The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS iropetoUse Much U.S. Cotlon . ' Tennessee Growers Urged, However, to Meet. Competition SEMIS, Tenn., March 24. (UP) — European "markets wilt consume tbojut 2.C9S.OCO bales of American colion during the current crop >ear, Read Dunn Jr., National Cotton Council director of foreign trade, told a meeting of the council's state unit here today. T-he cotton industry -will encoun- ^er many difficulties, however, In rebuilding permanently its prewar markets, Dunn added. He recom- m«hclod lower production costs to meet, challenges of low-cost forelgn- eroVn cotton. ~ ' Cjlher c5llon council officials c'lared that cotton can outdistance its r competitors 'by backing up Its sutfeiinr - qualities with research, fialw promotion and more efficient jrortutliojV. and marketing. • "Cotton stands heads and shoulders ift'os'e its ' greatest competitors" in .such important qualities ns vet- ar.d dry strength, abrasion' resistance.' aosoitoency, tauimeraull-j ilj", perspiration rctir.lance, flexl billty nnd versatility. Dr. M. K. Home Jr.,' Washington, D, C., said. But cotton's "margin of superiority la slowly-1ml relentlessly slfp- pins away," he added. Home rw- «iinjoiid£0 that $25.000,000 be spent finnually on research. fitbert Grove, president of the Tennessee Dinner's Association, -warned.-.that cotton Is not immune to .fundamental taws of practical economics and its markets are "not finered.'.'.^ - CoiigrSs niay appropriate an ad- nitioiiBl^^S.SDS.&M annually,'by ]651 to 4>e<u»d-by Southern agricultural experiment stations in fnrm -re- enVch riaude L Welch, of Memphis, and MONDAY, MARCH 24, Attends Funeral llonnl Colloji Council, (lie cotton exchanges of Ne w York, New Or- fins nnd Memphis and Die Mem- his Cotton Carnival. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- V'AHDS. March 24—fUl'l —(USDAl —Livestock: Hogs: 14,100; salable 8,500; nc- Hve to nil Interests 170-lbs up' steiidy to "Kx. higher Ulan Friday's ' average: lighter weight and sows, I jucslly steady. Bulk good find choice 170 to 250 Ibs., $27.25 to $27.- ' 50; top, $2..50; 250 lo MO Ibs, — 1.15 lo $27, 25; odd lots heavie weights, 126.60 down; most 130 lo 150 Ibs., $23.60 ^0 $25; lew, J25.25; oild lote around 160-lbs., $26 to $20.50 100 to 120-11) pigs, $20 to Cattle: 7,800; salable 5,500; calves, 1,500, nil siilnble. Tmjulry lalrly active from shippers and small local Interests, but bis pack- er.s not very aggressive. About 45 loads of steers offered and approximately 25 per cent of receplts'run- ning to cows. Market generally slc.idy on steers, hellers and cows. Too Late to Classify for Safe Ti'i.i'wjltcr. IS" r:irri:ii..... Vfry r.-n'tii,. _l!±' i^- 251 "-- 2-|.,.k.-J7 I on or I). I'. I,. <.<>tl«ii iilniilirie uri.i II .1. Hr-urll. .,1.1 |>»,ty K, ....... . Ill O.i11,«,!ml IIK.IOJ-. fit'- Sea KillK l''l|jf llnlly. I'll. M39. :ii2.i.|ik-j|7 .V.I liMiiM-s on., ll-rnutii. t ..... l.-.linti. mis- ,i. 'JVr,il». 1,'ull -IDS ,„ ,,-rll,. I'll. ' niul .Ni . ii-h1.-it for -fino ]I,T iiiiinlli. I'rin. % »y. lull. Term,. :- i :.ll In, us,. !i:.l[ Mnrk .11 M ,1,1 In K;,-! iii.l. I'ri,'.-,! I., .HI. 'IWu,s !" a.HB a".; i.iil.-s .-n«i ..f I'.irinn M.I. !!-.., I II i, ,!.-.,, -I., I hi l-.aii..: ,•.,, ,l,,,l 1.1'TIIKI! III1AV. IIKAI.TV. I'll f.lll l!i;UT IKIKX SAI.KSMAX I'l, ;(!1OK ()"ii-.. uiUi \V. M Williams In-, A^,-y. I'll ST.'il :\\'> i-i,k-:ll I I.' linlf,,,:,,, ,!,.,,l,,v ,„,.„, ,,,,i,.1,- r i-,.,. IT.-rtlly ||,-\V. I'luiii,. r,IK W I Os.-,-,,l-i. Briicie Maxwell, 4 years'old. stands vigil over his clog "Poochlc." killed by n car in Cincinnati. __ Eritcie stood like this for six hours and wont home only when they came to take Ills dead pet away. Cotton Queen From Dixie Lands /n Paris to Model for Experts By SALLY SWING ! United Press Sluff t'orrcsimnilcnt PARIS, March 24 — A cotton cu,u. Dixie found Paris chll- _ a mink coat, l^-year-okl h pvercll, right, under t,us- o.f muriier in connection the yacht-explosion death 01 jsocjalite parents, Mr. and Mrs. '.p. Overell of Flintridgc, . .ttends her parents funeral at Glcndalc, calif, she was accompanied by Reba Crank, left, matron of Orange County's Sher- Jffs office. Miss Overell was released, temporarily by court ov cler »o she could attend the ftmeriil Ki-vlces. <NEA Tclephoto > Hllma., Scay of- Mein, nrrlved for a^ two-week «»~... ^-wlll tour. WiKMi she stepped off nn Air Prance transport, every Inch of her five foot six friime was shivering. Whisked off (o (lie s«'ank Ifolel O.i-orge V, she lost no time in KcU ting inlo those things cotton, every thread or them, and everything w.-is okny. "All of my wardrobe, from my huts to my untiles, 1 5 mndn of rot- 1011,". the loyal cotton queen ox- plained. Miss Scay was studying siHKini! , at Soutlnveslern in Memphis \vlien her dimples, smile and figure thusi. 34, waist 23, hips 3-1) won hrr ihc Cotton crown. Miss seay will ue feted Aiuhassnclor Jefferson CTffcy. an- riciiHure Minister Francois Tun- yny Plcenl, tlu- Paris wine Industries inul French cotton munulac- tii;i>rs. she will wear a different cotton ensemble on each occasion. Miss scay .srtld *he -wns not nb.ished at the Idea of talklni, with ' France's roii "It' political fijiurcs "H to bo so nice. Tin nlr," slip saltl. "It's -so hiK cotton queen nnd 1 Just lov<; Iravclliif!. It's an cclnca- tlon In Itself." fihe will no (ho Hlvlcra to model Hie latest American cotton bf>th- iiiK suits. She (iracrlbetl them ns '.iitsch more "cover up" than the French postage stamp fype suit. Next week sh c will go lo the T.olrc V.illi-y jor ivijie Insllii!,' ceremonies inicl later to Le Ilavi'e for a ceremony cmnmemoralin,; Ihe arrival of ll.c first lialc of cotton from Amevicn since the liberation. A slluht shadow was cast over the Lo iifivre ceremony when fire rtealroycd 10,000 Vntles of newly nr- rlvcd cotton, The tour is sponsored »y the Na- For Rent Agents Wonted IIIISIKUY AtlKVTS— S,.|] il!r:, Kl.rri !i>li I" It..' nvliili hnsc. Ilrnl «l[.r.'i'*: iDil-n liip iiralils. Writ:' l.,,l/n NMII,.r S^lra. urn llr l,v-,v I'lii -"'i .11). 111. :i|2..,,l.-2i: Lost .nnli. I.lurk liiilliloi/. vvliil.. rnt-i- An Wanted * WE BUY * WE SELL USED FURNITURE JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. LIFE STARTS TODAYI HOW DO YOU MIL? III« O.K.ToTij UK I VUlutiu • Tnuicr. I OR IHlifJ T*..a.IH«Unnl THIST Abdemlulr OIT ACLIIIIKA TODAYI •I nrituiVr. nulrlll«n i«n< »t»rtln| TOMOKKOW MOININC—<irON AHIIINOI «s !>•«'» p^y, p* it -ttttt D LE R I K A -EMUMrlElt THISi SATIKrACTION Ci'rVKANTEED OR MONEY MEFUNDED r>«»4 ]• rttfttHri l»r TRIAL &!*£ l» 111* AD1£R],;A to., O4pl. ]. St. P«ul 1, Minn, with bulls under pressure. Vealers steady. Several loads medium to gcod steers, |22.25 to $24.50; medium steers around $18 to $20; good and choice hei.x-rs and mixed yearlings, $21 to $24.25; medium, $17 to $20; common and medium 'f cows, $13 to $15.50; odd lots ty nljove, .$16. *n Deafened Now Hear With Tiny Single Unit .Science has now made it pos.sibK for the deafened to hear faint sounds. It Is a heariHB device so small that it fits In the hand and enables thousands to enjoy sermons, music and friendly companionship. Accepted by the Council on Physical Medicine of the American Medical Association. This device does not require Kepanite battery pack, battery wire, case or garment to bulge or weigh you clown. The lone Is clear and pov, r c i rful. So made that you can adjust it yourself to suit your hearing as your hearing changes. The nmkers of Beltone, IJepl. 141, HftO W. 19th St.. Chicago 8, 111., are so proud of their achievement that they \\ill gladly send free descriptive booklet and explain how you may yet n full demonstration of this remarkable heariny device in your own home without rlskhiK a penny. Write Beltone today. To keep them In harmory with the seasons, paintings ana scrolls on the walls or Chinese homes nre changed periodically. Read Courier News Want -Ada. Piles Neglect Threaten Health Explains' (lit 1 Dangers of Associated Ailments Leani now why Piles, Fistula and oilier rectal disorders frequently cause such common associated ailments ns colon disorders, headuches, constipation, ar ,:tomach, liver iind bladder conditions. Many fuels nre explntnrtl inanu-.v •tO-paue FREE HOOK. .V.s;) n -nilil institutional treatmfmV '.hat helpetl Ihousands. Write toduy—for your copy of this In'.nk and infor- niative book. Addr'.-.« Thornton fc Minor Clinic, SniU> 1572. !)'/3 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo, 313 E. Main Phone 2487 ^ss^ Registration ^5"' " 'Fee I ^TUESDAY, MARCH 25TH Bring your cars pr-trucks one day Previous to Sale Day Caretakers to core for your cars! I ALL DEALERS WELCOME REMEMBER: No registration fee to dealers! For further information call Steele 49 SALE EVERY TUESDAY! HOLLAND ^ Across from Dixieland Service at Holland, Mo. ^ BE THERE! Announcing a New AOTO BODY SERVICE MODERN EQUIPMENT . .. EXPERTLY TRAINED WORKMEN ... TO ASSURE YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION! Our modern body rep.iir .shop is fully equipped with tlio latest precision equipment to Kiiiir.mtco the HKST in sei'vicc on any type jol), large or'l. This department is under the nuui;igemciit of U. K. "Trickey" Walton, who will give personal supervision to every job placed in our c:vre. Our service includes all types of metal work and coro.- plete paint jobs. Remember, there's no job too Ini'i'e or small for our expertly trained sl.iff. G.M.A.C. TISIK PAYMENT PLAN WANTED! CARS WITH BROKEN GLASS OR DAMAGED FENDERS! URING THEM IN TODAY LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 305 E. Main CMC TUUCKS Phone 519 Ol,nSiMOBlT,K Set for Spring Soft, flattering, face framing curls accentuate femininity. Our exclusive Eska Cold Wave fissures you of n.itunil lociking ringlfits and no trim. A Permanent now will tnke yon riglit through summer! Eska for Easter! The BEAUTY CLINIC 1st Nar'l Bank Bldg. Phone 3274 I J WEEKEND SKIRT and DRESS SALE JUST 6 SKIRTS - - Reg. 6.98 Values - JUST n SKIRTS - - Reg. 4.98 Values - - JUST 4 SKIRTS - - Reg. 3.98 Values - - JUST 6 DRESSES - Reg. 15.98 Values - JUST 3 DRESSES - - Reg. 9.00 Values - JUST 77 DRESSES - - Reg. 9.90 Values - JUST 5 DRESSES - - Reg. 7.90 Values - JUST 3 A DRESSES - - Reg. 7.98 Values - * JUST 4 DRESSES -Reg. 12.98 Values- JUST 5 DRESSES - - Reg. 10.98 Values - JUST 3 DRESSES - - Reg. 4.98 Values - JUST 3 DRESSES - - Reg. 7.98 Values -

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