The Oneonta Star from Oneonta, New York on February 27, 1960 · Page 11
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The Oneonta Star from Oneonta, New York · Page 11

Oneonta, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1960
Page 11
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Harry L Briggs FEATHER SCREEN Radio and Television SALES SERVICE Call GE 2-3409 Route 23, South of Oneonta Many Jobs Lead to Shoiv Biz Do all jobs lead to show business? It would appear so, judging from a sampling ol pre-acting positions held by ABC-TV stars. Nick Adams ("The Rebel") ushered at Warner Bros. Beverly Hills Theatre, sold gas, drove a truck for a lumber company and worked as a private investigator before ' reaching stardom as an actor . . . Clint Walker ("Cheyenne") labored for a time in saw mills and lumber camps, then got employment .as a playground director, insurance agent, car and vacuum cleaner salesman, carpen ter. steeplejack and nightclub bouncer. Bud Collyer- ("Beat the Clock") worked as a clerk in a law lirni . . : Michael Ansara ("Broken Arrow") - walked a tough Main Street beat in Los Angeles as a rookie cop. drove a cab, sold car pets and worked for a medical agency . . . Charles Bronson ("Man With a Camera") labored in the coal mines in Ehrenfeld, Pa., became a short order cook and operated a boardwalk chair concession in Atlantic City. * * * ROBKKT CUMM1NOS ("L O V e That Bob!") was an elevator and switchboard operator . . . Jack Kelly ("Maverick") was a parking- lot attendant, .lifeguard and men's clothing salesman . . . John Newland ("Alcoa Presents") began his career as a singer in a burlesque theatre . . . Hugh O'Brian "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp") sold haberdashery in offices . . . Bob Conrad ("Hawaiian Eye") worked as a dock hand and as a milkman. Jeff York ("The Alaskans") was a vacuum cleaner salesman . . Will Hutchins ("Sugarfoot") was a bus boy, grocery store clerk and hand bill passer . . . Ty Ilard- in. ("Bronco") worked in research and development for an aircraft company . . . John Payne ("The Restless Gun") wrestled professionally, operated a telephone switchboard, was a baby-sitter and typist . . . Donna Reed ("The Donna Reed Show") worked as a librarian and secretary. * * * JAMES GARNKK ("Maverick") was a carpet layer and gas station attendant . . . Van Williams ("Bourbon Street Beat") was a skin diving teacher . . . Carl Betz ("The Donna Reed Show") laughl acting techniques and history ol the theatre to opera students at a Pitsburgh music school . . . Chuck Connors ("The Rifleman") was a major league baseball player. Lee Farr ("Robert Taylor in The Detectives") was a geologist . . . Abel Fernandez ("The Untouchables") served as a printer's devil when he wasn't contending for the title in the boxing ring Stacy Harris ("The Life am' Legend ot Wyatt Earp") put ir a writing stint with Time and Lif Magazines ... Peter Breck ("Black Saddle") sang in supper clubs . . Tony Martinez ("The Heal Mi- Coys") was a musician with Nun Morales' band. Leslie Nielsen ("Swamp Fox" o: "Walt Disni-y Presents") worktt as parking - lot attendant and bus boy . . . Poncie Ponce ("Huw aiian Eye") once worked as a wel der. . . Loiiis Quinn ("77 -Sunse Strip") was a script writer. And the moral of all this: · tiix lalenl will auU Thursday 5:00 (2) Million Dollar Movie (3) Ilicklebony Hound (G) Satellite Six CIO) Popeye and 3 Stooges (12) Popcye Theatre (13) The Little Lenny Show 5:30 (3-13) Rocky and His Friends Mighty Joo Young." Robert Armstrong, Ben Johnson. Story ol a press agent who finds a gorilla in Africa, and brings it back as a night club act. (G) Breadtime Stories (2) Weather (2) Movie (Continued) (3) Colt .45 (6) Huckleberry Hound (12) News Weather (13) Dinner Showcase -"Key Largo". Humphrey Bogart, Laureen Bccall. Story o£ a gangster in Key West, Florida . 6:15 (12) Ralph Carroll 6:30 (2) News Sports (6) Earle Pudney Show (12) Death Valley Days 6:45 (2) The Lone Ranger (6) News Weather ·7:00 (3) Lockup ' (6) Death Valley Days (12) Border Patrol 7:05 (10) News Weather 7:15 (2) Huntlcy-Brinkley Report 0:45 5:55 6:00 (10) Douglas Edwards and The News ':30 (2) Manhunt (3) Tiie Rifleman (6) The Vikings (10) To Tell the Truth (12) The Millionaire (13) Black Saddle i:00 (2-6) Bat Masterson -- Stars Gene Barry in "Cattle and Cane." Masterson tries to prevent bloodshed in a war between struggling ranchers and ruthless cattle barons who oppose land Icncing. (3-12-13) Donna Reed Show 3:00 (10) Betty Hutton Show 5:30 (2-3-G) Staccato -- Starring John Cassavetes. (10) Johnny Ringo (12-13) The Real McCoys 9:00 (2-3-6). Bachelor Father (10) Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre. (12-13) Pat Boone Show 9:30 (2-3-6) Tennessee Ernie Ford Show (Color). (10) Markham -- Starring Ray Milland. Innocent meetings with an old girl friend and an invitation to dinner place private investigator Roy Markham at the mercy ot an insanely jealous husband. (12-13). Untouchables -- Starring Robert Stack in "L'n- Programs hired Assassin." (Part II) While Eliot Ness continues to parry wits with Capone mob to protect Mayor Cermak of Chicago from assassination, he is unable to prevent a madman in Miami from firing the shot that ends Cermak's life. 10:00 (2-3-6) You Bet "Your Lile (10) TV Revue 10:30 (2) Ernie Kovalc -- Take a Good Look (3) Manhunt (6) Johnny Midnight (12) Markham (13) Target 11:00 (2) Weather (3-10-12) News, Weather Sports (6) News Sc Weather Final (13) Starlight Showcase -"Philadelphia Story." 11:05 (2) The World Tonight 11:15 (6) Cinemsic -- "The Promoter." (10) Jack Paar Show 11:20 (12) World's Best Movie Barbara Stanwyck. 11:30 (2-3) Jack Paar Show 12:30 (6) Headu'nes 12:50 (13) News Weather 1:00 (3) News Weather Project Polities' Planned Friday TELEVISION 5:00 5:30 5:-15 5:55 :00 G:15 6:30 G:45 7:00 7:05 7:15 7:00 (2) Million Dollar Movie (3-12) Popeye Theater (6) Satellite Six (.10) Popeye and 3 Stooges (13) The Little Lenny Show (3-13) Rin Tin Tin (10) Early Show " B e a c h Head." (6) Breadtime Stories (2) Weathcrcast (2) Movie (Continued) (3) Leave It To Beaver (6) Cisco Kid (12) News and Weather (13) Dinner Theater "Story ot Sea Biscuit". Barry Fitzgerald, Shirley Temple. Story of a great race horse. (12) Ralph Carroll (2) News and Sports (3) News, Sports Weather (G) Earle Pudney Show (12) Huckleberry Hound (2) Huckleberry Hound (6) News and Weather (3-6) U. S. Marshal (12) Shotgun Slade (10) News and Weather (2) Huntlcy - Brinkley Report (10) Douglas Edwards and tlic News (2) People Arc Funny (3) The Real McCoys (G) Four Just Men (10) Rawhide (12-13) Walt Disney Presents F rontierland, "Gcronimo's Revenge". John Slaughter and Geronimo begin a dead-| ly personal feud, when the j young Apache raids the Slaughter ranch by stealing ho'rs- es and scattering cattle, 8:00 (2-3-6) Troubleshooters 8:30 (2-3-6) Art Carney Show -Art Carney stars in "T h e Best of Anthing". Tropical revue based on the American readiness to present awards on every posible occasion. Roddy McDowall and Belty Garrclt will also appear. (10) Hotel de Parec -- stars Earl Holliman in "Sundance and Useless". Sundance i s forced to make an important decision when a bounty hunter checks into the hotel with a desperate prisoner w h o uses Sundance's dog to shield an attempt to escape. (12) Zane Grey Theater (13) Man From Bluckhawk Stars Robert Rockwell i n "Execution Day". A Tonnes- see chain gang convict alerts agent Sam Logan to impending disaster. 9:00 (10) Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz Show (12-13) 77 Sunset Strip 9:30 (2) Philip Marlowe (3) Rescue 8 (6) Teenage Barn 10:00 (2-3-6) Cavalcade o( Sports Programs zar vs Yama Bahama 10 rd middleweight bout (10-r2) The Twilight Zone (13) The Detectives 10:30 (2) Jackpot Bowling (10) Person to Person (12) Black Saddle (13) Border Patrol 10:45 (3-6) Jackpot Bowling 11:00 (2) Weather (3-10-12) News, Weather and Sports (G) News and Weather (13) Starlight Showcase "The Maltese Falcon". Dashie Ham met story about Sam Spade. 11:05 (2) The World Tonight 11:15 (6) Cinema Six 'Christopher Columbus." (10) Jack Paar Show 11:20 (12) World's Best Movies -"The Letter." Bette Davis Herbert Marshall. A story o a woman who wrote a lette and now has to try to ge it back. 11:30 (2-3) Jack Paar Show 12:30 (6) Headlines 12:50 (13) News and Weather 1:00 (3) News and Weather Earliest libraries in · colonial America were privately owned Notable were those o£ Elder Wil liam Brewster of Plymouth, Gov Winthrop of Connecticut, Dr. Cot ton Mather of Boston and Col Boxing bouts -- Victor Zala-1 Ralph Wqrmeley ot Virginia. Sports Schedule This Week 1:00 1:30 1:45 2:00 SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 37 (6-12) CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLING (2) WRESTLING FROM BUFFALO (3) PRO WRESTLING (10) HOCKEY GAME OF THE WEEK Bruins vs. Black Hawks 2:15 (6) PRO BASKETBALL New York at Syracuse 2 : 3 0 ( 1 2 ) SPORTS SPECTACULAR 4:00 (12) CHAMPIONSHIP BRIDGE 4:30 (2-3-6) RACING FROM HIALEAH 5:00 (2-13) ALL STAR GOLF TOURNAM'NT Dow Finslcrw'ld vs. Sam Snead 6:30 (8) SPOKTSCRIPTS SUNDAY. FEBRUARY 2» 12:00 (13) NOON ROLLER DERBY 12:30 (3) LET'S BOWL (6) TV TOURNAMENT TIME 2:30 (2) CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLING 3:00 (10) 1960 WINTER OLYMPICS 3:30 (13) CHAMPIONSHIP BRIDGE 4:00 (12) STRIKE ZONE 4:30 (6) WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF 5:30 (10-12) TV COLLEGE BOWL WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2 10:OO (13) WEDNESDAY NIGHT FIGHTS FRIDAY, MARCH 4 10:00 (2-3-6) CAVALCADE OF SPORTS 10:30 (2) JACKPOT BOWLING 10:45 (3-6) JACKPOT BOWLING Your Mobil-flame Dealer GAS APPLIANCES! JAY SILVIiKNAIL Harpersfleld Oliver 2-SSM Checking Future M1DDLETOWN, N. J. (AP) -Patrick Mann Is starting out curly in his search for a grownup career. The 12-year.old boy wrote the local police department and asked for "something about becoming a cop." He said he also would like information "on how to catch crooks." HERRING LUMBER CALL TV 8-6*11 OTEGO MILL ROAD CALL GE 2-1674 ORDERS TO TAKE OUT MOLINARI'S RESTAURANT * GRILL NBC News is sending teams ot correspondents, cameramen a n d echnicians across the country to provide extensive coverage of the major primary elections, it was announced yesterday by William R. McAndrew, vice president, NBC Mews. This special news operation, with ;he working title o£ "Project Poli- ics," will begin immediately. The field .units, which are being sent out from New York, Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles; will cover the campaigns of the leading candidates, the issues involved in the various state primaries and .he significance of each contest in the light of the political conventions to follow. * * * 'WE WILL operate on a flexible schedule keyed to important developments as the political situation progresses," Mr. McAndrew said. "We are planning to present Hie first reports during the news segments ol the 'Today' program next week. We also intend to devote at ieast one full-hour special program on television and five half- hour special programs on radio to the primaries." Although "Project Politics" will draw upon the services of the entire staff of NBC News correspondents in the United States as well as some of the NBC News correspondents abroad, the newsmen who will participate in the actual field work are Herb Kaplow, Merrill Mueller, Frank Mc- Geo, Sander Vanocur, Richard Harkness, Robert McCormick, James liurlbut and Arthur Barriault. ·. Mr. McAndrew said these same correspondents will take part later in NBC News' coverage of the political conventions, and that through their activities during the prmar- ies they will gain greater familiarity with political conditions throughout the country, with the chief candidates and with the regional Republican .and Democratic leaders who will play key roles in the conventions. * # * THE TEAMS will use all technical facilities, including film and tape; will be transported by specially - equipped chartered planes, when necessary, and will utilize the services ol NBC affiliated stations and their staffs. The special televsion program will be presented as part of the new "World Wide 60" series of regular weekly public affairs shows to be telecast during prime evening viewing hours. "Project Politics" and the five special radio programs' will give a complete picture of the candidates in action, the state or regional interests involved in the various primaries, ajid some conception of the relative importance ol each primary to the national political climate. Reports from the "Project Politics" teams also will fiu'nish special material for "The Huntley Brinkley Report," "Time: Present -- Chct Huntley Reporting," "Today" and "Meet the Press" on television, and for "NBC Newson - the - Hour" "World New» Roundup," "News of the World," "Monitor News" and "Emphasis" on radio. THE CALM C-S Bing Crosby and Perry Como, TV's most "relaxed" performers, will appear together on the NBC-TV Network for the first time Wednesday, March 16, when the Single visit* the Barber on Perry Como's colorcast. Oneonta Star 1 VIMO tVIKY WH9C-All WOKt» MtMVM-H. T. MCKIMON * CO»in£l_ Channels 2,3, 6JO, 12, 13 Feb. 27 through Mar. 4 GORDON B. ROBERTS INSURANCE GE 2-2022 C« FORD AYE. ONEONTA SALES PHILCO SERVICE TV SERVICE PHONE GE 2-3598 ANY AL AMES TIME WHERE MAKE ONEONTA T V SALES SERVICE All Makes Coll GE 2-1921 or GE 2-5892 Puccini's opera "La- Tosca" was first performed in Rome 1900. It iJ · melodiotu Btonr of the ky« ot · sinjer and · pointer. ^Invitation To Paris' Is Scheduled "Invitation to Paris," a specia hour-long program starring "The City of Light" itself and a bril liant array of France's greates e n tertainers, i n eluding Maurice Chevalier,. Edith'Piaf, Jean Sab Ion, Fernandel, Jacqueline Fran cois and Patachou, will be pre sented on the ABC Television Net work Wednesday, April 27 (10-11 p.m.). "Invitation to Paris" wHl use the colorful, historic city as a giant stage on which its fines artists will perform. The g r a m staircase of the Opera House will be the gilded setting for Chevalier the Place de la Concorde and its marble statues will serve as a backdrop for the songs ot Sab Ion; the steps of the hallowed Not re Dame will be the stage foi Miss Piaf and Les Compagnons de la Chanson, .and. Miss Francois sings board- a bateau mouche on a sentimental voyage down the River Seine. TELEVISION VIEWERS will visit Paris in the springtime when the city of song and love is a its gayest. Patachou will sing in Montmartre and the famed Can Can dancers will perform in die Moulin Rouge. Other Parisian nigh life scenes to be spotlighted -Line Renaud from the Casino d Paris and Georges Ulmer from · picturesque Place Pigalle. "Invitation to Paris" will scan the city's skyline so familiar t the American tourist. The Arc dc Trtomphe, Tour Eiffel, Palais d Qiaillot, the Tuileries, Montmar tre's Sacre Coeur, the Madeleine the Invalides and the Place du Carrousel will provide the back ground for the performers. -· : France's gifted comedian, Fer ·andel, and Brigitte Bardot's cis ter, Mijanou, are the gay guides who will lead viewers to the many wondrous sights ol Paris. Morning Shows Monday To Friday 6:00 6:13 6:18 6:23 6:25 6:30 6:44 6:45 6:50 7:00 (2-6) Continental Classroom (10) Inspiration (10) News Weather (10) It's Elementary (3) Today's Devotion (3-6) Continental Classroom (12) Today's Farm (10) Teacher's Time (13) News Weather (2-3-6) Today (10) Popeye and Big Rascals (12) Breakfast Time (13) Breakfast With Ranger Mike 7:45 (10) Romper Room 8:00 (12) News 8:15 (10-12) Captain Kangaroo 9:00 (2) Cartoon Time (3) All Star Theatre (6) Home Fare (10) Morning Show (12) Treasure House (13) Ding Dong School 9:15 (12) Cartoon Time 9:30 (2) Good Living (3) Ladies' Day (6) TV Schooltime (12) Edge of Night (13) Morning Showcase 9:55 (2) Message for (he Day 10:00 (2-3-6) Dough Re Mi (12) Search For Tomorrow 10:15 (12) The Guiding Light 10:30 (2-3-0) Play Your Hunch (10) On The Go (12) I Married Joan; Elec trie Kitchen Party (T) 11:00 (2-3-6) The Price Is Right (10-12) I Love Lucy (13) Medic 11:30 (2-3-6) Concentration (10-12) December Bride (13) Life of Riley Saturday TELEVISION 6:30 (12) University ot the Air 7:30 (3) Western Theatre 7:50 (13) Ncwstime, Weather 7:53 (10) Inspiration 7:55 (2) News (10) News Weather 8:00 (2) The Bible Answers (10) Captain Kangaroo (13) Western Roundup 8:15 (2) Your Social Security 8:30 (2) The School Story (3) Popeye 3 Stooges (6) Funny Business 9:00 (2) Your Extension Service (10) Cartoon Carnival (12) Treasure House (13) Ding Dong School 9:30 (2) Senator Javitts (12) Cartoon Time (13) Cartoon Corner 9:45 (2) Cartoon Capers ' (12) Lew Field's Show 10:00(2-3) Howdy Doody (Color) (6-12) Fury (10) Heckley Jeckle 10:30 (2-3-6) Rutt Reddy (10) Mighty Mouse (12) Cartoon Time (13) Adventure Theatre 11:00 (2-3) Fury (6) Kartoon Kapers (10) I 1 Love Lucy (12) Quick Draw McGraw 11:30 (2-3-6) Circus Boy (10) The Lone Ranger (12) Sky King 12:00 (2) The Three Stooges (3) Film Festival (6) Science Fiction Theater (10) Sky King (12) Agr. Extension Service (13) Lunch with Soupy Sales 12:30 (2) Detective's Diary (6) Farm Spotlight (10) What's the Big Idea (13) Restless Gun 12:45 (6) Americans at Work 1:00 (2) Watch Mr. Wizard (6-12) Championship Bowling (10) Tax Tips (6-12) Championship Bowling (13) Great Decisions 1:15 (10) Ask Ken Keating 1:30 (2) Wrestling from Bufralo (10) Popeye and 3 Stooges (13) TV Hour oC Stars 1:45 (3) Pro Wrestling 2:00 (6~) Air Force Digest (10) Pro Hockey -- Boston Bruins vs. Chicago Black Hawks (12) Theatre Time 2:15 (3) Film Festival (0) NBA Professional Basketball Game - New York Knickerbockers vs. Syracuse Nationals 2:30 (2) Freedom (12) Sports Spectacular (13) Saturday Movie Matinee 4:00 (2) Afternoon Theatre (12) Championship Bridge (13) Command Performance 4:30 (2-3-6) Racing from Hialcah Color- horse racing "Flamingo Stakes" $300,000 added (10) Your Dental Health (12) Broken Arrow (13) Damon Runyon Theater 5:00 (2-13) All Star Golf Tournament - Dow Finsterwald .vs. Sam Snead, at New Orleans Country Club, La. (3) High Road 16) World Wide 60 (10) Early Show -- "Salute to the Marines" (12) George Gobel 5:30 (3) Saturday Cinema (12) Dobie Gillis 6:00 (2) Citadel (6) Public Affairs (12) Lawrence Welk Show .(13) Jeff's Collie 6:30 (6) Sportscripts (10) Roy Rogers (13) Keep Talking 6:45 (6) News Weather 7:00 (6) Shotgun Sladc (10) People Are Funny (12) TV Bandstand (13) Gale Storm Slww 7:30 (3-6) Bonanza (Color) --starring Lome Greene, Perncll Roberts, Dan Blocker and Michael Landon in 'The Stranger." (10) Perry Mason -- stars Raymond Burr in "The Case of 'the Mythical Monkeys." (12-13) T h e Dick C l a r k Show Guests: The Skyliners; Janice Harper; Marv Johnson; Paul Evans; The Little Dippers. 8:00 (2) The Millionaire (12) Sea Hunt (13) John Cumber's H i g h Road -- "Canadian Profile." Tliis giant nation, which is Programs iii a period transition, showi how the young people of Can ada are responding to in dustrialiralion and automa tion. 8:30 (2) Danny Thomas Slww (3-6) Tim Man and the Dial lenge. (10-12) Wanted Dead or Alive (13) Leave It To Beaver 9:00 (2) Ann Solhern Show (3-6) The Deputy (10-12) Mr. Lucky (13) Lawrence Wclk's Dane ing Party 9:30 (2) Donna Reed Show (3) Blng Crosby Show (G) Truckdown (10) Have Gun, Will Travc (12) Saturday Tins-lire 10:00 (2) Pat Boonc Show (61 M-Squad (10-12) Gunsmoke -- Mat Dillon and Chester set ou to capture a bandit and his teen-age children after t rob a train and, while escap ing, slay the baggage clerk (13) Jubilee, U.S.A. 10:30 (2) Man From Intorpol (3) Johnny Midnight (6) Mike Hammer (10) Stale Trooper (12) Have Gun. Will Trave (13) Tuke a Good Look 11:00 (2) World News (3) Lawrence Welk Show (6) News Weather Flna (10-12) News, Sports Wea ther · (13) Starlight Showcase 11:15 (2) Movietimo (6) Cinema Six (10) Late Show 11:20 (12) World's Best Movies 12:00 (3) Ernie Kovaks Show 12:30 (3) Hollywood Sliowcase 12:50(13) News * Weather 2:00 (3) News. Weather (6) Headlines Ten sculptured heads, one and-a-half feet high, arc on the facade of the new Cornell Uni versiiy library. Eight of the heads are unidentified and some people say they arc- former Cornell professors. Others con tend the stone masons sculp tured their own heads us a prac tical joke. Phone Your Classified Ads To GE2-1000 Photos appearing in Hi* Star (Indicated u · Star Statt Photo) may bo ordered at $1.50 per print Please place your order within three dajrt from date ol publication to Insure deliver)'. We would appreciate cash with your requests ai all prints are made to order only. The above prices do not Include prints lor commercial purposes. W. L. TAYLOK * SON DEALERS IN SPENCER OIL FIRED BOILEKS Ted Mack To Return March 7 "Ted Mack The Original Amateur Hour," the mo»t renowned talent show in the country, returns to television Monday, March 7, 10:30-11 p.m., on the ABC Television Network, It w»s announced yesterday by William P. Mullen, ABC-TV vice president in charge of netwwk sales. Originated by the late Major Edward Bowcn, with whom Ted Mack was closely associated, "The Original Amateur Hour" has given opportunity and encouragement to performers at ft time when it was most important In their liven. * · · AMONG TIIOSB entertainers are ABC-TVs 1-Yank Sinatra, Pat Boone and Paul Winchell. Other popular entertainers encouraged by appearances on "The Original. Amateur Hour" include Connie Frmiels, Keefe Brasselle, J a c k Carter, Georgia Gibbs, Teresa Brewer, Art Lund and M i m i Benzrtl. "The Original Amateur Hour," whicji began its broadcasting career on radio in 1934, was first televised Jan. 18, 1W8. During the program's long history, over two million people, comprising 800,000 individual acts, have been auditioned for possible appearances on "Tin; Original Amateur Hour." Ttw program uornuilly includes eisht talented nets out ot which viewers across Use country pick their favorites and mail in their winning choices. Winners reappear oil tho program. Three - time winners qualify to ap|K-ar in the Annual National Talent Ch

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