The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1952
Page 2
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FAOE BLTOtEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HAL KYLE'S COLUMN MadatYourHusband? Don't Go Home to Mother—Lose A Few Pounds from Hips By ED CREAGH (For Hal Boyle) WASHINGTON (fl'j—Mad at your wife—or husband? Thinking of going home to mother—or father? Convinced, after giving It a fair trlnl. that you plucked a persimmon In the garden of love? Wait, friend. There's hope for you yet. An easy-as-pie new formula, Just published in "This Week" magazine, tolls how you can put the magic back Into your marriage —If you live. The secret: lose weight. Not just a few pounds from around the hips. Lots of weight. Skinny People Are Happier This Is the conclusion to be drawn from a survey called "Predicting success or failure in marriage," by E. w. Burg&ss and L. S. Cottrell, Jr. They make no bones about It. Skinny, bcny people have happier marriages than their better-padded neighbors. But it doesn't work out that wny among the people in our neighborhood. It may be a coincidence but the only couple within three blccks who regularly slug It out at the drop of sn Insult nre thin, pate people who—in the opinion of their friend; —would get along much better If they had a little beef on their bones. Most-Conlenltd Couple Aud the niost contented couple, an the other hand, are a man with a Charles Laugliton figure and a woman with the approximate glrtli of a beach cabana. They hold hands In public, after 15 years of marriage, and they don't cnrc who sees them. The wife In this case started worrying about li«r weight, a feiv yens buck, and went on_a diet. Ate nothing but bananas and steak, or some nonsense. She lost weight, all riglit. Dut she also lost her good disposition. Salt Shaker Thrown One night, watching tier husonnd lie Into the potatoes and Rravy, she threw a salt shaker at him He was so outraged at that, lor the first time In his life, he wt'nt out and got loaded. When he came home, she wouldn't let him In. He went to a hotel, phoned a lawyer and it looked like the end cf their romance. But his wife ate a couple of cream puffs, to soothe hur nerves, and felt so much better that she went downtown and apo!ogi/pj lo her husband. They went en a second honeymoon and there hasn't been a cross word between thorn since. She weighs In at 187 todny. a gain of nine pounds since Clirlst- inas. U.S. Carrier Planes Can A-Bomb 'Any Place', Admiral Declares WASHINGTON (!P\ — United States !f»vy aircraft can fake off from « 'carrier any place in the world, drop an atomic bomb 710 miles away and return, Vice Admiral John H. Cassady said yesterday. The deputy chief of Naval oper- •tlons for air made the statement in a copyrighted Interview in U. S. News <fe World Report, a weekly news magazine. Oassady «aid the Navy' has 12 big carriers^ 10 operating while two undergo repairs. Three are kept in Korean waters, he said, and "if the world situation worsens w« very definitely should build up Naval - air power/' Navy planes, with heavy Jet- ftghfcer escort, can deliver an atomic bomb — or a 10,000-pound load — up to 110 miles .out and 170 miles back,' Casaady said, adding: "If you take a 'map of Europe and'- /subscribe 770-mile circles from " possible carrier operating area«, you can draw TOUT- o*Hfc"<WB-i, elusion, u to Naval ~ «r' ' Ajj*. ' Toft Is Leading, Stassen States NEW YORK MV-Harold E. Stassen said last night that Sen. Robert A. Taft H-ohlo is "clearly out In front" In the rnce for the nepubllcan presidential nomination. Slassen. president of the University of Pennsylvania, told CBS tele- . Casaady «ald the Navy* has'' Tour Jet fighters, flying and 1n produc- JANUARY 19 COMElrJ/ SE£ THE COLORFLH. NEW 1952 CHEVROLET ^^^^^^^^•^Miv*tK^^H^Bmi^Hi^B Sullivan-Nelson CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut Blylheville lion, that pertorm better than the Russian MIG-15. But he added that Navy, Air Force and Marine Jpts do not yet hnve superiority because they are outnumbered. Communists hnve between 700 and 800 MIQ-15's In Korea. Cns- sady said, but they nre snorf.-range- ed and can stay aloft only lor short periods. 19 Coal Diggers Die in Gas Blast Canada Suffers Wor«t Mining Blow In Past 11 Years STELLARTON, N. 6, I/ft— Canada's worst mining disaster In 11 years killed ID coa! diggers yesterday In a gns explosion they feared and were working to prevent. Every man to the blast area In Hie McGregor mine here was killed. Their burned, broken bodies were brought out of the pit last night nd early today. Three others, working farther from the blast, were brought out alive. Coal Blown from Hoof Many tons of cold were blown from the mine rool by the explosion, hampering rescue effort/;. But mine officials Indicated even Immediate arrival of rescuers would have been futile, saying there was cvl- tlence all the men were killed Instantly. The blRst occurred at the "very bottom of the mine, about 114 ratios down the slope" Irom the pllhcnd, a mine offM-| snlrl. Many Hid Lefl Mirny cf tl;e miners had been pulled out before the explosion. Fire warnings already had been put Into effect., M'ners reported the odor of gas yesterday morning and about 100 men were put to work erecting hardwood and concrete barriers. Purple Heart Gl Who Ate Candy Of Gen. Ridgway Has New Bride 72 Killed in Plane Crash YOKOHAMA M'j—The U.S. Navy ;ald today 12 crewmen were killed n the crasli of a four-eiigincd Navy patrol bomber near Atsugl Air Base '.ast night. Read Courier News classified Ads vision Interviewers that Taft is the chief opponent in his own bid for the nomination. Taft. he said, "has acquired considerable commitments." «***- • ut thl* •cl*nflflc way •toy avoid shewing monthly All th« m«.k*-up la tbowoc Id cui'l Ui> ram look out of jour ev w Mcb raonll w^toja^^i^Ti.&v.-i™™-™ 4B4 iw *l(tn«. It'i CATdul, • iMird mullein* itiM **ip* bul!4 jtcenclb mil r*.!Binr:<e <<iMi notiih — *•. »fuc * lime, sniny women l«l ao moTUDlj Vkrnp* *t «1I. AIM htlpi telai )llt«r rjtrvr*— Aik TOUT driitr tor Carlni, (Bar: "(4>t-v<ru-tyt")\ rVB.1| -1 at III"'"TWIT C««M« L*T-1 ti 'I'M I ciaxcc or un TOWYO (/P| — Pfc. Llnwood E. Smith, Purple Heart veteran of Korea whose sweet tooth cost him his corporal's stripes. Good Conduct nibbon and honor guard post at Gen. Ridgway's headquarters, has a bride to console him. But not for long. Smith said the Army first denied and then granted him permU-slon to marry Jean Marck of Baltimore, a clerk In Its special cervices division. They were wed Friday In a civil rite at the U. S. consulate and a religious ceremony the next day. Smith, of FredcridKljurg. Va., said he expected to be sent to the Unllcd States In a day or two for reassignment, Jean has' to stick to her Job until August, or reimburse the Army for her fare to Tokyo and pay her own way home. Smith's troubles began Jan. 3 when he dipped into a candy box In the supreme Allied commander's ofllce. He said he sampled four honey He said he sampled four honey serving a term [or intent to mur nougats and one mini and took,adcr In San Francisco, as the killers. few more pieces for his pabj. SmJth owned up. Jle was «horn' of hi* several per en til sites, Including the $13 a month extra pay tha,. went with the corporal's rating, Two San Quentin Guards Slain With Scissors SAN QUENTIN. Calif, VP> — Two San Quentin Inmates, using a 12- Inch scissor s blade, killed two guards last night. Two other guards and one of the convicts suffered knife wounds. Guard Charles D. Wiget, 31, was waylaid in the prison library and stabbed lo death. Guard Vern A. Afnckln, 38, K'ns killed In a prison movie projection room. Richard M, Sims Jr, Marln County district atlorney, named Eugene Burwcll, Las Angeles robber and James Alonzo Rogers, term for intent to mur- OPENS COLD-STUFFED BREATHING PASSAGES k '? 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