The Piqua Daily Call from Piqua, Ohio on February 16, 1940 · Page 1
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The Piqua Daily Call from Piqua, Ohio · Page 1

Piqua, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, February 16, 1940
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3 Danish Ships and an Italian Freighter are Sunk WEATHER FORECAST THE PIQUA DAILY CALL Snow or rain Saturday and In - Slowly rising tern - 57th YEAR. No. 102 . PIQUA, OHIO, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1940 PRICE THREE CENTS SWEDEN IS LENDING AID TO FINLAND Where Four Died As Car Crashed Through Ice Doctor and Mrs. Gearge:.L.Edark and. their two children, George, Jr., 3,; and Barbara, 2, were drowned when the: rar in which the doctor was makirif; sick calls crashed through the Ire off Middle Bass Island in Lake Erie. The car, according to' n eye witness, veered off the usual ice bridge used between Pnt - lTi - Bay and the Islands off here, apparently struck .a soft spot, and crashed through. Above aerial photo shows the hole through which the car went in foreground (arrow), Just a short distance from shore arid SAFETI. SPY IS EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD; APPEALS REFUSED One Execution Reported and Pleas for Clemency by Others Refused . Today. Paris, Feb. 16 CJiRV - France shot. one spy today, ana rejected clem ency appeals of two sentenced, to aeatn ana two, including a woman, sentenced to prison terms , as part of an Intensified drive against espionage . ". . . Hans Kubn, a Luseinbours; , subject, was executed by a firing squad at' Chalons - Sur - Marne. ' He was arrested last July; before the European war started, as he tried - to cross the frontier with plans of French, armaments tacluding'tanks. Two French accomplices were sentenced lo 20 years each at Iiard labor, Appeals of four German spies were rejected by the court. ' They are Fi'ierlrich Klein and Hans Baron, condemned to death last month; Robert Durfman, sentenced to lo (Concluded on Page Bduti TO OPPOSE MOVE TO CALL RADIO PRIEST IN THE DIES PROBE Washington, Feb. lfi. fU.IS Dies committee members indicated today that they would oppose any move to summon Father Charles E, Coughlin os a witness. They said privately that thev believed It would be a mistake to grant Coughlln's request to testify slnce such an appearance, they sald,ould provide him. with a national sounding board for views now confined to his radio speeches. They emphasized that the conunil - lee lius no evidence that would link Coughlin with the subject mutter of ihe inquiry unAraerlcan and subversive activities. The possibility of Coughlin as a witness was rawed yefterdny with Ihe return from Texas of Chairman Martin Dies, D., Tex., who said the Detroit radio priest had asked the committee, through his newspaper, (or a chance to testify. BLIZZARD TAKES TOLL .New - York, Feb. 16, (U.P The St. Valintineli Day blisiard was 'estimated today to have taken almost 70 lives and to have caused several million dollars of darn age, Highways throughout most, of the northeastern seaboard region were still blocked by snow drifts that in some places were IS feet Seep, In Metropolitan New York, five persons had' died from overexertion while shoveling; snow. ' New .England's deaths numbered - 28 and damage was JL. FINNS HOLD BACK RUSSIAN ATTACKS ON FRONT FRIDAY Bottle in Trench, Tree and Shell Home as Red Army Struggles to Advance. By EDWARD W. BEATTTE, JR. V. V. STAFF CORRESPONDENT Helsinki. Finland, Feb. lfi, (U.Rl Fighting in trench, tree and shell hole, the Finns held back the Rus sian Bed Army today in the day of its offensive against the j.r,ir.ri''."k'. - liu Line. It was admitted that the Finns had withdrawn from their most advanced portions but it was asserted that the Manncrheim Line remained intact and that the determined men In it would hold It to the death. The position as explained in dispatches from the front was that the Finns had abandoned, before the constant hammering nf constantly reinforced Russian shock troops, the most advanced outposts tnonclud - d . Seven Guyton is President Columbus, o.. Feb. IB. iU.Rj Rob ert Cuyton. East Liverpool, was chosen president of the Ohio Hardware Association as the annual convention ended here yesterday tie succeeds c. C. Hewitt, Sedatla. V. Brltton, Akron, was chosen vice president - , H. E. Garbe, Toledo, and Joseph Koslall, Cincinnati, directors. Hamilton Hopes for Nomination of Roosevelt So G.O.P. Can Make Clean Sweep in Election VIEWS OF CHAIRMAN REVEALED Would "Finish Off" the New Deal," President and Third Term Issue All at Once. Washington, Feb. 16. U.f?) Chairman John D. M. Hamilton of the Republican National committee hoped today for the nomination of President Roosevelt a a third term candidate so that in a showdown at nest November's election the Republican party can "finish of! all three" the New Deal, the President and the third term issue. Opening the committee's meeting which will select a time and place for the G. O. P. nominating convention, Hamilton Accused New Dealers of seeking to transplant the 'doctrine of European dictators to this country by booming Mr. Roosevelt, for another, term. The New Deal, he said, has "abandoned the American way" for European "systems of planned econ - He denounced the seven years of "New Deal debt, demogoguery end defeatism, and charged that Mr. Roosevelt's administration had disregarded the constitution, atempt - ed to sabotage the Judiciary system and encouraged subversive elements "seeking the downfall of our American system." The reason for the New Deal's (Concluded on Page Pour) VICTORY IS NEEDED IN 17TH DISTRICT National Committeeman Airs His Views Regard ing Political Situation in Ohio. Washington, Feb. IS. flj.fl F. T. Dick' Taggart, Masstllon, Ohio Republican National committeeman, said today a Eepublican victory In the special election in ihe nth con gressional district would be worth four such victories In the fall that success there was vital to the party. Arriving here for a meeting of the Republican National committee. Taggert ssnd he believed the elec tion of Mrs. France P. Bolton m the 22nd district as assured. "The 22nd district is a Repubil can district and we have nothing to worry about there,' he said. in the 17th, a normal Democratic district, we have every prospect of winning and it seems to me that victory there is essential to the party. BEET SUGAR USED IN STATE INSTITUTIONS Columbus, O., Feb. 18. ilf.PJ Assistant State Welfare Director Herbert R. Mooney reported to (jovemo: Bricker today that state welfare in stitutions used 300,000 pounds o. Ohia - praduced beet sugar lust year und expect to use about 1,500,001 pounds m 1940. Mooney said the in stitutions now are using beet su ar almost exclusively and are thereby saving from 20 to 30 cents per hundredweight. Youth Flees Prison Columbus, O., Feb. 1. (U.Ri The state highway patrol reported to - oay mat Phillip Hudson, id, sentenced In Montgomery county for robbery, had escaped Hart night from the Ohio Stale Reformatory it Mansfield. Ailen to Seek Office Columbus, o.. Feb. 16. 0J.R1 Jos eph c. Allen, Columbus attorney, formally announced his candidacy today for the Demorrnlio nomination for attorney general. Women Confidants Reveal 'Perfect Crime' Secrets MARJORY WELLS NEUTRAL SHIPPING IS ATTACKED BY GERMANS Denouncement of Ruthless Campaign in Scandinavian Newspapers, Has No Apparent Effect on Nazis Britain Announces Sinking of Six U - Boats in Last Week. London, Feb. lfl. (u.RI The sink - hie of three Danish ships in addition to the Italian freighter Gl - nrgia Ohlsen in the last Vk hour 'was reported to the Danish legation today after Scandinavian newspapers had denounced German attacks on neutral shipping. The Danish advices said that the Martin Goldschmldt of 2,095 tons; the Rhone of 1,064 ions and the Sleipner of 1,066 tons had taeen sunk in the intensified sea war, British sources have denounced the enemy attacks on neutral vesselsdesigned to Ireighten shipping away from English waters and have urged that neutral ships join British warship convoys. The British have announced the stoking of at least six U - boats in the last week end disclosed today TO BAR ALL FOREIGN TROOPS Stockholm, Feb. IB, $) Sivrrkn ( - annul permEL foreign troups grf - ing - to Finland lo pass throufrh Swedish territory, a foreign office spokesman announced today after Trime Minister for Albln Hansson said (hat Sweden "in general" was complying with recent urgent appeals from Finland for assistance. RED ADVANCE i, 1G. fU - R) A war the Hcd army offensive against the Matinerheim line had IrtiLetfa'td "lo Finnish positions" at three points on thR Karelian Isilimus. FINNS TO SURVIVE, PAY DEBTS Washington, Fek lfl. 'UP,1 Fnier;il l.nan Administrator .Feme Jonc infil ihe House liankinp - CornrnHU'e Inlay In: believes Finland iviJI survive Russian aggression und iriM n - pny her iJcbls. REFUSED BEQUEST IS AWARDED nttsburgh. Feb. IC. iURj A SihflW bequest refused by ihe St. Jnbn's Lutheran home at - Mars, Pa., was awarded today to ihe Luther Home of Merry, at WttHston, O.. by Judge Thomas P. Trimble, who rejected the claims of the nc.vt of kin of the donor, GREAT BRITAIN SIGNS TWO ACCORDS aitnn. l - 'eb. lfi. fU R' Britain .Tgiicd lwn important accords loda;, Aid) France and (lie oilier with Iran (PersiaJ, FRANCES HANSBURY Two women confidants of two .Jmen on trial for two different f"p'e'rFect crimes," look (heartiness stand to tell their secrets to Juries, In Chicago, Marjory Wells testified that Carl Erlck - son boasted lo her that he "knew plenty" about the slaying of his best friend, Herbert Wolff. In Los Angcies, Frances Hans - bury testified that Dr. George K. Dazcy lud talked lo her abaut the "perfect crime" he bad committed - He is charged with the murder of his wife four that the destroyer Antelope was the warship that sank, two German submarines in one day. The Danish legation advices said that the Rhone and the Sleipner wete torpedoed on the east coast of Britain about midnight on Thursday. The Martin Goldschmldt sank Thursday in the North sea, but the cause was uncertain. The Italian freighter Giorgio Ohlsen, 5.635 tons, struck a mine and sunk oft the east coast of Britain Wednesday, If. was established today. The wreckage of the steamer drifted ashore on the east coast. Sixteen members oi the crew were landed at a Scottish port lat night. The ship carried a crew ol lfi and (Concluded on Pane Seven) PROVES STEADY communique today announced that MILITARY ASSISTANCE IS BELIEVED REFUSED AT THE PRESENT TIME BY FREDERICK LAUDON U. T. STAFF CORRESPONDENT Stockholm, Feb. ill, IU.R Prime Minister Per Albln Hansson announced today (hat Sweden "In general" is complying with recent urgent appeals from Finland for POLITICAL CIRCLES WONDER IF DIVORCE CARRIES A MEANING Suit Filed by Son of President May Mean Roosevelt is Not to Seek Third Term. Los Angeles, Feb. 18, UI.m Friends Of James Roosevelt wondered today ii any political significance could be found in the timing of his divorce suit.. For .some time they had been telling others that Roosevelt would seek a divorce from the former Betsey Gushing, daughter Df the late Dr. Harvey Cnsliing, prominent brain .specialist, when he could do so without embarrassing his father politically. The suit was filed yesterday at a time when political quarters coiui - tTj' - wide are wondering whether rresldent Roosevelt will seek a third term. Could it mean, his friends asked, that Mr. Roosevelt had decided against running again 1 Those who sought political significance were forced to recall that political consideration had not deterred two Df the President's chil dren from obtaining divorces. James Ro'Jscvclt said: I have absolutely nothing to say." He and his wife, have been separated for 14 motnhs. Paga Pouri TAFT ENTERTAINED BY DAYTON WOMAN Mrs. Katherine Kennedy Brown Throws Reception Cocktail Party for Ohioan, Wife. Wa.ttlr.2ton, Fr - h. 16, (U.R) Mrs, Kalharine Kennedy Brown, Dayton, gave a reception and cocktail party last night at the Mayflower Hotel m honor of Sen. Robert A. raft, candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination, and Mrs. Taft, The fej ' vines, In connection wl - j the meeting of the Republican National committee, and were attended by some 350 guests. Earlier in the day. Sen. Arthur . Vander.berg. of Michigan, oto a claimant to Presidential honors, had been host. at. a similar affair In his own behalf. He was invited to the Taft party but did not pu: in an appearance. The Tall campaign organization staff present included David S. In - galls. Cleveland, the camnalitn manager; former State Sen. Thomas Tullenlire. Cincinnati. John S. Hol - lisler. Taft'.s law partner and eastern manager, and John Marshall, Washington attorney and southern manager for the TaTt forces. Mrs. Wilde Succumbs Columbus, o, F"h. lr,. j.p..Mrs rteberrn. '.Vilde. formri - ly "I Wheeling, w. va,. died yeslrrdny D' injuries received in a roll In which she snffrrcd a hip) fraclure two writs aen. lirr Isle husband wa - . a coiiFiji of Os - Wilde. I he drama - tht. Burial will br at Wheeling. Train Kills Boatman Pnrtsmouth. O.. Feb. 111. (U.H1 - Fred yields, G7. Ohio liver boatman, tt - ,is killer! when Iv.l h;: a fvnrtnlk und WcMnn train line la'c yesterday. assistance in opposing , tile Red Army Invasion. Tho Finnish requests, repeated several times. Included a plea that a Swedish military corps be sent to Finland. The prime minister's statement, hnwever, was Interpreted as meaning that the Swedish government had turned down proposals for active military assistance to Finland in the form of a Swedish military corps or similar expeditions. Hansson said that Finnish requests for military aid had heen made personally by members of the Finnish government on visits to Sweden. Tlie latest appeal was made by Foreign Minister V. A. Tanner to Swedish Foreign Minister Christian Guenther. Before HaussanV; public declaration the Swedish socialist newspaper Folkcts Dagblad said that Finland intended to appeal to the Allies for effective military aid after having appealed inyaln tq Sweden. The prime minister made hLs declaration after reports had cjrculat - ( Concluded on Page Seven ROOSEVELT ENJOYS CARIBBEAN CRUISE May Inspect New U. S. Defenses at Panama Canal Before He Returns to Capital. Washington, Feb. IS. - rresl - dent Roosevelt cruised the Caribbean today on a trip which tome officials here believe may include an inspection of new U. S, defenses at the vilal Panama Canal. The President was aboard the U. S. cruiser Tuscaloose, which was escorted by two destroyers. He declined to reveal the itinerary of his projected 10 - day fishing cruise before sailing yesterday at Fensa - cola, Fla. The general air of secrecy which surrounded the trip and his point - blank refusal to deny the half - Jocular suggestion of newspaper correspondents that he might meet British, French or Italian envoys on the high seas stirred speculation in Washington. His intentions, intimates here declared, were to Inspect the Panama Canal defenses If it proved passi - hie to do so in the course of what Is primarily an interlude of rest and relaxation. ARMY OF REDS NEAR TO VIIPURl FRIDAY Moscow, Feb. 15. (UP! Russia's Ked army, on Ihe 16th day of a steam roller offensive against the Finnish Manncrheim Line, is approaching Kamara railroad station' only miles from Vilpuri, Finland's second cily, a communique asserted today, Finnish troops were reported In retreat, abandoning arms and war mntcrlal and suffering heavy losses. The army communique, issued through the Official Tiss News Agency, said Russian troops occupied 53 Finnish defensive fortifications yesterday, including 21 iron and concrete artillery forts. MILLIONS TO BE SPENT ON PLANT Cu cii naii. O.. Feb. 1 proc - r and Gamble Co.. annourrcil ins lodsy lor construction "! now Sl.000,000 .soap manufacturing ant. at. Dallas, Tex. The new plant, employing 300 persons, will give Hie company faculties to manufacture all of its major products for southwestern distribution. The company established a plain lo uiamilm - lui - e cooking (..I. in Dallas in ml. 'Perfect Model' Picked for Film 1 A Out of Hollywood to join others of ihe titled class comes Yvonne Duval, now claimed to have filmdom's most photogenic He; - ure. She outclassed 300 starlet candidates for "perfect model" role in a new piclure. Her box score: hust, 36; waist, I21,i; hips, 34; height, tj feet 6; weight, 125; broTm haEr, has.ol eyes. PURPOSE OF WELLES JOURNEY IS LIKELY ONE OF ADJUSTMENT Primary Aim of Sending U. S. Representative to England is to Patch Up Differences. Washington, Feb. lit, (LIB HIh Ofingrcssjona! sources said today that the primary purpose of Undersecretary of slate Sumner Welles' trip to Europe is to adjust diiler - . ences between the United States and ; Great Britain over allied contraband control and mail inspection systems. Secretary of state Cordcll Hull, according to the same source;;, ha.3 asked Congress to lake no retohat - cry action against British detention i of United Slates mail until Welles returns and reports. Welles, career diplomat of 2,1 ycara experience, leaves the capital today and .sails from New York on the Italian liner Hex tomorrow for a trip that vill take him to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France anci Great Britain. Isolationists charge that the trip is comparable to ihe World War assignment of Col. Edward M. House, who was Woarlroiv Wilson's "peacs emissary. " But Welles c?nies and i Concluded on Faiio Srveni Germany is to Supply Anncmcrit5 to Russip Mo.'cew. Feb. 16. a'.r; Germany will supply Russia with nimamenls under Ihf. new Russo - Germnn rcide greemeiM and will get in return raw materials which mlftht have gene to the allies, ihe newspaper l7vcslia. nllicial government orgMi, said today, .

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