The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1947
Page 3
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TUKSDAY, MARCH 25, 1917 ieniha! Okay , Expected Soon Senators to Vote On Atomic Board Possibly by Friday BY DAYTON' MOO lift I'nilcd I'reis Stuff Correspondent •VASHINOTON. March 25. (UP) — ..-.en. Bnwke n. HIckFiitaoiier ii I'l.. voiced confidence Unlay that "ic senate would improve m,, dis- n-'Hcil nomination of David E. Li- "'tV-ii 10 iiwui uic Atomic r:n= c'Ky Commission. Ills optimism was shared in- a Democratic source who predicted -1 .it fci'iivtva S 5 .-ml CO senators would V (,t e rm . uiiciithnl. If all sen- I'.urs wore present for ihc uaJJot- '"':, -18 voti-s would be required [or confirmation. Unofficial polls likewise support< ( <' Predictions of Lilicmhal yic- Hut it appeared hi K i,l v unlikelv he Senate would act speedily mi the nominations of Uic live nfomu; eiiei B y cominlssions -ind ' ° r 'Mommy' More $5,000, Child fWiments, salt! they cxpccte, e•X.'-'d'^" "' 1CMt " *•** or Sen. Kenneth McKellar, D I uin., fo c of Lilicmlial was re-iclv ever^^ 0 "T"'"^ «*« -' e\ei sau He took up a mnjm . , )or _ fitomt 1 ^ cslxw ^ of these, ate Atomic Committee's licarm KS wilh trfomto link Linr-ntha! with Com- . E, L. HUTCHISON established offices in Manila By 1,1X1 (United 1'ress StalT Corri'spomlrnl} NEW YOHK, March M.-Four- year-old Dorothy Kloppcr patted Iicr mothers hand today atul said sin. 1 didn't want $5,000. Money may mean a lot to frown ii|>s. but Dorothy, plump, pig-tailed ond prim, said she would rnllier have ".Mommy." Police .said Mrs, Arguerito Klop- lioi 1 , 20. who was upset by growtnn worries, owed her life to" her ro~>l- headed little clanglitcr who calvd police and turned off the gas Dorothy, her mother anil her one- year-old sister. Joan, were ,,t home yesterday when Dorolliy heard a tliump 111 the kllchen. she opcnc-l floor' 00 '' nn<l S ' IW ' 1CI ' " lolhei °» ""' She ran to the telephone ami Hiked the operator to not her a po- iiiUnisni. | The committee approved the i nominations. 8 to ]. anil Hlcken- I icnuer. us chairman. told the Sen- N'e that the testimony failed to •'-low tha'. Lilienthal was "either a Communist, a follow traveler or that he has at any time cncour- V!",t ,i- supported Communist activities." lie said Lilientlial was committed to the basic principles of Americanism." Kockenlooper s aid he believed I i- i.'-mha! would do a "business-like -•"'< in the post. u e noted that Hi-iiiy eminent scientists and public leaders hart endorsed Lilienthal. r» rejcc: the notninntion Hickenlooper warned, would add' to the con.'iisioii and uncertainty about • lie nation's atomic encrev nro- grnm. °- ' Most Democratic senators f//or- etl Lilieiithal. McKcllnr could count on the lielp for several ncpubllcnn l<?aflci>,. In .liis battle to block confirmation. i Sons. Robert A . Ta ft, R. o Wal- inre n yvhltc. Jr.. n.. Me!, and -oles Bridges, n,. N. h., were pub- jHcly committed against Lllieiilha]. ! . aridjes stalled the opposition Ji'oin the floor. He asked Hlqken- looper why the committee didn't Pick (he mos t capable man i n the' nation for the job. The chairman replied that it was he President's job to do the pick"i? and the committee's duty only wn.s lo decide if the nominee was capable of filling the post. Important Than Tells Policeman liceiiian. "Plonse. Mf. Policeman." the four- year-old said, -My Monmiv tell down. We need help." , Uesk Sgl. Harry J. Kagon ol lh" | suburban I.ynbrook police sensed (he growiiiB panic hi the ehildhh voice and began to soothe Her Well help you, little E hv ne said. "Where do you live." ^'111 sorry. -. don't know " BI,YT]1K\ML.U<: (AUK,) COI'IUKK FOCGS Fill! ReVplt H W>»ay Crash Victim W$&fHMSIW£Mmi D '° 3 ' D ' ivcr Fflces Char 9<> Willi otic hand over the trans-i miller Eagim told anolhar policeman lo trace the call. He continued to sooth Dorothy. ..J,", 0 ,"', 1 be f'ishfncd." he said. We'll be right there." Eiignn Hashed word (o patrolmen on their l-nts lo stand by. "I .smell something horrible " s,.<i Dorothy. b n moio. sawl j Eagnii alerlcd 13,. Kaiser and told the rescue squad to get the oxygen tank ready. said Dorothy. ' I1<m> She liuui; up. The operator traced OXWAY. Ark,, Mnivh 2S IUI-) -••' »!Tf.i-i were imuiini. uiil'iv 1J " UlW " "' A"""' 11 ' | i)tir]i.!M-.s which will ciinlriijiile !,i. Ihe st-.-tuliy i,t -MIkey," <;)MV|.in Mud. -nils would iivlnde ci|ii!j)- 'mcii! :,,r Hi,. Turkish armed 'u,.r: mid, |.\:s •!>!>•. irl.-l, .! j-rojr.-l'i MICJ! H'i le!i:.,ili|,-,|[,,,i ,„ Hie Tuvklslt railroad syi.inn." PAGR THREK ror,;c 1,. \ died of Injuries suffered aK« when a truck driven liy ?,\verved [,, ml>.s another huiniH Ocnlry as lie stood on •'i!i' nf a hli;h\vay near May- 'li was arrested on mi ,,peh pending Ihe i)iili-oui<> of Ihe . man's injuries Gentry had llveii j : , ,M,ivflow<r f<" 5ll v ,.,,,. v siirvlvliiR arc Ids wile. • js --.-'-•=, tour dmrnlmx, „„„ „,„. Patrolman Edwin Faulkner and Di. Kaiser crawled tliruu»h a win dow and found Mrs. K,o per t "n. conscious In the ens-niled kUcl en 'l^FSF £*&"'>'*''• '^H«vr^r^r I.nlo reports on the uprising in Paraguay now indlcalc that President Ultimo Moriniuo faces u nalion-wldo civil war In the South American country. Alibi March M. City of Nashville Is Pleased Over WAA Airport Deal NASHVILLE, Teull.. March 25. <UI>>—The City of Nashville today considered It had a bargain. Federal officials have agreed lo - ,.,.-. iHisoanu a aa lcl1 "'" lts municipal airport with raise mechanic. She said she «.'« nlol ' c tlllll> S 3,000.000 In linryrovc- sorry she was taking that w-iv o.ii nlt '' USi to the clt >' fo1 ' S 1 ' 500 - £>hc said she wished she had sonie Thc KOvcrnmenl hnd leased Ihe "imp, to leave the children =ihe for SI ycnl ' <illl 'i"S 'He war. wished she could leave thein'so'non " : " 1 elly fnlhcrs had understood It each, the ude said would be returned afterwards They Mrs. Klopper was taken to a hos Uocnnle ">'nrmeU recently wliciv tho • pital. revived, and returned homn ar A ' >s ' !ts AdimnlstraJon iicclai- Dorothy told police she and ea,- "'' "" """' "° ' sH™™"«'*= ,,,T" *""" »' »n- a.. .\ll-.\li.nis. Teu.i Ul • H ;l y;u,>nd <;. a/a. t, formerly , )f ponlh AinlJuy N .1 was l),-m K hcjd j,,,,.,, lm f ay <M( ,; ••li.iiv,. ,i, vlolatln K Die «hi:,- slnv- Oly HCI. ihe 1,-ederal Burfati of Investigation reported. He was chnrgcri tt ill) Inin.spnrl- nu Janet hue Marl in. M. cievi-- ia'»l. <J, from Jackson, M |, Vi ,„ MLMiiplus Mr immoral purpoM's. v.nlivak claimed lie »•„„ t.nvel- ii'j i.ver ih,. ,.|, lm tvy 1S iUherlng ma- H'rild (ov n bonk. ••HustlliiK Cilrl " |t|i«M', at tin-; lime whether n,,. (UNsislan.e in fin.,...,. „„,, rm fr v i should be made in I lie form u'l loans, rcdils. grants, or ntliiTvvt:>c "I believe Hi:,| [he us-nsiAiu'i" , prc.vided under ibis bin lor mill- oar own frruiitv, iuul not In il:;e!1 rrc i1lni< (he \vlu-: cw it !ial 10 rc-pav, |.O:uiiid be ma,!,' as a clear erani." I O iiyiiin >ald. i As (at the UMlstiuuT carmarki'il ! lor rlnllart purposes, he aifdeil ie- inymrnt cuuld Ii > SIMII;|I|. It' Hi,. r- ••eiviiiji cmintiy ,-milil meet swli '•'Jlt'-Klmis In lur;ili!n cx-hawe. ' ll-.wevi-r." IIP ixlde,!. "j ,|, ,,,11 b'luv llvil Wl . shell 1 .1 create ft- I'UUVIl:! n';llraliHIU fi-f Ulli;-Il tlH'I'l- Is mi reasonable pio:|rcl ol pav- llll'llL" IVppi-r Is Cillleiu r- l'M-t ami T,iy',or .said ibe ud- mlnlMiattnil p: u ii wtiild h,, a .step ti wuvd wui- wilh UII...-IH Thev rh!.ri:,-d thai ||rlllsl> oil Inloie.sls I "en- a bl« fucloi In ih,. Middle Ka.stern crisis and in-fused I he state IJcpiul'jiteiil of not clvlni; cnniircss Hie Held "surplus"! Mayor Thomas L, Cummings started negotlallng wilo, fcdoTal officials and announced today that 1 the agreement had been reached. Former Officer Accused Of Murdering His Wife A rk.. 2fl , z$ale± ASSORl-ED HEAVIES ONESBORO. t\ crn^h 1 , 0 ''" 10 , 1 ; Crai B'««cl 'S on h ° wl " 8o cn trl! " -, d Qn clmrgcs of first degree "'Mil Che dealh of hi s sf. w - p ' Clements Ni>w Grand Jury Gets Instructions at Spa HOT SPRINGS. Alk,, March -15. • U.lM —circuit Judge Clyde n. nrown Monday empaneled « ic- membcr regular Garland County Grand Jury and named Hoi Springs Fiuniturcman Hillnrd Geimclt ,ys foreman. In his charge the judge called nttcnlion to icconimetidallons cf the special grand jury that - ,, , ""•• !>iJucuu grand jurj fishiHB on j 0111 . lln(J Saturday ,md •• .nun iieu oniuumv and Instructed - It to continue its probe into cuun- Shcrtrf'weT Moorievlnm 1 . 1 ^ ilf f jlir!i - Hc < :a]]e <> Wtxlitl iilten- en's tired « n u. , tlua lu ' M e S fA election liuv vlola- »s wife Mrs Nell nni M ' ti0nS ' UlC snlc of »»»"<- 1 il«'-l '>om! i ' - i^i-llie UIC- . fit.- n ,.ili, „-„.„ i e bullet St. Fl-iincls River at La '.er serving f, s constable Dcinitj- - s-;iri Clei ----.. ...v.., ,. |,i S[O | tnree ««- Nellie cic-; for a city water supply'. ,,,-rJur 8 J' er "> and two aldermen who are oi! tl city payroll. The ssrand jcry adjourne/1 unti Tlinrsday morning. Witnesses \vil be culled HI a a. in. Monday Mranwllile, the circuit, Cour opened its Spring term and .ve the criminal docket, for th-> liis two weeks eliding. April the temple. He turned the gun on himself and slashed his wrists ')lit lived to face dial. I':\KI> I. b.HTOl i.s clearly in slithl" in Greece. WitlioiiL U. a, iiwilsiiinve. In- added. the (irrcl; ijovwiuui'iit will Oo uni:ble to cviitlnuc Us present llBht auulnst snerrilla buml.-i wliU'ii Mr. Trrmnn lias de.lcribod sis Culil- inunlst-icd. Clayton said UNliliA relief and British help up to now have prevented ne^itii staivaliou in (inw Unl lie suld I his assistance Iris ticen [;. t - from enou«h to restoiv Greece to a self-supj:orlln|; tlon, "Greece now needs sn'lslalll i;vl outsltl:- aid if .snfferiiiB nnil 1 poiitl- ta) iminoll :ii,. In be lU'oldcd." Clayton iKvlared. "Sit;-li a.ssi.stanre can only come from the United Slates in the time anil In the amount required." Clayton said that of the SlOtt • COO.OCO tr.tiii $303,093,000 would lie lor rircc-rc and of Ihis ;iinolin!. 'I" 1 lull itiuh. < Ui'der their p'an, Ihe U. S. would ,••<intr.»:(,. e'.'JO.OOO.ocU to the UN '" i'' 11 llHi.v.s civil economy. I .•IMIII; <;,!:.;,||,,-hillctif ,,f th,. rillld, !hi> K'.v.iuMniriloii Knance (; ( n-|v>- i.ili.-ii could uink,. „,, immedime ii"'ii 1.1 $rii,rii'j,r0o to assist Clrcccc Inn only under UN control. !'•',' cr end Tailor cl-ari'eil that the I'li'sldem';,' iiroirnnii, by |>ru- vtdliw mllltiirv US«T.|HIM'I- aiid by- liadilnu Dip UN. would kill tint il.'ilvhii!. w-'ild rr'aiilrallun and i 1 ' 1 !!' nil Die Un||,;| K'uie.s ,,,,d Rll ,,. stl1 ln n ennl'llcl Hint rvenltinllv would "fiiKiilt iminklnil." A-llivt Hccreiiiry of aia| t . \) Cun A.hc.-rai. \vlio n-j-lvod an advance Ipkliur. ol the rlan, nrtiii'iitlv re- Je:-t«l It. He suld Clreev). would ^>H under f.'imt.umilst pre-ssuro '• i"ie I;N rain,! h".|n i n move Ai'il lie rellernled lil s belief that be l'-e.':ldenfs pi-<i[.rnm would nut lend In war, A'-'inn« the adinlulstriillon'nrasc ij'fi'r- e-'ii!'r'"-sliiin| ecaillllllee.s to- ilnv vei'e llintersecrehiry of Wi'H'Mii L. (Jlnytan and I, M ':-Vva ;: h. u. s. .infaisiimlVir to fimve. (Jliiylun went belore Ui'lullons Cmnult- :•" while loaltflcrl IIL'- ''rc. a dnsed session of the House IVivliin Afliilfs Coininlltcx*. M'ni.while. Herrelriry ol' HnvNuvy J.inies I'orrcslJi) remiled to Mm ',' fonunlUH 1 thai transfer of American warships to Ore?;c" am! 'luikjj 1 was iniUpj- cojislderntlon aii pmt >rf this .cpHiitry's lirogram'-to' •''i'1-k communism in ' fir e Ne-nr : East. rorrcslal Defi-mls 'J'rJp lir: RM-fofiiti] aho strpiiRly "'tfcfende'd'-' tile dispatch o! u naVnl Uwk forefl Into (Jrrek nnd Turkish wak>rs next inuiith. im ex)>lnlned Chat lha A.^V A,inieti i;,rolL.n nauoilk- every-- whfri' to "so accustom IhoaiseiycH (n the sinht of the Amerit«n fln^- llmt It will not be conspicuous ivhcrcver It is seiil." Ki~ri'lmy of Wur Robert P". Pal- l«r.«Bii also lincitccl njj the fidmln- Isliiillon iiroi'.riun, Hi> said the Orcrks could be lipl|w<J most by lirevidliii! (hem with military iq»ll>:ih>r.t i hey fiepd to reorganize ilu-lr (ujny iiml roBloie Internal Mvurlty. S150.OCO.cOD would be spent for io nsslst,\inc Cireck •romptl), RelieveV Coughs From ACHING CHEST COIDS HUDSON GIVES YOU BETTER CLEANING WITH THE HUDSON FINISH IN 8 HOURS ... for the asking! Hut Cteanitif/ Dye Work Tailoring Alterations HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2612 O v.itij^ t:,-iiiit,T]ii^ assistance Claylon said Ihe Greek <vono:ulc program would include rxpertdltiirc of S81,CCaOCO lor internal rcc-oli- irMiion, $>!).CCO,OtlO for foreign ex- li«i!|!C. and SSflJJIjn.OM for acri^nl- ,iral lelinbililalion. 'I'he n.-mainiiit!> SISO.fi03.OCfl (o be iienl [or military ciiulpnient for Iree-e ivoil'/l iiicludc arms, tllll- nilinltinn; dotIiin K , rnllnnsl and ''•'ini'jMiCnL nccessarv lo rlciil ef- !c"ivcly with the guerrillas." Clayton eir phisMyed thnt the "cslablishmenl, of military security "in Is an essential pre- nquisitc In economic clnbility." He said an American official of oui- staiiriini; r.'nlity should head a small technical mission lu- Greene. Turlis F.irini; Kedcr In Turkey. Clayton said the Kiluation is lc.« critical, if,, ni- nllasijcd Ihat none of the SlllO.- riCOOOO rttommcmlcd for Turkey wculd b3 for normal civilian supulv purposes. "All ol it will he expended for r r>o Laie fo Far Rent WARNING OItl>i:i! Court, Cliirlia- slsviiiiii Colliny. Plalntin* ncfendant In the Chancel v saivlia IHstrict, iM Arkansas. Clatn E. Tucker vs. No. 9900 Alpni.i M. Tucker ....... The defendant Alphln M. Tucker "s hereby warned lo appear within •Idrty days in the court named in he caption hereof and answer the •omplalnt of the plaimitr Clara E rnckcr. Dated this 10 day of March, 1917 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Belly smith, D. a HERE'S AN INTERESTING JOB... There is a career opportunity now for a qualified young woman at the Telephone Company in Blythcvillc. And no experience is needed I She must be 20 to 27 years old with college or high school education, pleasant voice and personality. She will liandle business transactions with the public from her desk in the telephone office. The position offers these, advantages: * Pleasant working conditions * 528 a week fo start with the opportunity of earning up to $32 a week after one year * 40-hour week * Full pay while learning She must know how to type. A knowledge of shorthand is not necessary, hut would prove helpful, If you arc interested in a job with a future, please apply in writing, stitiiiff full qualifications, to the Telephone Manager at Blythevillc. Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. COMMUNiTY .VERPLATE -'W Coin|iU:l<> -st-rvirr Tor cit;h( in a clioicr <if siiiiirl nc\v palterns. Compli'tr with Holmes & Edwards Silvcrpiatc Inlaid Wm. ROGERS & SON $33.50 The newest (intlrrus in silrer- platcby tills famous manufacturer. Service for eiyht . ch'.'st included. pieces In n choice of 3 lovely patterns. Non- larnisli chest at no extra cost. PAYMENTS TIMED TO SUIT YOUS CONVENIENCE

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