The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT First Track Drills Held by Godwin 25 Candidates Report; Invitational Meet Planned Next Month First 'Track drills got underway al Bh/lhevillc High School yesterday allomoon with ;5 canrtlciale.3 ic- porling to Coach Bill Godwin Cor initial gaining. Drills.'were restricted to a feu' w»:m lip- runs clue to wet grounds. CC.1C1) Godwin 'put Ws prospective team through a few short dashes and fieh} trials, to get ji look at Uie lirospecls. The .jteam, which is compose:! largely i>f members of the football iintj basketball squads, will be Ihe fliTt (rack leam to come out of Bljlhevillc High School since ilMO, Co.ich godw'in said. CoachV'Godwin said that so far h; hid' no nieels Jined up bin Is hoping'.to have an invitational mrcl around the middle of next. mqitth.'Vcowi>ctitlon will lie scarce as vprjg'./icvv high schools In tlic state wijl sponsor irack sqn-ids this year, .ity added. Baseball practice is expected lo opcji \v3lhm a feiv days as soon as lha wcfllher clears a mile, Coach Godwin^ Mdcd. Joe Whitley. man- •SPjfofiJlie American Legion Jmiinr t«nin will be on hand to aid Couch Godwin/,|n the selection of hlsbase- bs'l'so.uad and at the same lime lock over some prospects lor his < icjm tills summer. A league has been formed for a baseball" loop ror high schools within the county. Thus rar only six tia-.ns have entered Ijtit more are expected to seek entry into itifi loop waeji practice commences. The teams already entered in the loop are, Blylhevllle, Oscenla, Dell. Gosncll. Manila and Armorel. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) UOURIER NEWS Under An Umbrella North Texas State Collet's Ka B le gridslcis have been •<„„ ,„,, bench" for Ihcir first two weeks of the so-called spiinc trainin B pmo-t wn siicw. .sleet and rain as their lowliest f,,,. U ,,t to rlfWr 7»e' A bby Richard Null, and Zckc Martin, new members of tho squad m uime , an umbrella „,„. droam of ., pretty day. <NEA Telcpholo> Meroney Declares 'No Contest' In Rough Meeting of Wrestlers In a surprise wind-up, the tai: match last niulit at the Lcelon Are»i. was declared by rtcfercc Mike Meroney "no contest" when Charlie Keenc threw Joe Welch out O [ tin; il»S and followed hltn oul lo body slam him on the wood eat-walK around Hie ringside. I Ten minutes of [he second fall l)a<i elapsed when Kccrfe. trnn-- feircd hl.s wrestling to the ringside | and while .Jon v/as being Illtei 0 ' .. - . ever, had overtones of scientific yrappllin; as Joe displayed tricky work, especially on defense, Joe took the advantage as he climbed Krone's frame for 'A piggy-back belore turning it HiO, an u|i 15 minutes. Men's Softball Managers, and Sponsors to Meet A nieelin-r of managers nnd sjion- so-'s of the men's softball league will be held at tlic Y tomorrow niglu al 8:00, j. p. oaiTolt. sccre- the Blylhevillc Y annonnc- TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 10-17 onlo the mat, brother Roy turned 111 / . f • , | on Kcene 1111,1 Stocky Knellsen in I W l"f*^T I IT if* " rase and all but oMIteralmi iiipi.i V-.J1. I H.I'C From Wildcats Airfield Hurler Here "Rescues" Ace for Cardinals Lefty Mel Parneli, former Blylhi!- Tillc Army 'Air Field iiitchtng" sensation and how a member of the Boston'Red Sox pitchW staff, came to the rescue of tenminnfc David "Boo" Ferris in an exhibition game with lhc World Champion St. Louis Spring Weather Causes Anglers To Turn Out in Large Numbers nising lempenui.rc.s and Spring, rains set in, ^ealher over lhc week-end drove' ready for Ihe Blylheville fishermen lo their f«- vonte flslitng spols In swarms but nun and fulling Icmperiitmc Sunday drove most of them back home before any real decrease In the fish population occurred. Joe Whltlcy. gmnc warden for Mississippi County, reported that Saturday saw a large crowd of anglers congregate at Mississippi Coui-- ly's fishermen favorite relreul. Bl» Lfikc. ° Water in the lake is just right Mr. Whitley said, and the crnpn-c' are biting good. Several anglers reported the limit of crappic in Ihclr Saturday's calch. Bass season, which closed March lo. will open again on May Ifi utid by that lime, unless Lake should !,„ cHml wlu"'^ i* liniitl lo welcome the slippery bass back from spawning season One of the largest bass taken this year was reported from Hrown'i Lake, of nenr Olwcll. Ark. Iiu»h fnggs, Memphis angler, reported! landing n 9 pound, u>t. ounce beauty from the old rice lake a lit-' lie more than a week ago. Dcsides the big one, Mr. Hughes and Ins party reported taking six other bass thai totaled '27", pounds. The Mississippi River rose beyond 17 feet on the Memphis gauee Monday, nnd will likely go a few inches higher. It was reported. However the.river is rallini; further up. but doesn't look as if any damage to the finny tribe In the river will be unseasonable done anyway near soon. Major League Baseball Clubs Show Form in Spring Games SAIiASOTA, Kin., March 25. 1UP1 —Tex Jiush.son ana Earl Johnson In St. PetersbuTe, Pla.. v/cre named lo pltci, for the Bos?,' i ln " R «l Sox today n °alnsl Die SI " relieved Ferris on th, j Urnls Cardinal second siring cofn- -i" 4V°, ''I th Uln "' B atler! bi " nUon of Kc " Burklmrt, Vnync n v. < acl Jllm " (!ti thc j Mac| a"" ""d Gerry stole, flash for four runs on The cards won c to 4 ovci hits In the bottom half Sox yesterday as many ol Ih'e - sevenlh. Pamell went on from there to set Ihe Champs rioivn in o.iw-two-threc fashion. St. Louis von the tilt, however, 8-5. Parneil pitched the Blytheville Army n Atr TMeld nine to a Soutli- cRsleni Plying Training Commune! championship in the summer of 1914 Bc'is n native of New Orleans Uic IAKELAND. Fin.—The Detroit Ijgers today gave indications of iiravliiR the end -of thciv spring UainliiB grind a.s Virgil Trucks bc- eame Iho first pitcher to go the ionic for the Bengnls dcfcallng Buffalo 0 lo 0. MOTORISTS! Get Hiding Comfort in ihe I-OS ANOELES, Cal.-The Chl- •:aKp Cubs prepared todny lo renew no r Spring series wllh ihcir city brcthcren, the while Son nftcr suricvnlg a hinnlliatlni; 5 ,„ 0 dc . '''"' b >' "'e San UICKO E'adres here yi!slerday. PASADENA. c~_Tne Chiea S o Willie Sox irippc,} (he Cleveland Indians, 14 10 10 ycslerdny, MIAMI. Pla.-Jcrry witle, one of •1-c bast long-ball hiUers in the American Associallon last yo.ii/. found major league pliclilug nn Ji;orc of a puzzle and apparently -iad cllncliccl a spot wilh Ihe c ; I.oillv Drnwn.s- tortay. lie lilt two homers off Rex Bnr- •'•ey o; the Brooklyn oc-'leers yesterday. but Brooklyn won Hie eamc- !n the lOlh. 5 to 4. W'llte has hit f"iir homers so far in exhibition MIAMI. pia.—Thc Pittsburgh Firalcs. siiortlnj; ; , lineup of !O:IB 'all hitters, meet the St. Louis! Browns today after 'clefcntlni; the DiiUiinorc Orioles of Uic Infcrnn- iionnl League yrsicrday, 5 to 1. Jix-Uctroil Tiger jimmy Bloixl- worlh homered , with the bases traded iii the ninth to break a 1 lo 1 tie. DAYTON •Super-Slrcugth wilh Eiisy-Chaii- Riding n Dialer Safely in y.our liVej licsinthcBtreiigilinflha cords under the tread. Aulocro/j give you 6-ply rating. This is achieved by Rnytex Forlificd Cords of a military truck type, far stronger than those used in ordinary rayon automobile lircs. You get a smooth, oasy-chair ride since only 4 plies of this Kuiier-slrength cord nre needed lopive Autocrats this C-ply slvcugtli. Sure, quick, slroighl- fine slops. Toe-acliou Iread with hundreds of CORP, hites through road turn for positive conlrol of your car. CLEARWATER, Ma.-The Cin- cinnnli Reds, who ciiasied on an ' early lead ye.slmtov to the | New York Yankees, 3 to 5, will sent: Elmer Riddle ngnliist Ihe ]-*~-- delphia Phillies loday. Riddle hasn't pitched since 1945. FORT LAUDKRDALE, fla.— Right Haiidcr Johnny Sain, wh> has pitched in consecutive scoreless Innings this Spring, today appeared an almost certain choice > nurl the Boston Braves opening game against the Brooklyn Dod- !rcr.s. The Athletics play the Braves lay after defeating 'ha raec and all but oWlteralcd them al the same lime. However, aided by n knee jimmied Into Welch'.', 'ack, Knellsen dropped an<| plniuJ itoy. In tile pnndcinnnium of the crowd's objections, Itctercc Mer- oncy slopped Ihe match and announced thai ••since their wrestling was so dirty. 1 am not eoliii: lo give Kcene and Kncilscn the pleasure 1 of uinnliig this match." • This decision was made : Uie match had Ijcen cai'llcr announced as a •"Miiner-lake-al: a(f:\lr. Immediately, the welchc- 1 ' bcijnn laying plans for a return contest and Referee and Promoter Meroney said thl.s- morning thai arrangements were being made for a second battle to be slaved between these learns two weeks henci', A;;rll 7. Set for Jlattle Koyal As far as the second fall went, it was shaping up into a battle rojiil Ji.s Uic Welches wen; steadily unwinding an offensive lo retaliate for their loss of the first fall. Tlie .second fall opened with a Blve- and-lakc .struggle between joe ami Stocky and the Welches were work- inn Into Ihe lead when Kcciu* cluirged In itnlaggcd and a free- for-nll resulted, it was (ollowlni; Illls four-nay tnnglc'~lh«i Kecne look after Joe In their rTngslde InsseJ. Throughout the first fall. too. It looked .is though the Welches were victory-bound and jusl before Ihe break came, were dusting the mal with both opponents. Roy slaged a one - man whirlwind atlnck against both Kcenc mid Knellsen and brother ,Ioe cnuglil Ihe spirit, and followed suit.' However, In the midst or pumme'.ing Knellsen. Joe was caught nn ; | eliminated when the Norwegian slipped In <i reverse crab hold. Knellsen and KCCI-.C converged on Roy and soon nomul up the fall. Both look turns v/orkint; Roy over with Kecnc getting in the final blow—a plck-em-up-nnd-liij- c f -down body slam. Fall time was 20 minutes. In a roughhouse opening prelim, Roy welch kept H slight lead 0:1 Kncilscn. thougii the Norwegian rMalinted frequently In slus'ests. Welch warped Kneilsen' in a crnb h'eld t.\ win In J5 minules. .-• Joe Welch and Keene mel in i\u- olhcr rough prelim which. \\Q\\Women Caqers Battle for 7947 Championship ST. JOSEPtf. !Uo.. March 25. <UPI —The defending champions and Lh^ only learn which bent them tins year led 14 other survivors into second round play today at the 19th annual women's national A.A.U. basketball tournament. Nashville. Tcnn.. Goldblnmes. 10I(> winner-, was scheduled to meet Ihe. Dallas. Tex.. Reserve Loan Life this afternoon. Atlanta. Ga., Sporls Arena, which defeated the Gold- blume.i earlier Ihis year, will tni'c'. Ihe Nashville, Tenn.. Generals to- lllBlll. Olher second round games: Conncis College. Warner, okla . vs. Madellc. Tex., High Schonl. New Orleans Jux vs. PilLsburgh. Pa.. WcstiiiBhonse. Dr.s Moines. la.. Ifomc Pedcuil vs. Pepsi-Cola, Wiiiston-Salcm. N C.: Hnnes. \Vijjston-Salem. N. C., vs. Nashville. Tcnn.. Business Coi- legc. , nm tional n for a two-game series with l'liilarie!phia Athletics at Wc.,t ii lleach. The club's baiters fni- "-'""' (Han the pitchers yesfe:- the Senators defeated I heir farm Hub. n to fi. . got 14 hit*. Ray .Scar„ ,. | ''Tousii receive;! credit for the vic- n , H° Wilsll '"R ! "" 1 '»ry allhouRh h c allowed 12 hits in will rest loday in prcp.i;-- 'rive Innings. Leagucr £ yesterday, 3 lo C | CUatlanooga fa i Bolh .sides got fc c !-•? T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. E> Main Phone 2122 THE TIRt FOR 1% OF TODAY'S M07OHISTS MAKE A DATE WITH DAYJON AT Have installed bean cleaner that re- moves all split and foreign matter. Visit me before having your beans cleaned and sec the difference. On Bertig Gin Lot — Across Street from Armory , " " " •-" » "• «n«.v* .l|| uj)- I (nftf Mdc down body scls-sors lo win in tl , \ odaj , I 'I'hLs will be the final organr/a- t!on meeting of the league belorc play begins. Changes in rules and cor.stilutional by-laws vjll be discussed at ihis lime, iilcction of officers and selling the opening dale of play will also be decided Mr. CriirroU said. Mr. o.-irrott pointed OIK that this meeting was postponed twc weeks ago due to illness of se members of tlie committee. NEW YORK. March 2S. (Ul'i — Utah defeated inii;hty Kenlucky, last nfKht. onlMiiarlmtt Uu- proud the are being formulated [or .............. ^ ,..,.,,„ ,,i t . mum! ; of managers and sponsors'of the Southerners lo win the NiKiomil In-1 wo nen's h-amie late- In the. week vIlalioDal IJaskclbiill Cliampionship'M,. Gaiiott staled at Madison Hiiuare Garden 4<l to V, ' Ultlc Wat Misaka, the Japanese I A/.-J <:„.,*« ,- ,, kid. was a defensive m-aloi who not IY ""-^OUtn \jOlters to only accomplished the feat of hold- Quality at Mcmnhis hiB Kentucky's top star, lialph' MEMPHIS, Tcnn., March ::s <UP'. ieard. scoreless from the lloor. but --The Nalional (Ipc-n .'iolf toiim'i- .e doubled .„ block lanky Ken Uol- nicni's Mid-Uoutl, sectlonil ™ i - llns path to the brisket and held , [iealion round will be held ul c Boxing Added To Schedule For Athletes Boxing has been adde schedule of Uie physical t>rogram of the iilylhcville Hisli School it was announced today. The higij school al presenl' has no plans in mind of sponsoriiiR a boxing leain itus year, Coaeli j'jill Godwin, physical training imlruc- lor said, but the sport gives valuable supnorl to the footwork of tho liteli school alhli-U's. ^n'^^^l^. during physical truining classes'for i \ I ^ie IKlir u"iv n. ,i.... ... the gym. The medicine ball was ! Ui'oiiKlil into the pro.-iram niemteis of the c . la . sscs ,., sides ,,nd usiim l|,c foolball ior a court. [ •l-he medicine bull i.s valuable 'n l«UBhenn, g up athletes as the sp,, 1 •>nc of the rouuheM tllowl „ CHKCK WKITKKS NOW IN STOCK! SAMUKL V. iNOKKIS ''''"lets .Stationers Across From City Hull R1TZ THEATRE two jdurinn physical trwlnin'g c'las^'for ii M A t& e SS tX/^^r^,:^ ^.| Mansla, Arkf nntiito llin 'ii'in -"* Will ] very itironseqnential him lo twc field goals. Utah was an 11'i point midc'rclo" in the belting. In the third consolalion i;ame. North Carolina State upset We"t Virginia. (14 to 52. Oiested wheat (.ras.s w ; ,.^ intm- tiuced Into Ihe United Slates from \\\". plains 01 Russia, Siberia, and Mongolia, 111 1838. onial Country club here June ::. Oeorue Treatiwcll, president of the Tennessee Golf Association said todiiy. I'jofe.viioaiils and amateurs ex- DecUy.: to compete in the IKi-hole medal play rtimliflcntioii round include Gary Middlccoll, Memphis: (lib Sellers, Hot Springs, Ark.- Ht"-- scliel Spears. Nashville. Tcnn.; Ju- nic liuxbaum, p| n c lilun. Ark., and Huck White. Greenwood, Miss. From where I sit... fy J oe Harsh An important Job Well Done! Stranger dropped !„(„ ,\;idr Johnson's rcsliiiiranl. tho oilier day anil nskvd It lio could look Ihe place over. "Haven't T seen yon here before from limo to time?" asked Andy .showing him a round. The stranger nllo«".i lie's a representative of tlic brewinp industry—-cliecklni' up on places selling beer as n part of wbat Ihe brewers eall their "Self-Regulation Program." And Andy, lilte olhcr beer retailers, doesn't lake offense at bc- ing checked up. rfs lo his interest to see Dial places selling beer and ale nre pleasant, clean la".-- abidinff. Whcr. they aren't, tho Arkansas Committee of tho Umled States Brewers Foundation cooperates with law-enforcement authorities to eliminate unfavorable conditions. From U'liei-o I sil, } c(fa | rofill . luted beer, sales are a fur cry from thirteen .years of boollcL'- Ciilff ilnrinjr ProhibitIdu. In addition (In: sale, of malt bevi-m-"?* priivides over a million and" :i ilimrter dollars in t;;x os nnnuailv for Arkansas. Remember: pay taxes. Bootleggers du:;'l Open G:30 p.m.; Show S(:.rts 7 p.m Tuesday PAL NITE "Bowery Bombshell" with . Tlic lOasl Hiile Ivids Serial: 'Mack Armslroni;" Also Selected Shorls Wednesday & Tlnirscliiy "Sunset in Eldorado" wilh Ifciy UeRcis anil D.vlc Kvans News of Hie Day mill Sliurls TiK'sdiiy "STEP BY STEP" .iiwri'tiri- Ticrnry .mil Anne Jcllicys UKO Xuws and Sliurl \\'c'(!nesil;i.v anil Tliursdiiy "CRACK UP" Trrvnr New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVI!RY Nir.JIl Matinee Saturday Jk Sunday Jinx Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. Bat.-Sun. 1 n.m ':<ini «h««(nt —9 "GAS Tuesday HOUSE KIDS' Ilaliiji iitid Itolicrt f.iiivery Also Slmrt Kubjruts "Lost 'sdiiy- !1JK | Frontier Uprising" with Jlonte Haley ALso Shorls Its All-Fluid-Drive gives it the smoothest performance in history. Its economy makes it your dependable investment for the years. Lowest Prsccit Car tcith Alt These Music Feature* AU-flUID.DRIVE FLOATING POWER FUU-FIOATIHG RIO! S»fETr-STftl BODIES _, , CO* SIXCYlINDERHyDRAUUCmKlS ALUMINUM PISTONS BASIC RUSr-PMOflNO MICRONIC Oil FILTER exHAusr VAIVI SEAT INSIRJS BLYTHEVILLE 217 So. Second Street Phone 422

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