The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1952
Page 3
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fthelton. Society Edjtor • New* UTTBrrrLLJB (ART.) COURIER NEWS Phone 1461 Pine Bluff Man Will Conduct Band Clinic Here •- m. B. Wa**», Pin« Bluff Hl* School band director, will eonduc ttu Blyttevill* High school Ban Clinic her* Friday and Saturda it wu announced last night it ih monthly meeting or the Ban AjXottun at th« hl(h ichool. •^ Robert Lipseomb, band director •onouaeed plana for the session, Mr§. coady Eaton, president, pre aided over the business *e»slon ant Mra. H, K. Bwearengen, Sr., pre •ented a acrap book of bind activl tlei. Mr». Baton said dues,of Bant Mother member* are «tlll being ae eepted for the current school year. It was announced that a concer will be given by all band students for the Band Mothers at a Peb 11 meeting at the high school. Two Guests Attend Session Of First Baptist YWA . Two guesU Itst night met with eight members of the First Bap ,U»t Young Women's Association who Convened a,t the home of Miss Maxine Overman for the week]' ' 'aeaalon. ; Prayer by Mn. Boy Head preced ed the evening's devotional given by Miss Lounell Overman. • ' Miss June Buchanan directed thi ;proeram In which several member: .participated. Followta j the adjourning praye: Miss Jiiantta Overman the host •ss served refreshments. Msr. Henry Berry Hostess To Gilvary Baptist Group . Mrs. Henry Berry last night was hOBteis at her home to seven members of Calvary Baptist Young Women's Association. Prayer by Berna Fondien preceded the business session In which .Mrs. Berry reported on the Women'! 'Missionary Union meeting concern •Ing the YWA. Following the program, "Stewardship," Miss Lucinda Cole presented » devotional and a. story was told by MLw Jean Norman. Prayer by Mrs. C. 6. Birmingham preceded the social hour. since last November. But the chances are she has paid little or 10 attention to the actual details of the income tax laws, and hasn't bothered to check up on legitimate ways and means of saving on her tax budget, u well as her food budget. The authority lor the statement about food and taxes is Paul s. Willis, president of Grocery Manufacturers of America, inc., who ild in a recent speech that in 1950 the per capita tax bill was »376, while the per capita food bill "•as (346. He estimated that the >x bill would exceed $450 per person In 1951. This does not mean that- the man vith less than $2,000 annual Income >pends more for taxes than for food, but the man with an income of $3,000 probably does. His Income bill alone might be about $2,000, while his food bill, if he has a ihriity wife, should be considerably less. Add to this figure the sales taxes, amusement taxes, luxury :axes, gasoline taxes, license lees. ~eal estate taxes, school taxes and nidden taxes on practicaUy every ,t*m he buys, and you begin to get in idea of the total tax bill of middle-bracket income. Willis estimates that even before the 1951 tax increase a family with in income of S3.500 was spending me fourth of it for taxes, direct md hidden. He asserts that on jroceries alone. $1 out of every $6 goes for hidden taxes. Most people who make out their iwn income lax returns pay more han necessary, says Miriam Eolis. a tax expert who is a partner in he accounting firm of L. Eolis, Sew York, and a member of the federal Tax Committee of the N.Y. State Society of Certified Public Accountants. Miss Eolis, whose firm speclal- Newest In Two Piecers By Sue Burnett A beautifully tailored two piece frock created to Hatter the slightly larger figure. And it's a style to wetr everywhere, with short or three quarter sleeves, whichever you prefer. For this pattern, send 30c m COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUM- BEK to Sue Burnett, Courier News, 372 W. Qulncy street, Chicago 6 Dl. Pattern No. 8633 is' a , sew-rlie perforated pattern in.sizes 36. 33. 40, 42, 44, 46, 48. 50, 52. Size 38, short sleeves, 4.54 yards of 39-Inch. Imprint Stationery 100 Single Sheets or 50 Double with 50 Envelopes $1.00 50 Personalized Napkin* $100 40 Imported Dinner Napkin* $1.00 Greeting Cards for All Occasions .... 85c to J1.25 Novelty Gifts for Bridge or Canasta Prizes. Children's Birthday and Get Well Assortment loneBahn 524 No. 15th. Phone 3648 AmericansAreNowSpendLngMort Money for Taxes Than for Food By DOROTHY ROE Awoclatcd first Women's Editor Now that Americans are reported to spe/id more (or taxes than for food, <t would be a good Idea for the lady of the house to take a quick brush-up course on this important subject. The average U. 8. housewife has oted, no doubt, her husband's shrinking pay check, and perhaps , complained, about the bigger uncle Sam has been takin izes In tax matters, says the average tax payer is not aware of the regular deductions permitted under Income tax regulations, she says: "You can help yourself or your husband by keeping a record of all household and personal expenses that may be deductible. Many women keep a tax notebook, and moke dally entries to be sure every possible item i» recorded and not forgotten. Major Expenses LUled "Some of the major expenses to remember are: sales taxes but not federal excise taxes, real estate taxes, contributions, auto registration and driver's licensee lees dog licenses, state gasoline tax, interest paid on loans, mortgages and Installment purchases if specified in purchase contract, losses not covered by Insurance, such as burglary or storm damage to the home." Miss Eolis points out that, it's smart to keep track of medical expenses, too, since all .such expenses over 5 per cent of your adjusted gross income are deductible up to a point. These include doctor and dentist bills; medical and dental supplies, Including toothpaste; premiums on health, accident and hospltaltiatlon Insurance policies; eye glasses, false teeth and asprin. 300 Women Members There are 300 women members of the American Institute of Accountants, the national professional society of CPAs—and you can bet they don't overpay their taxes. This group points out some other pertinent facts: If you get married even on the last day of the year, you can file a joint tax return for the whole year. If you have a baby on Dec. 31, you can still list him as a deduction from the year's income. If you win damages In court for breach of promise, personal injuries or slander, the money you receive Is not taxable H nrt need not be reported in your income tax form. So, whether you're an average working girl or a housewife, it will pay you in dollars and cents to learn your tax primer, and keep a close watch on the tax situation this year. Circles Have Joint Sessions In Harold Medlin Home Circles One and Two of Lake Street Methodist Womens Society of t Christian Service last'night met in the home of Mrs. Harold Medlin for the monthly program. Mrs. Jim Davis was co-hostess to the 17 members attending and Mrs. Billy King. WSCS president directed the program, "A New Song." Mrs, j. w. Woolums gave the opening prayer and following the officer's report, Mrs King presented :he program which was followed by :he reading of the poem, "We Three ings of the Orient." Mrs. Davis, Mrs. George Shanks and Mrs. Joe Strickland spoke on !he gifts of the Lord followed by she spiritual life mediation. "How Our Gifts Multiply" by Mrs aeor"e "tllwell Group singing preceded the repeating of the Lord's Prayer, which closed the meeting. The hostesses served a sandwich plate. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Mrs. McGuire Is Hostess To Yarbro Church WSCS Mrs. Gene McGuire last night •,was hostess at her Yarljrq home to members of the Women's Society ol Christian Sen-ice or the Methodist Church. Group singing followed by prayer by Mrs. McOuire preceded scrip, tui-e reading by Mrs. Paul Abbott. "What Bring We to Our Savior' was the program directed, by Mrs. Johnny Johnson in which Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. Glen Bunch and Mrs Nita Bunch participated: . Jo Alice McGuire reported on the Methodist Young Folks and the program session, was adjourned, by Mrs. Bailey Tarpley, who recited the Lord's Prayer. The group planned a praye. meeting for Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m., in preparation for the Evangelistic Services which held Jan. 20 at the church. Guests lor me meeting were Mrs Orville McGuire of Louisville, Ky. Mrs. E. s. Krutz and Mrs. Raymond Shippen. A social hour followed. &n Afford All fhe Vfaute Ever Wbnfed in a Yon don't (MT» to drire soar oM car mother BiDe-and you SlalimM^H 0 " ?"* " " d driVe lhe bi «' tconomi «' N»h wonvSS b ^l 0 " *"*' P ro P° sl ' lion - Here's a deal you won t match anywhere-on the most modem car in the world -the new Nash Statesman Airflyte. Come in. See how we can give vou a bierer better car fn» hundreds of dollan, less thfr, ar,y other^'tSto w«h it Hear our wonderful offer. Let us show you h we make ,t for you to own . new Nash Stales™,, J - ' SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 117 East Main TV fun: Watch p< Blythevtllt, Aria mon TV Tgen Club , . A»C Ne Calvary BaptUt Woman Have Circle Meeting* Women 6f Calvary Baptist Church y«t*rday met In home* about the city (or Btbl* ttudie* and business uuloru. Mn. w. E. Rhoftdes wu hocu for a Joint se&alon of Circles One and Two. Mra. Dcrrell Lunsford conducted the Bible study for th« 13 members and two »uesl», ttn. Grace Cochran and Mn. Bob Stov»ll. Mrs. Henry McCann presided over the busineae diseualonj and Mrs Stovall adjourned the meeting with prayer. . . Eight members of Circle Five met with Mrs. Meirvin O11I1*. Mrs. Jack Vowel) conducted the brief business discussions and the circle program was directed by Mrs. Bill Harden Mrs. R. V. Gean gave the devotional and the program participants were Mrs. Vowell, Mrs. Mike Rlchey. Mrs Gil! and Mrs. Harden. Mrs. Harden led in the adjourning prayer. Mrs. Mark Anderson and Mrs. Fay Homer met as new members with Circle Six when Mrs. Tom Smallcy was at her home to the group. Prayer and a devotional by Mrs, We«t opened the meeting and talcing part in the program discussions were Mrs. Carra Prultt, Mrs. Smalley and Mrs. Charles LlpJord Mrs. Boyd K. Tittle had the adjourning prayer. Following e«eh adjournment the hostess served refreshments. 6-Month Themes Told At Joint Meeting in Home Worship and program themes for the next six months were Introduced and begun yesterday at the joint meetings of the Faith and Hope Groups of the Christian Womens Fellowship of the First Christian Church at the Hussell Hays home. Mrs. John Durham was co-hostess to the 20 group members attending. A new member of the Faith group and Mrs. Rupert Crafton, OWF president also attended the session,'which opened with prayer by Mrs. R. M. Beck. Mrs. Luther Gray was In charge •if the worship service and Introduced the. new theme, "Ready Like Peter and Paul." she presented the first service which was from the bnok of Acts. Mrs. John McHaney, program leader gave the new study topic. "Latin America" and Mrs. J. C. Ellis presented the Initial chapter to the study book. "We Americans of North and south America." Following the missionary benediction, the hostesses served refreshments. At the Hospitals RoeplUI Dismissed: Mrs. Paul Lloyd and baby. City Mrs. B. E. Busby, City Mrs. Tom Xenps, City Mrs. L. T. Hlls. City Walla Hcxpitit Dismissed: Gary Rudlsell, Osceola Circl* 7 Hear. Program, Plans Jan. 22 Luncheon The program, "I Believe In Belonging" wa* presented for the 12 members and guest of Circle Seven ol the Womens Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church, who last night met In the home of Mrs. Hlldred Bunch. Mrs. William Wyatl, WSCS president wfls the only guest for the session, which opened with silent prayer. Mrs. Blan Heath, circle chairman conducted the meeting and also presented 'the evening's program. Mrs. Bunch read the poem, "What Are the Gifts of the New Year" and Mrs. w. H. O'Keele and Mrs. Ovlie Parker assisted Mrs. Heath in presenting the program. The program portion closed with repeating of the Lord's Prayer and In the business discussions following Ihe Circle agreed to serve H luncheon lor the Evangelistic Workers, who will meet at Ihe church Jan. 22, Mrs. Ralph Brownlee was co-hostess for the occasion and the hostesses served refreshments In the social hour. Women Have Circle Sessions in Home, Church Circles o, the women or the pirst Presbyterian Church yesterday and last night met in homes and at the church for program sessions. Mrs. Harvey T. Kldd was hostess to 18 members and one guest of Circle One for the program session which was led by Mrs. Roy Walton. Twelve members and one guest of Circle Two met with Mrs. C. M Gray, with Mrs. H. C. Holder as co- hostess. Following a devotional by Mrs, Gray. Mrs. George Poweil presented the afternoon's program. Mrs. Jesse M. White presented the afternoon's devotional for the 16 members of Circle Three, who met with Mrs. Byron Morse. Mrs. Eddie Saliba entertained 16 members of Circle Four. The devotional was given by Mrs. George Dlllahunty, Jr., and the program by Mrs. Bill Walker. Meeting last night at the church. 13 members and two guests of Circle Five were entertained by Miss patty June Davis and Mrs. Beatrice Lovelace. Mrs. C. M. Gray gave the devotional and the program \VQS under the direction, of Miss Mary outlaw. Lake Street Church Circle Meets for Studv-Pvocram Circle Two of Lake Street .Methodist Women's Society ol Christian Service yesterday met at the church for a Bible study and program meet- Ing, Mrs. Iverson Morris directed the study which .concerned the lite of the Apostle Paul and was followed by reading the scripture by Mrs. L. T. Wood. Mrs, j. w. Maloney closed the program with a Bible reading and in the business discussions following, Miss Etta Morgan was elected Circle secretary. TUESDAY, JANUARY II, OSCEOLA NEWS By Betty* Ntllc Starr In West Memphis yesterday afternoon lor tlie funeral services for Lt. Milton Lynn Anderson, former BlythevUle resident, were Mr. and Mrs. Chester Burhham and sons, Wayne and Billy, Mr. and Mr«. Lowell Burnham and children, and Mr. and Mrs. Pet* Burnham and daughter. Pvt. Billy L. Glass returned to Fort Bemilng. Ga., yesterday alter having been the overnight guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Glass. Wallace Benjamin Hobson, Jr.. is the name which has been chosen by Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hobson for their Ilrst chiltt, a son born this morning at Walls Hospital, Mrs. Hobson I* the former Miss Ella Lou Cutn- mings o! Conway. Mr. Hobson Is agricultural teacher at Burdette. School. C. A. Tant Is reported it Improving at Memphis Baptist Hospital where he is a patient. Mr. and Mrs. Orville McGuire b! Louisville, Kj'., are the homeguest ol Mr. and Mrs. Gene McGuire. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Simmons of .Voith Little. Rock announce the birth ol a daughter last night at St. Vincent's Hcspltal. She has not been named. Mrs. Simmons is the former Miss Peggy Freeman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Freeman ol Blythevllle. Miss George Ann Stilwell ol Memphis was the weekend guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. George Stilwell. She was accompanied by Miss fetty Willyard, former Blytheville resident, who visited In Manila. R. O. Coleman is reported In an Improved condition at Blythevllle Hospital n-here he Is undergoing treatment lor Injuries received recently in an automobile accident. Mr. and Mrs. Pnul Moyd announce the birth of their second son Jan. 9 at Walls Hospital. He has been named John Phillips. The other son is James Barlow. Condition of Herman Cross, who is a patient at Walts Hospital, Is reported as remaining critical. Study Course Topic Told; Mrs. H. Whitsitt, Leader "All You Can Do Is Counsel" will be the topic 'of discussion lor the Joint study course meeting of the junior high and senior high school Parent. Teachers Associations, Thursday night. .. ' < Meeting In tile high school Home Economics Cottage at 1:30 pm.; Mrs. Hugh Whitsitt will be study leader. Hallowe'en, although an ancient Christian festival, long antedates Christianity and Is largely of a Druldical character. IMd Slumber Party Mary and Martha Dlllard celebrated their 14th birthdays with a slumber party Friday at their country home. The evening was spent In play- Ing canasta and bingo and Saturday the honorees were entertained with a dinner party by their aunt, Mrs. R. C. Bryan. Mn. Bryan Hosteu Mrs. R. C. Bryan entertained 12 guests Wednesday at her country home for a luncheon-canasta. The guests were seated at small tables which were centered with colorful potted plants. In the can&sta games. Mrs. Harry Driver and Mrs. S. D. carpenter won high score. Two out-of-town guests Mrs. Reba Davidson of Un- lontown, Ala.^ and Mrs. Joe Campbell of Spartanburg, S. C.. were .presented gilts by their hostess. Mr*. Uney Entertain* Mrs. David Laney was hostess to the Town and Country Cajiasla Club Thursday. Guests with the club were Mrs. o. E. Masscngill, Mrs. J. B. Strickllng, Mrs. Lloyd Godley, Sr., and Mrs. H. E. Phillips. The dining tnble was centered with an antique silver bowl filled with vivid red carnations. Similar bowls of the blooms were arranged about the entertaining room. In Ihe canasta game, Mrs. Tal Tongate and Mrs. Walter Driver won prizes. At the guest tabi* Mr*,' Strickllng took top honors Turkey Dinner Given Mr. and Mrs, Joe Cromer enter, tallied with a turkey dinner at their home Thursday night. An arrangement of early -•nrlh« datiodlls and dutch Iris In a silrer bowl topped the table. -- Spring blooms were used throughout the home. In the canasta game following supper, Mrs. Reba Davidson won high ecorc. Several out-of-town guesU alsa attended the event. • Personals Mr. .and Mrs. W. J. .Driver anij family left Friday lor Lexington. Va., to make their home. Mrs. Spencer Gibson is spendln* several weeks with her sister Mrl Mary Martin ol Melwood. Mrs. Madeline Campbell.attended an all day meeting of the Amert. can R«d Cross In Jonesboro, Friday, ; , R. C. Bryan, sieve Bowker A W Bowen and Frank Sanders attended a supper Thursday night In Forrest City for the men o! the Presbyterian Churchea In this dli- trlct. : . • Coming Events American Legion Auxiliary meets at the Hut at 8 pjn, Country club Duptlcate Bridge League plays nt 7:15. Wednesday Mrs J. J. Cookslon. Mrs. R. A. Copeland and Mrs. Raleigh Sylvester hostesses at the Masonic Temple at T:30 p.m. to Past Matrons and Patrons. Mrs. A. B. Reese hostess to Town and -Country Club. Club Eight meets with Mrs. Jesse M. White. . ' Thursday Mrs. Coleman Stevens entertaining La Nueve at Country Club. •'.' Mississippi County Home Economists, have 7 p.m. supper meeting at Ramrback. Promised Land WSCS has T p.m. meeting with Mrs. Maxihe Moore. Duplicate Bridge League plays at Hotel Noble at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Bill Lambert hosles* to TLE Club. Mid-week Club meets with Mrs. M. O. Usrey. Mrs. Joseph W. McHaney hostess to GEO Club. Friday Joint l.p.m. luncheon meeting of PEG Chapters "N" and "D". Mrs. Rcba Perkins hostess to stitch and Chatter Club. You/11 Find Many New Values in Zellner's FINAL CLEARANCE Hundreds of B«w ihoes have been added to our January Clearance—even fine feathers in all the colors you like—red, green, black, beige, blue. Dress and casual shoes... Orchids, Old Maine Trotters, West port, Air- Step. . .many reduced e?en more than half- price! Whether you want to buy a 110.98 shoe for S5.49 or a $3.98 shoe for $1.99...the place is Zellner'a in BIytheville. Hurry I SPECIAL GROUP OF DRESS SHOES REGULAR $11.98 Hurry Down Tomorrow To Lovely Sheer 60 Ga. 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