The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, March 24, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTHKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XI,IV—NO. 309 Blythevlll« Daily Newr BlytbevUlc Courier Blythevllle Herald Mississippi valley Leader Luxora Business 222755 Bales American Legion Produced in Missco In '46 Bl.YTlIKVlLl.K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MA1UUI 2-1, 19-17 SINGLE COPIES F1VB CENTS' Section Suffers Heavy Fire Loss "* Blythcvillc, Osceola Firemen Help Hold Loss to Four Firms Held for Her .Parents' Murder There were 222,750 bales of cotton liniied and to IK ginned In Mississippi County from the crop of 104G ns compared with 129.809 bales from j the 1945 crop, It. was reported toriav' by Chester Danehowcr of Luxorgi, county cotton statistician. LUXOKA, /Ark., March 24. —An early-morning fire Sunday raced through four business houses here, destroying them and cnAp.ngcr- iug the adjoining hank and Post Office building. The largest fire here in the past two years, it caused an estimated $10,000 damage. Destroyed were Muntz Cafe and \V. E. Hoskins Grocery, in buildings owned by F. Johns of Ltivora and the adjoining Russell Bowen Cotton Co. and Bon Ton Beamy Shcp. The beauty shop was Jn the cotton company building owned by Mr. Bowen. The blaze was believed to have started in the cafe from an oil heater. The fire, discovered 1 by Night Watchman Lse Long, began about 2:00 a.m. and was fought by firemen for nearly three hours. Blythevillc Firemen Respond It was feared that the Mississippi County Bank and the Post. Office, both in the bank-building adjoining the row of -burning structures, would also burn but Osceola antl Blythcvillc Fire De- called in at this pDint the blaze from spread- • pnrlments 1 prevented ing. Also endangered was a building still under construction by Louis George, but the partially-finished structure was nlso saved, It was reported that the building housing the cafe and grocery were not insured and that the cotton company touilding was partially covered. Mr. Bowen said that he would begin rebuilding at once. Sheriff Rushes Murder Inquiry Grand Jury to Probe Charges Against Co-Ed In Death of Parents SANTA ANA, Cal.. March 21 (UP)^Sheriff Jumcs Music rushed the collection of evidence against murder - suspects Beulah Louise Overell, 17. and-her fiance today in the hopes that a possible grain jury Indictment would make it unnecessary for the state to disclose its case at a preliminary hearing Miss Ovcrell, -University of Southern California co-ed, and George (Bud) Gollum, 21, have been for inally charged with murder in con ncction with the deaths of the girl's parents and a dynamite timi 'bonrt> explosion a'ooard the family' power cruiser. The young couple's preliminar: hearing was set for Thursday, whir the grand jury is expected to mcc Wednesday. Denying reports that the coupl had consented to a lie dctccto test, Musick said they would' b given psychiatric examinations thi week. The Overell's 50-foot cruiser w; blasted at midnight March 15 b dynamite time 'bomb white th Favors Drive to Ban Communists House UnAmerican Probe Committee Asks Citation for Contempt WASHINGTON, March 24. (UP) —An American IxrKlon represent:*live told the House UnAmerican Activities Committee today thai the CommunKs Party of the United Stales is "llic willing instrument (if i forciyn power bent on the de.strnc- Uon of Amerlcnn democratic government by violent uprising. The testimony wns niven hy P. Green, Oninhn, Neb., chairman (if Ihe Lesion's Aincrk-iinism Commit Let;, as the House group opened public hearings on bills to b:iv Communists from politics ami from use ol the mnil.s. Before Ihc hearing began, the committee unanimously approved i; contempt citation Against Leon Jos- cphson. alleged key figure in an International ring that faked pnss- ports to get Communist agents into this country. The citation must be approved by the House before it is turned over to the Justice Department for notion. Green said Ihnt because the. Communist Party seeks violent overthrow oT the U. S. government, "it cannot be tolerated. "Prudence at this juncture in our history demands that Communists be deprived of the right to seek or hold public office," he said. "The Communist Party should be outlawed and its right to use the mall itself or through n front denied." First witnesses were three representatives of the American Legion. They said the nation's largest vet- Truman Arranges j ov je| S seek Pay menS \npfi3i Mpptinn 4^0 v^ • • wiin LQyisidiors •• . - . • Yugoslavs to Austria State Department Official Urges Gift To Greeks and Turks WASHINGTON, Mnrcll 3-1 — (Ul'l —1'ifslik'Ut Tiunmn lodny culled nil iiiiitsiiAl night mednlu of the linmblk'Hii nnrt Democratic "Bin Six" conijressloiml leadership. Prcsumuuly, the conference at H put. tonight will ileul with Hip in- trrmtlloiiEil slliiiitUui and Mr. Truman's proposed $-100,000.001) bid for OH'ccc mid Turkey. Bniluli Ovcrell, 17, daughter of Mr. nncl Mrs. Wnltcr E. Ovcrcll. nnd her boy frlriul, George Oollinn, 1\\ were booked on charges o! murder in Santa /Vila, Calif., after pollen discovered rcmnanls ol ;\ time-bomb on (lie shattered el ulscr In which -Beiilnli's parents died us n rosull ol mi explosion. Last, persons lo see the Ovcrclls alive, the young pnlr rowed ashore u lew ininull's prior to tile explosion, according In police (NEA 'lelephoto.) .voung couple was ashore. They were! eran organization favors outlawing getting hamburgers for themselves the Communist Pnrty. and tlie girl's parents, according 1 They proposed a seven-point plan to their story. Bodies Found in Galley to supplement President Truman's Truman May Veto Ban on Portal Pay Action Would Bring • Test of Strength for | program for keeping disloyal wjrk- When the ha"-sunken cruiser, ers off the federal payroll. The ras raised bodies of the Overells President's program was announced Blytheville Glee Club Groups Win Honors in State Festival Doth the Hoys ami Girls Glee Clulw of Illyllfovfllc lltnli School received lop IKJIIOV.S ut the Arkansas iiifsli Schixil Music Fesllvul hulri Friday at the Robinson MemorliU Auttitorium In uttle Itnck, which 1,021 students lUU'iulcd. Mrs. Wilson Henry Is Blyin'cvlllc High School Glee Club director. +- .- were found in the galley. Subse- guent investigation disclosed both had" been beaten on the head, pos- over the week end. Joseph.son, former New Jersey attorney and nn admitted Com- sfbiy by a ball-peen hammer found munlst> was cite( | rcr contempt be- near the bodies. 7 The .sheriff theorized that the attack on Overell occurred after he.left the Cruiser -Mary E to row •shore- two mechanics who had been working on the cralt. There , ] cause he refused lo testify before an UnAmerican Activities Subcoin- inittee sent to New York to investigate the phony passport ring. Committee witnesses have labeled probably more impor- WASHINGTON, March 24. IUP> — President Truman =was reported tcduy to be considering a veto of portal - to - portal pay legislation 'Which has passed the Senate and •House by substantial majorities. ..If Congress stays hitched, both houses will lick Mr. Truman on such a veto. The House passed its version of the bill Iby a whopping 345-lo56 margin. The Senate vote was fl4-to-24, a handful of votes •more than the two thirds majority needed to override a veto. But the Senate margin is small. The sugRestcd 1 veto would be the first of a scries expected from Mr. Truman. Republicans are not at all certain they can overcome him on several big issues, including: . 1. Portal to portal pay. 2. Overall amendment of la'Jor lecislation. 3 Personal income tax reductions. On ceconomy. the. new Repiftii- ^an Consrresr, prcbibly already has '•the President licked. 'All Congress has to do ir, inviose s eU- disc Spline to avoid voting more money for urgently ballyhooed project than ultimately will he set. as the ovcr- k all limit ol spending in the next ' fiscal year. -Both Senate bud House are minded to cut Mr. Truman's budget although they have not been able to aeree whether it shall to by S6.0CO.COO.OOO or by S4.500.000.COO. The House has voted for the larger cut and the Senate for the smaller. A portal-to-portal veto would lest the basic strength of the president's improved popularity among the electorate. Since the November election put Republicans in control of Congress polls have indicated that Mr. Truman's standing with the nublia has improved considerably. "So far he and the new Congress have not come to grips. been caused by turned to the yacht, he said. ['"^ jh*" Gerhart Etsler. previously There was an air of tension 1 denttnod as the top Comiininist aboard the cruiser throughout thej hos ^ '" thls country, day, before the fatal explosion! Chairman J. Pnrnel! Thomas, n.. which first ivas believed lo have N - •>•• announced that the committee had accepted the subcommittee's report on the passport ring "unanimously." To Demand Prosecution Subcommittee Chairman Richard M. Nixon, Jr., Cal., has said the Justice Department will be ashed to prosecute Josephson for revolution- The boys' uiul girls' yronp.i received first division, or suiH-'rioi', rating, and the choir received a rating of excellent plus. The bays snug for adjudication, "Softly at Nightfall the Moonlight Comes Stealing" by KounU .and "The Riff SOIIB" by Romberg while the girls sunn "i Wnl l,tit Up Mine Eyes" by woodward 'ind "I Cannot Be a Strange countrce" by Repper. . The Choir sims; "To Thee We Sing" by Tkach and "There Is Balm in oilend" by Dawson. Many Schnnls I'urlirip'.ile Schools participating In i festival, one of the largest CVLT held, were Blythevillc, Comvay,' Ci-cssett, El Dorado, Oillctt, Hot Springs. Lcnanto, Little iloc^ Marked Tree, Mt. Ida, North Lit- Outlook on Labor Far From'Bright Showdowns Near on Telephone Strike; Other Troubles Loom i leak in the fuel according to the HY SANDOIl S. KI.IUN Dilltr,! 1'ress Staff Cnrrcspimilrnt i WASHINGTON, March 44.—un- clriseiTclury of Kioto Willliim U 1 Clayton told Congress today that nil financial uld lo Greek-Turkish armed forces should lie un ontrlglil Kilt, nUhcr thnn n loan, because It is "I'sseutlal to our own security." Teslifyhnj uelore the Houso for- nffairs cominlUce in support oj ['resident Truman's $400,01)0.000 Greek-Turkish uld program, Clay- Ion Indicated that nliont half would be for military assistance — lor which, he sntd, repayment should nil lie .sought. Clayton snld military aid "Brunts" to Greece should amount lo $180.1100.000. Turkey, ho snld. should be Klvcn $100.000.000 for nillltary aid niiii for essential piihltu project.'! such as railroad rehabilitation. The irmuininy; $lfio,OCU.OOO should be allocated for economic assistance to Greece-. Cluyton wns the second top-Might administration spokesman to up- pcur before open congressional bearings in defense oE Mr. Tru- inau's program to check Coimnu- ti!>:m 1" the tocnr tinst. Acting Becretnry of Slate Uean Achcson. nftor two days ot scurch- Ing Interrogation by the House committee, went, before the Senate Foreign Relations coinniitlec totlay to tell pretty much the same .story am! lo answer n long list of pre- p.neil questions, Clayton pleaded that Congress WASHINGTON. March 24 (UP; telvc ll to Ulc Wcsldent to dctci- —The nation today entered a crit- mlnc tllc tcm >s "I 10 " whlch lllc leal 100-day period in Intnr mam' as.'lslanco to Greece and Turkey agemcnt relations during wlilEli I would be IiirnlshMl. wage deadlines will cume up in at 1 " A "y » ul °' Unanclal. rctntlon- leasl nine major Industries. , ships, to be sound, must l)c related ••:The most immediate threat faced lo - lhc .rcijllllcs ,nnd objectives of the tclor.honc industiy. The polKsy j"'« case,"'he said, "f bcttcvc that committee of the National I'Ydcri- assistance Tnr intlllury purposes, be- Dr. C. C. Stevens Dies in Hospital MOSCIOW, Miti'di 2-1. 'U.I>.)~KnsHtn'insisted l.oilay UuU (lie Hig Kmii' permit Yujfoslnvin lo mnkc n ?150,000,000 TOpnniUoiiH claim tiKitlnst Austrlft (lo.s!)itc n secret ngroe- nioiit ipiUiiig the Hig Three lo exlrnet no reparations from lltnl count ry, Tlio Soviet dcmund on behalf o( Yugoslavia wns made ill a nieut- U-B.'i' the depulles lor Austria lit tha opening ot the third week of the Moscow Conference. i Tim Suvlcl.s ulsii rrfusnl in uhiinitiin Itie iiuMllilllty of mak- Inn claims aialnst Austria fur .in rsllmalcil ^^O.OOO.OfJO In' now tJcruiiel occupMlion currency, • Tim. Austrian ropwntlona <iues- tlon was brought up tjy Ocn. Mark Clark. Iln nsked (or an agreement on the reparations clause in Ihe Aiwtrliin treaty which would reaffirm the t'olsdnm aurceinent of the Ills Three. Amtrian I'nlU) lli.scus-.oii "It Is tigrced," snld n docincnl signed by the United atates, Hus- sln and Qrent Ilrllaln at Potsclaiu. "thut ho rcpitrntloiis would be exacted froili Austria." i\l!hough that • fact liad been known, the oxivct texl- of the statement never before wa.s made- pub- K« MOSCOW -on Pace 4 Funeral Services To Be Conducted In Methodist Church Dr. Curios Crawford Sfnens, t ~i-omlncnl Diythcville |ihy. hlau who hud prucllceil ho.e since 1)05, died this morning at 0 o'clo k in IMylhcvillc Hr;spltnl iiflcr n two-I week Illness, Ho wns 68. ' ..Funeral services wi 1 be held to- tnorrc.w afternoon, 2 3> o'clock, at | the First Methodist Clnrch with I the Rev. Allen I>. Stewart, pastor, offlclntlng. Burial will he In Elmwood Co nctery. Dr. Stevens cume here from Joncsboro, where ho hud practiced three ycurs after receiving his (U 1 - greo from the Mcdlciil Srlicol of University of Georgia. Auimstn, He also nttcndix! Nfedlcnl S'.hool In I-iilsvllle, Kv. He was born In Livingston CiHinty, .Kv, . ,Hu wns active In civic oririmlzn- tlons nnd n member of the Mississippi County Medical Society. !lp was a nierrbsr of the First Tvlctlfu- dlst Church. He Is survived ty his wife, Mrs. Mildred Hiu'Mrd B'evcns; n son, Wullncc Gardner Stevens of Tucson, Arl7.; u daughter, M's. Ann Hamilton of lllytlievlllu and a, Vo- Iher, Ross Steven^ of nlythcvllle. nrd six grflnf'chlldren. ' . .lAc'tlvc, p'yllbwrcrs will be Hurrv nnd F.Hon Kl'f-y. Perry C. Roth- rnck. R. C, Allen. B. J. A'lcn. D. Slivivons, Mil's Bryan, B. A. Lynch and Br"ir >MMey. , All niythcvlllo doctors will be honornrv p-xlVbciircrs, .. Holt Funeral Hnmb lines or tanks, mechanics. They s aid that Miss Overell several times urged her mother to have thorn leave, explaining Gollum could finish the work on the vessel. 'Although the young couple have contended Miss Ovcrell had parental consent to marry April 30, her eighteerilh 'birthday, Mustek said he had incontrovertible evidence that the Overells opposed the plan. Miss Overell is the sole heir to the wealthy loan company exe:il- tive's estimated SBCO.CO!) estate. C. E. Sullenger, Attorney, Dies In Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark., Mar. 2-1.—Funeral services for Charles E. Sullenger. 68, Osceola attorney and civic leader, were- held this afternoon at the Swift Funeral Honi Chapel in Osceola. The Rev. L. T. Lawrence, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, officiated. Burial , C(L'c. l ,!ionable loyalty. nry conspiracy. Similar action already has been rennestcd against Eisler. Two bills arc before the committee. One would bar Communists from running for political office and sendinc their literature through the mail. The other would make it illegal to be a member of the Communist Party. Thomas said the committee neither endorsed nor disapproved of the bills so far. But. he added, "the question of Communism in the United States rtoscrvcs the immediate action of Congress." Tlwunas said Mr. Truman's directive to purge the federal payroll ol subversives nearly paralleled legislation previously okayed by the committee. This legislation would .set up n fcdc-.-al loyalty commission wilh power to fire federal workers with Ptuttcart ' Wilson "iiii'd Wynne'l tlon of Telephone workers (fnd.) ing essential to our own security. 6 Ss Iron, i°" sc ooi- imtl" convened here today lo determine "-"i ""' I" »«=» creating the pated in a concert to clinmx 1 e' how soon !lftcr A > )ril 7 to schedule wherewithal to repay should be fcsUvil ' l a llal - iollil1 strike to support tic- made as a clenr urnnl." ' ' iinancls for n $12 weekly pay boost.. Financial aid for civilian pur- Adjudicators and guest directors I . .Union officials said from 70 lo puses, ho snld, uoul.l "appear to were Wilson Mount, supervisor of DO per cent of their momuj-rs had fa.I In n somewhat different catc- musie, Memphis, and Chester L.| voted 'o ya 15 to 1 ratio In fav»' R.»ry. However, I do not believe Francis, director of choral inusin, |,of a K trike. The union claims the' \vc should create financial ob- Umversity of Oklahoma, Norman, various telephone companies have' '.(nations for which there Is "o rca- Mrs. Ruth Klcpper Settle ot Lit- | failed to make any wacc offer and tie Rock served as festival chair- have proposed only that current contracts be extended from 00 day3 to a year. Government olllcials saw other man, C. K. McMcans of Nor;h Ijtttlc Rock us president of the music section and Mrs. Hemy as vice president. Blylhc'Viik' student.s iiartleipit- Ing were n. C. Allen, Janinc Anderson, nctty Atkins, mninn. Ay- ccck. Pct:E;y Barker. Palsy He-, Gerald nlomeycr. Roberta- IVracy, Dan Ca'ldwell. Leta Elosc Cast lio, Ramona Crafton, Kvclyn Ciiiiningham, Marilyn Dceu. De- ores Easlcy, Jack Elliott. Billy Boh Elliott, Carroll Evans, Be:.ty Flecman, Mary Frances Galnos. Gay GarriRati, Catherine Graham, 'Ick Grccnwcll, Patricia Hay. Jim Henry, Joe Mack e.stor. Hood. Freeman Spring Showers Due, According To Weather Data Rain yesterday and last, night brought .68 of an inch of moisture ns temperatures stayed at a spring- like level, the minimum readings the highest reached so i far this , season. A low of 48 degrees during P Saturday night was followed by .a minimum temperature of 55 degrees during last night. Mississippi County has had com paratlvely little rain since the first of the year. A similar trend is reflected for the central part of ths stale. The Little Rock Weather Bureau reports only 3.55 inches of rain there since January 1, while normal precipitation for the period is 11.73 Inches. was in the Ermen Cemetery. Mr. Sullenger died at his home Sunday morning, following a long illness. Born in Bardwcll, Ky., Mr. Sullenger moved to Osceola 42 years ago. He began law practice in Osceola in 1915. He served in ttic State Legislature for a number of years as a rcprescnlative from Mississippi County. He was a Mason and Shriner and a member of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Sullenger leaves his wife one son, Charles of Osceola and one brother, John Sullenger of Willow Springs, Mo. N. Y. Cotton Mar. ... May ... July ... Oct. ... oi>cn 2000 3500 3335 3025 high 2013 3530 3368 3050 Dec 2043 2960 low 2897 3500 3332 3025 2942 potential trouble ahead. The contract extension in the steel industry expires April 31. and the outcome of those negotiations is expected to influence the picture in eight other industries where wage deadlines c'omc up after that time. sonnble prospect of repayment." Cluyton, after relating how the N'li/.l.s stripped Greece to Ihc economic bane, snld the troubled Mcd- ilerrnncun country now finds llself Efforts to Curb 'Reds' Praised Congressmen Hail ! Truman's Move to . < Fire Subversives WASHINGTON, March 24. (Ul'l —Congress, considering , .measures Ui pombut Communism nSrowd, 1 toddy cp;ncd a drive to curb it in this coinitry, '.The House UnAnicrtcun Astlvi-" ties Oonimitteo started the con- gresulonal ball rolllnn by. uiranl.-. iliotisly. voting a contempt citation- njtalnsl Ltcjn Josephson.- Ho Is nn "with an economy which threatens to collapse at the onset of almost nny serious adverse development." And. he added, only immediate help Irom the United Slates can avert this situation. He .siiid that approximately $150,- I 'A in.'l-inmntc settlement averted OOO.COO would be needed to provide ",SL 1 .?", l !. i S!!.™ p| ?. c . l :". slnk ?. '"^IS the Gr .... — — inu ^ucek armed forces wilh arms, riiHicr industry but KHVC the CIO ,, nmnmu ions, clolhlni;, rations and Unite.'. Auto Workers the right to „,„„„„„„!, n cccssary "to deal effco icopen the contract in July. .. I lively with the B "errillas." inilittirv A one-year moratorium on and wage changes on the railroads expires on May 24. Ccntracls in the auto, electrical mainifacturiiv-' „ , . Stanley Hood. Freeman Jerni 8 a:i. nlu , t c i CBrl ,p h ilu i,,slrics arc Prcntis Jernigan. Rosemary Joh-.i- or negotiation in April and M ly. The Maiilimc industry's ^vaue contracts expire June l> and llic t'ommuiml 1:30 2908 3520 3361 3013 2955 Plane Crash Victim Fished Out of River KANSAS CITY, Mo., March 24 —(UP)—One man was missing and another saved by Missouri River fishermen today when their iour- sealcr plane plunged into the swift current as it a'.teniplcd to reach Ihc municipal airport, just beyond the le\ec" from llir, N. Y. Stocks 2:00 p.m. quotations: AT&T IBS 7-8 Amer Tobacco 74 1-4 Anaconda Copper 39 5-8 Beth Steel . . ^._ i! _ M ...-rrrr. 91 1--I Chrysler ?•? 1-2 Gen Electric 35 1-2 Gen Motors 59 5-8 Montgomery Ward 58 N Y Central 17 7-8 I in Harvester 84 1-2 North Am Avlalion 10 1-8 Republic Steel 2« Radio 87-8 Socony Vacuum H 1-2 Studcbaker 21 3-B Standard of N .1 6G 5-8' Texas Corp 59 1-4 Packard (i 1-2 U a Sled 71! 3-1 Jnmcs F. O'Neil of Manchester, N. H., national vice-chairman of the Legion's Americanism Commission, outlined the proposed seven-point program. It would: 1. Outlaw Tarty. 'i- Forbid Comnimiisls use of the mails. 3. Provide universal finfjer- prinlinK and identification. 4. Authorize a check of the activities of all aliens. 5. Provide for deportation of all aliens advocating overthrow of (be government. 6 Deny entrance into lliis country of nationals of any nations refused to receive such deportees. '. Discontinue federal aid lo schools or collcfcs which "refuse lo purge their faculties of Communists ami fellow travelers." O'Neill said the Legion was the first organization to sound the alarm against Communism and Fascism. He said Communism is the immediate problem now because it has a running start. The party's agents I M J.|, ston. Hilly Joyner, Mmy Lou Joyner, Betty Liiyson, Jimmy Low?, Mafion Mnyrs. Pccgy McMullia, Bobby McDanicl, Barb^r.i Mo \- agh;ni, Ann orr. Mary Ann Parks, Nancy Purtlow, Billic Jnnn Hod- gcrs, c. O. Redman, Hetty Rot,l, Nancy liichj\r<l,s, Enima Scbook, Mlldrrcl Ann Short, Don Smart. Marion Smith, Joan Tricschmann, Bobby Turner, Nathan Kalherinc Wc.stbrtjok Pal Wilson, Dill Willhimr, Julia Wooclson, Orab n i n I*u r 11 ovi. Wi I lo^ci ic D ^ wcs Mary Margaret Auten. i^on Bnnch, Eiwynti Calchvcll, Palsy CtulAvotMl, Eu5ic Crnfton, Nancy Dniuon, Mary Jo Eaton. Virginia Easlcy, Jackie Esl RS. BdiV Ann Gi avos. Betty irnrhcr, Nancy Hiimiltnn Patsy Joan PInyncs, HaroM Honry- cutt,, ?Yanklin Hunt, Bii'.y Jinic 1 .*; Carolyn UnLxcnich, Ca Mnrtin. Helen Mnrtln. n Nccrtham, Patsy I'ope, Paiilir.c Ramsey, Bonila SlankTrd Vivinn Taylor. \Tartha Travlor. Mary j Traylor and Jimmy Rein miller. Wanda Biulinm was icconpjjurusl. Chnpcroiie.s were ?»lrj. Matt Scruggs. Mrs. E. B. Woodson. Mrs. E. B, Clu'lwood, Dalloi Fowlslon, C. R. Julian. Mrs. Rupert CvMlon, Mrs. J. T- We.slbrrok. nnssell B;irhEim. Mrs. Joe Tricschm.inn, Nfrs. J. C. Lowe, Mrs. Max Parks, "Tlin political and inilittirv rcn- POIIS for sirringIhcntiiB llic Greek iirmy have been discussed by oth- ';";> ers." lie added, "but L should like to cmultasl'/c tbat the establishment ol tnllltary security Is »n cs- tvcnll^l prerequisite lo economic Llic BOvernment'.s agreement with John . siabilHy". Lewis and the United Mine "" ni(; economic dirficuliies of Workers comas U) an end June 3"), Greece have been .seriously coin- when federal authority to operate ! plicated by a general luck of con- iklcnce In the future of Greece as Supreme Upholds Claim Against Builder LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Mnrcll 24. ._,TJ;>) _ The Arkansas Supreme Court today awarded former Gov. Cnrl E. Hnlley $1,565 against the f'nrter ContrncllnR Co. of Forrest City, reversing iv decision of -the Second Division pnlaskl Circuit Court. The Carler Company submitted a bid of $31,100 on a building to be erected by Bailey, and nfter the contract had been awarded, the firm raised the bid to $34.500. In another cnsr the court polnl- :l out the inck of jurisdiction of ,e public Service commission In ,e operation of laxlcabs. The court reversed n I-OKIII Clr- ilt Court decision thnt had fined n'Bll B. Marshall $25 for llcgnlly icraling a taxi. The, CBUSC against [ar.shall was dismissed. Marshall's fine resulted In de- .slons by n Justice Court In I'a- s nnil Ix)gnn Circuit Court. A reslrnlhlng order aanlnsl pick- ting Riven in Jefferson Chancery Court lo the Riverside Cafe in tnc Hluff was upheld by the high oiirl. the sc!7,otl mincs 1 erniinates. NFTW President Josenh Bcirnr: ^aid he would present Lo the committee without a rejoin me ion a p*rpDsa 1 by -Sen. W:iyiu-, R., Ore. ,that Ihc union sub'nit its coulract dispute with Ihc telephone companies (.o arbitration. Even the most optimistic government officials are doubtful sit?h n log-jam of important contracts can be negotiated with complete peace. Missourians ™™ Contribute to Fight Malaria Collections of tlic $2 DDT : Independent state." J. L. Buys Dies In Hospital Here; Rites in Steele Funeral services were hulcl tliis atlcrnocin, 2 o'clock, for J. b. of Hcnlnn, Mo., near Slcolo. who [lied yesterday mnrnitig at Walls •floniltnl here. He was 71. Mr. Buys wa= widely known In Petni^cot County, Ma., where a latu owner For many years, and through out Mississippi County. He wai born in O.iccoln. Riles were held at the Cluircl of Christ in Steele with the Rev H L, Shalpe. rastor. officiating He is survived hy his wife. Mrs ing fee for Ihe Public Health Service J Emma Buys; five sons Edp\r Buy malaria control program in Pcrnl-inf Detroit. Tom TJuys of Concor r and comforters he said. must be exposed, Truman to Deliver Jefferson's Day Talk WASHINGTON, March 24—(UP> —George Kllllon. treasurer of the Democratic National Committee, today discussed with President Tinman plans for the Prcsrtient's April 5 Jefferson Day dinner speech. Mr. Trumnli will speak from 10:30 to 10:45 p.m. (EST) at the $100-a-plate dinner at the Mayflower Hotel. The address will i« Hnlph Berryman, Mrs. Joyner and Sylvester M.nslcy. Spa Judge Resigns HOT SPRINGS. Ark., March 21. lUPi—Hot Springs Municipal Judrje Vein Lcdgenvood today forwarded his resignation to Gov. Ben Liiney effective nt noon, April 7. On the bench for 34 years. l,eds; ervvood said his resignation was in the Interest o! political harmoii," in Hot Springs and Garland Cour.ty. He said his political views and pnh- cies do not conform lo those of the new officeholders In I he cnunlv. scot County arc scheduled to begin there this week. A total of S10.000 Is sought, to carry out the program In the county. Augmenting local collections, the Health Service will spend S37,- 000 on the program. To date, $4000 has been collected for the spraying to be done this Spring and Sumtne:". Mich., ar.d Percy. Boyd and Eir Buys, nil of Sleelc. and twodauab ters. Mrs. Edna Lnrrricrt and Mr: Bessie Brown, roth of Steele. Holt Funeral Home is in charg Three Army Aviators Di When C-45 falls in Flam fire under conlrol Irforo fur Iher <h<m:ii:? desiilled. CAMDEN, S. C., March 24. <UP --An Army C-45 plane crashed t miles northeast of here today an six hours Inter Ihc bodies of thr< Army fliers were found and n moved from the wreckage. Kersbnw County coroner Purr Lee said he and highway pnlro men located the wreckage after long trek through woods. The plane was reported en rou the boiler shea from Pope Field, N. C., to Warn firemen brought', Robins Field. Macon. Ga. The eras Firemen Answer Alarm To Cotton Gin at Yarbro ..Fanned toy a stiff west winti 1 , spaiks from a burning hull pi'.c ignited a ncaiby shed housing a "bDller early this atltrnoon at the E. B. Gee Gin at Yarbro. Fire ale through the wood frame-work of a sheet mclal struc-[ lure, collapsing but Blylheville First was reported by a farmer wl il full nnd burn. qvelnp- :hat sub jovn-rnment payroll be .-.Other -congressional inent.'j: -Rent' Control — Congress shoppcd_ r around' for some agen'y to rent controls after the OFjJ out of business June 3 ft , 'Rationing — President cnlled an: .unusual 'ittiite conference of the congre^ Rig Six" for tonight. .. Nurscr— Ai'iriv Surgeon Ccncrnl Norman T. Kirk rut an "urgent" on terilslEitlon to set up a permanent Army Nurses Con's. Appropriations — Sen. Hnrrv F'. B.yrd. D.. Ga.. one ot the lenders of the Senate economy' b'oi. ur'jed npiirovnl of his bill to consolidate nil rericrol fpnrop"lallnns for erch fiscal year ill one bill.. He said lilts would be tlin onlv way for Con- rre" to act:lntellli!ently on nppro- prhitlons. Four Weekend Accidents Cause Deaths By United Press ... least, four persons,- inclutlmi F.ninniicl nnd Maria Jiatuins oh- Hie caplnin pilot of .1 JH prciiclled i.ncd the order agtiii'st the Hotel shooting Star, were.'klilrd in •"> Rcslaurant and Hotel Em- ] scries of ncclucnls in Arkinws iliiycs Internnttonal Alliance and < OV er the weekend. The body of an Bartenders International Army captain Identified as "" ol America. AFL local 858. Ohioan Is being held at Grnvctte ' after tlio P-fO Jet propelled Shooting Star crashed between Gravctte and Maysville yesterday. Ted Keiincr;/, H-ycar-olil sou ot Mr. and Mrs. O. V. Kennedy ol Ashdown, was drowned when his motor scooter went out of control and plunged into a shallow pond. Bruises on the Ind's head indicated thai he was knocked unconscious when he hit a small bridge. 'Funeral services are planned this afternoon for 54-ycar-oId Tom Oliver who died In a highway accident near Swifton Saturday. Offi- lie fter minor violence had occurred it the establishment when picket IncK were set up. Today's action made the injiino iun permanent while t»c union i?(l sought Its modification. Mrs. J. C. Cullom of Wilson, Dies; Rites Conducted Services for Mrs. Maricnnc Ransom Cullom. wife of J. C. Cullom Sr. of Wilson, who died Saturday night at her home, were held this nltcrnoon nt the residence conduct- cers said a defective steering gear caused the car to overturn. Georpe W. Keclcr. 69-year-old EvJinsville, III., man who was injured in an autonicOHc accident Palarm Friday night, died in c<t hy the Ecv. E. O. Knctzcll. Burial a Little Rock hospital yesterday. wns In the Ermcn Cemetery In Os- The car he was drivin;; collided with the .National head-on at a hill crest. J. ccola, wilh the .National Home of Memphis In charge. Mrs. Cnllom. who wns 84, was n member of one of the most prominent families In Eastern Arkansas, and one of the oldest In Wilson. .She was born In Murfrccsboro, Tcnn.. moving to Wilson 40 years ago. Besides her husband she leaves a son, J. C. Cullom Jr.. a daughter, Mrs. S. C. Brandon, six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Weather ARKANSAS--Partly cloudy and cooler tonight and In northwest portion today. Tuesday fair and cooler In Fjist nncl Ronth porUons. Harris of Fort Smith, driver' of Ih;; other car, was seriously injured. Many Defendants Forfeit Bonds in Municipal Court Municipal Court activity this morning was limited to the assessment of four fines of *1D end costs and the hearing of three not guilty plens on charges of drunk«nness and disturbing the hence following an otherwise nm'et week-end'. . . A totsl of 20 pirsons was dcck'.'t- ed on these charsrcs' but 13 forfeited bonds of $2023 rather than appear in rotut.

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