The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1931
Page 6
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OU RfX .JJI.YTHF.VIU.R (AKK.1 iX NK\V» FRIDAY, .MAY The Housewife's Guide to Better Marketing and Home Management FAVORITE RECIPES FOR THE HOME TABLE Buy Only Guaranteed Products Such As Those Advertised By Merchants On This Page >Fresli Fruits and Vegetables j O I Healthful For Summer Meals out i "•• informally, ai nil limes of the day. u Is rather simple to work a good nail?™ iincl color In the :iii][t:oin as so many fmnishlsiys oliered d( Urikinj; r.i'.ii cool In appearance, i Tne rnm nniy Ix 1 cooling In gaze Summer days, due lo I iifon i veil If Uic tcni|:.;niturc Is heal nnd the demands of appe- lowmls ft heat record, i tiles whclleil by vigorous exerm? excessive I uctlxln-j and h"arty dish. It may - be prepared as follows: SCALLOPED CELERY WITH l.liKilr um Useful 1 In the oi>f!i, arc indeed trying for CHKESF Fcr example .take a simple color , Uic average housewife. As we dls-ja cups cooked eel I enp milk : 'I'lieme llf.? bliitk and white. Lino- I uenie wlili om heavier winter i try cm in Inch- Onion, salt, and CoVCV- '•• lM1nl l">l |trl >*- wlln wnlle un<1 clothing for lighter aparel so do | Icng pieces i>epi)er Tories -and Floov ings' in Attractive, Coo! Kil terns. • ! l.:no':ini] Is easily kept clean and , snry elcnyjms for proper upkeep ol j lo-i P sslbly in no other part of the i fresh looking and nothing Icmpers | ihe liuiimn machine. The demand ] the it-jfo ran the use of pattern be' " lL ' ''"'• s'linnier breezes any more I for a balanced diet Is no l)l!1< ' 1 ' M" 11 *' »l'A'a>' s !ool; t|lcs » n| id • we find our aiiiKllU-K <hinnndlnij i combine with cllicr Kcomolrio pal-| lighter fowl nnd cooling summer 'lo:r.s In draueiles and fabric on , drinks, which must at ontc satisfy liL' furniture. I the appetite and provide, all neces- and l?c.d' Loaf iVIjike fp<utd Tiislv Dishes tllng lanks and purposes. nied lor heating KilCHEN IIV AMIS. J. IV. l',.M!i;ft Jleif l.ui.' ; tb-Ki something that, stands out This, of courc.3, is (rue in 7, wit'i Hie apiK-iuance of cleanliness. patterns in linoleums, with dimmer months when the MIIIVCOIII ; geometric designs Inlnld, are offer- k the place to enteilnin. formally . «t In the shops In variety of inu- ' teri:ils while harjnonioiis patterns draperies arc equally easy to SPECIALS J:AC % ON .20 C Leaf. l.!i I'OHK STEAK iniC 1,1). LI 2 STEAKS- K. C. HAC lieef. Uli. OU HOASTS Brisket, i,b. lie Chiitk, Mi. l"ic Thick Uib. t,b. m' 2 c KOAI> Silver 1(1 NEW POTATOKS 2' 2C COFFEE II. or Canovii .Maxwell OOC M>. 00 MILK Large or 6 Small SALIBA'S MKFT Free Dtlivcry Phone M3 i,u*iu i me less I rami ackers, half cup MVCI-I mill:. :i eyg.s, one l2Lispoon sum", one tu- lablcspoons 2 tablespoons M-:A Servlcir Wrih-r | blcspoon salt, and a little popp:-r. tutt:r grated White the uughmor !n cooklni; if- llx a " together well ami Ijaki- in 2 tablespoons flour Hrcnd crumbs will nntl tile lime tnliles which Invf lal 'Be leaf aljoul •>'• hums fcasllii; Make a siiiice of the flour, but- be™ worked uut lor roastm" :-.n:l ' J vill) ''utter and water v.hilc Ink- mllk and seasonings and add baking anJ brewing anil sliwlni; celery. Turn Into greased ciiiltc invaluable, she also v.111 fimi KV S1STKII MAItV NKA Servlcir vi'rili-r Whila the btighuicr '"« pressing and the task of planning [ and sprinkb with cheese and bread U ickins or earthen pudding dish; that lliere are many other factors sprinkb with cheese anil bread I which must be laksn Infj consl'ler- no less difficult than at any cither J crumbs, mixed with n little butter. I iillou pertaining lo C.-.c gentle art ' j liuke until a. golden brown. ]cf ccokery. The varying ago. rips~ " ~~"' and .sl/.u of materials all enter inlo the lengtli of time r?iir.!r?:l lo ccnk u (jlven fuo:l. and time ta- blc.s i-anno'i specify the^o con Hi ?paralton of summer meals Is made easier by (he fresh fruits and gnrdcn vegetables procurable In endless variety. Salads prepared with uncocked Trulls and vegeta- Htire Itugb Good The same is true with other floor coverings. Fibre rugr, have become very Int/M'cslln?. They can be had In almost all Hie colors of the rainbow, but the distinctive patterns QIC done In much belter taste ra- the:- thin attempting to combine anv riotous fchtms. They too. liuve the geometric lines of pattern whlcli are companionable to the mcdern designs of furniture now fcuiid in reed, fibre, rattan nnd till,' slcsl furnishings for the sim- parior. porch Slid outdoors. Hooked rugs and luiiglily-woven ! liner coverings are always .suitable fc'.' the sunparlor and almost as easily kept clean nnd fresli 'ns lln- olciun mid llbre. Sunparlor furniture takes well to tl:.3 rougher weaves of upholstery fabrics BO there need be no fear of getting the proper patlOTi worked out once one sets down to working out their ideas ns to what lo buy. Just get n gocd Idea of what color scheme or pattern is needed to fulfill the dream lor a siinroom and the wide selection offered today will make the problem an easy one. Siuckyjrd Ncars Completion PHILADELPHIA. (U! 1 )—A nsw and completely modern stockyard, destined to make Philadelphia the meat packing center of Ihc fast. Is Hearing completion [at 36lh street nnd Grays Ferry avenue on the Si-imylkill river. The project, representing the Joint efforts of several incut packing firms and the Pennsylvania railroad, will cost 15.000.000 when finished. Courier News Want Ads Pay. Day and Night Service Station, Inc. 'TUrnips fifi" Gils—Quaker State antl MoMloil Oils— Willard Kat(cries •Cotton Holt lins Doi:ot . Phone 555 AWNING/-- Chairs, and Lmvn Umbrellas I.nwn antl Yacht Matched Colors. Carney Awning Co. 113 S. 1st St. I'hone fill! COOK WITH COAL "Economical and Sate" C. 1. BENNETT & CO. Coal and Food "I'hone 6-1 PINEAPPLE LEMONADE Iplneaimle 1 cup sugar 1 qt. boiling water 1 cup tea 1 lemon . infusion ^les nrc pnrtlciilarly liivlllng and | limy be depended upon for n goodly supply ol cswntinl mineral snlls ami vitamins. Cooling drinks prepared with milk or fruit Juices also lave u definite place in the stunner dlelary not only as beverages, bill ns a valuable source of vital r ood elements. Cooked lowcver, cannot be entirely dis- pcnu'd with and'it Is with these hat tliLs inticL? is Inrgely concerned. The demand [or cold dishes, and i particularly- for cooling drinks, j during the summer season Is bas- ! cd upon a genuine physiological i need, Thobe organs which icgu-1 ale the Icmperalure of the' hu-j nnn bcily demand u considerable quantity of llcpiids for their proper functioning. Thou, too, hot weather appetites mny often l>c below normal and summer drinks muy consequently be said to fill a threefold iniruosj—to quench thirst --lower body temperature — and provide necessary food elements. The ideal diet for summer Is a- combination of fresh salads, ap- propriatp beverages, and cooked dishes which'will be nt^once nourishing, palatable, and not too heavy. Slice pineapple nnd pare deep enough to take out the eyes. Prepare the tender part to serve. Pul lions. The has a experienced home-maker deiinile routine she fallows th« pineapple rind and core to- in preparing i\ meal. Rcther with rind of lemon In a cooks, howcvej. have k ' Chrff l.uaf One JKJUKI of mild th,>L'-e ai'alc'l. on? Inrye cup of nuts c.-::i.ipijp:l. 0:1 ^ cup of crea'm whipped, a pinch c.' salt. Mix thoroughly an:! pnck i:i a mold. Serve in slice.s. Ked ltns|ilipiry frcani Two cups raspberry jnic. 1 . 011^ ciie tcasjxjor.fiil lemon ' cup stig'.ir, out 1 cup sn p ;3t creLim, svliite? of lu'n ogys. To the lejiion, orange airl l.einuii 1'ies Make; a nice fluffy crust and line two pis tins and for tilling use Hi; .sugar, two t:itles|::ions of Hour, biatcr the size or nn egg. ju'ice of the lemons, one cup of wai?r. the ytlks of four CRSS and onn whole one. pour into crust nnd hake a' uny ordinary cmiard. heat 'he whites of the four eggs, sweeten and flavor with'Ionic.:: spread over tlr tops of pies when ihey nrj done and brown lightly. Expert Watch Repairing I'AT O'UHVANT Aldridge Jewelry Co. (H. orange, juice ha kettle and pour over this the'boil-1 embarrassment of finding part of Ing water. Cover and simmer tor u !e n ,eal co!d or dried is a crisp hnlf an hour. Then strain through' before the rest is conked ••DDIP'- | cheesecloth or flue strainer. Add 10 bo pr- 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - dlshcs, j sl] gp r i e n, anil lemon juice. Cool ! and Many new ucrr y Juice add si. gar and wix tinn • known th? "ughly. then add CI.MIII MIIL! whites you]i( What's New In freshly enthcl-ed vt Ijle.s u'ill cook in less lime riper ones ci|iuilly fresh. Vi bles which hnv; wiltc:! will of eggs well beaten a nil frera. For Inrt-cr poriiuii. In t'veiy pin: of fruit juice allow one pint of cream nnd as much .simar as desired. Mr. tow Would crunje :,'anie PARfS. (UI>)-M. Vache. who^e name literally means "cow." has ap- iwaled to tlie President of France for permission to change his name. He has four children now, and docs not want Uien-. to aifTer the bitterness of his own youth. Fourteen girls refused lo marry him, lie testified, because Ihey 'did no! want to be iVfrs. Co«-. lie married a Ps- hsh yirl who spoke no French. Courle •r Hews \Vant Ads Pay Easy lo Sn've Kco,j) a Case ot' in ihe Ice Box take _ . | lo"?er to cook than fresh, unwilh- Home Furnishings , OI « ! ones ] The size and shape ol i. vri vc;;- Vnrlous adaptations of the old- El " bl( : Biters Into the proWrm. tm; fashioned rag rug arc now '11101111- S ' m " vc K clnt ''«5 °'' Ial '8- 0 «" ci:t factured on n large scale In lac- ln • smn " » ICCK win cnok 'H'.icktr tores. This means that tte quninl ! tllnn lllosc lefl wllolc - ' rlle nn!0 cliarm of the.-c old patterns nnd suifacc exposed, the shorlar tin- aid wenves may now be had in any'. to( - kl "8 pwloil. 1-ome. It is not necessary to have! AS a 'n l'"= time required fo:- prc- inherltcd one of tl-^se carpets, or Paring vegetables for ccnkinic must lo have an aunt who will devote te considered in the phniiins oC years to making one. Hcukcil anil ""-' «'holc meal. Oiceii p?as shculd braided rut's and ciiriiels may now.™ 311 '"' 20 "> 3° nilmiles-the tlmo be bought In any deslun nnd In <le[>ends on the maturity of lh° any comblnntlon of colors. ' , pens. But il takes time lo shell I ]icas, longer thnn preparin BAKING POWDER food;] node with Criseo taste better Mixing Bowl Free With One :{-!,!>. Can Criseo «">c l'oi»l Titles Hctler When Cooked • With Criseo. C. A. H.OVEY The bedrooms may te mnde lo take on a summer ap'wurance by the use of new drnperes. Glazed chlnt'/. louks cool and is cool. For service it should to lined with <0 FOR OVER Fruit shortcakes arc especially | adaptable to the summer diet nnd: some m ,, ter ial such as dull finish the following recipes may be de- sn t ce . pcndcd upon to supply energy nnd AV.othe: t,2itipL the app^t-ite, FROIT SHORTCAKE 2cups flom' I tablespoon Icasiwons bak- sugar Ing ixawder 1-2 cup butter 1-2 teaspoon salt ' 3-4 cup milk Mix and 1 sift the '.flour,-, baking powder, salt and .sugar.'-Work In the butter with the lips of the or jiaring potatoes, so hllhougti Ihey do cook rpilrkly lliey ar? no* a good vegetable to choose when dinner must be served In half an _ iio'.ir. Guaranteed pure Asparagus cooks quickly and is and efficient, ouk'kly prepared. Thirty nnnutos ( . summer treatment for j 5ho " ld bc ""owed for the coking'. USE bedrocm windows is to furnish! of thls vegetable. | them with colored voile or organ-' Grec " beans—il-.e sumsless va- l«" man ol high i\'i ruffled curtains. These give a '• r'rty— cut in diamonds should cook priced brands, colorful, cool appearance to the '" :io minutes. If the fcsaus arc room and ofer n rest from the us- , youiiR nml tcmlar and freshly pick- ual treatment of henvy draperies. ed . l!l -y wi| l Ix 1 duliciously tender and glass curtains. • a 1 " 1 delicate in this .length of time |' ^ .and are an excellent, vegetable to .The pcacook chair is one of llie'S^ve when one is in a hurry. How- Call Superior Coal Co. For High Grade Coals PHONE 123 MtlUONS Of ROUNDS USED BY'Cyrt GOVERNMENT fingers., a .pastry inlxer.-^or two knives. Then . adtf,". gradually, enough inllk to maltc a soft dough and tots ontO'& tloured board. Koll t oone-liall ipch 'thickness 'and bake in sheets', for a -largo -short- _ _.. _ _. ..._. cake orcut with a- -large biscuit | ) t helps provide comfortnK.i rest- cutter for Individual cakes/ Bnke In a hot oven ' fortwelve minutes. When done; ' split into two parts; spread with butler nnd'pul~swect- encd frilit between the'layers and u, c pc rc |, 0 - garden furnishings.! New teets require only a thor on lop.- 1 Servo-hot with'plain ori-riie new metal ones with gaily-josigh scriibbini! before cookinj anrl whipped creani. . | colored tops furnish a bright spot '< as they should cook in 30 to 40 Celery. scalloped nnd ' baked j C f C0 lor ns well as a convenient minutes, tiiey nre an excellent with chtoae, is n simple but ap- p \ RCC r cr serving tea. placing nn ish tray or a plant. The combination of metal and tile mnkcs ilie most d-xorallve pieces of porch or ever, if b?ans must be cut lei _ garden furniture. Its graceful dc- v/ise, tlirotigh the csntsr.before cul- 11 sign ninkes il highly ornamentnl ting In diamonds, extra time m and It is seen in several combinn- be calculated and allowed for (Ions of colors. Along with several preparing the meal, easy chairs, an occasional or two. New carrots ccok tendor in IT,; or 20 minutes. Since they arc' lightly Ecrnunl. they nre quickly j prepared nnd onlv n few minuter. | j need be .allowed for lirar prcpara- : "When Your Clothes Arc Ring Seven-Thirty" Hats Rebuilt Barnes 1 Dirtv Cleaners •A tile top table is an addition toltlon. the porcli or garden furnlsliings.! New FOR PARTICULAR COOKS Eat Blytheville Canned Beans They are superior to Fresh Beans table weatherproof—n great convenience when it is used in the garden or on the terrace. clnble to use when an hour Us nl- !o\ved for the meal's preparation.' Meats nrc governed to som? ex- WOUNDED AT OWN WEDDING FLORENCE. Italy. (UP)—Just an old Tuscan custom was b;ing observed by Ernest Scnpplni at the wedding of Frcnanda Passalacqup. nml Ferraro Lombari when Ernes; llred his revolver In the air several lent by personal taste. Rare in a steak or roast, naturally takr; less time to cook than the same cut cooked "woll done." In the case of veal nnd lamb, which r.r<- always thoroiichly coDkcd thp rnl?3 nre more arbitrary. Allow 2:1 utes per pound for breasl, leg shoulder of lamb roasted. Thirty-five minutes i>?r should be allowed for a ven! Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST—Grape fruit JLUC?. Wholesale. Dealers Merchants Grocer o. Telephones 111 and 115 Genuine Eugene Wave Nestle Improved Wave Klois Special ... $5,95 Elois Beauty Shoppe Phone 505 times as an expression of joy. 13ul his bullets ricocheted from a por- lico. slightly wounding the bride) cereal, cream, soft cooked and bride-groom. Cr j 5 p toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON—Lettuce sandwiches, carrot straws, raspberry gi'lniin.' bannnas. drcp cookies. The Laundry Will * 'Clean It" Phone 327 : with sliced milk. ten. DINNER—Braise;! sturgeon steak. Ivonnaise jx>tatot?5. beet yrecus. fruit salad, toasted crackers, chrrs;. :ofTce, milk. btinday d Diinicr 75 ( ; B!ack Cat Coffee Shoppe Distributed Arkansas Grocer Company WASH FROCKS * von,us WASH CKKPES SHANTUNGS KLAXONS UASTITMS Reasonabl Prii-ud The Hobmson Mifcag Co. Srifna— Kvnsas m.vthevilif, Ark. Phone 337 HALL SISTERS SHOPPE A. G. AITKEN Plumber 1211 \V. Main SI. Phone Klizalwth Ardeu's Venetian Toilet Preparation? lire on sale exclusively at The Modern House\vife Protects Her Family's Health hy Using Only Grade Pasteurized MILK BENNETT'S DAIRY — Phnnc 71 — Don't... Suffer From the Heat only $6.50 This 8-inch hnusc Fan Enjoy instant relief from the tortures of hot weather days and nights. (Jet in front of a Westinghouse Fan. Relax in its quiet, comforting breeze, its soot timer coolness. There isn't a hettcr time . . . there isn't a better fan ... buy a \Vestinj;hoiisc Pan NOW. There is a Westinghouse Kan to meet your needs at a price yon can afford to pay. Drop in • today and look over our complete display. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO.

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