The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1947
Page 10
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H, PAGE TEN BLYTIIEVILLB (AKK.) COUKIKH NEWS Lg Federal Workers in . ff Many Jobs Face • r* • Possible Dismissal :'•. »'»•• WASHINGTON, Mnrcl) 24. (UP), '—President Truman has ordered "the discharge of rtis!o.val iedeinl r^yorkcrs and set, up clr.istic new ['Standards to snake, sure nor.c in I ;thc future arc employed bv tlie t: government. " .. j The committee recommended [lighter (controls over J&'s-hoWers 1 and proposed a more vigorous -]ro- * grain of American, countcu'-evpion- ; age. Slit President Trunmu look no ; action on (lie latter proposal. j . .Umler Mr. Tnr.nan's new ruins. ; Jederal workers will lie fired wlu'i'- ;cver "reasonable ground's" exist toj tsuspect -their loyally. The order 5 struck right ut any sovermm'nl L employe who is a Communist or) How pnccs hove inocotcd on basic commodities jinco August of pic-war 1939—and their varying degrees ol initofton oie shown en this char), made Irorcl Burcuu of Labor Statistics data. Note that while g/ain prices soared to 240 per ccnl o( the 1939 scato, auto tires have increased only 20 per cent. Building muleriol piiccs aic not quite doubled, but livestock and poultry skyrocketed to about 221 per cent oircr )939's index. Black bar, light, covering about 900 items, shows these rose 92 per cent. affiliated with a Ccm'immisl L i jizaiion. .. Grounds for di.s:ha:ge in:ittrii? I even "sympathetic nssocialinii" with jany group held 'ay rhc ntlorney J general to bo inimical to the • American system. • In addition to iiiYestimUing the ; government's 2^00,003 employes (or Hreason, sedition, advocacy of revo- rjution and acting in ihc j.itwcsl by Ihe attorney general as totull- ! state ,oi a foreign power. Mr. Truman turian, K.iclst. Communist. .01 siib- j.ordercd that loyalty investigations verslvc. or as having adopted a I Sv' 1 "' 0 collsitlc ™"»'» also: i;olicy of arivocatliiB or auproviii" ;, •Mens^crsliip in. affiliation with, the commission or nets 0 [ lord- or -.or sympathetic association with any violence, lo deny other nersons • foreign or domeiitls orjLariz.illon. tlielr righls under the Conslitu- •nssociation, mcvcment. j-rmrp or lion. <,r as snkm" I alier the •combination of persons designated' form of i ? overmm>nt' of tho unconstitutional mums." Airlines Ask Increase In Passenger Fares WASHINGTON, March 2-1 —(UPI —A 10 per cent increase in airline „„, „, „„ lluys wnll[ , , unl , e ,. slll( i v n -i 11 I )IISSCI1 S CI ' fal ' Cs lias tjecn auproved | is made t,, determine whether they United!by Hie Civil Aeronautics Ixuird for ,'.,j K >ul<! become permanent l(j domestic airlines, *' The lines will make (urinal np- IlIiriiLion jor the new rates April I. They will become efiectivc within 30 days thereafter. They will rc- nviln in effect for an initial pt'i- lod of flo days while further study tliem. The li M-iirry :i ville ^l he c:nx SJn-rr.v IN l» K.Tlpt du)tf luti-r ILO IK ill-ad. ! "pOOR Orville," Mrs. Drood .1 said, "But it's a lousy break ; lor ytiu." \\ Shcri-y ?aid, "Me? Oh yes—me." j :..SHe did not want lo talk about _oys were solicitous durim; tJiriner; tmd meant Ui be comfort- j ing... Sherry could ncit cat. She i cried: now and then. She thought , it^Vas funny to be oble to cry so ; easily. i 'Sandro said, "But i,t is n pity ! just when you svere.going to do his ; Eeript." i Tony said, "Never mind, sweet, - there'll be other chances." Sherry just stared at them. i After dinner she said nhc \vaa ; tired and would like to gu to bed, j Kris'walked to the door "with her. I Something had happened tc the i street lights and the medieval court i \vas~dark. It wns a warm darkness j though, that smelled o£ lioncy- 1 suckle; Sherry walked slowly to • Hidden House. ! , This \\'as all so strange. It hurl 1 'as much as Jionnls soin«, but there j was no tight band 'around her ! chest, .ho lump in her throat. It j was easier to let the tours fall than i. )o try to hold them back, but-they j brought no relief. She seemed to ; be filled with heavy hurt. ! . She let herself in slowlv, and | mechanically went about 'her ; nightly chores. Then she put out i the light and got into bed. She felt dully that if she could think about it she could get it straightened out, but she could not think. She started to cough. She coughed for a long time, then lay back weakly. Jt was hoi and she was dizzy. Everything was black. she opened her eyes it was bn'ijht and sunny. A queer -sort of sunshine that was very far a \vny. A bell was ringing somewhere, but not near enough to have any connection with her. Afteiv n while its insistence troubled her though. H was a telephone—her telephone. Sherry got up nnd went to il She did not hurl any more. Thai was nice. -,r~ Sho said, "Hello." '$&]>$& It was Tony. ,"»*.»? lie said, "Did you have n good sleep? We phoned Mrs. Drood that you weren't feeling very well and were taking, the day off." Sherry said, "What time is il?" Tony laughed. "Ten pasl twelve. We're bring- in!; your lunch over." Sherry said, "Thank you: I'll leave the door open," and hung up. It was nice that you could make a bed nnd bathe without having to iliink about it. Before she was out i:f tho tub she could bear the boys laughing in the liviiig room. She put on lounging pajamas nnd wenl out. Her hmch was ready on the card lable. Tony and Sandro were standing at attention with dish knvels on their anns, prelcnduig to bo waiters. Kris said, "This way, Madamk' and indicated the table from whiclV, he was holding otilithe chair. ' Then they all stared at her.. Sherry smiled what was meant lo be a smile. Tony said, "My B - O :]i, you're beautiful, Sherry!" Snndro said, "But you- have never looked like this before." Kris came closer to her. "Sherry, arc you \\f!" ' ' . Sherry heard herself say, "Thai's a coinph'mcnl! Can't X look nice without bcrni; ill?" "• « * 'J'HE boys tried lo amuse lier while she aic, but they did it a little worriedly, watching for effects, nnd tliey were more nlTcc- tionnto tlian usual. Kris snt Ljeside her and took her hand. "We tried to make an appointment wilh llial doctor Uarton spolto of, but he isn't in his olllui; Saturday afternoons. Will you jui Monday surely? We've got to do something nljoul that cough." She nodded. She said, "I will, vciilly. Maybis' Hint's whnl's making me so lived." By lea time she felt NHK-U belter —more solid and natural—and (lunkmjr was not sueh an etl'ort. Sandro Ijnd made the tea and lony was- pretending to read Sherry's cup. He was making up nice nonsense when the Itnocker ehmked. Kris opened the door It was Peter Dat ton. Siiiulro said, "Oh, come in " Peter explained that Mrs. Droml had told him Sherry wus ill, and. lie had just dropped by to sec it lie could do anything. , Sherry thanked him and asked him to have some tea. The boys seconded the invitation ami Peter .seemed glad to stay. Sherry was quiet and let the hoys do the talking. F OT (he fust time she really noticed Peter. His hair was a little darker than hers and his gray eyes were kind. She thought him lo be about thirty and nice-looking in a clean, healthy way. lie liad broad, dependable shoulders and a reserved manner He would not be likely -to have many friends though. The boys drew him out a bit. It seemed that Peter lived alone in the Montenegro, a swanky apartment house near by. lie had no family and did not BO about much. He seemed to like the boys though, ami they him. Sherry began lo cough again, 1 ' Peter and the boys slopped talking and watched her. she put a handkerchief to her mouth and turned away. • Kris.sat her up and palled her hack. Tony went for some water. Sherry coughed for a long lime, then lay back exhausted. She saw Tony's face go white and realized that he was staring at the handkerchief in her hand. She looked at it. There was,blood on it. ' (To Uc Continued)/ 401 Ii. Main 1'ou Musi lie Buve Money Today. Any Day STOP AND SWAP ELBEKT HUFFMAN'S I'honc 859 or No DCH MONDAY, MARCH 2-1, 19-17 A J-Stop Service LOANS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE We Wilt Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Polled INSURANCE G/cncoo Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 '.'.'If the ballot slippers inilucnccci her so inuoh, maybe we •'.^\shoiilcl try gc-iiinf!. him a pair of work shoes!" -- EACH SPECIES o? FtREFLV HAS A CHARACTERISTIC METHOD OF FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. v A. H, Webb II wy (il at Stale I.ino 1'lioiic lilydicville 714 Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY lOS Norlh Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNEU "THE RteHT AS'S\VER. TO A RISHF- QUESTIONC4N BE\VB3N& Levels end Lines Surveying $ DKAC; LINK I.-AHJI DITCHES Wm. R. Overtors — County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or Wrile Uox 81, Kosclaiul, Aik. Yes, We Have New Coirs Arriving Every Week-— ® Pont iocs 0 Fords * Chevrolets ® Plymouths and others- I'liiec your order Now for Immedi;ite Delivery We'l'iiy Top Dollar fur Cli::m Late Model Cuts I'hone 2037 Cor. Fnuiiditi and Main SI. NEXT: Why is I lo use goldlitli for Irai;.' BE THRIFTY! SAVE MONEY!' Bring your car to HOTS BODY SHOP for all body and fonder repairs, painting, and glass installed. HE AD-LI NENGS for fill cars made like the J'jictorv makes Ilium, same rmilonal nnd workmanship. Guaranteed to fit and look Jiku onfiiml upholstery. 412 E. Main St. Phone 3456 Let's Gel Accjuainled \\'El!., THAT SEEMS TO TAKE CARE O'THAT! MOW I'M M.SO GOING TO BE FRWJK.DALE IF VOU PLAN TO TSH AtJD CHANGE MY HIMt?r PLEASE FORGET SOXES THM NOL'R. fM\ RKORD EXTENSION OF BY LESLIE TTJRNEB Our Boarding House with Mo j. Hoople Out OnTr Woy By J. R. Williams TKW LfXD L OhS Trte TO BE PULLIMG A TIGER'S ISDOM TOOTH' HTHB row DAYS 8&EW AROOMD, . AS SET IM HIS ff, A RML- ROAD TRESTLE/ ]v yhen Growl and I were st,,, „ u , II fin the flames ia the second {•bvy window. and an Idea 15Y RED RVTDPT ii%'" TO tie UP WITH " B£Fo=l= TH=T M O'AIAl.l.KY I We wills roof lifted. Then the whol_e buildfng seemed to vanish. parrot,Teluming from the bAnk with. Fliil<e and "--•'-vjtjred tlioughtfuily at the : ' ' KAI.i'H l.AN'K COMP1ETELY DESTROYED BYO^E SMAVL BOMB.' PARROT, )V4 YOU'RE MADE.' \^ rti.,r-RY OOP Yvjih. i,c(' HY V. T. HAMLIN II THE SPV, HFf XNOV/OUR EWEMIES \ jetr THE NirKol HAVE OUR sr-CKFT! ) t'.'SmU.VOURCAKt-- < LESSNEbS BORDEIJ5 / TO GUT . A OH TREASON; ./REO HFKKING WITH TEETH JTHIS IS THE , CALAMITY; THECLUrjKGOT/ FIRG7 ONLVWHATI / is THE NI'TEO WANTEUH1M ' V. T: HAMI.IN' QUITE : ^, BUT IT MEED MOTCOMCEKH , US...THE CRAZY ONE WILL NOT LIVE LONG! <:< U:^ RIGHTO.CH1EF..IF ^HE'S GOT A THIS TK_ „_„.,_, OF NAPOLEON'S NEW WEAPON; s THIS LIQUID ! ' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIPJS -CCPN v oiaraxj GC'.'.COL 1 . ',<5M'\ I '^ ,Jj ViPJJ . . voo;< TCO VO ••p^ji ,-^'i ^^ BY EDGAR MARTIN ~^.^

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