The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1952
Page 5
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TUSSDAY, JANUARY 18, 1952 BLYTHEVII.LE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS McMath Again Blasts Highway Audit As 'Witch Hunt,' Slam at Governor ; LITTLE ROCK <AP)— Gov. McMath again ha* accused his political enemies of converting the audit of the Arkansas Highway Department from a constructive investigation : into a witch hunt. In a statewide radio address last; night, the irovernoi" I I. A«i*pt«d a challenge from tj { member of th« Arkansas Highway! (Audit Commission to assume full > resporalbtllty for any errors or mistakes committed In his highway ''construction program; ._- 2. CriiklMd ncthodi of the audit CfmmlMtea In InvMtlfitlnj ' the tftnUe** of the Hljhwjy 3. Reiterated hii criticism of Ally. State's Colleges Meet to Discuss f Bold Experiment Kronenberg Doubts 'Definite Action Can Be Charted at Session' -• LITTLE ROCK (AP)— Representatives of 15 Arkansas colleges met - here again today to discuss problems of the Ford Foundation's pros posed "bold experiment" In teacher . education. - Dr. Henry Kronenberg. head of the University of Arkansas' College .of Education, said-he was doubt_Jul that «ny definite plan of action -•could be charted during the two day conference that opened yester- Wday. . f' Dr. Kronenberg: ts attempting to ^encourage Arkansas colleges to par_ tlclpate in the proposal. ... Committee Set Up The college representatives set up • Planning Committee at last .. ; nfgtit'« session. There was no out- Twnrd »how of opposition but the .'.school officials indicated that acceptance of the proopaa! appears rnonthj »way. .; There was * suggestion from Southern state College, that the col- ^legt* be giver. » full ySar to plan "•the reorganisation of teacher train,' Ing u suggested by the proposal. , No Action Taken -• No Betlon on the suggestion was ; taken. - Dr. Kronenberg said he hoped the officials could work out some plan before Jan. 30. That's the . date he meets with Dr. Alvin C. . Eurich, vice president of the Ford ^'Foundation's fund for Advancement ^. of Fxiucatlon. The Foundation ha* offered to .put up the money—it could hit the .-,10 million dollar mark—to finance " the program In Arkansas. . Arkrnmi m Pilot State Under terms of the proposal Ark^»M«« would serve as a pllol, state (PO revolutionize teacher, education _ throughout the nation. . The plan would require prospective teachers to take a four-year course In general college work and ;' on* y«r fit intensive post-graduate •work or Internship In one of several 'teacher training centers. The cen- ' ten would be set up In selected pub- He school district* over the slate. en. Ike Murry, who he may oppose in a third term bid for gov- .rnor next summer; and, t 4. Ataln aceiued "the MI oil deaden" of Arlunsai of bandlnf to raise Ihe price ol f aa- •line in Arkansas, Audit Commission Member. Herbert Thomas of Fayetteville said aturday that McMath's'criticisms of the audit group points to the governor "as the real head of (he Arkansas Highway Department. 11 The governor didn't mention Thomas by name but said: "Every citizen knows the operation of the Highway Department is the responsibility of (he governor. As a practical matter, Ihe governor is responsible to the peo- ile and answerable to them for the conduct of every state agency. "I'll Take Responsibility" "I fee) and am willing to assume full responsibility for the operation of the Highway Department'." McMath said that when the 1951 Legislature approved the bill setting up the Arkansas Highway Audit Commission "I believed that under the direction of fair minded business men a constructive audit could be made. 'Recent events, however, have Indicated to, me that this investigation also Is being turned into a political witch hunt, but it is not 'MO late to, get back on a constructive course." McMath again accused Murry of failing to investigate the "big oil dealers" In an alleged conspiracy to increase the retail price of gasoline Arkansas. Murry Issues Statement Murry Issued this statement in answer: "By law, the attorney general is made the attorney for all state boards and commissions. As attorney for the Audit Commission. I have been performing a duty which the lav/ requires. "Since Thursday, the governor has been publicly berating me because t have been doing my duty. He has been doing the same thin? in private for several weeks and he has tried to sabotage this .Investigation In every way possible. "Criticism Tj Unjust" "The governor's criticism of me is unjust and is unbecoming to the state's chief executive. Despite the governor's efforts to hamper and discredit the investigation, the hearings will open Wednesday. The same rules which govern congressional committee Investigations will be observed. Even though attorneys for witnesses will not be permittee the privilege of cross-examination, they will have the right to advise their clients concerning any testimony which might be Incrtmlnac- Ingv.When the hearings-are concluded, the taxpayers will be able to judge from (he results whether the MOX PhMM MZ1 Show SUrU Weekdays 7:00 Szt.-Snn. 1:M Always * Double Feature Tuesday & Wednesday and justified," FeeU Much Invttt!ci(e4 I suppose," said McMath, "that. I have been investigated more than any other one man in public life. I have been Investigated by every tn- vestitive agency that my political enemies could dominate. All these Inrestlgatioiu . . . had the same ob- Jeciives and that was to 'get something on Sid McMath. If you can't gel, something on him, get something on somebody associated with him.'" In his blast at the methods used by the Audit Commission, McMath "Closeted behtnri closed doors, they have been using witnesses, disappointed spoilsmen, and spurned office seekers, in an attempt lo weave political rumors into a fab ric of facts." Your Favorite Beer's Price May Go Arkansas Now Briefs— Witnesses to Testify on Oath At Dixie Downs Race Hearing • By THE ASSOCIATKH PKtSS '*'• LITTLE ROCK—Witnesses will be placed under oath when they testify about Dixie Down* Inc., before the Arkansas Racing Commis- sion'Wednesday. In announcing Oils yesterday Gm'. MeMatn, aho opposes operation of the proposed liorse race track at Wesl Memphis, Ark., said verbal testimony would be supported by documentary evidence.. The hearing was called to review qualifications of one of the backers of Dixie Downs, which previously obtained a franchise from the commission. ' . Two Persons Die of Traffic Injuries in State At. least, two persons died in Arkansas Monday of injuriei suffered in traffic mishaps. Sft, William M. Dletz of MiddJelown, o., died. In a hospital, it Cnmp Chaftce, near Ft. Smith. He was Injured when a car in which he, and three other soldiers were riding overturned at the C»mp Friday. . . Henry Hyman, 46. Negro, 'of St. Louis, died In a West Memphis hospital of Injuries suffered when lie \vas hit by an auto on Highway 61 near Jericho, Ark. WASHINGTON (/J>j—A bottle of your favorite beer may cost a penny or two more after Jan. 28, The Office of Price Stabilization (OPSI issued an order fast night permitting brewers, wholesalers and retailers to adjust prices ot all malt; beverages. Tables specify the exact increases but OPS said they will average about 1 cent for a 12-ounce bottle or can of beer or »!e. The OPS order said the Increases were ordered to "reflect higher federal taxes and costs of raw materials, containers and labor. Improved Camden Air Service Is Favored by Navy • WASHINGTON. (/!>) —Navy officials have told tile Civil Aeronautics Board they favor improving air service to Camden, Ark., near which the Shumaker Naval Rocket Loading Ammunition Depot is located. They supported testimony _ ol Mayor Walter Laney and Foriner Mayor D. w. Harrell, who asked that Camden be included ns a stop on a proposed airline route In Arkansas. Camden does not have scheduled airline service. hearings have' been fair, Impartial income. HelTT Contributor! Automobile manufacturing, tomobile touring, »nd automobile operation and maintenance con tribute more than fifteen : billloi dollars annually to -the national PAGEFITB McMath to Pay 1948-50 State Income Tax MTi'LK ROCK—Gov. McMath will pay state income tax in line with ieulcmems made ,'with the federal government on earnings during 1948-50. . Tlie governor said yesterday state income lax adjustments were being worked out. He said lie would announce delails of the adjustments when they are completed. McMath announced nee. 27 he had paid $9,no. in back federal taxes and Interest on income for 194B, 1949 and 1050. Deadline tor Primary Filing to Be April 30 LITTLE ROCK—Atty. Gen. ike Murry lias ruled that the deidline •for filing as a candidate in next summer'* Democratic primaries is April 30. ; . Murry's ruling went to Secretary of state c. G. Hall yesterday. The attorney general said comipe practices pledges and ballot fees have to be paid by candidates 90 days before the preferential primary. Mountain Home Votes on Power Proposition MT. HOME.' Ark.—Residents of this North Arkansas city voted today on a proposal that the city purchase electric distribution facilities here of the Arkansas Power &, Light Co. Fort Smith Judge Orders Gambling Investigation FT. SMITH—Federal Judge John E. Iller yesterday ordered the Federal Grand Jury oi Western Arkansas to investigate gambling operations on which federal tax has not been paid. " ,Jeff Goodrun, agent in charge of the Internal Revenue Collector's office, here said no gambling licenses have been purchased In this area. Dewitt Votes on Inttallation of Parking Meter* DEWITT—A proposal to Install parking mete™ wu voted en by residents of Dewitt today. It Is the second parking meter election In Arkansas this year. Comvay last week became the state's 29th city to approve meters, —Plus— DICK POWELL 'MRS. MIKE 2 Reel Short RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Tuesday "BEHAVE YOURSELF" Shelley Winters Farley Granger Warner News & Shorts Wednesday & Thursday /Leave It to the Marines Sid Melton Mara Lynn Also News * Shorts Mow Better In 70 Ways Fbr'52 Onln Packard fJn» IJJfrnmnti/* TJ..O *. .;«.....{.•- .•>' * Only Packard Has Vltramatic—The Automatic Drive That Outperforms Them All! H ERE'S everything you could want America's most exciting car—Packard for '52. Better in 70 ways, Packard offers you flashing performance, new riding ease, amazing economy and more built-in new iitr miles than any other make! — • • Only Packard hat Ultrampfic—ihe automatic drive tiac outperforms all others under all conditions! Only Packard has Easamatic Power Brakes for quicker, smoother stops! 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Arkansas Mother of Eight Gives Birth to Quadruplets at Home More Atomic Goods' Sought 3y Military WASHINGTON (AP) _ Military emands lor atonifc "products" .•uumably A-bombs —are Increaa- ig, according to Chairman Cordon Dcnn of tile Atomic Enemy Coin- Lssion, Dean was Interviewed yesterday y the Gannett News Service on proposed expansion or I lie AEC rogrnm. Congress has asked AEC nd the Defense Department to re- oi-t how and to whal extent this hould be done. Expansion Is Indicated, Dean said, >y "improvemenU in (he Uranium iupply and an Ulcrease Jn Ihe de- nand ol Ihe military services for our products." He said AEC otf! clal.s "«re working overtime to cx- ilore this complex problem" and expect • decision "within i 'few weeks." Payton, Tone: A Ntw W«y HOLLYWOOD W-Acirw ««bara Payton left hert kr Alrplu* last night for New York,' whm she said she is going to m«t hw Praschttt Tone. NASHVIUJ:, Ark. </PJ_A sur- lMd/ 38ry«»r-oW I arm wife who w»s expecting twins gave blrtli to quadruplets last night. The babies, three boys and a girl, were born to Mrs. Hajgl idtr, mother of eight other children, »t her sinull firui )ious« 2'/i miles north of Murfreciboro, Ark., 20 miles from Nashville. Dr. M. D. Duncan, who delivered the quadruplets, s«ld the mother was doing nicely. l>r. l>uncan Surprised Dr. Duncan said he was Just » s surprised as the mother. He was looking for twins. The father, Leonard Ponder, 41, accompanied by three -women neighbors, drove to a Nashville hospital. The women carried the infants. Fonder rejwited to the night nurse, "I've got. foul 1 little babies and they're all mine." Infants Dolnj Well The Iniants were placed In incubators. They hnve not been weighed. A hospital attendant, said they -were doing well . The Ponders have been married 21 years. Their other children range in age from a to 16. The quadruplets present two problems for the ponders: 1. How to a i commute [ h, « family in (heir 3-room >iou«, 2, What to name the new arrivals. "We ain't crai got any names picked out tor them," snld ponder. "We were waiting to see was It going to be a boy or;a, girl, I don't, know what we'll do now. At Icust 75 cents of every dollar consumers spend for purk goes lor cuts that mnko up less ihnn hair of a hcg's live weight. GOT A COLD TAKE' s for fast symptomatic RELIEF Had Brick in His Stomach 10 Years! A man said for 10 years he felt Jllte he had a brick In hii itomach. due to undigested, food h« »lw»r» had inside of ,hfm. He vu weak worn-out, headachy and swollen with gas. necently lie got CERTA-VIN «nd says the feeling like a brick disappeared the second, day. This new medicine Is helping many Blytheville sufferers. It makes your food digest foster and better. Taken before meals, It works with your food jas pains go! Inches of bloat van- ishl Contains herbs and. 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