The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1947
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 1047 .y COURTISrt HKv?t) Nine Building Permits Issued In Last Week Nine building pprjnits for prciximately $35,OCO worth of np- •osi- dentml and business construct ion, inelnMini; the proposed erection ui ,1 $25,COo warehouse 'by the! villi* S')>b?:in Corporation. were is- siK'd during tlie past work troni the olfit'o of City Kn^mei'r Joe C.irnoy. PorinHs for residential const VLI;-- I tion were issued to J. W. Moo:v Flexible House lans Desirable Builders' Magazine Stresses Value of Careful Planning Don't compromise too much now '.! the Ulings you \vilnt, beeruisf I costs are high snys Practical Buikl- Ic-!'. Chicago, ill. pinn for them, tlicn 1 'In llu'm late! 1 , or do with IPSS |hiii:st> today and got sooil things in ''. llu'ii add more liouse later. For example, if you want an out- liicrai 1 ilvliiu room, "iilan your garage' |an ( | house in such u way that you I ca;i add a hlTL'y.eway porch he| uvi'(. n later. Make your house plati cxpand- bli>. If one bedroom is enough I _ ., IIKAV. it'.-; better to put, off build- nnnccd over uericxls from 18 month I ins the second or third thtin inj (o five years dcncmliiiK upon lln I save money otl such important ' slxc of the loan. When your in- l mines as the heating unit, wall in- j come goes up you can afford the Isulaiiou, cabinets, sanitary v.-are, | cxi.ra monthly pnvmonts. Ditt what- land kitchen equipment. Once these ; yon biiiUI, build ivell even if it is ItlrtiRs are in Ihcy arc very costly! only tliree or four rooms, anil be Ito replace, gome people even go! sure that your basic plan is one |^'> far as to make Ihe living room ] that can lie expanded without dis- Icbulita for a bedroom with a stu- iiirbiiiy the original house. j die couch, for with folding tloors vai-ious sections of jmy lar^a room c:.ii be closed off to serve the purpose of two or even three rooms. Remember additions can be for a four and one half room fiaine house in the rear of 113a Willow at an estimated eosl 01 S1EOJ; Henry Thompson for a six and u hall room frame residence at 4i:> East Hose at un estimat.e-l i:o.>i of SSOMJ; Duvid T. Cooley for a six and one liulf room tile houso at 324 Ens'. Duugan; and !I. C. Tucker for a two-room trnme residence at 7M West l>.nk ul iin I'.sli- mated cost of $1000. Louis A. Hurry Jr. was urante:! a permit for erection of a private yanvye of frame construction al' an estimated cos! of $430 and a' permit to Unite! a two-room frame garage in the re-ar of 111 Kast| Davis in an cstimaled cost ol 5'IUJ! I uas issued J. L. L?\vis. j i For business uiut industrial building, permits were ^ranletl the fol- lin'.'ms;: Blytheville Soybean Corporation, for a strel warehouse in the rear of tlie present buildiin: at mini \Vest Miin at an estimated cost of $23.COO. R. b. Farmer, for a concrete block furniture anil general mer- ;lmndise store at 904 Lake al an estimated of SU'OO. Gurvin Ilailey, for a one-room concrete blo:k anto paint shop in the 100 'block on Lilly at an estimated cost of S550. This will ue the addition of a 20-foot shed to the side of the .present building. Cabinets Modernize Ilathroom Modern built-in cllccls are easily achieved in the bulb room by fitting simple cabinets around the lavnlory. Build them to tho level of Ibe fixture and cover with 3ino- Jcum or tile-like rnateri;il. Ktielf space under l!ie lavatory liolds soap, brushes anil cleaning compounds. Doors hide the plumbing. To one sidi; coos n topped by open iv open Drawer* Someone Ss Going To Be Lucky! There will he an estimated 300,000 homes built between now and the last of 19-I7. That means there will be .some lucky people who will find hou^iiiK. Why not he among- tliem. Brint? your money problems to us on building or improvements. \\'c make easy payment loans on the F!1A plan. • Home Loans Improvement Loans David Real Estate & Investment Co, 12 N. Second I'll one o(i:i.'! Gallons of Water Keep Me Clean Baby Is A Satisfied Customer And how baby likes Ihose sparklinir, refre.shinjj baths. And it seems that the more baby is bathed, the bettor he likes it. Everybody knows that bodily cleanliness helps prevent illness . . . that's why baby ircts two baths a day, like clockwork. Just another example of tho vital necessity of an abundant supply of water in KVKRY home . . . lo promote health and cleanliness and to build stroiiK, younj; bodies. \VATKK IS YOUR CUKAPKST COMMODITY—USK IT FUIW1.Y! Blytheville Water Co IF BERNARD ALLEN, Manif *r "Water /s Your Cheapest Commodity!" Fireproof Hotel Must Not Have Open Shafts The National Hoard of Fire Underwriters, through General Manned- \V. E. Mallalirti. Moles that it is concerned over tin? reaction ni the public of the term ••fireproof" as applied to hotels. Some hotels, especially the newer ones, which had heeu built, under the reuuire- nii'iils of a elly Inillrilni; code mod. elptl upon the liuildlni! Code recoin- mended by the Nalltiniil lioanl of Fire Underwriters, could correclly advertise that they were rirepronf Mr. Miiltalicu advises tlmi tlu lerm "Iirepi-eof eonstriifllfi]!," [is used by the National Board »f Fir- Underwriter.s and other I'm; insurance interests, iiuliciiles u typs of eonstructiun in which the conti-nts of Ihe buildinK cnn he completely destroyed and yet the framework of the buildim;, incli.ulin{; Ihe interior, will be capable of teins rehabilitated and comimu:rt in use. Must Ijirlosc Sliafts The term "fireproof" as applied lo a hold should not be used even though the structure of the bnild- inu is of fireproof construction, unless all vertical openings, such as stairs, elevators and other shafts unenclosed with partitions ami have lire doors on all upcninss, thus pic- venting tin- upwnrd Travel of thi towel shelves for accommodate small itoms. Acro:;s the lop of I ho unit n canopy ronc-enls li^htin;; Hx tit res and yivos a Ihnshctt appeurnncc. to ilio lucimi this last means tlux; there shall Ije no transom, and thai any air coiulltionin^ .sysli'm sluill i)c of siub n destun as not lo per- nll the travel of heated, poisonous uases intip room^. t'lt to Municipalities Mr. Midlalicll adds that the lire in.suninre interests had no pollco power to require these features l.o be added to hotels, apartment build- . ini;s. clubs, olfice bulldtugs, aud fue- tories. all cj( which should have this protection to stairways, lishl shafts, elevators inul other passnyeways to prevent the vertical travel of fire from Hour to Hour. The correction i of I hesf conditions are. properly, a function of the muulcipnlily. which ' shoukl Include a retroactive cliuisu ill their bnildhljj code under which these provisions should be required, or tin? building be made safe tor human occupancy through the Installation of an automatic sprinkler system. Survey Proposed by Committee LITTLE ROCK, March 25. (UP) —A eiti'/.ens eommillen went into action today to return to operation Ihe strikebound Missouri and Arkansas Railroad. After the thrci^man I'roni ter :u meeting here yestcrdny, thrcivman Kronp recotmnenued lire from one floor to another: thisi 10 tl)e Public Service Commi.aion I'erlical travrl of [ire was the prime, cause of death and injury in both the Hotel LaSalle the and that in the Hotel WinccofT. Also, said Mr. Mallaiieu. the .sep- -rUhiK partition and doorway b'.:- ,ween rooms and Ihe corridor' unlit be of such type as to prevent the ready spread of fire from the room lo Ihe corridor, or from the corridor i Radio Clinic « | '130 W. Ash St. ! ! ; I'honc 855 or 229 1 j | WE j 1PICK UP and DELIVER' the employment of CovunUile nntl Colpitls of Nc\v York to mnke a thice-phasc survey: 1. Estimated co.sL of rehnbititnt- Iiifj the Khorl-lme raolroad so \( could give satisfactory at\U rellnlilc .service. 2. PotRiilial revenues it cnuUl make when pro]ierly rehabilitated. 3. EM i male of nperstUiig expniiR incluciiiiK purchase of new motive Kxpcnses of the snrvcy nrc to be paid from $15,000 npproprlntGcU by the nfilh GoiiLTiil As-seinbly nnd $15,000 raised by shippers along the line. The committee nlso recommend- cd the employment of Eugene H. Warvcn of the Little Rock law firm of llailcy and Warren to .assist tho nKorncy iicnni-i] J. offlre i^. Resent hig Its fnse-to thc^IuU^mfeVCcim lueron hearing hiro Apill ^' Mi'mbers uf the commilfce 'sit- tciulmg yesterday's meeting were J B. Lumhnrt of Helena, chairmnn: /\. E. Mllburn of Harrison, and V II. Dickson of FTeber Springs. STRIKES SUDDENLY! ?So mailer how careful yon area fii'c may destroy your liomc. You proliably have some fire iiiFllrnnre . . . TU!T IS IT ENOUGH TO COV1CK A r.O.\iri,KTK LOSS? TitfhnV ro?l for relinililirip and nvilaiMii" lioiisc-liold effects is inncli "'.lal |iaymcnl so yonr insurance I ;:ccoriiin;.:l\. I.el iis elicrk your THE General Insurance Agency T. AV. WHITN'ER AVOID THAT LAST MINUTE FUMING! II 1 you're ]>himii)U;- on nluiliMntr nt'ctls I'ov the future, In 1 iimv ;nftl i/nntiid us before you complete vuiif i'Sl iinate.'i. Let "IVte" j;i\'(> you nil sn'riii'itli' e-'liniaU 1 on firs I cl;i.-!s; phiniliiti^. 's ;ui(l jMiiieriitls I'rojierly I list tilled 109 N. Fiisl Phone 2731 Alt-SlfEEl BUILDINGS AT B.OW CO;ST Ailiiptiilile (o liiiiulrctls of fnrin and industrial uses, Stnin-Slucl "Quon- *' sul" Imililings arc filling » sliMitlily •• iiicfciisiii^ neeil for low-cost, ull- - jnirpnso sli'iicturcs. Aviiilutjlc in u vnricly of sizes, "Onoiiscls" arc frumctl' with Strun-Sluul iiniliidlr framing mem- , hers Tor strength and rigidity nni! simplu nll!iclinii.'iil of cxlorior iiiul interior collulorul inalcnuls. ^^ Features incliuk- clour-spun construction (except in thu"Multiple"); for 100% nstihle lloov spuec . . . nll- iniilcriuls, for tnx'-siil'ety,' per- nmnencc.uiul freedom [rotnwcutlier inul roilonl ilcleriovntion. Tlio Stran-Slccl frniiiing system pci mils the ciisy iiililition of suctions or tltc junioiiiilini', of llio entire buildinil'.™ for re-erection clsewlicrc. Slop in tocliiy for ucliiils mill prices. v Strau-StQel "flucmsBt" bulldlnsi in nrnducu al Lakis Steel Corpora- i. n unit ol K3tlonal Steel Coiporation. [,Mi\IKI)IATK DICMVKUY 1st. National Rnnk lildp;. Phone 20It BAKER IMPLEMENT CO. Kennel I, rthi. Phone 09 your family . : and Friends. J; ]! '-'> 126 W. Main Sec how easy it Is to apply Trimz Ready-Pasted Wallpaper .V. without paste, tools or cutting board. Then do it yourself! You'll be proud of a decorating job well done. RE CO., Inc. < Phon« 515 -J

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