Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 24, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 24, 1895
Page 7
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mjjm!^ ;;•*'<? W%W : ? : ; '• " KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to pmonal enjoyment when rfrfitly uHea, The many, who live bettor than other* and enjoy life mor 0 , witb lew expenditure, l>7 more promptly •daptingthe world's best products to ibe needs of physical being, will attest the value to ksalthof the pure hquid laxative principles embraced in tbp remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax- .tire; effectually cleansing the system* dispelling colds, headaches and fevers »nd permanently curing constipation, [t baa Riven snfmfaction to millions and met ™th<he approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weaK- «nfng them and it is perfectly free from .wery objectionable substance. ' SVTUP of Fig* i« for sale by all drug- jristo in £>0e ancf $1 bottles, but it u manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs ind teing well informed, yon will n«». *ccepi any Butwtitute U offer*** PAP CALENDAR For # * * 1895 A Desk Calendar is a necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse lor memoranda. The ColumbiaDcsk Calendar is brightest and handsomest ol all—Ml ol dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bi, cycles and ol your 'need oi one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five z-cent stamps. Addreu Calendar Department, POPE MFQ. CO., i Mention thli piper. Hartlord, Conn. TEADE REVIEW. Indications of Business Improvement Grow More Distinct, Volume of Domestic Trade Shows an Increase—Reports of Commercial Agencies. Pllln, Thtlr Due »nil Abuse. Pills are by J»r the best cathartlo to liae, but you must not abuse their use by baDituftlly depending on them for daily stools If you will uee Hlnehart's fills >"" will find them to •emulate tbe bowels and afford regular rod free daily stools, by an occasional .080 of one piU Sold by B. F. Keea- [nK »"d Keyetono drug- store. Children Cry fot pitcher's f^g*<»r»a. If you 'aok strength, with no appe- tUe,.takeKlnebart'a Pills. One a dose Sold by B. F. Keesllng and Keystone drug store. _ Children Cry foi Pitcher's Castoria. Tnl* lip* »i"l Fl«»h(d Ckf e\» Aro a sure sign ol tiiumi.ch worms In children, and if not removed the symptoms are more alarming by frightful rji-eams, norvoosnesf and spasms. Tbe best remedy to nsi- Is Rlnebart's Worm Lozenges. Fhey MWHJS remove nil kinds of worms and tho worm nost. Sold by B. F. Keeling nod drugstore. HiCB Babr ««i took. «• K*n her AitoHK. n«BHW waa a Cblld. sbe crted lor Castnrl*. nm «n<> oecntne Mlsa. ste cmng to Cnstorla. Jkm ID* oaa OMWron, *ta g»v« mom Canorifc If joui* 'child has pale lips or Is fretful, plve RLneharf* Worm Lozer- ges. Sold by B. K. Kaeslinjr and Keystone drxiR »ton\ Children Cry ^r pitcher's Ca*toria. YOUK, March LTl.-R. G. Dun & Co.'s weekly reviuw of trude says: 'indications ot improvomcni. In business (trow more distinct. The most obtrusive o! them, the speculative advimcu in cotton ana in stocks, is the least reliable, nor call either of these bo said to reflect actual Improvement In business conditions. Railroad earnings are Hcarcely better, and the speculation is luraely based on expectation of moro efloctlvo monopoly on coal and some other products. Cotton does not rise because there IM moro demand for (foods, but there Is more demand for cood.s because cotton Is dearer. "More valuable Indications are that the volume of domestic trade (fains a little, money Is in much better legitimates demand, and the force of hands at work gradually Increases In som« Industries, and to others is restricted only by strikes, which are presumably temporary The threatened strike of coke workers has boon avoided by an advance of lr> per cent. In wuifcs. and the strike In building trades uere has been ended, the men returning to work Cotton, Wheat. Corn, I-.tc. "The rise In cotton to 0.51 cents still seems to have scarcely any contact with the facts of demand and supply- but had a very substantial basts, nevertheless, If, as some maintain, more cotton had beoa sold In this country for future delivery than could b< produced here until another crop comes. Receipts continue lart-e aad the movement has really no other basis than belief that the next crop will be * "The- rise In wheat, which started with the report of wheat in farmers' hands, has been followed by reaction, so that prices are lower than' they were prior to that report, having fallen 2« cents for the week. Corn has not followed, but after a rise to 51 %a holds the price of a week ago, receipts being about a third of last year's and exports Insignificant. Pork has declined ^5c per bajrol, and lard lOo per 100 pounds. Tho Iron luUuitry. • "The advance In wages of coke workers 'raises the cost of fuel for a larger proportion of the Iron manufacturers, but as yet does not .fleet prices of iron or lu products, as no Increase in demand appears. Possibly it is hoped that larger buying will soon bo prompted by the Idea that pig and all products will be rendered more costly, though thu large excess of production »nd producing capacity stands In the way. One sale of 10,000 tons stool rails, on« cast pipe contract for 9,000 tons, a bridge andQve building contracts aggregating noarly S.OOO tons, are reported this week, but pig Iron is weak without change both at the oast and at Pittsburgh »nd no change of consequence Is noted In the demand for finished products. rlimuclitl Outlook. "Toe volume of business through clearing houses gains a little, being H.I per cent, larger than last year, for the week, but 211 percent less than In 1891 Most of the Increase Is at New York and here and elsewhere Is partly due to active speculation. Bankers report a decided decrease In commercial paper offered and •western banks give evidence of larger demand by reducing balances here. r allure Record. "Liabilities In failures for tho first two weeks of March wore, for tho tlrat 'time In more than a year, larger than a. year uco, *T7,- 372 471, against $4,835,140 last yoar, $4,G7i552 being ol manufacturing concern against $3,330.1!57 last yoar, and $2,074.017 of trading concerns ngalnst 13.446,008 last year. But collections are on the whole, reported Quito satisfactory. F»Huroa during tho past wcelc have been ira In tho United States against S44 last year, and 85 In Canada, against 60 last year. Braditroet'H Vlnw. Bradstreet's says: r "jmprovemout In general trado Is more marked, but not general. It Is more conspicuous at larger New England points, at, New Yo-k Flltsbua-n. Cincinnati, Louisville ana otter centers alonj; Hie Ohio rh-er valley to St. Louis und us fiu- west :vs Kansas City. Similar reports comu from Chicago Mllwnukoeiuul St. Paul, tlio first nainoC announcing that smaller quantities of 4 per cent, money arc being offered, the banks •working steadily toward u 5 per cent, basis demand tor loans continuing to Improve and reserves being lower .than for a jeiir pust. From other cities a bettor feeling Is reported based on thu recently developed strength In cotton Vhe.it and Hour. The widespread prevalence (if the Inquiry whether this upwnr movement Is tho beginning of a pennnnent recovery from the two years of depression Is 0' itself slgnliicunt. Rituutloii at Many I'olntn. ••Heavy oo:il shipments and improved do- mund for Iron tuid steel are reported from Pittsburgh. Trade is only fulr at Cleveland mid collections arc unimproved. Jeans manufacturers at Louisville are pushed to keep up wltu orders, mid wb.Uo or.ly few lines repor improvement lit Chicago, this Is In addition to gains there a week ugo. Buyers from som" of tho IUC-TO . prosperous sections havi purchased stocks ut Chicago this week which with the improved feeling in hardwar* aud bar iron, have imparted a more conl'.den tone. NouvltusUuuUut: unfavorable weuthc' St. Louis reports continued Improve ment In sales of drygoods und kindred lines and uf pig and tlnlshefl _ iron Relatively the greatest activity at Kunsa Citv is III dry goods. An unfavorable featur- of 'tho wee!; is found In Nebraska anil Iowa where business is reported dull and collec lions MiluiproveJ. Far western points mak< on the whole quite satisfactory reports. A Nashville. Memphis untl Savannah the week' volume of business is reported slightly in ex (•ess of » week ago." IM >'ot » Kiicc War. TAMPA. Fla., March 03.— Dispatchc from 2sa$s;iu, N. P., statics that, tb negroes of Cuba are attempting i,U make the insurrection a race question have caused much comment here, an( avc denied by Cubans goner-ally. Two Yours Tor I'uj.'llbt Lindsay. PL.VLTSMOUTH, ^'ub.. March 23.— Pujrilist. Limlsuy, of Omaha, who convicted of manshnifrhtei for killing Fletcher Robinson, a prize fighter. las_ year, has been sentenced to the peni tontiary for two years. Iti-sli;"* >'" Oilier. IsniAXAi-or.is, Ind., March_ -23.—Dr K. li. liiirp, a prominent physician au fo- years secretary of the health boar., o; tins city, handed his resignation t, 'Maynr Denny u.u'd it was at once a ei-in--.! and "Dr. Allison Maxwell appointed to the vacancy. VENO peaks to Loganspon People. undrccU of Peopl- ID LoKunsiiort II:i-c Uecn Cuivcl tif TCIIO-H Meillclnef. He Will lie- turn me Moai-y to Anyone not Cured tie Fairest OtTei Ever Made by a Doctor; HEkH THE FOtLlX« KiCTS. Hni-e V«no left Logansjiort.Hundreds Lave ouBht his medlcl. PS at the d.ug .-tores, and tter* are being received d;i-ly Itmn Pf°Pl<r* 10 live W«n cured. He guaranty- TJ>0 > CIKA- •|V8 SYitUl' (DOc i. t-oitW.W c->mpletels tore vousnes*. uyspeos'a, poor appetite nno sleep- .llver kidney, blood ^'^j'^Tiic r era and when used with >•>;••!» KLltTKit LClu 5»c n boltla), will positively cuw tlie ".id: most desperate forms of rhenumtisrr, sciatl.-a, neuralgia, back-.ch«, »eik stilt J°ln>V,» r 1 ch . e ?. I ,T i P NI» D HFAD OllIU; MrRlS/tSS C4. AUUU AND HKAU CHE CURE One a bottle) to an InstantaneoDS reel and will cure catarrh, cold in the head, heart- ou'e sore tnroal and bronchitis. Sold bf Johnton Sing and Ben HMier, drufrgHu, with a ;naranteH to cure or refund tn« money. CURRENT EVENTS. Sadie Robinson luis been taken to Auburn, N. Y.. ami pluced in jail. The liabilities of the suspended biink of Dubois, Pa., are Sl-H.OW.2l-, assets, 5110,394.21. Joseph Valsin (colored) was hanged at Nateliitoches, La., for the murder oE Maj. Anthony, also colored. Retail druggists of Cincinnati, 0., lave combined to fight prosecution for selling adulterated articles. Robert McDonnell, a Chicago sign painter, was killed by falling from a icaft'old at Greensboro, N. C. E F Coffin, u San Antonio telegraph operator, inherits 83,500,000 from an uncle who lias died in Hra/,il. Fire destroyed twenty-nine buildings in the business part of Bayou Sara, La. Loss. 800,000; insurance, $25,000. Ex-Lieut. Gov. Edmund Games, of Nebraska, died of pneumonia at Seward. He was elected to the office twice. At Hot Springs, Arlc., John Martin, (colored) was shot and killed by Mrs. Larry, a widow, for trying to enter her house. The General Electric and Westinghouse companies, who have been fighting for years, have decided to form a combine. The steamer Petoskey, which was frozen in the ice nt St. Joseph for two months, was released and started for Milwaukee. The \Vhitestone cotton mill at Providence, R. I., which has been shut down for nearly two years, will resume operations Monday. Peter Kremer, a young farmer of Delaware county, la., hanged himself to a tree. It is said that he had been disappointed in love. The Japanese fleet has begun an attack on the Fishers' islands, which it is intended to make the base of operations against Formosa. St Paul has offered the state land worth $-1,000.000 and ,?1,000,000 in cash if it will remove tho state university from Minneapolis to that city. A bill was introduced in the Illinois ho'use taxing bachelors S25 annually, the money to be used in building and sustaining an old maids' home. The bill appropriating §200,000 for the benefit of drought sufferers^ has passed both houses of Nebraska's legislature and gone to the governor for Ins signature. KjThc East Douglass ax works of the American Ax & Tool company syndicate of Sew York, located at \Vhitins- ville, Tilass., have closed their doors for an indefinite period on account of de mantis of their striking workmen. HAS BEEN RECOGNIZED. Provisional Govcrnmoiit in Porn Receives Snnc-Clon <>; I'eciro Solar. NEW YOKK, March 23.— The Herald's special from Lima, Peru, says that the provisional government has been recognized by Pedro A. Solar, who was the legal iirst vice president under President Bermudez. The provisional government has is-, sued a manifesto signed by both factious calling upon all natives and foreigners to assist, in maintaining peace. Aliened Emb«w.lcr Am-stc-il. BOSTON', March 23. — Sidney W. Sprague, cashier of the Continental Clothing company, was arrested at his home late Friday night, charged with embezzlement of the funds of the concern to the extent of 32;".,000^or §30,000. Toronto Jiiiui tiutl^'fiu 1* *" Earl. TOKONTO. Out.. March 23.—George Marshall Graham, of this city, after a hard fight with fate for thirty years, has just been identified as heir to the Scottish earldoms of Straithern, Mon- teitn and Airth. • 1V1H Kac« Around the Horn. • BALTIMOBK, Md., March 23.—The cpf- KoOocr* .-nuKc'n naui- j , Ind.. March 23.—Bur- j glars smashed the transom over^tlie , Market street door to Loo Landos'op- . tician establishment early Saturday ; morning and got away with nearly j $1,000 worth of goods. They used a, j ladder, and the robbery was oue of the. ' most daring on record, being JU the heart of the city. Cession <>f Formo»!i Inevitable- LONDON, March 23.—A dispatch from Hio-o to the Pall Mall Oaswtto says the peace conference at Simonoseki will last a fortnight. The cession of ioi- mosa to Japan is inevitable. Iho .law-ancse failed to make a landing on the Pescadore islands and were repulsed with a small loss. Jury Fain to Aereu. 1'Oi'KK.A. Kan., March 23.-The jury in the famous Ililmoncase, which has been out since Tuesday morning, came in at 11 o'clock Saturday morning unable to agree and was immediately discharged. Kefii»e» to Give Up. INDIAN-ATOMS, Ind.. March 23.—Warden French refuses to give up his post at prison north to his successor. Charles Hurley, according to the programme mapped outj, and the courts will be called on to decide in a suit for possession. DcAth of Dr. 1'Hinr. TIPTO.N. Ind., March 23.—Dr. A. B. Pitxer, a physician and politician of prominence in the state, died Friday morning. He had sewed as cleriv of the county and as member of the democrat'- state c-iimmitr.oo. \YHioKy Trust Kectnvorn KeSlB". CHICAGO, March 23.—Judge Grosscup has accepted the resignations of Messrs. Lawrenee and Mitchell, offered Satur day, and has continued Gen. McNulty as sole receiver of the whisky trust. , Spain Will Be Given Time. WASHINGTON-, March 23.—Owing to the cabinet crisis in Spain Secretary Gresham will not insist on an irnmedi- ate reply to his note regarding the Al- liunca affair. GoC TTotrllluC ror -j.imir j-a...». ' YOU-NGSTOIVS-, O., March 23.-An attempt was made to rob the Farmers national bank at Canfield, 10 • miles south, Friday night. The two robbers blew a hole in a side of the vault, but were frightened away before they <rot anything. They escaped on a Sand-car, go/ng north on the Mies & New Lisbon railroad. fe< barkentines France? and White sailftd on an ocean race of S..OOO miles to Kio. The odds are in favor of the Frances. ^ __ Minister Brcomcs «n Amblissador. ST. PBTKKSISUUO, M:ivuh 23.— It is ofii- cially announced that Count d'OstcJi- Sacken, Prussian minister to Bavaria, has been appointed ambassador to Germany. __ __ Tramp* SulTociili-il. TKI-NIUAD. Col., March 23. -Three tramps wiip had started a tire in a tiii- ner's charoo;il stove were suffocated to denth in a box car here- T1IE MARKETS. Urulo, L'royialona. Etc. CHICAGO, March 23 FI/OUK— Quiet und uachansed. Quotations »s follows: Winter - Patents. *s.50@i.05; stralgbts, «i;.35.J,i50; clears,' l&!5a±3U; sec- onda, il.ilOi2.00: low unvdos, 41. 0001.85. Spring -Patents. ^3.00^360; strulghts. *-l^;^; bakers', $!.65^.:r>; low fnidcs, tl.,=3l.»0, Red Doc, $1.60*1.75; Eye. *2.S032.»0. WHK>T-Ftrm and higher. Cash, 54®55c; May. 5i«©58Jic: July, Wiitt53«e. COIlN-QuIet, but Urm. No, •-'and No. I Yol- low'45«c; No. a, «®-M.«<Mind No. 31ellow, «M®44«c: May. 4ia<»«Mo; July, •15?i(3HC!<c; Septuintier, 48iJ-«l»<» , Qiis-Flrmor, with fair tradlnpr. No. 2, S8Ko-'May,20aai«o; July. 283fc!8«e. Sumples ttrmc'r No. 3 20^0/,e; No. 3 White, 31>JiS 3»c: No. 2, SO@2»V4e; No, 2 WbHfl. :il?i®^i'«c. KYB— Steady with ortorinKS UsHt. No. ~ in storo 53c; sumplo lots. 54«®05'/ J o; outsiUo choice; No. 3, about -«©5lc; May Uuilvory, BABLET— Homalns .easy and quiet. No. 4, SOaOic; No. 3, 5.'@51o for fair to cnotee. and No 2, 61®55c. MESS PoitK-Tracllns was quite active ana nrieos Ulglior. Quotation? ranseil at SI -.003 ?»|. W for cast rosuUr! 512.0'J Ji:2.10 for M.irdl »liOiy,ai'i25 tor May, and *fi23Sia-lO for LARD-RathcrquIotiina higher. Quotatlorn rancflU at W8i»aO.OO for casli; SOSittaOO or March; 40.93^7. 00 for May, and i7.iuy.-la lor SL L1V£ PouLTiiv— Per pound: Turkeys. S3lle: Chiclsons. 8-;9'/,o; Ducl«, aano: GuCsd. pur « 1 acc : ,.<o™«,. . TONIC- LAXATIVE dairy, 03 .7c; ackng Stock, SiiOo. LiQUOHs-Whlsky quoted stciidy at 51.20 per gallon for highwluosi. _ _ NKW YdKK, March 23. FLOUR — Stuto and western quiot, about Bt WHEAT - No. 2 red quiet, steady. May. 5911-JOi4005-10; July. 93?» 'iCJKs: August, COM &my.o: September, G0«®0:u; December, °"'coiS~N'o. 2 aulli llrtnei- May, SOfc&aOftc; T U |V sot^-j58^c; No. S. OOliIJTMc. OA'TS-XO. 2 nulci. Urm: May, 33S3S'ie; state, 3r«lia«c: western. 24tf.iUS4c, _ BEEh'-Qiii". Uriu; oxtra mess, ii.oOi»S.-->; familr. !i'.7.)f»iii)U. Poiiic— Quiui. Hr ;n : mess. $i:i.003i:i.f>0. HKD— liulot, ilrni; ste^in rcaJorod, S'.iO. B ' urrEli _ClioIce fresh lirm; Tvr.r sK-t.iiv.id: western dairy, S «!:!:: do. creamery -new. U-« Jlc do. olU. S.-!»l-lJ. do. fancy. 7^.t2u; J-!i,'ius, •Me- imitation cre.imor.'.Oir-lli!: roll^. T-ij,!2u. " c'fin^i;— fancy moderately active and firm. Suui-law:. s. i,! I :~e: ao f:ui;y colore-1. UKc; do! while. He: do. small. Silio. Boos -Moderate demand, \veak. \Nestern, 12& _ _ Llvu St.oeK. -CHIOACO. M:irch 23. HOGS— MarUctnciivo and feeling :lr:n. prices -,-t\Oc hlj,-j.;r. Sales ransud at S'-.%3-1.55 for , i-s- M;w ,-171) for LIMV 4-l.-tOSi-4.-r. i. or roush p::ci/in«: i-L-l.M-t.7S lor mixed, and -I.MSI.OO for heavy [xicnius »nd suippltK lots. U^TTtE— Jlarli'.-t si'-'"' aucl the fti-nns was rather weak. Price, ruled lOc lower. Q-JOta- tiousi-iiiiKuJat:r..SWtii.s.'> fur chok-.; .to exira shippins Stoer,: .ir,.-i^5.00 for -oo-.l to choice do -S-l 70 jln. 10 for fair to f-'ood; 5 1. 00 ',>•!. 00 for common to medium do.. >1M) ;( .4.:.U lojWu-.ch- ers 1 Steers; » 2. 6 •«&=!(» Tor btocMrs^op^-W for Feeders: fl.WJ-aS 1 for Cows: 53.00 o 00 for Heifers; iiooi-l.73 for Bulls; SiOOiS.-,.uO for Texas Steers, and Jir>6,t.5.30 lor \eal Calves. . -PECC- |.\TE«T.HKVC »E- Multiply Your Wealth! through reading Oar PLVX OK fc J.AT10M IS CUK TIKS* \ Oor Tllustra-ed Pampb'ets and Daliv Market Tetter nmile.J free on aj.pMraton, reveal ifle S^r^oi I Qul, kly Accuuilntliig Grains irom opera- tlons'ln Wall Scrett. Pruflm M»Te Bewordcrt Oor Patronn. Stocks, Bonds, «raln. Frc-vUions and rotton bought «nd sold for ca U or on a margin of c, to ^ PeICent COMS['S-iIOS, M6 PER CENT. Tttflt ns and Lwr.,. Highest Be'ei^ca. Established JSSS. Incorpor«ted 1SS2. Consolidated Stock and Produce Company. 50 Sew, 52 Broad SL NEW TDK What is Castoria i* Dr. Samuel Pitched prescription for- and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It is a *^ "£^± for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil It is Pliant. Its guarantee is thirty *«**»' «•* Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroy Worm, aud allaj fov.rlshness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Card, cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieve, teething troubles, cures constipation and ******* Castoria assimilates the food, regulates «»*«* and bowels, Biving healthy and natural sleep. Cas- Children's Panacea-thc Mott.^ Friend. •• Caswria is so well s-Saptcd to children UnA- I recommend it us superior to anypreaorlpHc* known to me." v n H. A. ARCHER, H. u.» Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y. " Our physician* In tho djlljrea'8 department have spoken highly ot their experience in their outside practice with Castoria, and although we only have among our medical suppUea vbat to known a» regular products, yet we are free to coa£o» to*<*» merits of Castoria has won u» to look wit* favor upon it." UMTID HOSPITAL AND DISPC««*»T, Boston,: AliiK C. Sunn, Prt*., Castoria. "CMtorU J»7n" excellent medicine for children. Mothers have repeatedly told mo of its mod effect upon their children." *^ Da. O. C. Cwooon, Lowell, Muss. « Castoria is tho bert^nedy for children of -hica I am acquainted. I hope the day is not far distant when mother* willconsider the real Interest of their children, and use Castoria m- Mead of the variousqnaclcnostrumgwhich ore destroying their loved ones, "y 'orcingopium, morphine, soothing »yrup and other hurtful .genta down their throats, thereby Bending them to premature Braves," Conway IIHGOL For «.«,.„. IN THE_WQRU3J . CURES Headach*. ' a'. *™ Bolpivcn ,o every p u r For Sale by W R. Porter' ICYGLES ARE THE HfGHEST- OF ATX HIGH GRADES. Warranted Su;er]or to nnr Blcyclo Built '.'.'.'.',".~\ i tin- Workl H^ii.-irdlfS.-t or Price ....... Built ami K"!iranlr«d by the In-llaim •Bicycle ro.. a. Million Uil!nrcurpnrntlon. wlinso 1X)HJ ISMS good a» void. r>o ' o c bu >' * wtlecl unl " '°"' ixavo sci-n Hie WAVERLKY. Catiilosastrte. fiont) asenls wanted in ^ u n>llt,^ *OC Scorcher 21 Ibs., $85 Indiana Bicycle Co., Indianapolis, Ind , U.s>. Correct Some six years a^o there lived in the city 0 { x-— a rather eccentric old man, rcraarlcable for his shrewdness, who kept a pork shop. Three young fellows, thinking- to have some fun with him, entered his shop one nifjht and asked what his pork wa,s a yard. The old man promptly replied: "One dollar." One of the young men then said: "I'll take a yard." "Where is your money?" said the old man. The dollar was laid down, which tho old man quietly pocketed, and then produced three pig's feet.'' with the remark: "Throe feet make one yard." -Who dares to think that these few thousand years have exhausted.this majestic and mysterious tocinff that wa call man?—Phillips Brooks. A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete •trithout an ideal SPORTING NOTES, Billy Smith is training- hard for hi* :ontest with Joe TJalcott, to take place 'n Boston, on March 1. Tom Williams, the Australian welter weight, and Lachie Thompson, are- Scotch champion, are to box in London. Mike Doyle, the Newark sporting: man, Is again behind Johnny "Van- Keest. Doyle thinks that the Dulutb boxer can defeat any one his weight. Following tlie custom of all great pugilists. Miss Gussle .Freeman, who claims the title of champion lady doxer of the world, has opened a saloon In- New Tork City. There Is a New Yorker who threatens to eo to England and brine over an English or Welsh heavy weight to challenge Corbett and Fltzslmmons to box. i for the world's championship, i George F. Green, the welter weight champion ol the Pacific coast, evidently heard that Tommy Ryan is going to England, has issued a long distance chullenge to fight the latter at any time he may designate. A brother ol' Waiter sanser, the class B aggx,William F., has decided to race in that division this season. At present he Is negotiating wltn a large flrm and will probably Elgn a contract -wlUi- In a short time. Combines every element ofp beauty and purity. It is beauri- I {Tins, soothing, healing, health- . ful, ai"* narmless, and when rightly usedvis invisible. A. most •. ; delicate and desirable protection |~ I t* the face iji this climate. MERCURIAL POISON nsralis/rom-theusijaJtreiirincntoJ-bJoodtrOTibto. byVliiel) the i-ysu-m i? filled witu mercury and patafch mlxwiroi—mure 10 be dreaded than the -and in a sbort -v h— dldonthm Wore. dition tan eore. . RHEUMATISM Insist upon having the g wssion of tbe IrameaadltR fiiooiirj-.; pain* and dciiing Joints moke life mlwrnblc. H££. to & rvliable cure f'ir mercurial rbcumiitism, ana. affonk relief even aficr — - —~ &11 else bus toikd. J t is table, and absoluu-ly harialESs; late no nub- Btitut«. Send for our tieuuK on blood ~. : Skin diseases, malted free to anyi SWIFT SPECIFIC COMPAKY,

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