Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 21, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1896
Page 7
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"MOTHERS' FRIEND" Shortens labor, lessens pain, •" "•' diminishes danger to lire ot both mother ami utiikltuid leaves her in condition more favorable to speedy recovery. "Stronger utter than before confinement" says a prominent midwife. Is Uio bust remedy FOR RISING BREAST '"Known and worth tho price for that nlone. Endorsed and recommended by niiuwlves und oil ladies who have used it. Beware of substitutes and imitations. Makes Child-Birtli Easy, Sent by Express or mull on receipt or price, $1.00 per bottle. Book "TO MOTHERS." mailed tree, containlnK voluntary testimonials. BBiDFIELD IlEfifLATOR CO., ATLANTA, GA. SOLD BY AL[y DRUGGIST* TIME TABLES. LOCAL TIME .TABLES. Solid trains between "Poorla and San- flusky" aiwl "Indianapolis and Michigan." Direct connection! to and from all points In the United States and Canada. L. E. & W. R. E Arrive I-* ttV SOUTH BOUND, No 21 Pacific Ex Dally.. 7:10 a 1:08 am No 25 Infllanap's Ex Sunll:45a No. 23 Mail & Ex ex Sun. 3:25 p f-10 p m No 29 Passenger ex Sun No. 151 Rochester Local Arrive 4:45 p. m except Sunday. NORTH BOUND. 5:20 a m No. 20 Mall & Ex ex Sun.10:22 a J 3:30 p m No 22 Mlehlpran City dally 4:45 p i 1:56 p m No 24 Detroit Ex ex Sun No 150 Accom. ex Sun.. 6M5ai •Does not run north of Peru on Sunda: Trains 21 and 20 run dally between Ind inapolls and Peru. No. 20 via Tlpton arrives at Blooming ton at 0:32 p. rr.. making direct connectlo with C. & A. fast train arriving In Kansn City at S:55 next mornlnsr, connecting d rect at Kansas City for Denver, San Fran cl*jo and all points west. Free recllnln chairs between Tlpton and Missouri rive for all passengers. Nos. 20, 21. 22, and 23. connect at Tlpto with main line trains forSandusky.Pcorl end all points east and west. For ticket rates nnd general Informatlo call on J. J. Skinner ticket agent, L. E. & W., Peru, Ind., or C. F. Dally, genera passenger agent, Indianapolis. Ind. •Dafly. IDmlly Bradforil ana Col.. Philadelphia & N. T Richmond & Clntl... Ind'pi a ft Ix>ulsvlllo. Eftner & Peorla Crown Point & Chi. Richmond * Clntl. Crown Point * Chi, Montlcello 4 Etlner Bradford * Col Eilner local freight. Ino'pla & LouluvllW. Richmond and.Clr.tl. Bradford .and Ccl... Phlla * Vew York... Montlcello & Effne;-. Chicago Chi * Intel-mediate. Kokonio & Rich Bradford A Col...... J. A. McCTTLLOUGH, except Sunday. Leave Arrive. ..•12:60 am ..•12:50 am ,.« ItOOam ..•12:45 am .' 3:05am .• 2:55 am ,t 5:45 a m • 2:45 a m • 2:45 « m • 2:20 a m • 2:30 a m •32:30 a m •12:40 am tll:20pm . ( V,1V «* ««• i *•- •-" •" " .t 6:00am t7:»pm .-t 8:00 a in t 1:05 p r A 7:50am t 4:15 pm t 2:15 ., 8;30ara t 2:15pm .•2:00 pro MlSOpm ,.• 2:10pm • 1:20pm — • 1:10 pm • 1:1U p m t 7:45 am _. _ *l:E5pm >4:».pm »12:30pra ,t 2:30pm . .« 2:05pm .« ^;n5p m ,.t 2:20 pm .•l.-SSpra . , Agent im T12:20pm Logansport WEST BOUND. IdC" JU'lll. HIFP . I'JiIJj U f IT... l!:fl P m St. loils llmlti-d dully, 'old no 43' 10*4 p n rant Mull oally. 'old no 47' M7 P '" Kansas City fines* dally • oia i o -il ... .i:J ; > P n *'ac extrtps OH!|> *x t un 'old i.o ?•' •• HI i J u u No. EAST BOUND. 2 N. Y. * Boston Urn d dally 'old no -12.. 2:41 a m 6 Fist mall dally, 'o;dno4i) »s« " m •t Atlantic Llm dally ei Sun 'old no •"•• ^ P ™ fa Local frt. ACCOID. dally ex Snn 12 oO p m EEL RIVER DIVISION. WEST BOUND, No 35arrlve NoKarrlvo 2 •» » n EAST BOUND. No S6 leave 10;4S a -" No M leave VAN DA LI A LIN*. TKAINS IND No 0 for St Joseph, dally ex Sunday... .10:31 » m No 14 for St Joseph, dally ex Sunday C:15 a m No20forSt Joseph, exSUD... M p !? No ifi to St Jofepfi Sunday onlj J;00 u n Mo 9 *i Sunday for Soutu Bend 8 35 P n No 8 has ttironiib parlor c»r, Icdlanapolls to South Bend via Colmx. No KO Das through sleepers, St Louis to Jlacltl naw. FOR THE 8CUTH NO 13 for Terre Haute dally ex Sun 718ara Noll for Terrc Haute dml>e* Sun— U:;>5 p i No 21 dally ex Sunday 11 w» a t No 13 has ihrough parlor car, Sooth Bend to ' Indianapolis Tla Uolfiix No 21 has thrcngh sleeper, Mackinaw to St Louis. Arrives No 15 Oally except : Sondny ijiK p n No 17 Sunday only 1020 p in For complete time card, giving all trains and jrtatlona. and for full Information an to rates, through cars, etc., address . J. C. EDOEWORTH, Agent. Ix>gan«port, Ind. Or, E. A, Ford, General Passenger At ont; St. Louis, Mo. etc., caiisoU by p»n& abupon, fives rlpor und Blze unkon errant, and quickly but nurtly rt«toro» tf •Nhoidm 614 uryountr. Easily carried Invest t. >'rlco»1.0«an\cknfo. Six for »S.O(> KUk • a namutectoeureormofleTrefunded. Dot . i'lltatlon, but Insist on miring IMIAI'Ot I< rutfirnthflMTio 1 ; pot It, we will none! It prepaid. •lMe4lHlC»*rnfi., CUMfo, UL, •r«ncv»U ry U. V. KecslinK, LOGANSPORT. IND, catling clruKpisia elRewhy- IMOD POISON " -- w ^^oai • uuuvr/vrni* llarr IiLUUO . FOiSON pcrmanontlj mired In 18 to 8S d»7i. Ton can be troatod d &omo f or samtt pnco under •amo gnanw t.T- lfToapri!r«r«ooom«licro wewilleon* trocHop^7rallro«df»roiD<lbolelblM«,nuil ,i nre. If «• f »H to can; If TOD bmte taken mtf Iodide not a«h, Md-itlll. have acheund MaooiuTatobei In mouth, Sor«Thro»t, Commissioner's Allowances.June Term, 1896. Phillips. B. E., goods for poor ? &Sellers, J. & M.. K-oods for poor Jf'.'K Greene-elder, Ell. floods for jioor.... i..'] Loutz. S. P., Roods for poor Ji-'; Henderson. Milton, foods for poor,, in.o Crockett, if. 3f., Koods 1'or poor •>•* Clovls & Weyancl. burial of poor.... iiO.ihi lletta, Samuel, Koods 1'or poor li.'.00 Stewart, Karl, Kooils t'or poor ^I.D- Forpy, Frank, proocla for poor ^M Ray, "Andy, floods for poor J.™ Gnu", John,'goods for poor -.« Pllllnc, L,. W., Roods for poor '.« Traut. C. W., poods for poor --J.OO Qucally & Co., icoods for pool- ».v- Close. John, goods t'or poor ^.i>( Snider. \V. H., poods for poor 1J.TO Hoppe, .H. W., poods for poor j!i.* Xraus, Otto, jcoocls for poor — -•!•" Wilor oi Wise, Roods for poor 32.0 Sweet, T. P., goods for poor ».i EvaiiH. Ida. Roods for poor 1.1'J KIsthM- & Bocldey. proodg for poor..,. C.p( Fisher, C.. Roods for pool- 'I».<H Welsh, Andy, goods for poor. Swi-rat, T. P., Roods for poor li.Oi Stevenson & Klinslck.eoods for poof 11.25 Gross & Hitter. Roods for poor -IJ.ar Stokzer .Edwiird, Roods for poor— -U-. Galloway, Geo. W.. care of. poor 1J.W Gray, Jus. W., goods for poor lO.Ot Dlckenyon, Noble, goods for poor .01 Gorgy, C. P. & Bro., goods for poor.. 17..,! Ejiman, S. W., Roods for poor ul.*J Winters, Ellas, goods for poor 4.00 Riibb. Marlon, Ass'r Deer Creek tp.. 120.00 RadaliaURh, J. A., Ass'r Jackson tp. J20.1U Kidd, J. E., Ass'r Miami tp 12",OJ I RoRors. H. A., Ass'r Eel tp 1^0.tXJ Patterson, Joseph, Ass'r Eel tp l-O.OJ Reed. R. K., Ass'r Eel tp Chldestcr, Jtiraes, Ass'r Eel tp 120.00 Clvmcr, D. H.. Ass'r F.el tp l-'O.OIj Richardson, S. B., Ass'r Eel tp 320.00 Zimmerman. Jacob, Ass'r Eel tp.... 120.UO Richardson. Allen, Ass'r Eel tp LW.OO Wilson, D. F,, Ass'r Jefferson tp.... IXMI Tvnor W H . Ass'r Clinton tp 120.1)0 Mctskcr.. E. C.. Ass'r ClJW tp 120.00 Loffel O P., Ass'r Bethlehem (p... jJO.00 White H. R., Ass'r Washington tp., 120.01, Jones E. TF.. Ass'r Adams tp 120.00 Woll'ord, G. W., Ass'r Adams tp IBU'O Ruth. Mllroy, Ass'r Tlpton tp 120.00 Packard, Frank, Ass'r Tlpton tp.... 13J.OO Vaughn, Bunlean, Ass'r Uoone t]i... 120,0(1 Livingston, Wm., Ass'r Noble tp 120.00 Thoewltts, Frank, Ass'r Harrison tp 131,00 7,!nninKi;r.H.A.,pbyslc'n Harrls'n tp 10.o-<i Graves, A. E., physician Miami tp.. )L.nu Neff J L.. physician Tlpton tp 32. M Smith J. S.. physician Jackson tp... 12.:.0 Klstler & Jdinan, iihy'ns Boone .t Jefferson tps 2-1.00 Xorris W. W., physician Adams tp. JO.TO Buchanan, A. -M., phy'n Beth'm tp l'j.00 Halloway. W. A., physician Noble, Clay Washington and Eel tps.. 100.00 Gray A J.. physician Deer Creek ip 1U.OH Parish l-l, D., physician Clinton tp. 10.00 Johnston, R. F., transportation poor 17.72 Johnston, R. F., goods for poor o.i.bji Johnston, R. F.. overseeing poor.... l:O.np Hanson, A., goods for poor I-'*' Penrose, J. G., goods for poor 1!>..C Walker & Rauch, goods for poor.... 11.50 Spraker & Co., goods for poor 2,i.iW Carter, W. H, H., goods for poor.... .i.-o Galloway, W. ^^., support of poor... l»..a Westerman, George. Roods for poor. .4.00 Wilson. L. G.. Roods for poor lfi.-.i Parker, S. & Son. goods for poor.... 34.00 Pierce, Thomas, goods for poor 2:>.IW Bevan, W. H., goods for poor 1-10,,., Wall C, L., burial of poor 1C.OO France, M. R.. goods for poor iUj> Bishop, W, H., burial of poor 1G.OO Carson, Wm., overseeing poor 1.00 DieekQian. L., goods for poor 40. : ,0 Rothermel. J. J., goods for poor .C.2.) Ray & Ktnire, Roods for poor CS.MI Ray Bros., goods for poor Oi.oO Wilson, John M., goods for poor !l.S.i Foley, J. H.. goods for poor Co.OO Peters, Wm., goods for poor 40.00 Puterbaugh, J. W., goods for poor., lji.i.0 Long Aaron, goods for poor 2;>.00 Sellers, Joseph, goods for poor 32.00 Dunn Bros., goods for poor r,,.;,0 Krelder & Sons, goods for poor s.OO Louts, S. P., goods for poor f.JU Parker, Charles, shaving prisoners., v.w Klatler, W. S., overseeing poor lO.o.r Stover, Silas, overseeing poor C.OO Logan Milling Co., goods for poor... J3.JO Moss, W. W., overseeing poor 10.-,; Card, O. C. & Co.. goods for poor.... S.W Faueett, Julia, goods for poor 23.no Taylor, J. D., care town clock 3J.OO Custer, C. H., county assessor J30.CO Orphans Home, support orphans.... 21li.;jJ J.eonard, John, ROOd for poor G8.W Crawford, I. N., goods for jail 25.00 Crawford, I. N., goods tor C. H 1.00 McCaffrey & Co., goods for poor.... £,.SB Nelson & Meyers, county attorneys. JOO.OO Murphy, W. A., goods for poor farm -...I Swigart, T. P., goods poor farm.... 2,JO Lehman, Fred, goods poor farm.... l.JO Smith. W. B., goods poor farm -.-0 Walker & Ranch, goods poor farm.. 7.JO Hanson, Nelson, goods poor -farm... l.SO Hoffman, G. W.. Roods poor farm... 2.fo Stevenson & Kllnslck, g'ds poor f m a.fti Porter, W. H., goods poor farm.... -'.lo Fernald. W. L., goods poor farm,,.. 1>0 Welch, Andy, goods poor farm 1.30 Elliott, J. T. & Son. fi-'ds poor farm., lu.i.7 Uhl D & C. H.. goods poor farm.. 18.C3 Ray & 1-Jtnire, goods poor farm. 2-U,:i Kraus, Otto, goods poo farm 4.-U Shaofer, Geo. A., goods poor farm.. 4.M Rothormel. J. J., goods poo farm.... fc.O; Wller & Wise, goods poor farm 3(1.Ji Fox & Dunkleberg, goods poor farm l.!M Frazee, if, R., goods poor farm C.-'3 Ray Bros., goods poor farm 1.56 Dclckman, L., Roods poor farm 3.1a CHne Bros., goods poor farm Taylor, Jos. & Sons, goods poor f m Heepe Wm. <t SonH, goods poor f m Gratfls, Wm. M., goods poor farm... Schmltt & Helnly, goods poor farm.. Gross & Ritter, Roods poor farm Carter, Orpha, goods poor farm Seybold, Geo. W., goods poor farm.. King Drill Co., goods poor farm Homberg, Fred, goods poor farm — Homberg. Fred, goods poor farm — Homberg, Fred. Supt. poor farm Gray, John, goods for poor farm Homberg, Harman, goods poor farm Crawford, I. N.. goods poor farm,.. Gorrard, Lydla, goods poor farm.... Cornell. J. F., salary county supt.,. Hoerger Bros, goods for poor Logansport Journal Co., printing... Decker, Sarah, Sten. Hendee ditch case St. 'Joseph's hospital, care of poor... Hendee, George, rent for poor Kreoger & Strain, burial ot poor Stafford, Henry, care of poor Horstman. John, goods for poor.... X'firdcs, Vincent, goods for poor GVaflls, W. M., goods for poor.... 2.0,-, 2.90 11,27 27.'l8 9.25 •IS.OO 20.42 1.50 '.1.01 luO.OO 3.SS 34.37 47.81) Jl.OO "~s!oo O.ii'J in.co IS.OO 10.110 SUM l^l siw Pbwlon. D. w!. good's for poor llJ.00 S*ybold', Geo, W.& Bro.s.-s-bods poor Gottshall, Horace, goods for poor... Anderson & Bans, goods for poor.,,. Grusetnmeyer, A,, goods for poor Llnten & Graf, goods C. H. and jail. Huffman, Geo. W,, goods C.H.andJ. oo 3. S3 33.00 2.30 .n|Ul H I ULl I, VJW. 1' <T p,«w"— f* 'rr n r tn - Lbgn'pt, City of, elect, light C.H.&J. ,£i.,. Dunn Bros., goods for C. H. and J.,, i.» Cent. Union Tel. Co.,rent tel.C.H.&J. Hay Bros., goods C. H. arid jail.,... Thompson Lum. Co., goods.C.H.iV;J. Flanlgan & Crlsmond, Roods jail.... Flnnigun & Crlsmond,goods C'.H.fc.J. Fernald, W. S., lumber for bridges.. Chlld'ns Home So., sup orphans ._ Stover, Silas, bridge In Wash, tp H«;therlngton,J.P.,hold'K p'st m'rt'm Adams, J. A., washing for prisoners. Vdams, J.A., com. and dls. prisoners Adams, J. A., serving ditch notices. Adams. J. A., attending corn's court Adams, J. A., boarding prisoners..,. Dodd A. B., Sheets ditch, sup Dodi), A. B.. salary surveyor. Hammond Bros.&Stevejis.statlon'ry County' superintendent; Fijrforrt V.'m.B., stntlor.'y Co. offlc s LeClnlrc, H. B.,stationary Co. offlc's Logansport Journal Co., printing.... Logansport Journal Co., printing— Mel,' goods for poor .\ >}.. goods C. H. and.J Hauk, D. A, goods C. H. and J ..... 3.10 4.3". 7.1-1 s.oo 3. lil IS.tS 231.75 33,70 32,10 350.72 20-1.00 Kl.W -M.I.I li-J-' 0.00 l-4aUK, U. t^.i BWV^,. vv, ^.. ""« "L"••• I>ouney, J- A., Cor. Inq. Cumerford. Dounev. Mamie, Clk. Inq. Cumorfrd Drr J'K., Const. Inq. Cumerford... Hc-ther!ngt'n,J,P..WIt.Inq; Cumcrfd Glasco, Chas., Wit. Inq. Cumerford Brown, Chas.M., Wit. Inq. Cumerfd Smith, Frank, Wit, Inq. Cumerford. Rook, Frank D., Wit. Inq. Cumorfd Kerus, Geo. M...Wlt. Inq. Curoerfora - • 7; R.,,wit. inq;.vcum«irford..;; 10.00 2.00 3.C5 .•». ,,,.75. • .75 Douney,J.A.,Cor. Inq. JUaryA.Merrlt v.5 Uouni-y J A..COI-. eiuol taol taaitaoin... 1^oiineV,M:imln,Ck.lii(l.M'r>-A.Mcrrir. 2.0 OI-I-..I.K.,Coils'. Inq. Mary A. Mcrrit 2.0 Huckleberry, Mrss. F. SI., ^Vit. Inq. Mary A. Sterrlt McAllister, Mrs. C. M.. Wit. Inq. Mary A. Merrit Bliss JohnM.,Cllv.Inti. MnryA.Merrlt 1.0 Downey, J. A., Cor. Inq. Mary Grusenmeyer J n -0 Downey, Mamie, Clk. JJH- Mary Grtiscnmnyer •<•<•> Ovr, J. K., Const. Inq, Mary Grusen- mcyer • Fettlg, Anthony,' Wit. Inq. Mary Grusenmeyer —...., Shepherd, Otto, Wit. Inq. Mary Grusenmeycr Campbell, Jane. Wit. Inn. Mary Grusenmeyer Douglass, Geo., Wit. Inq. Mary Butts, Norman, Wit. Inq. Mary G rusenmeyf:!' Artzner, Caroline, Wit. In<i. Mary Grusenmeyer •. Klstlor, F. L., Wit. Inq. Mary Grusenmeyur Gangloff, Elizabeth, Wit. Jnq. Mary Gruscnmeyer Butts, Edna, Wit. Inq. Mary Grusenmeyer Douglass, Robert, Wit. Inq. Mary . Grusenmeyer " r Hetherington, J. P., Wit. Juq. Mary Grusenmeyer '5 Bliss, John M,, Wit. Inn. Mary Grusenmeyer 1.50 Wllsou. Humphreys & Co., Stat. Aud, and Ass'r 3CG.10 Wilson,Humphreys & Co..Stat. Pros. l.K Wilson, Humphreys & Co., goods C. H. and Jail 2.00 Wilson, Humphreys Sc Co,, Stat. Sup 5.7. r Wilson, Humphreys & Co., Stat. Rcc 11.00 Wilson, Humphreys & Co., Stat. Co. Assessor 11-20 Wilson,HumiJhreysfcCo,, Stut.Treas. 63.30 Coloman, H. F., engineer B, R'ple bridge 300.00 Hanna, C. M.. goods for jail 33.00 Mutual Tel. Co., rent of Tel 37.SC Downey, J. A., Cor. Tn<l, C. Corcoran 7.60 Downev,.l(amli?,Clk.Inq. C. Corcoran 2.00 Orr, J.'K., Const. Inq. C. Corcoran.. 2.30 Bliss. J, M., Clk. Inq. C. Corcoran.. I.O! 1-larter, Thos., Wit. Inq, C. Corcoran .90 Caclwallader, John,. Wit. Inq. C. Corcoran Grudy.Pat K., Wit. Inq. C, Corcoran M Welsh, Joint. Wit. Inq. C. Corcoran. .'J'.) Lonirwcll <t Cuminine's, bnd'g Ass'rs books «.00 Longwell & CummlngH, Stat. Rec... S.SO Flan'egln & Crismond, g'ds poor f'm S.fi'i pryor, D. K., goods poor farm 3.S-I lloergcr Bros,, goods poor farm,.,,'.. 7.3<t Klliott, J. T. & Son, g-oodH poor f'm 31 Wilson,Humphreys & Co., Stat. poor farm 4.50 Kceport &. Co., goods for poor farm. ]li Gallion. C. B.. goods for poor farm.. S.S2 Swcctzer, J. S., goods for poor farm. 3.00 Grace, Wm: & Co., goods poor farm. 2.00 Barnes, H. A., stone w'rk B. It'ple bridge 2SO.OO Logansport Journal Co., printing.... 10C.-10 Button, J. E., printing -10.05 Adams, I. A., salary shoriff 836.10 Powell, J. G., salary auditor 12S.35 Smith. C. A., Ass'rs books 0-10.50 Busjnhn, F, A., Sec. Board Health.. 15.CO Forgy, D. J.. overseeing poor S.OO Clark, John H., Ass'r Boone tp 120.00 Hceht, Jordan, goods for prisoners,, 3.50 Boerjxer, F, M., work on'bridge 11.00 Log. & Wab. Valley Gas Co., gas C. H. and jail 137.26 Grace & Co., Wm., goods tor poor.. 4.M Henderson & Co,, J. W., g'ds for poor Hemlersom&Co., J. W.. e'd for ShfT. 11.00 Keesllng, B. F,. goods poor farm..,, !).% KcesHns-, B. F., goods C. H. & J !i.70 Keesllng, B. F., postage etc 7.30 Keosllnff. B. F., litigation 1",.CO Winn, Richard, County Com Sii.00 Chideler. Alex,, County Com M.OO Grain, Jon. E., County Com 03.00 Herd, William, viewing road 3.00 Stevens; I, M., viewing road 3.00 Woyand, John,, viewing road 3.00 GRAVEL ROAD ALLOWANCES. Ross, George E., gravel, Log. and Burlington Palmer, John, work, Log. and Rock Creek Ross, George E., gravel Log. and Rock Creek larney, R. M., work, Lop. nnd Rock Creek Novlnger.J. H.. work, Log. and \\ ab ~ates, J. Warren, work, Log. and Royal Center Powell, Byron, work, Log. and Northern 3ell.Alfrcd,wrk,Log. and Burl'ng'tn Burnett, John H., work, Log. and •Vinn, John, wrk, Log. and Pleasant G rove , Wlnn, Richard, director iraln. Joss. E., director ShiOeler, Abr., director Smith, C. A., Clerk Wilson, John M., work, Marlon and Delphi GRAVEYARD PICTURE. 3.20 38.02 2.20 30.00 5.50 12.50 5.00 25.00 12.30 7.50 3.50 7.30 4.00 4U.S, Face of Mr. WaltBr'» Wire Appear* Upon 111* TamhHtonn, The residents of Amesbury, Muss., md (he people of Scnbrooke, -\. If., arc ji-eatly excited over a strange nppcar- uice on n gravestone in tho little eeme- ery at the edge of Seabrooke, The •itone bears the movie of Jonathan Walter, who died in 1S94. On the Ktonocan ,, >e seen very distinctly the face of a STOPPED IN AMAZEMENT, vcinan. said to greatly resemble.'Wai- «r's first wife, who died n few years i,. The stone-was placed in position jy his second wife and other relatives t the tinm. Nothing- strange was seen on-tin- stone, nnd it'looked no different from any other' stone in the; yard. The face was first, seen on Memorial clay, when Mrs. "William En'ton, who was examining the l)eadstoncs out of. curiosity, stoupotl in. amazement in front of the stone, and saw what sh« then thought. n':)s a picture of n lyo.muai' engraved in the stone. But, going up to the stone, she found nothing. It seems that 'the face, can only .be.'seen when a short distance away from tho gnu'e. The maker .of the.stone stated that nothing of the kind was .on.the Mone when' he 'placed it in position. \Vhut causes the most excitement is that the 'face resembles Walter's -first wife in ninny-vvaj-s. Th'eifaee is-perfect in lines, and the eyes, nose nnd mouth can be «een plainly., The hair is-aleo very distinct nnd fallajoosely down on the shoul'ders. 'The superstitions people of the town say that it le, Uie WOT); of God, while't.he spirituiUisteof'the lo- T-nlity siiy thai it is the'dead wife come baclf to wateh over her husband's grave. Kince-.the HAS A DEVIL IN HIM. Chicago Polos Bxoitod Over a Little Boy'a Quoer Case. • The)' Allege nin Sntanlo Mnjo»ty DIM Tnkfn PoMHOAHlon of Immtiui KojloJck—Vlctlm Olfwtl with Prophetic rowcr*. And now th«y say the Evil One has coinc to Chicago.' He is alleged to have tu.kcn up hia nhode in the body of little 'Ignatius Kojiolek and to be cutting 1 up all sorts of st.ra.npe capers. For four ^^'ce]cs he is said to have been literally "in our midst," and l-here is tren;ei)f]otis e.\ r citan)i;)it among the Polish population of the northwest pan of i.he city !n whose immediate neighborhood the individual from below is alleged to have chosen his residence durinjr his wjoiirn in the city. IgnntiiiK Kojiolek. &o says the Chicago 'I'l-iburiO. is the son of Michael Kojiolek, No. ,'U4 \Vost Webster avenue, and is ]J years old. He lives across t-lie street from St. Jledwig-'s Polish Catholic church und formerly attended its piwoehial schocrt. IgnatiiiB is u handsome boy and smart, and was a favorite with his playmates until the micaiwy one who is snid to have possessed him made him do such fiendish things. The Polish people of the neighborhood fully .believe in the devil theory, liis folks believe it, t.he.v say the pru's'.s believe it, and littJe Ignatius himself believes it. It has been the taJk of the neighborhood for weeks, and the most improbable stories are told :ir.d believed as to the unseemly capers of which Uie dei-il is guilty. 1'or instance, one man avers that he saw Ignatius walk up to the hot stove o.nO lay his hand on it. "Haven't you burned yourself?" he asked, nglwust. Then l.-he terror-stricken man heard the boy "eply, but in a voice not his own: •'.Burned myself! Why, no, that Btove feels like a,n icicle to roe." In fact, it may be added that it was this foreign voice, evidently that of his I LAID HIS HvVND ON THE STOVE. Sa.tanic majesty, that carried on the conversation uudersuch circumstances. At nuother time a neighbor became enraged and threatened even to strike the devil. 'You will only strike the boy, you can't touch me," answered the voice with ghoulish glee. It was nssej-t«d .that on Friday n meddlesome neighbor was presents who finally exhausted the patience of little Ignatius' mysterious guest, and was driven away by a hot. sulphurous blast that the boy blew from his mouth into the busybody's face. But strangest of a.ll. his parents sa-y, is the boy's power of foreteJling events nnd of relating events that have happened long ago. In this connection, he is said to ha.ve brought confusion upon rriany of his visitors by accusing them n the presence .of others of various thefts and other crimes. The story of how the devil is supposed, to have entered his corporal abode is .an'interesting one. Four months ago the. boy fell down and injured his knee. The injury slowly jrew better, but the pain was elusive and went from .his-knee, to-his side. It again migrated to his shoulder nnd ater to his eyes. Several physicians were consulted, but it remained for a 'aith cure doctor by the name of Brad- icy to make what is now considered the true diagnosis.. After Bradley had practiced in vain his incantations lie startled the parents by saying- he was inable to pirfi t-he boy. for he was possessed of the devil. The latter, upon the dlsc-ovcry of his identity, threw reserve to (lie winds iir.d hns been making n fool of himself over siiic^'. The other evening a party of seven;! went to the .Kojiolek residence with Dr. ,V. ,T. Siemcnowicz, who was going to •ry hypnotism as a method of casting ont devils. The boy sat in a. scm:-com;i- 'osc' condition,- with his head on tho .able. Ho looked -at the visitors, but vhen they addressed him he paid no iced. Candy failed to n.rousc him, :intl vhen some was placed within his lips he still lay ax if dead. The father then went nnd got a cross .nd placed it to his son's lips. . Instant- y there was a guttural sound and the boy spit, spitefully at it. The boy'.? ii-ms were limp as cloths, but when hi.s ather took his hu.nd and attempted to make the sign of the cross it became us rigid »s in death. , • "It's the devil..,that is in him,".said his mother, with tears in her eyes. Dr. Siominowicz then wanted to try conclusion-* wi'rh tho devil, but the parents objocU'd, '. The doctor afterward said that it •was evidently a case of hysteria. Tin: boy had hcar.d. everybody say he was possessed ot a devil nnd he came to believe it. He heard people, soy that doctors could not cure him.'and he repeated it'later and his parents wert^pro- foitndJy impressed. ' Tteeplii7 Poultry- The full bench-of the Maine supreme court has decided that keeping poultry 1 9 Years' Experience Just think of the wealth of wisdom and experience, accumulated during 19 years of building good bicycles, that comes to you for the $100 you pay for iicycies STANDARD OF THE WORLD. 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SLEPT AS SHE WALKED. Jonoi, All In White. Frightened Two Paiiitlc Policeman. A young- Jady wandering in her sleep caused a great hubbub in PassaJc, N. J,, one morning recently, and led to tho blowing- ot whistles by superstitious policemen, who had chills at the spectacle of a phantom flitting across lawns and circling- houses. The somnambulist was Miss Alice Jones, who lives witk her parents on what is known as the "eastern, slope," or fashionable quarter. She has been troubled with somnambulism for eev- IS IT A GHOST? era) yenrs, nntl Iw-r parents have watched her closely. They were awa];- ene<l about one o'clock by the entrance of :t young- mnn who Jives in the sainn houso, nnii a few minutes after. Mrs. Jones pnid her usual visit, lo hurdimgli- ter's room. Miss Joiio.s \v;i.s nowhere to IK- fotiiui. The young lady's mother called her husband, who ilnrled downstairs nnd nintlc a search of tin 1 prour.ils surT'oinuliiig- his hou^e. Tic ret,Ji-:ietl to the house, drosscd nixl sljirloil on n hunt for his rtiiujjhta-. . lie hnd gone around the block and was about 10 report the. case to police headquarters, when he heart! a shrill whistle a-couple of blocks away. Ho rushed in the di- •reotion of the whistle and discovered a crowd nronnd his daughter, who was seated on the lawn in front of Frank L. Voiitlorsniith's houso. Two policemen, who are said .not to have more than their share, of sense, wrrc aliout t.y place the youus' l a *'y in tlio look-up for the nig'ht for"d;sUirl)ing'tJiflx l aci\" ' Miss .lonos was' almost prnstrated with' cml«irr:issmcnt at her position. She snys t.lint ;;he rcali/.ed she was' walk-ing in her slix-p. but that, some irresi.st.ible inll nonce hnd possession of her. Siie rcinenibei-s goiiiK <lou-ujstair.-=. out Diroiiffl) the front door, and walking on the (!'i"i-°s. wet witJi dew. eaJling for some of lie;- friends. Fjhc \vn,s nearly frig-hteued to death by (he grinT voices 1 of, l.\vo polieenicn, who grabber] her ninthly. They.asked her all sort* of questions, which.she a.n.swercd as best she could ii.nd told them where she lived, asking permission to return unescorted, but (he iioli-c-emcn were a.bout to take her to tlie station.hou.so. against the remonstrances of the crowd, when her father arrived. Jliss Jones was confined to tier'-bod all, day suffering from the slio'ck. •' : '• U»v»gc« of • Leopard, The nppearr.nce of a stray leopard in the vicinity of Shamnag-ar nnd Jogud- clal very, recently has caused a great panic ..among;, the poorer^classes of pcor ^rtB^worWpj^ to.4the,sfleld.;-.' ; Many' ; c»ttlfr'; HAS BUT ONE EAR. Strange Babbit Freak Owned kj » Call- fornla Lad;. Miss Bertrand, a young lady living in Tocaloma, Cal., is the owner of a rabbit that, differs from any other rabbit mentioned in zoology. This particular bunnie has but one ear, and that one is located directly on top of its head and is about twice as large as it ought to be. Miss Bcrtrand's father is a hotel proprietor, and the odd-looking rabbit is a great, pet around the hostelry. Accord- Ing to the San Francisco Call, the rabbit must have kn«wn that he was different from other rabbits and therefore THE UNICORN RABBIT, entitled to some consideration, for be approached the hotel as if desirous of being captured. . When chased he didn't run away, but hid in a clump of bushes and remained there until his captor picTced him up. Since then he has become very. tame, but at no time did the little fellow evince any great amount of fear. . The body of tli« rabbit is jurt like that of any other cotton-tail, nnd so is his-head. -The fur is the sa:r;o :::i<l the animal seem? to bo .-.bout )!>-.- s'r/.e of oilier :n:;i;il-:-rr: of tin: same species. Tnt h" lins only oi;c ear, anil this gives him ."..'! M-«;i:j>y appearance, lie has been dubbed tha "unicorn rabbit," and the solitary ear gives him a ferocious aspect. While bunnie has but one outer car there seem to be two orifices. The openings are at the "ides of the ear and not far from the usual places. From around them the sl;in grows towards the center of the head, whore it unites and forms the single• large ear. The opening or hollow part of this enr is turned backward instead of to the sides, as is usual wrih rabbits' enrs. The rabbit does not. seem to be annoyed by having but one ear. He hops about tho hotf-1 as contented as r.ny rabbit could be. nnd when picked up and petted'seems to be delighted at. receiving the attention, Bcmalnr. of » Mastodon. Some remains of a r^nsiodon. consisting of three 'win. (we jawbones and a ;ho:ildfr blade, wer.r r.nc.-irthed in Lee township. Oilhnnn county. Mich., a few 3nv* -?o. One of the teeth weighed 14 pounds. ... ; 1HSEASES OF THE SKlrf. 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