

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