The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.)'. COUIUEH NEWS TU7Sclay, MARCH 25, 11M7 Jen Jewels coverec/ by in Florida Witch Doctor's Curse Lifted By Hyptonist Pla., March 25. (UP) — 4«wilry Valued, at 521,000 stolen •Ir&n Mr. and Mrs. Maurice $c}tlaiii,. Miami Beach winter vis- ing from Cleveland, Oiiio, was ^etBvered by FBI agents here and tiroTincn were to bs arraigned this Tjrt^fc before the Dade Coumy JriKge today on charges of possess- U>'g' stolen property. •j^The FBI obtained the jewels Over the weekend from a Miami jeweler \vho said he had beea asked to dispose of them. Mean- wfijle,, sheriff's deputies arrested I/illis HuryVitz, 44, and Gerald Of- j frjtto, 41, to whom they had linked ' the gems stolen from the Sihlams F<jt>. 8. *. . — • — Ttruman Confers Vyith Porter on Greek Situation •JVASHINGTON T . March 25—(UP) —Paul A. rorter made ills first re- I poft lo President Truman today on his economic mission to Greece. Drills was the first on-the-scenc report from Greece Mr. Trnmrm has received since lie asked Congress to provide $400,000.000 in assistance to Greece and Turkey. After the extended White House meeting, Porter told reporters he talked, to the president about "some of 'my findings." Porter would not say what his findings were. Deep ill n hypnotic sleep, Stephen Rlchnrdson, right, of l/nilsburg, N. c;., tries to bend his outstretched arm, which Hypnotist Mnrsh Babbitt, lell, tells him lie cannot do. The young Ncyro tobacco worker ereii- llcd Bubbilt with lilting a witch doctor's curse Hint had mudc him ill. for the past 15 inomlis. (NBA Telepholo.) Italhiay 'Alcals Travelers on Ilrilish railways ronsuine 3.030.0CO cups of collce and tea. 10.503.0BO sandwiches, and 8500,0:0 pieces ot cake, in lliu course of a vear. Five per cent of the corporations own Ki pr-r cent of the corporate wealth in the United States. mrrti Jjr. fSt^M • ^x f*/¥' *^> %SrrV J X ^-^\^ \lU A 1-Stop Serf ice LQANS-"REAL ESTATE INSURANCE We Will Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/cncoc Hotel BIJg. Phone 3545 \ -1 f i'Have you'a good book on psychology? I want to find "-••-—-~^ out what's the matter with my parents'.'.' . 'lake the LlM 1 by Karen DeWolf Copyright by ^ Karen DeWolf Di&UibulcJ by NEA SERVICE, INC. TIIR STOItYt Sl vi-r to JUT. IVfe -'-muiltU. Thffi: 1* litoud uu it. ;.. * * * ';r XVI •TT was hot' now and (lie breeze • '*• that wafted warmly through the 'open windows was laden with Jr'oses arid honeysuckle. Sherry •breathed it deeply and closed her eyes. ".-The rpbuntains' would bo nice, Shfi reflected, the aromatic pines aKd the quiet lakes. But the doctor had said that if she was moved at elicit would have- to he to the desert;: • '-; ;5*hey...cbuld not afford that, of course, and Sherry was glad. If sh'e was going to die, anyway, it \vns dreadful to have the boy Sp'en'd so much money on her, As it was it Avas awful to lie here day after day, knowing that every ccnl - they made went for her* milk and '••'. eggs .and jellies and broths. Bc-' sides, they could never all work at ^ qnce'now, because one of them al- ''.". yt&y? had lo ue with her. ; Sherry moved petulanlly. Slu felt hot : and sticky and she would have liked a hath and clean coo] sheets ai}d a fresh glass of water: but Sandro was busy in the kitchor and she knew how lived he was. '"Kris must' be tired ,too, she thought. He had taken the nit'li' shift and then got a call for worl' In the morning. They did not dare turn down a call now. :_" Tony was slaying tonight ant Sherry sighed. It was awful t< think of'their hard days and th< nights.of sleeping with one cy( open all because o£ her. She knev. from the doctor's persipfcnt cheer fulness 'hat he did not hold mucl hope for her, yet the tjoys had bcei so sure, 20 positive that she woulc be well and strong again. Mayb they were right. At least after si: Weeks she was still alive. At first' the doctor had aclvisc< 1 wiring Sherry's parents that sh uist be instantly moved lo Ari- •)na—io a quiet satintorimn where TC would have absolute rest mid lenly of milk and eggs. But H had cen that dny that the letter from or mother had conic. "I bate to tell you Ihis, honey," had rend in- pnii, "but poor addy has lost his job after being ilh the firm J5 year. 1 !. . . . For a hile, at least, we won't be able lo end you yoiu 1 allowance. . , . \Vo liank God that you arc working liou^li, and getting n good salary." So Sherry bat! not told them, anc he boys had insisted that tlie\ ould manage. I * * * ' jANDRO came in from the kilcheti. His shovt-slecvcd shirt wtis ope- 0 the Vv'inst and beads ot pcrspira ion glistened oil his forehead. 11-, ookecl at the pile of freshly l;uin lercd nightgowns ho carried an 1 said, "These rutflcs do not look s veil. 3 was stiffly scared i wouU scorch them." lie opened a drawer* -and lai< .he folded gowns iti neat piles. Sherry smiled and told him the> .ookcd beautiful. ' Simdru wiped his damp forehcac with a handkerchief. : 'J3(it as yet there is not a thinr for- dinner." Sherry said, "Why don't you rest a while, darling,?" She reached.out hand to him. "Tbny'll be home pretty soon with the car. You've been working all day long and it's so hot." Sandro came over lo* her and kissed her hair. Then he sat down beside her. lie said, "I scrubbed the kitchen floor, even, and did the brass. Friday I will do the bathroom curtains." "You're so sweet, Sandro," Sherry said. "I never thought men could be so sweet." Sandro would have said something only Tony came in the front door with some packages. 21c looked tireu and hot and glared at Sandro. "I brought home some cold cuts and things because 1 thought you'd he lirecl," be said, "and all you've been doing is hanging around the house!" Sherry sprang lo Satidro's defense. She said, "Oh, Tony! Sandro's worked like a dog lilt this very minute! Cmi'l you see how clcmi and polished everything is? lie even washed and ironed and be ia UrecL" Tony put down his packages and kissed her. Sarulro said, "Sherry has not coughed ;iH day," very proudly, as though he had something to do with it. Tony's eyes widened. He said, "IteallyV Why that's— 'bat's wonderful!' 1 and kissed her Save Money Toflay, Any I)a STOP AND SWAP ELUEKT HUFFMAN'S 401 K. Main You Must Be Happy KTIITS came in and said, "Believe v il or not, I made $15!" Ho ussod Sherry. "I can get the heck Friday." They were all pleased. Sherry said, "I'm glad you're arly, darling, you must be tired." Kris sjiid, "Nol very, but my osh il's been hot!" The leleplume rang and Sandro nswered il. Then he cnllcd Tony. "I3ut il is Peter," he snid. "She hasn'l had a cough nil lay," Tony lolcl Kris, as he went jut io the telephone. Ki is said, "Grand!" and then 'ic kissed her again. "How do you feel?" he wanted to ;\now. "1 mean inside. 1 ' Sherry told him she had felt well nil tiny, and Tony came back from the telephone. He said, "Peter's going to drop jy for a few minutes tonight," Sherry paid, "Don't you think it's funnv that Dr. Drexell hasn't sent a hill yet?" Tony and Kris exchanged a quick look. Kris said, "We were just lnlkin£ about that Ihc other night. 1 «UC;;T he's going to wait lill you're al/. well." Sherry thought it more likely that Peter LlarUm was paying him and she knew Ihc boys Ihought so, loo. She hnlcd lhat so she sakl, "I gucys so," and Kris and Tony looked relieved. (To Be Continued)' FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. 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HEAD-LINfNGS for all cars made like the factory makes thorn, same material and workmanship. Guaranteed to lit ami look like original upholstery. 412 E. Main.St. Phone 3456 WASH TUBBS THIS IS"PURELV \ BUSINESS MATTER.,LEOMXR.D!"" I M6WJ NOTHINS PER.SOWM IN POINTING OUT THftT SOU'RE INEFFICIEUT MOO,.MA... Were You Savin;; LESI.fR TURNK.D Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way By J.R.Williams IT'S '-- / LFArJDEH, fvW 8OV.' VOL) V( CAM'T (AEKN> YOU DBS1R& Sou GEMTS ~- ) V TO Re\\wsi -—- ANO LET f3LJT X HOPe /,} YOUR. ARTISTIC TALENT VOUDID^T i BE CH(X£D \M\TH WEEDS/ COM&TOTW<e \V -"--V^HY, YOU COULD ME HON\E/fHi9 \\ 6ECOW6 ANOTHER .IPB IS A TAFFV / I REMBRftSiDT OR. ^~ 4 UP /ANOTkEf, ( PITCH.' ^~! //} Hi\R-Row.Prt .' ' t SCHOLAR. Hl<e / I HUMPED HIM ! OVER THERE AM' V FERGOT HE'P / KNVETO HAVE \ A RUMMIM' START 70 GIT BACK; THE MOOSJT OM THE NWUMT PKOBA8LH THINK I'N\ HE^TLESS RED ttYOKK Jlcsscnjjcr Hoy RY V. T. HAMLIN YES.' It WOUlE ~D3 rDR YOU TO ftY •vs. FLINT y^—V'or Cood ITS TERRIBLE MRROT/THINK" OF ; MIGHT HAVE BEEI KILLED/ 1!Y WE'RE VERY GRATEFUL TO YOU, ' BORGtR, FOi? TAKING US OUT 01= THE BUILDING AT THE TIME CF THf EXPLOSION. BUT THEN, THE EXPLOSIOM TAKES CARE OF tHE WIRE RECORDER WU \VERG SO CONCERNED ABOUT MICHAEL O'.MALl.RY and HAU'H l.ANK THAT'S RIGHT, \ /ALL HXED UP X PARROT. BORGER'S I / is RICHT, FLUKE. \ "" ' NOW I'D 11KEAWORD NVITH YOU ALONE, SO Wl'LlTELi. MR.60RGER GOODBY. s V.?\ ?'7l vsy- fi sr*vicr ivc T w i ALLEY OOP All Aboard V. T. HAM I,I f IF NAPOLEOM HAS I SOMETHING BETTER I TH(\N BL^CK HOV/DER TO DRIVI.- C^N^4ON BALLS. IT IS THIS SUBSTANCt F=KOM THE SHOP OF , M'GiEii ISUOM: THIS EXPERIMEHT , COULD BE DANGEROUS' ' WITH BUT ONE WHEW) THK BTUFF HAS PIJMCH...DUT 1 SAV. IT DOESN'T:;EUM TODG AS DANGIZROLJG r ^ AS I 'J--,'^ ^r __--^ !J --'d v _ ^3W BOOTS AND HER Not That BY EDGAR MARTIJV BUT f\ \JIOUN-

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