The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.); COUHIER NKWS FRIDAY, MARCH IU-17 General Chen Sees'Short'War Chinese povernment Launches All-Out Move Against Reds By WALTER LOGAN United Press Staff Correspondent NANKING, March 21. — Chief . of the General Staff, Gen. Chen Cheng—ill what amounted to i government's first declaration war against the Chinese Reds-predicted today that the Communists' armies can l)e destroyed within three months. While his troops .pushed Ihrougl' arid beyond t!;c Reds' longli'.ii'' capital of Yenan in Northern China, Chen told a press conferenci that in the past the governmon had not taken the initiative aphis the Communists but wa s no« con vihccd "there is no other way ex cept military action" to settle dif ferences between the governmcn and the Reds. "Since we decided on miliUir action," Chen said, "and sii.c Yenan was the capital cl th Communist area from where order were issued to Red troops Ihrousl out China, we decided to talt Yenan as our first important cb jcctive." •Die military leader said the eov- mo , on ,i U1> .,fter the 1 r^=i Lnr:Le ui :nar ta ce; "armed rebellion" nnd protect the months. jxfcpic so that constitutional rule - '-*U^° nomic re:ovcry cauld b ° Eleven Grocery Store 5pC€u€u i^P *+1 '"The wai »iii not last very ions.' Operators race Charges Chen" said He.,fldmittcd, however, r that smaller pojkels will have to Kids Ski Wh iIe Ministers Meet I Four limousines arkod on tlio snow-c-arpelcrt street in front of the Soviet Aviation Industry - • • • --!-- ,i - c o f t] lc world- iroblcin—to keep I'LHII iLLIlull3mt;3 oiu L>t,ii*.-v* v... ...i, ........ .....,._.-.- _ _ ^ '. Building in Moscow where the llig Four foreign ministers aru in session. u "' ! «'' r ' shaping problems being debated inside, Russian children blithely ski by then only p, j. * - vertical. Picture liv NEA Dhotonranhci-Ucijlnald Kcr.ny. A J-Sfop Service LOANS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE • Wo Will Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE i i M j y B\ M n v L GJencae Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 dcstruc- in liu'ce MEMPHIS,Teun., March 2HUP) —ISk'ven [rrocrry store opi'riitor.s nnd .seven employes of ;i meal packing company pleaded not guilty to charges of thcll of meats and purchase of -stolen meats valued ut about S10,- 000 when arraigned In city court here today. The store operators, 10 of I hem Negroes, allegedly purchased % the .stolen meat from the packing company employes. "See, darling? Mother just ate.some, too! Water consumption in Illinois averages 185 gallons daily for each resident. XIII CHERRY pushed away n synopsis ~ and laid her head on the desk. With one eye she could see out of •the open window nnd for a while • she stared at the green hills, her 'mind blinking blankly. j It was almost summer, she fold • hnreclf, that was what was the synopsis was running too long. Hud she Riven Sundro the ticket for his shoes she had left to be heeled? Tommy Rivers had gone to another studio. There was a knock at the door and Orville Merriman came in. He said, "Dcn't get up, dear. 1 just ran over from the set ;i min- Sliorry ;!ol up anyway, and Mer-. 11 handed her a book. 'Head this. It's my next pic- lure. 1 Sherry caici, "Oh, I'd love to!" matter' It had been tale but it had I She was terribly pleased thai come at last. Someone was cut- | the director was interested in her ting the lawns, outside and the sweet smell of fresh grass watted warmly through the open window. Sherry had been working lor months. She guessed she was a little tired of routine; gelling up to an alarm clock every morning, and gelling home at the same time every night. Besides, the boys always heeded so much done. She wondered vaguely why men could :s. her v.': I opinion. She held the book close 1 to her. * • • |]\TEnniMAN looked at her for a minule. Have you a fever?" lie wanted to know. Sherry said, "I don't think so. I guess it's just warm today. Why'.' Do T look funny?" Mcrrimnn smiled. "As a matter of fact you look beautiful. More Hum usual. I've got » rotten cold she would leave early. Peter was on location and would not be back in time to drive her home. Sherry had got used to l\is| lle .,. taking her nights. The boys did not like her to accept rides but they gradually got usei;! to it too. They wanted to see Peter though, and had often told her to bring him in sometime; but fov one reason or another she had never done so. Sherry started lo cough. She Sherry said she was sorry and mind. It had taken licr only a short lime at the studio to learn that people did that to he friendly. Now she put her hands on Mor- rimnn's shoulders and searched his face eagerly. "Do you honestly think I con?" she wanted to know. "Of course you can," Merriman told her. "We'll do it together; you can't go wrong. Then after this script you won't need help." Sherry slipped one arm around his neck and buried her face on his shoulder. She said, "I lliinlt I'm going to cry." M ERRIMAN laughed nnd held her away and lifted her face by the chin, lie said, "Why shouldn't you have a break? You're ready for it and you've tot lite slutt. I've talked to Drood and Sonny. As soon as I'm through shooting you go oil writer's salary." lie sbi\v his wrist watch. "I've got lo gel bark. You'll come through nil right I'm con- lidenl of that." He palled her. "Take care of yourself, dear. Your cheeks are Ino pink and your eyes are too bright." Sherry said, "I'll read the book tonight." After he shut the door Sherry stood and stared at it. So she was going to get n chance to write! The Save Money Toflaj, Anj Day STOP AND SWAP ELBERT HUFFMAN'S 401 K. Main You Must Be Happy thane 859 ir No Deal FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 01 at Stale Line Phono Blythcvillc 714 Levels and Li^es DRAG LINK KAHJl D1TCHICS ^ Wm. R. Qvertwj — County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or Write Box 81, Kosclanil, Ark. Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week ® Pontiacs ® Fords * Chevrolets ® Plymouths and others Place your order Now for Immediate Delivery We i'ay Top Dollar for Clean Late Model Cars BUD AUTO SALES I'lione 20(57 Cor. I'rankiin and Main SI. mm ISTHE.WOKLD:$L.M?. FRESH WA FISH/ T M. REG. 0. E. PAT. OTF. ""tbu CAM HAVE A CUPBOARD FULL OF EMPTY DISHES," AMJ5. LILLIAN MARTINI, wished the dam thing would away. It hud !'.>jnE on after a little cold and kept her awake nights. She coughed for a long lime and when she was through she felt weak and dizzy. She went over to the couch and 'lay down. - Her thoughts rambled untidily. Tony's blue shirt had not come huyjQ bum the Jaiindry. |rhe told him how glad she would be lo read the honk. jUerriman said, "I'm anxious lo what you think o£ it, what of a picture you'd make of it." Who's going to do the script?" Sherry asked. "Steve Prcscotl?" Merriman shook his head. "No. I'm going lo work with the writer on it so I wauled someone new. Besides, it's a woman's story." Sherry said, "Oh, Dale Gibson." Merriman wrinkled his nose. "Too old. I want :; fresh mind. You and 1 are going lo do it." Sherry stared at him for a minute. "You mean—7 You think I—" Merriman smiled and put his arm around her. Sherry didn't biggest director in the studio was goiny to give her a break! Orville Mcrrimau had failh in her! A sudden thought struck her staggeringly. A writer's salary could not be less than $100 a week! She llcw to the telephone and called the boys. Tony answered. Sherry said, "Don't get dinner tonight, darling, we're goins out!" Tony wanted lo know where. Sherry laughed. "How about Marino's?" Tony was practical as usual. "How about the chops':'" Sherry said, "Oh, they'll keep. This is a celebration, Tony! We're millionaires! One of you call for me at G." She hung up and went at her work wilh a YCTigeancc. (To lie Continued)' Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNEK 3-21 '•^ A RELATIVE CF THE I-!EP2RINc£?» THE PIRAEUCU LIVES IM THE ORINOCO RIVER Of SOUTH A,'.\2RICA, A:-IO REACHES A i-W&T OF AKOL/ND R. IWT BY MA SLdViCE. INC. NEXT: Do i>a-,itl;crs attuck Uununs? Bring your cor to r c onnv ^ ^ \J\JU I for all body and fender repairs, painting, and glass insi'ailcd. HEAD- 4JNIHGS for all cars made like tlio factory makes them, same material and workmanship. Guaranteed to fit ami look like original upholstery. 412 E. Main Si-. Phone 3456 WASH TUKKS AVronjj Number HV I,RSI.TO TURNFIB 1.6T ME LOOK M SOLUHMW. 1HOSE RIMOR.S MUST BE TRUE...THE ESES OF * DREAMER-... 1MPE*CTICM.-.IRRESPONSIBLE. DA'.E HRINeLE DOES i KIND OF I.MSTAX63, l£ON\R0 1 . I'VE I HIRED AWD FIRED ENOUGH KVEM TO B K kGOOD 3UDGE 1 VOU'VE Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople QU* Our Way By J. R. Williams ..' IF LEAMOER IS U-jRejYjf SOMETHING A8OOT YOU AS -you SA.V, VJE Hfvie MUCH w ,-* ( ALNSAV^ DID SUGGEST tue] ^! As A SAUCER.-eteD Vv-k BIG TOP, i T. TOO 6UCCUMBBDTO fUt I W BUT ~L NEMER COULO PUT] LURE op -WE CIRCUS AND Rfxu / ( f«W FINSER. OM VJHKT ITJ T GLOVJED V^UEfi SmiiL BAREBKCVi QU6eM,L6T POUSH HER SUPPERS/ M£ (Bur vJUE^ DITCH THAT VULGAR \1T THE RERMR CH£W.' HAVEN'T VOU J4 GAMS L1KB GOT A POCKET CavlB? \ TO RUB IT GET OUT VOUR \N/A€>TB \ IM ABOUT AM' TIDY UP-- WE CAM'T / MODERW OME HOUR OF THEM IW HERE AM' VOE'l-L BE CK TO WHERE ' WE WERE-- THEV LEAM OK) EVEE.V- THIMG.' r- RVPIV'.P Early Visitors i?Y V. T. HAJMLIN ->= CUT A: . WH'VSGdTA iLI.EY OOP The Spies fllC FLINT Grow] Sets the Slage MICUAK1, O'MAIJ.MY uiul RALPH LAN'K — M. REC A V.5. CM..07f. \ .ME CMEMIfAl BIHIOIN& [OUR BIOCK5 \ BOWN. S\ SWING AROUND THE BLOCK AND PARK NEAR THE ENTRANCE > AND \VAIT. ' WE D BEST FORGET BRINGS iCE TO V THE COLONEL AND PARIS FROM V CONCENTRATE ON ALPS..THEN ^j M'SIEU BOOM... THIS...IT DOESN'T I NAPOLEON IS UP > SOMETHING! I HAVE NEV.T., ;...COL. OOP HAG BEEN ASSIGNED TO JOSEPHINE'S BODYGUARD! DEFINITELY.. AND WITH OOP OUT OF THE WAV, I'M .UREWECAN GET AN AGENT INTO BOOM'S LABORATORY! WE MUST LEARN WHAT HE'S DOING WITH A CANrJOM FOUR FLIGHTS UC IN A GUARDED GARKET; SO YOU'RE FROM THE FRENCH ORDNANCE, CHi' HAv,! WELL.VOUR PAPERS SEEM TO BE IN ORDER; .„, BOOTS AND ItRK NP\V "BY EDGAR MARTIN >.j '•'- ''•'f'!"-, ll |•"*;•>"•:' 1 i -«1 • * -J ' ' '--.n " ^--'-'-i'-ilT-'-'l • • ! Jl i r i ot ME, Dft\)tv '

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