The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1947
Page 4
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-PAGE'frOUK •LTTWKVILLB '(ARK.) COUKIER JO5WS farm Machinery Outbok Brighter Strike Settlements Expected to Bring Full Production Soon BV. ALFRED LKEOH Vnitert press Staff Corresponilrnt CHICAGO, March 25 — (UP) — The Inrm machinery Industry for the first time in more than a year epproached full production taclay ft the tools urgently needed by •farmors to fce<i the nation and .eu|>- ply the starving peoj)!es of other countries. .. ' With sctUeinent of the 327-dny Allis-Chnlmers strike a t Mllwau- jcee.ithe Industry looked forward to H period of uninterrupted produt (ton. to fill the huge backlog of orders for tractors, plows and othei implements^ , ;' The bres£.'ln (i 'e Allls-Chahnere (strike followed by two weeks the teUJcnient of the H-monlh J. L-. Case [arm ;t cqulpmciil. wnlkout at Racine, \Vis. Both strikes were id tied* as fajriier.? prepared to ptit IMTs crons into the ground. With tli^y prospect of more ma- cl-in'ery. it was liellevnd (bat liir- mers again would plant bumper ciop_s. M/inufBclUrcrs of funn mscbtn- er.v .still were pligued by inntcrial phortages.''.^!!!. they expressed <ip- flm^ni over the prosects or i'i- creiwd production. Not since shortly after dny hid the Industry's ouUpoh been ns bright, ; However, many nininilflclurers muit sign contracts within the ri"xt mouth or two with the nnfons whl{h_^ J-ciiresent their production emnloyei JNo : strike threats have been nvidfr,'-and lu general nei^ot.1- alions have proceeded hnrmonioiis- ''' May See Again I^urteen-pear-old Gloria Gurrity. who is blind, plays the piano In the l.iuhti.i.iife in New YorJ; City while niiihorlthv,- considered an u fli.-r made by Joseph Ross, 2U, who Is now awaiting sentence us an auto tlieicf. to Bive licr one of his eyes. (N13A Tclcphoto.) GOP House Unit Favors Tax Si-ash Democratic Minority On Commit fee Terms Decision Unwise WASHINGTON, March 25. III!') —The Republican Illltjrii-Hy of th(; House Wiiys and Means Committee, mid today Unit personul Inlnmi! .axo.s can l« cut $[i,8'II),CS:X<KM i.lili ,'car mid still leave cn»ui;ii money o reduce tlu> national tlcM by $3.0CO,OCO.Oflo In fiscal 15.11: The GOt' views on the las-debt •cdiiclion situation were set lorlli 11 a forinn] reiiort riled by the •ommltlee in support nf IfKlslii- Loii to eul income luxes Hfl perl' ccj)t for tow-hicot;ic t:t\^:i^t--j and i'. 20 pel cent, for ni.-jsl oilier t,ix-|,i [layers as of Jasl .Jan. !. ;, The House begins r»ii.sifii>r;ition tin or the lax 1)111 tomoiTov, 1 . The Democratic niinority of I In: committee roundly c'iileia-d the Republican-sponsored tax cut a? "economically unsound. mrrjuUiibl? I m-ir*?* reckless and untimely leBlslutioii '• • W-'ffi, 'ril Hopnblic.-Mi.s ami »n« Democrat—Rep. MllUjn ![, of T'ex- —supported thr nn.'oriiy viewpoint. Nine Democrats :ii|;ned UK: minority report. T'lle majority rejected llu- Demo- alic arKiimcnl tluit u tux cut nt, llii.s tlHie would ha m/lation- Enraged Bull Jumps Fence At Rodeo; Woman is Injured i ' Atmosphere IIunr.onlouN : In^'nati^nal Harvester, which rcrenUy cflt prices on ninny of Its procjunts, apparently ivss banklui; on full oroduclion. The company at prerent is negotlatini; «ith the OIO unHett' lawn equipment workers, Y.'-i;ch;rT*" r "nts more of Ihe com- paiiyv employes than any • other ' Cpnlrsots hctwe."'! l,h- cnm'iany and union expire April 15. company v* r n n f?l$ spirt 'he progress ill negotiations had been slow, and Ihe union had made no spe- cif") '••n'"> demands. "No difficulty ha s developed. EO fav.'i thev *al<l, -nnd (here have been HO strike threats. In general the- atmosrhere has been quite T'oe company also is negotintHuT Witj the CTO United Automobile Workers.-.-which holds contracts at S.--P o^ lie plants. Oliver .Cjorn. lias indivdual ctm- [rscjts with' local unions in each of '•its r ieven MidWestem iilants. contracts expire at different times but four already have been neRoU^'orl •/or, the next year. The company 'reported that negotiations n t I wo Plants were ; underwav "on a sntis- facfory bails," nnd that bargaining on an agreement to cover the seventh plant, would begin about May AJva w. Phclps. president of r-lt- V"T Corp.. said there had been no '-foimal vork stonviaee" In any of the : coronany's plants during' the lifei or the- conlrncti: effective In L'ie,p3.«j, year. Phclps snld the com- psiiy still^v&s hnmnercd by sliort- a^es of nifttrrial, but he noted an "upward trend in criciencv'- in the company's productive organlja- ;tioii ; Phelps exoressed satisfac!lon Kith settlement of the last remaining ^ farm Equipment strikes, and predicted a "record vear, wiCi nil manufacturers In this important field puliirjg together to get badly Jifcded hnpJcments and machinery to Oic farmer." ••:, , Some Contracts Pcnoinp Deere and Co., at Moline. 111., blsned contracts recently with the CIO united Farm Equipment Workers covering employes at three plants for the next year. Contracts with the CIO United Automobile Workers at five other Deere plants however, expire i n mid-April ana PHOENIX, Ari?.., March, 25 — <W>—Joseph Falbo said today he was Klad his \U'e we-nt to the rodeo Instead of himself. n c said he never could have done what she did. What she did was lo save their three-year-old sou. joi;. Jr., from nn enraged urnhmtv b«U. Mrs. Knllicrlnc Fallio. 29. wiis knocked to the grountl mid tramp- I lea when Ihe bull jumped a corral fence and charged spcctiitdrs at the Glcndalc rodeo. . ~ i sllil must be ncuoltalcd. . I At Minneapolis, \vnge .negotiations will bp reopened May I be- Hvccn the Minneapolis - Moline Power Implement Co. and the CIO Unllcri Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers. SrJokcsincn for J. r. case Co. said they were anticipating no difficulty in view of the agreement which ended (he prolonged walk- cut two \v.*.ks ago. "All «f the cose I'lants arc lit operation at the present time nnd tilcre is i-ocn) reason to believe that a period of prosperity and high pi-cdnctlon is ahead lor Ihe company ami its employes," n spokesman said. Thr Caterpillar Tractor Co. at I'corfa and a local of the United Form Equipment and Metal Workers (CIO1 arc negotiating a 'new contract to take ntfcct April I. So iiif there lias been no talk of a strike. The union aiid company still aAj at variance over several issues. Mrs. palho and her sister-in-law were standing with their small sons in an aisle bcLwcen Ihe rodeo bleachers when the Brahma threw H.-i rider nnd liviped the high fence. The slster-in-lnw was knocked tiown by fleeing spectators nnd her son. peter, fcl] In Hie patli of the onrushtng animal. Mrs. Falbo. with tier own child in her arms, rushed to save her nepheiv. Before she could reach him, however. u state highway patrolman scooped [he boy In his arras and fled. Mrs. Falbo and lu-r son were left In the path o r the bull. She threw the child beneath a sturdy table ns the bull's head struck her glancing blov/. The animal then raced to a high»'Ry ncnrby ami charged nn automobile, knocked It off the road. Horsemen finally roped IheHrahma and returned U lo the corral. TUESDAY, MAHClf 25, KM7 :u:;iic'il : (MX ivilui: •]<! eoivsiim- llornrci- University of Kentucky «•• •"••ix.v.%*, c,t.tuii ,• mlinn \vill utiL be ii.-lt LtuLillpnyineJit toward in IUJ'S. w^J'.a it :i|)))^nrri .ill J;iit it fv\v al (lie: Khotl- chli'tjis v,ill h.iv. 1 (ii.^LiniK.'iii- prS' un"ra B rufi£af^ '«^"' ««*- <""«' »<* '< Icty: i.'irst, the budget should be 'fc"" 11011 today efrectiyc Sept. a. balanced; second, a substantial Tlgoii, U5, h;..s weld the u.iivt! •n is Heavy in itnnu-iiiitle J if:.-^ il / lo re- iiime (.,>• bi;r- n-il threat to lh<. fr'W ii!Vc;iliilc:'.t (.s- L'.h U.V'i 1 of (Uploy- nr:- '/.' :• ih^ul iniuiiiivi. and n-.v 1,1; I in! t» a hlKh III, :.l." IlK'.V KlHi. '• mi-i«,. believes tli li'i' i-lfi'<is cf Hi,: \i:'\ i- ci.ine ins >-L.:.:S make tax re- UHi'l li:!J^ Ullp' lllliv - . . ••)i a. cMiinaii-'I ((n't this .Mill Will HI i-n-.iM' ;ax iiabiiitit:, in tho (-.,'•-.: '.ir yiMi- IU47 i,y iiljnul S3,- (>:, • ;: .i-:0. li lux c(,;livliui:.i in Hie >:••-.•! '-IMI- nn:; aru n-dm-i-il by .-nuiulil, then; will bi- W,- O.O'IU Hiaihihli: for debt re- shoiilil be provldcti; third, and only after fulfilment of Ihe first, I wo conditions, taxes nit be rc-i duccd. I "H IH our conviclion that n' sound iiseal policy, rai.licr than jwlilical expediency, should receive first consideration." I debt retirement, sity presidency lor 19 years. He is ir'tt • I Jui'/l on.) serving Ills fourth lerin as ;m^i- Ucnl of the Southeastern Conference of Universities. Tigert was a Rhodes sriminr ai Oxford after several years at Vi\ll- (lerbllt University, lii- .servc<l as U. S. commissioner of education from . 1321 to 19"8. Educator Resigns TALLAHASSEE, Fia., March 2u. . .. (UPi— Dr. John J. Tigert, president Yom- coin- of the University of Florida -uid lie .stultify-: ^^i— . -• • nij» h.divld- "Ifs lucky for the kids she there instead of me.;' Falbo said. "I could never liavc done what she dh>." Mrs. Palbn was faken to a has- ' £^£ pilal with painful back injuries. ' This Schenley tfhiskey, millions xuy, Sunny Morning Taste, yoitr way I'm- .Siiiiny Moi-uiiif; l-'lavur! l'r<:-War Oualily *«t ir*«**y 86 |lrou f. fa% grilil , „„„„, <|>ir . h C«I.r., 1947, Scl.eulej- ni 5li || ( , r , <-,„.„., N> y ( . 1 AND 2 DAY .SERVICE ON I ANY MAICK OR MODEL UB- j MABLB WORKMANSHIP PHONE 2642 We Call for mid Deliver FREB CAIUHAN Kleclririi] Appliance Co. Aulhorlzcil Alolnrola tt^viliu Sules anil Scrvirc H10 Snulli First SI. WHEN CONSTIPATION n-.nVcs you feel punk as the Jickcu^ brings orf ctoomcli upset, sour taste, R.issy rilscomfort, take I5r. CnlthvrlJ's tamouc medicine to quickly pull the trifigcr on Inty "in- narils 1 ' oncl lielj» you feel bright anJ chipper RE^in. DR. CflLDWELL'S is thc,«fondejful sen- nftlaintivc contained in gooci old Syrup Peptiii to maltc it so easy to tskt. * MflNY DOCTOHS use pepsin preparations in prescriptions to make Ihe medicine more palatable nnd agreeable to tnke. So be sure your J native is contained in Syrup Pepsin. INSIST ON OR. CflLDWELt'S- -(he favorite of millions for 50 years, and feel Mint wholesome relief from constipation. Kven finicky chUdren love it. CAUTION: Use only ns directed. ; DR.CWEITS SENNA IAXM1VE * * TO~.*,« O w SYRUP PflPSTV Sold by Smoke CIGARS !LS DAVIS Jr. REPRESENTING i 15 Adams Avc, Cigars T,a Saolns ;Ord Landcasicr Howmans Itesl licrfenc Garcia Hank Notu A & U Queens WHOLESALE Cigarettes Chcwinj? Tobacco Snuff Smokcis Accessories Memphis, Tenn. Candy ac & Klc H:ir 15u!k Ouuly Cliusc Hi ('vest Slio\vlji)a( & Red Foil I'kgs. Y OU Uno\v from (lie \\;\y your own eyes follow the siniul nc\v Buicks on the road— Wherever you gt> in tfih one, you're going l<f steal,i he shtnv. 'Wherever y mi-travel, there goes tomorrow's car'fashinn — lon<;, sweeping fciulur lines ilrawinj; ;.;l;inccs as surely as the siuurlest new I'uris creation. B • tit take over (his husky awhile — and sec ho\v you earn rc.spccl :i,s well as admiration. Watch (he fellow ahead give you roatl room — when he glimpses your <>ri!lc in Ilis mirror. Your ear nol only looks big and powerful, bul freely proves its lift anil life wiflt every nud^c you give its Fircbal! [rower. Sec ]imv even bad roads {{row humble •at your coming — the roughest and lotighcst meekly give up to the gcn- tling action of Buick's all-coil springing. r r Ihe miles hatter fruitlessly at husky frames and understriicturc. Time can't seem to lessen the youthful liveliness of Accurite cylinder finish that keeps your engine young. Poised im Si lent Zone body mountings, the body stays taut and quiet. Brakes, wheel, gearshift need only i a hint lo give you| certain-sure action. You've got n beauty to handle as well as to sec —a plenty-smart car, and the year's smartest buy. So add it up. Strike a balance of things-you-want and see why this is America's most wanted automobile. Because it is just that, better get your order in soon! V/alnuf and Broadway

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