The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, MARCH 2-1, 1917 Strikers Return Minus Pay Hike CIO Leaders Spring Surprise After 327 Days of Idleness MILWAUKEE, wis.. March 24 — 1UIM — Tlic last 3 |000 st ,.j kers aswinst the Allis-Cliiilmcrs Farm Equipment company bcssm return- lug to work today after voting to en,! tho sometimes violent 3'7-day ,ttMvnlkout. \~ More than half or the 3,000 CIO United Automobile Workers who arc expected to return within the next two weeks voted 3 to 1 yesterday to return to their jobs without receiving n, c 25-cent hourly wiir<e increase. revised grievance pr.iccrturcs or union security far which they struck almost a year The cud of the strike was suggested unexpectedly by i,,,joi: leaders, who are lighting charges thai some of the Iccal officials lire Communists, Robert Busc, president of the Allss-Clialmcrs Local, explained the switch in "tactics" lhi s way: "The company expected us to hold out till hell froze over. This is :i surprise move, n tactic they did m>l expect. This is not a question oi defeat. II is merely n change of tallies designed to break the slalc- mnlc which (he eoimjiiin- has brought about. "In taking this action to return to work we arc not in any sense surrentlering to Hie company, but simply fulfilling our pledge made in the past to our members that w; would prefer to go back into thr; plant utthout a contract than to accept the sweatshop proposals wr.ich the company utters." Buse snhi. Kvcryboily Luscs Other official? of the local, who ' •fj wifli Buse had conferred with inn. lei-mitional officers O f the UAW at Louisville. Ky.. over the weekend, K»d the union would "carry on in the Allis-Chalmers shop" its bat'.'e for a contract and increased wages. The miik-and-file, while ncccpt- ins their leaders' decision, was less sure of the maneuver. '•We're going back tomorrow." said one striker who had been unemployed during the 10VJ -month walkout, "and we're going back whipped. We're going back with pur tails tieUccn our legs." ' The stalemate. Busc said, was caused by the company's refusal to tail-gain with the union local and tlv- only way to break it wa s to get Posthumous Award (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS 'Stairway from Stars' Provided By Navy as Guide to Aviators :i .iithtliiK system here designed t:i provide „ "slnti-wiiy from the still*" to Kiiide alrniaiies tlmmxli the livsl few sivomls of :\ hinrtini;. Cojiulr. J .si. ..\i:irMi. in otiiirBe PAGE SEVEN . InsUillnllon Niid. '1'liis is lilRli riioiiKli In p-iSMilMw "»> vlisu.-los sm-h as ,;ioiu-r Urn-.,. sul,:. •]•)„. ,«.,, i,,,,,,, j.,,,,. lilUU- ill . of von.slni;'liim here, said pmrni ;;;i>inul controll-. e<! isnuroat-h systems Ull it up to' '' hi >> l>"i>»- is maiked by a line the ilot " l ' Il ' m 1'Klil.s at rlnlil jingle., t» ' ' the plane In .will) no aids i-x.-o]>t his naked <i« .in^ ix.-i-jn ills naked i-\c. ' -.',"":<-ii <:au>, in- said Tin.-Safety iii those last lew seconds "'"*">• Use!! is ontlinul iby linlns has sr.nipiMnes depended on the l . I - ll ' l><1 "'• intm-sh idtmu bi-ih pilot's ability lo see thronijli the •'"''"• <-"> I'"' 1 '* 20 lin.-ln.-s hluh Tl»thickest foe, Marsh said. < "|'"'';i.v Ixinler llshts me white 'the new system of lights, ar- \\.^\ '.'" i"i U>s ° " lol> B ">c filial tiuigcd as u son. uf ".stiurwu.v" ID . ' w '" t ''' '"c :imb.<r. Mai.sli tioltU (nil the iv.iH.T rin'.i.. ,/r „,». " — ~. . . point out Hie p:«]«-r anal,' of up- proiti'h. ivlli slum- Hie j:i!ot exnctty "here he should b.- at every se.:- ond of Die hiiiiliiif! >:roc'css lie said. The lights extend 1,-tCD feel t)e- jond the end or ,ihe runway, he explained. The livst lights the pilot .. The jicile.s which -ii|)p m t |] u . h:,h!s are v.roou'ii at their buses. lie .'aid. 'liiis will (IIIIM; them to uu'iik icadlly It a plane (lies or I.IM.. inlvi one nt them. If suc-h a i-olll'-um D.-.-ur:;, iae |)lnile would nut -JC i!!iiii:i«i>(i Ki'i-loilsl.v. Ovl;'is)i mill Die lixhls im> viijuililc "I llii-iwlni: 4«,uvO aiiidlep-owor. lii'Mins Tin- lull .-in-er will i>e usea only iluiln;; (lie Uil:'l;e.rt f«i;«, lie s.'ld, !)..j:ui;,c> on eleiu- nidus the iMllits nt. mil jiawer would Ojc np|. lo Wind the ullot. He snid Die jinver ill thu 'lieiwiis i-all (in regu- luii'd In lit wciilher t-imdlilons He said the pilnt-lpai us ei- s <,i Ilii- ncu- installation, known lo the Nuvy us "llai-low." will i,e giant lour-eiij! iii-d .skj ina.Mers of (lie N:ival ,Ah- Truiii^iirt Command on <'ns points. .. llu'ir iirrivnl from' mainland nnd Uiam lea riio ttn on 2 clui i n in postllmniously to her father, Mai hie fc, ordinary lieroisiu as n s. !U ad leader w two jinm. <NEA Tclcphoto.) Chiang Favors Democratic Rule in China . alissimo' Chiaiu; Kai-sh.v, told the Kiouilntaiij; Centra! F.xr; ntive Conimitec today that "one- party diatatoriiil thought" shou!< be abandoned in favor of totnl democracy for China, he assured in group that the nation Is i ..... danger of s lp economic collapse Chiang in a 75-minute to thc committee said the "overn- ment miisl be bro.tdcned to include •Ircin tlie -1317 budget plant Hie einjiios'es back into th c and maintain thc union's in» right. Walter Geist. president of the company issued a statement in wlr.r-h he .said .the...walkout, was c-istly to everyone,"-nrid estimator!' that.the company lost, 565,000,000 in production revenue, nnd the workers morn than $20,000,000 in Iticir pay envelopes. Those employes returning to work as a result of the union's action Sunday will receive wages 18!» cents per hour higher than "'lien they struck. This increase was granted by the company at its olhcr plants nnd given to UUK • striker; who voluntarily returned during tlie past months, Grain Futures High CHICAGO, March -24 (UP) — Grain inuiies held higher levels on the boai-ti of trade Saturdny and most price dips met renewed support. L-oilnnission houses uought wheat in small lots, while-commercials and professionals provided other de- and United States suiplus'prcpony. ,-.„,,! ..Even without a loan from 111, bargain- United States. China will noi collapse financially, he said. If the loan is provided, it iwill 'be used lor reconstruction and not to eliminate _any possible defitit, he told the comrnittee. -" " of political "good men regardless affiliations." Chiang promised there would be difficulty eliminating a dcfi since China has assets ci five riollais. includin triiiion enemy, Chinese pn;>|iat mand. Offerings in wheat were li;:ht until May overshot the S2.5!) lr;;l. 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M 3 r - c °fl Lundis, Aucfionccr -'.-*-!"*iV^::*"*-:*:-!;*':* i •*•;*•* • L *-»-'*"*:>i>:» »:,->.> .>:'«..•; •;.<:.«..),. »,:<>..•, ..>:»;-.;>;;,; "For Work Done. Right" Cold Storutjc for f-'tirs and Woolens r M U'^H'STI" o TiORIf cfl mml & SOUS GENERAL. CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICH--_NORTH TENTH Phono 3151 Dr. CHAS. L. CRA v^fiSv' Dentist Lynch Building * ^ Blythcviilo, Ark. Phono 2540 COUNTY GOAL 5,000 Members STA r PE GOAL 41,500 Members NATIONAL GOAL 1,500,000 Members Note: Thc men <all m you for you r I \t rm ) 1 :i r t-;i if Mcmfcri.shii) nrc fanners i-.nd dusincss inrn who have UUrn limp uff (mm Ihc-ir luiVini->-cs hccatisr Miry Jiclipv^ }i\ Ihc rarm Burr;iu nnd Ibc iirif.ri- pics Tot which il stands. 1- It is „ c-ounly, stale ami nulional ..r^niwlj,,,, of r nrjm>ra .„„, fi|n|RlI . s . fnends ha s w«,rkc<| continu-usly For over «,vcn,v venrs ,„ he.,, „«. ncullurc oblain a fair part of (h c ni ,lKmal income. 2- Remove Mississippi Caunl.V.s annual Karm [nnime, STS.Iinn.Onil „,„] «'li«l «l" von nave, Mr. Hlyfheville C iM,en7 You «, ull , 11(>t ,- (Jm;ti , 1 in ''us..,i.«s here wifhmU (his i nw)mc . ThcSL . S7Sp , in(l>n( , 0 c ^, 1;m , rc |];m(U , "«'">•- n-any .hnes before leaving U s:_rar,,u,- In merehun!, to labor '« cat- salesman, (o mechanic. In K n,,'ery sdires. !„ lilKCS , ,„ S|M>WU _ (he dollar Kc |,| flln s(opH V(?s> V(u , ^ ;| ^ f ^ j(; 3- The farmer needs everyone's ,,n,| C rslan,]i,, K ;l ,,,l IMVVH rl. Only 15- <>r (he nalion'.s popnlalion is nit farms of America Intlav •I- The ftlississi,,,,! Co,,,,ly and Arkansas Farnt Knrea,, 'f,as a most Kress,,-* f«rn, to n.irUe, ,, );llls ,„,,,,,,„,. Ym( „„,„. ^ ^ ^ ^ lo business in Hlylhcvillc. 5- The Tarm Hnrcan is Ihc latest s.,p,,«,rlcr of flie l-fl (;!,„, ,-,, lfM , lm a n.ral yon.I, nr^anuaUo,, of over 2Sno ,,„,, ,„„, R . r|s jn ^.^ j (oimly almie «• Votu- mcmherslu,, also |, uys a v e ;il - s snl.scripihm (o'lhe Na.ion's A B r,cull,,,-c, one of .he bes. atilhenlie publications „„ 11)c N:lli<>Ilil , ,,„„„ sidwlion. 1,'usinessmcn actually ncc.l this nublicalinn. Tho Membership is extremely low, only S 2,-,n ,,er tnnnl.ershi,,. Town =»'" ".«n.r y a.ihc. wil. be „„,,,.«„, , his wl , ch r ,,,. ,,„,„ )Uii . c;ui Mcnihcr _ •sl"Ps. 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