The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 14, 1952
Page 2
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PAG* TWO feit. CUrk't Nam* Withdrawn— BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COTJUIWi Truman to Press Fight For Envoy to Vatican B; JACK WASHINGTON <AP>— President Truman has definitely decided to buck widespread opposition and nominal* a U. S. ambassador lo the Vatican. But he has wlthdriwn the name of On. Mark W. Clark for the post. A terse 45-word While House announcement last night sold Clark's name was being withdrawn at the general's request, and added: "The President plans to submit another nomination at » later time." Sources close to the White House emphasized thai Mr. Truman's granting of Clark's request was not a first step in a move to drop the whole Idea. "Who" Is Xot Known But they said they did not know whom Mr, Truman might have in mind for nomination as the first full-fledged U. S. ambassador ever sent to the Vatican, seat of the Catholic Church In Rome. Clark's appointment, announced just a /civ hours be/ore Congress adjourned last October, drew fire from both Protestant churches and Congress members. Catholics generally approved. "The controversy that has developed has impelled me to ask the White House to withdraw my name," Clark said through an aide at Pi. Monroe, Va., last night. "No Other Comment" He made no other comment except to say that "the statement from the White HOUM Just about covers the situation," It Is almost certain that whoever Is named by Mr. Truman to the Rome post will face the same op- oosition Clark did. Ben. Torn Connally D-Tex , chairman of (he senate Foreign Rela- lions Committee, said Saturday he would oppose Gen. Clark or "anyone else" as U. S. Ambassador lo the Vatican. He had no comment on the latest development. Comially and his committee would pass upon (he nomination. Senile Must ApprOvr And the Senate as a whole must confirm It, Clark's nomination was sent to Congress just a few hours before It adjourned, without prior warning. No action was taken on U by the Senate. Immediately a storm of protests from Protestant churchmen and organizations arose. Despite the protests, Mr. Truman considered giving Gen, Clark a recess appointment—one which would Jtar.d unlil Congress reconvened. But on Oct. 23 the White House said this would not be done because In such a case the general would have to give up his Army status, in Ihe absence of special legislation. Clark Is commander of the Army's field forces It wns made clear, however, the President planned to renomlnate Clark when congress reconvened. Clark himself remained silent until yesterday. More Floods and Snow Are in Prospect For California in 'Worst Winter' SAN FRANCISCO WV — More floods and snows were In prospect today for California, already beset by its worst winter !n half a century. The new wind-blown storm carried more ratn toward Northern California lowlands—where 2,500 had lo flee their homes the pnst week-end. It bore more snow io the Sterra Li Is Ousted By Chinese Kuomintang Says H« Didn't Register '• TAIPHK, Formosa l/n— The Kuo- mintang party yesterday kicked out LI Tsung-Jen, long absent claimant of Chiang Kat-shek's title of President of Nationalist China. In Ner Vorx; LI called We M- tkm comical and ciownlsh. "The whole thing ilhi.siratej very w*U how far a dictatorship . . . can to," U Mid. The Kuomtntnng Is the ruling party of Nationalist China. It Is headed by Chiang. Chiang stepped out KS President on Jan. 21, 1949, when Communist force* v e r'e sweeping through China, He named vice President LI as acting President. Li went t*> New York for medical treatment in December, 1940, and Chiang resumed the presidency on March I, ISoO. The Kuomintang disowned LI on a technicality, it said he failed to register when the party was reorganized In 1950. Nevada—where main highways' to Nevada nlrendy were blocked and transcontinental trains either stalled or running 30 hours behind schedule. The new storm was expected by tonight to spread rains to raln- soakecl Los Angeles and snows to the traffic-Impeded mountain resort areas of Southern California. The neno area of Nevada was so plied with snow that road crews worked far Into last night seeking to free trapped motorists. Everybody from millionaire to truck driver felt the gathering effects of the storm. George Vanderbllt, millionaire son of the late Alfred Qwynne Van- derbllt, arrived n-lth Ms wife In » special car on a train that was 29 hours late. The train, Southern Pacific's City of San Francisco, had spent la hours In n snowshcrt up In the mountains at Norrien. On snow-blocked U. S. Highway 40 up In the Sierra on the road to Reno, drivers of marooned trucks had to sleep in shifts at Baxter because of overcrowded bedding facilities. "I'm klHrt, s of lucky," said driver Bill Ellison, of Sparks. Nev. "I only share a double bed with seven other guys . . . We sleep in shifts of two at a time." Most or Ihe 2,500 who had to get out of flooded homes in the San Francisco Bay area returned and began digging away the mud. Gambler Costeilo May Take Stand , NEW YORK («—Gambler Frank. CoBtello may testify In his own defense today at his Federal Court trial on charges of contempt of the U. 8. Senate. Defense Attorney Ocorge Wolf still was undecided whether to call Costeilo as a witness when the adjourned Friday for week-end recess. Parliament is the legislative governing body for the United Kingdom. It has no power over the Dominions. Baptist Reports 2 More Threats Prtacher Soys Phon« Call«r Hinted of Bomb In Jacksonville, Fla. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. l/l'i — A Baptist pistor reported two more telephoned threats at his church test night. The lUv, a. E. Hodge*, whose secretary sal( i Pr | day nn an<my _ mom Ciller threatened him and JiU church with "the same thin? . . . as happened In Mlms, Fla.," has been given police protection. Negro leader Harry T. Moore and «s wife were fatally Injured by n >omb at Mlms Christmas nlKht. Four city policemen and two county offlcinls stood by at last night's service, when 2,000 crowded 'nto the Beaver Street Baptist Jhurch to hear the Rev. Hodges Blve hta promised answer to the hreats. He called the anonymous callers 'yellow llvcred devils who rton't have the nerve to show their hides," Life Crushed Out Of Young Boy in Orchestra Pit NEW YORK (iTi—Some 800 theater patrons. Intent on watching » movie, were unaware yesterday that almost before their eyes life wns being crusfkd out a 14-year-old boy by a moving orchestra platform. The youth, Anthony Bla.sko.vich, Jr., was killer! as he curiously peered from his front row scat beneath the stage of the Academy of Music Theater on 14th St. The descending orchestra platform caught him against the wall of (he pit. crushing his head. An assistant malinger of the theater said the platlorm was being lowered after some children had lamperert earlier wilh the singe controls, causing the platform to rise above part of the screen. BUY YOUR SEED NOW, STORE IT AND SAVE! Consider these 3 reasons for buying your seed now and storing it in our modern warehouse: (I) Storage rates are astonishingly low—Ic per 100 Ib. bagger month. (2) Your purchase is easily financed when we store il. (3) Our storage is safe, dry, clean, rat-proof. We'd like to discuss il with you anytime...but why not call todav? BLYTHEVILLE WAREHOUSE CO North Hiway 61 Phone Corlsen Cheered In London Station By Crowd of 100 LONDON M'I—CJipt. Kurl Carlsen of the Plying Enterprise was cheered nt London's Paddlngton Station cnrly today when ho arrived by train from Palmouth. A c'rowil of more thnn 100 per- jons gathered ns the word spread thnt the little man In tlie gold- hralded uniform wns the 37-year- old skipper who wouldn't give up his ship. They surged nronnrt him n"d « few pressed forward and patted him on the back. Carlson was met nt the train by C. J. Jacobs, representing the •Isbrnndtsen Line, owners of the Enterprise. A friend who travelled » r lth Darken told reporters: "He Is much loo tired and exhausted with Fill the welcomes he has received to say anything. "He will probably stay with a friend during the morning before going to the Danish Club, where he Is to be decorated by the Danish ambassador later today, "It Is not yet definite when he will be flying home to America." Motoriifi Saved at Car ft Knocked off Rails HIGHLAND PARK. III. M>) _ With the emphasis on the millionth traffic fatality, these two didn't quite mnlio the list. Mrs. -Irene Prior, driver of & brnnrt-new automobile, and her companion, Mrs. C. V. Nichols, were stalled on the Chicago, North Western Bnllrond tracks. As the speeding "400" approached, a motorist, J. Dwlght Evans, and a gntcman, John J. Jnnuslk, 'tried lo push the car oft the tracks. They couldn't move the car. The tires were wedged In an Icy nit. With the trntn a short distance away, bc>th, men pulled the women from th^.car-to safety. The Impact of the crn^h; threw the car 300 feet against UuT'depot platform. The halibut is the largest of (.he flat fishes, attained a length of 10 feel. Two Die in Crash Of Navy Bomber YOKOHAMA. J.l|).in C/TV -A U.S. Navy patrol bomber crashed and mi'ncd In a vacant field north of icre during a violent rain squall .oday. Two persons .were reported ;llletl mitt 10 or 12 injured. Navy officers said names of the ,'lctims would not- bo released until lext ol kin are notified. MWT>AT, JANUARY 14, 19M Search for Missing Beauty, 27, Centers on Everglades Trail MIAMI. Fla. (API - Search for thorough search of the trail the missing Canadian beauty who Mrs. i.eMay vanished while fish- disappeared In the Florida Keys 10 ing with her husband George 26 days ago centered along the Taml-l from a bridge nearly 100 miles south' »ml Trail through the Everglades of Miami In the Keys. She left her day. VllfRhnnft In Ti,all> in lt.,.1.- _..,,_,_ today. Roger Nedeau, private detective from Montreal, Canada, said he had "definitely established" that Mrs, irughuctte LoMay, 21 - year - old beauty, was seen on the trail west of jMJaml two days after she disappeared on Jan. 4. Four Persons Saw Her "We have found four persons who ...jw her on the Tamiaml Trail last Sunday," Ncdcau said vesterday. "We have every reasou to believe she was the person they saw, because the dc.seription tallies exactly. I am positive she was si-en there, "It Is still possible that she Is ilive. I bc-lleve she ei'her was kir]- inned or hltch-hikrd awriy from Ihe scene, I don't believe she was drowned," Thorough Senrrb J'liiim-d Nedeau said he would make a husband to walk to Ihelr convertible about 150 yards away, changed Into heavier clothing and disappeared. Monroe County Deputy Sheriff James O. Barker, directing Uw search, said he had no new clues but was stll! searching the Keys area between the Florida mainland and Key West, IN THK CIRCUIT COURT OF I'EMISCOT COUNTY MISSOtWI James Auburn Moore, an Infant, by Chnrles Bates Guardian and Curator, and Ophelia Bates, Ptfs. „ vs - No. 15,844 Veva Moore. Virginia Chltman, Gladys Whitley, Lonnie Jane White, Laura Whitfleld, Aubrey Williams Fred Kelley and Mrs. Fred Kelley. Dfts. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE IN PARTICIPATION By virtue and authority of order of Court made and entered of record In the Circuit Court of Pemis- col County, Missouri, on the 7th day of December, 1951, a certified copy of which was duly delivered to me by the Clerk of said Court on the same day, and by which order I, the undersigned Sheriff of Pern-' and County. Missouri, was ordered and directed (o sell the following described property, located and sit- uated In p»m!«cot Countr, Vii»«rl, to wit: Lots 17 lo Z4, inclusive, In Block 3, of Echols and Cobb Addition to Steele, Pemiscot County, Missouri. Lot 8, in BiocK 6, West Side Addition to Steele, Mo. Lot 1, in iBlock 2, of Kelley's Third Addition lo Slcele. Mo. Lots 1 and 2, of Kelley's Third Addition to Steele, MO., Block 3. Lot 7, Block 3, Kelley's Third Addition to Steele, Mo. Lot II, In Block 1, of Knight's Replat Number II, Steele, Mo. Lot 7, Block 7, West Side Ad- dltlon, to Steele, Missouri. Northwest 47 feet of Lot 4, Block 1. Burton's Addition to Steele, Mo, 1 To the highest bidder for cash and for the purpose of partillon of the proceds among the parties to this suit, and thereupon to report Ihe sajc of said property lo the Honorable Circuit Court of Pemiscot County, Missouri. Now, therefore, this Is to give noice that I will, on Saturday, the 19th day of January, 1952, between the hours of nine o'clock In the forenoon «nd fiv« o'clock in the afternoon of that <tay, at the East front door of the Cunty Court House In Caruthersvllle, Pemiscot County, Missouri, and during the session of s»ld Circuit Court at Caruthersville, Missouri, sell at public vendue for cash, lo the highest bidder, all of the right, title, Interest «nd estate of the above named plaintiffs and defendants In and to »»ld real estate for the purposes herein stated and set out. E. F. 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